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News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

Date:  August 6, 2021 
Host:  Jim Schneider 
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We could do a News Roundup every day and we still could not keep up with all of the news out there! Here is a sampling of the headlines from today’s program:

  • CDC discusses confinement, internment camps for those at high risk of China virus
  • CNN fires three unvaccinated employees
  • HCQ doctor sues CNN, Anderson Cooper for $100 million
  • Former Pfizer VP warns childbearing-age women: Do not accept these vaccines
  • Renowned German pathologist urges more autopsies of vaccinated people due to high rate of vaccine-related deaths
  • Things to know about Senate’s $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill
  • Democrats advance plot to allow illegal aliens to work in the U.S. Congress
  • Biden wants to cut funding for border security assets and infrastructure by 96%
  • Thousands of Covid-positive migrants have inundated just 1 Texas city
  • Kamala Harris: We can’t secure the border until we transform central America into a paradise
  • Omar proposes support act to send monthly checks to Americans
  • Biden announces executive order designed to make gas vehicles a relic of the past
  • Study: Democrats’ capital gains tax hike could cost more than 745,000 jobs
  • Bacon may disappear in California as pig welfare rules take effect
  • Biden, Pelosi and Schumer all call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign
  • Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse
  • China has stolen enough data to compile a dossier on every American
  • American Medical Association calls for sex to be removed from birth certificates
  • Government calls for national list of homeschooled children

“Prayer is the key,” stated several times on today’s Crosstalk.

Listen, share, and PRAY!

News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

CRN Headline News – August 2-7 — Christian Research Network

Need to read articles you may have missed this week…


Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

MIT Study: Vaccine Hesitancy Is ‘Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,’ and ‘Sophisticated’

Something Truly Remarkable is Unfolding in France, And It’s Starting to Feel a Little “King Louis-ish”

Ariz. AG Brnovich: Democrats And Far-Left Abused Election Law For Years 


BREAKING: CNN’s Chris Cuomo among Andrew Cuomo advisers who contributed to toxic harassment culture: AG report

Beware of Twisted Teachers

AP, Reuters Sign Deal To Help Twitter Decide What’s True

Another Partisan Stunt by the U.S. Capitol Police

Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about Delta strain


What Difference Does an Inerrant Bible Make?

Barack Obama Scales Back Lavish Birthday Bash as Joe Biden Fails to Contain Coronavirus Delta Variant

Megachurch Pastor (and Moody Bible Institute Trustee) Outlines what Reparations Look like: ‘Free Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Childcare for 100 Years’

Surprise! Jenna Ellis’ Replacement for Controversial ‘Christian’ Conference is Another Trinity Denier, Bringing Total to 4


The Progressives’ Callous Indifference to the Loss of Small Businesses

Hillsong Leader Brian Houston Officially Charged with Concealing Fathers Sex Abuse

Biden Admin Has Dropped Thousands of COVID+ Illegal Migrants Into Just One Texas Town


What the heck is going on in this country?

Exposed! ‘Apostle’ Kathryn Krick and ‘Exorcist’ Bob Larson Use Same Crisis Actor to Act ‘Demon-Possessed’

Why COVID-19 Vaccines Should Not Be Required for All Americans

The Progressives’ Callous Indifference to the Loss of Small Businesses


Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares?


CRN Headline News – August 2-7 — Christian Research Network

August 6 Evening Quotes of The Day

Grace Grows Unto the End
Ephesians 2:4–9; 2 Peter 3:18

It is in the nature of this grace to grow and increase unto the end. As rivers, the nearer they come unto the ocean where they tend, the more they increase their waters, and speed their streams; so will grace flow more freely and fully in its near approaches to the ocean of glory.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Pray for What Is Pleasing to God
Psalm 20:4; 21:2; Romans 8:26; 10:1

There is no better way to obtain the desires of our heart than to pray with all our might for that which is most pleasing unto God; for then He will grant us not only our salvation but also that which He sees most expedient for us, though we may never ask for it, and though it may have never entered into our hearts to do so.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Singing in the Pain (Part 2 of 2) | Truth For Life Daily Program

 When life isn’t going our way, we can question and complain, but that won’t guarantee any answers. So maybe it’s time to stop talking and start listening! Discover how silence can lead to a song on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.


Source: Singing in the Pain (Part 2 of 2)

Reward for the Righteous — VCY America

So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous: verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth. (Psalm 58:11)

God’s judgments in this life are not always clearly to be seen, for in many cases one event happeneth alike to all. This is the state of probation, not of punishment or reward. Yet at times God works terrible things in righteousness, and even the careless are compelled to own His hand.

Even in this life righteousness has that kind of reward which it prefers above all others, namely, the smile of God, which creates a quiet conscience. Sometimes other recompenses follow, for God will be in no man’s debt. But, at the same time, the chief reward of the righteous lies in the hereafter.

Meanwhile, on a large scale, we mark the presence of the great Ruler among the nations. He breaks in pieces oppressive thrones and punishes guilty peoples. No one can study the history of the rise and fall of empires without perceiving that there is a power which makes for righteousness and, in the end, brings iniquity before its bar and condemns it with unsparing justice. Sin shall not go unpunished, and goodness shall not remain unrewarded. The Judge of all the earth must do right. Therefore, let us fear before Him and no more dread the power of the wicked.

Reward for the Righteous — VCY America

Living in the Light — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light…and find out what pleases the Lord.” Ephesians 5:8,10

It is not easy for us as Christians to keep ourselves pure as we live for Christ. We are bombarded from every side with temptations to sin and compromise. Today, more than ever, we are assaulted by temptation and sin in TV, music, movies, and even games.

What a blessing then, that God gives us such excellent principles to live by that will protect our minds and hearts so that we can live as children of light.

We can Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds to keep our minds pure Matthew 22:37-38.

We can enjoy good relationships with others as well as harmony in our lives by loving our neighbors as ourselves Matthew 22:38.

We can renew our minds by ridding them of junk – anger, resentment, bitterness and grudges that grieve the Holy Spirit Ephesians 4:30-31.

Jesus said if we truly love Him, we will keep His words, and He and the Father will make their abode with us John 14:12.

What would it look like if you lived as a ‘child of the light’? How do you guard your heart against temptation and sin?

Lord God, help me to follow Your principles by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Keep me humble and walking as a joyful testimony to the exciting truth that You make children of light out of those who truly trust You as Savior. Amen

Action Step: Meditate on these scripture verses and ask God to show you how to live in the Light of Christ.

by Muriel Larson
Used by Permission

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Living in the Light — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Spiritual Cleaning — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” Matthew 6:33

I started spring cleaning late again. Our family possessions grew and occupied more and more valuable space. Boxes and bags, filled with items for donation, dotted the upstairs bedrooms. And in just about every cabinet I opened, I found stacks of books and magazines I never planned to read.

The clutter clued me in that I had grown too attached to the things of the world. All the extra stuff lying around the house not only occupied physical space, but the possessions also intruded my spiritual place of tranquility and order where I spend time in prayer.

In Matthew 6, Jesus cautions against an excessive attachment to things of the world. He instructs his followers to seek first the Kingdom of God, trusting in him to supply all our needs. God feeds the birds, brings forth a harvest, and takes care of every aspect of his created world, especially in the care of his human creatures.

Jesus wants us to put the things of the Spirit first and release our hold on things that have no lasting value. Are we putting too much of our time, treasure, and energy into the things that clutter up our spiritual lives and have no value in the end?

To help restore the order and peace we disregarded, let us get rid of the boxes and bags cluttering up our rooms, closets, and hearts. Provide space for God to bring in his spiritual things — the things that give us real meaning and order in our lives.

Lord, give me the grace to seek your Kingdom first, trusting you completely so that I no longer cling to possessions. I want to experience the peace you promised, which comes from loving the spiritual things you offer me. Amen.

Take a survey of what is cluttering your heart. Ask the Lord to strengthen you so that you can let go of these hindrances to seeking his Kingdom.

By Doug Lim
Used by Permission

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Spiritual Cleaning — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

August 6 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Faith Is to Prayer as Feather Is to Arrow
Mark 11:24; Luke 18:1; 1 Timothy 2:8

Faith is to prayer what the feather is to the arrow: without it prayer will not hit the mark.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Place Trust in God, Not People
Psalm 20:7; 41:9–13; Proverbs 3:5; 29:25; Micah 7:5; Matthew 10:17; 2 Timothy 4:10, 14

Do not place much confidence in weak and mortal man, helpful and friendly though he be; and do not grieve too much if he sometimes opposes and contradicts you. Those who are with us today may be against us tomorrow, and vice versa, for men change with the wind. Place all your trust in God; let Him be your fear and your love. He will answer for you; He will do what is best for you.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

How Can We Help People Who Don’t Trust the Reliability of the New Testament? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

What can we do to help non-believers examine the truth about the Bible and the claims of the Gospel authors? What should we say when people reject the authority of scripture? How can we help people take a detective’s perspective? J. Warner Wallace answers these questions in a Q and A with Craig Etheredge at First Colleyville Church in Colleyville, Texas.

For more information about the impact Jesus and His followers had on science, read Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible. This unique and innovative book makes a case for the historicity and Deity of Jesus from history alone, without relying on the New Testament manuscripts. It contains over 400 illustrations and is accompanied by a ten-session Person of Interest DVD Set (and Investigator’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

How Can We Help People Who Don’t Trust the Reliability of the New Testament? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Mid-Day Snapshot · Aug. 6, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground that ‘all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people.’ To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, not longer susceptible of any definition.” —Thomas Jefferson (1791)

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Vaccine Passports by Any Other Name…

Democrats and big companies are increasingly using the “stick” approach to vaccination.

Nate Jackson

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That’s a choice that is increasingly being taken away from American citizens by the totalitarians who have found the coronavirus pandemic to be extremely handy for acquiring and exercising power.

On Monday, Mark Alexander covered the efforts and trial balloons coming from President Joe Biden and his handlers to mandate vaccination and masking. If masks work, why get vaccinated? If vaccines work, why mask up? The only answer leftists give to those questions: Shut up!

News broke yesterday that the Biden administration seems to have concluded that the “carrot” approach to its vaccination push isn’t working. Team Biden is now reportedly considering using the “stick” of withholding federal funds in order to get more Americans vaccinated. That could mean blocking money from reaching entities ranging from universities to cruise lines to nursing homes. Even The Washington Post admits this “would amount to a dramatic escalation” in the vaccination push.

Ya think?

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democrats spent 2020 telling Americans not to trust the vaccines, politicizing the issue in order to defeat Donald Trump. As soon as he did defeat Trump, Biden claimed credit for those same vaccines and ramped up the push to get shots in arms. It began with kindly advice but quickly became haranguing and browbeating. It’s no wonder it may soon devolve into coercion.

Which will convince exactly no one to get vaccinated.

Never mind that, though. Leftists always know better than you do. “If you look through history, there are presidents who — even in the absence of legal authority — influence people, you might say,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, a medical bioethicist at the University of Pennsylvania. “We keep referring to this COVID thing like it’s an emergency and then we don’t behave like it’s a wartime emergency.” If Emanuel’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he was one of the architects of ObamaCare, another thing built in the absence of legal authority. He’s also the guy who once argued that life after 75 pretty much isn’t worth living. But sure, take his advice on vaccination.

Biden has already ordered that federal contractors must be vaccinated or mask up (and they could face a five-year prison sentence for lying), and he’s got the Pentagon considering the same thing. Furthermore, Biden may implement a requirement that all foreign nationals traveling to the U.S. be fully vaccinated — well, at least those coming legally.

How is that not racist and xenophobic? (That’s the accusation Biden threw at Trump when it came to travel restrictions in the early stages of the pandemic.)

Meanwhile, the list of major corporations and other entitles requiring employees to get vaccinated is growing by the day. To varying degrees, and just to name a few, that list includes the NFL, Facebook, Google, Disney, Walmart, Netflix, United Airlines, Tyson, and CNN.

Some city and state governments are likewise cracking down, or encouraging businesses to do so. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has other things to worry about, but on Monday he pushed private businesses to “go to vaccine-only admission.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, Hold my beer. On Tuesday, he announced a mandate that all indoor venues in the city must require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry. “If you want to participate in our society fully,” de Blasio said, “you’ve got to get vaccinated.”

One might ask the Democrat mayor why he won’t allow 69% of blacks in his city to “participate in our society fully.” Or why he’s treating 58% of Hispanics as second-class citizens. Isn’t that racist?

Once again, we come back to the unmistakable truth that leftist bullies are using COVID as an opportunity to consolidate power that they did not or should not have. It’s for your own good, of course.

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Biden Demands Consumers Buy 50% EV by 2030

And lawmakers seek to implement a tax on vehicle milage traveled in the infrastructure bill.

Thomas Gallatin

Democrats will tell you what to buy, when to buy it, and they’ll tax you while you’re at it.

Deep within the 2,700 pages of the bipartisan “infrastructure” deal a group of 20 senators rolled out on Monday is the creation of a program aimed at eventually taxing Americans for every mile they drive. The concept known as the vehicle milage traveled (VMT) tax is not new, but it has recently gained traction as lawmakers seek new revenue sources for funding their massive $1.1 trillion plan.

Back in March, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg acknowledged the Biden administration’s interest in exploring implementing some form of a VMT to help fund infrastructure. “When you think about infrastructure, it’s a classic example of the kind of investment that has a return on that investment,” Buttigieg asserted. “A so-called vehicle-miles-traveled tax or milage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it.”

The system of a federal gas tax intended to fund the Highway Trust Fund has fallen short of generating enough revenue, lawmakers claim, hence the desire to find another means of milking hardworking Americans. Never mind the fact that this massive “infrastructure” bill allocates $550 billion in new transportation spending even as the national debt has ballooned to a whopping $28 trillion. No tax will ever be enough for these spendthrifts.

However, beyond a potential national VMT on top of the current gas tax (of course they won’t end that revenue stream), there are concerns regarding Americans’ privacy rights. In order for a VMT to work, an elaborate tracking system would need to be developed — one that would essentially track everywhere Americans go. This has Fourth Amendment violations written all over it.

But why are lawmakers pushing a VMT? Well, Biden’s latest executive order may provide some of the answer. On Thursday, Biden issued an order setting 2030 as the target date for 50% of all new vehicles sold to be electric or carbon free. If, as Biden desires, 50% of new cars sold by 2030 are electric, then that represents a huge cut in gas tax revenue. The solution: tax vehicle milage.

The constitutional problems, meanwhile, are numerous. “If you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator,” Biden said in October. So much for that. Why wait for Congress when there’s a power grab to be made?

This is yet another case of the federal government abusing the Constitution’s Commerce Clause, seeking to direct and limit Americans’ purchasing freedom. Furthermore, it is a rejection of the concept of free market enterprise and its superior ability at technological innovation. When consumers are free to choose what they buy, they buy what works best for them, which may not be what those in positions of power would want. But that’s how a truly free society and free market economy operates.

What Biden will do is manipulate the market, in part by engaging in crony capitalism to prop up big businesses that have already heavily invested in EV technology. His order will ensure the purchase of their products while also limiting outside competition from startups.

Lost in all the feel-good high-fives over electric cars is the fact that our nation’s electrical grid cannot handle millions of additional electric vehicles without major overhauling and upgrading. Thus, as usual, the government’s “solution” to one problem will create another (big) one.

To be clear, the development of EV technology is not ultimately the problem, though EVs are not as clean as ecofascists would have you believe and there are hurdles to overcome. Rather, the problem is the government manipulating the market and mandating consumer choices. Technological innovation develops most efficiently when driven by free market forces, not government fiats.

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Cori Bush Hates Cops but Loves Security

The St. Louis Democrat doubles down on her “defund the police” lunacy.

Douglas Andrews

It must be nice to be able to afford $70,000 on private security for oneself, while at the same time denying basic security to poor folks in crime-ridden neighborhoods who don’t have a spare 70 grand lying around.

Who would do such a thing? Cori Bush, that’s who.

Bush, the freshman Missouri Democrat congresswoman and ardent Black Lives Matter apologist, embodies all that’s wrong with our elected class. Let ‘em eat cake, she seems to be saying to her St. Louis constituents, few of whom can afford to hire a private security firm, but all of whom live in one of the most murderous cities in the nation. Whether unwitting or uncaring, Bush has doubled down on her demands for defunding the police while at the same time ensuring that she herself doesn’t have to deal with the awful blowback of her idiotic anti-cop policies.

How do we know that defunding the police is an idiotic policy? Because even Bush’s fellow Democrats have been tripping over themselves to run away from it.

Try as they might, though, they won’t be able to shake last summer’s self-inflicted wound from the George Floyd riots, when one Democrat after another got caught up in the “defund” hysteria.

Here’s what Bush said:

I’m going to make sure I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life and I have too much work to do there, too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. So, if I end up spending $200,000, if I spend 10 more dollars on it — you know what? I get to be here to do the work. So suck it up. And defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets.“

“I can’t stress enough how insulting it is to the families who’ve lost loved ones and kids to the rise of violent crime here in Missouri,” said the state’s attorney general, Eric Schmitt, who also noted that Bush’s St. Louis district saw a 50-year high in homicides in 2020.

In short, Bush conducted a master class in electoral alienation. And she did so with maximum efficiency. As National Review’s Rich Lowry quipped, “How to combine out-of-touch high handedness with a commitment to a outlandishly radical and unpopular policy position in one 30-second clip — very impressive.”

No less a leftist organ than CNN understands how toxic Bush’s position is. “There is no issue better for Republicans in swing districts (and worse for Democrats in swing districts) than the idea that Democrats in Washington want to defund the police,” CNN regretfully reports.

The numbers bear this out. A USA Today/Ipsos poll conducted in late June and early July showed that just over one in five Americans support defunding the police, while 77% oppose it.

But if you ask Bush about all the hullaballoo, she’ll say that “a white supremacist, racist narrative” is trying to stifle her. Uh-huh.

Shut up, Bush’s fellow Democrats must wish they could explain to her. But such is the life of a privileged Beltway politician who’s utterly out of touch with the American people.

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Why Black and White Relations Hit a New Low

The division we’re seeing is driven by Democrats and their Leftmedia mouthpieces.

Brian Mark Weber

On a daily basis, we’re told that race relations are worse than ever.

But in the real world outside of the media bubble, millions of black and white Americans work, play, study, worship, and live together in peace. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues or problems to be resolved, but today’s media have created an alternate universe that doesn’t reflect reality.

Indeed, in that alternate universe, it sure does feel like something is wrong. And that’s thanks entirely to the divisive efforts of Democrats and their media mouthpieces. Given the 24/7 propaganda, it’s no wonder we’ve seen a shift in the way everyone perceives race in America.

A recent Gallup poll, for example, reveals that as recently as 2013, 70% of U.S. adults viewed race relations in a positive light. Today, that number is only 42%.

No, America hasn’t become more “systemically racist” in the past eight years. We’ve just been led to believe it. The division plays right into the hands of the Marxist Democrats who benefit from a nation in chaos, even if the chaos also hurts people of color in the process (as it almost always does.)

It’s shameful that some of our fellow citizens seek to tear apart the fabric we’ve worked so hard to mend throughout our history. But like anything else that comes from radical leftists, it’s not that hard to figure out their long-term objective.

Leftist race-baiter B. Duncan Moench penned an article, titled “Americans Hate Each Other,” in which he concluded that the only answer to this problem is to dissolve the United States and “start an American Union that works more like its European counterpart.”

As they say, the devil lies in the details.

Moench doesn’t think we’re smart enough to see that the breakdown of our society and institutions is the objective of the radical leftists champing at the bit to take power when it all comes tumbling down. As the inimitable Thomas Sowell wrote a few years back: “Mob rule is not democracy. It threatens democracy, as it threatens lives — black or white.”

Race hustlers like Ibrim X. Kendi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Bernie Sanders hope America dissolves so they can create a new world built on Marxist lies. And let’s not forget that it was Barack Obama who promised a post-racial America only to spout identity politics from the White House.

But this is about much more than dividing us along racial lines; it’s about a broader effort to turn America against its history, institutions, and traditions. Americans are now taught to hate those things and seek their remaking, revising, or outright destruction.

The poll isn’t surprising. For too long we’ve been told America is a country built on lies and designed to oppress anyone who isn’t white. Every instance of real racism is exaggerated, while progress is swept under the rug by journalists and politicians.

As Sowell biographer and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason R. Riley writes: “The political left has a stake in overstating both the existence and effects of racism so that it can advocate for more and bigger programs to combat it. And the media has long been willing to do the left’s ideological bidding. Social media allows for wide publicity of statistically rare incidents.’”

Consequently, the media have the power to frame opinions and conversations and influence the way we think and interact with one another. But we can’t afford to let them divide us any longer.

We’re truly at a crossroads. Americans can either let the powerful media and political elites convince us that we hate each other, or we can ignore them and continue the progress we’ve made toward building a colorblind society.

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USMC Lowers Standards for Race and Gender ‘Equity’

Reducing training requirements for Marines is an egregious and dangerous error.

Lee Crockett

In an era of an unprecedented susceptibility of Department of Defense (DOD) leadership to the whims of socialism’s drive for race and gender-based “equity,” the United States Marine Corps’ senior leaders have proven themselves no less susceptible than the rest.

Driven by a self-mandated “Diversity Accession” mission to contract a specific quantity of black, Hispanic, and “Other” officers per annum, the Marine Corps generated 231%, 213%, and 205% increases in the rate of new ethnically diverse second lieutenants (2ndLts) in 2020 than it did 10 years prior for those three ethnic subsets, respectively. Driven by a late Obama-era push for an increase in female officers in combat arms, the Marine Corps has also generated a 161% increase in the annual rate of new female 2ndLts since the Obama administration issued that mandate in 2015.

As one might expect, the rate of white male new 2ndLts has dropped from approximately 60.5% of all new 2ndLts in 2016 to approximately 55.8% in 2021. If one assumes no change in the relative total quality of each new 2ndLt from 2016 to 2021, then that assumes 4.7% of the new 2ndLts in 2016 would not have had a chance to become 2ndLts in 2021 in the name of “diversity.”

Clearly, the Marine Corps’ “Diversity Accession” mission comes at the expense of and discrimination against qualified white males seeking an opportunity to lead Marines and serve their country.

There are obviously outlying factors that contribute to these figures, such as propensity to join among each “diverse” community, selection rates on the Corps’ officer selection boards, and attrition rates at entry-level training. But if standards remain the same at entry-level training, then one would assume the Marine Corps’ newest leaders are still of the same high caliber as they have been in years past, regardless of race or gender.

Shockingly, however, leaders at the Marine Corps’ entry-level officer training institutions want even more diversity, and they are lowering training standards across the board in order to achieve it.

Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS), the first point at which the Corps can weed out the bad apples from among its officer candidates, has dramatically reduced physical fitness standards for graduation. The course used to include three mandatory forced marches under load, and any candidate who failed to complete those hikes would not be permitted to graduate. The commanding officer recently eliminated the longest hike from the course and removed hike completion from the list of graduation requirements. The Obstacle Course, a hallmark of every Marine Officer’s training and once a right of passage for all Marine officers, is no longer a graduation requirement. Neither is the grueling Endurance Course, which begins with the Obstacle Course followed by a three-mile run. OCS leaders indicated that they made the change in 2020 in order to cater to shorter candidates (i.e., female candidates) who may have a harder time getting over tall obstacles. (Ask any female Marine Officer, who undoubtedly beat the Obstacle Course just like any other Marine Officer, what she thinks about the Marine Corps telling her she needs extra help. I doubt she’ll be grateful.)

That means an officer candidate could fail both hikes, fail the Obstacle Course, fail the Endurance Course, and still become a Marine Officer.

New 2ndLts then attend the Basic Officer Course (BOC) at The Basic School (TBS), whose mission is to “Train and educate newly commissioned officers in the high standards of professional knowledge, espirit-de-corps, and leadership to prepare them for duty … with particular emphasis on the duties, responsibilities, and warfighting skills required of a rifle platoon commander.” The school is unique among the other branches of service in that it is a requirement for all officers, regardless of their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Evidently, however, the “high standards” spoken of in the school’s mission are too high for some. TBS removed the requirement for students to complete the Obstacle Course (the same one that OCS no longer requires to graduate) unassisted in order to graduate, as students under 5’6″ (read: females) can now receive assistance to complete the course.

Apparently, having the will to get over a wall, fence, or obstacle in combat without allowing your height to limit you from succeeding is no longer a skill required of a rifle platoon commander. Ask any rifle platoon commander what he or she thinks of that — don’t be surprised when you get hit in the face.

Army Major General John Evans recently said, “We’re trying to encourage our female officers and our officers that are ethnically diverse to choose combat arms branches to provide greater opportunities for them in the long term.” His words, no doubt, demonstrate the Army’s attempt to create more female and ethnically diverse general officers later on down the line. The Marine Corps evidently intends to accomplish the same, only not by “encouraging” its females and ethnically diverse officers to join combat arms, but instead by forcing them to do so. The commanding officer of TBS was recently proscribed diversity quotas for combat arms when assigning an MOS to graduates of the BOC. In other words, females or ethnically diverse officers who have zero desire to become a Combat Arms Officer can now be forced into those career fields based solely upon their gender or the color of their skin.

Pause for effect.

Depressing and utterly unacceptable as these changes are, they pale in comparison to the coup de gras of the Marine Corps’ mediocrity: In an effort to achieve more diversity in the Infantry Officer MOS, which eventually yields more generals in the Corps than any other MOS, TBS has dramatically relaxed graduation standards for the Corps’ infamous Infantry Officer Course (IOC). IOC is designed to forge stoic, hardened, tactically proficient infantry officers with an indomitable will through the rigors of some of the most mentally and physically demanding training in the DOD. That training includes numerous timed hikes under upwards of 150+ pounds of load over distances up to 10 miles in order to emulate the environment in which an Infantry Unit must operate in combat.

Apparently, that training is too hard for the DOD to achieve its diversity quota.

The commanding officer has removed the requirement for students at IOC to pass all of the hikes in order to graduate. Additionally, whereas the course director (a Marine Corps major) used to retain the right to dismiss a student from training for failure, the commanding officer of TBS (a Marine Corps colonel in line for promotion to brigadier general) now retains that right solely. That means a student could fail every single hike at IOC, receive a recommendation to be dismissed from the course by every instructor at the course, and still be forced to graduate by the TBS CO (who you’ll recall has been instructed to reach female and diversity quotas in Combat Arms MOS).

Though none of these figures or information are classified, the Marine Corps has kept them under wraps. Many Marine officers who are reading this are likely hearing it for the first time, and any enlisted Marines reading it should wonder why the Corps is deliberately lowering the standards of physical and mental toughness (once the Marine Corps’ hallmarks) for its leaders.

As taxpayers, all Americans should ask these questions: Are these decisions making the Marine Corps better? Is the Corps more lethal now? Are its junior officers in its most critical occupational specialties better leaders because of these lower standards? And can we trust the commanding officers of these schools, who deliberately lowered standards for the sake of race and gender, to make ethical, righteous, hard decisions in the future?

Those answers are all clearly “no.” Reducing training requirements for Marines is an egregious and dangerous error.

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The High Cost of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tuition continues skyrocketing at institutions of higher learning as the cost of leftist indoctrination grows.

Thomas Gallatin

The recent infiltration of Critical Race Theory into nearly every aspect of life may appear to have exploded into mainstream culture out of nowhere, but the reality is that CRT has been an ideological cancer metastasizing within the halls of American higher education for several decades.

Unlike cancer, however, CRT’s spread throughout higher education has been anything but organic. Rather, it owes its existence to an active and aggressive effort to spread Marxist ideology via the deceptively named “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) programs on college campuses.

Under the guise of concerns for ensuring fairness and equality, these DEI programs have expanded both within and across America’s universities to the point where DEI program staff outnumber history professors (if not other departments as well) at most institutions.

In a recently released report by The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy, Jay Greene found that on a typical college campus there were “1.4 times as many DEI personnel as tenured or tenure-track history professors.” Furthermore, “The average university has 45.1 people tasked with promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.” The University of Michigan has 163 staff directly tied to the school’s DEI program.

What an organization values is evident by where the money and resources are spent. In the case of America’s institutions of higher learning, it’s clear that DEI programs hold high priority. As Greene’s report notes, “DEI staff listed by universities totaled 4.2 times the number of staff who assist students with disabilities in receiving reasonable accommodations, as required by law.” Furthermore, “The average university had 3.4 people working to promote DEI for every 100 tenured or tenure-track faculty members.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently noted that the ballooning cost of education is tied to what he called the racket of the federal government nationalizing and subsidizing unlimited student loans, because schools then jack up tuition and other prices. “It has resulted in universities, people on staff and administration getting paid six-figure sums not to teach … but to engage in administration,” Cruz asserted. “Take the University of Michigan. … An in-state student can expect to spend $130,000 during four years … [while] an out-of-state student can expect to spend $300,000. … Why is it so expensive? Well, I’ll tell you; there’s massive overhead. For example, Michigan has 163 diversity and inclusion employees, whose job it is to be administrative overhead. To put that in perspective, [UM] has 2.3 diversity and inclusion officers for every one member of the history faculty. Our universities don’t teach anymore. They are instead paid sinecures for people who go and work for the government — and by the way, they have become some of the biggest donors to Democrats. … And what Democrats are now proposing to benefit universities and keep jacking up costs is to transfer money from working men and women. The top 25% of households with incomes above $173,000 hold 34% of outstanding student loan debt and yet Democrats are proposing a massive wealth transfer away from working men and women.”

Yet the number of DEI staff in America’s schools only tells part of the story, as demonstrated by the outsized ideological impact they have upon the entirety of campus culture and all fields of academic study. Campuses are, after all, full of professionals of all stripes who spend an inordinate amount of time advancing not education but leftist indoctrination.

The result of these DEI programs is ironically exactly the opposite of what the title implies. It’s similar to how the advocates of CRT’s “anti-racism” dogma promote actual racism and racial division. DEI programs seek to recruit and indoctrinate revolutionary activists who in turn take and spread their “woke” ideology across the rest of country. Yesterday’s “diversity” trained student is today’s woke corporate CEO.

The ultimate cost of these DEI programs may not be measured in monetary terms but in social decay, as evidenced by growing divisions, tribalism, and hatred expressed toward the one nation whose hallmark has been promoting freedom and individual rights. Ideas that have literally changed the world for the better are the ones most under assault.

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On the Web


Jordan Candler

Government & Politics

  • Funding for Biden’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” plan comes up hundreds of billions short (Washington Times)
  • “No turning back” from electric vehicles, Biden says while signing executive order on carbon-free automobiles (Washington Examiner)

National Security

  • “We know MS-13 is still trying to sneak into the country. They’re just more successful now”: MS-13 arrests plummet amid border surge (Washington Times)
  • Hong Kong residents granted deportation amnesty to protect them from Chinese crackdown (Washington Times)

Annals of the “Social Justice” Caliphate

  • We’re shocked — shocked! Female prisoner pregnant after California allows biological men to be housed with women under new trans policy (PM)
  • Virginia school shares “Woke Kindergarten” video: “I feel safe when there are no police” (Fox News)

Annals of Integrity

  • Taking a stand: U.S. soccer star Carli Lloyd opts not to join teammates in pre-match kneeling (Fox News)

Other Notables

  • Payrolls increase 943,000 in July as unemployment rate slides to 5.4% (CNBC)
  • 12.5 million-member AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka dies at 72 (National Review)
  • Moderna says its COVID-19 shot 93% effective six months after second dose (Reuters) | CNN terminates three employees who came to office unvaccinated (The Hill)
  • What could possibly go wrong? Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse (AP)
  • Iran’s hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi sworn in as president (CNBC)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Getting a better return on education: The right incentives can encourage colleges to help low-income students succeed (City Journal)
  • Satire: Biden calls on Cuomo to resign: “Leave some women for the rest of us” (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “In short, is not liberty the freedom of every person to make full use of his faculties, so long as he does not harm other persons while doing so? Is not liberty the destruction of all despotism — including, of course, legal despotism? Finally, is not liberty the restricting of the law only to its rational sphere of organizing the right of the individual to lawful self-defense; of punishing injustice?” —Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

Upright: “You cannot be the leader of the free world if you want to appease socialism and communism.” —House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

For the record: “Today, China is already carrying out the biggest illegal wealth transfer from one nation to another in the history of mankind. Today, the Chinese Communist Party has more control over what Americans can say, what we can hear, what we can read, what we can watch, than any foreign government has ever had in our history. And they have weaponized our openness, they have weaponized our decency, and they have weaponized a corporate lust for profits against us. And if we don’t wake up, and we don’t address this now, the America our children are going to inherit very soon could very well be one where the sanctimonious preachings of a genocidal communist tyranny will be the only thing that Americans will be allowed to hear or say about China.” —Senator Marco Rubio

Pretty much: “Joe Biden is the Olympic badminton competition after a WWE match; he’s elevator music after a heavy-metal concert; he’s the sparkler after a fireworks display.” —Rich Lowry on Biden post-Donald Trump

Friendly fire: “Putting your hand up a woman’s shirt and touching their breast is not generational. … Talking to 20-something-year-old women, asking them if they’d date an older guy and then leering at them — this is not acceptable behavior.” —NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo

Why would you think that? “I thought maybe [Andrew Cuomo] would have … a conscience and step down.” —Democrat Congresswoman Kathleen Rice

Non sequitur: “The president has been clear and outspoken about the importance of women being respected and having their voices heard and being allowed to tell their stories and people treating them with respect.” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Handsy Joe Biden

Non compos mentis I: “VACCINE MANDATES and PASSPORTS protect our public health. Glad to see them sweeping the nation. VOTING RIGHTS protect our democratic health. Hope to see that getting the same action.” —Dan Rather

Non compos mentis II: “As long as we’re banning masks in schools, let’s ban helmets in football and paint without lead.” —Dan Rather

D’oh! “Let me clarify the masking message that I garbled… Vaccinated parents who live in communities with high COVID transmission rates should mask when out in public indoor settings to minimize risks to their unvaccinated kids. No need to mask at home.” —NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins

Huh? “I actually define racism as a powerful collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity, and are substantiated by racist ideas.” —Ibram X. Kendi (Racism is racism that leads to racism substantiated by racism. Got it.)

And last… “Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you.” —Florida Governor Ron DeSantis telling Joe Biden to zip it

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

6 Aug 2021 News Briefing


Hope From The Global Church As American Christianity Declines
An important factor to remember is that although America has been the leader of the Christian world for much of the last century, Christianity does not stand or fall with America. When we look at the wider global picture, Christianity is more than alive and well. In fact, it is growing at an unprecedented rate. Consider the continent of Africa, which is poised to become the leader of world Christianity. According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, the number of Christians in Africa is increasing at a rate of 2.81 percent per year. That may not sound like much, but the compounding effect is huge. In 1900, there were about 9.5 million Christians in Africa; by 1970, that had risen to over 140 million. Today, the number is nearly 685 million, over twice the population of the United States.

Teachers participate in training that compares suspension to slavery
Educators from across the state are gathering for a training this week with Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, a controversial equity consultant with a history of promoting theories like “Christian privilege.” He also appears to work for a group founded by a prominent anti-Semite. He’s also listed as a senior fellow at the Yaqeen Institute, an Islamic think tank founded by Dr. Omar Suleiman, who once described Zionists as “the enemies of God,” compared Israel to Nazis, and denounced “apartheid Israel” as terrorists. Educators from Robbinsdale, Columbia Heights, Edina, Richfield, Roseville, St. Louis Park, and West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan Area Schools are currently participating in a training program with Khalifa,

Race-based aborted baby-parts operations reminiscent of Kermit Gosnell scandal
the University of Pittsburgh have been getting … slammed in recent days, with accusations it assembled a tissue bank holding hearts, legs and brains from unborn babies who were cut up and stored. But one of the more horrific accusations has now come from the Centers for Medical Progress, which charged that the organs are removed from the unborn babies’ bodies before they are dead. Pitt is now admitting to news media that the aborted babies are still alive at the time their kidneys are cut out for NIH grant money. Planned Parenthood abortion providers responsible for its ‘research’ abortions are allowing babies, some of the age of viability, to be delivered alive, and then killing them by cutting their kidneys out.”

Biden ATF nominee appeared on Communist Chinese state TV to promote gun control
Video resurfaced this week of David Chipman — President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) — appearing on Chinese state-run television in 2012 to promote gun control efforts, which China may have used to aid its anti-U.S. propaganda efforts.

China is secretly getting people in the US to spy for them and they don’t even know it, says fmr. top US spy-catcher
China employs “nontraditional collectors” of information either living or working in the U.S. who will end up “unwittingly working for the Communist Party” and passing along sensitive information to the Chinese government. “Nontraditional collectors,” are “either wittingly or unwittingly working for the Communist Party of China” and “don’t know they’re lobbyists and don’t know they’re here registering as a foreign agent. Most likely they’re not and oftentimes they conduct high-level research at a ceramics lab or an institute and then get a phone call one day by someone back home. They don’t know that they are an agent of a foreign power and they don’t know that they are a lobbyist.” of the approximately 328,000 Chinese students studying in the U.S., all of them are “forced to have Chinese phones with WeChat so the Chinese can monitor them here.

China threatens US after Biden approves his 1st US arms sale to Taiwan
On Wednesday, the U.S. announced its approval for the first arms sale to Taiwan … which would include 40 new mobile artillery vehicles for the island. China responded with threats of “counter-measures” against the U.S.

Air Force A-10s land on, take off from highway in Michigan
An A-10 Warthog belonging to the Michigan Air National Guard landed and then took off from a highway in west Alpena, Michigan on Thursday, marking what is believed to be the first time in history that modern U.S. Air Force aircraft intentionally landed on a civilian roadway on U.S. soil. it’s also a first in the nation, as this is the first time that modern combat aircraft have landed on U.S. soil, on a highway.”

Historic Delegation of Iranians Bring Vision of Peace to Israel
One of the goals of this delegation is to let people know about the so-called Cyrus Accords. “Cyrus Accords, a peace deal between Israel and a future free democratic Iran is possible as well,” said Len Khodorkovsky, a former senior advisor to the US special representative for Iran. These accords are named after the Persian king, who allowed the Jews to rebuild the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Israel says ‘ready to attack Iran; take action now’ after Israeli ship attacked
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Thursday that Israel is ready to attack Iran” and called on other nations to take action with Israel. Gantz told Israel’s Ynet, “We are at a point where we need to take military action against Iran. The world needs to take action against Iran now.”

PA leaders continue to deny existence of Jewish Temples
Tisha B’Av is a Jewish day of mourning commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem (586 BCE and 70 CE) and the forced exile of most of the Jewish people from the land of Israel. On and around Tisha B’Av this year, (July 18), PA leaders and officials were busy yet again denying that those temples ever existed, despite countless of written sources, archaeological finds, and historical evidence documenting their existence.

Rockefeller Brothers backed organization linked to anti-Israel ‘intifada rally’ in Brooklyn
The anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) supported a pro-Palestinian rally in Brooklyn, N.Y., over the weekend where hundreds of protestors glorified uprisings against Israel. JVP is backed in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund according to data from NGO Monitor.

Right after attacking Israel, Biden vows to give $100 Million to Hezbollah
Right after Lebanon’s ruling party Hezbollah attacked Israel with missiles on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said that Washington will pledge close to $100 million in additional “humanitarian aid” to Lebanon reports Reuters. It should be noted that Lebanon is currently controlled by the Hezbollah terror organization.

FDA Reportedly Planning For COVID Vaccine Booster Shot Approval By September
So we have gone from double-masking to triple-jabbing…

In drought-plagued northern Mexico, tens of thousands of cows are starving to death
Two years of extreme drought have turned large stretches of northern Mexico into a boneyard. Between starvation and ranchers forced to prematurely sell or slaughter their livestock, officials say the number of cattle in Sonora has dropped from 1.1 million to about 635,000.

Gantz: Iran 10 weeks away from amassing enough weapons-grade material for nuke
Iran is ten weeks away from acquiring enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Wednesday.

SICK: University of Pittsburgh Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Living Babies Murdered in Abortion Procedures 
The University of Pittsburgh has admitted, perhaps unwittingly, that they are harvesting organs from children born alive during abortion procedures who are then murdered after the fact.

If the Covid vaccines begin killing millions of adults, they will unleash an ORPHAN HOLOCAUST of homeless kids everywhere
..The scariest part is that most babies, children and preteens have not been injected yet. What happens to all those kids should the Covid vaccine blot clot tsunami all of a sudden take effect for the couple hundred million Americans that had their genes altered to produce trillions of virus-mimicking sticky spike proteins that clog their blood vessels?

Turning flu cases into COVID through manipulation—easy as pie
Since 1988, I’ve been pointing out that relabeling and repackaging disease is standard operating procedure in the field of “pandemic medicine.”And now we have this, from FOX News (7/25/21): “But while cases of COVID-19 soared nationwide, hospitalizations and deaths caused by influenza dropped.”

Hillsong Church Founder Charged With Concealing Homosexual Pedophile Sex Crimes Committed Against 7-Year Old Boy By His Father Frank
For years we’ve been telling you about the uber-sketchy Laodicean Church known as Hillsong Church of Australia, on every level these people are revulsive to anyone who reads and believes their King James Bibles. Worldly, money-hungry, chasing Hollywood and flashing the Illuminati triangles like they invented them, there seemed to be no bottom too low for these people. Until today that is. Welcome to Hellsong, the church of the Devil.

Mexico City sinking at “unstoppable rate” of up to 20 inches a year, study finds
A recent study found that Mexico City is sinking at a rate of up to 20 inches per year. Researchers explained that this unstoppable plunge occurs because the ground on which the city rests is rapidly compacting after being drained of water by decades of groundwater extraction.

U.S., European databases for adverse reactions to COVID jabs are spiking with tens of thousands of cases 
Vaccines are inherently dangerous, as long-time readers of our sites have come to understand, but they are even more so when they’re not fully vetted and tested, as the COVID-19 vaccines weren’t.

Former president of Planned Parenthood shifts from killing babies to mass murdering everyone; calls for government-forced injections of experimental spike protein shots that are killing people right now (opinion) 
Leana Wen, a baby murderer who used to receive a paycheck from Planned Parenthood as one of its top executives, is back in the news for calling on the government to issue new mandates for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Vaccine propaganda BOT FARM catapults Big Pharma lies across social media while those who tell the truth are silenced 
Social media algorithms are being used to not only identify and eliminate certain facts and truths, but these AI systems are also being used to promote certain types of propaganda, to brainwash the public into accepting falsehoods as if they are popular messages of truth.

Did a 2015 Movie Predict the Purpose of the JAB? The Vaccine Is Much More Than It Appears To Be!
In February of 2015, Deborah Tavares told me that I really should go see the move, The Kingsman, because there are so many elements present in this movie which show us where so much of our technology is headed. Now I realize that the following technology is related to the Jab. This gets into the arena of predictive programming in which, for some cosmic reason, the satanic globalists must tell humanity, in some form, what is coming. Frequently, it is done through Hollywood.

‘Privacy Company’ Apple Plans To Monitor All US iPhones For Evidence Of Child Porn
While law enforcement is likely to celebrate the new surveillance tool, privacy experts warn that the decision could have unintended consequences…

Supreme Court shown 4D ultrasound images, urged to uphold Mississippi 15-week abortion ban
A nonprofit organization has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court featuring ultrasound imagery over time to demonstrate how scientific advancements justify overturning the long-standing precedent in American abortion jurisprudence.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/08/06/6-aug-2021/

Now health officials are warning of more possible COVID variantsPosted: 06 Aug 2021 07:57 AM PDT(ETH) – The delta variant has quickly gripped the U.S. and now we’re learning there may be a delta variant plus, and an epsilon or lambda variant, that could also spread quickly. On Thursday, FOX 32 spoke with the head of the infectious disease division at UI Health for a deeper look at these variants, and how to stop them.“This is what viruses do. Their main mission is to reproduce,” said Dr.Continue reading Now health officials are warning of more possible COVID variants at End Time Headlines.
New Jersey Governor orders masks back in Schools and other states will likely followPosted: 06 Aug 2021 07:43 AM PDT(ETH) – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has changed his mind and today he is going to announce that when New Jersey students return to class in a few weeks they will be required to wear a mask according to ABCNY.While the COVID numbers in the Garden State are not as bad as many other states, cases here are five times higher than they were a month ago: about 1,000 new cases per day and climbing.Continue reading New Jersey Governor orders masks back in Schools and other states will likely follow at End Time Headlines.
DEVELOPING: Multiple volcanoes are showing signs of erupting in AlaskaPosted: 06 Aug 2021 06:05 AM PDT(ETH) – According to a new report from the AP, Three remote Alaska volcanoes are in various states of eruption, one producing lava and the other two blowing steam and ash. So far, none of the small communities near the volcanoes have been affected, Chris Waythomas, a geologist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory, said Thursday.Webcams on Thursday clearly showed episodic low-level ash emissions from Pavlof Volcano, prompting the observatory to raise the volcano’s threat level from yellow, or exhibiting signs of unrest, to orange, indicating an eruption is underway with minor volcanic-ash emissions.Continue reading DEVELOPING: Multiple volcanoes are showing signs of erupting in Alaska at End Time Headlines.
United Airlines will require all 67,000 employees to be vaccinated or lose jobPosted: 06 Aug 2021 05:49 AM PDT(ETH) – United Airlines will require its 67,000 U.S. employees to get vaccinated against Covid by no later than Oct. 25 or risk termination, According to CNBC News this is the first for major U.S. carriers that will likely ramp up pressure on rivals.Airlines including United have so far resisted vaccine mandates for all workers, instead offering incentives like extra pay or time off to get inoculated. Delta Air Lines in May started requiring newly hired employees to show proof of vaccination.Continue reading United Airlines will require all 67,000 employees to be vaccinated or lose job at End Time Headlines.
Are digital health passports a “Trojan Horse” for a coming cashless society?Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:37 AM PDT(OPINION) PNW – Several new technologies that appear separate and unrelated will soon converge, creating a giant digital trap that will easily entice the uninformed masses.The digital trap has already been set and globalist elites are using COVID to speed up the process of convergence. Most people will sleep-walk right into the trap, which will ultimately reduce them to a human QR code – trackable, traceable, and 100 percent dependent on Big Tech and big government for their existence.Continue reading Are digital health passports a “Trojan Horse” for a coming cashless society? at End Time Headlines.
Hezbollah launches ‘dozens’ of rockets at Israel as tensions continue to escalatePosted: 06 Aug 2021 05:25 AM PDT(ETH) – The Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah has reportedly fired a barrage of rockets at Israel on Friday afternoon in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon a day earlier according to CBN News.Hezbollah said in a statement that it fired “dozens” of rockets at “open fields” near Israeli positions along the border. The rockets set off sirens in the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee, sending thousands of Israelis scrambling to their bomb shelters.Continue reading Hezbollah launches ‘dozens’ of rockets at Israel as tensions continue to escalate at End Time Headlines.
APPLE will scan phones for images of ‘child abuse’ and report to law enforcementPosted: 06 Aug 2021 05:14 AM PDT(ETH) – Apple just unveiled plans to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child sexual abuse, drawing applause from child protection groups but raising concern among some security researchers that the system could be misused, including by governments looking to surveil their citizens.According to the Associated Press, The tool designed to detected known images of child sexual abuse, called “neuralMatch,” will scan images before they are uploaded to iCloud.Continue reading APPLE will scan phones for images of ‘child abuse’ and report to law enforcement at End Time Headlines.
WAR DRUMS: Israel warns they are now ‘ready to strike Iran’ after new report reveals 10 weeks from nuclear weaponPosted: 05 Aug 2021 01:35 PM PDT(ETH) – Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz has said that his country is ready to attack Iran and that there must be a global response to the threat that the Islamic republic poses.According to MSN News, His comments come amid growing tensions following a deadly drone strike on an Israeli-operated tanker off the coast of Oman. Israel, along with the U.S. and the U.K. has blamed Tehran for the attack on Mercer Street last week that killed two people.Continue reading WAR DRUMS: Israel warns they are now ‘ready to strike Iran’ after new report reveals 10 weeks from nuclear weapon at End Time Headlines.
DEVELOPING: Fire engulfs Northern California town, leveling businesses, scorching homesPosted: 05 Aug 2021 01:19 PM PDT(ETH) – A three-week-old wildfire engulfed a Northern California mountain town, leaving much of the downtown in ashes, while a new wind-whipped blaze also destroyed homes as crews braced for another explosive run of flames Thursday in the midst of dangerous weather according to the latest report from CBS News.The Dixie Fire, swollen by bone-dry vegetation and 40 mph gusts, raged through the northern Sierra Nevada town of Greenville on Wednesday evening.Continue reading DEVELOPING: Fire engulfs Northern California town, leveling businesses, scorching homes at End Time Headlines.
Education secretary warns that schools could see in-person class shut down againPosted: 05 Aug 2021 01:09 PM PDT(ETH) – Education Sec. Miguel Cardona on Thursday warned Americans not to let adult politics get in the way of schools reopening safely and remaining open without disruption, specifically expressing concern about states that are preventing schools from instating mask mandates.According to CNN, “The tools are there, it’s just — are we following the mitigation strategies?” Cardona told reporters during the White House press briefing. “You know what I’m worried about?Continue reading Education secretary warns that schools could see in-person class shut down again at End Time Headlines.

PURE EVIL: Government-Funded Researchers Linked to Dr. Fauci and NIH Sought Aborted Minorities for Organ Harvesting | The Gateway Pundit


In May we reported on the University of Pittsburgh’s program that included growing scalps from aborted babies on lab rodents.
This is straight from a horror movie.

The scientists are using human baby fetal skin processed via removal of excess fat.

And Dr. Tony Fauci was funding this gruesome study.

Now this…
The NIH under the direction of Dr. Tony Fauci approved of funding and oversaw the experiments on the fetal organs.

The University of Pittsburgh targeted minority infant organs.

This is pure evil.

Via The Free Beacon:

The federal government gave at least $2.7 million in taxpayer money to researchers who sought out minority babies who had been aborted in order to harvest their organs, according to internal documents released Tuesday.

The University of Pittsburgh targeted minorities in its request for infant organs—including those taken from full-term babies—to create a “pipeline” for fetal research. Researchers said they needed 50 percent of the donated fetuses to be minorities and specified that 25 percent must come from black women. The Pittsburgh metropolitan area is 85 percent white and 8 percent black. Researchers stressed the importance of maintaining organ blood flow in the request, which watchdogs say could violate federal law by asking doctors to illegally preserve organs during labor-inducing abortions.

The National Institutes of Health has overseen experiments on fetal organs at the University of Pittsburgh since 2015 in what the school claimed to be a “tissue hub.” Aborted babies used in this research ranged from 6 to 42 weeks of gestation, according to government documents. The grant request from the university to the government agency redacts key information, including how many fetuses were obtained and who provided them. Its language, however, raised troubling questions.

David Daleiden, founder and president of the pro-life Center for Medical Progress, called on the federal government to investigate the NIH and Pitt after obtaining more than 300 pages of information related to the program through a public records request.

Source: PURE EVIL: Government-Funded Researchers Linked to Dr. Fauci and NIH Sought Aborted Minorities for Organ Harvesting

Family of slain Jan 6 protester Ashli Babbitt suing Capitol Police for $10mn over ‘failure to warn’ before shooting | RT USA News

Family of slain Jan 6 protester Ashli Babbitt suing Capitol Police for $10mn over 'failure to warn' before shooting

The family of US Air Force vet Ashli Babbitt plans to sue Capitol Police for $10 million, claiming the still-unnamed officer who shot her issued no warning before firing. His lawyer argues that his warning was muffled by his mask.

The family of the 35-year-old Trump supporter, the only person to be shot dead during the January 6 riot at the Capitol, has announced plans to file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Capitol Police, pointing to video footage of the shooting in which the officer in question appears to give no warning before firing the shot.

The US Capitol Police are liable for Babbitt’s death, the lawsuit claims, seeking $10 million in damages. “It’s not debatable. There was no warning,” family attorney Terry Roberts told RealClearInvestigations.

Also on rt.com

A heavy police force is evident at the Senate door after supporters of President Donald Trump breeched security at the U.S. Capitol, rioting through the Senate and House and disrupting the certification of President-elect Joe Biden, in Washington, U.S. January 6, 2021. © REUTERS/Mike Theiler
Senate releases damning report on Capitol riot: Intel ignored, officers undertrained & underequipped, leaders & backup missing

I would call what he did an ambush,” Roberts told the outlet on Thursday. “I don’t think he’s a good officer. I think he’s reckless,” he continued, pointing out that footage of the shooting shows no reaction from anyone in the vicinity, indicating even those closest to the officer did not hear the warning he supposedly gave.

The lawyer for the plainclothes officer who shot Babbitt insisted his client did warn her away verbally but that his words were muffled because of his face mask.

He was screaming, ‘Stay back! Stay back! Don’t come in here!’,” attorney Mark Schamel told RealClearInvestigations in February. Schamel called the killing of the unarmed woman “unbelievable heroism.”

Babbitt was shot while trying to climb through a broken window into the House chamber, hit in the shoulder by a 40-caliber bullet from the officer’s gun.

Read more

© Reuters / Stephanie Keith
‘American heroes’: Biden hails latest officers to die by suicide following Jan 6 Capitol riot

Babbitt’s husband, Aaron, filed a suit against the Capitol Police back in June, demanding it turn over investigation records, including video footage, witness statements, and other documents in order that he might learn the name of the officer who killed his wife. An attempt in April to elicit the name using the Freedom of Information Act was unsuccessful.

Some sources suggest the shooter was Lt. Michael L. Byrd, a 53-year veteran of the force who was serving as the commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police on that day and is currently on paid administrative leave.

In the aftermath of the January 6 demonstration, the Biden administration quickly seized on the chaos, demonizing Trump supporters still calling for an investigation into what they insisted was a fraudulent election and calling it the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War itself, overlooking notable events such as 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

However, the only casualties were among the Trump supporters, almost none of whom were armed, during what Democrats and the media have termed an “insurrection.”

Babbitt was the only victim to have been shot by police, although two other Trump supporters died on the day of natural causes and one of a drugs overdose. Nevertheless, several hundred have been charged on what their defenders have insisted are trumped-up – no pun intended – charges. Four Capitol Police officers have allegedly died by suicide in the months since the riot, and a fifth died of a stroke in the immediate aftermath.

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(L) Supporters of US President Donald Trump protest outside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. © ALEX EDELMAN / AFP; (R) People watch as the Stonewall Jackson statue is removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia on July 1, 2020. © Ryan M. Kelly / AFP
Worse than the Civil War? Biden’s description of January 6 is designed to create even more division across America

Former president Donald Trump has repeatedly demanded to know who killed Babbitt, leading the media establishment to shift from minimizing her death to posthumously condemning her as a tool of emotional manipulation deployed by “right-wing organizers.” The Washington Post last week published an article noting her support for the “extremist QAnon” theory, and her “denigration” of illegal immigrants on Twitter, before noting she had voted for Barack Obama before Trump.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has even witheringly described her death and ‘martyrdom’ as a nefarious attempt to “flip what happened and present the attackers as victims.

Source: Family of slain Jan 6 protester Ashli Babbitt suing Capitol Police for $10mn over ‘failure to warn’ before shooting

Joe Biden Falsely Claims – TWO TIMES IN A ROW – That 350 Million Americans Have Been Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden wore a tan suit as he delivered remarks on the July jobs report on Friday.

As usual Joe Biden struggled to read his own notes because he of his cognitive decline.

Biden said 350 million Americans are vaccinated – over 100% of the entire population of the US.

“We have uh roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world,” Biden said.


Just moments later, Joe Biden AGAIN said 350 million Americans have been fully vaccinated!

“I said, well over… what’s the number again? I have to remind myself.. 350 million Americans have already been vaccinated,” Biden said.


Joe Biden is likely talking about how many doses of the vaccine have been given but his brain is so far gone that he can’t distinguish between doses and fully vaccinated.

166 million Americans, or 50% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Source: Joe Biden Falsely Claims – TWO TIMES IN A ROW – That 350 Million Americans Have Been Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)

Politico Claims Jill Biden’s FLOTUS Office is So Abusive and Toxic, It’s Compared To “Devil Wears Prada” — LifeZette

We’ve heard that Kamala Harris runs a toxic and abusive operation, where staffers are berated, made to cry, and are treated like scum.

But now, the same thing is being said about Jill Biden.

And the initial report is coming from left-leaning Politico.

According to the report, Jill has a placed a man by the name of Anthony Bernal in charge of her operation and staffers say he’s an abusive, nasty backstabber, who makes people cry.

Great job, Jill. 

Daily Wire reported that an advisor to Jill Biden, Anthony Bernal, has been described as the most powerful person in the office of the first lady, who already holds a highly influential elevated role, as outlined in a recent Vogue puff piece.

Bernal is also reportedly somewhat of a tyrant.

“[T]he way he has wielded that power has made Bernal one of the most polarizing people in the White House, according to interviews with more than two dozen White House staffers, former campaign aides, and people who worked with him during the Obama administration,” Politico reported.

In Bernal’s “pursuit of perfection” for FLOTUS, Politico said, the advisor has treated staffers poorly, so poorly that the atmosphere has been likened to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.”

“Many described him as ‘berating’ and ‘toxic’ because of his unfiltered criticism of others and tendency to trash talk his colleagues behind their backs,” the report said. “Some compare him to [Meryl Streep’s] character in ‘Devil Wears Prada’ while another equated him to the ever-conspiring Littlefinger in ‘Game of Thrones.’”

The report detailed Bernal’s alleged behavior toward staffers, some of whom apparently “surreptitiously” recorded the advisor during meetings:

Stories of Bernal making staffers cry are an open secret in the Biden world with seemingly everyone knowing someone who has been on the receiving end. Two former campaign staffers said they heard Bernal call people “stupid” in meetings or over the phone. During the campaign and in the White House, some staffers felt the behavior was so noxious that they began surreptitiously recording him in meetings, according to two officials who others confided in about recording him. West Wing Playbook has not heard the recordings. The First Lady’s office did not address the recordings in their comment.

I’d bet a million bucks that Jill Biden isn’t the sweet little “granny” she likes to portray herself to be.

My guess is that she’s a power-crazed woman who is eyeballing her husband’s job, and wants to push Kamala out of the way.

So, it’s not surprising that she has an absolute tyrant running her office…she likely appreciates that “management style.”

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

Politico Claims Jill Biden’s FLOTUS Office is So Abusive and Toxic, It’s Compared To “Devil Wears Prada” — LifeZette

Friday Briefing, August 6, 2021

download(size: 14 MB )
PART 1 (0:0 – 9:53):
Paganism Is The Most LGBTQ+ Religious Identity in US: Why That Should Not Be a Surprise

Paganism, Gods and Goddesses Aside, is the Most LGBTQ-Affirming Faith in the US

Ordination of the Cherry Trees

PART 2 (9:54 – 16:17):
How Did Evangelicals Become More Pro-Life? The Bible Can Answer for That

Why is the South the Epicenter of Anti-Abortion Fervor?

PART 3 (16:18 – 25:20):
“We Materialists Cannot Allow A Divine Foot in the Door”: The Obituaries of Two Scientists Make Clear that Theology Matters — Even Among Unbelievers

Richard C. Lewontin, Eminent Geneticist With a Sharp Pen, Dies at 92

Steven Weinberg, Groundbreaking Nobelist in Physics, Dies at 88

Source: Friday, August 6, 2021

Fauci Admits Antiviral Treatments Can Work Against COVID 19… Compares Virus To A Common Cold If Held In Check [VIDEO] — LifeZette

From KanekoaTheGreat:

Fauci admits antiviral treatments are effective if administered at the early stage of the virus.

Something that scientists and doctors have been screaming since March 2020 until they have had their tongues cut out by big tech oligarchs.

In typical Fauci fashion as the lead carnival barker for big pharma, he will be suggesting some brand new, expensive, patented Pfizermectin or Modernachloroquine.

Stunning that he is even admitting early antiviral treatments are effective considering the on-going effort to vaccinate every man, women, and child.

Tony Fauci: We’re looking at an orally administered, maybe seven to 10 days given to person who is early on in the course of their infection before you get to the cascade of events that lead to the aberrant activation, inflammatory response that kills people. Because we know now from a lot of experience with the care of these individuals, that if you can keep that virus from going to the upper airway, to going down into the lung and other organ systems, you can change what could be a devastating disease and make it an upper airway, common cold type approach, which is really what we need to do, we only need to knock out that virus for about seven to 10 days, rather than lifelong with we have to do with HIV.

CSIS Interviewer: What are you telling people is the is the optimal profile?

Tony Fauci: Okay, the optimal profile, we, were comfortable with this because we’ve developed product profiles for so many other drugs, including with HIV. So first of all, I want a pill that blocks a specific viral function. I want to give it once a day, if possible. I want it to be low in toxicity. And I want it to have very minimal drug-drug interactions. So orally administered, single pill, given for seven to 10 days, little drug-drug interaction and low toxicity. Give me that and I’ll be really happy.

Internet users that have been paying attention are hip to the scheme though…

“Yeah he is endorsing a new drug Pfizer is making I believe. Think Merck are making one too (which is why they suppressed their own Ivermectin)”

“There’s always a disgusting purpose to that vile vermin’s utterances!!”

“This one must be hanged in the public square. He’s a criminal”

“Fauci needs to be GITMO’d”

“Here you go Fraudci. IVERMECTIN !!”

“Still talking about this little bug. This thing is a damn joke. If everyone would just stop listening to these liars, maybe they would disappear. Poof”

“He needs to be tried for crimes against humanity.”

“Sheesh…. And I lost so many medical friends over this thing. God in Heaven. At least I know now who my real friends are. All over the net, digital frens and soldiers.”

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on August 5, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

Fauci Admits Antiviral Treatments Can Work Against COVID 19… Compares Virus To A Common Cold If Held In Check [VIDEO] — LifeZette

Watch: Americans Joyfully Sign Petition to Arrest and Jail the Unvaccinated

Is there any hope at all for America’s future? Don’t expect to feel inspired after watching the latest man-on-the-street video by conservative social media commentator and YouTube star Mark Dice. Dice […] The post appeared first on The Western Journal .

Source: Watch: Americans Joyfully Sign Petition to Arrest and Jail the Unvaccinated