The Chosen TV series, more reviews

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

The Chosen is a broadcast event that’s sweeping minds and hearts. The series, of which there are two seasons now with more to come, has been met with a ton of discussion- both pro and con.

Dallas Jenkins (son of Jerry Jenkins of Left Behind novels fame) is the series director and he is a superior filmmaker. His pacing, direction, and cinematography is unmatched in the realms of Christian filmmaking, and equals any well-financed Hollywood production.

Jenkins said he has been researching the cultural and historical background of the times in which Jesus lived so the series would be accurate. In this, he seems to have done a fantastic job. The costumes, behavior, and speech of the actors seems to match what actually have been done and said in the time. The sets and locations are great. He also claims that he is not adding to scripture…

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