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“Of all the cares or concerns of government, the direction of war most peculiarly demands those qualities which distinguish the exercise of power by a single hand.” —Alexander Hamilton (1788)

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Why Is Mark Milley Still Employed?

One thing is clear: The Joint Chiefs chairman chose China over his president and commander-in-chief.

Douglas Andrews

It’s one thing to engage in treasonous behavior. It’s another thing to compound that behavior with cowardice. Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley may well be guilty of the former, but he’s certainly guilty of the latter.

Yesterday, rather than facing the fire and answering the questions, rather than explaining to the American people why twice he chose loyalty to the communist Chinese rather than loyalty to his own country and his own commander-in-chief, Milley instead chose to cower under a desk somewhere in the Pentagon while sending out a spokesman to speak on his behalf.

What a disgrace to the uniform. And, from a personal perspective, what a relief he’s not a Marine.

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs regularly communicates with the Chiefs of Defense across the world, including with China and Russia,” Milley’s spokesperson said. “These conversations remain vital to improving mutual understanding of U.S. national security interests, reducing tensions, providing clarity and avoiding unintended consequences or conflict.”

All well and good, Mr. Spokesperson, but how often do they speak to our number one geopolitical foe without their boss’s knowledge and without their boss’s boss’s knowledge? And how often do they promise to let our enemies know “ahead of time” if we’re going to attack?

No doubt Milley will claim that President Donald Trump was “acting erratically” after the election. But as our Mark Alexander has observed, Trump has acted erratically by Beltway standards since the day he arrived. Which is another way of saying, Trump came to drain the swamp, and the swamp-dwellers didn’t like it.

And where starting wars is concerned, as National Review’s David Harsanyi puts it: “Despite his bellicose rhetoric and bluster, Trump had probably been more reluctant to use military force than any president in memory. … As others have pointed out, Trump was the first president since Jimmy Carter not to have gotten the nation into a new military conflict.”

That fact, of course, makes Milley’s insubordination even more rotten.

“I have great confidence in General Milley,” Joe Biden said yesterday. And we suspect he’ll continue to have great confidence in Milley right up until the moment he resigns — at which point Biden and his paid liar, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, will blame Republicans for having played politics with our national security.

As for Psaki, she was already busy yesterday trying to redirect folks from Milley’s insubordination to the unarmed non-insurrection of January 6: “I don’t think the president is looking for the guidance of members of Congress who stood by as the leader of their party fomented an insurrection,” she said.

Stay classy, Jen.

But while Biden may be thrilled to have a fellow traveler in Milley, a four-star lickspittle with the same affinity for the ChiComs that he has, Biden’s Oval Office predecessor doesn’t seem quite so sanguine:

If the story of “Dumbass” General Mark Milley, the same failed leader who engineered the worst withdrawal from a country, Afghanistan, in U.S. history, leaving behind many dead and wounded soldiers, many American citizens, and $85 Billion worth of the newest and most sophisticated Military equipment in the world, and our Country’s reputation, is true, then I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification “of an attack.” Can’t do that!

For the record, I never even thought of attacking China — and China knows that. The people that fabricated the story are sick and demented, and the people who print it are just as bad. In fact, I’m the only President in decades who didn’t get the U.S. into a war — a well known fact that is seldom reported.

Trump isn’t alone here. His former acting secretary of defense, Christopher Miller, said he “did not and would not ever authorize” Milley’s covert calls with the ChiComs. Miller described the allegations as a “disgraceful and unprecedented act of insubordination,” and he called on Milley to resign immediately. So has our own national security analyst, Gen. B.B. Bell, U.S. Army (Ret.).

As we noted yesterday, Milley will testify before Congress on September 28. Another question: Who’ll testify about Milley’s calls to China? The Pentagon is saying there were 13-15 people present in the room — one of whom was the source for bookseller Bob Woodward. Will they all attest to the same set of facts?

In any case, and if for nothing more than the sake of military morale, Mark Milley needs to go. Power Line’s John Hinderaker sums things up this way: “I never would have imagined that the U.S. military could sink to the level represented by Milley. He should be fired, cashiered, court-martialed, drummed out of the Army, criminally prosecuted if possible. And we need a thorough investigation into how the leadership of our armed forces could possibly have sunk so low.”

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Biden’s Border Crisis Fuels Drug Cartels

August saw the number of illegals caught hit a 21-year high, and the illicit drugs seized doubled last year’s figure.

Thomas Gallatin

No matter how the Biden administration attempts to spin its narrative on the border crisis, the stubborn nature of reality refuses to comport. The data on the ground keeps undercutting Joe Biden’s pie-in-the-sky claims that the border situation is under control and the illegal immigration surge is being handled. Neither claim is even remotely honest, and even Biden’s own Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has privately admitted it: “If our borders are the first line of defense, we’re going to lose and this is unsustainable. We can’t continue like this, our people in the field can’t continue, and our system isn’t built for it.”

The number of illegals caught crossing the border is enormous. August saw 208,887 migrants apprehended, after July saw 213,534. That brings the total number of illegal crossers caught since Biden took office to nearly 1.3 million, higher than any year since 2001.

The Biden administration likes to deflect blame onto Donald Trump by noting that the surge began during the last couple months of Trump’s presidency — after, notably, would-be migrants knew a new sheriff would soon be in town. However, a fairer measurement is the tally from fiscal year 2020, following Trump’s successful implementation of his Remain in Mexico policy. The surging numbers seen in 2019 were the result of anti-border, illegal immigration advocacy groups that worked to form caravans of tens of thousands of migrants from Central America that flooded the U.S. southern border. Trump acted to slow that down.

The total number of illegals caught crossing the border in FY2020 was 458,088, down from FY2019’s total of 977,509. In other words, Trump’s effort to secure and control the border was paying off. Of course, Biden’s quick reversal of Trump’s policies produced today’s ballooning numbers and the escalating border crisis.

But it’s not just the ballooning number of illegals; it’s also the spiking amount of illicit drugs smuggled in with them. In August alone, 1,104 pounds of fentanyl was seized, along with 19,671 pounds of methamphetamine, setting a new monthly high thus far in Biden’s presidency. The quantity of illicit drugs seized this year has nearly doubled last year’s total.

This only adds to the other ongoing epidemic responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans annually — the opioid epidemic. Last year alone, 93,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, which was a 29% increase over the year prior, the biggest one-year increase since 2016. The increasing flood of illicit drugs now flowing over the border since Biden took office is bound to have a rippling effect on the number of overdose deaths — not to mention Mexican cartel wallets.

In a recently raised lawsuit by West Virginia against Biden’s DHS and Mayorkas, the state contends that the “devastating deadly flood of fentanyl across the Southwest border” is due to border mismanagement. “By its consequences burdening and distracting the Border Patrol,” West Virginia argues, “the termination of the MPP [Migrant Protection Protocols] decreases the security of the border against fentanyl trafficking between ports of entry, leading directly to both increased numbers of smuggling attempts and increased rates of success in evading Border Patrol.”

In a tacit admission that things aren’t going well at the border, Mayorkas’s chief of staff, Karen Olick, recently tendered her resignation after only a few months on the job. The political appointee and former chief of staff to former California Senator Barbara Boxer had no experience in DHS prior to her appointment and it showed. However, it’s Mayorkas’s head that should be rolling given his feckless leadership and repeated public dismissals of there being a crisis at the border, passing it off as a “seasonal” surge. Never mind that the surge is happening in the wrong season…

We’ll leave it to Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, a Democrat state senator from Texas, to sum it up: “I always say that when a nation does not control its border, when a nation cannot define its border, it ceases to be a nation. Right now, we do not control our border.”

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Masking the Truth About Masks

A Stanford professor and prominent COVID policy critic is targeted for thoughtcrime.

Nate Jackson

You can’t say that.

That’s the mantra of leftists everywhere these days, from Leftmedia “fact-checkers” to Big Tech censors to academia, and it’s true of any number of taboo topics. Reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984, you can’t deviate from The Party on race, election fraud, and especially the coronavirus.

The latter is the focus here, and specifically the efficacy of masks. More on that in a minute.

Last fall, prominent medical academics Dr. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard), Dr. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford), and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) teamed up to draft the Great Barrington Declaration. Its purpose was to rebut the groupthink about lockdowns and herd immunity. The gist of their argument was that locking down was ultimately a harmful policy because it delayed herd immunity rather than getting us to it faster and thus bringing an end to this cursed pandemic.

Yet because this has been deemed by The Party to be thoughtcrime, here we are nearly a year and multiple vaccines later, and people are still locking things down.

The other thing that’s made a roaring comeback is masking mandates. Yet Stanford’s Dr. Bhattacharya has continued the annoying habit of asking basic scientific questions about whether this policy works and makes sense. He concluded, specifically regarding masks in schools, “There is no high-quality evidence to support the assertion that masks stop the disease from spreading.” And he’s right, no matter what The Party says.

For that, he’s being smeared at Stanford because he deviated from The Party. His peers are seeking not just to mask but to muzzle him. Stanford must “clarify for the faculty the limits of public pronouncements when proclaiming on public health policy,” insists Professor Melissa Bondy, chair of the epidemiology department.

Bhattacharya’s Barrington pal, Dr. Kulldorff, came to his defense. Kulldorff and coauthor Carl Heneghan, an Oxford epidemiologist, write, “To deserve trust, scientists must be honest about what is and what is not known, and we agree with Bhattacharya.” They elaborate with pesky facts:

Randomized trials provide the best available research evidence to inform health-care decisions and are considered the gold standard for determining intervention effects. But no randomized studies have shown that masks in children are effective. Instead, there are observational studies of uneven quality that reach conflicting conclusions. …

While adults differ from children, there have been two randomized COVID studies evaluating masks on adults. Based on the 95 percent confidence intervals, surgical mask wearers in Denmark were between 23 percent more likely and 46 percent less likely to be infected by COVID.

In a Bangladesh study, surgical masks reduced symptomatic COVID infections by between 0 and 22 percent, while the efficacy of cloth masks led to somewhere between an 11 percent increase to a 21 percent decrease. Hence, based on these randomized studies, adult masks appear to have either no or limited efficacy.

Don’t trust this science or these academics? What about former Biden administration COVID adviser Michael Osterholm? He said last month, “We know today that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out.” That was about the same time the Biden administration decided it’s a “civil right” to force kids to wear masks in school.

Before COVID was thoroughly politicized, the all-knowing Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus.” And, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

As for Bhattacharya, he has already shown that he’s willing to keep speaking inconvenient truths, but what will the effort to regulate speech at Stanford or other universities do for other faculty members? Is speaking out anyway worth a reprimand or job loss? The thought police do their jobs all too well.

In the meantime, millions of Americans — including those least at risk, school children — continue to be made to wear ineffective masks in various settings. This is despite the science on masking, despite the aggravation and educational hindrance of masking, and despite the fact that millions of Americans are bringing us closer to herd immunity through vaccination or that other unmentionable, natural immunity.

When will reason trump fear? Not anytime soon, so long as The Party controls the messaging.

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Give Up Our Guns?

One writer thinks he’s stumbled upon the secret to persuading millions of Americans.

Lewis Morris

A well-armed citizenry is perhaps the single biggest bulwark against tyrannical government, and therefore the biggest obstacle to the Left’s goal of subverting and remaking America as a socialist worker’s paradise.

Leftists have been working for years to chisel away at our Second Amendment rights. Their most favored tactic is gun control, creating more restrictive regulations and outlawing certain types of firearms. Obfuscation and lying are also popular, driving home their anti-gun message with twisted statistics and creative reinterpretations of the Second Amendment topping the list. And now, they are resorting to shame.

David Frum, who once dabbled in right-of-center politics as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush, has written a predictably shoddy hit piece for The Atlantic on how to persuade Americans to give up their guns.

Good luck with that.

Frum’s assessment is that gun owners can be convinced to give up their guns if they are shamed into thinking that gun ownership is socially unacceptable, much like the movements to reduce smoking and drunk driving. The problem with this equation is that smoking and drunk driving are deliberately destructive behaviors whose outcome, while not foreordained, is heavily weighted toward reduced health and death. Only someone who was rabidly anti-gun in the first place would believe that owning a firearm automatically falls into the same category.

Frum is clearly anti-gun, using scare quotes around the words “responsible” and “law abiding” when describing the vast majority of gun owners. By doing so, he is stating that he does not believe there is such a thing as a responsible gun owner, that a person’s ability to think clearly goes out the window the moment they come into possession of a firearm. If this is what stands for objective thinking, who needs bias?

His argument is tailor-made for The Atlantic’s left-leaning readership, chock-full of snide comments about the nature of gun owners — troglodytes who stand in the way of social progress. He also engages in one of the Left’s favorite sports by spinning facts and spreading anecdotes as evidence to support his specious claims.

Chief among Frum’s argument is that gun violence is on the rise because there are so many guns. This may be an easy sell to the uninformed, but it’s a statement that falls apart rather quickly. A study funded by anti-gun groups found that the rise in gun purchases since the beginning of the pandemic is not associated with the rise in “gun violence” during that same period. As we have stated before, it is defunding and reducing police presence on America’s streets that has led to the rise in crime. The Left loves to talk about systemic problems — how about Democrats’ systemic disregard for American law enforcement?

Frum also shares several anecdotes about children killed with their parents’ guns, suicides, and simple altercations that escalated into fatal shootings. These stories are terribly sad, but they are not the norm among law-abiding gun owners. The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action points out fatal firearm accidents involving children have dropped 91% since 1975. The rate of firearm accidents overall has also dropped significantly. And let’s not forget about the historic drop in crime across the board for three decades leading up to 2019, which, again, was when leftist city councils started defunding local police forces.

The all-knowing Frum wants his readers to believe that guns don’t deter violence. His proof is that we hear more negative stories about guns in the news than positive ones. But John Lott, who is much more astute on the topic than Frum ever could be, debunked that myth years ago. News programs love to share bad news, and many people love to watch it. Deaths and shootings are easier to quantify in this context. There is no real way to measure how the mere sight of a firearm deters crime. Rest assured, it does. Criminals don’t roam the countryside looking to get into gunfights; they are looking for easy prey, and that is generally the unarmed individual.

Ultimately, this insipid work of Frum’s carries the same erroneous assumptions about guns that the Left has pushed for years. He’s also writing for his audience, fellow leftists who see guns as evil. There is no new ground being discovered here, and Frum is unlikely to shame Americans into rethinking their right to defend themselves. But we must remain vigilant of our rights, for David Frum and his comrades will continue to push the issue no matter how illogical their arguments may be.

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Facebook Plays Favorites and Harms Our Kids

Leaked internal documents show that the company’s platforms favor the elite and are especially harmful to teenage girls.

Douglas Andrews

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brags that his social media empire allows more than three billion suckers users to speak on equal footing with the elites, and that its standards of behavior apply to everyone, he’s, well — how shall we put this gently? — lying like Scranton Joe Biden.

In fact, according to internal Facebook documents turned over by a whistleblower to The Wall Street Journal, Zuckerberg and his co-conspirators employ a “whitelisting” system called “cross check,” which allows the rich and famous — celebrities, politicians, even journalists — to get away with posting behavior that would get the rest of us banned. How many of these “elite” users are we talking about? More than 5.8 million as of 2020, according to the documents.

In one of the most egregious examples of Facebook’s privileged approach, Brazilian soccer star Neymar posted “revenge porn” of a woman who’d accused him of rape. Facebook’s policy for the posting of non-consensual intimate images is, rightly, to remove them immediately. But the company’s cross-check program allowed these nude images of Neymar’s accuser to remain up for more than a day, allowing some 56 million Facebook and Instagram users to see not only the images but the name of the woman.

So much for Zuck’s “equal footing.” Or perhaps, as on Orwell’s Animal Farm, some of us are simply more equal than others. As the Journal reports:

A 2019 internal review of Facebook’s whitelisting practices, marked attorney-client privileged, found favoritism to those [elite] users to be both widespread and “not publicly defensible.”

“We are not actually doing what we say we do publicly,” said the confidential review. It called the company’s actions “a breach of trust” and added: “Unlike the rest of our community, these people can violate our standards without any consequences.”

Unless you’re Donald Trump. In that case, Facebook will ban you for two years. (Good luck with your lawsuit, Mr. President.)

To be sure, not everyone at Facebook is comfortable with its double standard. “One of the fundamental reasons I joined FB,” said Samidh Chakrabarti, who headed the company’s Civic Team, “is that I believe in its potential to be a profoundly democratizing force that enables everyone to have an equal civic voice. So having different rules on speech for different people is very troubling to me.”

Of course, we’ve long known Big Tech to be rotten, even evil. This is just more hickory for the bonfire. And the Journal says this revelation is merely “the first in a series of articles,” so Zuck and his team of liars might want to assume the position.

It’d be one thing if Facebook were only making consenting adults miserable. But a separate Journal article shows how Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing app, is particularly harmful to teenage girls. “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls,” said one internal slide from 2019. “Teens blame Instagram for increases in the rate of anxiety and depression,” said another. And according to one internal presentation that studied teens who reported suicidal thoughts, 13% of British users and 6% of American users traced the desire to kill themselves to Instagram.

Back in March, Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee requested Facebook’s internal research on how social media affect children. “Facebook refused to comply with our request and we now know why,” said ranking Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers. “This also leaves us wondering what else they are hiding. We will continue to demand transparency from Facebook and other Big Tech companies, especially as it relates to the harm their products have on our children.”

Facebook is currently valued at more than $1 trillion. Color us shocked — SHOCKED — to learn that Mark Zuckerberg and his money-grubbing leadership team would refuse to share their research on the damage their platforms are doing to our children.

Twenty-four years ago, the Federal Trade Commission charged R.J. Reynolds with causing “substantial injury to the health and safety of children” by way of its “Joe Camel” advertising campaign. Were we a saner, healthier society, we’d be holding the Big Tech oligarchs to a similar standard today.

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Still Laughing at Funny-Man Norm Macdonald

Death may have taken him, but the famed SNL comedian used comedy to explore life.

Thomas Gallatin

Anyone who watched “Saturday Night Live” throughout the mid-1990s would have experienced the comedic humor of Norm Macdonald as the host of “Weekend Update.” He was a comedian who so stubbornly held to his own style of craft that it got him fired from SNL due to his refusal to stop telling O.J. Simpson murder trial jokes. The real end for him finally came, as Macdonald died at the age of 61 after a nearly decade-long battle with cancer, which few people knew about because of his decision to keep the diagnosis private.

Following his firing, Macdonald starred in the comedy film “Dirty Work” featuring several SNL cast members. He also continued doing standup comedy and made several guest appearances in sitcoms and late night shows.

Macdonald was best known for his rambling deadpan style of joke telling that ended abruptly with punchlines that often received more groans than laughs. As he once explained, “Comedy is surprises, so if you’re intending to make somebody laugh and they don’t laugh, that’s funny.”

While comedy was what Macdonald was best known for, it was also apparent that it was more than mere craft to him. In many ways, comedy was his means of exploring life, as he relished observing the absurd to understand why it was such.

Born in Quebec, Canada, he made his way to the U.S. in the early ‘90s and was hired as a writer for the popular sitcom “Roseanne” in 1992. After a year he moved on to join SNL, where he worked for five years.

Deeply philosophical, Macdonald rejected atheism, which he argued failed to offer a cohesive reason the existence of life. He claimed to have conviction as a Christian but later seemed to move on to Judaism.

Macdonald’s deadpan wit will be missed, as well as his willingness to poke fun at political correctness. He was a comedian who still believed comedy should push against and challenge dominant cultural attitudes, not unquestioningly accept them. In other words, it’s not just comedians who die, but comedy itself — under the withering condescension and hate that is the American Left today. That’s particularly why Macdonald is worth remembering.

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Jordan Candler

Milley’s Malfeasance

  • General Mark Milley more or less corroborates bombshell story that he’d forewarn China if U.S. was going to strike (Daily Wire)
  • White House defends Milley amid barrage of criticism (National Review)
  • Trump’s acting defense secretary says he “did not” authorize the calls, says Milley should resign (Fox News)
  • Milley’s favorite Chinese general is one of CCP’s biggest saber-rattlers (Free Beacon)


  • Star gymnasts give senators an unsparing account of FBI’s failures in Larry Nassar investigation (WSJ) | FBI refuses to answer to elected representatives about illegal leaks and botched investigations (The Federalist)
  • Dems trying to sneak eight million green cards into spending bill (PJ Media)
  • “You’re really f***ing me”: Biden reportedly furious over Joe Manchin spending block (Daily Wire)


  • The U.S. makes COVID vaccinations mandatory for new immigrants (but not illegals) (NYT)
  • Thirty-seven thousand Afghan refugees headed to 46 states (Axios)
  • Australia to get nuclear submarines in new deal with U.S. and UK, sending potential message to China (USA Today) | “A lack of coherence”: France issues angry response (Fox News)
  • Migrant encounters over 200,000 again in August, as border surge continues (Fox News)
  • Fentanyl smuggling surges at border; seizures have nearly doubled 2020 numbers (Free Beacon)
  • France terminates leader of Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (AP)


  • Judge strikes Minneapolis anti-police ballot question (WCCO) | Ilhan Omar slams the judge (Fox News)
  • D’oh! Portland scraps planned boycott over Texas pro-life law (The Oregonian)
  • LA County authoritarians to require proof of vaccination for indoor bars, nightclubs, breweries (FOX 11)
  • Special enrollment period sparked 2.8 million ObamaCare signups (Washington Times)


  • A new study suggests that almost half of those hospitalized with COVID have mild or asymptomatic cases (The Atlantic)
  • Not the first time: Parents group demands child pornography investigation of Netflix show (Daily Wire)
  • Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert settles child abuse payments lawsuit (Washington Examiner)
  • SpaceX successfully launches first all-civilian mission (Space.com)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: The California recall’s lesson for Republicans (National Review)
  • Policy: Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional (City Journal)
  • Humor: Gavin Newsom named U-Haul Salesperson of the Year (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense. … They are themselves always, and without exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society. Let them look well after their own expense, and they may safely trust private people with theirs.” —Adam Smith (1723-1790)

“The same people who spent the last decade telling you health care is a human right now want to be able to deny it to you. As if it wasn’t enough to hound people without the COVID-19 shot out of their jobs, schools, and even effectively whole cities, pundits and even some doctors are now floating the idea of denying medical care to people based on COVID-19 vaccination status. … The push for health care as a human right is revealed as the power grab it always was.” —Elle Reynolds

“General Mark Milley should face an investigation, without delay, concerning the allegations contained in a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. And if the claims turn out to be true, Milley should be removed from his post as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately, and perhaps face more stringent sanctions for going behind the president’s back to the Chinese military during the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency. … Generals don’t get to have their own personal foreign policies. Period. They answer to the elected branches, and they must carry out every lawful directive and policy set by the people’s representatives.” —National Review

Theater of the absurd: “This president, this current president, who follows the Constitution, who’s not fomenting an insurrection, who follows the rule of law, has complete confidence in Chairman Milley.” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Whew! “I have great confidence in General Milley.” —Joe Biden

Dezinformatsiya: “Republicans don’t like this? … Are you so stupid, I just got to ask, are you so stupid, are you so ignorant of how things work that you don’t know that from time to time generals talk to generals?” —MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (“Watching liberal media stars spend 5 years trying to thread the needle between ‘we are so grateful to the unelected but noble Generals thwarting Trump’ and ‘only insane conspiracy nuts believe the US has a Deep State’ has been quite dizzying.” —Glenn Greenwald)

Grand delusion: “My Build Back Better plan calls for significant new investments in upgrading research infrastructure, laboratories all across the country. … I promise you: It’s going to create great economic growth, reduce inflation, and put people in a place where … children … are never going to have to worry about what we’re worrying about right now.” —Joe Biden (Kind of like how he promised the Taliban would not take over and that he would get all Americans out of Afghanistan.)

The BIG Lie: “This year alone, 18 states have passed 30 anti-voter laws. These laws disproportionately impact communities of color — and are designed to make it harder for people to vote.” —Kamala Harris

Village idiot: “COVID deaths have proven to be much higher in states that voted for Trump. Basically, if your state has more GEDs than PhDs, stay indoors. Of the 54,000 Americans who died from COVID since the start of the summer, almost … one in five of them died in Florida, which, my God, all those orphaned ferrets. It’s a shame.” —Jimmy Kimmel

And last… “Imagine the outrage if General Michael Flynn did with Russia or Ukraine what General Mark Milley did with the Chinese Communist Party.” —Charlie Kirk

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