Pfizer Admits: Israel Is Massive Experiment For mRNA Gene Therapy Shots

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Among the fully-vaccinated, cases and deaths are skyrocketing. In the face of disaster, Pfizer’s Technocrats respond: More booster shots!

Remember that the FDA just “approved” the German BioNTech shot, which was developed in partnership with and for Pfizer. The Pfizer shot is still under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, even though the FDA hints that it is substantially equivalent to the BioNTech shot.  ? TN Editor


> Pfizer admits it’s treating Israel as a unique “laboratory” to assess COVID jab effects. Whatever happens in Israel can reliably be expected to happen elsewhere, months later

> Pfizer entered into an exclusivity agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Health, so the only COVID shot available is Pfizer’s. The Pfizer shot has a higher risk for heart inflammation among young men than some of the other COVID shots, but Israeli youth have no option but to get the most dangerous one

> Pfizer’s shot went from a 95% effectiveness in December 2020 to 39% by late July when the Delta strain became predominant in Israel. In response to obvious vaccine failure, Israel started giving out third boosters at the end of July 2021

> Vaccine failure is also evident in Israeli data showing fully vaccinated are at higher risk of severe illness when infected with SARS-CoV-2 or any of its variants than unvaccinated, and now make up the bulk of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths

> Natural immunity is far superior to the protection you get from the COVID shot, because when you recover from the infection, your body makes antibodies against all five proteins of the virus, plus memory T cells that remain even once antibody levels diminish

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