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Cruz: No COVID Mandates. No Mask Mandates. No Vaccine Mandates. No Vaccine Passports. | Video | RealClearPolitics

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Democrats don’t respect you enough to make decisions about yourself and your family on Monday in an interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity.

“In a time of crisis, people’s character is revealed and the character of Democrats — whether it is Joe Biden, whether it is Andrew Cuomo, whether it is Bill de Blasio, whether it is Gavin Newsom, the character from their perspective that they do not respect your liberty,” Cruz said. “They do not respect your right to make your choices about your health care, about your children, about your lives.”

“My views were very simple. There should be no mandates, zero, concerning COVID. That means no mask mandates, regardless of your vaccination status. That means no vaccine mandates. That means no vaccine passports,” Cruz said.

“What’s so damning about how these left-wing Democrats have approached this, is their exercise of power is arbitrary. It’s not driven by the science. It’s driven by the momentary politics,” Cruz said.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Now, one senator thankfully is fighting back with a bill to ban many of the mandates. Here with more, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator, I’ll say it quickly, I’ve said it often. I’ve seen the worst of this.

I know people right now who’s — have loved ones on ventilators. I’ve seen people die. I’m telling everyone, take it seriously. You have to take into account your unique medical history, your current medical condition.

I urge everybody, research. If you own a telephone, you can do a lot of research on your own phone.

Then in consultation with your doctor, doctors or other medical professionals, you’ve got to make the decision. Everybody knows about masks, social distancing, three vaccines.

I’m not a doctor, Senator. I’m not going to play one on radio and TV. I’m not qualified.

Your thoughts?

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Well, I think with any serious disease, you have to take it seriously and you have to take reasonable precautions.

But in a time of crisis, people’s character is revealed and the character of Democrats — whether it is Joe Biden, whether it is Andrew Cuomo, whether it is Bill de Blasio, whether it is Gavin Newsom, the character from their perspective that they do not respect your liberty. They do not respect your right to make your choices about your health care, about your children, about your lives.

My views were very simple. There should be no mandates, zero, concerning COVID. That means no mask mandates, regardless of your vaccination status. That means no vaccine mandates. That means no vaccine passports.

And I’ve introduced legislation, a bill to ban vaccine passports. This week, I’m introducing a bill to ban vaccine mandates. And this will, I’m — week, I’m introducing a bill to end mask mandates.

Now, that doesn’t mean is the media likes to characterize that I’m opposed to vaccines. I actually think vaccines are terrific. I’ve taken the vaccine. My family’s taken the vaccine, but I believe in individual choice, individual responsibility.

You can make the choice for your family. These mandates are coming, and as you noted a few minutes ago talking about Dr. Fauci, what they’re talking about is political. It’s not tied to the science.

One example, Dr. Fauci and the CDC and the Biden administration repeatedly ignores natural immunity. It ignores the immunity of tens of millions of people that had COVID. That’s politically inconvenient. So, they pretend it doesn’t exist.

And you look at schools. You know, what Dr. Fauci — when Hugh Hewitt was asking about him mandating masks in schools, the reason they mandated mask in schools was because the teachers unions demanded that. It was a political demand. That’s why he had no scientific basis for it because there are no hard data that support that, but there was a political reason. The teachers’ union bosses demanded it.

And I think this is just abusive. It is dangerous where these government figures believe they have the right to impose rules on you — rules that they don’t intend to follow, as all the people partying up at Martha’s Vineyard demonstrated.

HANNITY: I support your bill, and I support your explanation. Like you, I believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccinations.

CRUZ: Yeah.

HANNITY: You really can’t deny vaccines like the polio vaccine, let’s start there.

CRUZ: Sure.

HANNITY: My question is, what do you do with the people that have rare conditions?

CRUZ: Yeah.

HANNITY: Or if we’re really following the science, I’m sure you agree with me that the Cleveland Clinic is a prestigious medical institution.

CRUZ: Sure.

HANNITY: And their studies show that if you got COVID-19, even if your antibody levels decrease, you still have T-cell antibody immunity. In other words, if you come into contact with COVID, again after you’ve had COVID, even the variants, that your body will recognize it immediately and begin to activate its own immune system, the natural immunity process.

CRUZ: Right.

HANNITY: What, we’re not going to follow the science of the Cleveland Clinic? It’s going to be one-size-fits-all medicine? And, oh, by the way, you happen to have a rare disease, you can’t get vaccinated, so you’re shut out of restaurants, sporting events, movies — living pretty much?

CRUZ: Well, and that’s so what’s so damning about how these left-wing Democrats have approached this, is their exercise of power is arbitrary. It’s not driven by the science. It’s driven by the momentary politics.

And if you have a reason why medically it’s a bad idea for you to take the vaccine, well, their view is tough for you. Then you lose your job, then you can’t get on an airplane, then you can’t go to school, then you can’t go to a restaurant, then apparently you’re cast into utter darkness.

And it would be one thing — look, if we were dealing with the zombie apocalypse where anyone who came near this was dropping dead, you could understand at least why they were proposing some of this stuff. But they know what they’re saying is nonsense.

The reason Barack Obama’s party is so revealing is that when they’re alone, the Democrats demonstrate they think all of this is nonsense. They take off their masks and they party like it’s 1999. You know, they know this is a crock.

In the Senate, the Senate Democrats who pontificate, when they get in a room, they take their damn masks off. But when the TV cameras turn on apparently, it is only dangerous to be without a mask if a TV camera is pointed at them.

HANITY: Let me ask you this —

CRUZ: I mean, it is arbitrary power. It’s not about science.

HANNITY: Are there any Democrats — any of them that are supporting your common sense bill?

CRUZ: Zero.

HANNITY: Not one?

CRUZ: And I can tell you a little bit of history. So, on the Senate Commerce Committee, several weeks back, we had an amendment to end the mask mandate on airplanes, because it no longer makes sense based on the science. And we had a vote on it and it was a party line vote. All the Republicans voted to end it, all the Democrats voted to keep the mandate for flying on airplanes.

Now, one of the senators there, Brian Schatz, who’s a Democrat from Hawaii. And he just gotten off I think a long flight from Hawaii wearing the stupid mask, he was like, look, I can’t stand this mandate. I agree with you. The science doesn’t back it up, but I don’t want us to tell the federal government what to do.

How about we just pass a sense of the Senate that we should end the mask mandate on airplanes? And I’m like, okay, look, I don’t know why we — apparently, Congress under the Constitution, doesn’t have the power to tell the federal government what to do. I thought that was actually what Article 1 was all about. But, fine, you want to make it a sense of the Senate, great.

And he suggested to me, he said, Ted, let’s do this together. Let’s make it bipartisan. So I went and drafted it and, you know, what? At the end of the day, he wasn’t willing to join because the rest of his caucus, the other Democrats, they crack the whip.

And it’s a weird thing, Sean, that there is a herd mentality among congressional Democrats that they obey Chuck Schumer and their only answer is “sir, yes, sir”.

And so, we filed the bill, even it was the weakened sense of the Senate bill because that’s what a Democratic senator suggested he might support, and even that, not a single Democrat was willing to support.

HANNITY: Senator, keep fighting. You’re fighting hard. You were right also on the infrastructure bill.

I mean, why Republicans went along with that scam, I have no idea.

CRUZ: No (ph).

HANNITY: It’s ridiculous.

— Read on www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/08/10/cruz_no_covid_mandates_no_mask_mandates_no_vaccine_mandates_no_vaccine_passports.html

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution Would Remake The U.S. Economy

This is a full-on attempt to remake the American economy, the labor markets, blow off our immigration laws, rewrite the tax code, and alter the relationship between the government, and those it governs.

The Media’s Shameless Fawning Over Andrew Cuomo Fuels Institutional Distrust

“Every single thing about this guy was in broad freaking daylight and they just ignored it because they’re soulless awful, trolls,” said Christopher Bedford. 

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Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his 1st ‘

Article Image

Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”


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YouTube Tyrants Strike Again, Suspend Senator Rand Paul’s Account For Telling Truth About Masks — LifeZette

Big tech tyranny has struck again, this time targeting Republican Senator Rand Paul.  YouTube has suspended Sen. Paul for seven days after taking down two of his videos for “COVID misinformation.”  YouTube first removed an interview the Senator did on Newsmax about masks, the second video was of Paul defending his comments on masks and calling out YouTube for censorship.

Senator Paul fired back today on Twitter saying, “A badge of honor . . . leftwing cretins at Youtube banning me for 7 days for a video that quotes 2 peer reviewed articles saying cloth masks don’t work.”


YouTube doesn’t want you to see these videos, so we have them here below:

(BANNED VIDEO) Dr. Paul Addresses Dr. Fauci’s Mishandling of the COVID-19 Pandemic with Newsmax

Senator Rand Paul:  (On Dr. Fauci) “I actually think he is like most of us wants what’s best for the country. But I think he is naive, and he hasn’t really learned from his mistakes on this. I’ll give you another example. If he were sitting here and you ask him, if you get COVID, naturally, do you have immunity? He probably gonna be grudgingly say yes. But if you ask him, Well, should you vaccinate those who have already gotten it? He’d  say everybody ought to be vaccinated. But it’s really, really bad advice that goes against the science. “

Senator Rand Paul: (On Lab Leak Theory) “But also the problem is is that journalism on the left and in the center is completely ignoring this, you know, what they said for a year was that it was a conspiracy theory and that you weren’t even worthy of public debate. You should be canceled. You should be eliminated. They should kick you off of Facebook, kick you off of Twitter. If you’re insinuating that it might have come from the lab and we haven’t we all but then certainly that’s something we’ve got to push back on and you You know, we don’t need a country where we live where there’s a ministry of truth. And the truth is defined by people like Dr. Fauci. The other big thing about the cover up and I think there probably was a cover up with Wuhan is that the people that were appointed to investigate it, were the people who gave them money. So who would be culpable who would be the most guilty and least guilty in the sense of, you know, attaching some blame for this virus? It’d be the people in the US who funded it.”

Senator Rand Paul: (On Gain Of Function Research) “And remember this, Dr. Fauci has said for years publicly, the gain of function research is worth it. Even if there were a pandemic, he would say it was worth it. So he was acknowledging as early as 2012, that a pandemic could occur from this research. It may well have had, but this is the naivety and the terrible judgment. He still thinks that it’s worth it. But as we work through that, I think it’s incredibly important that we look at whether we should be doing this in our country as well.”

Senator Paul’s follow up video defends his first video and blasts censorship:

(BANNED VIDEO) It Is Time For Unfiltered News

Senator Rand Paul: “Recently I shared a video on my YouTube page. It was an interview between myself and a journalist, where we discussed a variety of topics including the science behind wearing masks, apparently, because I dared to contradict Dr. Fauci and the government, YouTube has removed my video. If you want to see the video, it’s up on Rumble.com who does not censor the news. YouTube said the video violated their policy because of my comments on masks and they don’t allow videos that contradict government’s guidance on COVID. YouTube may be a private entity, but they’re acting like an arm of the government censoring those who present an alternative view to the science deniers in Washington. People like Dr. Fauci who have lied to the American people time and time again about masks. Here’s the thing. What I said in that video is actual science. Most of the mask you get over the counter don’t work. They don’t prevent infection, saying cloth masks work when they don’t actually risks lives, as someone may choose to care for a loved one with COVID while only wearing a cloth mask. This is not only bad advice, but also potentially deadly misinformation. What I said in the interview that YouTube censored is the truth.”

Senator Paul released a powerful video on Sunday calling for citizens to resist tyranny, saying “It’s time for us to resist, they can’t arrest all of us.”  Watch the full video here:


This piece was written by Ray Dietrich on August 10, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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YouTube Tyrants Strike Again, Suspend Senator Rand Paul’s Account For Telling Truth About Masks — LifeZette

How to not become a victim of this world — Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

I received from several sources today links to John MacArthur’s sermon from this last Sunday. Some even created a 7 minute section of his sermon, posted it, with the warning that it would soon be deleted by YouTube so we should watch and share it soon. I watched it. I shared it. I downloaded it. I have a copy of it. The link to it is below. I suggest you watch it, but before you do let me tell you why it is important. I have been moving back and forth for that last several months warning you about the moves that Satan’s seed are doing right now in attempts to wreak the Church and destroy the Gospel. That includes creating a false form of Christianity. It also includes our society and governments excluding genuine Christians who refuse to bow the knee to anyone other than God and the Lord Jesus Christ from being part of society. Persecution is coming. God is cleansing His Church. Now with that, understand that the video is just part of John MacArthur’s sermon from the book of Ephesians. In the part I have here he talks about what all believers need to posses in order to not become victims of this world. Here it is.

Soli Deo Gloria!

How to not become a victim of this world — Possessing the Treasure

Shock Video Shows French Police Stopping Citizens And Demanding To See Their COVID Vaccine Passports Before Allowing Them To Eat Or Drink — Now The End Begins

France took a big step Monday into a post-pandemic future by requiring people to show a QR code proving they have a COVID vaccine passport before they can enjoy restaurants and cafes or travel by plane, train or bus across the country.

On July 12th, Emmanuel Macron issued his edict that COVID vaccines would now be made mandatory in France, and that anyone who was not vaccinated would not be allowed access to restaurants, gyms and other public venues. So terrified were the French citizens that over 7 million of them have rushed to get vaccinated. Now the French police freely roam the cafes and marketplaces, demanding to see people’s COVID vaccination passports. Welcome to 1933 Germany, you will show us your papers.

“And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.” Daniel 11:21,24 (KJB)

Now that vaccine passports are law in France, and in other countries, they will never go away, that’s the whole point of the pandemic. Every dictatorship that has ever risen has always started “for the good of the people”, and we are only doing these things “for your protection and safety”. The dictatorship that’s rising now is not isolated to France, it is global, it is the New World Order, and it cannot be stopped.

France vaccine passports now required in restaurants, trains

FROM THE AP: The measure is part of a government plan to encourage more people to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot and slow down a surge in infections, as the highly contagious delta variant now accounts for most cases in France. Over 36 million people in France, or more than 54% of the population, are fully vaccinated. The special pass is issued to people who are vaccinated against COVID-19, or have proof of a recent recovery from the virus or who have a recent negative test. The measure also applies to tourists visiting the country.

In the southern city of Marseille, several restaurant owners did not check clients for the pass, an Associated Press reporter saw Monday. Many in the entertainment business are annoyed that the government is foisting such a job on them. The owner of the Backstage restaurant and bar in a theater district on Paris’ Left Bank said the checks made him feel like a police officer but he still followed government orders.

″This involves putting on another cap,” said Pierre Arnoux. “We have to ask the client if — yes or no — they are validated to have a drink at my restaurant. This is rather unusual. I must admit this isn’t for me.”

Arnoux said the crowd was light on Monday and clients were cooperative but the requirement was onerous. One client, Myriam Karmasine, said she was prepared and it “posed no problem,” and another, Sonia Hamiche, said she was not bothered, either.

“But I’ve observed that there are less people outside today compared to normal on the streets and on the terraces,” Hamiche said. “I think this must have stopped certain people.”

People without a pass where it is required risk a fine of 135 euros ($158). The French government said for the first week of implementation, police controls will not lead to sanctions for non-compliance but instead will be an occasion to explain the law. In hospitals, visitors and patients who have appointments are required to have the pass. Exceptions are made for people at the emergency ward.

The pass is now required on high-speed, intercity and night trains, which carry over 400,000 passengers per day in France, Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said Monday. It is also required on long-distance travels by plane or bus.

“We’re going to enforce massive controls,” Djebbari said.

Meanwhile, the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club will be allowed a capacity crowd for its first home game of the season against Strasbourg in the French league on Saturday. PSG said the Paris prefecture has approved 49,700 fans at Parc des Princes stadium, with spectators expected to show their virus passes.

Polls show that most French support the health pass. Since President Emmanuel Macron announced the measure on July 12, at least 7 million people have received their first vaccine shot.

Yet the measure has prompted strong opposition from some people who say it compromises their freedoms by limiting movements outside the home. On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators marched in Paris and other French cities for a fourth consecutive week of protests against the measure. The virus pass has already been in place for last month for cultural and recreational venues including cinemas, concert halls, sports arenas and theme parks. The law also requires French health care workers to be vaccinated against the virus by Sept. 15. READ MORE

Police In France Demanding To See COVID-19 Vaccination Passports

Shock Video Shows French Police Stopping Citizens And Demanding To See Their COVID Vaccine Passports Before Allowing Them To Eat Or Drink — Now The End Begins

Renowned propaganda expert: Worst is still to come in global psy op if people do not rise up and resist – LeoHohmann.com

‘This should ring alarm bells for anyone who has even the most basic grasp of history’

‘If you have a vaccination passport which you need to get into your supermarket, you’re not actually free anymore’ 

Any student of military history will tell you: wars don’t just happen.

They are always foreshadowed by a propaganda operation intended to soften up the target, wear people down, weaken their resolve to fight.

The most successful operations come down to this simple strategy: identify your enemy, segregate, isolate, then annihilate.

Piers Robinson, co-director of the Organization for Propaganda Studies, is an internationally recognized expert on propaganda, but not just any propaganda.

His focus is on conflict and war and the role of propaganda within that framework. He is also an associate researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 ‘War on Terror’ and has served as an advisor to NATO leaders.

From 2016 to 2019, Professor Robinson chaired the department of politics, society and political journalism at the University of Sheffield.

He spoke at length about the propaganda aspects of Covid-19 in an Aug. 4 interview with Asia Pacific Today of Australia.

“Covid-19 is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations we’ve seen in history because of the global nature and the resources put into it,” Robinson said.  “It was pretty clear from the beginning that propaganda was being employed.”

In the U.S. one of the main spigots of propaganda has been Dr. Anthony Fauci and the media’s elevation of this man to god-like status, hanging on his every word and never pressing him to provide data to back up his constantly swerving pronouncements. Every Western government has their version of Fauci, spouting ever-changing, confusing information meant to keep the population off balance, afraid and confused.

A fearful, dazed and weary public is less able to resist the dizzying array of draconian policies coming from governments, from facemask rules and incessant testing to quarantines of the healthy and mandatory mass vaccinations.

In his latest effort to prepare Americans for even greater medical tyranny, Fauci got on national TV Aug. 8 and said “a flood” of new Covid vaccine mandates are coming down the pike as soon as the shots get FDA approval, which he expects to happen as soon as next month.

Corporations are already piling on. Forbes reported Aug. 8 that companies are not only threatening to fire the unvaccinated; they are beginning to tack on a special surcharge of up to $50 for employees, deducting it from the paychecks of those who refuse the experimental shot.

Fauci has literally terrorized the American public for 18 months, wearing them down with a steady diet of propaganda.

Which gets us back to Robinson, who has decades of studies under his belt in the art of propaganda in war time.

After watching the above video, see my recent reports on this topic and you will begin to understand how the Covid narrative has been carefully controlled from the outset, with a clear end game in sight:

Robinson documents how the British government sought expert advice from behavioral psychologists on how to use the media to manipulate public opinion by ratcheting up the level of fear surrounding the Covid pandemic.

He cited U.K. government documents from March 2020 referencing groups skilled in applied psychology. They helped the government craft a plan of propaganda to drive a fear-based narrative with the goal of causing behavioral change.

One such group was SPI-B or the Independent Scientific Influenza Group on Behaviors.

“The key part of SPI-B’s behavioral change strategy that seems to have been adopted was to ‘persuade through fear,’” Robinson said.

The persuasion section of the document states: “A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.”

Appendix B of the documents lists 10 options that can be used to increase social distancing in the public.

Option 2 advises: “Use media to increase sense of personal threat.”

SPI-B recommendations were to increase the sense of personal threat and “use hard hitting emotional messaging.” This included taglines such as:

  • “Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it.”
  • “Don’t put your friends and family in danger.”
  • “Stay home for your family. Don’t put their lives in danger.”
  • “If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.”

Use of hysterical media headlines was another big part of the strategy.

Big Tech quickly agreed to come on board with the censoring of all competing narratives that countered the fear-based approach.

If that didn’t work, the psychologists argued for shame and approval tactics.

SPI-B psychologists knew that fear on its own would not persuade everyone. Messaging needed to be tailored to take into account different “motivational levers.”

Thus, the document suggested using both social approval and disapproval, with government compulsion as a backup, as follows:

  • Option 6: Use and promote social approval for desired behaviors.
  • Option 7: Consider enacting legislation to compel required behaviors.
  • Option 8: Consider use of social disapproval for failure to comply.

As if on cue, the “heroes and covidiots” narrative began to appear in the “news.”

The word “covidiots” was coined in spring 2020 by The Economist, the official magazine of the world’s most elite globalists. The magazine described “covidiots” as follows:

“The term “covidiot” describes any and every person behaving stupidly or irresponsibly as the epidemic spreads. Sometime in early March the word was born, and, almost as fast as the virus spread, so did instances of covidiotic behavior.”

The U.S. government was party to similar discussions about how to control the media narrative about Covid at Event 201 in October 2019, two months before the virus was discovered in China.

In Germany, equally insidious propaganda strategies have been documented within the so-called “Panic Paper,” a leaked document from the German Department of Interior that shows the population was deliberately driven to panic by politicians and mainstream media.

Among other things, the Panic Paper calls for children to be made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow the corona rules,” that is, if they do not constantly wash their hands, put on masks and avoid contact with their grandparents.

Scientific data shows children are not efficient spreaders of the virus but that couldn’t be allowed to disrupt the fear-based narrative. They were masked and socially distanced, their schools shut down, their social lives destroyed, leading to a record number of teen suicides.

It became obvious to Robinson that the extreme government responses had nothing to do with public health.

“What has becoming increasingly clear is this is not being driven by a health crisis,” he said. “We are seeing profound changes in our society.”

The changes include everything from the introduction of digital currencies and vaccine passports with scannable QR codes, to the regulation of worship services and small businesses.

The World Economic Forum immediately seized on the Covid pandemic as an “opportunity” to change the economic, political and social structure of the free world. Elites at the WEF, United Nations, the British Royal family, the Vatican, World Bank and International Monetary Fund did not hide their excitement about the “opportunity” that came with a global pandemic. In fact they were very open about it, writing books, making speeches and participating in glitzy promotional videos posted to YouTube.

“What we seem to have here are political actors exploiting the circumstances for political, economic and social objectives,” Robinson said. “It’s certainly very clear for example, organizations such as the World Economic Forum had a very specific vision from the very beginning on how to respond to Covid and had a very specific vision for the future, talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities and so on, and it would appear that actors such as that are using and exploiting Covid for substantial political, economic and social restructuring.”

The role of propaganda then becomes key because it conditions people to accept these drastic changes without any scrutiny or public debate, “because people are thinking this is all about a virus and people are scared. So all of the transformative changes are being swept through without any scrutiny. This is very, very dangerous. A terrified population has extracted a huge opportunity for people with agendas who have the power to realize that.

“So we are moving into pretty worrying territory now, in terms of how governments are behaving.”

Those who speak out against the propaganda start to be treated as the “other.”

The virus now becomes an engine to drive society to vaccine passports, a digital ID system and a social-credit scoring system similar to what’s used in China to keep people toeing the government line.

“All of these seem to revolve around a major restructuring of society, major redistribution of wealth, much more control, much less democracy,” Robinson said.

The role of the mask

Laura Dodsworth, in her book A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponized Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic, interviewed behavioral psychologists that work for the UK government. What she found was astonishing: the mask was primarily about keeping people’s fear levels up.

“Keeping the virus in the forefront of people’s minds,” Robinson said. “Behavior scientists admitted that’s what the mask is mainly about. It’s not about protecting people from a virus but managing their perception of the virus.”

Governments set up snitchlines in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, and throughout the formerly free world, further dividing their populations and turning friends and family against each other.

“This concept of divide and control is becoming more apparent. We’re starting to see it over the last couple of weeks in terms of mandated vaccination,” Robison said.

Headlines like this from the LA Times are commonplace, “COVID-19 cases surge in L.A. County, fueled by ‘enormously selfish’ unvaccinated.” 

Often the media campaigns for even more restrictions than are currently put in place by the government, such as barring the unvaccinated from airline flights, restaurants, stores and basically every public venue, even outdoor sporting events and concerts.

Blaming the unvaccinated for continued flare ups of the pandemic is everywhere.

“This should ring alarm bells for anyone who has even the most basic grasp of history. You start to talk about segregation, you start to talk about people who are unclean, unhealthy, unvaccinated versus vaccinated,” Robinson said.

None of these policies are based on scientific data.

“All of the level-headed epidemiologists that I listen to are very clear that this idea that the unvaccinated spread the virus is not accurate scientifically, but that is the kind of message which is being communicated by people who have been pushing the agenda from the beginning,” Robinson said. “And that will create divisions, and we’ve been in this kind of place in history and it ends very badly when we start segregating people and we start using that language. But, quite terrifyingly, this is the language which is being used by the people who have been pushing draconian restrictions, vaccines, for the last two years.”

Former Fox News commentator Piers Morgan, for example, took to Twitter last week and suggested that the unvaccinated should be denied medical treatment.

“We know from history this kind of talk can lead to very, very dark places,” said Robinson. “Many of the things we are seeing, the need to carry special passports for instance, have parallels in 1930s Germany.

“Very credible, eminent scientists, are now being smeared in the media because of their anti-lockdown views or for questioning the Covid vaccines. The casual smearing is certainly a big part of what’s going on. This should be another warning sign to those who think everything is OK and there are no problems out there. People should ask themselves, why are very eminent scientists from the beginning [like Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone] being smeared and being censored and shut down and shut out from debates? That tells you something. That tells you this isn’t a rational response that’s going on. This is a propagandized response. And it’s being carried through by shutting people up, by humiliating them, smearing them and so on.”

All institutions complicit in the propaganda war

Mainstream journalists operate in close proximity to people in political power. They frequent the same groups and social gatherings.

“They share basically the same outlook,” Robinson noted. “They depend on each other for information. So journalists are not as critical as they should be and not as independent as they should be. So it shouldn’t surprise us that when it comes to Covid, they are reluctant to go against the government narrative.”

Those in academia also tend to self-censor. They come up against pressure within institutions to “stay within the program,” leading to a groupthink mentality.  

“We are seeing lawmakers, parliaments being incredibly timid, and not engaging in the kind of democratic scrutiny that they should be,” he said. “So I think we’re seeing all of the institutions in our society being bent to this propaganda campaign.”

He said hope lies in new political parties that are rising against the establishment, but it’s too early to tell if they will gain the traction needed to turn back the tide of authoritarianism in nations that have a long history of freedom.

“Most of our democratic institutions are hollowed out. We need to get democracy back,” Robinson said.

Those fighting for the resistance have a small window to get their message out, educate the public and stem the tide.

“In all my life I have never experienced anything as worrying and as extreme as what we’re seeing at the moment,” Robinson said. “You’re not going to be able to rely on your local politician or the mainstream media to suddenly pick up this issue. We’re in a phase where people need to mobilize, and that’s what we’re seeing. And that means not relying on your mainstream or established political parties.”

The growing protest movements in France and Italy will need to continue to intensify and spread beyond Europe if they are going to be successful.

People must get out and start organizing and communicating with like-minded groups. That’s the key, as Robinson sees it.

“We will have to see how this develops, the people getting out in the streets and the new political parties representing those views. Will that start to change the course of what we’re seeing?”

Robinson’s gut feeling is that it will, but one can sense his hesitancy to become too optimistic.

“I sort of have a feeling in my own heart, maybe just my instinct, that it’s so extreme what is being proposed: lockdowns, and vaccinating children, people being forced to vaccinate. This is so extreme that as this goes on, the numbers who are willing to organize and join new parties will increase.

“We can’t see for sure what is going to happen. My guestimate at the moment, is the propaganda around Covid 19 is quite a fragile bubble.

“In my career researching and exposing propaganda I’ve never seen this number of people who are waking up.

“All the alarm bells are ringing with anyone who has a knowledge of history, and a knowledge of propaganda, how governments don’t always operate in the best interests of their populations. All the alarm bells are ringing, and we are in extremely dangerous times, unfortunately, and very worrying for the future.”

So what is the end game?

“There are some great investigative journalists out there, who have reported on the World Economic Forum and the idea that the end game is a restructuring of society which involves more control over individuals and their lives by the state,” Robinson said.

“There are many theories out there. But one thing is clear; this all seems to be driving toward a real end to proper freedom. If you have a vaccination passport which you need to get into your supermarket, you’re not actually free anymore.”

Digital currencies are another thing that seems to be in the offing.

“This gives a tremendous shift in power to governments,” he said. “This is all pretty anti-democratic. If you think democracy and freedom are generally good things, and I’m one of them who does, this is all extremely concerning.

“We are at a pivotal moment…it could go either way. That’s why people must mobilize and realize something is wrong beyond Covid-19.”

As for the QR codes on the vaccine passports, “we should have all learned a lesson after 9/11, with the Patriot Act, surveillance, monitoring everything, and governments, if they can get away with it, will exploit all of this.”

Seeing the writing on the wall, some resisters are already talking about buying swaths of land and forming self-supporting communities that exist off the grid.

“Hopefully,” Robinson mused, “it isn’t coming to that.”

— Read on leohohmann.com/2021/08/10/renowned-propaganda-expert-worst-is-still-to-come-in-global-psy-op-if-people-do-not-rise-up-and-resist/

August 10 Evening Quotes of The Day

No Mortifying Sin Without the Spirit
Romans 8:2, 6–13; Colossians 3:5–10

It is the Spirit alone that can mortify sin; he is promised to do it, and all other means without him are empty and vain. How shall he, then, mortify sin that has not the Spirit? A man may easier see without eyes, speak without a tongue, than truly mortify one sin without the Spirit.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Satan Fears a Soul United to God
James 4:7–8

Satan fears a soul united with God, as he fears God Himself.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Love and Seek True Wisdom — VCY America

I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. (Proverbs 8:17)

Wisdom loves her lovers and seeks her seekers. He is already wise who seeks to be wise, and he has almost found wisdom who diligently seeks her. What is true of wisdom in general is specially true of wisdom embodied in our Lord Jesus. Him we are to love and to seek, and in return we shall enjoy His love and find Himself.

Our business is to seek Jesus early in life. Happy are the young whose morning is spent with Jesus! It is never too soon to seek the Lord Jesus. Early seekers make certain finders. We should seek Him early by diligence. Thriving tradesmen are early risers, and thriving saints seek Jesus eagerly. Those who find Jesus to their enrichment give their hearts to seeking Him. We must seek Him first, and thus earliest. Above all things Jesus. Jesus first and nothing else even as a bad second.

The blessing is that He will be found. He reveals Himself more and more clearly to our search…. Happy men who seek One who, when He is found, remains with them forever, a treasure growingly precious to their hearts and understandings.

Lord Jesus, I have found Thee; be found of me to an unutterable degree of joyous satisfaction.

Love and Seek True Wisdom — VCY America

August 10 Evening Verse of The Day

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eb1c7a87-15be-4368-a31a-c2ef8f845b73-928-0000004d1d33757e_file.jpg

28:1 Typical of ancient Near Eastern covenant documents, Deuteronomy contains in this chapter blessings (vv. 1–14) and curses (vv. 15–68) promised on the basis of Israel’s response of obedience. This is one of the most important chapters in the O.T., furnishing the basis on which the prophets preached repentance to later generations of Israel (e.g., Amos 4:6–13). As testified by the arguments of Job’s friends, however (cf. Job 8:3–7, 20–22; 11:13–20; 15:20–35), the corporate and national focus of these promises was often missed, even in biblical times. The blessings and curses came to be removed from their covenant context and were applied contractually to individuals, so that wealth was regarded as symptomatic of righteousness, and suffering as consequential of sin. Jesus flatly declared this to be false (John 9:3; cf. Matt. 19:23–25). Although immeasurable blessings of every kind were (and are) promised to men and women of faith, receipt of material blessings was not necessarily assured in this life (unless they were specifically promised to an individual, as they were to Abraham). Material as well as spiritual blessings in this life were being promised in Deut. 28 only to the righteous nation of Israel.[1]

28:1 above all the nations of the earth This conditional promise (compare 26:19; 28:14) links blessing and obedience (see 4:26–28, 40; 5:30–33; 6:16–19; 7:12; 8:1; compare Lev 26).[2]

Deut. 28:1. And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken. He teaches the same thing as before in different words; but the diversity of expression, as well as the repetition, tends to its confirmation. First, God says that He would deal with them so bountifully that they should excel all other nations; for this is the meaning of the words, that they should be illustrious above all the rest of the world on account of the special blessings of God. He afterwards enumerates the blessings which shall never depart from them, if they persevere in the service of God; and here it must be observed that they are reminded, not only in how many ways God is bountiful towards His servants, but also to how many necessities they are exposed, which require His direct and constant aid; for if we are blessed in the city and in the field, we can no more move a foot than stand still, except by His blessing. Such also is the tendency of the whole list, that a scarcity of all things impends over us at every moment, unless God should continually succour us by remedies sent down from heaven, and that every good thing can only come from that one source.[3]

1 The passage begins with language directly reflecting the substance of 26:16–19. A conditional statement (v. 1a) is followed by a promise (v. 1b); if Israel obeys the commandments of God, then blessing will follow. This principle, together with its converse (v. 15), provides the basic foundation for interpreting ch. 28. High above all the nations of the earth—see also 26:19. The setting, within which the blessing or cursing of God was to be experienced, was an international one; given this large perspective of men and nations, it is easy to forget that Israel at this time was a people without a land. The international theme emerges clearly in the sermon that follows and it is given two emphases, (a) There is an emphasis on the internal blessing of God on his people, indicating the health and prosperity of the nation per se. (b) There is also an emphasis on the strength and vitality of Israel vis-a-vis other nations. The converse of both these emphases appears in the following section dealing with curses; Israel not only would experience disaster within her communal life as a result of disobedience, but would be openly humiliated among other nations.[4]

[1] Criswell, W. A., Patterson, P., Clendenen, E. R., Akin, D. L., Chamberlin, M., Patterson, D. K., & Pogue, J. (Eds.). (1991). Believer’s Study Bible (electronic ed., Dt 28:1). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

[2] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Dt 28:1). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[3] Calvin, J., & Bingham, C. W. (2010). Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses Arranged in the Form of a Harmony (Vol. 3, p. 220). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[4] Craigie, P. C. (1976). The Book of Deuteronomy (p. 336). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

He Grants Protection and Serenity — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.” Psalm 34:7

A few years ago, I was driving home from a birthday party. It was raining and dark. I came to an intersection and was driving through when the light turned yellow. At that exact moment, a car turned left through the intersection and drove right in front of me. I didn’t even have time to put on the brakes. I hit the car.

I had never had an accident before and had always dreaded the thought of it.  When the car stopped moving, I sat there a little dazed and prayed, “Lord, I’ve never had an accident before, what do I do now?” I had just finished my prayer when a man came to the car and asked, “Are you OK?”  I told him that I was, but I wasn’t sure what to do next. He said he would call the police.

The front of my car was buckled and steaming so I got out to check the damage. The damage was extensive and I realized the car was probably a write-off. The incredible thing about that evening was that I was perfectly calm. The Lord surrounded me with such calmness that I knew it was a miracle. I remember thinking, “I think I’m supposed to be crying or something.”

The police called my husband, our daughter and son-in-law. They were all more shaken up than I was. I was able to be at work the next day. Recognizing God’s protection and peace in traumatic circumstances, I rejoiced and was filled with overwhelming love for Him.

Dear God, thank you for surrounding us and filling us with your peace. Thank you for sending people when we need help. Thank you for your presence. Thank you that you never leave or forsake us.  Amen.

by Katherine Kehler
Used by Permission

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He Grants Protection and Serenity — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Be Still and Know — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

BE – God, I say ‘yes’ to You. I choose to allow Your way to shape me and Your will to direct me in what is best. I surrender instead of resist, I yield instead of fight, I believe instead of doubt.

STILL – Father, may Your rest abide and Your peace abound within me. Quiet all anxiety that troubles my thoughts and unsettles my emotions. I bring my soul under the control of the Holy Spirit; I stand steady upon the unmovable foundations of Your kingdom; I receive the sufficiency of Your grace and the encouragement of Your promises as you calm my soul.

AND KNOW – Lord, thank you that Your word is sure, unchanging, and indisputable. Your word is true. I am certain. You have saved me from guessing, wondering, wishing, or pretending. I know! I believe!

I AM GOD – You are who You say You are. You do what You say You do. There is no other! You are the highest, the greatest, the best. You have no weakness, no lack, and no equal. You are my God, and my Heavenly Father. I find comfort in Your nearness, security in Your voice, courage in Your strength, hope in Your promises. You are enough. More than enough! You are with me. You are my refuge. I am safe in Your care.

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; The God of Jacob is our refuge.” Psalm 46:10-11

By Roy Lessin
Used by Permission

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Be Still and Know — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

August 10 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

“Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be”
Proverbs 22:7

Neither a borrower, nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Receiving the Bitter and the Sweet from God
Job 1:21; 2:10; Isaiah 30:21; 40:31

Whoever loves God receives from His hand the bitter as well as the sweet, and both with equal gratitude. And he who holds little by man, or by his own exertion, but puts all his trust in God, walks in the way that is right and good, and nothing shall turn him out of it.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Aug. 10, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

“The Army (considering the irritable state it is in, its suffering and composition) is a dangerous instrument to play with.” —George Washington (1783)

Biden Mandates Trump Vaccine for All Troops

All of a sudden, the Left has become remarkably fond of Donald Trump’s vaccines.

Democrats’ Radical Spending Agenda

Between “infrastructure” and their reconciliation bill, transformational debt is coming.

UN Climate Report Not as Alarming as Alarmists Claim

The IPCC’s latest report suggests the climate is estimated to warm 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040.

Shifting Goalposts Is Never a Good Sign

Leftists routinely change their rules when it suits their political purposes.

Biden’s Immigration Dereliction Deserves Impeachment

A Republican wants Biden impeached over his failure enforce U.S. border law.

A Silver Lining in the GOP Cloud

Lessons from previous midterms elections should give conservatives some hope.

More Hypocrisy From Woke Corporate America

Corporations remain silent on why they chose to suspend political contributions to Republicans.

In Brief: Democrats Are Distracting Us With ‘Infrastructure’

In doing so, says former Senator Jim DeMint, they’re keeping our attention away from the catastrophe on our southern border.

Tuesday Executive News Summary

Inflation bomb, military vaccine mandate, Rashida Tlaib’s double standard, and more.

Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Mike Pompeo, Ben Shapiro, Jim Acosta, and more.

Reader Comments

What follows are a few thought-provoking comments about specific articles.

Video: ‘Chock-Full of Stupid Stuff’

Senator John Kennedy explains his “no” vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Video: ‘With All Due Respect, I Find That Deplorable’

Ron DeSantis blasts a reporter who asked if children who are in the hospital with COVID-19 should have worn masks.

Video: Vet Confronted by Trans Councilman Over ‘Offensive’ Sign

The sign read, “If you weren’t born with a [blank] then you are not a chick.”


The Biden Blowout Is Just Beginning
It will be up to relatively moderate Democrats to decide whether the party goes all-in on fiscal radicalism.

Republicans Must Not Save the Biden Admin From the Ashbin of History
Seventeen Republicans are joining every Senate Democrat to advance a $1.2 trillion-dollar bill.

DeSantis Is Standing Up to the Weenies
The Florida governor increasingly resembles the type of leader the country needs.

Fixing the Biden Bug Out in Afghanistan
Ending America’s longest war is the right thing to do. But doing the right thing the wrong way can result in disaster.

Olympics USA Beats Communist China
American athletes won four gold medals on the final day — giving us 39 gold medals to communist China’s 38.

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For more of today’s cartoons, visit the Cartoons archive.

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

10 Aug 2021 News Briefing


Welcome to 1938: First, they came for the unvaccinated
This is 1938. I’m a Jew. I now understand just a little of what it felt like to be a Jew in 1938. No, it’s not the Holocaust. Nothing can be compared to the Holocaust. Ever. But 1938 was not the Holocaust. It was the pre-Holocaust. It was the time before the nightmare, when the foundation was being laid to destroy the freedom, free speech, businesses and lives of millions of Jews. Everything happening today to the American people … to the U.S. Constitution … to freedom … and particularly to unvaccinated Americans reminds me of 1938. This is only the beginning. It gets much worse from here. Lockdowns are a match with the Warsaw Ghetto.

“Lutheran” Pastor Says the Great Commission is the Source of Systemic Racism
It should go without saying that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is neither Evangelical nor Lutheran. The fact that a pro-sexually immoral, pro-abortion, feminist can stand up wearing men’s pastoral garb while spouting out anti-Christian nonsense pretty much eliminates any actual connection to the true bride of Christ by this organization calling itself a “church.” Nonetheless, a supposedly “Lutheran” pastrix, Dawn Hutchings of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Ontario, Canada, stands up demanding that we abandon the Great Commission because, well, it’s fake and it has nothing to do with the gospel. Instead, she’s convinced, it is the source of systemic racism.

U.S. House candidate: ‘We should be allowed to shoot’ anyone who doesn’t take COVID seriously enough
We should be allowed to shoot anyone who makes practical arguments regarding COVID-19, according to one 2022 California congressional candidate. The candidate is Steve Cox, an independent running to represent California’s 39th Congressional District. Heart disease, cancer, accidents, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease and Alzheimer’s disease all killed more people in June than COVID did. But those who wish to point out that fact deserve to be shot, according to Cox.

The Clock Is Ticking – Countdown To Conflict Between Israel And Iran
The clock has been ticking for a long time, and now Israel is telling us that Iran is “only around 10 weeks away from acquiring weapons-grade materials necessary for a nuclear weapon”. The Israelis have always been very clear about the fact that they will never, ever allow the Iranians to get to that point, and so that would appear to leave only 10 weeks remaining to avert a major war in the Middle East.

“It’s A Biblical Catastrophe” – Are The Cataclysmic Fires All Over The World A Preview Of What Is Coming?
Have you noticed that apocalyptic wildfires have been erupting all over the globe this summer? Of course every year there are wildfires, and that has been true all throughout human history. But what we are witnessing this year has truly been unprecedented. In just the past couple of weeks, we have seen historic fires in the United States, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon and Russia. Hundreds of colossal fires are currently raging around the planet as you read this article, and we are only about halfway through the summer at this point. Authorities are warning that more gigantic fires are surely coming during the second half, because much of North America and Europe is dry as a bone right now.

NY sheriff ready to arrest NY governor cuomo! says sheriff’s will not be intimidated, it’s sheriff job to arrest cuomo
“This is obviously a very high-profile investigation,” Sheriff Craig Apple said at a news conference. “There’s a lot of information out there. We have a lot of fact-finding to do, we have a lot of interviews to do. We’re going to conduct a very comprehensive investigation, as my investigators and my staff always do, and when the data and the facts are compiled, we’ll make a decision at that point.” The sheriff said Cuomo could potentially face a misdemeanor charge, or “possibly a couple,” if the investigation were to lead to that.

Leftist Democrats target Jerusalem
Seven members of Congress try to revoke tax-exempt donations to US charities supporting Jews in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem. The Democratic Party left won’t relent in their anti-Israel bigotry.

Toronto protesters call for violence against Jews
B’nai Brith Canada condemns ongoing failure by authorities to prevent hateful rallies targeting Israeli Jews in downtown Toronto.

Is the ADL a Greater Threat to Liberty than the Extremists it Targets?
The Anti-Defamation League is using its standing as an authority on hate to try to shut down speech they deem to be unworthy of protection. The group, which has transitioned from being the apolitical defender of the Jewish community to a partisan outfit allied to the “progressive” movement,

Levite sings ‘Song of Ascents” on the Stairs leading to Holy of Holies
Echoing his ancestors from 2,000 years ago, a Levite musician ascended to the Temple Mount and in the face of Muslim opposition, sang the Song of Ascents in the same spot his ancestors sang the same verses in the service of the Temple. On Saturday night, the month of Elul began. Elul marks a period of austerity and increased devotions focused on repentance in preparation for the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur that occur in the beginning of the following month, Tishrei.

Antifa Mob Attacks Christians during Prayer Event in Portland
“Antifa just rolled in like an angry mob, started throwing flash bombs at everybody, macing everybody … rotten eggs. They threw a flash bomb into a group of kids that were out there from four months old to like 10.”

Black former cop slams ‘destructive’ media narrative on police brutality
A black former police officer is encouraging Christians to examine the facts regarding police shootings of black men instead of blindly believing the prevailing narrative put forth by the mainstream media, Hollywood and politicians.

Thousands forced to evacuate as massive wildfire spreads through Greek island of Evia
A massive wildfire burning in the northern part of the island of Evia, Greece since August 3, 2021, has forced more than 2 500 people to evacuate their homes.

Intense and long-lasting heatwave expected over Europe
A massive heat dome over the Mediterranean Sea is set to bring another long-lasting, intense heatwave across parts of southern Europe this week. High temperatures are expected to spread into central Europe and continue through August 22.

CDC flip-flops AGAIN, now admits “fully vaccinated” people are spreading COVID-19
Back in March, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared that it was impossible for people who have been “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to spread it to others. As of July 27, however, the CDC has flip-flopped by deciding that Fauci Flu shot recipients are, in fact, actively spreading disease.

American Academy of Pediatrics demands that all children be masked forever, regardless of vaccination status
The genocidal freaks who run the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have announced that their new twisted desire is to see all children two years of age and older be permanently muzzled with face masks, even if they have already been injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

China’s Delta Outbreak Worsens As Goldman, Bank Of America Cut Growth Forecasts
“Considering the long distance still to herd immunity, we continue to expect a slow recovery in consumption activities.” -BofA.

International travelers need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 “for evermore,” warns top UK secretary
A leading government minister in the United Kingdom has warned that people will need to be fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to travel internationally “for evermore.”

THE SCAMDEMIC NEVER ENDS: Fauci says another variant of COVID “worse that Delta” has surfaced with endless lockdowns and restrictions sure to follow
Do you remember when we are all told that the government just wanted “two weeks to slow the spread” of the COVID-19 virus? That seems so long ago, though it wasn’t.

UN Secretary General António Guterres Declares A ‘CODE RED’ Global Climate Change Emergency Saying The ‘Alarm Bells Are Deafening’
Today the UN ‘sounded the alarm’, and like Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘A Few Good Men’, they have ‘issued the Code Red’ on Climate Change, saying that the damage that has been done cannot be undone for maybe another thousand years. Maybe. But the good news is that the Carbon Tax will help hold off the inevitable. Welcome to the Unintentional Climate Comedy Hour where the joke is always…on you! Did I say ‘unintentional’? How funny.

Pentagon Pulls Trigger: Will Order All Troops To Get COVID Vaccine By Sept.15
Some already talking class-action lawsuits based on experimental “emergency-use” nature of jab…

The 2020 Election Was Stolen by Soros and the CHICOMS by Controlling Key County and State Officials Across America
This is the first another series of articles on the Maricopa County election audit. As I continue with my coverage of the fluid events in Arizona, the number of Arizona elected individuals who have sold out Arizona and the rest of the nation, has grown to epidemic proportions. I now strongly suspect that some of the officials of Arizona’s Yavapai and Mohave Counties are compromised in much the same manner as are the growing list of Arizona and Maricopa County elected officials.

Live Q&A: Apple Begins Scanning Photos From All iPhones; US Warns of China’s Growing Nuke Arsenal
Apple will begin scanning photos from all iPhones in an effort it says is to combat child abuse. And in other news, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently warned about the rapid growth of China’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

“He Takes Care Of The Little Girls” – Leon Black’s Ex-Mistress Shares Explosive New Details About “Best Friend” Jeffrey Epstein
“You have to understand that [Jeffrey and Leon] are sex addicts…You have to let them do whatever they want with you…”

Iran’s Raisi, Macron discuss resumption of nuclear talks
“In any negotiation, the rights of the Iranian nation should be secured and guaranteed,” Raisi says, criticizing the US for abandoning the accord and reimposing crushing sanctions under former President Donald Trump.

Senators reach bipartisan deal on cryptocurrency amendment
Republican Sens. Pat Toomey (Pa.) and Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.) said an amendment to the infrastructure bill that would redefine who falls subject to cryptocurrency regulation requirements will be brought for a unanimous consent vote on Monday afternoon after a group  of bipartisan senators and the Treasury Department came to an agreement.

Hundreds of Philippine hospitals near full capacity as virus cases surge
Nearly a fifth of hospitals in the Philippines are close to full capacity as a surge in COVID-19 infections, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus, spreads across the Southeast Asian country, the health ministry said on Monday.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/08/10/10-aug-2021/

Christian Group Petitions Fisher-Price To Replace Nativity Playset Depicting Holy Family as WhitePosted: 10 Aug 2021 07:03 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Fisher-Price’s deluxe Little People Christmas Story playset features a light-up star, a musical stable, three wise men, and a number of animals, all fashioned in their beloved round-bodied figures that are easy for little hands to hold.The playset also features a white holy family. Faithful America, an online community of Christians of all denominations advocating for social justice, is encouraging Fisher-Price to change its depiction of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus before the start of the 2021 holiday season, saying it “fuels white supremacy.”“Most of the time we only see white Jesus, and every new image of white Jesus just reinforces that.Continue reading Christian Group Petitions Fisher-Price To Replace Nativity Playset Depicting Holy Family as White at End Time Headlines.
Joe Rogan warns that vaccine passports are leading us ‘one step closer’ to dictatorshipPosted: 10 Aug 2021 06:45 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – Joe Rogan blasted so-called vaccine passports on “The Joe Rogan Experience” late last week, warning that people do not understand history and that the move would push the U.S. “one step closer” to being a “dictatorship.”According to the Daily Wire, Rogan started off by talking about remarks that CNN host Don Lemon made that were purportedly in favor of vaccine passports, noting that the people who support the idea are “dumb.” “They don’t understand history, they don’t understand human beings,” Rogan said.Continue reading Joe Rogan warns that vaccine passports are leading us ‘one step closer’ to dictatorship at End Time Headlines.
A Judge just gave a man an ultimatum: “Get the COVID vaccine or violate probation and spend time in jail”Posted: 10 Aug 2021 06:22 AM PDT(ETH) – Get the COVID-19 vaccine or violate probation – that is the ultimatum a judge in Hamilton County, Ohio, gave to a man in court Wednesday. According to a report from WVLT 8 News, Brandon Rutherford says he was thrown that curveball by Common Pleas Judge Christopher Wagner while he waited to be sentenced for drug-related charges.“[Judge Wagner] wanted to know, was I vaccinated, and I told him no, and I told him I ain’t planning on getting the vaccine,” said Rutherford.Continue reading A Judge just gave a man an ultimatum: “Get the COVID vaccine or violate probation and spend time in jail” at End Time Headlines.
Things are heating up in Florida as Governor DeSantis threatens to withhold salaries of officials requiring masks for studentsPosted: 10 Aug 2021 06:06 AM PDT(ETH) – As the majority of Florida’s K-12 schools prepare to reopen campuses at full capacity this week — many of them on Tuesday — Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that the state Board of Education could withhold pay from school leaders who implement mask mandates for students.According to a report from NPR, The move to potentially punish educators follows days of controversy during which school district superintendents and school board members seeking to comply with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines ignored an executive order from DeSantis banning school districts from requiring students to wear face masks.Continue reading Things are heating up in Florida as Governor DeSantis threatens to withhold salaries of officials requiring masks for students at End Time Headlines.
West Africa placed on high alert as first case of deadly Ebola-like Marburg virus with 88% fatality rate detectedPosted: 10 Aug 2021 05:50 AM PDT(ETH) – A highly infectious hemorrhagic virus similar to Ebola has been detected for the first time in West Africa, triggering a rush to identify potential contacts and squash the outbreak before it spreads.According to the Telegraph, the Marburg virus was detected in a male patient in Guinea who has since died, according to the World Health Organization. The pathogen is from the same family of viruses as Ebola, but it has no known vaccines or treatments and a fatality rate as high as 88 percent.Continue reading West Africa placed on high alert as first case of deadly Ebola-like Marburg virus with 88% fatality rate detected at End Time Headlines.
Schools go against DeSantis, now require masks… Florida Races to Find Open Beds…Posted: 09 Aug 2021 06:09 PM PDT(ETH) – The superintendent of the school district in Florida’s capital said Monday that he will require students to wear masks amid an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations fueled by the delta variant, defying the governor’s attempts to block schools from imposing such a mandate.According to the Associated Press, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office responded by saying the state’s Board of Education could move to withhold salaries from the superintendent or school board members.Continue reading Schools go against DeSantis, now require masks… Florida Races to Find Open Beds… at End Time Headlines.
Abbott appeals for out-of-state help against COVID-19 surge as catastrophe imminentPosted: 09 Aug 2021 05:50 PM PDT(ETH) – Gov. Greg Abbott appealed for out-of-state help Monday to fight the third wave of COVID-19 in Texas. According to the Associated Press, The request came as a county-owned hospital in Houston raised tents to accommodate their COVID-19 overflow.Private hospitals in the county already were requiring their staff to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Meantime, the Dallas school district announced Monday that it would require students and staff to wear face masks starting Tuesday.Continue reading Abbott appeals for out-of-state help against COVID-19 surge as catastrophe imminent at End Time Headlines.
Global “Middle Finger to End Christianity” event to take place on August 12thPosted: 09 Aug 2021 11:39 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – No this is not a title from the Babylon Bee but an actual organized online event that is planned for this Thursday at 2 pm Eastern.According to the description of the event posted on Facebook, Everyone will come together and “give a middle finger to the sky to end Christianity and create more Atheists”.  It goes on to say it will also help fight the Global Prayer so “their sky daddy won’t snatch us up”This shouldn’t be very shocking to anyone who knows the signs of the End Times as the bible describes humanity doing such things in the Book of Revelation:“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom became full of darkness, and they gnawed their tongues because of the pain.Continue reading Global “Middle Finger to End Christianity” event to take place on August 12th at End Time Headlines.
Man joins the Navy just to prove the Earth is “Flat” only to quickly find out that he was wrongPosted: 09 Aug 2021 10:41 AM PDT(OPINION) ETH – A Flat Earth conspiracy theorist joined the US Navy to prove his beliefs that the Earth was flat – but gave up after being passed a pair of binoculars according to a crewmate.According to the Daily Star, The naval officer checked his ship’s location, speed, and direction every day while in open seas during his search for evidence that the planet was not round. But he ended up realizing the Earth was a globe after being handed a pair of binoculars and being unable to see land past the horizon, a fellow naval officer said on Reddit.Continue reading Man joins the Navy just to prove the Earth is “Flat” only to quickly find out that he was wrong at End Time Headlines.
Pentagon will require all troops to be vaccinated by Sept. 15thPosted: 09 Aug 2021 10:28 AM PDT(ETH) – According to a report from the Associated Press, The Pentagon will require members of the U.S. military to get the COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 15, according to a memo obtained by Associated Press. That deadline could be pushed up if the vaccine receives final FDA approval or infection rates continue to rise.“I will seek the president’s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon” licensure by the Food and Drug Administration “whichever comes first,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says in the memo to troops, warning them to prepare for the requirement.Continue reading Pentagon will require all troops to be vaccinated by Sept. 15th at End Time Headlines.

Biden accuser Tara Reade reacts to Cuomo’s resignation, calls for ‘real investigation’ into president

Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who alleged last year that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, weighed in on the stunning resignation of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment scandal.

Source: Biden accuser Tara Reade reacts to Cuomo’s resignation, calls for ‘real investigation’ into president