CIA analyst gets 4 year sentence for telling truth (full show) – YouTube

Daniel Hale blew the whistle on the US military’s drone program. Thanks to his efforts, the public learned that 90% of those killed by drone strikes were innocent civilians–including children. But Hale didn’t get a medal. He got almost four years in prison. RT Correspondent John Huddy reports on today’s sentence and Rick is joined by Chris Hedges, the host of RT’s On Contact, to discuss Hale’s case and the insults hurled his way by the judge who sent him away. (03:09)

Then, you usually hear of chemical leaks in developing countries, and certainly not in the heart of Europe. But RT Correspondent Peter Oliver reports on a massive, deadly chemical explosion that’s rocked all of Germany. (11:08)

Then RT Correspondent Faran Fronczak reports on the latest from the House select committee meeting on the events of January 6th. (14:36)

Finally, former US congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) blasts the United States’ vacillating mask policy and shares a personal story about the deadly seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic. (19:19)

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