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A Stage for God’s Glory — The Master’s Seminary Blog

“It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” 
– John 9:3

As Christ-followers, we want to make our lives count for the gospel. We long to do something that would be so significant, so lasting, that God’s glory would be forever displayed in what we have done. If we could, however, we would also like to select how this takes place. After all, who wouldn’t rather bring glory to God by humbly handling great success as opposed to glorifying the Lord by faithfully enduring suffering?

In John 9, we are introduced to a man who has been blind since birth. The suspicion of the disciples kept with the traditional assumptions of the day. Surely, they reasoned, this man is in this condition because of his sin or the sin of his parents. While the rationale sounds harsh to our modern ears, it merely echoed the thoughts of that time and culture.

In the first century, the assumption of the disciples was not that unusual, but the answer Jesus gives was quite profound. Jesus clarifies that the man’s physical limitations are neither a direct punishment for specific sin the man committed nor retribution for his parents’ rebellion. There was something altogether different happening. Jesus enlightens his followers by explaining that the condition of the man is such that “the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:3).

The physical condition of this man had purpose and design. I do not doubt that if offered a choice, he would have much preferred to proclaim the works of God on the mountaintop of blessing rather than in the valley of suffering. Just like us, the man did not choose this particular disadvantage in his life. What he did, however, was decide to obey the Lord (verse 7).

Are you suffering? Do you have a physical limitation or perhaps some other difficult issue with which you must contend? Maybe you too, just like the man in John 9, have endured the voices of doubters, scoffers, and questioners. For many who suffer, the initial curse is the pain itself. But then comes the pain of putting up with the theories, questions, and unsolicited advice that must be tolerated.

Remember, our difficulties in life are opportunities to display the greatness and glory of God. Sure, you likely would not have chosen this path in life if it had been up to you. Yet here you are. Will you allow the works of God to be displayed through you? Will you seek to honor Christ and use even your hardest struggle as an opportunity to point people to the Savior?

When teaching this passage I often ask, “Is it ok with you if it takes your pain to be the stage upon which God’s power is displayed?”

I know. We would all rather be entrusted with faithfully handling prosperity than pain. We much prefer to be accountable for how well we dealt with triumph than tragedy. We do not choose the pain that is brought our way. Our continual pledge must line up with Romans 14:8, which says, “For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.” Our highest aim must not be to avoid suffering. Instead, our goal is simply to bring glory to God.

So, I ask again: Is it ok with you if it takes your pain to be the stage upon which God’s power is displayed?

It may just be that the circumstance in your life that has brought the most pain and produced the most tears will be the very stage upon which God’s power is most visibly made manifest.

Sometimes the Lord is glorified through our suffering even though the struggle remains. Such is the case in 2 Corinthians 12:9, where Paul writes, “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Other times the Lord physically heals and removes the pain just as He did for the man born blind in John 9. He loved Paul and he loved the blind man. In both 2 Corinthians 12 and John 9, God is sovereign and He is glorified. Keep praying to the Lord, keep presenting your requests to Him, and keep obeying what you know from His Word. Most of all, keep displaying the glory of God in all that you do.

With each step in the journey, even when the way is indescribably painful, you can rest assured that God’s power is displayed through your faithfulness. God is working even when you cannot see it.

Is it ok with you if it takes your pain to be the stage upon which God’s power is displayed? We could hope for nothing more.

A Stage for God’s Glory — The Master’s Seminary Blog

The Rise of the Surveillance State — CultureWatch

The virus is the perfect excuse for Statism, globalism, and 24/7 surveillance:

We dare not be unaware of what is taking place in the world, including some very ominous and threatening developments. The rise of Big Brother statism is one such issue that we should always be aware of and alert to. And the rise of the Total State is not confined to Communist dictatorship, past or present.

We see the West increasingly moving in this direction – especially using the excuse of ‘keeping us safe’. As such, we all need to be aware of what is happening before it is too late. Consider a major part of all this: the modern surveillance state.

Never before have governments had such overwhelming powers and abilities to keep tabs on everyone, 24/7. I have written often of late about one of the prime examples of this: Communist China. It is the surveillance state par excellence. Let me look at the situation in China a bit further, before discussing similar eerie trends in the West. One recent article in a security management magazine says this for example:

People in China are among the most surveilled in the world, taking 16 of the top 20 spots on the most surveilled cities list based on the number of cameras per 1,000 people in an annual assessment from Comparitech.


The analysis found that globally there are already more than 770 million cameras in use, and 54 percent of those cameras are in China. Taiyuan, for instance, has approximately 117 cameras per 1,000 people. China laid the groundwork for this surveillance network decades ago with community grid management and the Golden Shield Project, which helped local officials and law enforcement begin their digital transformation of existing surveillance practices.


Now, China has a vast surveillance infrastructure made up from video systems, Internet monitoring, tracking, and more. And nowhere is the power of this system more on display than in the Xinjiang region to monitor approximately 13 million Turkic Muslims—Uyghurs—through mobile apps, biometric data collection, artificial intelligence, and more.


“The mass surveillance programs in Xinjiang are China’s most visible and intrusive, but they are just one end of a spectrum,” wrote Maya Wang, China senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, in a piece for Foreign Affairs. “Chinese authorities use technology to control the population all over the country in subtler but still powerful ways. The central bank is adopting digital currency, which will allow Beijing to surveil—and control—people’s financial transactions. China is building so-called safe cities, which integrate data from intrusive surveillance systems to predict and prevent everything from fires to natural disasters and political dissent.”


China has figured out how to entwine surveillance with digital governance “not only to calibrate coercion and repression, but also to provide public services and to co-opt citizens,” says Sheena Chestnut Greitens, associate professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. “Surveillance is an overall project to make citizens highly legible to the party-state.” http://www.asisonline.org/security-management-magazine/monthly-issues/security-technology/archive/2021/june/The-Rise-of-The-Surveillance-State/

As mentioned, the West seems to be not far behind, especially as states grow in power and individuals lose their basic liberties in the wake of the Rona. One piece from late last year spoke of how “Covid-19 is accelerating the surveillance state”. Here are parts of that piece:

The first global pandemic of the digital age has accelerated the international adoption of surveillance and public security technologies, normalising new forms of widespread, overt state surveillance.


These technologies have been layered on top of already pervasive forms of privatised data surveillance through smartphones and the ‘internet of things’ (IoT). The pandemic has also fuelled the normalisation of surveillance in previously private contexts. The risk of this new era of surveillance is that it has the potential to permanently shift power from citizens to the state and, in doing so, entrench global trends towards a more illiberal world.


The far-reaching consequences of the pandemic have seen public health reframed as a safety and national security issue globally. That in itself isn’t necessarily bad, but in many countries the securitisation of public health has generated sudden momentum to cross privacy lines until recently thought unacceptable in democracies.


These include the use of tools that integrate public health and private telecommunications databases and governments’ use of personal location data from smartphones to peremptorily trace whole-of-population interactions or to enforce voluntary quarantine compliance.

The authors continue:

The pandemic has driven advances in facial-recognition technology, a particularly problematic and intrusive form of surveillance that enables rapid connection of an individual’s physical presence with deep online data profiles. For example, by March 2020 the large Chinese biometric surveillance company Hanwang claimed its technology could recognise people in masks with 95% accuracy, after Chinese hospitals began requesting the capability in January.


Facial-recognition technologies integrated with thermal-imaging cameras purporting to detect people with fevers have been marketed by at least 10 companies to police forces and governments around the world since the start of the pandemic. Fever-screening systems are reportedly being trialled at airports in Australia, the UK and India, using deep learning algorithms to quickly detect body temperatures in crowds of up to 2,000 people per hour.


Governments seeking greater social and political control have an opportunity to use Covid-19 as cloud cover to make capital investments in surveillance technologies, including those that enable, store and process mass collections of data on people’s location, activity (both physical and digital) and biometrics (including DNA and genomics).


The data will be sourced from IoT sensors that are in use across a range of platforms, including surveillance cameras and medical devices—as well as from mobile applications, social media and other personal internet use. The aggregation of this data, particularly when coupled with advances in machine learning, will lead to more highly accurate predictive and sentiment analysis, which is likely to be used far beyond public health applications.

And again:

Arguments that ever more intrusive forms of surveillance are necessary or inevitable even in democracies serve a range of powerful agendas with fundamentally anti-democratic effects. The proliferation of these technologies risks entrenching dangerous power imbalances all the way up from the private, domestic sphere through the relationship between national governments and their citizens, to international divisions between authoritarian and democratic states.


Surveillance and public security technologies, combined with digital propaganda and disinformation techniques, hand more effective tools to governments to monitor and manipulate whole populations and further entrench the state’s capacity to silence dissent. At stake are the health of democracies and the character of global governance and international relations more broadly, with the risk of the technology tilting the playing field towards authoritarianism. http://www.aspistrategist.org.au/covid-19-is-accelerating-the-surveillance-state/

Finally, a piece warning about the problems of smartphones in general says this in particular about the growing state and the shrinking individual in relation to things like COVID papers:

I think every decent American should be horrified by the prospect of so-called “vaccine passports.” The idea of using smartphones as a registry of persons who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 was uncritically endorsed by our leaders months before vaccines had been introduced among the general population or even tested. This is unfortunate. Vaccine passports should be regarded with loathing by everyone, including their loudest proponents—namely, the sorts of people who also suggest that having to present photo identification in order to vote in a public election is a hideous encroachment upon the freedoms guaranteed to individuals. As it happens, I share their instinctive distaste for identification cards, not only in polling places but in bars, convenience stores, banks, and virtually every other space in which they are required, which is why I do not see the wisdom of expanding the “Papers, please!” mindset, according to which we are all criminals or enemies of the state until we can offer definitive proof to the contrary.


So far from being a straightforward addition to the aforementioned inconveniences or a new value-neutral public health technology, digitally abetted vaccine passports represent a point of no return, after which it will be impossible to imagine a world in which basic freedom of movement and action exist except on sufferance granted by the algorithms. Sooner or later the same technology that requires persons to demonstrate that they received certain shots six months ago will force them to show that they have voluntarily undergone more recent medical interventions, or that they have agreed to “terms of use” agreements in which they abjure certain opinions said to be in violation of the code of conduct enjoined by, say, the global casual dining chain whose neighborhood franchise one is attempting to enter. (The very real possibility of payment processing and banking services being denied to persons for ideological reasons has been discussed at some length by those who are in a position to understand how absurdly simple it would be from a technical perspective and how effortlessly it could be justified by the powers that be.) http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-tyranny-of-smart-phones-and-dumb-passports/

I have said from day one of the Wuhan virus that states absolutely love crises and emergencies. What better way to quickly and conveniently consolidate power and control, and keep the masses under their thumb? The Rona has provided the perfect vehicle for this.

Indeed, as I noted months ago when discussing the Great Reset, globalists like Klaus Schwab are ecstatic about the virus. These folks are milking this for all its worth. As Schwab stated back in June 2020:

Clearly, the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. That will require stronger and more effective governments. . . . The COVID-19 crisis is affecting every facet of people’s lives in every corner of the world. But tragedy need not be its only legacy. On the contrary, the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future. http://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/

See these pieces for more on the Great Reset and the threat it poses to freedom and democracy: billmuehlenberg.com/category/politics/the-great-reset/

The growing surveillance state is part and parcel of what the coercive utopians have in mind. You have been warned.

The Rise of the Surveillance State — CultureWatch

Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: Our God is an Awesome God and He is in Full CONTROL — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

All day I have been asking the Lord if He had something for me to write. I felt in my spirit that He wanted me to remind all of the brethren that the events happening in this world must happen – that He is allowing all of this to happen to fulfill Bible Prophecy.

He reminded me that He alone is in full control.

Be careful what you read. Make sure that articles have sources. Make sure that the authors of articles have vetted the information. 

I have noticed that some authors speak of very scary scenarios, but do not speak about where they are getting their information. I have also noticed that these same authors use foul language at times, yet call themselves Christians.

Brethren, we are of course in the End Days, and we were forewarned by our Lord Jesus about these times. 

For many months, I have devoted this site to interviews by scientists and doctors who are telling the truth about the jabs. I feel that this is so important because these so-called vaccines are toxic.

But to scare the readers just for the sake of sensationalism is so wrong. Again, please be selective in what you read.

Most importantly, place ALL of your TRUST in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every Word He spoke in our Scriptures is TRUTH. He is God and He cannot lie.

Stay in His Word. Listen to Christian music – especially the hymns. 

Watch videos by your favorite preachers. My husband and I love Adrian Rogers who. went to be with our Lord in 2005. Youtube is filled with his sermons.

Trust in God alone. Everything He said will come to pass.

Jesus said:

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).


Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear: Our God is an Awesome God and He is in Full CONTROL — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

August 5 Evening Quotes of The Day

Finding Unexpected Fruit
Psalm 27:5; 91:9; Isaiah 43:2; 2 Corinthians 1:3–7

Did you never run to a tree for shelter in a storm, and find fruit which you did not expect? Did you never go to God for safeguard in these times, driven by outward storms, and there find unexpected fruit, the peaceable fruit of righteousness, that made you say, “Happy tempest, which cast me into such a harbor”?


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Persevering Endurance Brings Clear Judgment
Proverbs 14:30; 1 Corinthians 9:12; 13:7; 2 Timothy 2:10

To endure all things with an equable and peaceful mind, not only brings with it many blessings to the soul, but it also enables us, in the midst of our difficulties, to have a clear judgment about them, and to minister the fitting remedy for them.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Seekers, Finders — VCY America

If thou seek him, he will be found of thee. (1 Chronicles 28:9)

We need our God; He is to be had for the seeking, and He will not deny Himself to any one of us if we personally seek His face. It is not if thou deserve Him, or purchase His favor, but merely if thou “seek” Him. Those who already know the Lord must go on seeking His face by prayer, by diligent service, and by holy gratitude: to such He will not refuse His favor and fellowship. Those who, as yet, have not known Him to their souls’ rest should at once commence seeking and never cease till they find Him as their Savior, their Friend, their Father, and their God.

What strong assurance this promise gives to the seeker! “He that seeketh findeth.” You, yes you, if you seek your God shall find Him. When you find Him you have found life, pardon, sanctification, preservation, and glory. Will you not seek, and seek on, since you shall not seek in vain’ Dear friend, seek the Lord at once. Here is the place, and now is the time. Bend that stiff knee; yes, bend that stiffer neck, and cry out for God, for the living God. In the name of Jesus, seek cleansing and justification. You shall not be refused. Here is David’s testimony to his son Solomon, and it is the writer’s personal witness to the reader. Believe it and act upon it, for Christ’s sake.

Seekers, Finders — VCY America

He Will Make a Way — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Taxes, threat of terror attacks, illness and aging, finances, political conflicts, family relationships, church struggles, fears, insurance issues, air travel impositions, job loss, gasoline prices, war, injustice, death – these are just a few of the enemies most of us face daily. Yet, let me also tell you what the Lord has spoken to my soul:

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

The Lord doesn’t want us to simply possess a generalized peace, based on having no particular problems; nor does He plan to give us a slightly spiritual, yet human-sized kind of peace. If we follow the sequence of obedience He presents, His intention is to shelter us in His very own peace: the imperturbable peace of God.

The peace of God is the deep calm that envelops the thought processes of the Almighty. He is never anxious, always in command, never without a remedy. He sees the end from the beginning and views the needs of man from the position of unlimited resources and capabilities. He perceives the needs of His children with both compassion and confidence, for all things are possible for Him.

The peace He gives is not only from Him, it is an extension of Him – it is the very substance of His peace. It is God-sized peace. It is this divine fabric that He says will “guard [our] hearts and . . . minds in Christ Jesus.”

Many Verses Same Promise: Some may challenge my interpretation, but remember the Savior’s promise:

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful” (John 14:27).

Again, Paul says: “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful”  (Colossians 3:15).

These Scriptures and others reveal that there exists a place of refuge for us, a dimension guarded by God’s very peace, where we can abide. As we enter this realm of trust, the God of peace promises to actually crush Satan beneath our feet (Romans 16:20).

Give Peace A Chance

Of course, we must decide what realm shall preside over us. Thus, the Scripture says, “Let the peace of Christ rule,” and “Do not let your heart be troubled,” and “let your requests be known to God.” The word let speaks of choices we can make with realities that are at hand. Remember, even as circumstances begin to trouble your heart, you can retreat from fear. For the peace of God is also accessible. Take authority over your fretting, worrying attitude, for “it leads only to evildoing” (Psalm 37:8). Stand, instead, in faith upon the promises of God.

Peace is our shield and the Word of God our weapon. Therefore, capture negative, unbelieving thoughts that would magnify problems rather than magnify the Lord. Our Father knows what we have need of before we ask Him (Matthew 6:8).

Cease striving and know that He is God! If you are weary, come to Him and take His yoke upon you. You will find rest for your soul. Finally, recall Paul’s words to make our requests “with thanksgiving.” Many have been thinking too much and thanking too little. Therefore, let us cast our burdens upon the Lord, for He indeed cares for us. He will make a way.

by Francis Frangipane
Used by Permission

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He Will Make a Way — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Do all Things Really Work Together for Good? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”(Romans 8:28).

When you’re in the midst of great suffering you don’t want people to piously quote the above verse to you. “How can this be good when it feels so bad?” you ask yourself. But what is this verse really talking about? I looked it up in my Bible so I could read it in context.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, to those who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son.”

In the Amplified Bible the last phrase reads: “He destined them from the beginning to be molded into the image of His Son and share inwardly His likeness.”

God is interested in our long-range good. For that reason, He is using all things in our lives–the good and the bad–to make us more like Christ. To perfect us. To grow us up. To set us free from self-centeredness so that we will become the beautiful people He created. This is a greater good than temporal blessings. Wouldn’t you agree?

We must beware of a feeling of entitlement, thinking that God owes us a blessing. “I’ve been a good Christian; I’ve worked very hard; I deserve better.” In truth, if it weren’t for Jesus’ death and resurrection, God would owe us judgment. Instead, He offers us mercy. Grace and mercy are His gifts to us. We do not earn them.

Father, I want to believe that you have my best interest at heart, at all times. Help my unbelief. I now surrender all my dreams and ambitions and all my disappointments to you. I want to be more trusting like Jesus was.

By Helen Lescheid
Used by Permission

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Do all Things Really Work Together for Good? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

August 5 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

The Elect Distinguished by Holy Lives
Romans 12:1; 1 Thessalonians 4:7

The names and number of the elect are a secret thing, no doubt, which God has wisely kept in His own power, and not revealed to man. It is not given to us in this world to study the pages of the book of life, and see if our names are there. But if there is one thing clearly and plainly laid down about election, it is this: that elect men and women may be known and distinguished by holy lives.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Not What We Have Read but What We Have Done
Luke 6:46; 1 Corinthians 8:1–3; 1 Timothy 6:4; James 2:14–26

On the day of judgment, surely, we shall not be asked what we have read but what we have done; not how well we have spoken but how well we have lived.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

August 5 – Entertaining angels — Reformed Perspective

Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. – Hebrews 13:1-2

Scripture reading: Genesis 18:1-8Hebrews 13:1-2

What a glorious scene! In His grace and because of His promise in Christ, the LORD comes to visit Abraham. Abraham is sitting at the door of his tent. He looks up and sees three men standing in front of him. They are not ordinary people, but angels appearing in human form.  One of the three is the Son of God, appearing in His pre-incarnate human form (18:30; 19:1).

Abraham meets the three men, bends low to the ground and offers them food and rest. How did Abraham have the courage to ask the Son of God, the Holy One, to come into his tent, into the presence of a sinful man?

The LORD sits down with the two angels. Abraham tells Sarah to bake some cakes and tells his servants to prepare the best calf for the meal. He sets the calf before them with butter and milk. They are eating at Abraham’s table in intimacy and fellowship!

The Son of God, Who visits Abraham later, became flesh and dwelt among us, eating and drinking with sinners. Jesus, the promised Son of Abraham, gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for sinners. Through faith in Jesus, the holy God reconciles sinners to Himself, so that we may enjoy intimate fellowship with Him again. God comes to us in Christ, calling us to exercise our faith through love. In Hebrews, God reminds us to show the love of Jesus practically. Don’t forget to entertain strangers. Welcome them in the name of Jesus.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray that God may use us to entertain strangers in the name of Jesus and that they may be drawn to Christ and His love through table fellowship.

Rev. Tony Zekveld currently serves as missionary-pastor in the Hope Congregation in East Brampton, Ontario, sent by Covenant Christian Church (URCNA) of Wyoming, Ontario. Rev. Zekveld and his wife, Arley-Ann, have five children and, so far, eight grandchildren. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

August 5 – Entertaining angels — Reformed Perspective

Mid-Day Snapshot · Aug. 5, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.” —James Madison (1792)

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Biden’s Unconstitutional Eviction Moratorium

The president’s extension is a flagrant abuse of the law, and it should not stand.

Lewis Morris

“If you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” —Joe Biden in October

President Joe Biden caved to the radical leftists running the Democrat Party, giving them what amounts to a major political victory this week. Reversing an earlier decision, the president announced Tuesday that he will (unconstitutionally and illegally) extend the home rental eviction moratorium until October 3. Heck, even Biden admitted while extending it that the moratorium is “not likely to pass constitutional muster.” It already didn’t in court. (More on that below.) Biden has flagrantly violated his constitutional oath.

If anyone was puzzled about who’s pulling the strings at the White House, they weren’t paying attention.

When the China Virus lockdown began wrecking the economy last year, Congress passed a temporary moratorium on home rental evictions to protect those who had lost their jobs due to the tanking economy. Which, if you’re keeping score, tanked because of the aforementioned lockdown.

The charitable view is that it was a well-intentioned measure to help less fortunate tenants. (Never mind how shredding rental contracts hurt cash-strapped landlords.) Well over a year later, however, it should be obvious to everyone that it was always a power move that amounted to state-sanctioned theft.

Congress’s temporary eviction moratorium ended in July 2020, but President Donald Trump called on the Centers for Disease Control to weigh in. Interpreting a broad spectrum of authority not previously thought possible, the CDC — an agency tasked with studying and containing infectious diseases — issued a temporary moratorium on rental evictions that was renewed three times by both Trump and Biden.

On June 29, the Supreme Court finally stepped in and … sidestepped the real constitutional issue. Though Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote that the CDC had “exceeded its existing statutory authority,” he reluctantly let the moratorium stand, because, he said, it would end “in only a few weeks” anyway. But he explicitly stated that after the CDC eviction moratorium ended on July 31, “clear and specific congressional authorization (via new legislation) would be necessary” to renew it.

Well, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t have enough Democrat votes to pass a new moratorium. So she called on the White House to reinstitute the ban through executive action, which Biden initially refused. The CDC was reaching way outside its purview in the first place, and White House lawyers wisely advised the president that neither he nor the CDC had the legal authority to institute a new eviction ban.

The White House first turned to the states, which have been sitting on billions of dollars in aid to help tenants pay their rent — $25 billion from Trump in December, and another $21.5 billion from Biden in March. Less than 10% of that money has been distributed. Only 36 of 400 state, county, and municipal recipients report having spent the funds. This should be more than enough to cover the nationwide rental backlog, which Moody’s recently estimated at $27 billion.

Leftists don’t give a rat’s rear end about constitutionality and Rule of Law. All they crave is absolute power, so the whole argument about legal authority blows like so much wind between their ears. They accused Biden of dragging his feet over what they label a crisis that could put millions of people out on the street. The so-called “Squad” even camped out on the Capitol steps to draw attention to their message. They want the moratorium continued until they are satisfied the economy is stronger. How much stronger, none of the Squad members will say, though their policies will only make it weaker.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Biden caved, dipped back into the totalitarian toolbox, and issued a lawless decree he publicly admitted he didn’t have the legal authority to make. The rationale is that Biden is hoping to stir the states to start spreading money around before the courts move in and shut down the moratorium. Whatever his “good intentions,” he has knowingly and willfully violated the Constitution and his oath to protect it.

This is no way to run a government. Again, it’s an arguably well-intentioned action to protect tenants from eviction because they lost their job due to a nationwide health emergency. But government meddling in the economy never produces good results. In this case, it threatens to bankrupt millions of property owners. It also means fewer prospective landlords will buy property or build housing.

Meanwhile, it creates a permanent underclass of renters who live on taxpayer money. For them, this amounts to an extension of “unemployment” checks. If you don’t have to pay rent, why go back to work?

We all know which road is paved smooth with good intentions. The unconstitutional rental moratorium is good for a few miles on that bad road.

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DeSantis to Biden: Zip It

The freedom-loving Florida governor isn’t about to take leadership lessons from a guy who won’t even guard our nation’s borders.

Douglas Andrews

Joe Biden is being ill-served by his handlers. Whoever told him to hit Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about his state’s growing COVID caseload clearly hadn’t taken the measure of the Sunshine State’s chief executive.

Of course, COVID caseloads are growing not just in Florida but in states across the country due to the newer Delta variant of the Wuhan coronavirus. However, our nation’s doctors and hospitals have learned and adapted, and much of the hysteria is being driven by leftist control freaks and their mainstream media trucklings.

In any case, an attack from Biden is a clear sign of desperation and a see-through attempt to distract folks from the many miserable failures of his own administration. Unfortunately for Scranton Joe, Ron DeSantis punches back. And that’s precisely what he did yesterday at a presser, after Biden called into question his “leadership” and his willingness to “do the right thing” and “save lives.” Said DeSantis:

I think the question is, we can either have a free society, or we can have a biomedical security state. And I can tell you: Florida? We’re a free state. People are going to be free to choose, to make their own decisions about themselves, about their families, about their kids’ education, and about putting food on the table.

And Joe Biden suggests that if you don’t do lockdown policies, then you should quote, ‘get out of the way.’ But let me tell you this: If you’re coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I’m standing in your way. I’m not going to let you get away with it.

If you’re trying to deny kids a proper in-person education, I’m gonna stand in your way and I’m gonna stand up for the kids in Florida. If you’re trying to restrict people, impose mandates, if you’re trying to ruin their jobs and their livelihoods and their small business, if you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way, and I’m standing for the people of Florida.

Then came the knockout punch: “So, why don’t you do your job?” said DeSantis in closing. “Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you.”

It was a masterful clinic on counterpunching — one that would’ve made Donald Trump proud. See it for yourself.

The pathetic leftists at CNN, which went all of last week without attracting a measly million viewers to any of its shows, had their own hot take on DeSantis, dismissing his fiery words as purely political: “The confrontation was the latest sign of how DeSantis — who is expected to be a top contender in the next Republican presidential primary if former President Donald Trump doesn’t run — is weaponizing his stewardship of the emergency to further his own political aspirations, previewing a possible 2024 White House matchup if Biden seeks reelection.”

CNN has it wrong, though, and DeSantis clearly understands the battle lines that are being drawn. The choice that confronts the American people is one of freedom versus state-sanctioned biomedical overreach.

We’re reminded of what Ben Franklin said long ago: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

The choice, then, is between Liberty and tyranny. Same as it ever was.

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Sanders Spends the Way to Socialism

Bernie’s budget-busting plans reveal that socialism is still the Left’s goal.

Thomas Gallatin

A bipartisan group of 20 senators introduced their $1.1 trillion “infrastructure” package on Monday, but the bill is anything but balanced in addressing the concerns of both Republicans and Democrats. That much is demonstrated by its heavy new spending on leftist agenda items, including essentially creating a first installment of the economically disastrous Green New Deal.

The spending bill does nothing to address our skyrocketing national debt, instead only adding to it. Moreover, it piles more burdensome regulations and costs onto the American taxpayer, serving to further limit individual freedom, innovation, and economic upward mobility — all under the guise of repairing and updating the country’s aging infrastructure systems.

But this $1.1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, 2,702 pages in length, is merely the first installment for Democrats. Several of them, including President Joe Biden, have already tied it to further spending. Senator Bernie Sanders also makes this case in a Wall Street Journal op-ed titled, “Why We Need the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Package.”

Sanders, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, claims that without this massive spending on government programs, millions of Americans will be left to suffer. Using misleading statistics like “three people own more wealth than the bottom 50%” and “real wages for workers haven’t increased in almost 50 years,” Sanders pushes socialism as the solution without actually referring to the term.

For example, he advocates for the government, which of course means American taxpayers, to pay for a laundry list of expanded schemes to redistribute income — universal child care, community college tuition for all Americans, guaranteed paid family leave and medical leave, expanding Medicare and Medicaid to essentially include everyone, affordable housing, citizenship to illegal aliens, and energy regulations that force Americans off fossil fuels and toward “sustainable energy to combat the existential threat of climate change.”

Joe Biden may have beaten Bernie Sanders in the Democrat presidential primary, but we can all see who’s running the show.

Of course, Sanders knows that Republicans won’t go along with socializing America, so he advocates that Democrats must pass this monstrosity on a party-line vote. “If Democrats can’t get Republican support for these reforms,” he writes, “then we have to do it alone through the reconciliation process.”

While falsely asserting that Republican tax cuts primarily benefited the rich and larger corporations, Sanders contends that the Democrats’ use of reconciliation is necessary in order to “support the middle class and struggling families and, in the process, create millions of good-paying jobs.” It’s a lie that tax cuts only help the wealthy and hurt the middle and lower class, but repeating this class warfare falsehood continues to help Democrats get elected.

The best thing Congress can do is sit by and let the economy recover from the pandemic without interference from legislative “good intentions” that more often than not stunt economic recovery and growth. Rather than promising more handouts, lawmakers should be encouraging people who are not working to go out and fill the millions of job openings. Of course, Sanders and his socialist posse know that doing so would prevent greater reliance on government, and in turn less opportunity for government bureaucrats to assert ever more control over Americans’ lives.

Politicians promising government-provided economic salvation is the road to authoritarian dictatorships and economic ruin.

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Masking Mandates: Are Face Coverings Effective?

It’s not settled science, regardless of the narratives.

Emmy Griffin

Over the past weekend, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) refreshed its recommendation for all people to mask up, regardless of vaccination status.

It was slightly ironic, then, when during an interview with CNN on Monday, one of President Joe Biden’s former top advisers, Dr. Michael Osterholm, admitted that cloth and disposable masks don’t work. His solution? We need better masking in the form of N95 respirators. In his words: “We know today that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out. … We need to talk about better masking. We need to talk about N95 respirators, which would do a lot for both people who are not yet vaccinated or not previously infected.”

The Biden administration won’t want to admit it, but Dr. Osterholm is most likely correct regarding cloth and disposable masks. But what about his N95 remarks?

Masking has been controversial from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you recall, Dr. Anthony Fauci first stated that masks were ineffective, then flip-flopped. Study after study cropped up debating the efficacy of masking. In the spring of this year, the Biden administration finally admitted that if you are vaccinated, you don’t need to wear a mask. Then the Delta variant reared its ugly head, so masks are once again being recommended. School is just around the corner. Should kids be masked in the classroom? Should parents mask up to protect their unvaccinated kids? The Left would say yes.

Many conservative pundits were up in arms this week restating the major talking points on masks. Many of them conclude that masking is not at all effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Podcast host Liz Wheeler broke down the studies — some of which the CDC even wrote — to debunk the efficacy of masks. After reviewing 20 studies in peer review journals, almost all of them said that masks do not work as personal protective equipment (PPE) or as a source control (wearing the mask to protect others). These findings predate the COVID pandemic. Some of the studies are even about the efficacy of masks used by surgeons. Even medical-grade N95 respirators were found to be dubious in preventing the spread of aerosolized particles. Ultimately, her findings suggest that the only kind of mask that would prevent the spread of infection would be those that basically suffocate the wearer. Talk about the cure being worse than the disease.

Adding important credence to Wheeler’s research, Dr. Jim Meehan, a surgeon and former medical journal editor, wrote in March:

Although surgeons do wear masks to prevent their respiratory droplets from contaminating the surgical field and the exposed internal tissues of our surgical patients, that is about as far as the analogy extends. Obviously, surgeons cannot “socially distance” from their surgical patients (unless we use robotic surgical devices, in which case, I would definitely not wear a mask).

The COVID-19 pandemic is about viral transmission. Surgical and cloth masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission. We should all realize by now that face masks have never been shown to prevent or protect against viral transmission. Which is exactly why they have never been recommended for use during the seasonal flu outbreak, epidemics, or previous pandemics.

Suffice it to say, even N95 respirators don’t appear foolproof. And even if they did, good luck getting 330 million Americans to sport them.

As our Nate Jackson observed back in April, “Perhaps the biggest problem is that you can find research backing up whatever opinion you choose to hold.” Ultimately, a trademark of the Left has been to use terror and bad science when dealing with COVID. When confronted with the truth — or even questions — they deem it misinformation or bend the studies to suit their agenda. One has to question the end goal of this latest flip-flop on masks. What is the efficacy of masks?

Is the mask push merely another shameless power grab? Almost certainly. Is this ultimately about Biden’s presidential legacy? Almost certainly. Is it an excuse to bolster Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections through reinstating the emergency voting alternatives? The timing sure seems suspicious. Whatever the case, it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of masking, which is hardly settled science.

Just ask AOC.

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California’s Coming Bacon Crisis

Pork prices will soar thanks to new regulations regarding animal enclosures.

Arnold Ahlert

“You’ll eat much less meat. An occasional treat, not a staple. For the good of the environment and our health.” —from the video produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) advocating for The Great Reset to one-world governance

It has often been said that California is a bellwether for the rest of the nation. If that is the case, the latest voter-approved regulations should warm the cockles of globalist oligarch hearts everywhere. Beginning next year, the Golden State will begin enforcing “The Farm Animal Confinement Proposition” that mandates more space for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves. It was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2018. Veal and egg producers across the nation believe they can meet the new standards, but a scant 4% of hog operations can currently comply. Absent court intervention, or the state temporarily allowing noncompliant meat to be sold in the state, California will lose almost all of its pork supply, much of which comes from Iowa. In addition, pork producers will face higher costs if and when they try to reenter the market.

In short, bringing home the bacon may become exceedingly difficult.

California already had a law regarding “cruelty-free eggs” that stated egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal must be given enough space “to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs.” The new regulation gave farmers until the beginning of 2020 to provide each egg-laying hen at least one square foot of floor space. Beginning in January, all hens bred in California need to have completely cage-free housing.

When the proposition passed in 2018, Kitty Block, acting president and CEO of the Humane Society, was ecstatic. “California voters have sent a loud and clear message that they reject cruel cage confinement in the meat and egg industries,” she said at the time. “Millions of veal calves, mother pigs and egg-laying hens will never know the misery of being locked in a tiny cage for the duration of their lives.”

Currently, Californians consume approximately 15% of all pork produced in the country. Yet while California restaurants and groceries use about 255 million pounds of pork a month, its farms produce only 45 million pounds. Moreover, the time needed to build new facilities and inseminate sows makes it highly unlikely the pork industry will be able to adequately supply California.

The National Pork Producers Council asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture for federal aid to underwrite the costs associated with retrofitting hog facilities nationwide to fill the gap. Hog farmers reveal they haven’t complied due to the costs involved — and because California has yet to issue formal regulations regarding how the state’s new standards will be administered and enforced.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture rebutted those assertions, noting that even if the final details of the law remain unfinished, the main elements of the law have been know for years. “It is important to note that the law itself cannot be changed by regulations and the law has been in place since the Farm Animal Confinement Proposition (Prop 12) passed by a wide margin in 2018,” the agency stated in response to queries by the Associated Press.

Regardless, the costs associated with the mandate are not insignificant. According to Barry Goodwin, an economist at North Carolina State University, a farm with 1,000 breeding pigs would see costs rise 15% per animal. A study by the Hatamiya Group, a consulting firm hired by opponents of the state proposition, paints an equally daunting picture, noting that if half the pork supply was suddenly lost in California, bacon prices would jump 60%. Thus a package currently selling for $6 would rise to nearly $10..

Lawsuits have been filed by the pork industry, which is also asking Governor Gavin Newsom to delay the new requirements. And the Producers Council is also hoping meat already in the supply chain could be sold, which might delay shortages. Josh Balk, who leads farm animal protection efforts at the Humane Society of the United States, isn’t buying it. “It says something about the pork industry when it seems its business operandi is to lose at the ballot when they try to defend the practices and then when animal cruelty laws are passed, to try to overturn them,” he stated.

Restaurant owner Jeannie Kim, who kept her San Francisco diner alive during the coronavirus pandemic, sounds the alarm. “Our number one seller is bacon, eggs and hash browns,” said Kim, who has run SAMS American Eatery on the city’s busy Market Street for 15 years. “It could be devastating for us.”

She’s not alone. In Iowa, where approximately one-third of the nation’s hogs are raised, farmer Dwight Mogler estimates the changes would cost him $3 million, as a space that now holds 300 pigs could only hold 250 pigs going forward. As a result, Mogler said he’d need to earn an extra $20 per pig, yet as of now, processors are offering far less. “The question to us is, if we do these changes, what is the next change going to be in the rules two years, three years, five years ahead?” Mogler asked. Slaughterhouses are undoubtedly pondering similar questions as they will be forced to design new systems to identify and separate California-compliant hogs from pork that can be served to the rest of the country.

Consequently, analysts believe prices will soar in California but remain little changed in the rest of the nation. Yet they also believe that because California consumes so much pork, the rules imposed in that state may soon become the national standard.

In short, every American can expect already rising meat prices to soar even further into the stratosphere. And no one will be happier about it than those forever seeking to “improve” the lives of the “benighted” masses, even as they remain largely immune from those same “improvements.”

In this particular case, it will inevitably become, It’s bacon for me, but not for thee.

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Floyd’s Legacy: Burn, Loot, and Murder

Rising homicide and violent crime, as well as increasing national division, came in the wake of BLM lionizing a career criminal.

Thomas Gallatin

In the year since George Floyd’s death, a question arises: What is the actual legacy of the career criminal-turned-martyr for the so-called Black Lives Matter movement? For one thing, data specifically related to law enforcement and crime shows a decided downturn in society writ large and, more tellingly, in Floyd’s home city of Minneapolis.

The protests that erupted in Minneapolis following Floyd’s death quickly devolved into rioting, looting, and massive amounts of property damage, costing the city and business owners hundreds of millions of dollars. However, worse than the property damage — the majority of which, ironically, was contained in black neighborhoods — has been the subsequent spike in violent crime and homicides. The killings have left the city branded with the moniker “Murderapolis.”

In 2020, Minneapolis experienced a 58% increase in murders over the previous year, with 185 people killed, surpassing the former record high of 183 set in 1995. Much if not all of this spiking crime can be laid at the feet of leftist city leaders, who responded to the bogus narrative of “systemic racism” by voting to defund and otherwise limit law enforcement, all in the name of promoting “social justice.”

Not surprisingly, active police presence throughout the city decreased significantly, resulting in a growing crime wave. As Just the News reports: “Carjackings increased 537% year-to-date in November 2020. More than 550 people were wounded by gunfire in 2020, exceeding a 100% increase over 2019, Minnesota Public Radio reported, while people shot more than 24,000 bullets in Minneapolis in 2020.”

Floyd’s legacy isn’t limited to Minneapolis. Major cities across the nation have witnessed similar escalations in violent crime. For example, in the nation’s capital, homicides are killing more people than COVID. Fox News notes, “The number of homicides in Washington D.C., surpassed coronavirus deaths in the city by a nearly 3-to-1 ratio in July as the nation’s capital continues to grapple with an uptick in murders.” Fox adds that DC “recorded 100 homicides by July 10 — the earliest the city has hit that number since 2003.”

The most unfortunate aspect is that most of the victims are black Americans — and black Americans are also the primary culprits. It would be more accurate to classify most of this dramatic rise in crime as black-on-black violence.

And it is this aspect of Floyd’s legacy that may be the most ironic. The face of BLM’s cry against supposed “racial injustice” has only served to ensure that more black Americans are left more vulnerable to crime, violence, and economic deprivation than they were before Floyd’s death.

Floyd’s true legacy is that his death has been used by devious and deceitful anti-American racist revolutionaries to attack law enforcement and the very core values of individual rights and liberty upon which this country was founded. It was those very values that served as the justification and motivation to end our nation’s dark legacies of slavery and Jim Crow. Legacies Americans rightfully lament. Yet it appears that Floyd’s legacy will be yet another chapter in U.S. history for which future generations should shake their heads in disbelief and shame.

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Jordan Candler

Government & Politics

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo facing impeachment votes from majority of NY Assembly if he doesn’t resign (Fox News)
  • Real estate and landlord groups file legal salvo to stop Biden administration’s new eviction moratorium (Washington Post)
  • Election cheating surges to top domestic issue; most (74%) want photo ID (Washington Examiner)
  • “Infrastructure” bill would require alcohol monitors for all new cars (Free Beacon) | President Biden to announce target for 50% electric vehicle sales as he unveils stricter emissions rules (Washington Examiner)

Big Tech Oligarchs

  • Facebook boots New York University disinformation researchers off its platform and critics cry foul (NPR)
  • YouTube suspends Sky News Australia for year-old videos about masks and COVID-19 (Daily Caller)

National Security

  • Mexican government sues U.S. gun manufacturers for “the unlawful trafficking of their guns to drug cartels and other criminals in Mexico” (Washington Examiner)
  • Cartels earn up to $6 billion a year from smuggling migrants (Washington Times)
  • U.S. plans to require COVID-19 shots for foreign travelers (Fox News)
  • ATF nominee David Chipman failed to disclose 2012 Chinese state TV hit used as propaganda by the communist state (Fox News)
  • Taliban claim attack on defense minister’s compound (Reuters)

Double Standards Awards

  • AOC masks up for photo-op — instantly removes it after (PM)
  • Climate Czar John Kerry’s family jet has taken 16 flights this year alone (Fox News)

Other Notables

  • NBC’s Summer Olympics ratings are in free-fall (CNN Business)
  • Mission accomplished: Washington Football Team bans headdresses and face paint in new fan policies (Washington Times)
  • The calm before the storm: NOAA forecasts above-average Atlantic hurricane season (Washington Examiner)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: The incredible shrinking infrastructure pay-fors (AEI)
  • Satire: Andrew Cuomo announces new book on how to treat women with dignity and respect (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “Liberty … was a two-headed boon. There was first, the liberty of the people as a whole to determine the forms of their own government, to levy their own taxes, and to make their own laws…. There was second, the liberty of the individual man to live his own life, within the limits of decency and decorum, as he pleased — freedom from the despotism of the majority.” —H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

Observations: “There was a time when we honored those who created the prosperity and the freedom that we enjoy. Today we honor the complainers and sue the creators. Perhaps that is inevitable in an era when we no longer count our blessings, but instead count all our unfulfilled wishes.” —Thomas Sowell

The bottom line: “We live in a society in which no one wants to have to suffer any adversity or deal with the consequences of their decisions and actions. Consequently, fear, under the guise of safety, has become a self-enslaving idol to many.” —Darrell B. Harrison

For the record: “[Wokeness] divides us into people of different races and it says that these racial differences are irreconcilable. … It sees no reconciliation, no coming together unless the people that they describe as eternal victims, black people, people of color, women, transgender people, unless they unite to destroy and dismantle our existing institutions. It’s a very nihilistic, zero-sum game. It’s the worst philosophy I’ve ever come across.” —Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A trip down memory lane: “There’s a disrespect for women that this administration chronically exemplifies … To secondguess how a woman should’ve acted after a sexual attack is sexist and disgusting. I mean, it’s just insensitive. You don’t understand the pain.” —serial sexual harasser Governor Andrew Cuomo on Brett Kavanaugh

Grand delusions: “Both voting and access to abortion are basic. They’re about the functioning of our democracy and about the protection of personal autonomy. … The right-wing extremists know that if they can keep people from voting, they’ve got a better chance to impose their views about abortion on an unwilling nation.” —Senator Elizabeth Warren

Race hustling: “We can’t get complacent. Having public opinion on our side is not enough, because the racist cowards that would fire teachers and ban certain books [that] are accurately describing the history of racism and bigotry in this country are already showing up at school board meetings, and they’re loud. So we have to be louder. We have to rise up together and show up to those same meetings, demanding that our children get a full and accurate history curriculum.” —Al Sharpton

Race bait: “The slaveholder … wanted the freedom to enslave. There’s no difference between that and the individual saying, ‘I should have the freedom to infect people. I should have the freedom to kill and exploit and harass and terrorize.’” —Ibram X. Kendi

Non compos mentis: “My top criticism, honestly, of the 1619 Project is that it is way too pro-American, in my opinion. I don’t think that there can be redemption until there is no America.” —podcaster Sam Goldman

And last… “The most incredible part about Leftism is that when its consequences become clear, Leftists immediately blame the thing they oppose. So, for example, when developers stop building as much thanks to endless eviction moratoria, Leftists will blame capitalism.” —Ben Shapiro

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

5 Aug 2021 News Briefing


Israeli Rabbi Reveals Date of Messiah’s Arrival according to Kabbalah
renowned Israeli Rabbi Daniel Asor warned of a globalist takeover happening as we speak. “If Hitler is the Third Reich, then the New World Order is the fourth Reich. It is Amalek’s last meeting with us before the Messiah’s arrival” he said. “We are very very close to redemption” Rabbi Asor said.

AccuWeather’s 2021 US fall forecast
Veteran forecaster and senior meteorologist Paul Pastelok leads the team and has helped to break down exactly what folks can expect, ranging from the first frost in the Northeast and Midwest, the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and the widespread drought and wildfire concern across most of the West. One of the bigger factors that will influence the country as a whole this autumn is becoming a more familiar term: La Niña. The return of La Niña is signaling yet another above-average hurricane season …

Drone captures startling footage as Lake Oroville reduced to trickle
Lake Oroville, California’s second-largest reservoir, looks like a shell of its typical self as the drought across the western United States continues to toast the region. The reservoir has hit its record low level, dropping to just 643.5 feet above sea level,

Wildfires rage near Athens as brutal heat continues
Dozens of wildfires have ignited across Greece this week, including one right outside of Athens that forced thousands of residents to flee their homes amid an extreme heat wave that has baked southeastern Europe. Officials stated that 188 wildfires were reported in a span of just 24 hours across Greece.

Lasers Destined For Fighter Jets Are Now Being Tested In The Air Force’s Wind Tunnels
Ahead of putting experimental directed energy weapons onto its fighter jets, the U.S. Air Force is testing how these systems will operate at high speed and high altitude, by trialing them in wind tunnels. Equipping fighters with directed energy, or DE, weapons, which use high-energy lasers or microwaves to engage threats, is a long-standing Air Force ambition, but one that has suffered from some well-documented delays. The latest wind tunnel work may help address some of the problems encountered so far.

Russian Nuclear Submarine Broke Down In Danish Waters
The Danish Navy described the situation as “dramatic” as the submarine Orel drifted towards its territory following an unknown propulsion malfunction.
Once whatever issue with the submarine’s propulsion had been fixed enough to keep moving, the Russian vessels then sailed north into Skagerak, the waters between Denmark and Norway. Norway’s Joint Headquarters said that the submarine resumed its transit first on the surface, but is now once again submerged.

AI identifies high blood glucose as a risk in COVID-19 patients
Machine-learning analysis identified high blood glucose levels as a risk factor for COVID-19 patients, according to a study published in Frontiers in Public Health (1). Researchers believe this explains why older patients, often with a poor glucose metabolism due to other health conditions, are more vulnerable to this disease.

Twitter Suspends Journalist Who Repeated CDC Fact On Vaccines
Greg Piper writers for the news site Just The News and recently decided to share a story from The College Fix, where he was previously an editor. The story included the line “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.” That line appears to have prompted Twitter to suspend his account despite the fact that some people have medical exemptions from the vaccine due to the high risk posed by preexisting medical conditions. Indeed, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that some people cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons.

Senator Introduces Legislation To Mandate Voter ID For States That Mandate Vaccine Passports
After New York City announced that it will mandate vaccine passports for entry to events and even restaurants and gyms, a Republican Senator has introduced a bill that would make it mandatory for any state using a vaccine pass system to also use a voter ID system.

Cuomo Defies NY Democratic Chairman, Refuses To Resign
Despite calls by prominent Democrats to resign – including President Biden, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is digging in his heels, according to New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs – who said he’d previously stood behind the embattled governor throughout a sexual harassment investigation. Jacobs told Spectrum News that he expects lawmakers will impeach and remove Cuomo,

“They Can’t Arrest Us All” – Sen. Rand Paul Urges Americans To “Resist” Pelosi & The Petty Tyrants
They can’t arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they should. We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again. Do I sound fed up to you? That’s because I am. I’m not a career politician. I’ve practiced medicine for 33 years. I graduated from Duke Medical School, worked in emergency rooms, studied immunology and virology, and ultimately chose to become a surgeon. I have been telling everyone for a year now that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public health officials were NOT following science, and I’ve been proven right time and time again.

Tensions in Middle East escalate after Iranian terror at sea
Iran has changed tactics in the shadow-war with Israel and the US to terrorizing commercial ships in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

US developing plan to require foreign visitors to be vaccinated
The Biden administration is developing a plan to require nearly all foreign visitors to the United States to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of eventually lifting travel restrictions that bar much of the world from entering the United States, …

Israeli Air Force strikes southern Lebanon
The IDF confirmed that the air force targeted areas “from which rockets were fired during the day at the State of Israel” in strikes carried out early Thursday morning. The IDF statement confirmed that the air force targeted areas “from which rockets were fired during the day at the State of Israel.

Archaeological proof of Biblical earthquake that hit Jerusalem discovered
In an excavation of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) in Jerusalem’s City of David National Park, archaeological evidence has been uncovered of the earthquake that occurred during the Kingdom of Judah. The quake is mentioned in the Bible as a significant event used to mark a period of time, as was done in Amos: The words of Amos, a sheepbreeder from Tekoa, who prophesied concerning Yisrael in the reigns of Kings Uzziyahu of Yehuda and Yerovam son of Yoash of Yisrael, two years before the earthquake. Amos 1:1

Israel retaliates against Lebanon possibly waging new war against Beirut
Israeli artillery units shelled targets in Lebanon on Wednesday, after three rockets were fired at northern Israel from across the border, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

‘A Variant Worse Than Delta’: Fauci Dials Fear To 11 As Emerging ‘Lambda’ Strain Appears More Resistant To Vaccine
“…it might be possible that this variant is feasible to cause breakthrough infection…

Strong earthquake swarm at underwater volcano near Mayotte
A strong long-period earthquake activity (LP) was registered at a newly-discovered underwater volcano near Mayotte starting at 16:33 UTC on July 31, 2021.

Three quarters of new COVID cases are in vaccinated people—CDC study
Once more, dear reader, I put on my hazmat suit and enter the fake world where SARS-Cov2 exists, the Delta Variant exists, the test is meaningful, the case numbers are real, and the vaccine makes sense. These are all lies, as I’ve been proving for the past year, but even within the fake world of those lies, the experts can’t keep their stories straight; they contradict themselves, they expose their own fabrications, and they try to cover up those exposures with new pathetic fabrications.

The Major Difference Between God’s Amazing 7-Color Real Rainbow And The LGBTQ Pride Flag 6-Color Rainbow Counterfeit Will Amaze You
I was reading earlier how Skittles traded in its iconic rainbow packaging for a monochromatic black-and-white design in honor of LGBTQ+ P for Pedophile Pride parade celebrations in London this week.

Farewell To Yet Another Failed Monetary System
The beginning of the end of the current monetary system started exactly 50 years ago. In the next few years the world will experience the end of the end of another failed experiment of unlimited debt creation and fake fiat money…

If You Think Forced Vaccinations Are Bad, Just Wait Until Liberals Here In America Finish Construction On The Chinese-Style Social Credit System
The current media terror campaign to frighten you into submission is well underway and working quite well, so well in fact that most people are not putting the rest of the puzzle pieces together. While the gain of function Wuhan coronavirus does its damage, America is rapidly recreating the Chinese Social Credit System right here within our 50 states. What I am telling you is not something that’s ‘coming soon’, this is something that is happening right now.

CDC propaganda reaches hilarious new low as VETERINARIAN posts scripted warning about her “hospital” being full of covid patients
..the CDC is stooping to new lows, sending out scripted messages about unvaccinated people suddenly filling up hospital beds, dying and begging for a vaccine. As these scripted guilt messages are deployed across social media, the CDC is recruiting Democrat candidates to LIE about COVID statistics and DECEIVE the public about the so-called public health dangers of the “unvaccinated.”

Western governments exploit COVID as an excuse for tyranny as Australia mobilizes troops to enforce virus lockdown
As much as Western leaders love to chastise tyrannical governments like China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran, they seldom pass up a chance to impose their own will on their people when presented the opportunity.

Mass starvation: Biblical droughts on track to destroy U.S. crops, cattle… with unprecedented food shortages and price hikes to follow 
Large swaths of the United States are still dry as a bone due to record-breaking drought conditions, and America’s crops and cattle are suffering, as reported by Strange Sounds.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are medically futile, likely illegal (Part 3)
Mandating an experimental COVID-19 vaccine represents a medically futile, and likely illegal, public-health effort to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2. It is immoral, and likely illegal, for schools, workplaces, and hospitals to require young and healthy individuals to take an experimental drug that offers no personal benefit, but instead, poses serious health risks. Here’s what you can do to push back against this tide.

Covid mortality risk in children is essentially ZERO, but “scientists” don’t care and still want to mask all the kids
The results of the most comprehensive study to date on the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) have been published in the United Kingdom, revealing that the government’s mask and vaccine guidelines are entirely unscientific.

Baylor Prof Demands Prosecution Of Criticism Of Fauci And Other ‘Scientists’ As Hate Crime
…wants Congress to expand hate crimes to “scientists currently targeted by far-right extremism in the United States.”

Secular Americans less likely than evangelicals to be vaccinated: poll
Americans who are younger and identify as non-religious are less likely to get vaccinated than evangelical Christians, according to a recent report on polling data compiled by Ryan Burge, who says it shows the media “needs to be turning the spotlight a bit away from evangelicals and toward the … young and secular.”

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/08/05/5-aug-2021/

L.A. considering requiring vaccine proof at restaurants, gyms, indoor sporting eventsPosted: 05 Aug 2021 08:06 AM PDT(ETH) – With coronavirus cases continuing to rise, According to Yahoo News, Los Angeles is now following the direction of New York City and considering a proposal to require proof of COVID-19 inoculation as a condition of entry at a host of indoor public spaces in what, if passed, would be the widest-ranging vaccination-verification effort in the city yet.The motion, introduced Wednesday by City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, would require eligible individuals to demonstrate that they’ve received at least one vaccination dose to visit indoor places such as restaurants, bars, retail stores, gyms, spas, movie theaters, stadiums and concert venues.Continue reading L.A. considering requiring vaccine proof at restaurants, gyms, indoor sporting events at End Time Headlines.
A Nationwide emergency alert test is set to take place on August 11thPosted: 05 Aug 2021 06:13 AM PDT(ETH) – An emergency alert test will be sent to televisions, radios, and select cell phones nationwide, issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. According to AZFamily, The tests will begin at 11:20 a.m. MST on August 11 and will be sent to electronics that have opted to receive text messages.Allen Clark, director of the Arizona Division of Emergency Management, stated the department wanted to let Arizonans know about the scheduled tests so they won’t be alarmed when they hear or see the alerts.Continue reading A Nationwide emergency alert test is set to take place on August 11th at End Time Headlines.
Hillsong church founder Brian Houston accused of concealing child sex offencesPosted: 05 Aug 2021 05:58 AM PDT(ETH) – Evangelist and founder of the Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, has reportedly been charged with allegedly concealing child sex offenses in the 1970s.According to 9 News, Houston is accused of knowing about the sexual abuse of a young man in the 1970s but failing to tell the police. NSW Police said officers from The Hills in the city’s northwest started an investigation in 2019 and have now charged a man.Continue reading Hillsong church founder Brian Houston accused of concealing child sex offences at End Time Headlines.
Archaeologists stunned by discovery of tablet that ‘revealed first ever image of Tower of Babel’Posted: 05 Aug 2021 05:45 AM PDT(ETH) – Archaeologists have been left stunned after a recent discovery of a previously unseen site that revealed what is being called the “first-ever image of the Tower of Babel”. According to the report from Express-News, The Tower remains one of the most mysterious stories contained in the Bible.For years, whether or not the Tower was a real, physical thing was open for discussion. Many believed it was simply symbolic, acting as a message to the Bible’s dedicated followers.Continue reading Archaeologists stunned by discovery of tablet that ‘revealed first ever image of Tower of Babel’ at End Time Headlines.
Israeli archaeologists discover evidence of “Biblical Earthquake” in ancient JerusalemPosted: 05 Aug 2021 05:36 AM PDT(ETH) – The books of Amos and Zechariah mention a great earthquake that shook Israel “in the days of Uzziah king of Judah.” and according to a new report from CBN News, some 2,800 years later, Israeli researchers believe they have finally identified the remnants of the earthquake’s destruction in Jerusalem – Judah’s ancient capital.Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority recently unearthed a layer of destruction in the City of David.Continue reading Israeli archaeologists discover evidence of “Biblical Earthquake” in ancient Jerusalem at End Time Headlines.
“DR. DOOM” Fauci says he fears a COVID variant worse than Delta could be comingPosted: 04 Aug 2021 05:19 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Dr. Doom is at it again with another grim forecast for America. According to Axios, If America’s current COVID-19 surge continues unabated into the fall and winter, the country will likely face an even more deadly strain of the virus that could evade the current coronavirus vaccines, NIAID director Anthony Fauci told McClatchy Wednesday.Fauci’s comments underscore the importance of acting quickly to vaccinate the tens of millions of Americans who have not been inoculated against the virus.Continue reading “DR. DOOM” Fauci says he fears a COVID variant worse than Delta could be coming at End Time Headlines.
US will now require COVID-19 shots for foreign travelersPosted: 04 Aug 2021 05:09 PM PDT(ETH) – The Biden administration is taking the first steps toward requiring nearly all foreign visitors to the U.S. to be vaccinated for the coronavirus according to a report from the Associated Press and a White House official said Wednesday.The requirement would come as part of the administration’s phased approach to easing travel restrictions for foreign citizens to the country. No timeline has yet been determined, as interagency working groups study how and when to safely move toward resuming normal travel.Continue reading US will now require COVID-19 shots for foreign travelers at End Time Headlines.
Utah Governor says he won’t be wearing a mask anymore and says he is “done with it”Posted: 04 Aug 2021 01:36 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) vented his frustrations against the directive given from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urging Americans — including those fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — to return to wearing masks as the so-called “Delta variant” spreads.According to Faithwire, Cox made clear Tuesday, though, he has no plans to require Utahns to start wearing masks all over again. The governor’s decision isn’t because he’s not concerned about the spread of COVID-19.Continue reading Utah Governor says he won’t be wearing a mask anymore and says he is “done with it” at End Time Headlines.
Actress Jennifer Aniston says she’s cut off those who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19Posted: 04 Aug 2021 01:12 PM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Actress Jennifer Aniston says she’s cut off people in her circle who have reportedly refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  In a recent InStyle interview, Aniston said that all people have a “moral and professional obligation” to announce whether they’ve been vaccinated.According to a report from DNYUZ, The 52-year-old “Friends” star also said she had no qualms about cutting off people who have not received the shot or have not been forthcoming about their vaccination status.Continue reading Actress Jennifer Aniston says she’s cut off those who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 at End Time Headlines.

Flu shot linked to less severe COVID-19 infections: Report — Conservative Review

Those people who got a flu shot ahead of the 2019-20 flu season were reportedly less likely to suffer from severe COVID-19 requiring emergency room services, according to ABC News, citing a new report from medical journal Plos One.

What are the details?

New research states that people who got a flu shot may be “less likely to suffer a severe COVID-19 infection down the road.”

Plos One’s research, which was published Wednesday, took into consideration medical records of more than 74,700 COVID-positive people across the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, German, Israel, and Singapore.

Researchers determined that those people who had previously received the influenza vaccine during the previous six months were “less likely to have had health complications related to their COVID-19 infection.”

Findings noted that those people who did not receive flu shots were up to 20% more likely to be admitted to the ICU, up to 58% more likely to visit the emergency room, up to 45% more likely to develop sepsis, up to 58% more likely to have a stroke, and 40% more likely to develop deep vein thrombosis when compared to those who had received an influenza vaccine.

The research, according to the outlet, corroborated the findings of several previous studies that found links between “better COVID-19 outcomes and flu shots.”

“That prior research similarly didn’t find the flu vaccine offered any protection against COVID-19 death,” the outlet added. “Importantly, the flu shot’s link to better COVID-19 outcomes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s protective against the novel coronavirus. While it’s possible that the flu shot boosts immunity, it’s also possible that people who opt to get the flu shot tend to be healthier overall than people who skip it, meaning they’re already at lower risk for COVID-19 complications.”

It remains unknown whether the flu shot — which changes annually — will have the same effect for the upcoming flu season.

In the research, study authors concluded, “Even patients who have already received SARS-CoV-2 vaccination may stand to benefit given that the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine does not convey complete immunity.”

Flu shot linked to less severe COVID-19 infections: Report — Conservative Review

Get Vax Quick Scheme? Covid’s Delta Variant May Require New Vaccines, Report Warns

Medical officials across the globe in countries with high vaccination rates including Britain, Israel, and the United States have reported a dramatic increase in so-called “breakthrough” coronavirus infections caused by its Delta variant.

Source: Get Vax Quick Scheme? Covid’s Delta Variant May Require New Vaccines, Report Warns

CNN’s Chris Cuomo will forever have a ‘credibility problem’ for role in brother’s scandal: Poynter Institute

CNN host Chris Cuomo’s role in the sexual harassment scandal plaguing his big brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has resulted in a “credibility problem” that only a time machine could fix, according to the Poynter Institute’s media watchdog.

Source: CNN’s Chris Cuomo will forever have a ‘credibility problem’ for role in brother’s scandal: Poynter Institute

Kerry family private jet has taken 16 flights this year alone, records show

The private jet belonging to climate czar John Kerry’s family has taken more than a dozen flights this year, according to records obtained from Flight Aware.

Source: Kerry family private jet has taken 16 flights this year alone, records show

The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives | Freedom’s Phoenix

Article ImageThe Great Reset: The Global Elite**Q**s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives
Written by Sam Jacobs  Subject: American History

The Great Reset is upon us…or at least the powers that be are trying to bring it out. What was once a fringe “conspiracy theory” is now on display plain as day for everyone to see. The economic, political, academic, and media elites around the world are leveraging the chaos, confusion, and restrictions on liberty from the COVID-19 lockdowns and using them to radically alter society around the world.

What will this change look like? The global elites want to create a society of renters who own nothing, while also pushing a social agenda that would be unpopular with the unwashed masses and difficult to implement in a society with a broad, ownership-based middle class. What this means is that you would rent not just your home, but also your phone, computer, car (though you probably will “carshare,” the term for renting a car when you need one for an extended period and summoning one when you need it for a ride), and even the pots and pans you cook with.

The flip side of this will be a radical transformation of the world economy. No longer will you have a job in the sense that it has traditionally been understood. Instead, you will work various and sundry “gigs,” all of which place you in a precarious position at any given time. You will receive a fee for services performed, with no benefits, paid time off, healthcare, or anything else that the middle class in the West has become accustomed to.

To facilitate the Great Reset, rural populations will have to be coerced into more concentrated population centers since dispersed populations have too high a “carbon footprint.” The suburbs will be a thing of the past as suburbs and exurbs become more like cities. Mixed-use housing, where you and 500 other people live in a mid-rise condo hive with shops and “workshare” spaces (the new version of an office – on your dime, not your employer’s) in the same area.

The short version is that it’s a total end to the American way of life, specifically the way of life of most of the Western middle class. The specifics, including the why, are a longer story that you’re going to want to read if you want to be ready to fight against the Great Reset.

What is the Great Reset?

Knowing what the Great Reset is can be difficult because official sources on the matter – World Economic Forum, the primary mover behind the Great Reset, and its affiliated organizations and individuals – cloak their aims in vague euphemisms like the main slogan for the Great Reset, “build back better.”

We have discussed in our articles on Cultural MarxismCritical Race Theory in public schools, and, George Soros how the enemies of freedom often use vague, non-specifically positive language for their projects. These are generally words that, when taken at face value, no one could possibly disagree with. Who would be against building back better?

These words mean something else and one should not accept at face value the idea that the Great Reset is simply “building back better” any more than one should accept at face value the claim that four out of five doctors smoke Camels.

So what is the Great Reset?

At its core, the Great Reset is an attempt to enforce socialism through private companies rather than only through the government. Think of it as “socialism with Amazon Prime characteristics.” That being said, the government will certainly play a role in the Great Reset by angling for higher taxes, which the wealthy will be able to avoid using armies of lawyers and accountants; adding additional bureaucratic red tape, which the wealthy will avoid using the same armies of lawyers, connections, and special carveouts; and growing big government social programs a la the New Deal, which will disproportionately benefit the wealthy and preferred underclass who will be weaponized against the broad middle class. An excellent example of a Great Reset program in the United States is the proposed Green New Deal, which we will discuss in greater detail later.

Here is a glimpses of how the Great Reset will look:

“Sharing Economy:” everything is rented and nothing is owned

Digital media: it will be easier to ban and suppress books and videos that run contrary to prevailing narratives

Social Media Restrictions: the de facto public square, will be restricted to those who tout the latest version of elite narratives.

de facto social credit system: those who deviate from the narrative will be financially blacklisted, including loss of their dubious “benefits” which will increasingly become necessary for ordinary life amd even survival

Centralization of Housing and Land: fewer and fewer Americans will own the property they live in and on

“Racial Equity”: some races will be more equal than others, with preferred groups becoming the recipients of generous benefit programs funded by the less preferred groups, who increasingly become tax slaves

Climate Change: protection of the environment will be used as an excuse to reduce the standard of living for the middle class, increase restrictions on freedom of movement, and even access to food

Ground-level goons will operate with impunity to attack enemies of the system in coordinated outbreaks of violence and intimidation

Concentrated Wealth: wealth will be concentrated in the hands of the regime and its allies which will be used as economic leverage to control political discourse and personal freedom

Is The Great Reset Real?

This might all sound a little far-fetched; however, unlike other alleged “conspiracy theories” which require a great amount of research to prove are true, the Great Reset is right out there in the open for everyone to see. The people pushing it brag about it, speak of it openly, craft propaganda campaigns around it, refer to it explicitly by name, and get publicly frustrated and angry when the “dog isn’t going to eat the dog food.”

A video of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the primary global elite institution pushing for the Great Reset, went viral. It is only about 40 seconds and well worth the time it takes to watch. You’ll see the Great Reset logo right behind Schwab in the same font as the World Economic Forum logo. Additionally, Schwab explicitly speaks of the Great Reset and his frustration with the COVID-19 pandemic in that it has not been as effective as he would like in pushing the Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab isn’t some random guy on Twitter or a blogger with a couple dozen readers, he is an extremely powerful man and head of one of the most important elite globalist organization in the world, the World Economic Forum.

The Great Reset is larger than a single 40-second viral clip. There’s an entire page about it on the World Economic Forum’s website, including a lot of vague language that doesn’t tell you much of what it actually. Time‘s website includes a rather massive cache of articles pushing the subject as unassailably good and beyond question or reproach. A video on the World Economic Forum’s YouTube channel is effectively a five-minute PSA of talking points on the subject.

Alarmingly, the BBC and others are running articles encouraging you not to believe your own lying eyes, insisting that this is a conspiracy theory not rooted in fact. Additionally, Wikipedia includes an entire section assuring you that the “conspiracy theory” of the Great Reset bears no relation to the pure, noble intentions of people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Tony Blair.

The Great Reset is clearly real, but how do the powers that be intend to force it on the world?

Grooming for a Police State

Whether one thinks that the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions were a good faith response to a public health emergency or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that it accustomed Americans and Westerners to significant restrictions on their freedoms, including freedom of movement. More than that, it showed those in power that people that if you created enough fear, Americans would tolerate the restrictions.

Thus, consciously or not, global elites were grooming the world population for a police state. Fortunately, there has been some pushback and vaccine passports are encountering stiff resistance from both elected officials and the general population at large. For most of 2020 and 2021, the most freedom loving people on earth – Americans – were walking around with dirty, useless masks on to comply with a government mandate. A mandate that after further scrutiny, made no sense. Americans even allowed their children to be subjected to this as a condition of attending school.

The COVID-19 lockdowns were not the first time that Americans were groomed for police state – TSA is the biggest example of this, however, we also see examples of this in our public schools with metal detectors and warrantless searches.

If nothing else, the elites learned that there is just about nothing that America and the world will not tolerate provided that you scare them enough.  The burning question now is how will Americans be scared into further erosions of their liberties?

The Sky Is Falling: Climate Austerity and the Great Reset

The most likely answer is through climate austerity. There have already been musings among the COVID-19 lockdown warriors that one of the best things about the lockdowns is that they significantly reduced carbon emissions, thus saving the planet during the period when people were locked down. The natural conclusion is that climate lockdowns are a viable solution to climate change.

Whether or not one believes that climate change exists and is caused by humans is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not the burden of fixing the planet – if such a thing is necessary and possible – ought to be borne by individual consumers and the common man. Perhaps not surprisingly, billionaire plutocrats like Bill Gates (a big booster of COVID-19 lockdowns and the Great Reset) think that it ought to be.

This is the real meaning of “we’re all in this together.” Does anyone honestly believe that Davos attendees like Bill Gates will be living in dense, mixed-use communities or eating cricket patties as their primary source of protein? Of course not. They will continue to live the affluent lifestyles that they currently live in while the rest of us suffer.

The idea that you and I ought to bear the burden of climate change is called “climate austerity.” It is the belief that the average man must tighten his belt and lower his standard of living in what might well be a totally Quixotic attempt to save the planet. It is a concept closely tied to the Great Reset and an example of how something other than another pandemic might be used to get Americans and the rest of the world to radically change their notion of what they’re “allowed” to do.

We should all recall back that poorly aged phrase “14 days to stop the spread.” How many times did the goalposts move? Where are we with that as you read this? First we were told that we needed to “flatten the curve.” Then there needed to be a vaccine. Then the vaccine wasn’t enough. The point is, that COVID-19 became a perpetual excuse for the elites to enact whatever “emergency” measures they wanted – all for your own safety, of course.

An integral part of climate austerity is the war on private transportationcommercial flights, and freedom of travel. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated a mileage tax and many measures advanced by the Green New Deal that would effectively ban private transportation, due to the high cost – again, you will be impacted by this but the elites will not. It seems that there is almost a weekly outrage against pickup trucks on Twitter.

The real reason for this is to control the free movement of people. The agenda here has nothing to do with stated goals and everything to do with locking you down, reducing your standard of living, abolishing your way of life, and subjecting every aspect of your life to control by powerful elites.

The Great Reset in Action: Blackrock Creates a Nation of Renters

BlackRock is a private equity firm that has been offering absurd prices for residential homes in the suburbs. They don’t plan to flip them and turn a profit. Rather, the plan is to buy homes at 50 percent above asking with the purpose of transforming these homes into rental properties. BlackRock’s acquisition of the suburbs is part of a larger issue that grew out of COVID-19, but is closely related to the Great Reset – the increased centralization of the American economy.

While isolated conservatives such as Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to defend the “free market” principles of venture capital speculating on the market using free money from the Federal Reserve (with full knowledge that they will be bailed out if things go south), most recognized BlackRock’s attempt to corner the housing market for what it is. It was a transparent move to transform America into a society of modern serfs. Renters who own nothing can be moved around at the whims of Big Money or financially blacklisted if they step out of line.

BlackRock is certainly villainous, but they represent a broader trend not just limited to the housing market, the concentration of wealth as a weapon. The Bernie Sanders left focuses on “wealth inequality,” which is simply a fact of life that cannot be done away with. “The poor,” Christ told us, “you will always have with you.” People having more than other people isn’t a social problem, but a few people owning everything is, because it is simply socialism (centralized control) by other means. It also dramatically reduces the number of people with skin in the game making the economic and social atmosphere extremely volatile.

One company, or a handful of them, who dominate the housing market are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Chief among these reasons is the ability to weaponize this control over housing against critics of the regime. Who needs the government to enact a social credit system when the national landlord has one? Of course, the usual dummies will defend this because it’s being done by a private corporation.

It is worth briefly noting that the eviction moratorium favors large landlords who can go months or years without an income over smaller ones, who cannot. The moratorium was enacted by the CDC, which apparently now has the authority to control rental properties in the United States.

The Great Reset in Action: Social Credit

The Great Reset is all in on “racial equity,” a term that appeared almost out of nowhere around the 2020 election and has been used unrelentingly since in the mainstream press as if it were a word everyone always used. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

“Equity” effectively means, not to lean quite too heavily on Orwell, that all races are equal but some races are more equal than others. This is a key goal of the Great Reset. The argument basically goes that the only way to address racial disparities in the United States is by extended special benefits and privileges to allegedly “oppressed” groups.

Because government benefit programs are a zero-sum game, these assistance programs, and special privileges will have to be paid for by someone else. For every dollar of benefit money doled out, a dollar of income is lost by someone else. For every job or university position reserved for a protected class, something is lost by someone else.

A key part of the push for “equity” is attacks on people who oppose it. Equity as an ideology is tied up with a bundle of other ideas pushed by Cultural Marxists and the extremely similar but unrelated phenomenon of George Soros “Open Society” types.

The important part, as far as we are concerned, is that concentrated wealth is better able to enforce the prevailing diktats of ideology. When small business evaporates, it is easier to enforce social programs using the private sector. Similarly, when ownership becomes increasingly concentrated, it is easier to enforce a de facto social credit system. The value system of corporate elites is well known.

Conservatives are already being denied bank accounts because of their beliefs, and the beliefs that warrant financial blacklisting are increasingly expanded. It is not too much to imagine that in the very near future, financial blacklisting and social ostracism, enforced by Big Tech and Big Finance, will come to include any critics of so-called racial equity or any other aspect of regime ideology.

In general, what you’re looking at is a system where there are far fewer poles of financial and social attraction, and that these few remaining poles are increasingly inseparable from the state. This is the essence of fascism in its definition not as anyone’s set of ideological or political principles, but as the system of governance where there is little to no daylight between the corporate sector and the administrative state.

Why the Great Reset?

We cannot speculate as to the internal motives of any man. What we can do is talk about the tangible effects that policies have here in the real world. The primary tangible effect of the Great Reset is an increased amount of power and wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, all of whom are hostile toward you, your values, and your way of life.

It might have been a happy accident that the greatest wealth transfer in human history happened during the COVID-19 lockdowns, or it might have been by design. Regardless, the upward wealth transfer happened. Success rarely satiates, rather it fuels a hunger for more success. We should see this wealth transfer as a prelude to an even larger wealth transfer that is forthcoming.

Additionally, the Western middle class sits on an enormous reserve of wealth in the form of homeownership and retirement funds. These are the white whales of the global elite. One would be a fool, given all of the evidence, to believe that they would stop at anything to acquire this massive reserve of wealth.

To the extent that it is possible, we must make ourselves more resilient. This means owning land, having your own well, a supply of food to weather the storm, adequate supplies of ammunition, useful skills, and close community bonds. It also means sounding the alarm bells about elite propaganda campaigns, legislative maneuvers, and bureaucratic fiats designed to destroy you.

Prepare to dig in for a long winter.

The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives originally appeared in The Resistance Library at Ammo.com.

Source: The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives

Psaki Comes Back With her Most Pathetic Excuse Ever on Biden’s Sexual Accusations | LifeZette

It’s pretty apparent at this point that Jen Psaki is really just going through the motions.

She doesn’t seem to be putting in any extra effort into cleaning up Biden’s messes and nowhere was that more apparent than in this clip from today’s presser where Psaki stated that Biden’s sexual assaults were “heavily litigated.”

No. They were not, lady.

Seriously, in what world is that true?

Biden’s accusers were swept under the rug so quick that not a speck of dust was left behind and anyone who thinks otherwise is completely delusional.

Watch the video:

From The New York Post

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday said that sexual harassment allegations against President Biden have been “heavily litigated” when pressed on whether Biden’s accusers deserve an independent investigation as was afforded to women who accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of harassment.

Biden has been accused of skinny-dipping in front of female Secret Service agents and his former Senate aide Tara Reade accused him of a 1993 sexual assault, The Post noted to Psaki at her daily press briefing. Many other women went to the New York Times and Washington Post during the 2020 campaign to say Biden’s unwanted touching upset them.

“Well first I would say, the president has been clear and outspoken about the importance of women being respected and having their voices heard and being allowed to tell their stories and people treating them with respect. That has long been his policy, continues to be his policy,” Psaki said.

She added: “That was heavily litigated during the campaign. I understand you’re eager to come back to it, but I don’t have anything further other than to repeat that he has called for the governor to resign.”

This has gotta be one of the most pathetic deflections yet from Psaki.

The goal surely was to deflect interest from Biden’s accusers, but if anything, it just shined a light even brighter on it.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

Source: Psaki Comes Back With her Most Pathetic Excuse Ever on Biden’s Sexual Accusations

Gov. Ron DeSantis savages Biden over COVID-19 finger-wagging: ‘I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you’ till you secure the borders, stop ‘importing’ coronavirus from around the world | Conservative Review

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Fla.) hit back at President Joe Biden’s administration after White House press secretary Jen Psaki criticized his response to the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic in the Florida Republican’s state.

What are the details?

During a Wednesday news conference, DeSantis demanded Biden do his job and secure the U.S. southern border before admonishing the Florida governor about the state’s rising coronavirus cases.

“Why don’t you do your job?” DeSantis demanded. “Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you.”

DeSantis continued, “This is a guy who ran for office saying he’s going to shut down the virus. And what has he done? He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border.”

Earlier this week, Psaki slammed DeSantis for what she and the Biden administration said was a failure in responding to the public health crisis in the predominantly Republican state.

DeSantis has been rather outspoken in his opposition to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest updated guidelines recommending universal masking in both schools and across high-transmission areas.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Psaki said of the rising cases in Florida and other areas of the southeast, “[I]f you aren’t going to help, if you aren’t going to abide by public health guidance, then get out of the way and let people do the right thing to lead in their communities, whether they are teachers, university leaders, or private sector leaders or others who are trying to save lives.”

She added, “Leaders are going to have to choose whether they’re going to follow public health guidelines or they’re going to follow politics.”

How did DeSantis respond?

In a statement on Psaki’s remarks, the DeSantis administration told Fox News:

She might want to brush up on the Constitution and learn more about the role of a state governor. As it turns out, freedom matters. Every day, nearly a thousand Americans relocate to Florida — mostly fleeing from the ever-changing, contradictory COVID restrictions pushed by federal bureaucrats on lockdown states. By contrast, Governor DeSantis keeps up with the latest research and makes data-driven decisions. If he had ‘gotten out of the way’ as Psaki suggested, and let the CDC run our state, many of those lives might have been lost — as we saw with the tragic situation in New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where the age-adjusted death rates are significantly higher than in Florida.

NOW – Florida’s Gov. DeSantis to Biden: “Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure? And until… https://t.co/cr8NRsdWwA

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Source: Gov. Ron DeSantis savages Biden over COVID-19 finger-wagging: ‘I don’t wanna hear a blip about COVID from you’ till you secure the borders, stop ‘importing’ coronavirus from around the world