How do Christians justify not engaging secularism, feminism and socialism?


A friend of mine and her husband just quit her church because they were becoming completely woke, demanding that Christians give up their liberties and defer to the wisdom of the secular left government. Well, my friend Jared sent me an article from a bold pastor who doesn’t think that it’s more pious or spiritual to capitulate to the culture.

Here’s the intro:

Spiritualizing cowardice has become du jour.

I am almost surprised we do not hear sermons about how David was being unspiritual, a poor witness, or uppity to fight Goliath.

Had David taken the plank out of his own eye? Surely both David and Israel had enough sins of their own to worry about without warring against the Philistines or their champion. What a hypocrite!

And what in the Biblical text indicates David prayed about taking up their challenge before approaching King Saul and offering to fight?


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