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October 11 Evening Quotes of The Day

Being Alone Opens One to Temptation
Judges 18:7; 2 Samuel 11:1–27; Hebrews 10:25

Woe to him that is alone. David was alone when Satan drew him to defile his neighbor’s wife. While the sheep flock together they are safe, as being under the shepherd’s eye. But if one straggle from the rest, it is quickly a prey to the ravenous wolf. It is no hard matter to rob that house that stands far from neighbors. The cruel pirate Satan watches for those vessels that sail without a convoy.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Desire to See God, and You Will Live in Peace
Job 19:26; Psalm 27:13; 51:11; 65:4; Matthew 5:8

Desire to see God; fear to lose Him; grieve to be so far from Him; rejoice to be brought near Him—thus you will live in profound peace.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

“If the Gospel is True, Why Don’t We See More Transformation in the Lives of Christians?” — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

Do you ever ask yourself the following questions: “If the Gospel is true and I have come into a relationship with God, why do I still struggle with the same sins?” or, “Why do I struggle with the same attitudes and addictions?” I have asked myself this question and many people have asked me about it as well.


In all the evangelism that I have done, I have noticed that I come across plenty of people who profess to be Christians but are not going forward in their faith. If I meet an individual who says they are a professed Believer, I always ask them where they are in the discipleship process. Many times when I ask, “Are you becoming a disciple?” I usually get the response, “What’s a disciple?”

Many are oblivious to the importance of discipleship. Therefore, I find myself exhorting hundreds of people to get rooted in congregational/community life—get back to the basics (e.g., read the Bible, prayer). I always give these individuals contact information of local churches that they can attend. It saddens me to see what is happening in the transition from the point when someone makes a professed/salvation decision for Jesus and the overall discipleship/commitment aspect to our faith.

The Hebrew word for disciple is “talmid.” A talmid is a student of one of the sages of Israel. A disciple is a learner, or pupil. When we decide to repent and turn to our Lord for the forgiveness of sins, we have to realize we are now on a new journey. The Gospel is a message for the here and now and not just the future. We have to learn how to live out our faith in the world around us. A disciple (in the New Testament sense) is someone who is striving (by God’s grace) to be consistent follower of Jesus. The goal of the Christian is to imitate our Master.

Discipleship is not getting any easier in the world we live in. In an overly sensate culture, people need to be constantly stimulated and have a hard time focusing on something such as discipleship. And in a world that wants instant results, self- sacrifice is a tough sell. Part of the problem is that churches preach a Gospel that promises that Jesus will fix all our problems.  Discipleship is a life-long process. Who are you discipling? And who is discipling you?

 ForgettingSanctification and Glorification

Sometimes we forget that if we have come to know the Lord, we are now in the process of sanctification. That means we are not in a glorified state where we are free from sin and all the challenges of this world. Honestly, we sometimes treat Christians as if they should act as if they are in a glorified state. That means no sin, and perfect holiness. But the question is, how does God sanctify and transform us? I believe this chart is helpful.

God does transform us. But it involves our cooperation. If we are willing to yield to God, through his Word, and allow others to be involved in the process, we will change. Also, suffering and circumstances can be used to change us as well. The question is “How do we respond to God in this specific circumstance?” Note the chart mentions truth is what changes us. Truth comes though the Bible, others speaking truth to us, prayer, service, etc. But I truly believe the reason we don’t always see the transformation we want isn’t because of God. It is on us. He has given us His Spirit, the Word, community, plenty of resources (lectures, books, online resources), etc. In most cases, it is our stubborn will won’t budge. Now keep in mind, this isn’t about a formula. It is about us cooperating with God so that we might experience the change he wants for us so we can bring honor and glory to Him.  I have to be the one who prioritizes reading the Bible, being in community, praying, and doing all I can to cooperate with God. Also, remember, even if you don’t see the transformation in your own life or in others, it doesn’t mean the Gospel is false. Jesus could still have died and risen 2,000 years ago. Our actions don’t determine the facts of history. So remember, we can be transformed. But we have to do our part.

“If the Gospel is True, Why Don’t We See More Transformation in the Lives of Christians?” — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

Godly Stability — VCY America

And I will make thee unto this people a fenced brazen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee; for I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the Lord. (Jeremiah 15:20)

Stability in the fear and faith of God will make a man like a wall of brass, which no one can batter down or break. Only the Lord can make such; but we need such men in the church, and in the world, but specially in the pulpit.

Against uncompromising men of truth this age of shams will fight tooth and nail. Nothing seems to offend Satan and his seed like decision. They attack holy firmness even as the Assyrians besieged fenced cities. The joy is that they cannot prevail against those whom God has made strong in His strength. Carried about with every wind of doctrine, others only need to be blown upon and away they go; but those who love the doctrines of grace, because they possess the grace of the doctrines, stand like rocks in the midst of raging seas.

Whence this stability? “I am with thee, saith the Lord”: that is the true answer. Jehovah will save and deliver faithful souls from all the assaults of the adversary. Hosts are against us, but the Lord of hosts is with us. We dare not budge an inch; for the Lord Himself holds us in our place, and there we will abide forever.

Godly Stability — VCY America

Prayer of Thanksgiving — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.”  Psalm 100:4

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Help me Lord, not to fall into temptation but always stay firm in Your teachings and Your Word.

Help me to be a “promise focused” person, not allowing emotions or fear to overwhelm me, nor allowing circumstances to pull me down, but always to think positive, with joy and thanksgiving and to count my blessings one by one.

Even in the times of great difficulties, I continue to give You praise and believe in You and Your many promises to me.

I look to the skies and count the stars which go beyond my human understanding and focus on Your promises.

The meek shall inherit the earth.
What I am today is by the riches of Your grace.
Your mercy and grace are new every morning.
Help me Lord, not to take them for granted.
Give me a thankful and grateful heart. In Jesus’ name.

by Joshua Chin Hong Lim
Used by Permission

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Prayer of Thanksgiving — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

October 11 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Giving Everything over 10 Pounds
Matthew 19:21; 1 John 3:17

If I leave behind me ten pounds (above my debts, and my books, or what may happen to be due on account of them), you and all mankind bear witness against me, that I lived and died a thief and a robber.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Two Rules on Interpreting Scripture
Acts 15:19; Hebrews 10:23; 2 Peter 3:15–16

Two rules are to be observed.… The first is, to hold the truth of Scripture without wavering. The second is that since Holy Scripture can be explained in a multiplicity of senses, one should adhere to a particular explanation only in such measure as to be ready to abandon it, if it be proved with certainty to be false; lest Holy Scripture be exposed to the ridicule of unbelievers, and obstacles be placed to their believing.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

11 Oct 2021 News Briefing


New Vaccination Strategy Developed That Could Prevent Future Coronavirus Outbreaks
Researchers in Japan have developed a vaccination strategy in mice that promotes the production of antibodies that can neutralize not only SARS-CoV-2 but a broad range of other coronaviruses as well. If successfully translated to humans, the approach, to be published today (October 8, 2021), in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, could lead to the development of a next-generation vaccine capable of preventing future coronavirus pandemics. The researchers genetically engineered the receptor-binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, covering its head region in additional sugar molecules. These sugar molecules could shield the head region from the immune system and boost the production of antibodies against the unshielded core region of the receptor-binding domain.

Aliyah to Israel up by 31% so far in 2021 compared to last year
“Israel has continued seeing a dramatic rise in Aliyah despite the Covid-19 pandemic, with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and The Jewish Agency ensuring that immigration continues despite the difficulty and limitations on international travel,” the statement on the report said.

Asteroid the Size of Great Pyramid of Giza to Pass Earth Next Week
An asteroid as big as the oldest and largest known pyramid and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World will pass Earth this weekend. 2021 SM3 will zip past the planet on October 15. The asteroid, which was only discovered this year, has an estimated diameter of up to 160 meters, one and one-fifth the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

Poll: Trust in Putin drops to lowest levels since 2012
The Levada Center survey released on October 6 found 53 percent of respondents saying they trusted Putin, down from 71 percent in September 2017. Levada said it was the lowest recorded level of trust for the Russian leader since October 2012, when 51 percent of respondents said they trusted the president.

Letter To A Covidian: A Time-Travel Experiment
Hello there. I understand you’re a believer. You have zealous, unwavering faith in the System. You Trust The Science™. You deem anything that falls beyond the margins of the approved narrative “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories,” and “fake news.” You dutifully wear your badge of obedience. You social distance. You lock down when you’re told to lock down. You report others for violating these and any other applicable dictates. You were first in line to get injected. You were first in line to get re-injected. You cried tears of joy both times. You cannot wait to get your booster injection.

Israel ‘Surrenders’ Temple Mount After Reported Pressure From Biden
Hamas was sounding a triumphant note on Saturday after a Jerusalem court reversed its tacit approval of Jewish prayer atop the Temple Mount. The terror group attributed this “victory” to the “steadfast resistance” of the Palestinian Arabs. But Israeli media indicated it was the result of pressure from left-wing elements in the Israeli government and from the Biden Administration.

Analysis: Corporate business travel ‘carbon budgets’ loom for airlines
As major companies look at drastic ways to cut carbon emissions from corporate travel, airlines are bracing for a major hit to business-class travel, a key revenue driver, industry executives and experts say. Several companies, such as HSBC (HSBA.L), Zurich Insurance (ZURN.S), Bain & Company and S&P Global (SPGI.N), have already announced plans to quickly cut business travel emissions by as much as 70%.

N.Korea’s Kim calls for improving people’s lives amid ‘grim’ economy
Kim Jong Un urged officials to focus on improving citizens’ lives in the face of a “grim” economic situation, state media reported on Monday, as he marked the anniversary of the country’s ruling party. Officials should not wish for privilege and preferential treatment, and “should always consider whether their work infringe upon the interests of the people or cause trouble to the people,” Kim said.

Taiwan won’t be forced to bow to China, president says
Taiwan will keep bolstering its defences to ensure nobody can force them to accept the path China has laid down that offers neither freedom nor democracy, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Sunday, in a riposte to Beijing that its government denounced.

Iran claims to have 80% of uranium needed to build nuclear bomb
If true, the numbers could be considered a major jump forward in uranium enrichment, potentially eventually toward a nuclear weapon if Tehran made the choice to try and break the nuclear threshold.

Iran chases US battleships out of Persian Gulf
Iranian state television is claiming that its navy chased a US fleet in the Persian Gulf. Video footage showing Revolutionary Guards cheering as they tailgated the American vessels, was released by the ICRG. It is entirely possible that the Iranian speedboats were simply following the vessel giving the impression that they were ‘chasing’ them as a type of propaganda optic.

Lebanon suffers unprecedented nation-wide blackout: ‘A prophecy of Ezekiel’, says rabbi
Due to an ongoing and extreme financial crisis, the two largest power stations in Lebanon shut down for lack of fuel. One rabbi noted that by supporting Hezbollah, the country that sourced the precious Cedars for the Jewish Temples has cut itself off from the source of light.

Cherokee Tribe of Alabama recognizes Israel as a Jewish Nation, Jerusalem its eternal capital
On September 25, the Tribal Council of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama voted unanimously to express solidarity with Israel as a sovereign Jewish Nation. They also formally recognized that Jerusalem was Israel’s eternal and undivided capital. The vote came as an expression of “covenant and brotherhood out of a shared bond, with both being indigenous peoples who sense a deep calling and divine responsibility to steward sacred lands.

“So Deeply, Deeply Wrong” – Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny
As governments around the world begin instituting Covid-19 ‘passports’ which will dictate the level of participation one is afforded within society – regardless of naturally acquired immunity or actual risk to the public from the unvaccinated (considering that the majority of transmission occurs in the home), people have begun to push back against authoritarian tactics to control privileges and push vaccines.

Wars And Rumors Of Wars – Two Major Conflicts On The Horizon
Historically, the start of most wars has not been a surprise. Usually, there is a very clear build up before hostilities begin, and we are seeing the same pattern today.

Pope Francis Welcomes Baby-Murderer, Nancy Pelosi, to the Vatican Without Mask
There is no question that Nancy Pelosi is one of the world’s most notorious pro-abortion advocates. And yet, while the Roman Catholic Church claims to be staunchly pro-life–it isn’t–the pope recently welcomed Pelosi to the city-state where she met him, hand-in-hand, without a mask. Admittedly, there isn’t much of a story here to write. I mean, the picture and the headline itself are the story.

UNHRC approves Durban resolution, 10 nations oppose over antisemitism
The United Nations Human Rights Council approved a pro-Durban resolution on Monday 32-10, after the United Kingdom called for a roll call vote and prevented its anticipated passage by consensus. “Racism should be tackled in all its forms and, regrettably, for far too long, the UN has downplayed the scourge of antisemitism.

China has won the AI battle against the US – Pentagon ex-software chief
China has won the artificial intelligence battle with the United States and is heading towards global dominance because of its technological advances…China…is likely to dominate many of the key emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and genetics within a decade or so, according to Western intelligence assessments.

China bans British beef again over mad cow disease
China has banned British beef imports of cattle under 30 months of age after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow” disease, in the UK last month. The ban took effect from 29 September, according to a statement from the General Administration of Customs.

China floods: Nearly 2 million displaced in Shanxi province
More than 1.76 million people have been affected by severe flooding in China’s northern Shanxi province, according to local media. Torrential rain last week led to houses collapsing and triggered landslides across more than 70 districts and cities in the province. Heavy rainfall is hampering rescue efforts, officials said.

Large fire breaks out at oil facility in crisis-hit Lebanon
Firefighters say they have extinguished a large blaze at an oil facility in southern Lebanon, which is in the grip of a severe energy crisis. The fire erupted on Monday morning in a petrol tank belonging to the army at the Zahrani Oil Installation, sending a plume of black smoke into the sky. No casualties have been reported.

Israel says it will keep Golan as Assad’s fortunes, U.S. views shift
Israel will keep the Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in a 1967 Six-Day War, even if international views on Damascus change, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Monday. In 2019, then-U.S. president Donald Trump broke with other world powers by recognizing Israel as sovereign on the Golan Heights…

Does Taiwan Need Nuclear Weapons To Deter China?
Does a deterrent strategy demand atomic deterrence? Not necessarily. It’s far from clear that nuclear weapons deter much apart from nuclear bombardment—the type of aggression least likely to befall Taiwan.

Showers, thunderstorms forecast over Southeast ahead of West’s early-season winter weather
Showers and thunderstorms continue to bring the threat of flooding over Florida, the Southeast and the southern Appalachians on Friday.

Billion-dollar disasters: US on pace to top 2020 record, report says
The U.S. is on pace to exceed 2020’s record number of billion-dollar disasters.  According to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report released Friday, 2021 has already seen 18 weather and climate disasters, each with losses topping $1 billion.

North Carolina lieutenant governor faces resignation calls after terming homosexuality as ‘filth’
“North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson says Christians must take control of public schools because children are being abused by being taught “filth”: “There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth.”

Biden administration to host Abraham Accords trilateral 
The Biden administration plans to host an Abraham Accords trilateral meeting in Washington this Wednesday, between US, Israeli and Emirati officials.

Company that Handles Billions of Text Messages from Major Cellular Carriers Says its Database was Hacked for Years
Syniverse, a company that handles billions of text messages from cellular carriers, quietly admitted during its filing dated September 27th with the US Security and Exchange Commission that its database was hacked for 5 years.

Lebanese Army Seizes Over 28 Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate In Town With Terror Ties
The Lebanese Army announced this week that it has seized over 28 tons of ammonium nitrate during a raid at a gas station in Arsal in the Bekaa region, which is near the border with Syria. The fertilizer can be used in bomb-making, and the seizure comes after hundreds of tons of the same substance caused the August 2020 blast which killed 200 people and decimated whole neighborhoods in Beirut.

Illegal Immigrant Trafficker Warns Americans: “We’re Leaving from Tapachula – We Are Ready for War” 
The Biden open border crisis continues along our southern border.
Over 400,000 illegal migrants are expected to enter the US this month. These unvaccinated and untested illegals will be shipped across the United States.

Report: Southwest Airlines Cancels 1000s of Flights Due To Air Traffic Control Walkouts Over Vaccine Mandate
Southwest Airlines cancelled thousands of flights over the weekend, citing air traffic control issues and “disruptive weather.”

SHOCKING DATA: The More You Inject, The Higher The Case Numbers Go
Actual data makes vaccine mandates and passports look like a dumber idea every day

Vaccine Mandate DEFIED By Hundreds Of Thousands Of U.S. Troops
New reports are coming in stating that hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops remain unvaccinated or are only partially vaccinated against COVID-19 as the Pentagon’s first compliance deadline for the vaccine mandate is coming up.

Total power outage in Lebanon: Entire country down, may last for several days
The electricity grid in Lebanon has reportedly cut off electricity in the entire country as the two main power stations ran out of fuel.

Pennsylvania House Democrat Releases Forced Sterilization Bill…Then Claims It Was a ‘Parody’ After Being Exposed 
A Pennsylvania Democrat in the state house released a forced sterilization bill, and then attempted to claim it was a parody after he was exposed for introduced this heinous measure.

AMAZING: COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia Plummet After Government Authorizes IVERMECTIN For Treatment
In July 2021, the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) finally granted the Emergency Use Authorization for Ivermectin as the therapeutic drug to cure the Covid-19.

Newsom Signs Bill Requiring Free Tampons in California Public Schools — Including Boys’ Bathrooms
California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill requiring public schools and colleges to stock free menstrual products — including boys’ restrooms.

China Prepares For Possible Large-Scale COVID-19 Outbreak: Leaked CCP Documents
“This reflects the CCP’s concern about the rise of the epidemic. It must have been concealing the true epidemic in mainland China, otherwise it would not suddenly issue a national notice of emergency preparedness.”

Taliban committing war crimes, kills 13 including 17-year-old girl: report
The Taliban executed 11 ex-defense personnel and two civilians, including a 17-year-old girl in Afghanistan’s Daykundi province, all of whom were from the ethnic Shia minority, according to an investigation by Amnesty International, which says the killings appear to be war crimes.

Crisis in church leadership: How celebrity pastors can avoid failing the fame test
What drives the dysfunction and lack of health seen in many church leaders today? Why do so many pastors in Western evangelicism fail the fame test despite the biblical example set by Jesus Himself?

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/10/11/11-oct-2021-2/

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? [MUST SEE]

Rumble  This brilliant documentary by Tim Gielen reveals how a small group of super rich criminals have been buying virtually everything on earth, until they own it all. From media, health care, travel, food industry, governments… That allows them to control the whole world. Because of this they are trying to impose the New World Order.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, …

Learn more here:

— Read on rumble.com/vn7lf5-monopoly-who-owns-the-world-must-see.html

Mid-Day Snapshot · Oct. 11, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“No country upon earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings than United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to depart from the road which Providence has pointed us to so plainly.” —George Washington (1788)

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Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The bottom line: Historical revisionists of the Left hate America.

Nate Jackson

History is complicated because people are complicated. Rarely will you find anyone who operates with only one motive, and often not all of those motives are pure. Yet leftists want to condemn Christopher Columbus and the holiday that bears his name because he wasn’t a perfect saint. To replace this evil colonizer, they want to celebrate the indigenous peoples who enslaved each other, offered human sacrifice, and committed genocide because … well, shut up, they explained.

Columbus, of course, discovered what Europeans would come to call the New World. He set out to find gold, in large part to fund Christian evangelism and the reconquest of Jerusalem. On a voyage to what he thought would be India, he instead landed in the Bahamas. The known world suddenly became much larger, and the Western value of courageous exploration took root. On the other hand, Columbus’s men and subsequent explorers also committed atrocities and brought disease. Obviously, his discovery wasn’t an unmarred good — little in history ever is.

Still, for much of our history, the only controversy about celebrating the 1492 landing of Columbus and his three ships in the Caribbean was that a viking named Lief Erickson discovered Newfoundland a few hundred years before him. Then the “progressive” historical iconoclasts came along and insisted that Columbus was a racist who brought only death to peaceful natives.

Dozens of cities have canceled Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Schools and other places are removing any branding associated with Columbus. But that’s not all. “Several Columbus monuments have been attacked and vandalized around the country,” writes The Daily Signal’s Jarret Stepman. “The towering Columbus statue at Columbus Circle in New York City now needs 24-hour guards after Mayor Bill de Blasio put it on the list of a commission to review ‘offensive’ memorials.”

Ironically, history repeats itself: A century ago, the Ku Klux Klan behaved likewise due to anti-Italian sentiments. They tore down statues and even lynched Italian Americans.

This year, Joe Biden issued the first-ever presidential proclamation naming today Indigenous Peoples’ Day. “We must never forget,” he said, “the centuries-long campaign of violence, displacement, assimilation, and terror wrought upon Native communities and Tribal Nations throughout our country.”

Aside from the noxious leftist idea that assimilation is no different than terror is the “progressive” dogma that there is no forgiveness, only perpetual guilt. President “Unity” is only dividing Americans with such political pandering.

In fact, Biden’s accompanying proclamation “recognizing” Columbus Day was arguably worse. With a slight nod to the contributions of modern Italian Americans, Biden again launched into anti-American condemnation of “the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities.” He declared that “our greatness as a Nation” comes from the fact that he and his ilk keep reminding us about “these shameful episodes of our past.”

He completely neglects any and all good brought about by European settlement in a place that was millennia behind in terms of technology and culture. That is shameful.

A far better presidential model was Ronald Reagan, who once said: “Columbus is justly admired as a brilliant navigator, a fearless man of action, a visionary who opened the eyes of an older world to an entirely new one. Above all, he personifies a view of the world that many see as quintessentially American: not merely optimistic, but scornful of the very notion of despair.” Patriots should help the next generation of Americans learn that history.

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Google Censorship Kicks Into High Gear

YouTube will demonetize videos that question man-made climate change and is also banning anti-vaccine content creators.

Thomas Gallatin

It’s no secret that Big Tech is especially committed to promoting leftist ideology. This reality has been borne out in its various efforts to silence, censor, and ban alternative voices, including those of many conservatives, all under the guise of preventing the spread of “misinformation.”

Advocating for and seeking to protect Americans’ free speech rights is clearly not a priority for the likes of Google, which recently announced its decision to demonetize YouTube videos posted by people it classifies as “climate deniers.” Google explained that this would “include content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.”

Wrestling with such questions is called scientific inquiry and political debate. Google calls it “misinformation.”

Google defended its speech-penalizing decision by claiming that “advertisers simply don’t want their ads to appear next to this content.” At least for now, Google has not outright banned YouTube content creators who fail to toe the climate alarmists’ line. But if creators can’t earn money doing it, will they expend the time and effort?

However, if you happen to be a content creator who has a problem with vaccines — and not merely the COVID-19 vaccine, but all vaccines — then you are an anti-vaxxer and Google will be banning you. NBC News reports, “YouTube already had a policy against Covid vaccine misinformation, but the new ban against broader vaccine misinformation includes content that falsely claims approved vaccines are dangerous or ineffective, including the false belief that vaccines cause autism or cancer.”

To be clear, your Patriot Post editorial team is not anti-vaccine, nor are we anti-COVID vaccine. We believe vaccines in general have a long and strong track record for effectiveness against diseases that is borne out through both historical record and sound scientific evidence. Furthermore, the newly developed COVID vaccines appear to present a promising step forward in vaccine technology development.

That said, compelling individuals to get the vaccine under the threat of loss of employment is to do violence to the very concept of individual Liberty upon which our nation was founded.

Google’s decision to put its powerful thumb on the scales in both the climate and COVID vaccine debates by anointing itself as the arbiter of truth will only create more division. If Google is so concerned about stopping the spread of misinformation, then why is it not banning YouTube videos that claim men can be women and vice versa? It’s a scientific fact that there are only two genders. Yet Google not only has no problem allowing the questioning of this sound science but in fact promotes the denial of this reality. Or what about those abortion advocates who falsely claim that a preborn child is not a human being? Why isn’t Google jumping in to stop the spread of this scientific misinformation that literally leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of preborn children every year? Who are the science deniers?

The reality here is that Google is acting to limit and censor speech it deems problematic based on its own leftist ideological perspective, not because of any real concern for contending for the truth.

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AWOL Border Czar Skips Border Meeting

The vice president fiddled in New Jersey and elsewhere while our southern border burned.

Douglas Andrews

Whatever happened to our nation’s border czar?

You remember: the African American Asian Caribbean woman whom Joe Biden tapped back in March to handle the worst illegal immigration crisis in our nation’s history? We haven’t seen or heard much of her lately, but we seem to recall her name: Vice President Kamala Harris.

But lest you think the veep is simply hiding out, keeping a low profile until her abysmal approval ratings recover, she was sighted in New Jersey recently — at a daycare center at Montclair State University and then at a vaccination site at a community college in Newark to promote the Biden administration’s, er, agenda.

If that weren’t pressing enough, Harris also found time to talk to kids about her fixation with the “craters on the moon” during a NASA YouTube video commemorating World Space Week — all while her boss’s poll numbers are cratering.

Remember: This is the same malingering border czar who last visited her area of responsibility in June. And even then, she opted to stop over for a few hours in El Paso, a relatively quiet border town a full 10 hours and one time zone away from Ground Zero of the border crisis, the Rio Grande Valley.

As for the hundreds of thousands of illegals streaming across our southern border — along with drug traffickers, sex traffickers, violent criminals, and Islamic terrorists — what’s all the fuss? Team Biden has everything under control. Just ask Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “Today’s High-Level Security Dialogue marks an important new phase in the US-Mexico security partnership,” he declared on Friday. “We will work together under a new framework to guide our joint efforts, and work toward our shared goals of security and prosperity for our two nations.”

And remember, too: This is the same open-borders advocate who poured gas on this fire back in March when he all but encouraged this calamity by telling would-be migrants: “Don’t come now. … Give us time to build an orderly, safe way to arrive in the United States.”

Got that? Don’t come right this second. Give us some time, so we can roll out the red carpet for you.

“It takes time to build out of the depths of cruelty that the administration before us established,” Mayorkas also said, in a pathetic attempt to [pin the blame on Donald Trump. “What we are seeing now at the border is the immediate result of the dismantlement of the system and the time that it takes to rebuild it virtually from scratch.”

As for Biden, he’s not even pretending to care about border security. During the Friday news dump, we got word that the administration has canceled two Trump-era border wall contracts that covered approximately 31 miles of territory along the southern border in Texas, thus marking the end of the previous administration’s efforts to stop the flow of illegals.

We’ve said before that the calamity at our southern border is one of Joe Biden’s making — and it’s a deliberate disaster meant to make more Democrats. Kamala Harris and her handlers clearly know this, which is why she’s been missing in action. This is the very definition of a snafu, and she doesn’t want to be tarred by it. Even if it means shirking her duty as vice president.

As we noted a week ago, a September 22 Gallup poll showed 49% of folks now approve of the job Harris is doing, which is six points higher than Biden’s 43%.

Of course, it’s not hard to poll higher than Scranton Joe these days. Even if you don’t show up for work.

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Stay in Your Lane: Teachers Unions Lecture on Guns

Besides being completely inaccurate, gun control is not the purview of teachers unions.

Emmy Griffin

School shootings are terrible. Stories like the recent one out of Arlington, Texas — with the added controversy that the student responsible is unfathomably out on bail — are enough to make any mother’s blood boil. In the wake of these horrifying events, the inevitable rallying cry for gun control is brought back to the forefront of the national conversation. Appalling, since the greater issue in the case of Arlington is the grave miscarriage of justice with the assailant walking free. Instead, the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) decided to weigh in on this tired leftist talking point.

AFT President Randi Weingarten had a lot to say in response to the shooting, even issuing the following statement:

Every day across this country — in cities, suburbs and rural communities — Americans fall victim to gun violence. It is a gut-wrenching and horrific reality of our society, and the time for action is long-overdue. Gun violence is a public health crisis, a moral epidemic and a scourge on our very way of life, whether it happens on our streets, in our houses of worship, in our workplaces or in our schools. It doesn’t happen in other countries, and we must work to end it here.

Our hearts break for the Arlington, Texas, community and everyone affected by this tragedy. We thank the educators, administrators and law enforcement officers who were present in the building for their swift action in evacuating students and staff, and we recommit to our ongoing effort to make our schools and communities safe — through red-flag laws so school staff can identify and treat warning signs of violence, background checks, safe-storage laws and programs that support student mental health.

Just last month, a law went into effect in Texas that permits anyone over the age of 21 to carry a firearm in public without a permit or training. Make no mistake, laws like this put our kids, our families and all of us at risk. We must get serious about gun violence prevention and gun safety before more people are injured and more lives are lost.

There are several inaccuracies in this statement, starting with the assertion that our society is unique when it comes to shootings. We are not. A simple Google search will destroy this myth. Even partisan news sources like PBS say that the U.S. is ranked 30th in the world for gun-related homicide.

Weingarten would also institute “red flag” laws. Even though some states already have these laws in place, they are unconstitutional. Such laws allow for the taking away of guns from people often dubiously deemed to be at risk to themselves or others. These type of laws deny due process, part of the bedrock of Rule of Law.

Weingarten tries to paint Texas as especially culpable for school shootings, so let’s look at the data. There have been 22 incidents of school shootings this school year according to Education Weekly. This is an alarming number, but it’s also disingenuous. Eight of these shootings had nothing to do with the school. Several involved stray bullets from other crimes in the area, some were acts of homicides against adults that happened to be at the school, and one was even an accidental discharge of a weapon. So that brings it down to 13 school shootings. Still not good, but how many of them were committed in Texas? Three. Of these three, one incident involved stray bullets, one was an adult criminal shooting his way into a school, and the third was this most recent case. Texas is not an outlier, nor is it more culpable than any other state.

Weingarten also mentions a Texas law that allows permit-less carry for anyone over the age of 21, which makes no sense in this context because the perpetrator was 18 and is in violation of said law.

Besides being completely inaccurate in every paragraph of her statement, gun control is not the purview of the teachers unions. Neither is abortion or policing, and yet Weingarten has also pontificated on these issues as well, regurgitating the leftist jargon each time.

If teachers unions like AFT are supposed to represent their constituents, a.k.a. the teachers, and yet only voice partisan talking points, surely this isn’t representative of all their teachers. Nor do these issues even represent teacher business. Unfortunately, educators are ultimately the losers.

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Big Government Socialist Welfare for Families

The Democrats’ pitch for guaranteed paid family leave is a major entitlement.

Robin Smith

If you put a problem in the hands of anyone on the Left, they’ll work toward a solution that grows government involvement and spending, dictated by a very few people removed from the actual situation. This is the case with President Joe Biden’s family leave program. He claims it’s to help “working people,” yet so much of the “social infrastructure” in his multitrillion-dollar welfare plan is simply redistribution of wealth with no benefit to the people it claims to help.

What does “paid family leave” look like as defined by Big Government socialists? The law will require all businesses to offer all workers at least 12 weeks off for family and/or medical leave with guaranteed pay and benefits averaging about two-thirds the base pay of the employee. When the law says “all workers,” it means that even workers with the means of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her $24,000 freezer, or self-identified socialist Bernie Sanders with his capitalism-blessed $3 million net worth and multiple homes, will be eligible for this 12-week benefit.

A Wall Street Journal analysis supports taxpayers subsidizing time off even for well-paid professionals — accountants, investment brokers, doctors, lobbyists, bankers, you name it. Many of these people can afford childcare and even unpaid time off; on the other hand, the people who cannot afford these things live paycheck to paycheck and likely will not be able to afford even the small reduction in wage called for by the program. According to WSJ, there is not even a minimum work requirement to access the benefit. All really means all, even if they haven’t worked at all to earn it.

To see if this really serves the lowest income in the “working people” demographic, look no further than the Golden State. The Daily Signal reports that in socialist California, “the lowest-income mothers are only one-fifth as likely to use the state’s paid family leave program as the highest-income mothers.” Specifically, despite 38% of the state’s workforce earning wages below $20,000, only 1% of them use the state’s paid family leave program, yet Cali workers making the most in the highest income brackets are five times more likely to file paid family leave claims.

The Big Government socialists have proposed that the U.S. Treasury will reimburse employers up to 90% of the costs incurred by this program for full-time and part-time workers, as well as those with a “de minimis” work history. This is a deal woke corporations won’t be able to refuse, especially since they can write off that 10%. Smaller companies that have few employees with no reserves for backup, however, will be dealing with another government-created workforce problem.

What’s the price tag of such an expansive program? Biden has called for $225 billion in funding to provide his new paid family and medical leave program. This number seems very small considering that in years past, the Congressional Budget Office scored a $573 billion cost for a similar plan that didn’t include the comprehensive reimbursement to private employers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a 64% increase in private employers who have stepped up over the last five years to offer a family leave/medical leave benefit for workers. Currently, according to The Daily Signal, private businesses spend in excess of $125 billion for paid leave. FastCompany has even featured coverage of hourly employees at Walmart and Starbucks gaining a family leave benefit. According to Working Mother in 2018, one in three employers paid for maternity leave beyond the minimum required by law, up from one in 11 in 2011. This is smart business because it assists with employee retention.

Yet these private benefits will disappear as companies take advantage of government handouts, and as companies scramble to cover the government-paid leave positions, your flexibility to ask for time off will also fade away.

Some businesses already offer creative leave solutions, such as banking time off for future events. A smart approach would be to offer a universal savings account for workers who can choose to save income for any leave purpose — a newborn child, an adoption, or an ill parent or other dependent.

Big Government socialists love giving away your money to capture the vote of the poorest and smallest, who unfortunately will gain the least from these freedom-squelching programs. We must remember that a constitutional republic is not a vending machine of sugary social programs and salty vacation time. The freedom to make individual decisions is what truly helps the American people.

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Evidence Grows for Lab Origin of COVID

A 2018 funding application shows American and Chinese scientists were involved in coronavirus gain-of-function research.

Thomas Gallatin

Did American and Chinese research scientists collaborate to create the COVID-19 virus that somehow escaped a lab and unleashed a global pandemic, the likes of which the world hadn’t seen since the 1918 Spanish flu?

The questions surrounding the origin of the novel coronavirus increasingly appear to point to not only a lab leak but to a virus of an unnatural creation. According to a World Health Organization collaborator’s review of a 2018 application for a research grant sent to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency by the American nonprofit research outfit EcoHealth Alliance, American and Chinese scientists were involved in gain-of-function research with coronaviruses.

The application in question explains the research: “We will compile sequence/RNAseq data from a panel of closely related strains and compare full length genomes, scanning for unique SNPs representing sequencing errors. Consensus candidate genomes will be synthesised commercially using established techniques and genome-length RNA and electroporation to recover recombinant viruses.” In other words, gain-of-function research.

The grant was not approved, but that doesn’t mean the research didn’t occur or wasn’t ongoing. It’s also true that the likelihood that gain-of-function research was happening at the Wuhan lab doesn’t preclude the possibility of a natural origin explanation for COVID-19. So why has the theory of a lab leak gained prominence? Because even though COVID appears natural, there’s a significant missing step or missing link.

The research scientists “would then synthesise the viral genome from the computer sequence, thus creating a virus genome that did not exist in nature but looks natural as it is the average of natural viruses,” the WHO reviewer explains. “Then they put that RNA in a cell and recover the virus from it. This creates a virus that has never existed in nature, with a new ‘backbone’ that didn’t exist in nature but is very, very similar as it’s the average of natural backbones.”

“If Sars-CoV-2 comes from an artificial consensus sequence composed of genomes with more than 95 per cent similarity to each other,” the WHO individual added, “I would predict that we will never find a really good match in nature and just a bunch of close matches across parts of the sequence, which so far is what we are seeing.”

For the natural origin theory to work, scientists would expect to find a near ancestor virus with at least a 99.98% genome match, but thus far the closest virus genome found is only a 96.8% match. Of course, the absence of evidence is not evidence. Yet there appears to be a growing preponderance of circumstantial evidence supporting not only a lab leak but also an unnatural origin for COVID-19.

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Biden Isn’t Bouncing Back

The president’s terrible polling numbers have hardened and might doom his presidency.

Douglas Andrews

It’s way too early to write off Joe Biden’s presidency. He’s just over eight months into it, and he can still do plenty of damage in the remaining 40. But it’s not too early to say that millions of folks who voted for him now know they’ve been had. They now see that this feeble, feckless leader with the hard-left policies isn’t the man they were told he was. He’s not the “healer” they’d been promised. Instead, he’s a divider.

In short, the Democrats perpetrated a fraud on the electorate — except those of us who saw through this long ago.

Perhaps the strongest indication of this widespread discontent — aside from the stirring “Let’s Go, Brandon” chants that are sweeping the nation — is the prolonged nature of his plummet in the polls. He hasn’t bounced back. His disastrous mismanagement of our withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the loss of 13 warriors, the abandonment of untold American civilians and Afghan partners, and the forfeiture of tens of billions of dollars in American warfighting gear, was a full six weeks ago. Normally, when a president hits a rough patch, the polling plunge is temporary. Not so with Scranton Joe, and the number-crunching lefties at FiveThirtyEight have taken notice:

President Joe Biden spent the beginning of his term comfortably above water in the polls. On July 20, the six-month anniversary of his inauguration, his average job approval rating stood at 52.3 percent, and his average disapproval rating stood at 42.5 percent — numbers that were fairly representative of his first semester.

But that honeymoon period came to a halt in late summer. The delta variant of the coronavirus led to a surge in cases and deaths starting in late July, accompanied by renewed fears about the economy and inflation; by Aug. 15, Biden’s approval rating had dropped 2.3 percentage points (to 50.0 percent), and his disapproval rating had risen 1.3 points (to 43.8 percent). That same day, the Taliban seized control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, completing a stunningly fast collapse of the country’s government following the withdrawal of American troops. … By Aug. 30, more Americans disapproved of Biden’s job performance than approved of it, and on Sept. 8, his approval/disapproval spread was 45.0 percent to 49.1 percent.

What Biden and his handlers wouldn’t do for a 45% approval rating these days. Instead, as an October 6 Quinnipiac poll indicates, he’s registering his lowest-ever marks all across the board. Only 38% approve of the job he’s doing, while 53% disapprove, and 9% are afraid of getting audited. (For reference, the Quinnipiac poll released three weeks prior to this one had him at 42% approval and 50% disapproval.)

But while these awful top-line numbers give us a general sense of Biden’s woes, the numbers on his personal attributes are even more devastating. By a 55% to 42% margin, he’s not seen as competent in running the government. By 50% to 44%, he’s not seen as honest, and by 56% to 41%, he’s not seen as a good leader.

As for specific issues, only 39% approve of his economic stewardship, 37% approve of his job as commander-in-chief, 34% approve of his foreign policy, 25% approve of his immigration policies, and 23% approve of his handling of the border with Mexico.

What about “independents,” those fickle folks who decide elections? They disapprove of Biden by nearly 2-1, 60% to 32%.

What does all this mean — all these resoundingly bad numbers that haven’t bounced back upward? Mostly that the American people have made up their minds about Joe Biden. They’ve seen the direction he’s taking the nation, and they don’t like it. Further, they know he’s not going to get any younger, any smarter, any funnier, any more competent. And while Barack Obama largely got away with his unpopular policies because the media worked so furiously to portray him as personally likable, Joe Biden isn’t being afforded that same luxury.

The result? A president who’s both professionally and personally unpopular, and a president whose agenda is in deep trouble. I.e., Joe Biden is damaged goods. And with a 50-50 Senate and a razor-thin margin in the House, he has zero margin for error, and zero leverage over moderate Democrats who value their own political lives.

Think about it: If you were a congressman or senator seeking reelection in a competitive district or state, would you throw in behind this wildly unpopular president and his equally unpopular policies?

Finally, and speaking of polling, former President Donald Trump was in Iowa this weekend, where, according to the Des Moines Register, he’s enjoying his best numbers ever in the Hawkeye State. The poll shows 53% of Iowans now have a favorable view of Trump, while 45% are afflicted along the spectrum of mild to acute Trump derangement, and 2% are too afraid of a Biden audit to admit they miss the guy.

These numbers are consistent with recent polling from the left-leaning Pew Research Institute, which also found Trump’s popularity to be surging while Biden’s spirals downward. Pew’s poll found that 67% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents want Trump to remain “a major national political figure.” That’s a 10-point increase since Pew last asked the question in January. In addition, just 11% say their party should be “very accepting” of elected officials who criticize Trump, while 44% of that same group want him to run for president again.

And, hey, we’re just 1,121 days from Election Day 2024.

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On the Web


Jordan Candler


  • “Border Czar” Kamala Harris skips U.S.-Mexico border security meeting, goes to New Jersey instead (Fox News)
  • Taliban says U.S. will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan (ABC News)
  • Navy engineer and his wife accused of trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets (New York Post)


  • “We still have 20% of the country who’ve decided not to get vaccinated”: White House tries to blame favorite punching bag for Joe Biden’s plunging polls (Fox News)
  • What could possibly go wrong? Biden’s nominee to oversee the banking industry “admires the Soviet economic system,” wants to end private banking, and graduated from Moscow University under a Lenin academic scholarship (Not the Bee)
  • White House fakery invariably defended by “fact-checkers” (Daily Signal)


  • Appeals court temporarily reinstates Texas pro-life law (Politico)
  • Follow the Science™: California to require all major toy stores to have gender-neutral sections (Independent)
  • East Carolina University student arrested for fake racist fraternity party invite (WITN)


  • New York Times retracts massive exaggeration of children hospitalized by COVID (National Review)
  • Merriam-Webster claims that you’re “anti-vax” if you are merely opposed to vaccine mandates (Not the Bee)
  • Meanwhile, Biden falsely suggests vaccinated people cannot spread COVID but for some reason he’s not being censored on social media for it (Not the Bee)
  • For the record: Biden’s vaccine mandate doesn’t exist. It’s just a press release. (The Federalist)


  • California bans small off-road gas engines, essentially scalping the lawn and garden business (Washington Examiner)
  • DOJ won’t charge Kenosha police officer in shooting of Jacob Blake (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
  • China vows peaceful “unification” with Taiwan, days after sending a surge of warplanes near the island (Washington Post) | Taiwan president stands up to China, says island won’t “bow to pressure” (Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: To counter China, U.S. policy toward Taiwan must change (National Review)
  • Policy: How will the housing bubble burst? (National Review)
  • Satire: Terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay to make room for parents who protested at school board meetings (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “A man has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.” —Walter Lippmann (1889-1974)

“American parents are organizing to fight racist critical race theories being taught in their kids’ schools. Attorney General Merrick Garland, once touted as a moderate, has responded by asking the FBI to treat them as domestic terrorists.” —Glenn Reynolds

“I am shocked — SHOCKED — to report that the SNL Season 47 premiere turned in the lowest ratings among adults 18-49 in the show’s history. What started as a great comedy program decades ago is now a leftists bust.” —Mark Alexander

“When you’re a small business already squeezed by the rising costs of goods, taxes and ever-changing government COVID regulations, how can you possibly succeed? The only way is raising prices. It’s all become a feedback loop that hits your grocery bill. Now is the time for the government to step back and let the economy find normalcy again. Suppliers get back up and running, people return to jobs, prices stabilize. Except that’s not what Biden is doing. He wants to spend another $5 trillion, as if the economic laws of inflation don’t exist anymore. All that government money will drive up prices even more. … Biden likes to argue that the tax increases to pay for all this spending will hit only the rich. But inflation is a tax, a merciless one that’s already hitting Americans hard.” —New York Post

“Joe Biden … is taking a victory lap on the September jobs report because the unemployment rate went down. He further highlights growth in average wages, but those increases have been wiped out by inflation.” —Spencer Brown

Spin doctor: “The unemployment rate is now down to 4.8% — in just eight months. We’ve created 2x more jobs under @POTUS in his first nine months than any administration in history.” —White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain

The BIG Lie I: “Gun violence is a public health crisis, a moral epidemic and a scourge on our very way of life, whether it happens on our streets, in our houses of worship, in our workplaces or in our schools. It doesn’t happen in other countries, and we must work to end it here.” —American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten (“Mass shooting at Russian university, at least 8 dead.” —Fox News headline, September 20)

The BIG Lie II: “[Critical Race Theory is] not taught in Virginia and it’s never been taught in Virginia. And … I’ve said this a lot: It’s a dog whistle. It’s racial. It’s division.” —Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe

Non sequitur: “We still have … 20% of the country who’ve decided not to get vaccinated. No question that’s having an impact [on polling].” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Fact-check: False: “Fox News requires vaccinations for all employees. Give me a break. Fox News.” —Joe Biden (Fox has no corporate mandate for vaccinations.)

Missing context: “We’re making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated, because if you seek care at a healthcare facility, you should have the certainty that the … people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you.” —Joe Biden (Obviously, many of the people who are getting COVID and spreading it now are vaccinated.)

Non compos mentis I: “Go out there and enjoy Halloween.” —Dr. Anthony Fauci giving children “permission” to trick or treat

Non compos mentis II: “Especially with holidays coming, [vaccine mandates] will be a powerful incentive for people to say, ‘Look, you can stay unvaccinated if you want, but you’re not going to be able to travel to see your family.’” —CNN medical analysis Dr. Leana Wen

Authoritarianism: “Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.” —New Zealand Prime Minister George Orwell Jacinda Ardern

And last… “Despicable. Un-American. This is the only way to describe efforts by Attorney General Garland to intimidate the American people into silence and compliance. If we passively accept this flagrant abuse of power, our country will descend further into a police state.” —Tulsi Gabbard

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Cartoons and Memes · Oct. 11, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


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Then and Now

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It’s Like This

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Mom, No!

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Wait a Second

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Drug Dog

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It’s Like This

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Field of Dreams

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Joe Biden

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

As Southwest Cancels Hundreds More Flights On Monday, Ron Paul Opines On The ‘Great Rebellion’ Over Vaccine Mandates — Christian Research Network

The mainstream media is doing its best to keep a lid on the expanding rebellion against the vaccine mandates, and Southwest Airlines itself is blaming the cancellations on bad weather and a lack of air traffic controllers.

(Tyler Durden)  As we noted on Sunday, Southwest airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend – blaming the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and inclement weather.

Oddly, no other major airlines had the same issues, while rumors swirled that airline employees had staged coordinated walk-outs (which their unions deny).

On Monday, Southwest was once again at the top of the cancellation list, according to FlightAware – which lists 356 cancellations as of this writing (23% of the day’s 1,539 total cancellations), prompting Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to tweet: “As a loyal Southwest customer who has been flying safely throughout the pandemic and is utterly opposed to vaccine mandates, I’m asking, stop the madness before more damage is done.” View article →

As Southwest Cancels Hundreds More Flights On Monday, Ron Paul Opines On The ‘Great Rebellion’ Over Vaccine Mandates — Christian Research Network

Assange & Donziger Reveal The Fascists

Lee Camp goes into how two recent stories show how the US is on the road to fascism. Recent reporting from Yahoo News confirmed reporting from The Grayzone from over a year ago that the CIA had made plans to assassinate Julian Assange.

Source: Assange & Donziger Reveal The Fascists

Monday Briefing, October 11, 2021

download(size: 13 MB )
PART 1 (0:0 – 7:13):
Tesla Joins Influx of Californians In Texas With Move of Its Headquarters to Austin — And With It, California Cultural and Voting Patterns To Follow

PART 2 (7:14 – 15:9):
How Should Christians Think of Global Tax Policy As International Agreement Claims to Raise Corporate Tax Rate?

Ireland Signs On to Global Deal Seeking to Curb Tax Avoidance

PART 3 (15:10 – 23:46):
The ‘Nones’ Are Growing — But What Does This Really Mean? Moral and Theological Factors Are Impossible to Separate

One In Four Americans Identify As ‘Nones.’ Why are Millions Leaving Organized Religion?

Source: Monday, October 11, 2021

New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death

A new study finds that simple, over-the-counter aspirin may be able to protect COVID-19 patients from extreme risk, including the need for mechanical ventilation, the Jerusalem Post reported. What are the details? New research from George Washington University has determined that treating COVID patients with aspirin reduced the risk of severe illness by nearly half.

Source: New study finds aspirin can significantly cut COVID risks — and even death

World renowned psychiatrist: ‘Global predators’ Fauci, Gates, and Schwab behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’

(American Greatness) – A world-renowned psychiatrist says an evil cabal of powerful elites, including National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, tech billionaire Bill Gates, and World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, created the COVID pandemic to push the deadly vaccines on an unsuspecting public, and usher in a “new world order.”…

Source: World renowned psychiatrist: ‘Global predators’ Fauci, Gates, and Schwab behind the COVID ‘Reign of Terror’

Don’t be fooled: Lab-grown meat is a disaster in the making

Fake meats aren’t about your health or a healthy environment — they’re a tool to phase out farmers and ranchers and replace them with an ultra-processed food product that can be controlled by patents.

Source: Don’t be fooled: Lab-grown meat is a disaster in the making

Gabbard: ‘The American People Are Being Lied to’ by the Biden Administration

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice” that the Biden administration is lying to the American people about the border crisis and the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal.

Source: Gabbard: ‘The American People Are Being Lied to’ by the Biden Administration

CBN NewsWatch AM: October 11, 2021


Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: October 11, 2021

Google blocking ads against vaccines, climate change

Joe Toscano, a former consultant for Google, questions the scope of Big Tech’s reach and notes that Americans don’t know who is responsible for making these decisions to block specific advertisements.

Source: Google blocking ads against vaccines, climate change