Marxism and Racism: The Issue Is Never the Issue — Christian Research Network

“Christians must be resolutely aware…of the great challenge before us in the rising forces of ideological Marxism, which pursues “the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” Christians must understand the spiritual struggles in our culture today, not only by naming and eschewing genuine racism but also by avoiding simplistic social gospel teaching in the church. The great task before us is to realize that the godless cosmology of cultural Marxism…is the latest form of a powerful (and political) pagan Oneism, which seeks to silence the ultimate truth of biblical Twoism, which is the final answer to the human quest for the meaning of existence.”

(Peter Jones – truthxchange)  David Horowitz was at one time a knowledgeable 1960s Jewish revolutionary Marxist. After observing from the inside the hypocrisy of Leftist ideology, he is now a political conservative. He brings to bear on our situation today by describing with frankness the stunning “logic” of Marxism:…

“The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” Horowitz believes that progressive, socialist revolutionaries in America are now far closer to achieving their goals than the ’60s radicals ever were, a thesis he expands in his book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America  (2019). We do well to give ear to this warning from a non-Christian observer.

Many find Marxism appealing, without the complications of God’s existence. In the late-nineteenth century, Karl Marx (1818–83), a German political observer, saw the mistreatment of the working class, including the unjust employment of children, and sought a political way of freeing these economically oppressed workers from oppressive bosses. Hence the Marxist appeal for social justice. Although Marx was intensely critical of institutionalized Christianity, some Christians have accepted the basic social justice premises of Marxism and attempt to reinterpret the Christian faith from this perspective. Some of the resulting examples are forms of “liberation theology” and “black theology” that see Marxism as a tool of social analysis to help Christians see how things really are. Villanova University sociology professor, Glenn Bracey, an African American, says, “The Marxist foundation of Critical Race Theory is at base a spiritual concern.”   View article →


Social Justice (Woke) “Christianity”

Marxism and Racism: The Issue Is Never the Issue — Christian Research Network

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