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Worldview and Apologetics in the News — Truthbomb Apologetics

September 11 Evening Quotes of The Day

A Soul Possessed with Divine Love
Matthew 6:33; Psalm 37:3–5

Behold! on what sure foundations his happiness is built whose soul is possessed with divine love, whose will is transformed into the will of God, and whose greatest desire is that his Maker should be pleased. O the peace, the rest, the satisfaction that attends such a temper of mind!


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Despair Comes from Having Nothing to Do
Ecclesiastes 10:18; 11:6

Nothing is so insufferable to man as to be completely at rest, without passions, without business, without diversion, without study. He then feels his nothingness, his forlornness, his insufficiency, his dependence, his weakness, his emptiness. There will immediately arise from the depth of his heart weariness, gloom, sadness, fretfulness, vexation, despair.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Life-Giving Stream — VCY America

And it shall come to pass, that every thing that liveth, which moveth, whithersoever the rivers shall come, shall live. (Ezekiel 47:9)

The living waters, in the prophet’s vision, flowed into the Dead Sea and carried life with them, even into that stagnant lake. Where grace goes, spiritual life is the immediate and the everlasting consequence. Grace proceeds sovereignly according to the will of God, even as a river in all its windings follows its own sweet will; and wherever it comes it does not wait for life to come to it, but it creates life by its own quickening flow. Oh, that it would pour along our streets and flood our slums! Oh, that it would now come into my house and rise till every chamber were made to swim with it! Lord, let the living water flow to my family and my friends, and let it not pass me by. I hope I have drunk of it already; but I desire to bathe in it, yea, to swim in it. O my Savior, I need life more abundantly. Come to me, I pray Thee, till every part of my nature is vividly energetic and intensely active. Living God, I pray Thee, fill me with Thine own life.

I am a poor, dry stick; come and make me so to live that, like Aaron’s rod, I may bud and blossom and bring forth fruit unto Thy glory. Quicken me, for the sake of my Lord Jesus. Amen.

The Life-Giving Stream — VCY America

September 11 – The Lord’s Day restores clarity — Reformed Perspective

You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory. – Psalm 73:24

Scripture reading: Nahum 2:4-9 and Ps. 73

Confusion. If asked to summarize these verses in a single word, that is the word I’d choose. A mighty people, once the haughty plunderer of nations, is now thrown down. Instead of orderly waves of chariots going out to battle, panicked charioteers are independently trying to save themselves. Some are protecting their possessions. Some remember they are supposed to be soldiers and they see to the defences of the city, but courage is draining away. Soldiers are melting away. Riches are carried away. It is as if the city, overflowing with pomp, wealth and power, is draining like a bathtub with a pulled plug.

How long had the people of God hated the Assyrians and yet been jealous of their wealth? How long did they envy the armies which once swept across nations and desired the gains of gold and silver? It is easy to fall into the trap of admiring the rich and powerful. It is tempting to think, as the Psalmist does, that they never have any problems, “Until I went into the sanctuary of God, then I discerned their end” (Psalm 73:17).

Tomorrow is the LORD’s Day. We are reminded that all mighty armies and seemingly unassailable kings and tyrants answer to one Master. As the people of LORD worship, the decrees of God are confirmed, proven in Jesus Christ. The Spirit helps believers to see there is only One eternal power and He is our strength and portion forever. Our God brings order to the confusion of our lives.

Suggestions for prayer

Have you been envious of others and their successes? Confess it before the LORD; ask that the LORD of power will give you insight into His sure promises which one day will result in the open exaltation of Jesus Christ before Whom every knee will bow.

Rev. Richard T. Vander Vaart serves as a visiting prison chaplain in Moncton, New Brunswick for Redemption Prison Ministry. A few years ago he and his wife Carolyn became members of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. They both enjoy hosting friends for dinner and games nights. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

September 11 – The Lord’s Day restores clarity — Reformed Perspective

September 11 Evening Verse of The Day

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1:8 will sustain you. Paul encourages his readers by assuring them that God, who began a work of grace in them, can be trusted to complete it. Indeed, they will be presented “guiltless” at the time of Christ’s return. Note the similarities between vv. 8, 9 and Phil. 1:6, 10 (cf. Eph. 5:26, 27; 1 Thess. 5:23, 24).[1]

1:8 blameless Meaning being free from accusation (compare Col 1:22; 1 Tim 3:10; Titus 1:6–7).

day of our Lord Refers to the day when Christ will fully inaugurate justice in the world by delivering His followers and purging the world of evil (see note on 1 Thess 4:16; compare note on 1 Thess 5:2).[2]

1:8 the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cf. 5:5; 2Co 1:14. This refers to the coming of the Lord for His church, the rapture (Jn 14:1–3; 1Th 4:13–18; Rev 3:10). This is to be distinguished from the Day of the Lord (1Th 5:2, 4; 2Th 2:2), a term referring to judgment on the ungodly (see Introduction to Joel: Historical and Theological Themes).[3]

1:8. The Lord whom the Corinthians eagerly expected will also confirm them to the end. Paul is expressive of his desire here that through the Lord’s power his readers would one day stand blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. The verb confirm in this verse and v 6 means “to make to stand” or “to make stable.” The word blameless (anenklētos) is used only four other times in the NT, all in Paul (Col 1:22; 1 Tim 3:10; Titus 1:6–7).

The day of the Lord Jesus Christ refers to the Judgment Seat of Christ (the Bēma). In different places Paul calls this time “the day of the Lord Jesus,” “the day of Jesus Christ,” and “the day of Christ” (cf. 1 Cor 5:5; 2 Cor 1:14; Phil 1:6, 10; 2:16; 2 Thess 2:2). The believer who is found blameless at the Bema will hear the Lord’s “well done” (Luke 19:17; 2 Cor 5:10).[4]

1:8 Now Paul expresses the confidence that the Lord will also confirm the saints to the end, that they might be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Once again it is striking that Paul’s thanksgiving is concerned with what God will do rather than with what the Corinthians have done. Because they have trusted Christ, and because God confirmed this fact by giving the gifts of the Spirit to them, Paul was confident that God would keep them for Himself until Christ’s coming for His people.[5]

1:8. The gifts of the Spirit displayed in Corinth gave Paul great confidence that God would keep them safe until the end of this age. The day of our Lord Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies concerning the great “day of the Lord” (Amos 5:18–20; Joel 2:31). That day will bring judgment against the enemies of God and wondrous reward for God’s people (Joel 3:14–21; 2 Pet. 3:10–13). Although Paul later warned the Corinthians that flagrant apostasy could prove their faith in vain (1 Cor. 9:27; 10:1–12), he fully expected them to be blameless, without guilt.[6]

NASB, NKJV  “who will also confirm you to the end”  
NRSV  “He will also strengthen you to the end”  
TEV  “He will keep you firm to the end”  
NJB  “he will continue to give you strength till the very end”  

Throughout vv. 4–9 the active agent of the PASSIVE VERBS has been God. However, v. 8 is ambiguous. Some commentators think that for the first time in this section Christ is the referent of “who.” It seems contextually better to assume that God the Father is still the active agent who sustains believers and establishes their acceptableness.

The term “confirm” was used in v. 6. This church needed to be stabilized to be constant and unwavering. This is one of the main purposes of Paul’s letters to them. Christ’s gospel was confirmed (v. 6) and they will be confirmed by God’s help (v. 8). In 2 Cor. 2:8 Paul wants their love for him to be confirmed.

The Bible has two seemingly paradoxical truths about the believer’s relationship with God: (1) it is covenantal in nature; therefore, it involves an initial and an ongoing faith and repentant response. We must be diligent to maintain our relationship. (2) it is secure in God’s faithfulness (cf. Jude 24). No one can steal our relationship from us (cf. John 6:37, 39; 10:28; Rom. 8:38–39). Security and perseverance are both biblical (cf. Eph. 2:8–9, 10 and Phil. 2:12–13). They are the two necessary aspects of “covenant.”

© “blameless” See Special Topic following.

SPECIAL TOPIC: BLAMELESS, INNOCENT, GUILTLESS, WITHOUT REPROACH A.   Opening Statements 1.    This concept theologically describes mankind’s original state (Gen. 1, the Garden of Eden). 2.    Sin and rebellion have decimated this condition of perfect fellowship (Gen. 3). 3.    Humans (male and female) long for the restoration of fellowship with God because they are made in His image and likeness (Gen. 1:26–27). 4.    God has dealt with sinful mankind in several ways a.    godly leaders (Abraham, Moses, Isaiah) b.   sacrificial system (Lev. 1–7) c.    godly examples (Noah, Job) 5.    Ultimately God provided the Messiah a.    as full revelation of Himself b.   as the perfect sacrifice for sin 6.    Christians are made blameless a.    legally through Christ’s imputed righteousness b.   progressively through the work of the Spirit c.    the goal of Christianity is Christlikeness (cf. Rom. 8:28–29; Eph. 1:4), which in reality, is the restoration of the Fall. 7.    Heaven is a restoration of the perfect fellowship of the Garden of Eden. Heaven is the New Jerusalem coming down from God (cf. Rev. 21:2) to a purified earth (cf. 2 Pet. 3:10). The Bible begins and ends on the same themes. a.    fellowship with God b.   in a garden setting c.    by prophetic statement, the presence and companionship of animals (cf. Isa. 11:6–9). B.   Old Testament 1.    There are so many different Hebrew words that carry the concepts of perfection, blamelessness, and innocence that it would be hard to name and show all the intricate relationships. 2.    The main terms carrying the concepts of perfection, guiltlessness, or innocence (according to Robert B. Girdlestone, Synonyms of the Old Testament, pp. 94–99) are: a.    shalom b.   thamam c.    calah 3.    The Septuagint (the Bible of the early church) translates many of these concepts into Koine Greek terms used in the NT. 4.    The key concept is connected to the sacrificial system. a.    amōmos (cf. Exod. 29:1; Lev. 1:3, 10; 3:1, 6, 9; Num. 6:14; Ps. 26:1, 11) b.   amiantos and aspilus also have cultic connotations C.   New Testament 1.    the legal concept a.    Hebrew legal cultic connotation is translated by amōmos (cf. Eph. 5:27; Phil. 2:15; 1 Pet. 1:19) b.   Greek legal connotation (cf. 1 Cor. 1:8; Col. 1:22) 1.    Christ is the sinless, blameless, innocent One (amōmos) (cf. Heb. 9:14; 1 Pet. 1:19) 2.    Christ’s followers must emulate Him (amōmos) (cf. Eph. 1:4; 5:27; Phil. 2:15; Col. 1:22; 2 Pet. 3:14; Jude 24; Rev. 14:5) 3.    This concept is also used of church leaders a.    “without accusation” anegklētos (cf. 1 Tim. 3:10; Titus 1:6–7) b.   “above criticism” or “no handle for reproach” anepileptos (cf. 1 Tim. 3:2; 5:7; 6:14; Titus 2:8) 5.    The concept of “undefiled” (amiantos) is used of a.    Christ Himself (cf. Heb. 7:26) b.   the Christian’s inheritance (cf. 1 Pet. 1:4) 6.    The concept of “wholeness” or “soundness” (holoklēria) (cf. Acts 3:16; 1 Thess. 5:23; James 1:4) 7.    The concept of “without fault,” guiltless innocence, is conveyed by amemptos (cf. Luke 1:6; Phil. 2:15; 3:6; 1 Thess. 2:10; 3:13; 5:23) 8.    The concept of “not subject to blame” is conveyed by amōmētos (cf. 1 Pet. 3:14) 9.    The concept of “spotless,” “unblemished” is often used in passages that have one of the above terms also (cf. 1 Tim. 6:14; James 1:27; 1 Pet. 1:19; 2 Pet. 3:14) D.   The number of words in Hebrew and Greek which convey this concept shows its importance. God has provided our need through Christ and now calls on us to be like Him. Believers are positionally, forensically declared “right,” “just,”and “blameless” by the work of Christ. Now believers are to possess their position. “Walk in the light as He is in the light” (cf. 1 John 1:7). Walk worthy of the calling (cf. Eph. 4:1, 17; 5:2, 15). Jesus has restored the image of God. Intimate fellowship is now possible, but remember God wants a people who reflect His character, as His Son did. We are called to nothing less than holiness (cf. Matt. 5:20, 48; Eph. 1:4; 1 Pet. 1:13–16), God’s holiness, not only legally, but existentially!  

© “in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ” The NT authors have taken the OT “Day of YHWH” and applied it to Jesus’ Second Coming. Jesus Christ is YHWH’s surrogate in creation, redemption, and judgment.[7]

8. He also will confirm you to the end and keep you blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

a. “He also will confirm you to the end.” Who will confirm the Corinthians? God or Jesus? The person mentioned in the preceding clause is Jesus Christ. But for four reasons the flow of the paragraph (vv. 4–9) demands that not Jesus but God be the subject of verse 8. First, the paragraph begins and concludes with a reference to God (see vv. 4 and 9). Next, God enriched the Corinthians in every way and confirmed them by the preaching about Christ (vv. 5, 6). Third, the opening phrase (“God is faithful”) of verse 9 denotes not a new subject but a concluding benediction in a paragraph in which God is the agent. And last, the subject of a parallel verse is God: “Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God” (2 Cor. 1:21, NASB).

In the Greek, Paul employs the verb to confirm/to establish twice in this paragraph (vv. 6, 8). As the preaching of the gospel confirms the believers in their faith so the promise of God’s abiding power establishes them until the consummation. The phrase will establish you expresses not a mere wish but rather a promise which God is going to fulfill.

b. “And keep you blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul is not saying that the Corinthians are blameless at the time of his writing. Instead, he looks to the future and voices his certainty that God will present them without blame at the time of the final judgment. That is, no one will be able to accuse them, for on that day they will be irreproachable. Elsewhere Paul teaches the manner in which the believers will be presented blameless before the highest court: it is through the death of Christ’s physical body that God is reconciled to the sinner and declares him free from blame (Col. 1:22).

In the Old Testament, the term the day of the Lord is a description of the day of judgment (Joel 3:14; Amos 5:18–20). In the New Testament, the term alludes to the return of Christ (e.g., Phil. 1:6, 10; 2:16; 1 Thess. 5:2). Christ’s return includes judgment in which both God and Christ serve as judge (see Rom. 14:10; 2 Cor. 5:10). In that day, believers are declared blameless “through the verdict of the judge.”[8]

8. The last two verses zero in on the end and on what God promises to do for believers in the future. God promises to preserve believers blameless until the last day. The verb keep you firm (bebaiōsei) picks up on the verb ‘confirming’ from verse 6. The one who initially confirmed the Corinthians at the onset of their Christian lives will strengthen them until the final day, until the end. He will ensure that believers are blameless (anenklētous) on the day of Christ. We find elsewhere that one must be blameless on the last day to avoid final judgment (cf. Col. 1:22; cf. Eph. 5:27; 1 Thess. 3:13; 5:23). Blamelessness should not be equated with sinlessness but should be understood in terms of perseverance until the end. Those who turn away from Christ and godliness will not receive the final reward, but the Corinthians are promised here that God will preserve them until the end.

It is quite remarkable that Paul speaks of the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Old Testament repeatedly speaks of ‘the day of the Lord’, that is, the day of Yahweh. Paul, however, conceives of that same day as the day of Christ (see also Rom. 2:16; Phil. 1:6, 10; 2:16). Relating that day to Christ demonstrates that Jesus Christ has divine status and exercises divine functions.[9]

8. The verb keep you strong is that translated ‘was confirmed’ in v. 6. Christ, who has enriched the Corinthians and given them grace and every good gift, is their guarantee that right through until the last time nothing will be lacking to them. The enriching with the Spirit’s gifts is itself an assurance, a foretaste of the good things to come. Just as the end of time may be referred to as the ‘revelation’ of Christ (v. 7), so it may be spoken of as the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Old Testament looks for the coming of ‘the day of the Lord’ (Amos 5:18); the New sees this as the day of Christ. Here the thought is that because it is his day and because it is he who will ‘guarantee’ the Corinthians, they may be assured that they will be blameless in that day. No charge can be laid against those whom Christ guarantees (cf. Rom. 8:33).[10]

8. Who will also confirm you. The relative here refers not to Christ, but to God, though the word God is the remoter antecedent. For the Apostle is going on with his congratulation, and as he has told them previously what he thought of them, so he now lets them know what hope he has of them as to the future, and this partly for the purpose of assuring them still farther of his affection for them, and partly that he may exhort them by his own example to cherish the same hope. It is as if he had said—Though the expectation of a salvation to come keeps you still in suspense, you ought nevertheless to feel assured that the Lord will never forsake you, but will on the contrary increase what he has begun in you, that when that day comes on which “we must all appear before the judgment-seat of Christ,” (2 Cor. 5:10,) we may be found there blameless.

Blameless. In his Epistles to the Ephesians and Colossians (Eph. 1:4, and Col. 1:22) he teaches that this is the end of our calling—that we may appear pure and unreproachable in the presence of Christ. It is, however, to be observed, that this glorious purity is not in the first instance perfected in us; nay, rather, it goes well with us if we are every day making progress in penitence, and are being purged from the sins (2 Peter 1:9) that expose us to the displeasure of God, until at length we put off, along with the mortal body, all the offscourings of sin. Of the day of the Lord we shall have occasion to speak when we come to the fourth chapter.[11]

1:8 He will also keep you firm to the end … blameless. The Greek term translated “blameless” (anenklētos) means “free from any accusation”; God’s community will not be charged. This should change the rules for life and fellowship and take away the need for the divisive self-promotion so prevalent in the Corinthian society. Legal charges of all kinds may abound in Corinth, but those who live in God’s eschatological community are protected against any ultimate accusation.[12]

1:8 / The final clause of Paul’s complex Greek sentence functions as a confessional statement. The grammar is ambiguous, however, and interpreters debate whether the remark in this clause is about the “Lord Jesus Christ,” who was named at the end of verse 7, or about God, who has been the unstated subject of a number of passive verbs throughout the preceding lines. The clause begins with a word that may be translated he or “who” (Gk. hos). The niv translates the verb that follows this subject as “keep strong,” although it is the same verb that was translated “confirm” in verse 6. The passive form of the verb in verse 6 assumed God for a subject, thus God was the one who did the confirming, but Paul could have shifted his point of view so that now in verse 8 he has “the Lord Jesus Christ” in mind as the one who sustains the Corinthians. Even if this is the case, he would still understand that God was the one who was acting in and through Christ in relation to the Corinthians. While the easiest way to read verse 8 would be to translate the subject as “who,” in reference to the immediately preceding Greek words “our Lord Jesus Christ,” the declaration that follows in verse 9, “God is faithful,” may be an indication of Paul’s intended subject in verse 8. The creation of a separate sentence that begins with “He” in the niv and the nrsv accurately reflects the ambiguity of the Greek (the rsv reads “who” in reference to Christ and does not begin a new sentence at v. 8). Whether Paul means to speak here of God or of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Corinthians should gather that the basis of their security is not with themselves or their endowments, but with the divine action (of God or Christ) on their behalf.

Paul continues the eschatological emphasis that was registered in verse 7 as he speaks of the Corinthians’ being kept strong to the end. Here Paul has in mind the endpoint of time as we know it in our earthy existence. Paul thought and taught that he and the Corinthians (and all others) lived at the juncture of two ages (see the Introduction, p. 15, and 10:11)—“the present evil age” (Gal. 1:4) that had started to pass away with the cross of Christ (see 1 Cor. 7:31b) and the new age, the “new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17) or “kingdom” (see 1 Cor. 15:24), that had begun but that would not be fully present until the coming of Christ (Phil. 3:20; 1 Thess. 4:13–18; 5:1–11; see 1 Cor. 15:23–24).

The outcome of the Corinthians’ being kept strong is that they would be blameless on the day of [the] Lord Jesus Christ. The language here is part of a legal metaphor that depicts being without guilt in relation to the law. The implication of this image is that the Day of the Lord would bring judgment at the end. The reference to the Day of the Lord Jesus Christ takes up language and thinking from the ot (Ezek. 30:3; Joel 2:31; Amos 5:18, 20; Zeph. 1:14–16), although in the ot texts the one who executes judgment on the Day of the Lord is the Lord God, whereas here Paul plainly understands that one to be the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul preserves the theological vision of the ot and gives it christological focus that makes the promise of the Day of the Lord all the more specific and real.

Finally, Paul’s unswerving confidence in the Corinthians’ future is remarkable, for from the remainder of the letter one sees that he faced grave problems in the life of the Corinthian congregation. Yet Paul’s remarks in this thanksgiving show that whatever confidence he had for the outcome of the problems in Corinth was based in God and God’s working among the Corinthians through the Lord Jesus Christ, not in the Corinthians themselves. Indeed, Paul’s declaration of confidence in God concerning the Corinthians should have directed the attention of the Corinthians toward God and away from themselves.[13]

8 With this clause Paul finally brings to a conclusion this now long sentence (that began in v. 4). He does so by elaborating on the eschatological note struck at the end of the preceding clause (v. 7), now in terms of what it means for the Corinthians themselves. It is noteworthy that the language of this clause resembles that of the prayer found in his earliest letter (1 Thess. 3:13). It is possible, therefore, that the clause is intended to function very much like the prayer-reports in the other thanksgivings—however, with the significant difference that this is a strong affirmation, not simply a wish-prayer. Paul is here confident that God will indeed “confirm” them to the end.

Significantly, he makes this affirmation by repeating the verb “to confirm,” which appeared in the preceding metaphor (v. 6). Thus, instead of his usual “God will strengthen, or establish, you,” Paul says that in the same way that God first “guaranteed” our testimony to Christ while we were with you, God will also “guarantee” or “confirm” you yourselves “to the end.”43 That this is a purposeful repeating of the preceding legal metaphor (v. 6) is further evidenced by the word “blameless,” which carries the sense of their being guiltless (with reference to the law) when appearing before God at the final judgment because Christ’s righteousness has been given to them. Finally, the use of the phrase “on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ” also points to the final judgment. The OT eschatological expression “the day of the Lord” (see Amos 5:18–20; Joel 2:31) is appropriated by Paul and made christological. It is still “the day of the Lord,” but “the Lord” is none other than Jesus Christ (see also 3:13–15; 5:5; cf. 1 Thess. 5:2).

What is remarkable is that Paul should express such confidence about a community whose current behavior is anything but blameless and whom on several occasions he must exhort with the strongest kinds of warning. The secret, of course, lies in the subject of the verb, “he” (= God). If Paul’s confidence lay in the Corinthians themselves, then he is in trouble. But just as in later passages (5:6–8 and 6:9–11), in Paul’s theology the indicative (God’s prior action of grace) always precedes the imperative (their obedience as response to grace) and is the ground of his confidence.

Not all, however, are agreed that the subject of the pronoun “who” is “God.” In fact the most natural antecedent is “our Lord Jesus Christ,” which immediately precedes it. Nonetheless, good reasons exist for thinking that Paul intended “God” as the subject. First, because God, to whom Paul is giving thanks, is the implied subject of all the passive verbs in the paragraph. Second, and in particular, God is the implied subject of the prior occurrence of the verb “confirm” (v. 6), thus indicating that God is also the one who will confirm the Corinthians themselves at the end. Third, in the final exclamation, God again is acknowledged as faithful in bringing all of this to pass.

Thus even though Paul is concerned to remind the church that they have not yet arrived, at the same time he holds out before them his great confidence that by God’s own action they will indeed make it in the end. Consequently, by means of thanksgiving Paul redirects their confidence from themselves and their own giftedness toward the eternal God, from whom and to whom are all things.[14]

8 At the beginning of his thanksgiving section Paul praised God because of his saving grace given to the Corinthians in Christ Jesus. Now he assures these believers that the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to keep them in that grace until the very end of their lives. Thus, when they appear before his judgment seat (cf. 2 Co 5:10) on “the day of our Lord,” they will be “blameless” (cf. also Col 1:22). The word “blameless” (anenklētos, GK 441) is a legal term that denotes what a judge might say to an individual of the charges brought against him or her. Without using the technical forensic language found particularly in Romans and Galatians, Paul is referring here to our justification by faith—i.e., God’s declaration that we are righteous in his sight, not because of anything we have done but because of the righteousness of Christ imputed to us (Ro 3:21–31; 8:1–4; Gal 3:6–14).[15]

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[14] Fee, G. D. (2014). The First Epistle to the Corinthians. (N. B. Stonehouse, F. F. Bruce, G. D. Fee, & J. B. Green, Eds.) (Revised Edition, pp. 41–43). Grand Rapids, MI; Cambridge, U.K.: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

[15] Verbrugge, V. D. (2008). 1 Corinthians. In T. Longman III &. Garland, David E. (Ed.), The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Romans–Galatians (Revised Edition) (Vol. 11, p. 263). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

Engineer at Work — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

While Peter was wondering about the meaning of the vision, the men sent by Cornelius found out where Simon’s house was and stopped at the gate.”  Acts 10:17

Praying on a rooftop in Caesarea, Peter, the apostle of stomp and snort, is hungry, and while he waits for his daily bread to be prepared, he seeks the everlasting bread of life (John 6:48). Deeply submerged in the presence of God, Peter sees a vision of food forbidden.

He recoils, saying, “Surely not, Lord! . . . I have never eaten anything impure or unclean” (Acts 10:14). A heavenly voice says, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean” (Acts 10:15).

Peter’s perplexed, but at the same time, God is working his plan. Across town is a centurion seeking the one true God. He is a Gentile; he is, in a figurative sense, food forbidden. But God says to look for a man named Peter; and Peter, still wondering what the vision meant, sees three men from Cornelius approaching on the street below.

The Holy Spirit says to Peter, “Simon, three men are looking for you. So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them” (Acts 10:19-20). Peter follows the men to Cornelius’ house and finds a crowd already waiting to hear the good news of Jesus, the Christ.

Cornelius tells Peter that, four days before, God promised to send a messenger. In that instant, Peter knew he was the messenger and that the vision meant the gospel is for all people, even Gentiles.

And as Peter began to tell Cornelius’ crowd how to make peace with God, the Holy Spirit descended upon them all, even those who were Gentile.

Oswald Chambers described God as the Great Engineer,creating circumstances to bring about moments in our lives of divine importance, leading us to such divine appointments.

You’ve seen how God did this in the lives of Peter and Cornelius; will you watch now for how God engineers divine encounters in the life you can no longer call your own?

Question: Do you expect God to be at work in your own life?

by Jon Walker
Used by Permission

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Engineer at Work — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

In the Waiting — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

And while staying with them he ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, ‘you heard from me; for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.’” Acts 1:4-5

The disciples were told by Jesus to wait for the promise of the Father to be fulfilled. They were told to wait in a specific location until a specific event had occurred ? the reception of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised it wouldn’t be very long, but He never gave them a definite time. That meant waiting.

Instead of questioning, complaining, or worrying, the disciples decided to spend the waiting period in prayer. However long the wait was, they trusted Jesus to keep His word. He did! The Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples soon thereafter.

Waiting on God’s timing can be very difficult,

…especially when you aren’t given a definite time period of when the waiting will be over. This passage in Acts gives us hope though. We know that when God makes a promise, He keeps it. We don’t need to worry or be anxious that it won’t be fulfilled because it will. And we can learn during the waiting period through the practice of prayer. Prayer reveals our dependence upon God and bolsters in us faith that He will do what He says He will do.

So if you’re waiting on a promise given to us by God, He will surely fulfill it for you. The key is to be patient and pray in the waiting.

Dear Lord, help us to take comfort in your Word, knowing that you cannot lie, and that you always fulfill your promises, just as the Scriptures say. Please help us to understand that. Amen.

By Ashlea Massie
Used by Permission

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In the Waiting — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

September 11 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Children Capable of Receiving Christ
Matthew 19:14; Mark 10:14; Luke 18:16

Those children who are of years sufficient to sin, and to be saved by faith, have to listen to the gospel and to receive it by faith: and they can do this, God the Holy Spirit helping them. There is no doubt about it, because great numbers have done it. I will not say at what age children are first capable of receiving the knowledge of Christ, but it is much earlier than some fancy; and we have seen and known children who have given abundant evidence that they have received Christ and have believed in Him at a very early age.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Bearing Some Wrongs and Not Others
Psalm 37:7; 1 Peter 2:19; 3:17; Revelation 2:2–3

The good bear with the wicked by enduring patiently, and in due manner, the wrongs they themselves receive from them. But they do not bear with them so as to endure the wrongs they inflict on God and their neighbor.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

11 Sep 2021 News Briefing


Hamas threatens to escalate West Bank clashes after capture of fugitives
Hamas released a statement on Saturday morning, stating that the capture of four of the escaped Gilboa fugitives is “yet another round of confrontation with Israel.” “The escape revived the Palestinian people’s hopes that it is only a matter of time until the West Bank ‘blows up’ in Israel’s face,” the terrorist organization said.

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket fired at Israel
The IDF carried out an airstrike in Gaza on Friday night after Hamas shot a rocket towards the Eshkol Regional Council in the south of Israel. The rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome. The IDF made a statement that they struck a Hamas position used for shooting, a storage facility next to a school and mosques, and a military facility that creates cement for tunnels.

Iran invites IAEA chief for talks before showdown with West -diplomats
UN nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi will fly to Tehran this weekend for talks that may ease a standoff between Iran and the West just as it risks escalating and scuppering negotiations on reviving the Iran nuclear deal, diplomats said on Saturday. Three diplomats who follow the International Atomic Energy Agency closely said Grossi’s trip before next week’s meeting of the IAEA’s 35-nation board of governors was confirmed.

PA withdraws from deal to transfer Qatari funds to Gaza employees
The Palestinian Authority has walked away from an agreement to transfer Qatari aid money to public servants in the Gaza Strip, Mohammad al-Emadi, chairman of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, announced on Friday. “The Palestinian Authority has withdrawn from the agreement recently concluded between it and the Qatari Committee regarding the disbursement of the grant for employees,” al-Emadi said in a statement.

Lebanon gets new government amid deepening crisis
A new government has been announced in Lebanon over a year after the previous administration quit following the devastating Beirut port explosion. Najib Mikati – Lebanon’s richest man – becomes prime minister, a position he has held twice before. His appointment, along with the naming of a new cabinet, ends months of political paralysis.

US pulls missile defences in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks
The United States has removed its most advanced missile defence system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, even as the kingdom faced continued air attacks from Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The redeployment of the defences from Prince Sultan Air Base outside Riyadh came as Gulf Arab countries nervously watched the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan…

Why Are Joe Biden And The Democrats Bragging About Drone Strike In Kabul That Only Took Out An Innocent US Aid Worker And His 7 Beautiful Children? 
One of the reasons why pretend president Joe Biden gave that speech yesterday talking about the government forcing people to be injected with COVID-19 vaccines was to get people so riled up they stop talking about Afghanistan. Why would Biden do that? Well, for one reason, his drone strikes he ordered didn’t kill any terrorists, but it vaporized a whole bunch of innocent kids and their US aid worker father.

Super Typhoon “Chanthu” threatens extreme Northern Luzon, landfall expected in Taiwan
Category 5 Super Typhoon “Chanthu” — known as Kiko in the Philippines — is forecast to pass over extreme Northern Luzon, Philippines on September 10, 2021, and then turn toward Taiwan where landfall is expected on September 12.

Hurricane “Larry” forecast to move over SE Newfoundland, Canada
Hurricane “Larry” is expected to pass well southeast of Nova Scotia today, September 10, 2021, and then move over southeastern Newfoundland tonight, bringing hurricane-force winds, dangerous storm surge, and heavy rainfall.

Hurricane “Olaf” straddling the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico
Hurricane “Olaf” is straddling the southwestern coast of Baja California Sur on September 10, 2021, bringing hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall.

Denmark Lifts All Covid Restrictions, Including Requirement That People Show Proof of Vaccination -Virus No Longer Considered ‘Socially Critical Disease’
Denmark lifted all Covid restrictions, including the requirement that people show proof of vaccination to enter venues.

Aussie Authorities Can LEGALLY CHANGE Citizens’ Social Media Posts
If you currently live in Australia, you’re probably already aware that some pretty draconian measures have taken place in the name of public health. But this next step has crossed the Rubicon into entirely new territory – one in which authorities can legally go into a citizen’s social media account and change what they posted and can make changes to their browsing histories.

Flight attendants allegedly fired by airline for ‘Christian beliefs’
Alaska Airlines has been accused by two former employees of anti-religious discrimination after the corporation fired them for asking questions about the company’s promotion of the Equality Act, an issue the company itself had proposed for discussion on a type of chat forum.

Whopping 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job if vaccines are mandated
A new poll suggests a significant share of unvaccinated Americans may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccine mandates put in place by their employer.

Missouri teacher quits after complaints about gay pride flag
A teacher said he resigned from a Missouri junior high school after he was told to remove a gay pride flag from his classroom and to sign a letter saying he would not discuss human sexuality or gender with his students.

Child Jab Injuries – First Numbers Reported, Serious DANGER!
Dr. Jane Ruby joined the Stew Peters Show to report on the first look we are getting at numbers of children experiencing adverse events as a result of the dangerous inoculation being called a “COVID Vaccine”.

REPORT: US Postal Workers Exempt From Biden’s Federal Vax Mandate – But Private Businesses Face $14,000 Fine Per Violation *Updated*
What kind of payoff did “The Big Guy” receive from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) to grant USPS workers such a sweeping exemption?

Wow! CDC Gives Incoming Refugees Nobel Prize-Winning Ivermectin
All Middle Eastern, Asian, North African, Latin American, and Caribbean refugees entering the U.S. since 2019 have been prescribed ivermectin.

Big chill for climate doom: Arctic Sea ice is expanding
Less than 10 years remain before the oft-claimed “tipping point” for the planet, but sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is the highest it’s been in nine years, increasing more than 30% from last year, while the Antarctic’s level is well above normal.

COVID Medication, Not the Virus, Triggers 250 Percent Death Rare Spurt
In this compelling video a British funeral undertaker speaks to an independent journalist giving first-hand testimony revealing what has really been happening with the dead from care homes and hospitals.

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID
Research conducted by the University of California has found that teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems caused by the COVID-19 vaccine than to be hospitalized as a result of COVID-19 itself. Wow.

Biden Pushes Plan to Let IRS Snoop on Americans’ Bank Accounts 
Democrat Joe Biden is pushing a plan that forces banks to give the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) access to the private accounts of every American.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/09/11/11-sep-2021/

Miami International Airport becomes first US airport to test COVID-19 detector dogsPosted: 10 Sep 2021 07:29 PM PDTMiami International Airport (MIA) says it’s the first U.S. airport to test COVID-19-sniffing dogs through a new pilot program. The Miami-Dade Aviation Department is partnering with the Global Forensic and Justice Center (GFJC) at Florida International University (FIU) to host a 30-day COVID-19 detector dog pilot program at MIA.ABC Denver reported that everyday travelers visiting the airport may not come in contact with the detector dogs, though. The airport says the canines are deployed at an employee security checkpoint.Continue reading Miami International Airport becomes first US airport to test COVID-19 detector dogs at End Time Headlines.
Howard Stern slams anti-vaxxers: ‘You had the cure and you wouldn’t take it’Posted: 10 Sep 2021 07:17 PM PDT(OPINION) Howard Stern is over the Covid-19 pandemic and is taking on anti-vaxxers who refuse to get the shot. Speaking on his SiriusXM satellite radio show about the recent deaths of several anti-vaxxer radio hosts, Stern said people who won’t get vaccinated are “idiots” and called for vaccinations to be mandatory.CNN reported that Stern said: “When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?Continue reading Howard Stern slams anti-vaxxers: ‘You had the cure and you wouldn’t take it’ at End Time Headlines.
Police departments across the nation are understaffed following resignations and early retirementsPosted: 10 Sep 2021 06:54 PM PDTA Missouri police chief and all of his officers tendered their resignations, citing reasons from the pay rate to not having the proper tools to do the job, leaving local leaders scrambling to fill the positions as many departments already struggle to stay staffed during the anti-police climate that swept the nation.“It will be a struggle to fill the police department back up with qualified officers, but hopefully they can start working on that soon and get that accomplished,” Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said of the resignations at the Kimberling City Police Department, noting that most police stations are understaffed.Continue reading Police departments across the nation are understaffed following resignations and early retirements at End Time Headlines.
We are witnessing the largest Witch Hunt In American historyPosted: 10 Sep 2021 06:46 PM PDT(OPINION) Prior to this pandemic, if you wanted to weed out all of the “troublemakers”, “independent thinkers” and “non-conformists” from our society, how would you have done it?I suppose that sending everyone a questionnaire asking them what they believe would be one way to do it, but of course a lot of people would give false answers and many others would simply ignore the questionnaire. Social media profiles contain a wealth of information, but many “non-conformists” are not even on social media, and digging through all of that data would take an extraordinary amount of time, money, and energy.Continue reading We are witnessing the largest Witch Hunt In American history at End Time Headlines.
White House isn’t ruling out possibility of vaccine or testing mandate for domestic flightsPosted: 10 Sep 2021 01:46 PM PDTCOVID-19 vaccination or testing mandates could one day be needed for domestic air travel in the United States, a White House official hinted Friday.Business Insider stated: “Overall, I think we have a very strong track record that shows we’re pulling available levers to acquire vaccinations and we’re not taking any measures off the table,” White House COVID-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients said during a virtual press briefing.Zients made the remarks in response to a reporter’s question about whether COVID-19 vaccination or test requirements have been ruled out by the White House for domestic flights.Continue reading White House isn’t ruling out possibility of vaccine or testing mandate for domestic flights at End Time Headlines.

Weekend Snapshot · Sept. 11, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

9/11: A 20th Observance Retrospective — and Warning
Biden surrendered to the Taliban — China and Russia now know they have nothing to fear, and will test Biden’s resolve to defend Taiwan and Ukraine.

Biden Pivots From Afghanistan and Demonizes the Unvaxxed
In a mean-spirited and incoherent speech, the president mandated vaccinations and singled out a scapegoat.

Dealing With the Taliban Will Be Ugly
The Biden admin is off to a terrible start with the terrorist-supporting government it bolstered.

The Bergdahl Swap Did Permanent Damage
Four of the five high-level Taliban prisoners Obama traded for an Army deserter have leading roles in Afghanistan’s government.

The Border Surge Biden Wanted
His policies were designed to achieve exactly the results they’re getting.

Fauci Exposed as a Liar (Again)
New government documents reveal the NIH was funding Wuhan lab’s gain-of-function research.

‘Fact-Checker’ Smears Gold Star Parents
In the end, though, not even the hyper-partisan “fact-checker” at USA Today could protect Joe Biden from himself.

Oh Those Embarrassing Media COVID Corrections
A story about Joe Rogan, Ivermectin, and completely fake news.

The Big Lie of COVID Unemployment Benefits Ending
There are a record number of job openings. There’s no excuse for continuing enhanced benefits.

White Racist Attack on Black Republican? No Problem
A monkey-masked white woman assailed Larry Elder. Where is the outrage?

Toxic Double Standards Get More Blatant
We’ve always known the Left does this, but examples just keep piling up.

White Males Are Bailing on College
And why wouldn’t they? They are Public Enemy Number One on most campuses.

Teachers Unions Threaten CDC
Then they claim conservatives are the ones exploiting kids in the culture wars.

‘Don’t Labor’ Day 2021
Millions of Americans are still opting not to fill a record number of job openings.

Stop the Left’s Beatdown of Our Military
Teaching our military personnel to hate America is unconscionable.

A Big Bad Biden IRS
His plan is to add $80 billion in new spending, doubling the size of the IRS in order to rake in greater revenue.

Turning the Lights Off in America
Joe Biden’s new goal of vastly expanding solar power is not going to help the electrical grid.

How Big Is Big Labor Now?
Unions have only a fraction of their past power, but they can still wield influence.

A Harris Endorsement Ends in Murder
A criminal posted bail thanks to an organization Kamala Harris touted last year. He was arrested for killing a man.

Leftists Put Trigger Warnings on Founding Documents
Our woke National Archives now warns about potentially hurtful language within the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

20 Years Later, Battered but Not Beaten
Properly remembering 9/11 is far tougher after Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan.


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“Political experts say that Biden wants to change the subject from Afghanistan. But many Americans just want to change who’s president.” —Gary Bauer

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Dos and Don’t on All Things Flu/Covid | Stephen Lendman

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

First the don’ts.

Above all, believe nothing from Western and most other governments — especially nothing from their anti-public health officials, Pharma and media press agents to all of the above.

They consistently lie and mass deceive with diabolical aims in mind.

Pharma prioritizes profits no matter the human toll.

Their flu/covid jabs are designed to harm health, not the other way around.

According to former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Michael Yeadon:

There’s “absolutely no need for” flu/covid mass-jabbing.

“You (don’t jab) people who aren’t at risk from a disease.” 

“You also don’t (jab) millions of fit and healthy people with (drugs not) extensively tested on human subjects.”

It’s impossible to develop most any drug in 6 – 8 months. Vaccine development takes years. Over 90% of trials fail.

“I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil” because of mass-jabbing with “dangerous” drugs, Yeadon stressed.

That’s “not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career.”

Covid mass-jabbing with experimental drugs is “madness.”

It’s mass-murder near-or-longer-term.

Even if “protection is needed only by those at notably elevated risk of death from” a viral infection, they should never be subjected to experimental jabs or other drugs.

“But all the other people, those in good health and younger than 60 years, perhaps a little older, they don’t perish from the virus.”  

It’s “unethical (and arguably criminal) to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects after a few months is completely uncharacterized.”

“In no other era would” what’s going on now have been permitted.

“There is no medical rationale for it.” 

“What kind of unethical monsters” authorized what’s going on.

All flu/covid variants “are so similar to the original, there’s no chance what-so-ever that your body will see them as anything new.”

“So with that as a back drop, isn’t it scary that politicians keep telling us about variants, and how we need to close borders and stop them moving around the world.” 

“It is impossible (that) we would need new” experimental drugs for mass-jabbing.

“And yet we are being told they’re necessary.”

Pharma giants are “mak(ing) whatever the hell they want, put(ting) it in a vial, (and convincing people to) be injected with” who knows what.

“My significant fear is (that) if somebody wanted to arrange a situation where mass depopulation could be accomplished, this would probably be a perfect way of doing it.”

Yeadon has “no doubt that” what’s going on is pure evil. 

There’s nothing beneficial about it. It’s all extremely high-risk and no rewards.

Avoiding toxic jabs is crucial to protecting and preserving health.

If already jabbed, take no more. Each jab compounds already inflicted harm.

Whenever possible, shun masks. They don’t protect and risk harm to health from longterm use.

Shun PCR tests for a nonexistent SARS-CoV-2 virus no one ever found. Virtually all positive results are false because of how administered.

Lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and related policies are unrelated to protecting health.

They’re all about draconian social control on a fast track toward tyranny.

Most reported flu/covid deaths are from other causes.

They’re from toxic jabs and health destroying drugs like remdesivir.

They’re from hospitalized medical tyranny to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people, especially the elderly, infirm, and disabled.

The WHO, HHS, CDC, FDA, their European, Canadian counterpart agencies and officials are controlled by Pharma with maximum profiteering in mind.

The AMA and State Medical Boards are part of the problem for advocating health-destroying flu/covid jabs and related policies — for threatening and otherwise pressuring doctors and hospitals to go along with their demands.

No pandemic exists, an invented one alone.

Seasonal flu now called covid shows up every year like clockwork — unaccompanied by fear-mongering mass deception until last year.

Virtually everything mandated and recommended for flu/covid is with harming health and instituting draconian social control in mind.

None of it protects and preserves what’s too precious to lose.

Elements promoting all of the above, including media press agents, are guilty of the highest of high crimes against humanity — destroying public health and mass-murder on an unparalleled scale.

Now the dos.

Prophylactically or for treating flu/covid safely and effectively, America’s Frontline Doctors are in the vanguard of supporting medicine the way it should be practiced over politicized science.

Opposing mass-jabbing tyranny, AFLDS urges use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), ivermectin, and other known safe and effective protocols for safely and effectively treating and curing flu/covid.

Its website — americasfrontlinedoctors.org — explains that “AFLDS-trained and licensed physicians are available via telemedicine for a short consultation,” adding: 

“Our physicians know that HCQ and Zinc are effective both prophylactically and when used early.”

The same is true for ivermectin and other known safe and effective protocols for treating flu/covid jab-free. 

“The telemedicine physician will review your history. Almost all patients can safely take these medications.”

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s website — drtenpenny.com — is a “voice of reason” at a time of state-sponsored, media supported mass deception.

“Vaccines do NOT prevent infections but DO cause disease,” she stresses.

To combat mass-jabbing madness and related policies intended to harm health, she recommends:

1. Zinc: 25-50mg/day

2. Quercetin: 500mg/day. This is a plant-based antioxidant that helps with many types of ailments.

3. Vitamin D3: get your level tested (25-OH Vitamin D). 

The level should be at least 80-100 ng/mL – most people take 5000IU/day (125mcg) in the summer and 10,000IU (250mcg) in the winter. 

The Vitamin D Council (online) has very good tables for dosing Vitamin D by age groups for general health. vitamindsociety.org/

4. Vitamin C ascorbates: 3000 to 5000mg per day. 

Powdered form is best and most easily taken and readily absorbed. 

The powdered for can be dosed to all ages. www.vitamincfoundation.org/ ​

There are many others immune-boosting supplements that could be added to this list – including Vitamin A, turmeric, colloidal silver, homeopathy, maitake mushrooms and more. 

But this set is the “core” set of immune supporting supplements. This is a place to start.

At first sign of illness use:

​1. Zinc: Take 100 mg/day x 7 days. Take with or without food.

​2. Vitamin D3: Take 50,000IU twice daily for three days with food (that is NOT a typo). 

Then continue to take 10,000 IU per day until feeling better. 

At that point, have your vitamin D level retested for continued dose. Take with food.

​3. Quercetin 500mg: Take 2-3 daily until feeling better

​4. Powdered Vitamin C ascorbates: Take 2000 mg every 2 hours until “bowel tolerance.” 

The Vitamin C Foundation has information on this protocol.

Many other medical professions — unconnected to governments and/or Pharma — recommend similar protocols.

Their advice is all about protecting and preserving health — polar opposite what US/Western dark forces, their anti-public health handmaidens and press agent media have in mind.

The only solution is popular revolution.

It’s never been more crucial to rebel than now.

VISIT MY WEBSITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Source: Dos and Don’t on All Things Flu/Covid

Here Comes Laura Ingraham With a Truth Bomb and Receipts For Joe Biden and His “Vaccine Mandates” | WayneDupree.com

Did you know that “science” changes when members of Congress and their staff are involved in something?

Yeah, it’s crazy, but apparently, the COVID virus stays away from Congress and only travels to US companies with 100 or more employees.

What a crazy phenomenon, right?

Obviously, that’s not true and it’s screwy as hell, as is most everything with this “pandemic.”

But it is true that Congress and its staffers are exempt from Joe Biden’s little Hitler-Esq “mask mandate.”

That’s right because we can’t have the political elites being inconvenienced and told what to do, can we?

I swear, COVID-19 is the biggest “class warfare” BS on the planet.  We’ve got Gavin Newsom dining at fancy French restaurants, and Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done while she stuffs spoonfuls of her $17 dollar ice cream in her vodka-piehole.

And that is the bomb that Laura Ingraham dropped today on Biden and his mandates…she called out the fact that Congress and their staffers are exempt from this draconian garbage.

Is that because it’s science?


As Laura points out this isn’t about stopping the spread of COVID.


It’s about punishing “Trump supporters,” even though, the majority of people who are unvaccinated are lower-income Blacks and Hispanics.

But Biden knows that there are a lot of Trumpers out there who he can go after, and of course, that’s what he’s doing.

Here’s what Laura said: “Why is Congress and its staff exempt from the Biden vaccine/testing mandate? Because it’s not really about stopping the spread of COVID, that’s why.”

Laura’s right.

And to make matters even worse, when Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if illegals coming across our border would be ‘mandated’ to get the vaccine, she said a big fat NO.

And we’re supposed to believe that this is all about “science” and “health and safety?”

If Biden really cared about the safety of the American people (he doesn’t, he’s a sociopath), he’d have closed our border instead of allowing hundreds of thousands to just pour through.

This isn’t about health or science – it’s all about power and punishment.

Source: Here Comes Laura Ingraham With a Truth Bomb and Receipts For Joe Biden and His “Vaccine Mandates”

Biden: “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” It’s all about TYRANNY!

Article Image
 • Ron Paul Liberty Report

President Biden’s overreach has reached unprecedented levels. He gave an outrageous speech yesterday, which laid out an outrageously unconstitutional “plan.” The marriage of Big Government & Big Corporations is now on full display. Don’t miss today’s Liberty Report!

If You Are Vaccinated and You Fear the Un-Vaccinated, You Might Be a Moron — The Gateway Pundit

Why is the idiot Biden threatening the un-vaccinated? According to Biden the vaccines work. If you get the vaccine then you will not get Covid. Right? So if you are protected from Covid what difference does it make to you if someone else wants to take the risk of not getting vaccinated? If it will only affect the un-vaccinated then it should be none of your business if another free American chooses to not get vaccinated.

But it appears that Dementia Joe and his team of inept advisors know that the vaccine is not really a vaccine. A true vaccine–made out of Covid–would produce immunity to Covid. But we now know that it does not.

How do we know? Just ask the Israelis.

And yet Israel now has the world’s highest rolling weekly average of new Covid cases. That’s been something of a shock and raises the question of whether the country’s pandemic plan has worked. While the news may look grim, and the government has been scrambling to respond, the reality is more prosaic: Israel hasn’t defeated the virus, but it has probably redefined what success against the virus looks like. It’s a messy reality, but not an intolerable one.

The author of the piece I quoted, Zev Chafets, is a spinner. He’s trying to put lip stick on a pig. If he was writing about Ron DeSantis and Florida, he would call it a three alarm fire and accuse DeSantis of being a 21st Century Dr. Mengele.

The so-called Covid “vaccines” appear to stimulate an immune response in most people. But it does not protect them against Covid variants. And some recipients of the untested jabs suffer brain hemorrhages, cardiac inflammation, or miscarriages. Some even die. Those are documented facts.

Biden’s insane declaration to try to force all Americans (but not illegal immigrants) to get the jab ignores those with acquired immunity, i.e., they had Covid, they recovered and they have anti-bodies. He also is ignoring those with medical conditions that preclude taking an untested, unverified “vaccine” like Covid.

It is time to resist.

If You Are Vaccinated and You Fear the Un-Vaccinated, You Might Be a Moron — The Gateway Pundit

Giuliani to Newsmax: Biden, Obama, Clinton ‘Politicized’ 9/11 Ceremony | Newsmax

New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, deemed “America’s Mayor” after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in Manhattan, on Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax TV looked back on the tragedy but also railed against Democrat ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as President Joe Biden, for their foreign policy actions in the Middle East and for being at the 20th-anniversary remembrance ceremonies at Ground Zero.

“Seeing those three presidents together, Clinton, who encourage this by not doing a thing about [Osama] bin Laden, Obama, who gave hundreds of millions to Iranian terrorists so they could kill people, and Biden, who just got Americans killed….they were up front,” Giuliani told Newsmax. “It was a completely politicized event. This event has never been politicized before.”

He added that, except for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and “actually, he came later on that day. Not a single one of them was there.”

Giuliani also recalled the role former President George W. Bush played after the attacks, and the cooperation that was reached between the state, local, and federal governments in working on the recovery efforts.

“By the end of the day, [Bush] had sent FEMA search and rescue teams,” said Giuliani, and after he and then-Gov. George Pataki decided to work together to avoid “bickering and bureaucratic problems,” Bush “put his team right in with ours.”

“So starting the next morning, it was just one team,” Giuliani recalled.

“These other emergencies, when they go wrong, the governor is fighting with the mayor, and they’re all fighting with the president…George [Pataki] realized we don’t have time for that, so immediately, we decided, for three months, we’re going to have staff meetings together. Let them fight it out right there.”

Bush also played a critical role because “when he hit Afghanistan, he sent them on the defense,” said Giuliani.

“Bill Clinton had been sending them the wrong signals for 2.5 years,” said the former mayor. “Obama recreated Al Qaeda, and now Biden is doing the same thing with the Taliban.”

Giuliani also said Saturday that when he looks at Ground Zero, he sees the World Trade Center before it was built.

“I had an office just about right here, an undercover office, and we would go to the window and we were relaxing [while] they were building the World Trade Center and they only had a foundation,” he recalled. “It was amazing to me how deep in the ground they went.”

He also recalled the evacuation efforts from the World Trade Center towers, including when he was told by a New York Fire Department chief.

“He said to me, my guys can save everybody below the fire, and they did,” said Giuliani. “The evacuation was the best in history…they did a miracle in getting out the number of people they got out and they did it by giving their lives.”

But, moving back to Biden, Giuliani said the first responders on 9/11 “didn’t abandon the civilians the way Biden just did it. The military, the police, the fire department stayed and the civilians came out safely.”

Biden, however, ‘had it reversed,” Giuliani insisted. “That’s why we had 13 people killed in Afghanistan.”

Source: Giuliani to Newsmax: Biden, Obama, Clinton ‘Politicized’ 9/11 Ceremony

WATCH: Tear gas & clashes in Paris as thousands protest over Covid-19 health passes for 9th consecutive weekend | RT – Daily news | RT – Daily news


Demonstrators took to the streets of the French capital on Saturday to voice their discontent with the coronavirus health pass policy for the ninth weekend in a row. The protest quickly descended into clashes with police.

Four large-scale demonstrations were scheduled in Paris for Saturday. Crowds of people marched through the streets in various parts of the city, surrounded by tight cordons of police officers wearing riot gear.

The protesters were waving French national flags and holding placards that read: ‘health is not a business’. Some flags of leftist and even Royalist groups were seen in the crowds as well.

Large police forces were deployed in Paris, particularly at the Champs-Elysees and Wagram Avenue in the city’s northwest, where a large gathering was announced. The total number of demonstrators was unclear but the police said they expected around 30,000 to turn up on the streets of the city around midday.

Videos posted on social media showed Paris streets and boulevards flooded with dense crowds.

Tensions quickly boiled over during the demonstrations as footage published on social media showed protesters kicking and verbally assaulting police officers on several occasions. Another video showed the crowd attacking the police with various objects. The police responded with tear gas and batons.

Clashes erupted near the Champs-Elysees in particular, as the police prevented participants of one of the demonstrations from entering the avenue, the French media reported.

Saturday was the ninth consecutive weekend of protests. Rallies began in mid-July after President Emmanuel Macron’s government introduced a system that made presenting a vaccination certificate or negative Covid-19 test obligatory for those wishing to visit a restaurant, theater, cinema and shopping mall or travel on a long-distance train.

The government measures also involved obligatory vaccination for medics, which was opposed by some hospital staff members. The government insisted that the measures are needed to encourage people to get the jabs and eventually avoid another lockdown.

Earlier, the French media reported that the health pass was supported by at least 67% of the population. Opposition to the measure remains significant nonetheless. Some 200 demonstrations against it were planned for Saturday across France. The police expect up to 170,000 people to join such rallies nationwide.

Last Saturday, some 140,000 people took part in the demonstrations, according to the French Interior Ministry.

Also on rt.com

WATCH: Thousands flood Paris streets protesting against Covid-19 health passes across France

Source: WATCH: Tear gas & clashes in Paris as thousands protest over Covid-19 health passes for 9th consecutive weekend

Fears for Afghanistan’s Christians after brutal crackdown on media and protesters

Fears are growing for Christians in Afghanistan – most of whom are converts from Islam – after the Taliban launched a brutal crackdown on journalists and protesters calling for greater freedoms and the protection of women and girls.

Source: Fears for Afghanistan’s Christians after brutal crackdown on media and protesters

Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals as U.S. Government Lies and Claims a “Pandemic of Unvaccinated”

Article Image
 • https://vaccineimpact.com by Brian Shilhavy

The battle lines over mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are now going full steam ahead in the U.S. as the Biden Administration is announcing today that all federal employees must now get a COVID-19 shot as a condition for employment, and that they are eliminating the testing opt-out.

The argument that only COVID-19 shots will end the endless “pandemic” and the lie that hospitals are over 90% full of unvaccinated people are being used as justification for mandatory mass vaccination.


[VIDEO] The Internet Says This Woman Gave The Best Response to Biden’s “Vaccine Mandate” Speech | Red Voice Media

A lot of Americans were very insulted by Joe Biden’s recent “vaccine mandate” speech.

It’s amazing that a man who has bungled and destroyed literally everything he’s touched, including the border, the economy, Afghanistan, and COVID, has the audacity to lecture and shame Americans for his failures.

Yet, that’s exactly what this sociopathic senile buffoon did.

According to Joe, it’s the fault of the unvaccinated that there’s a Delta variant.


And the reason the vaccine isn’t working right is because of the unvaccinated.


I saw this tweet today, and I think it’s brilliant and highlights very well this convoluted mess we’re all dealing with:

“Imagine getting a tetanus vaccine, then STILL coming down with tetanus. (Doesn’t happen) Then when you ask about it, your doctor tells you it is because someone else didn’t get the tetanus vaccine.”

Meanwhile, fully vaccinated people are catching COVID at alarming numbers.

So, to sit there and have this decrepit, bungling fool scold and lecture Americans, blaming the unvaccinated for all his woes, and then telling 100 million Americans that his patience is “wearing thin” was a bit too much for many…

And this amazing woman here was bothered so much by that line that she made a video to tell Joe Biden exactly what she thought of him…and a lot of people are calling this the “best response” to Joe’s speech out there.

I think you’ll like it.

You can watch the video below (warning language):

Well, that about says it all, right?

I will tell you what, Joe Biden’s off-putting, rude and nasty crotchety “old man” shtick is wearing really thin with the American people.

He offended Americans throughout the Afghanistan debacle by not taking the situation seriously and refusing to take responsibility. He offended Gold Star families and gave his “victory speech,” He literally yelled at Americans.

Joe Biden is nothing more than a mean old man suffering from some cognitive disorder.

He should be in a nursing home, not the White House.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used with permission.

Source: [VIDEO] The Internet Says This Woman Gave The Best Response to Biden’s “Vaccine Mandate” Speech

Trump Releases Touching 9/11 Statement & Tribute to Heroes, Victims, and Their Families [VIDEOS] | LifeZette

Donald Trump, arguably the greatest President in the United States history, released two different videos as a tribute to the heroes of 9/11.

Meanwhile, many heroes of 9/11 have asked Joe Biden, arguably the worst President in United States history, to stay away from their memorials today.

Here’s the first tribute video:


“We grieve together for every mother and father, sister and brother, son and daughter, who was stolen from us at the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and here in this Pennsylvania field. We honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and to do whatever it takes to keep America safe.” – Donald Trump

“In the wake of the September 11 attacks, courageous Americans raced into smoke, fire, and debris in lower Manhattan, the Pentagon, and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The whole world witnessed the might and resilience of our nation in the extraordinary men and women of the New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department.” – Donald Trump

“Earlier this year, we fully reauthorized the victim’s compensation fund to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.” – Donald Trump

“When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup probably in the history of doing this, and in construction, I was down there, and I’ve never seen anything like it.” Donald Trump

“I’ve seen two huge 110 story buildings that are reduced to rubble. 1000s and 1000s of lives, I just got to see something that I’ve never seen before. I have hundreds of men inside working right now, and we’re bringing down another 125 in a little while, and they’ve never done work like this before.” – Donald Trump

“We come here and the knowledge that we cannot erase the pain or reverse the evil of that dark and wretched day, but we offer you all that we have. Our unwavering loyalty, our undying devotion, and our eternal pledge that your loved ones will never, ever be forgotten.” – Donald Trump


Donald Trump also released another statement this morning.

You can watch that here:


“For the great people of our country, this is a very sad day. September 11th represents great sorrow for our country. Many things were displayed that day, including, most importantly, the bravery of our police, fire, and first responders of every kind. The job they did was truly unbelievable. We love them, and we thank them. It is also a sad time for the way our war on those that did such harm to our country ended last week. The loss of 13 great warriors and the many more who were wounded should never have happened. Overall, 250 people were killed in Afghanistan last week, and so many more were seriously injured. We had $85 billion of the finest and most sophisticated military equipment taken from us without even a shot being fired. The leader of our country was made to look like a fool, and that can never be allowed to happen. It was caused by bad planning, incredible weakness, and leaders who truly didn’t understand what was happening. This is the 20th year of this war and should have been a year of victory and honor, and strength. Instead, Joe Biden and his inept administration surrendered in defeat. We will live on, but sadly our country will be wounded for a long period of time. We will struggle to recover from the embarrassment this incompetence has caused. Do not fear; however, America will be made great again.” – Donald Trump

God Bless America

This piece was written by Zach Heilman on September 11, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

Source: Trump Releases Touching 9/11 Statement & Tribute to Heroes, Victims, and Their Families [VIDEOS]