Announcement: Docent Dumps Are Coming! — Evangelical Dark Web

We know the media is corrupt to the core taking messages from central authorities. But have you ever wondered whether this phenomenon is going on in the church? We do not pay attention to what churches down the street, across the state, or across the nation are preaching and therefore do not notice how the sermons on a given topic sound the same. Ed Litton plagiarizing JD Greear is only a small part of the problem. Outsourcing the work of the pastor is an entire industry. Sermons are streaming from a few corporations flowing down to the pulpits of the local church and we don’t notice it. And what if these corporations writing your church’s sermon didn’t have as high esteem for Scripture or the Gospel as you do?

Spoiler alert. This industry is as corrupt as its premise. The kingpin in this Big Eva industry is Docent Research Group, and Evangelical Dark Web has information exposing the faces behind the industry and the ones feeding it. In the upcoming days, Evangelical Dark Web will expose multiple megachurches that use Docent Research Group, with our source being one of its unwitting researchers.

Dismantling the influence of Docent Research Group and like corporations is a necessary strategy to rescue God’s elect from wolves. Therefore the gloves are off. It’s time to name and shame the pastors and churches being fed by Docent Research Group and the corrupting influence these churches subsequently have.

No Retreat

Announcement: Docent Dumps Are Coming! — Evangelical Dark Web

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