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“In the formation of our constitution the wisdom of all ages is collected — the legislators are antiquity are consulted, as well as the opinions and interests of the millions who are concerned. It short, it is an empire of reason.” —Noah Webster (1787)

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25 Years of Defending the Constitution

Today, we mark both our 25th anniversary of publishing and our Constitution’s birthday.

Nate Jackson

Today marks The Patriot Post’s 25th year of publication. That’s right — your humble team, led by Publisher Mark Alexander, began fighting against the Leftmedia monopoly all the way back in 1996. We have a lot of longevity here on staff, too. This author has been on the team since 2004, and numerous editors and contributors have been here a long time as well. We’re a lean, mean band of Patriots who endeavor to bring key news and policy analysis of the day to grassroots Americans all across the fruited plain.

Today also happens to be Constitution Day, the day in 1787 on which the most consequential governing document in history was ratified. We take that combination to heart, as our primary responsibility here is to defend that venerable document and the Liberty it enshrines, as laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

As Alexander put it in marking the occasion on Wednesday, “From the onset, our mission has been to extend the endowment of American Liberty to the next generation by, first, advocating for individual rights and responsibilities; second, supporting the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary; and third, promoting free enterprise, national defense, and traditional American values, as outlined in our Statement of Principles.”

Again, those values are enshrined in our Constitution. But that very system of government is under an assault by the Left far more relentless and dangerous than when we launched this publication 25 years ago.

Make no mistake: Leftists still often pay lip service to their oaths to “support and defend” the Constitution. President Joe Biden, who has busied himself wielding extra- and unconstitutional power since the day he took office eight months ago, even issued a perfunctory Constitution Day Proclamation in which he references that oath. But he then disgracefully denounced “grave attempts to suppress and subvert the right to vote in free and fair elections.” What he objects to is that many states are working to protect election integrity — all while Democrats are endeavoring to undermine that integrity and ensure enduring power for themselves.

Public schools have loads of great teachers who love this country and the students in their classrooms. But those schools are largely run by leftist indoctrinators who don’t bother to interrupt lessons about how awful our country is to teach about some old parchment that established its greatness.

That lack of education is why most Americans would fail a citizenship test. Such ignorance is more than just a shame; it’s a threat to our Constitution. See, for example, the Biden regime just put in office by 81 million* Americans.

These things are why we continue to fight the good fight. We provide our fellow Americans with the news analysis they need to then go into their communities with the right perspective on today’s events. We support educational efforts primarily through distribution of our Patriot’s Primer on American Liberty.

Clearly, though, we have a long way to go in our next 25 years.

We’re undaunted because our Constitution is well worth preserving. This uniquely American achievement puts the ultimate power in the hands of “We the People.” Our Founders knew all too well that men with power can’t be trusted, so that power was divided in a federalist and multi-branch system. It enumerates the powers of government, and it protects the rights of citizens.

Yes, all of those aspects have been challenged and undermined by the “progressives” who never leave well enough alone. But that means those of us who love America and its founding documents and institutions must answer the call to defend them vigorously, tirelessly, and even joyfully. We must sustain Rule of Law over the rule of men. We must preserve Liberty for the next generation.

As George Washington aptly put it, “Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

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Durham Indicts a Collusion Cutout

Top Democrat lawyer Michael Sussmann is charged with lying to the FBI.

Thomas Gallatin

A second individual has now been indicted in Special Counsel John Durham’s long-running investigation into the origins of the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. First, it was Kevin Clinesmith. Now, just days before the statute of limitations was due to run out, Durham has indicted top Democrat lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI. It sounds minor, but it’s important.

The 27-page indictment details how in September 2016, Sussmann met with FBI General Counsel James Baker to alert him to a supposed hidden connection between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin via the Russian-owned Alfa Bank. The FBI, as well as Robert Mueller’s investigation, would later determine there was no truth to the claim.

However, the indictment charge against Sussmann is not for his peddling false information to the FBI, but for his claim that he had no political connections, and therefore no political motive. In truth, Sussmann was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign’s law firm, Perkins Coie, for whom he was paid for specifically delivering the erroneous Alfa Bank/Trump claim.

According to the indictment:

Sussmann lied about the capacity in which he was providing the allegations to the FBI. Specifically, Sussmann stated falsely that he was not doing his work on the aforementioned allegations ‘for any client,’ which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that Sussmann was acting as a good citizen merely passing along information, not as a paid advocate or political operative. In fact … this statement was intentionally false and misleading because, in assembling and conveying these allegations, Sussmann acted on behalf of specific clients, namely, a U.S. technology industry executive at a U.S. internet company, and the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

Investigative journalist John Solomon observes, “Slowly over five years, the Russia collusion story has been exposed for what it was: a three-legged political dirty trick in which highly credible figures with deep law enforcement, intelligence and news media ties were paid by the Clinton campaign to flood the FBI with unproven allegations that Trump was secretly colluding with Russia to steal the election from Clinton.”

Sussmann represents the lesser known second leg of Clinton’s Trump/Russia collusion hoax, as his allegation failed to gain traction within the FBI. The first leg was the bogus Christopher Steele dossier, which provided the third leg, the deep state within the FBI and Barack Obama’s Justice Department, the excuse needed to investigate and surveil the Trump campaign.

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA), who doggedly pursued the truth behind the collusion narrative, stated: “The indictment is damning, full of shocking details showing how the Clinton campaign operatives and lawyers resorted to illegal and immoral methods to concoct false allegations against the Trump campaign and feed them to the FBI and the media. Obviously, many more people need to face justice, but it’s gratifying to see Durham begun to unravel the web of lies and deceit that surrounded the Russian collusion hoax.”

“Many more people,” indeed. This was an attempted coup by the biggest of big players. We think it’s pretty clear that Sussmann is a cutout acting on behalf of more powerful figures, from James Comey and John Brennan all the way up to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. His indictment — for now, at least — allows the bigger conspirators off the hook, and he could end up being a scapegoat. The question is whether John Durham is pulling all the pieces of the plot together with more serious indictments coming in the future.

The jury is still out, but time for any significant developments appears to be quickly waning, as Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland will soon announce whether he has approved a budget to continue the investigation through next fiscal year.

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A Capitol Rally for January 6th Detainees

Assessing Saturday’s “Justice for J6” rallies.

Mark Alexander

This weekend’s “Justice for J6” rallies, sponsored by Look Ahead America, are intended to bring attention to the plight of those arrested for their actions during the January 6 Capitol riot. While some of those rioters were violent thugs who battled with police and damaged the Capitol building, many of those arrested, some of whom remain incarcerated, face more benign charges equivalent to trespassing.

That notwithstanding, because the arrests are political fodder for the Left, the charges and sentences against some of them are excessive.

There are a few things to restate ahead of the J6 rallies in Washington and other state capitals.

First, it is understandable why the Capitol Police and DC Metro Police were unprepared for the jackasses who violated the Capitol building that day. As I wrote after the riot: “Given the civil and lawful tenor of ALL previous Donald Trump rallies across our nation during Trump’s tenure, there was no reason to believe that some fraction of 1% of those in attendance that day would resort to the riotous thuggery associated with all the ‘peaceful’ leftist protests. Heretofore, violence has been the standard modus operandi of the so-called ‘Black Lives Matter’ racists and so-called ’antifa’ fascists. What happened on the Capitol grounds was unprecedented for a Trump rally.”

Those thugs who violently battled with police outside the Capitol building, by both action and appearance, certainly did not and do not represent any even marginally mainstream contingent of Trump supporters.

Second, as we have noted repeatedly, those nonviolent protesters may be jackasses, but there is an enormous disparity between the crimes and punishment doled out for the January 6 protesters and that for the violent burn, loot, and murder mobs who rioted in DC and many other Democrat-controlled urban centers across the nation for six months in 2020. Despite more than 40 murders associated with those riots, and more than a billion dollars in damages, few have been arrested, and many who were arrested were released, including a murderer bailed out with the help of Kamala Harris.

Third, and predictably, that handful of January 6 jackasses and thugs fueled Demo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s histrionic “insurrection” inquisition, which is being used to paint all Trump supporters with the same brush.

Consequently, Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and, of course, Joe Biden, in collusion with their Leftmedia propagandists, have done a masterful job of tar-and-feathering Trump supporters as “right-wing extremists” and “white supremacists.”

So determined and brazen were Pelosi and Schumer that for months they lied about the death of Officer Brian Sicknick, insisting he was murdered by Trump supporters, and using his death as political fodder for their theatrical Capitol charade.

As for the J6 rallies, they are the inspiration of Matt Braynard, the former director of data and strategy for Trump’s campaign. Braynard had previously founded and led the Voter Integrity Project focusing on illegal ballots and other election anomalies. It is not clear why Braynard is so intent on rallies, given that his message would reach many more people through media interviews with Tucker Carlson and others.

Tomorrow’s events in DC and 17 state capitals across the nation are ill-conceived because they may attract some number of thugs who will then dominate the news cycle reports about these rallies, serving only to refresh and refuel Pelosi’s “insurrection” narrative.

To that end, Trump says the rallies are “a setup,” while offering sympathy for those arrested.

But we have NO sympathy for the violent thugs who battled with police.

The Capitol and DC police departments are bracing for trouble, again playing right into the Pelosi and Schumer theatrical backdrop. Police are on high alert, and fencing is back up around the Capitol building. Schumer says, “They seem very, very well prepared.”

The best thing that could happen at the DC rally is for a couple thousand people to show up, for them to abide by the same standards of order and respect common to all Trump rallies before January 6, and reestablish to some extent that baseline for what constitutes a Trump supporter.

The J6 rallies may bring some attention to the disparity between the charging and sentencing of the more than 500 January 6 protesters arrested versus the hordes of violent leftist protesters across our nation last year.

But it will not resolve the greatest injustice on January 6 — the unjustifiable killing of Ashli Babbitt by incompetent Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd.

Finally, I should note that the most dangerous person in DC on the day of the Capitol riot, an actual terrorist, has not been arrested. The FBI and BATFE are offering a $100,000 reward for information to convict the person who left pipe bombs outside both the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters the night before the protest.

(Follow @MAlexander1776)

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Did NIH Help China Cover Up COVID Origins?

Why aren’t we more curious about a Chinese researcher’s request to delete vital data from an NIH database?

Douglas Andrews

The headline in the June 23 edition of The Wall Street Journal seemed ominous enough: “Chinese Covid-19 Gene Data That Could Have Aided Pandemic Research Removed From NIH Database.”

Why on earth would the National Institutes of Health do such a thing? That’s especially important given that the data, which was a series of gene sequences from coronavirus samples obtained from COVID-19 patients in Wuhan in January and February 2020, could help us solve the mystery (such as it is) about the genesis of the pandemic.

As to that mystery, our goal is to get to the truth, and in doing so to help those dead-enders — those folks on the Left who still believe that Donald Trump can’t possibly be right about the origins of the virus; those folks who therefore believe that this deadly plague was naturally occurring, and that it materialized when, as Jon Stewart so hilariously surmised, “a pangolin kissed a turtle” or maybe when “a bat flew into the cloaca of a turkey.”

The ever-growing evidence tells open-minded folks that COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab — the Wuhan Institute of Virology, specifically.

Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, told journalist Bret Baier that the removal of the data from the NIH archives was the deletion of “essentially the Rosetta Stone” of COVID-19. “Those sequences … enable virologists to trace the drift or manipulation of a genetic code,” said Makary, who called it “very unusual” for genetic data to be deleted from the NIH database.

But that’s not the most unusual part: The request to delete this information came from a Chinese researcher.

Never fear, though: As the Journal reports, the NIH “said it was reviewing the removal of genetic data about the Covid-19 virus from an agency-run archive after a scientist raised concerns about the episode earlier this summer.”

Senate Republicans want some answers. “The efforts by Chinese researchers to delete the data demands additional explanation,” wrote Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Roger Marshall (R-KS) in the letter to NIH Director Francis Collins.

As the Journal continues: “In a reply to the senators dated Sept. 8, Dr. Collins said a review was under way to determine ‘whether appropriate steps were taken to assess this withdrawal request.’ An NIH spokeswoman on Sunday said that the review had been completed and that NIH leaders would weigh the findings.”

It’d be nice if the rest of us could weigh the findings, too. Otherwise, we might be left to conclude that some folks at the NIH were in cahoots with the ChiComs.

Where does the investigation into COVID’s origins currently stand? Sadly, at something of a standstill. Late last month, U.S. intelligence agencies delivered a report to Joe Biden, telling him that a lack of information “made it difficult to reach a definitive conclusion on the origin of the pandemic.”

Here, it’ll be interesting to see just how interested Joe Biden is in learning the truth about this pandemic — especially as it relates to his friends, the communist Chinese.

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Taxes Exceed Basic Necessities

Income redistribution takes more of Americans’ money than food, clothing, healthcare, and entertainment combined.

Brian Mark Weber

Over the past nine months, Americans are finding it harder than ever to foot the bill for everything from groceries to healthcare to clothing. Even going to the movies is out of reach for most families. The prosperity of recent years was all too quickly undone by a pandemic and the foolish response to it.

Part of the problem is rampant inflation. Millions of Americans were happy to cash Uncle Sam’s stimulus checks, not realizing they were actually deflating the purchasing power of those dollars flying off the Federal Reserve’s printing press. The government flooded the country with demand, but supply has been unable to keep up.

But there’s another important reason why we can’t make ends meet: taxes. The person who came up with the idea that government should get its hands on a cut of our hard-earned money before we even receive the paycheck was an evil genius. Since we never see the money in the first place, taxes don’t have the same impact as if we had to write a check every week to the IRS. As a result, we seldom think about taxes.

But in reality, Americans spent more money on taxes in 2020 than on all of their other household expenses … combined. This includes federal, state, local, Social Security, and property taxes. Analyzing data from the Department of Labor and Statistics, CNS News reports, “Americans on average paid government $371.23 more in 2020 than they paid for food, clothing, healthcare and entertainment combined.”

Kind of makes the stimulus check an insult, doesn’t it? And people thought the federal government was doing them a favor. Those handouts contributed to inflation, making the dollar worth less than it is already, all while adding to the surging national debt.

Democrats have a solution and, you guessed it, the plan takes a problem they created in the first place and makes it worse.

They want to raise taxes even higher. That’s right. While kids are now back in school — well, the ones not shut out by more foolish COVID responses — and parents try to figure out if they can even keep their job under draconian mandates, Joe Biden and company are trying to push through a $3.5 trillion spending bill to address, you know, real problems like a grossly exaggerated climate crisis.

It would be one thing if we had a surplus of cash in the government’s coffers, but we’re broke. Twenty-nine trillion dollars broke. There is no money. So the only way to fund the $3.5 trillion is to print more money and raise taxes.

Our own Thomas Gallatin explains how these taxes would harm small and large businesses alike, not to mention middle-class taxpayers. We’re talking about wiping out the 2017 Republican tax cuts and several years of economic growth in one fell swoop.

This comes after President Biden promised not to raise taxes on those making under $400,000. “House Democrats have been unable to keep the pledge,” according to The Washington Times. “In crafting the tax changes they hope will pay for their massive social spending bill, they have proposed a series of direct and indirect taxes that will affect all income levels.”

Moreover: “Republicans also point to the various deductions being eliminated, including those for estate taxes, as another rising burden for lower-income individuals. Altogether, the proposal being championed by Democrats amounts to one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history and would be used to pay for a host of liberal priorities, including expanded health care, educational benefits and immigration reform.”

“Pay for.” Heh.

In addition to a few outspoken but powerless Republicans, only Democrat Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have expressed concerns over adding to the budget deficit. This has outraged the Marxist wing of the Democrat Party, which just can’t get enough of wealth redistribution.

Whatever numbers the Democrats eventually settle on, the spending bill will increase taxes, inflation, and the national debt. Then again, none of this should come as a surprise. For now, all we can do is chalk this up as another way the president and congressional Democrats are putting America and Americans last.

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President Ignored His Afghanistan Commander

Biden and his Pentagon brass didn’t listen to General Miller, but they absolutely should have.

Douglas Andrews

General Austin “Scott” Miller doesn’t make an appearance in Jessica Donati’s book Eagle Down until chapter 28, but it’s worth the wait.

Donati covers national security and foreign affairs for The Wall Street Journal, and her book covers the last few years of our military involvement in Afghanistan — an involvement whose burden since 2015 has fallen mostly to our Special Forces. In her brief portrait of Miller, whom Donald Trump placed in command of all American and NATO forces in Afghanistan in September 2018, we learn that he’s short, strong, and athletic, and that he’s in better shape that many of his troops, even at age 57. That’s not surprising, though. “Miller had enjoyed a legendary career, having served as a Delta Force captain in Somalia during the Battle of Mogadishu,” Donati writes. “He was also known for aggressively stepping up Delta Force operations while in charge of the unit in Iraq.”

Now comes the important part. Donati continues:

Miller inspired a cult-like dedication in his team. He was respected at all ranks and viewed as the sort of rare general officer that looked out for his men. He had spent enough time in Afghanistan to know many mid-level Afghan commanders on a personal basis, including some that by then had ascended to senior ranks in the government. With restrictions on U.S. operations lifted, there were anecdotes of Afghan commanders who called Miller personally from the field to request support.

Perhaps you see where we’re going. As the last commander in Afghanistan, General Miller knew that country. He knew its people. He knew the strengths and especially the weakness of the Afghan forces there. Lloyd Austin didn’t. Mark Milley didn’t. Joe Biden didn’t. If any general officer should’ve had the president’s ear prior to the collapse of Afghan forces and our nation’s subsequent retreat and surrender, it should’ve been Scott Miller. If any commander should’ve been able to say, Don’t abandon Bagram Air Base, or, Don’t suspend our air support for Afghan forces just yet, or, Don’t rely on the Taliban to provide security at crucial checkpoints, or, Don’t withdraw our troops until every last American is safely out, it should’ve been General Miller.

But Miller didn’t have Biden’s ear. Or if he did, Biden didn’t listen. Or Biden listened, and then lied about it.

As The Hill reports, “The former commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan told senators Tuesday he opposed a full withdrawal from the country and advised Pentagon leadership [Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, and U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Frank McKenzie] of his position, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee told reporters after a closed-door briefing with the general.”

That top Republican is Oklahoma’s James Inhofe, who couldn’t say much more due to the closed-door nature of the hearing. “We heard enough to know that there are inconsistencies between what the administration has said and the truth,” he added at a news conference. “Clearly, President Biden didn’t listen to all the military advice given.”

Clearly, he didn’t. And clearly, both nations — ours and Afghanistan — are worse off for it.

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Google Censors Pro-Life Ads

The consequences of stifling Live Action’s messaging are pernicious and far-reaching.

Emmy Griffin

The tech giant Google has started banning Live Action’s pro-life advertisements. The exact date of the ban is unknown, but the timing is rather interesting. Not three weeks ago, a Texas law banning abortion after six weeks of gestation went into effect, so the topic of abortion is at the forefront of the national conversation.

On September 14, Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, stated that Google had banned all her company’s ads. Rose went a step further by saying Google is demonstrably choosing to side with “extremist pro-abortion political ideology” and that “Google’s censorship baldly reveals that the corporation is in the pocket of the abortion industry.”

The consequences of this ad ban are pernicious and far-reaching. By censoring these ads, Google is essentially eliminating choices for these women. Furthermore, by showing them only one option — the most evil option — it is essentially allowing abortion mills and others to prey on vulnerable women and preborn babies.

Google did proffer an explanation for the ban. The ads it particularly objected to were about the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline. Google admitted the reason for the ban was based on a post from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AGOC), which asserts that the reversal pills are not backed up by science.

The AGOC states:

A 2012 case series reported on six women who took mifepristone and were then administered varying progesterone doses. Four continued their pregnancies. This is not scientific evidence that progesterone resulted in the continuation of those pregnancies. This study was not supervised by an institutional review board (IRB) or an ethical review committee, required to protect human research subjects, raising serious questions regarding the ethics and scientific validity of the results. Case series with no control groups are among the weakest forms of medical evidence.

In other words, it asserts that since the 2012 case series were more anecdotal and not necessarily scientifically conducted, and since there hasn’t been an official study of it by a review board, the ACOG had serious concerns. But according to Rose, the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline has saved many babies’ lives in spite of the “serious concerns” of the ACOG.

As far as Google’s censorship of this particular ad is concerned, this reasoning seems fair enough. After all, Google has rules and policies for its advertisements and will use the resources at its disposal to ensure the ads are legit. The only problem is that the abortion pills it allows to be advertised — which have sent thousands of women to the hospital and resulted in the death of at least 10 women — are far more dangerous. So much for standards.

Furthermore, Google also banned the “Baby Olivia” ad, which is indefensible. In fact, Google ultimately conceded this ad did not violate its policies and rescinded the ban. Its final statement on the subject declared: “Beyond protecting users from medical harm, our policies do not distinguish between promoting pro-choice and pro-life messages. Advertisers are allowed to offer either abortion or abortion-alternative services.”

However, Rose insists this is not the case at all. She claims that abortion activists knew that these ads were making a difference and pressured Google into shutting them down. This claim could very well be true. New York Governor Kathy Hochul was very vocal in her objections to Texas’s new law, even threatening to put companies such as Facebook under pressure to stem the flow of so-called misinformation. She said at the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument in Central Park, “There’s accountability and responsibility at the top of those companies to help tell the truth across this nation.”

This Google-ban scandal, coming on the heels of the new Texas law, seems like a strategic strike against the pro-life camp. But for every abortion activist like Governor Hochul, there are pro-life lawmakers who will take up the banner to challenge big companies like Google and Facebook. Yesterday, 12 senators signed letters calling for Google to reinstate all of Live Actions’s ads. Thank goodness for the vigilance of Lila Rose and these senators for quickly standing up for life and calling out the iniquity of this company.

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Jordan Candler

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Insight: “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” —John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Friendly fire: “The sacrifice, I think, is profound: An extremely important counterterrorism partnership was lost, and a terrorism state is now upon us. Enormous gains for women, for the rule of law, for democracy, for human rights. Mass displacement. The Afghans remade their society. We didn’t do it, they did. It was our withdrawal, I’m afraid, that has unmade their society — and what have we gained for this?” —Democrat Congressman Tom Malinowski

“Throughout Trump’s presidency, a slew of retired military and intelligence officials attacked him for one reason or another. We were told over and over again that Trump was going to start a war with Iran, North Korea or China, and that he colluded with Russia. Well, Trump was the first president in decades not to start a war. He achieved historic peace deals between Israel and several Arab nations. And the Russia collusion story was a hoax created by the Clinton campaign, the DNC and their Deep State allies. Here’s the irony: With Milley’s assistance, Biden just implemented an Afghan withdrawal so poorly executed, it emboldened our enemies and demoralized our allies and, thus, made the world a more dangerous place.” —Gary Bauer

“One of the most fundamental things our founding fathers gave us was the principle of civilian control of the military. If Bob Woodward’s revelations about General Milley prove to be true then it would seem that he has personally violated that principle and must be held accountable. This is neither a Republican nor Democrat issue. It’s a constitutional issue that must be dealt with. Every man that enlists in the Army takes an oath to obey the orders of the President and the officer appointed over them. Milley has apparently breached that oath.” —Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.)

Nothing to see here… “I have confidence in General Milley.” —Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Leftmedia/Democrat mouthpiece I: “Apparently it was a betrayal for Milley to reassure China that Trump wasn’t crazy enough to go to war with them.” —New York Times’s Peter Baker

Leftmedia/Democrat mouthpiece II: “Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s [Met Gala] attendance — and [‘Tax the Rich’] dress — provided easy fodder for her most reliably triggered critics.” —New York Times

Grand delusions: “Congratulations to Governor Gavin Newsom on defeating the recall vote. This vote is a resounding win for the approach that he and I share to beating the pandemic: strong vaccine requirements, strong steps to reopen schools safely, and strong plans to distribute real medicines — not fake treatments — to help those who get sick. The fact that voters in both traditionally Democratic and traditionally Republican parts of the state rejected the recall shows that Americans are unifying behind taking these steps to get the pandemic behind us.” —Joe Biden

Grand delusions II: “[This week was] a win for the bold agenda put forth by President Biden, Governor Newsom, and Democrats in Congress to build our country back better, deliver on their promises, and get our country back on track. … Governor Newsom provides the smart, capable and focused leadership necessary to keep Californians safe and build the state’s economy back better amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has a strong record of delivering for the people of California and I look forward to watching him continue that critical work as governor.” —DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison (“Gavin Newsom was rescued by two presidents, radical left-wing Washington, D.C. politicians, and campaign spending in excess of $50 million. None of it was used to defend Newsom’s numerous failures, but instead to create ridiculous and false narratives to protect him.” —California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson)

Rabble-rouser: “I said this many, many times on the campaign trail: We may have defeated Trump, but Trumpism is not dead in this country.” —California Governor Gavin Newsom

Clear as mud: “They want you to think that when we talk about rich, we’re talking about a doctor or a lawyer instead of someone with hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars. That’s what we mean by ‘rich.’” —Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Non compos mentis I: “We begin … with a message to Republicans: Okay, we get it! COVID is the precious and you love it. You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships, and at the club. That great spongy ball with the red spikes? You want it pumping through your veins.” —MSNBC’s Joy Reid

Non compos mentis II: “The people who are not getting vaccines, who are believing the lies on the Internet instead of science — it’s time to start shaming them … or leave them behind. Because they’re keeping the majority of Americans behind.” —CNN’s Don Lemon

And last… “If it was really about saving lives, our government would fully embrace an all-of-the-above approach to COVID. Instead, it’s ‘get vaccinated or else.’ Total submission over saving lives.” —Lisa Boothe

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

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