[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Just Used Fauci’s Own Words to Blast Him | LifeZette

If there’s one thing I will say about the Biden admin, is that it has turned this COVID situation into a complete circus.

Americans are so confused over all the flips and flops, and bizarre messaging.

Biden and the Dems and media want to scold Americans for not taking this vaccine, but what they don’t understand is they are making Americans suspicious and confused with all their goofy changes – now out of nowhere vaccinated people have to wear masks? Why? Does the vaccine not work?

And then nobody explains why….well, they say this nonsense:

Jen Psaki just tells us “it’s for your safety.”

Um, that’s not going to cut it, lady, we need more info than that…

And then they wonder why many people don’t trust them and don’t want to take this vaccine?

The new mask mandate is the most confusing – they told us if people were vaccinated, they could take the masks off – heck, early on, Fauci told us masks didn’t even work.

And that’s where Jim Jordan comes in…He’s using Fauci’s past words to blast him right now, as the little tyrant once again pushes bringing back the masks.


Biden and his sidekick here have made a complete mess of things.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

Source: [VIDEO] Jim Jordan Just Used Fauci’s Own Words to Blast Him

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