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What Happens When Narcissism Enters the Church? — Christianity.com

Narcissism within a church will ensure that the mission of the church is no longer gospel-focused, rather focused on the narcissist. May we be vigilant and discerning in calling out the wolves among the sheep.

To begin addressing this topic, we must first define what exactly is narcissism. According to Merriam-Webster, one who is narcissistic is “extremely self-centered with an exaggerated sense of self-importance.”

Though modern psychologists have deemed narcissism a personality disorder, one can see that at its core it is the sin of pride, conflating self above others, which is the antithesis to the Gospel of Jesus. So, what happens when narcissism enters the church? It can lead to varying forms of abuse such as: spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual.

What Does Narcissism Look Like?

Before we delve into the ramifications of narcissistic leaders, we must also realize that it can be prevalent within our own hearts as well. Jesus warns in Matthew 7:5 to “first take the beam of wood out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye” (CSB).

Have you ever left a church because the worship service didn’t speak to you? Or it wasn’t your style? How about when you thought the pastor was not very charismatic (i.e., boring)? Stop and ask yourself — is worship about you or about God? The reality is that we can all fall into the trap of narcissism if we are not careful.

It is why Paul warns in Philippians 2:3 to “do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant that yourselves” (CSB). Anyone can be tempted by power and status because our sin nature is selfish. How do we avoid it?

1. Pray. Earnestly seek the Lord’s wisdom for any blind spots within your character. The Holy Spirit is faithful to convict, but we must have our hearts tuned to listen.

2. Have a system of accountability in place with like-minded believers that are not just yes-men is the vitally important practical application for Proverbs 27:17 — “Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another” (CSB).

1. Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse occurs when anyone distorts God’s Word to fit their own agenda rather than dividing through proper exegesis. It is seen most prominently when discussing the biblical principle of submission.

According to Ephesians 5:22-24, biblical submission is within the confines of marriage — “wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord, because the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. He [Jesus] is the Savior of the body. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives are to submit to their husbands in everything” (CSB).

Unfortunately, too many times purported Bible scholars have stopped at verse 24 and deemed it biblically mandated that husbands must rule over their wives. However, considering Ephesians 5:25-28, we see that God intended husbands to be loving, servant leaders of their families, willing to die to self for the good of those under their authority just as Jesus did.

To take it a step further, there are those seriously misguided within Christianity that would say that the act of a woman submitting to a man extends beyond marriage — without mincing words, this is a lie from Satan.

Shortly after graduating high school, I began my very first serious relationship with a young man who grew up as a missionary kid. We would often talk of the future. He would insist that I would have to always defer to him on every single issue once married, yet he would follow that by saying he would not need to discuss things with me.

His usual example would be that any purchase I would make, regardless of cost, would have to be run by him first. Conversely, he could theoretically go out and purchase a boat on a whim if he so chose without consulting with me.

If I came back with a rebuttal on how that was not fair, he would immediately say things such as — “well, then you would be acting in an ungodly way. Don’t you want to be a godly wife?” It was my first time experiencing spiritual abuse.

I now know that it was a red flag for spiritual abuse from a man looking to exploit and abuse the headship given by God. Friends, this is not what God had in mind when he said, “wives submit to your husbands.”

Thankfully, I got out of that awful situation and, eventually, the Lord brought my husband into my life. It is infinitely easier to submit to a man who loves you as Jesus loves the church.

2. Narcissistic Leadership

Another red flag of spiritual abuse within the church can be a my-way-or-the-highway leader. If I were to imagine a biblical figure that epitomized narcissistic behavior it would certainly be the Pharisees — puffed up superiority stemming from their extensive knowledge of the Law, only to neglect the self-reflection that Jesus challenged them with when they so readily pointed out the sins of others, while ignoring their own (John 8:3-11).

My husband is the pastor of a rural Southern Baptist church. They are such a loving, Holy Spirit-filled congregation in which God has so graciously placed us to serve. At the time that my husband was called to serve at our church, we had been in Fort Worth for seminary for close to a decade.

Some of the deepest hurts that I have ever experienced came from future co-laborers that were on that campus. I expected to be taken under the wing of caring elder sisters in Christ, those that had been in the trenches of ministry, who could offer sage advice to a young believer.

What I found, instead, was that I did not fit the mold that the leadership of this institution deemed appropriate for a pastor’s wife. I was told by the, then, president’s wife, that my skill of coaching sports was of no use to women such as herself, but that maybe someone could find some use for it.

It was crushing. You see narcissism can even come in the form of proposed standards from those in leadership — those that are meant to be trusted and respected. The Pharisees of Jesus’ time were also deeply concerned with appearances; thereby, shunning those they deemed less than perfect (Mark 2:15-17). Sadly, this sounds a little too familiar in many churches today.

If there is someone within your congregation, be it a leader or layperson, who has everyone so intimidated that the thought of questioning them could lead to becoming unemployed and/or ostracized within that community, then, I urge you to pray for discernment on how to proceed. Staying quiet will only aid the abuse.

3. Sexual Abuse

Israel’s greatest earthly king, David, succumbed to his own narcissism when he knowingly chose to take the wife of another man simply because he so desired (2 Samuel 11). David’s sin of pride and covetousness led to abuse of power and eventually murder (2 Samuel 11:15).

His story should serve as a stark reminder that even those who set out to whole-heartedly serve the Lord can fall into the trap of narcissism if they foolishly take their eyes off Jesus and arrogantly turn them inward.

One of the greatest evils that plagues the church today is the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing that abuses those under his care. Over the last couple of years, there has been much-needed light shone into the despicable coverups within certain organizations. Narcissism within the church leaves a trail of rightfully angry, disillusioned, broken, and abused victims.

We as the body of Christ must be vigilant and willing to speak out when we see these warning signs within the church body. Growing up during my softball days, my parents would admonish me to keep quiet when an opponent would purposefully step on my ankle or run into me at first base.

Their words — “let it go, Amanda, don’t say anything” — were hard to understand and accept. I recognized later that their advice came from a place of being abused themselves in different ways throughout their lives.

Some folks are not strong enough to stand up when they see injustices happen; however, I believe that as Christians endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit, we are able to rightly discern what is holy and what is evil.

And with that, we are to boldly speak the truth in the face of that evil. No, matter the cost. At the end of the day, what’s more important? Keeping the reputation of the good old boys’ club intact or the souls of the abused? I know who my God wants to be protected and it’s not some man-made construct of American church culture. It’s His children.

Call Out the Wolves

Narcissism can be an arrogant pastor on a power trip and not the humble servant-leader like Christ as we are warned in Proverbs 16:18 — “Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall” (CSB).

It can be a wealthy member who believes that his or her worldly wealth makes them the CEO of the church, forgetting that we are all equal co-heirs in the blood of Christ.

At the broadest level, narcissism within a church will ensure that the mission of the church is no longer gospel-focused, rather focused on the narcissist. May we be vigilant and discerning in calling out the wolves among the sheep.

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Amanda Robinson is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom of three, and a Christian blogger. As someone who has struggled through the deepest valleys of depression, Amanda hopes to share the complete joy that comes through forgiveness and renewal in Jesus Christ. For more, check out her blog.

What Happens When Narcissism Enters the Church? — Christianity.com

CHILD SACRIFICE: Creepy Joe Biden Issues Scary Warning That Little Kids As Young As 5-Years Old Will Be Forced To Receive The COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine — Now The End Begins

The Joe Biden White House told governors to start preparing to vaccinate children as young as 5 by early next month in anticipation of clearance of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for the age group in the coming weeks, a White House official said.

All regimes and all dictators have one thing in common, at some point they come for your children and sacrifice them on the altar of their religion, in this case the ‘religion’ being the International Church of COVID. Heretics will be burned at the stake. Today pretend president Joe Biden’s White House warned America’s governors to get the children ready to be placed on the altar.

“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”Mark 9:42 (KJB)

If you are a parent of a young child, think loooooooong and hard before you allow Joe Biden to inject this experimental mRNA drug into your child’s bloodstream. As for me, if my kids were still young, I would never allow them to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine for anyreason at any time, but that’s just me. Just remember, the people pushing this drug have consistently lied to you every step of the way, and they are lying to you know. Will you allow them to sacrifice your child on the altar of the International Church of COVID?


Joe Biden White House tells states to prepare for Covid vaccinations in young children

FROM NBC NEWS: The Biden administration has purchased 65 million pediatric doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, enough to vaccinate the estimated 28 million children who would be eligible should the Food and Drug Administration approve Pfizer’s request to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11, said an official of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Pfizer and BioNTech said this month that they had submitted an emergency request for authorization for children ages 5 to 11, and an FDA advisory committee plans to meet to discuss the request Oct. 26. The vaccine doses for the youngest age group wouldn’t be interchangeable with those for adults, who have different dosage and dilution requirements.

In anticipation of the FDA green light, the administration has begun planning for the vaccination effort with states, pharmacies and medical groups. The administration told providers in a planning document last week that the vaccine for children will be delivered to thousands of sites within a week of FDA authorization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been working to enroll providers in the Covid vaccination program, and HHS is planning a messaging and outreach campaign to encourage parents to get their children vaccinated, the HHS official said. READ MORE

CHILD SACRIFICE: Creepy Joe Biden Issues Scary Warning That Little Kids As Young As 5-Years Old Will Be Forced To Receive The COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine — Now The End Begins

Thanks to Biden’s policies, prepare for a cold, expensive winter — Christian Research Network

“Biden will not suffer.  Just as Obama kept the White House at a toasty 75 while his policies left Americans in the cold, expect Biden to do the same.  And at home in Delaware, this man, who got fabulously wealthy in politics (it pays to have a bagman for a son), can keep the house as warm as he wants.”

(Andrea Widburg – The American Thinker)  One of the wonders of the modern age is that fossil fuel allows us to avoid freezing in the winter and overheating in the summer.  Climate change fanatics, however, who ignore that the Earth’s climate has cycled endlessly between hot and cold for billions of years, desperately want to return us to a pre-modern state.  Their efforts are paying off, for the U.S. government is warning of a 54% increase in winter heating bills.

Upon entering the Oval Office, Biden immediately shut down the Keystone Pipeline and ended new drilling on federal lands.  While Trump had brought America to energy independence and affordable energy, Biden reduced America to a vassal of oil-producing countries. View article →

Thanks to Biden’s policies, prepare for a cold, expensive winter — Christian Research Network

News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

Date:  October 14, 2021 
Host:  Dalton Windsor 
MP3  ​​​| Order


Below is a brief look at some of the stories that Dalton presented for listeners this week:  

–Yesterday President Biden made comments dealing with easing supply chain blockages that are threatening to disrupt the final months of the year.  

–Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warns that kids may not get toys for Christmas due to supply chain problems.

–Governor DeSantis also criticized vaccine mandates in his state and around the nation.

–During a meeting with his supporters and some faith leaders, Democrat candidate for governor Charlie Crist criticized DeSantis and his COVID-19 response.

–A doctor is asking for unbreakable resistance concerning COVID-19 vaccines for children.

–A recently vaccinated pilot died during a flight causing the co-pilot to make an emergency landing.

–The Chinese regime has notified local authorities to prepare for a large-scale outbreak of COVID-19, according to leaked internal documents.

–China is continuing to experiment with the next virus that poses an existential threat to life as we know it on earth.

–101 Ohio pastors push back against a vaccine mandate in an open letter to President Joe Biden.

–NBA player Kyrie Irving has refused to comply with the New York City COVID-19 vaccine mandate, despite being suspended by his club for the entirety of the upcoming basketball season.

News Roundup & Comment — VCY America

BOOM! Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union (SMART) with 203,000 Members Announces Stand Against Forced Vaccines — The Gateway Pundit

SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 203,000 members.   The union consists of sheet metal workers, service technicians, bus operators, engineers, conductors, sign workers, welders, production employees and more.  SMART is the largest railroad operating union in North America, with more than 500 Transportation locals.

On Thursday SMART Union General Chairperson Roy Davis sent a letter to advise Union Pacific Company that the SMART Union strongly disagrees with the company’s “unilateral” requirement for COVID vaccinations.

SMART demanded an immediate response and demands that Carrier negotiate in good faith.

This is a huge move by America’s transportation employees union.

Here is another letter by SMART Union sent a letter to the Union Pacific Railroad.

Hat Tip Anthony

BOOM! Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union (SMART) with 203,000 Members Announces Stand Against Forced Vaccines — The Gateway Pundit

Boy Who Pointed Out The Emperor Has No Clothes Banned For Misinformation — The Babylon Bee

U.S.—Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have all confirmed they have banned a young peasant child from their social networks after he pointed out that the emperor has no clothes.

The brouhaha started after God-Emperor Joseph I showed off his new wardrobe at a press conference this morning. The press reported his fashion was “impeccable” and that he looked like an “even hotter George Clooney,” but some far-right extremists said that he was actually naked.

“Is it just me, or is the emperor not wearing any clothes?” the boy posted on his social media accounts Thursday. Censors worked quickly, flagging his tweet with a warning that it was potentially harmful misinformation. Snopes fact-checked his claim and found that it was “mostly false,” as the emperor was wearing socks. CNN dug into his old tweets and found that he tweeted that his best friend Castellan was a “booger head” two years ago.

He made his case for the emperor actually being completely naked on his Parler account, prompting Amazon to immediately take down all of Parler. The IRS is also looking into his accounts as he had over 600 copper pieces in his satchel, and the FBI is going after him as he had a castle Lego set at his home, causing some to wonder if he was going to attack the emperor’s castle and cause an insurrection.

Meanwhile, the emperor, who is very old and mostly stays in the castle dungeon eating ice cream, had his spokesperson, Lady Jen Flocky, address the controversy. “Hear ye! Hear ye! The emperor is wearing the finest clothes, I assure you all,” she said. “By his majesty’s royal decree, anyone who says otherwise will be thrown into the alligator pit!”

Boy Who Pointed Out The Emperor Has No Clothes Banned For Misinformation — The Babylon Bee

Prices Skyrocketing From Inflation As Empty Shelves Begin Appearing Across America As New World Order Creates Yet Another Fear-Inducing Crisis — Now The End Begins

White House officials, scrambling to relieve global supply bottlenecks choking U.S. ports, highways and railways, warn that Americans may face higher prices and some empty shelves this Christmas season.

Across America and all across Europe, store shelves are starting to empty themselves out as a global government-created supply chain crisis is preventing hundreds of thousands of shipping containers from being unloaded at various worldwide ports. Evidentially, the New World Order has a very deep bag of tricks, you might want to start now and stock up on the essentials this winter. COVID rates are dropping fast so they needed a new calamity to keep you locked down, the supply chain crisis is it.

“Moreover he called for a famine upon the land: he brake the whole staff of bread.” Psalm 105:16 (KJB)

For the items you are still able to purchase, the price of goods is escalating quickly, as inflation soaring up 23.9%with no end in sight. Communist China is doing whatever they wish, America is no longer either a threat or competition to their dreams of global dominance. Just days after Joe Biden boasted about suspending drilling in Alaska, the White House is now begging oil suppliers to lower their prices. Such is life in the New World Order, welcome to the Biden Clown Show. It would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so deadly serious.

‘There will be things that people can’t get,’ at Christmas, White House warns

FROM REUTERS: The supply crisis, driven in part by the global COVID-19 pandemic, not only threatens to dampen U.S. spending at a critical time, it also poses a political risk for President Joe Biden. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows the economy continues to be the most important issue for Democrats and Republicans alike.

The White House has been trying to tackle inflation-inducing supply bottlenecks of everything from meat to semiconductors, and formed a task force in June that meets weekly and named a “bottleneck” czar to push private-sector companies to ease snarls. Biden himself plans to meet with top executives from retail giants Wal-Mart Inc (WMT.N) and Home Depot Inc (HD.N) and with unions and other stakeholders on Wednesday to discuss efforts to relieve transportation bottlenecks before delivering a speech on the topic.

Supply chain woes are weighing on retail and transportation companies, which recently issued a series of downbeat earnings outlooks. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve last month predicted a 2021 inflation rate of 4.2%, well above its 2% target. American consumers, unused to empty store shelves, may need to be flexible and patient, White House officials said.

“There will be things that people can’t get,” a senior White House official told Reuters, when asked about holiday shopping.

“At the same time, a lot of these goods are hopefully substitutable by other things. … I don’t think there’s any real reason to be panicked, but we all feel the frustration and there’s a certain need for patience to help get through a relatively short period of time.”

Inflation is eating into wages. Labor Department data shows that Americans made 0.9% less per hour on average in August than they did one year prior. The White House argues inflation is a sign that their decision to provide historic support to small businesses and households, through $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief funding, worked. U.S. consumer demand stayed strong, outpacing global rivals, and the Biden administration expects the overall economy to grow at 7.1%, as inflation reaches its highest levels since the 1980s.

“We recognize that it has pinched families who are trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy as we move into the later stages of the pandemic,” said a second senior White House official. READ MORE

Our economy is collapsing BY DESIGN: ‘Everything is about to change’

Glenn continues to warn that soon you won’t recognize your country. Everything is about to change, he says, and especially in relation to our economy — which Glenn says is being pushed into a second-world type of economy BY DESIGN. Costco is limiting items to counteract supply chain challenges, rural roads soon may mirror those in Cuba, and a digital dollar is likely on the horizon. We’re in a war, Glenn says, and the longer it lasts, the less you’ll remember what our old ‘normal’ used to be…

Supply shortage drives up food prices

Food prices are up more than four and a half percent since last year. Product shortages and widespread supply chain disruptions are driving up how much people are paying at checkout.

Prices Skyrocketing From Inflation As Empty Shelves Begin Appearing Across America As New World Order Creates Yet Another Fear-Inducing Crisis — Now The End Begins

Biden Begs OPEC and US Oil Companies to Pump More Oil as Prices Surge After He Cracked Down on US Production (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s first action as president after inauguration was to shut down construction of the Keystone Pipeline and eliminating an estimated.52,100 American jobs in the process.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline costs over 11,000 construction jobs and 42,100 jobs throughout the US during the construction process according to the US State Department.

If you thought this was because they are principled leaders you would be wrong.  Biden later approved a Russian pipeline and an oil pipeline to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon.

Today oil prices in America are surging as a result of Joe Biden’s insane energy policies.  The price of gas has spiked 42% in the last year.

It’s so bad that Joe Biden is urging OPEC and US oil companies to pump more oil and gas.

They want to destroy America.

Via Rob Schmitt Tonight.

Biden Begs OPEC and US Oil Companies to Pump More Oil as Prices Surge After He Cracked Down on US Production (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

October 14 Evening Quotes of The Day

Disgracing Others Is Not Graceful
Proverbs 15:1, 4; Matthew 7:2; 12:36–37; Romans 14:10; Ephesians 4:29, 31

A desire to disgrace others never sprang from grace. It is ill to inquire into others’ actions, that we might have matter to draw up a bill of indictment against them. Like those who, in reading books, mark only the faults, or such as take more pleasure in beholding a monster than a perfect man, such is a censorious person.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

He Who Understands God Best Loves Him Best
Exodus 33:18; Psalm 63:2; John 11:40; Acts 7:55; 2 Corinthians 3:18

If I were asked which I preferred, to endure all the trials of the world until the end of it, and then receive one slight degree of additional glory, or without any suffering of any kind to enter into glory of a slightly lower degree, I would accept—oh, how willingly!—all those trials for one slight degree of fruition in the contemplation of the greatness of God; for I know that he who understands Him best, loves Him and praises Him best.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Examining “10 Logical Proofs” that “God Does Not Exist”

(Editor’s note: Due to what is being covered, this article is longer than normal)

Some Atheists propose arguments they believe or at least claim, demonstrate that God does not exist. They tend to fixate on one particular view of God, namely monotheism. Thus, even if they were successful, which they are not, that does nothing to demonstrate some sort of god or gods do not exist.

Perhaps the Mormon gods exist or the Hindu view that everything that exists is god is true. So, in reality, the best they can do is to argue for Agnosticism (which is akin to “weak Atheism”).

When they argue against a monotheistic God, some of their arguments do not hold against Trinitarian-monotheism. The article is written from a biblical Christian theological perspective. Therefore, we will not be defending generic “religion” nor vague “theism” but only biblical theology.

Oddly enough, Atheists have to draw from biblical theology in order to attempt to argue their case. In other words, they must beg, borrow, and steal from the very view against which they are arguing and so they end up sawing off (or attempting to do so) the very branch upon which they sit.

The “10 Logical Proofs” undergoing examination are proposed in a video titled “God Does Not Exist 10 Logical Proofs” by the Crunch YouTube channel. They begin with a bit of bait and switch. The assertion is not that evidence is provided for their claims but rather, “logical proofs.” They are not arguing against belief in God but definitively positively affirming that “God Does Not Exist.”

The title refers to “proof” but the intro switches the claim to “evidence.”

“In case you deny the existence of the Almighty and somehow lack evidence to support your side, we have you covered.”

Moreover, it is asserted that the “10 logical reasons” (another change from the title’s reference to “10 logical proofs”) “will shake some believers!”

One thing that haunts the entire video (and all of Atheism really) is its supposed premise of logical analysis to arrive at a conclusion. In general, the conclusion is asserted and then Atheists attempt to formulate reasons the conclusion should be self-evident.

On Atheism, logic is accidental, as is our ability to discern it. There is no universal imperative to adhere to it much less demand that others do so either: this alone is the undoing of any and all Atheist missionaries endeavors.

If Atheism is true, there is no universal imperative for humans, which are only accidentally and temporarily existing apes (evolution) to only hold to facts, based on truth, based on reality, mitigated by logic within an existence wherein facts, truth, reality, logic, and apes are all accidental-period, full stop. In other words, we came from nothing, completely by a series of accidents in what is a meaningless and accidental universe.

The video refers to “Using EVIDENCE” and “Using LOGIC” and while Atheists can use logic, on their view that is merely a subjective personal preference (based on hidden assumptions that should be exposed). Likewise with evidence or proof: they may subjectively assert that we ought to base our view on evidence and proof but, again, that is a mere preference on the level of demanding that their favorite ice-cream flavor truly is the one that everyone should prefer. We would suggest they must begin by first justifying a demand for evidence or proof via a premise from their worldview.

Proof/reason #10 “Poorly Designed Universe”:

This is elucidated thusly,

“Don’t the theists say that God is perfect and the creator of the Universe? Well, then why did he design the universe and his babies in such poor fashion?”

Unsure what is meant by “his babies”—humanity, perhaps. The assertion of God having “design[ed] the universe and his babies in such poor fashion” merely presupposes that such is the biblical claim when it is not. We affirm that God is perfect and the creator yet, this does not require the current state of creation to be perfect. The Bible teaches that the creation is fallen (Gen 3) so that “Disease and malfunction” were not created by God but are a result of the fall—and will be eliminated when redemption of all things is completed.

Now, even if something is poorly designed, it is still designed which requires a designer, God in this case. Engineers construct “parts that are designed to wear out” such as brake pads: we do not (or should not) examine worn brake pads and conclude they were not designed, or there was no designer.

This objection is flawed since it is actually evidence for God’s existence and not his non-existence. This amounts to a fallacy of false refutation or strawman argument (Argumentum hominem palae).

#9 “God of the Gaps”:


“could you explain the idea of God of the gaps that is your argument of his existence? You somehow prove God’s existence by pointing out phenomenon that science can’t explain and hence they are facilitated by God.”

This is not a biblical nor apologetic claim. Rather, all that science can explain and cannot explain argues for God’s existence and is the premise for the scientific method. A rational being created a rational creation and populated it with rational creatures who could rationally discern it.

When considering creation we do not argue that we do not know about God, but rather, we base our views on what we do know. For example, the universe’s various functions (including biological functions) are based on pre-existing information. The only known source of information is an intelligent being. That intelligent being is what we call “God.” Thus, we are not drawing on God to fill in the gaps in scientific knowledge but rather by observation, scientific testing, and deduction find what exists points to a pre-existent designer and first cause. Thus, the existence of science is evidence for God’s existence. #9 is again a straw-man argument—a straw-God argument actually. (Argumentum hominem palae)

#8 “Inconsistency of Religions”:


The reason we all have different views of him is that he does not exist.”

This one is simply absurd and utterly myopic. There are different views of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Some may wish one or the other didn’t exist but we do not know of anyone who would assert different views of them is evidence they do not exist. The “different views of” Trump, Biden, and God result from various sources which may be favorable or unfavorable to them. In the case of varying descriptions of God, some are misled by false teachers, others are unclear about the nature of God, perhaps are rebellious, do not want to submit to God, or even invent a false view of God. This objection does not consider anthropology, particularly biblical anthropology which describes us as fallen and naturally rebellious.

We affirm biblical theology, in part, due to truths from evidence, logic, and reason  (which are like proofs) which confirm the claims of Scripture. This argument is a non sequitur fallacy in which the conclusion does not follow logically from what preceded it. That people have different views of God only proves that people have different views of God not that God does not exist.

#7 “Creation of the World”:


“one widely accepted trait of the Almighty is that it is he who created the entire universe some 6,000 years ago. That being said, it should be evident that nothing on the planet is older than this time frame.”

Some believers do not conclude that biblical theology affirms a young Earth creation timeline. Many accept the age of the universe is 12 to 18 billion years and do not find it in conflict with their faith or the Bible. Thus, this would be more about one particular view of the Bible, not about God’s existence.

This is a fallacy of equivocation or bait and switch. Under the guise of arguing for the non-existence of God, they have switched to a supposed “widely accepted trait” on the timing of origins. Even if science proved the universe to be billions of years old, it would not follow necessarily that God does not exist since the age of the earth—young or old—does not disprove the existence of God. If one claims to be 6 years old but is actually older, does that mean they do not exist?

#6 “Existence of Evil in the World”:


“When believers say that there is a God, a power which is noble and good then do they forget the existence of evil in the world? Be logical, when God loves us so dearly then why does he allow evil to exist?”

This merely presupposes there is “evil,” and that it is something to be avoided, condemned, etc. Of course, we do not deny the existence of evil rather, we point out that they have to borrow from a biblical worldview to claim something is evil. In so doing, evil becomes evidence for God. How so? Because it is only by God, who is the standard of good, that we know what is evil—a standard which Atheism lacks.

God may use the evil that does exist to bring about good (salvation). The crucifixion of Christ was the evilest deed ever. Yet, it made salvation available to all who will trust in Jesus—by grace, through faith. That is the greatest good for us and demonstrates God’s love for us.

This was a false, pseudo, refutation since the existence of evil does not prove the non-existence of God. This is another non sequitur.

Now, if someone looks to nations founded on Atheism (the former USSR, Mao’s China, etc) they will find that “evil” still exists, however, they no longer have God to blame for it. God’s existence implies that we can be redeemed from evil, and evil will be eliminated in the future.

On Atheism, there is only predator and prey in an accidental meaningless existence which results in what they call evil, pain, and suffering, notions which come from a biblical worldview. Yet, it is not quite the case that on Atheism evil, pain, and suffering are for nothing but are simply how Atheistic evolution operates in ridding us and the planet of the less fit which advances evolution.

#5 “Morality needs no religion”:


“Looking at the behavior of a believer and an Atheist, you’d see that there is little to no difference in their morality.”

Riotously, “that there is little to no difference in their morality” would imply a common objective standard of behavior, not a common result of accidents. Since the behavior of some believers is no different than some Atheists or that some Atheists behave better than some Christians has no bearing on whether or not God exists or that “morality needs no religion.” There are two options on this one. Morality is objectively true and we all have an internal knowingness or we have mob rule and the mob in power invents and inflicts whatever moral rules they choose. By observation, we can conclude God included morality in our internal coding (Romans 2:14-15)  Atheists have to point to an objective standard to make their claim. They may object that different cultures have different moral standards but as Dr. Francis Beckwith has pointed out, that isn’t really true. We have the same moral values but may implement them differently. For example, in America, most of us eat beef. It is not a moral problem. In parts of India, they do not eat beef and it is a moral choice. However, the reason they don’t eat beef is consistent within our moral values in both situations. We do not eat grandma in America. In India, with their view of reincarnation, the cow may be grandma. So in both cultures, we agree it is morally wrong to eat grandma.

That Christians or non-Christians behave morally bad says nothing about the origins of morality. However, it says something about the condition of humans, which Christianity affirms, we are sinners by nature and practice, and also demonstrates morals come from God.

#4 “Religion Runs in families”:


“Religion runs in family. If we ask you about your religion, there is a 99% chance that you follow the religion of your family because that is what you have been taught…

This is also a genetic logical fallacy since it seeks to discredit by attacking the source of belief. Even if belief is embraced and sustained by social pressure or even by intimidation and threats, it does not follow necessarily that God does not exist.

If our parents taught us to count does that invalidate mathematics?

While it may be a tu quoque (type of ad hominem argument), it is, “also true of Atheists”: or “some” Atheists just like it is true of “some” religious people but not of others.

This touches upon a belief of some Atheists who literally think that they are more evolved than thou. They may have been raised in religious homes but have found the one true truth in Atheism. Praised be nothing!

The Bible does not teach blind ignorance but to test all things, to look for evidence, to seek out wisdom and knowledge, to speak the truth in love, and encourage all people to examine the evidence and use logic and critical thinking to decide. Thus, many of us have examined the evidence and have faith in Jesus because of the evidence (biblically, “faith” refers to coming to a conclusion based on prior knowledge).

#3 “No evidence of existence”:


“Largely saying there is not much evidence to prove the existence of God. Well, if God is there, then why is there no proof of him being there?”

Step one is for Atheists is to ignore or attack the available evidence, the creation. (Romans 1:19-20) They then demand evidence, well, some other evidence. Note that, just like Bertrand Russell and Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) who parroted him, the video admits that there is evidence of or for God but that there is—subjectively—“not enough” based on his personal preferences which in turn are based on hidden assumptions.

Note that this one jumps from referring to “evidence” to referring to “proof” and admits evidence (even if subjectively “not much”) but positively affirms (without evidence) that there is no proof.

#3 denotes ignorance of centuries of thinking regarding God and the natural world. Some Atheists correctly point out that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. So why does that not apply to God (even if we momentarily grant absence of evidence)?

By that logic just because you have not found any evidence for God compelling, it does not mean He does not exist. It is not a PROOF. There is a difference between having evidence and subjectively finding such evidence compelling or not.

Bible believers have provided evidence and proofs of God for centuries: for example, various cosmological arguments (KalamLeibnizian, etc.), design arguments, ethical arguments, ontological arguments, etc.

The video admits to design (however poor) and ethics, which supports these arguments in favor of God’s existence. These arguments take as evidence, the universe and things found within it: design, information, order, purpose, ethics, duties, and so on. In other words, all of reality is evidence for God’s existence because of the specific nature of this particular universe—while on Atheism, all of the above is merely accidental.

Parroting Carl Sagan, some Atheists assert that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Yet, there is no standard of extraordinariness. When it comes to what is or what is not extraordinary. It’s like saying “tall” or “giant”: it’s subjective. Atheists take advantage of this: they demand evidence, you show them some, and they subjectively declare “not extraordinary enough.” By the way, would not extraordinary design require an extraordinary designer?

#2 “Common Consent”:


“One of the major reasons for believing in the existence of the supreme power is that most people believe it. Is it even logical to say that since a phenomenon is accepted by the majority, it must be true? We doubt that!”

Most people agreeing that the sky is blue may not ultimately mean that it really is blue but is a safe enough bet. In other words, the argumentum ad populum does not guarantee that a large number of people don’t have a faulty view. We do not prove truth by a majority. The Atheist view suffers a similar problem. Just because a large number of people believe in evolution does not prove or disprove evolution. Belief isn’t evidence but evidence may bring one to believe.

Just as with logic and evidence, the statement on this claim ends with “We doubt that!” but that which “We” doubt or do not doubt is again, not a standard, it is merely an emotively subjective declaration.

While we are at it, should we doubt something just because the populum agrees on it? Surely millions of people have claimed experiences with God (miracles, visitations, etc.) and unless each of those has been examined then one can only conclude that ALL of those people were mistaken-delusional, deceptive, ignorant, misunderstanding-if we presuppose that God does not exist. Ergo, that would be arguing in a circle.

The Bible does not say that we ought to believe in God because of majority opinion nor have any of the best biblical theologians made this argument. Rather, the Bible says that God’s existence can be seen from the evidence found in the natural world (Psalm 19) and even some of God’s power and attributes can be known by us from the nature of the creation,

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse (Romans 1:20)

This was a straw man. It is not an argument made by Bible believers or even most theistic religions. Even if one can find some theists who argue that God exists because most people believe he exists, it does not follow that God does not exist (non sequitur). It is also a hasty generalization to apply it to all theistic views generally.

#1 “No Growth in Religion”:


“a decade ago, there had been so many things that we had no knowledge about but are now a part of our life. That’s how we have evolved and our knowledge about science, but can we apply the same thing to God? We guess not because we are still stuck with beliefs and ‘facts’ that have been in circulation for centuries.”

Atheism has utterly nothing to do with science and science has utterly nothing to do with Atheism. This one is we might term an argumentum ad chronologicum: “has been in circulation for centuries” ergo, false. 2+2=4 has been circulated for centuries. Does the mere passage of time demand that we reject it?

We are “stuck” with the same facts about God because God has revealed Himself finally and completely in the person of Jesus Christ who is God in the Flesh. As previously mentioned, God is also revealed in the natural world. God has revealed Himself in the text of the Bible, the canon of which has been closed for two millennia.

While these basic facts about God have not changed, our understanding has increased as more and more theology students have earned their PhDs and done research and written books. Archaeology has revealed more and more about the cultures that produced the Bible which also gives us insights into the deeper meaning of the biblical text—even though God’s word has always been perspicuous.

In fact, on a biblical worldview, all advancements in scientific knowledge deepen our understanding of the natural world which is God’s creation. We find that in the work of scientists like James Tour. Many of the modern scientists were Bible believers seeking to better understand God’s creation. So, the growth of scientific knowledge has also contributed to growth in our knowledge of God.

Again, this was another strange argument. Even if it was the case that our knowledge of God does not increase, it does not necessarily follow that God does not exist (another non sequitur). Likewise, has there been growth in our knowledge from Atheism? If not, does that make Atheism false? The basic facts of logic have not shown any growth through Atheism since they were described by the Greek philosophers over two millennia ago.

We still use modus ponens and modus tollens and say “Socrates is a man.” If there has been no growth in logic if we have been stuck with the same facts and beliefs about basic logic for millennia, does that mean logic is false? Obviously not. Unfortunately, this video relies on faulty logic.

One other point

The question “What do you believe in; science or God?” seems to derive from the imminent philosopher from the movie “Nacho Libre,” the guy who stole day old “cheeeeps” from orphans, who said, “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” This is a world-class textbook case of a false dichotomy.

We believe in God and we believe in science. The study of the natural world is the study of God’s creation: the search for causes and the ability to make that search is evidence for God who is the explanation for the origin of the universe and of life, for the laws of physics, and of logic, the uncanny applicability of mathematics to the natural world, the fact of ethical duties and obligations which Atheists also recognize, why there is something rather than nothing, etc. These evidence God. God is the uncaused first cause: as even those same Greek philosophers understood when they spoke of the unmoved mover.

God created chronology, linear time, whereby effect follows from cause—linear time, boy oh boy I tell ya’: it’s just one thing after another!


Grade F on knowledge of biblical theology and poorly attempted employment of logic. We agree that all claims should be evaluated by evidence and logic, as we have done in this article.

Not one of the 10 points is logically sound and commit formal and informal logical fallacies such as non-sequiturs, false refutations, hasty generalizations, straw men/straw God, etc. As a result, the 10 statements failed to provide logical arguments, evidence, or proof that God does not exist.

Also employed were flawed tactics common to Atheists such as attacking “religion” rather than any specific rational description of a religion such as biblical theology. Also, if any flaw is found in any one religion, all religion is thereby rejected. This relies on hasty generalization.

Moreover, we encountered two startling admissions for an Atheist to make. Namely, that the universe is designed and the existence of objective good and evil. We pray that if they are in a genuine search for truth, they engage with Jesus Who stated:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)Ω

This one was a team effort by Jodie Bishop, Scott Walton of Disciples of YHWH in Christ and

Ken AmmiKen Ammi is a long-time researcher and lecturer on issues pertaining to Christian apologetics. He has a background in Eastern Mysticism and the New Age. He is Jewish and has accepted Jesus as Messiah. You can find him online at: True free Thinker

Source: Examining “10 Logical Proofs” that “God Does Not Exist”

The Rise of False Messiahs: What You Must Know — ChurchLeaders

When the disciples asked for signs of the end times, Jesus warned them about false messiahs. Jesus responded to the disciples: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them. When you hear of wars and uprisings, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.” (Luke 21:8-9)

The end time could very well be near if we look at the number of people around the globe who are rising up to say that they are indeed the Messiah.

INRI Cristo

Since 1979, Alvaro Theiss has been proclaiming that he is Jesus Christ reincarnated. Alvaro changed his name to INRI Cristo (a tribute to the inscription “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum” that Pontius Pilate posted on the cross where the true Messiah died).

INRI lives with 12 followers in a compound in Brazil. INRI wears white robes and a crown. His devoted followers dress in all blue and push their leader around on a rolling pedestal.

Other False Messiahs Claiming to Be Jesus Christ

According to news.com.au, at least six other men have claimed to be Jesus Christ reincarnated in the last decade.

Mitsuo Matayoshi of Japan claimed to be God and that he would execute his last judgment through the political system–if elected. However, Matayoshi died from illness on July 20, 2018, and faced a different judgment (Hebrews 9:27).

Moses Hlongwane of South Africa has set himself up as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ in a compound with a dozen disciples in KwaZulu-Natal town.

Vissarion of Siberia claims to be the second coming of Christ and teaches reincarnation, vegetarianism, civility, ecology, and apocalypse. He lives with 4,000 of his followers and has 10,000 followers worldwide.

David Shayler of England declared himself the Messiah in 2007 and sometimes preaches as his cross-dressing alter ego, Delores Kane, according to news.com.au.

Bupete Chibwe Chishimba of Zambia started claiming he was Jesus Christ in 2013 and was quickly beaten by townspeople. Chishimba claims that he fell from heaven in 1999.

Alan John Miller of Queensland is the founder of the Jesus Cult. Miller claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus and his partner is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. Miller makes doomsday predictions and holds “Divine Truth” seminars where he teaches what he calls the “Divine Love Path” which focuses on “Emotional Clearing,” according to news.com.au.

Use Discernment When It Comes to False Messiahs

Up to 10,000 cults still exist today in the United States, according to Steve Eichel, a psychologist and cult expert with International Cultic Studies.

According to the Billy Graham Association and many other reputable organizations, there are two key indicators that an organization is a cult:

  1. They do not accept the Bible as the only Word of God. Instead, they add writings from their founder to the Bible.
  2. They deny that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God.

CultWatch adds these two indicators that an organization is a cult:

  1. The group uses manipulative psychological “mind control” to recruit and control members.
  2. The group claims to be a Christian group but teaches something that is not primarily a Christian belief.

What then can we do to help people follow the true Messiah rather than a false messiah?

Filter Everything Through Scripture When It Comes to False Messiahs

  1. Jesus warned his followers to be on guard. At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘Look, there he is!’ do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.” (Mark 13:21-23)
  2. Test the spirits. “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-3)
  3. Grow strong in what Scripture teaches about Christ’s return. “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.” (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17)

Why Do People Follow False Messiahs?

From an article I wrote for Children’s Ministry Magazine about Cult-Proofing Your kids, there are five reasons people follow false prophets and get involved in cults:

  • Looking for answersPeople who need the security of an authoritarian environment crave black-and-white answers-even if those answers are wrong. Cults provide such an environment.
  • Desiring God–Another common reason that young people join cults,” say sGretchen Passantino, co-author of the classic Answers to the Cultist at Your Door and co-director of Answers in Action in Costa Mesa, California, “is they want to experience God in a way that seems more real than what they’ve grown up with. And cults frequently promise this kind of a mystical experience with God.”
  • Needing to make a differenceCults meet young people’s idealistic needs to change the world. In a cult, people can lose themselves in something greater and nobler than themselves.
  • HurtingLonely, alienated people find in cult members the love and acceptance they’ve longed for.
  • Breaking away--Sometimes kids join cults out of rebellion against their parents’ values.

It is critical in these days that church leaders everywhere help their people to be on guard, test the spirits, and grow in the truth of God’s Word. To do otherwise puts people at risk of deception.

If you or someone you know may be in a cult, this information from Families Against Cult Teachings and Abuses may prove helpful.

The Rise of False Messiahs: What You Must Know — ChurchLeaders

His Service, Face, Name — VCY America

His servants shall serve him: and they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their forehead. (Revelation 22:3-4)

Three choice blessings will be ours in the gloryland.

“His servants shall serve him.” No other lords shall oppress us, no other service shall distress us. We shall serve Jesus always, perfectly, without weariness, and without error. This is heaven to a saint: in all things to serve the Lord Christ and to be owned by Him as His servant is our soul’s high ambition for eternity.

“And they shall see his face.” This makes the service delightful: indeed, it is the present reward of service. We shall know our Lord, for we shall see Him as He is. To see the face of Jesus is the utmost favor that the most faithful servant of the Lord can ask. What more could Moses ask than-“Let me see thy face?”

“And his name shall be in their foreheads.” They gaze upon their Lord till His name is photographed upon their brows. They are acknowledged by Him, and they acknowledge Him. The secret mark of inward grace develops into the public sign-manual of confessed relationship.

O Lord, give us these three things in their beginnings here that we may possess them in their fullness in Thine own abode of bliss!

His Service, Face, Name — VCY America

October 14 – Mercy triumphs over judgement — Reformed Perspective

So speak and act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. – James 2:12

Scripture reading: James 2:8-13

In today’s passage, James shows us all sins are equally wrong before God. This is true because all the commandments instruct us to love God and our neighbour. All our neighbours, both far and near, have been created in God’s image and we are therefore commanded to love them, even our enemies. Loving our neighbour is like loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

In going through a few commandants as examples, James wants us to admit our failings in respect to them. In doing so, we will have a different way of looking at our brothers and sisters in the Lord when they sin. James says we are to speak and act as those who are judged under the law of liberty.

Since we cannot keep the law properly ourselves, we are not to speak and act as if we are perfect and without sin. We are God’s forgiven children not because we are righteous in ourselves, but only through God’s grace in Jesus Christ. For this reason, we should seek to keep the commandments out of a thankful heart because of God’s ongoing mercy to us. This should cause us to have mercy when approaching a brother or sister who has sinned. Instead of making quick judgements on others, let us remember God made His judgments on us with mercy. In this way, we will show that mercy does triumph over judgement.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray that we would show in our relationships that mercy has triumphed over judgement.

Pastor Richard Bultje is a United Reformed missionary and pastor in the River of Life church plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Pastor Richard and his wife, Yukyung moved to Niagara Falls in November 2012 with their three children Calvin, Isaiah and Gloria. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

October 14 – Mercy triumphs over judgement — Reformed Perspective

All Day Long — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Questions: How would you define hope? What is the difference between wishing and hoping?

“Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long” Psalm 25:4, 5

Father in Heaven,

Thank You for the promise and hope of Your Word. Thank You that You can be counted on to guide me through my day. Today I need to walk in the hope that only You can give. My way is unclear, my path sometimes feels like it twists and turns in confusing and busy ways as I wind my way along my journey.

Show me Your ways, Lord. Show me how You would walk in these places. Teach me Your paths of grace and mercy and integrity and love. Help me to grasp Your ways so I can walk securely in them even in insecure places. I need Your perspective today.

Guide me in Your truth, Lord. Without Your Word active in my heart and mind I cannot know Your truth. Help me to make time to read my Bible. Help me to take time to think on it and let it penetrate my heart. Lord, Your Word will guide me as a beacon and a light. I need Your Word to guide me. Forgive me when I have left it on the shelf or have simply grabbed a verse and run off for the day, quickly forgetting what I read.

Thank You that You promise to guide me and teach me as I let Your truth impact my heart and my mind.

Oh Lord, You are my Savior, my rescuer and my redeemer. You alone are the One who restores and renews my spirit and brings meaning to my life. You bless me. May my heart overflow with thanksgiving to You for Your hand in my life.

I will put my hope in You today, all day long. Remind me by Your Holy Spirit to look to You to guide me. Call me into Your quiet presence to think on Your truths and may I not be distracted. This is the oxygen of my soul. Thank You that You give the hope and help and peace I need today. Thank You that You never cease to call me to Yourself. Help me to respond afresh to Your presence in my life. In Jesus’ strong name I pray, amen.

Questions: How would you define hope? What is the difference between wishing and hoping? Why can we hope in God all day long?

by Gail Rodgers
Used by Permission

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All Day Long — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

October 14 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

“Let Me Be Nothing”
John 3:30; 1 Corinthians 15:28

O, beware, do not seek to be something! Let me be nothing, and Christ be all in all!


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Well-Ordered Self-Love Is Right
Matthew 19:19; 22:39; Mark 12:31; Luke 10:27; Galatians 5:14; James 2:8

Well ordered self-love, whereby man desires a fitting good for himself, is right and natural; but it is inordinate self-love, leading to contempt of God, that Augustine reckons to be the cause of sin.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

A Theology of Future Glory: Why the Christian Should Be the Most Hopeful in this World — The Master’s Seminary Blog

Hope. It’s a powerful motivator. It’s what replaces worry with calmness (Romans 15:13), despair with joy (Psalm 42:5), vacillation with perseverance (Romans 8:25), and cowardice with courage (Romans 12:12). Our God is “the God of hope” (Romans 15:13). The Gospel is “the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). Faith is “a living hope” (1 Peter 1:3) that promises to never disappoint (Romans 5:5). Out of everyone in our world, Christians should be the most hopeful—confident that our future is secured by a good and sovereign Savior.

Have We Lost Our Hope?

And yet, over the last two years, I have seen disappointment written on so many Christian faces. Hope seems to be an elusive ring hanging outside our outstretched hand. Believers disheartened by government leaders. Christian parents not only dismayed, but fearful, of the world their children will grow up in. Church families ruptured over Covid related issues. Conversations filled more with complaining, than with Christ.

And the effect? Christian joy has been dampened; gospel energy, smothered; spiritual unity, fractured; the light of Christ, overshadowed by the gloom of our day.

Why is the question. Why has despair filled so many Christian hearts? Why has dejection squelched so much Gospel work? Why has division taken root in so many Christian churches?

One reason is because our hope has been exposed—and it has been found wanting.

These last two years have shown that we have tied too much happiness to the promises of this world. We have lived by sight, rather than faith, for far too long. We have allowed our affections for the temporal to root too deep and have been satisfied by the earthly too much.

We have forgotten that our “hope is laid up…in heaven” (Colossians 1:5). We’ve failed to “fix our hope completely on the grace to be brought to us at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:13). We’ve unmoored our joy from our coming resurrection and Christ’s promised return (and all the blessings that entails), and have instead anchored our hope in the here and now.

It’s no wonder despair is written on so many Christian faces. We’ve been hoping in the wrong things.

Christian Hope is Grounded in Future Glory

For 21 verses there has been no hope in John 11.[1] For four days, private tears have streamed down Mary and Martha’s cheeks, while the crowd’s public sobs rang throughout the town (John 11:33). The sisters have been confused: Why would Jesus let our brother and His friend die? Why would Jesus not come immediately to save us from our grief? You can hear the pain in the sisters’ heart, as they both told Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:21, 32).

Is there anything more hopeless than death? More painful than loss? More final than a locked grave?

And yet, what is Jesus’ answer to the sisters’ sorrow? “Your brother will rise again” (John 11:23). He gives them hope, but it is hope that looks to the future. Christian hope is always grounded in future glory.

Think of Israel—as destruction marched toward the Promised Land, what hope did the Lord hold out for them? “Your dead will live; their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy” (Isaiah 26:19). In the midst of political upheaval, the Lord promised His people a future resurrection.

Take Job, on what did he rest his hope amid failing health? “Even after my skin is destroyed, yet from my flesh I shall see God” (Job 19:26).

Or think of Paul, why did he not lose heart in the ministry? Because he looked to “an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison” (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Gospel hope is always forward looking. It’s eschatological. It’s future.

This is why Jesus gave His grand promise in vv. 25 and 26. At the moment of Mary and Martha’s deepest sorrow, Jesus offered them His greatest promise, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believe in Me will never die” (John 11:25-26).

Life in this fallen world has only one ending—physical death. Is this not what we have all experienced for the last two years? Lives lost. Health stricken. Freedoms removed. Dreams dashed. Plans changed. Christ’s answer is to anchor our hope in our future glory.

Future Glory is Not Wishful Thinking

“I am the resurrection and the life” is a claim to deity (Deuteronomy 32:39; 1 Samuel 2:6; Psalm 49:15)—Jesus claiming to be the source of our future resurrection and the fountainhead of our eternal life. A staggering claim, eclipsed only by the stunning nature of the miracle that follows.

Each detail of Lazarus’ resurrection is important. Each is meant to instill hope for the believer.

First, John noted Lazarus’ decay and stench, since Lazarus had been dead four days (John 11:39). Application: the Christian need not fear, no amount of decay will hinder Christ’s resurrection power.

Second, Jesus indicated Lazarus’ resurrection was His Father’s will (John 11:41-42). Application: our future resurrection will not only be the work of Christ, but also the will of the Father.

Third, Jesus “cried out with a loud voice” (John 11:43). Certainly, Jesus had Isaiah’s warning in mind that “mediums and the spiritists…whisper and mutter” their incantations (Isaiah 8:19). But Jesus is no spiritist—He’s the Lord of life. But even more than that, Christ’s scream was a foreshadowing of what He will one day do for every believer—a preview of His “cry of command” (1 Thessalonians 4:16) that will be heard throughout the entire earth when he returns. Application: Christ possesses supreme power over death and will one day issue a resurrection command that will reach every grave throughout this world (cf. John 5:28-29).

Fourth, Jesus called Lazarus by name, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). Jesus could have simply said “come forth,” but He didn’t. He individualized His cry. Application: Christ’s resurrection power will be personal. As Jesus promised, “Everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I myself will raise him up on the last day…I will raise him up on the last day” (John 6:40, 44). No believer will be left in the ground. None will be forgotten on that final day.

Our future glory is not wishful thinking. It is a settled fact—powerfully confirmed when the Lord of life shattered Sheol’s chains. Jesus’ promise is true, “he who believes in Me will live even if he dies” (John 11:25).

Where is Your Hope?

Yes, this world is spiraling further and further into sin. And yes, disappointments abound—they always have and always will. And there are no doubt great sorrows and deep heartaches in our future. But rather than stealing our Christian hope, and smothering our Gospel energy, and sullying our Christian testimony, each sorrow should strengthen our expectation for that glorious day when our Lord “will swallow up death for all time, and the Lord God will wipe tears away from all faces…And it will be said in that day, ‘Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited that He might save us. This is the Lord for whom we have waited; Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation’” (Isaiah 25:7, 9).

Are we waiting for that coming day with expectancy and confidence, or have we become downcast with despair? Has the joy of our salvation given way to the sorrows of the moment? Have we anchored our hope in the shifting sands of this fallen world, rather than on the firm eschatological promises that await?

Oh Christian, be hopeful—no, be the most hopeful person in this world—because our hope is not in the present, but in a Person, a Savior, a Sovereign; who has promised a future glory and an everlasting kingdom to all who have come to Him in saving faith. Heed Peter’s command, “fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 1:13).

 [1] This continues a series through John 11. For the other articles, see: The Master’s Seminary Blog | Doctrine. Discourse. Doxology. | Patrick Slyman (tms.edu)

A Theology of Future Glory: Why the Christian Should Be the Most Hopeful in this World — The Master’s Seminary Blog

14 Oct 2021 News Briefing


Tropics Relatively Quiet, Although One Area Being Monitored
While there are currently no tropical depressions, tropical storms, nor hurricanes, there is a disturbance not far from the Bahamas that the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida is monitoring for signs of potential development. According to the NHC, satellite-derived wind data and surface observations indicate that a broad low pressure system has formed about 200 miles northeast of the Turks and Caicos.

Democrats Melting Down: GOP Flips Long-Held Blue Seat in Iowa Special Election
Out of Iowa, a legislative seat that has been in Democratic hands for decades is no longer blue. Over the summer, Republicans won back a state senate seat in affluent, suburban, Trump-hostile Connecticut.

NASA to crash DART spacecraft into Dimorphos asteroid in hopes of changing its orbit to test planetary defense systems
On Nov. 24, the SpaceX rocket will launch from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, beginning a Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission. This rocket will carry the DART spacecraft, which plans to crash into a small 525-foot diameter asteroid named Dimorphos in September of 2022. Dimorphos is not expected to travel within a million miles of Earth, however scientists hope the test will provide insight into developing planetary defense systems in case of an emergency.

Chicago likely to lose 1,500+ cops by Jan. amid mass officer exodus, plummeting applications
According to CBS Chicago on Monday, Ald. Anthony Beale said the large number of retirements and officers moving to other stations are just the tip of the iceberg. “People don’t want to be the police,” Beale said. “The police don’t want to be the police.” When Beale asked city Budget Director Susie Park what the anticipated number of sworn officer vacancies would be on Jan. 1, 2022, Park said the number would be just over 900. Her estimate did not include unexpected resignations or retirements.

Feds Deploy Non-Toxic Gas On Subway In Test Of Biological Attack Preparedness
According to NBC 4 New York, the MTA, working in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security and a team of researchers and city agencies, will deploy a non-toxic gas at 120 places across the city. The tests will be carried out on five days between Oct. 18 and Oct. 29. Most of the test sites will be above ground, including in some parks. But an unknown number of tests will be carried out below ground in subway stations across the city (exact details aren’t being released to the public). The public is advised: “should one happen to stumble upon a test site, the gas is non-toxic and poses no public health risk”.

Is the Israeli Army Passing Out New Testaments to New Recruits?
Today we find making the rounds on social media a newly trained recruit holding a Hebrew copy of the Tanach and the Brit Hahadasha (NT) For its many Jewish followers of Yeshua as well as Christian Arabs, the IDF will provide a New Testament (in English) to swear-in upon.

Hackers To Unleash Killware — And It’s as Bad as It Sounds
Even as most Americans are still learning about the hacking-for-cash crime of ransomware, the nation’s top homeland security official is worried about an even more dire digital danger: killware, or cyberattacks that can literally end lives.

Man armed with bow and arrow kills five people in Norway attacks, police say
“The man used a bow and arrow … for some of the attacks,” police chief Oeyvind Aas told reporters. The police were investigating whether other weapons had also been used, he said. “The man has been apprehended … from the information we now have, this person carried out these actions alone,” Aas added.

Quarks and antiquarks at high momentum shake the foundations of visible matter
Two independent studies have illuminated unexpected substructures in the fundamental components of all matter. Preliminary results using a novel tagging method could explain the origin of the longstanding nuclear paradox known as the EMC effect. … identified nearly 40 years ago when researchers at CERN discovered something surprising: Protons and neutrons bound in an atomic nucleus can change their internal makeup of quarks and gluons. But why such modifications arise, and how to predict them, remains unknown.

Lapid: Israel can act against Iran at any moment, in any way
“Israel reserves the right to act at any given moment, in any way,” Lapid stated. “That is not only our right, it is also our responsibility. Iran has publicly stated it wants to wipe us out; we have no intention of letting that happen.”

Israel’s collective prayer for first seasonal rains immediately answered
On Monday evening, Jews began praying for rain and their prayers were immediately answered as the first significant rainfall of the winter season fell on the holy city of Jerusalem.

Secret meetings may lead to Israel accepting Iran as nuclear-threshold power
“Iran is blatantly violating the IAEA commitments,” Bennett said. “We’re not going to wait. I expect the global powers to hold them accountable.” “That would be the peaceful route. There are other routes,” Bennett warned. At the same time, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with Jake Sullivan, the President’s National Security Adviser, and expressed concerns about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. “The foreign minister shared with the national security advisor Israel’s concern about Iran’s race towards nuclear capability, and the fact that Iran is becoming a nuclear threshold state,” Lapid’s office said in a statement.

Pro-BDS Google, Amazon workers call to cancel billion-dollar Israel contract
In the letter, published by The Guardian on Tuesday, the authors state that they were “morally obliged” to speak out against the project, calling on Amazon and Google to cancel the contract and sever all ties with the Israeli military.

China forges ahead in full-time training of carrier-borne fighter pilots
China has preliminarily possessed the capability of full-time training of carrier-borne fighter pilots, said Wang Yong, the 23rd carrier-borne fighter pilot of the Chinese Navy and head of a training group under the PLA Naval Aviation University,at the 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China). According to him, China has completed the certifications of day-and-night deck-landing qualification for carrier-borne fighter pilots, realized multiple fighter sorties in batches, and successfully established a dual-track pilots development mode combining the training of trained pilots and high school recruits.

Putin, Merkel, Macron discuss Ukraine issue over phone
Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the Ukrainian issue during a phone conversation, the Kremlin said in a statement Monday. “The worrying stalemate in the effort to end the internal conflict in Ukraine was discussed in detail, with the three leaders noting the importance of implementing the 2015 Minsk agreements as the only possible basis for a settlement,” the statement said. “Interest was also expressed in further coordinating efforts in the Normandy format of Russia, Germany and France,” it added.

From 100% to 20%: Video shows radically shifting narrative of vaccine effectiveness
Fauci said ‘real world effectiveness is even more impressive’ than clinical trial. A video montage shows how health officials, pharmaceutical companies and media declared the coronavirus shots to be 100% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 at the launch of the vaccines then gradually lowered their estimations to as low as 20% after only six months. White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci is seen in a media interview touting the vaccines as “virtually 100% efficacious” and stating in congressional testimony that the “real world effectiveness is even more impressive than the results of the clinical trial.”

Beirut blast: 6 killed, 60 injured as Hezbollah protests investigation
At least six people were killed and 60 wounded as shots were fired during a protest by Hezbollah supporters against Tarek Bitar, the judge investigating the Beirut Port blast, in front of the Palais de Justice in Beirut on Thursday, as tensions surrounding the case continue to rise.

Iran threatens ‘harsh response’ after alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria
Iranian militias warned of a “harsh response” after a number of Syrian and Iranian-backed forces were killed and wounded in an alleged Israeli airstrike near Palmyra in central Syria on Wednesday night, the second such airstrike in the past week. The Syrian state news agency SANA reported that an Israeli airstrike targeted a communications tower and a number of nearby sites…

Australia endorses IHRA definition of antisemitism
Australia will formally endorse the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday at the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism.

Yellen: IRS Surveillance of $600 Bank Transactions ‘Absolutely Not’ Spying 
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has argued that the IRS having access to Americans’ bank accounts is “absolutely not” a way for the government to spy on U.S. citizens.

Hurricane “Pamela” – Life-threatening storm surge, dangerous winds, and threat of significant flash flooding and mudslides, Mexico
Pamela regained hurricane strength as its center came closer to the coast of Mexico on October 13, 2021. The system is forecast to make landfall on the west-central coast of Mexico this morning (LT) and life-threatening storm surge and dangerous hurricane-force winds are expected within the Hurricane Warning area. Residents in this area should follow any advice given by local officials, NHC said.

Backlog of Ships at Port of LA Reaches Boiling Point
As an estimated 500,000 containers are sitting on cargo ships off the Southern California coast, many are wondering how to handle the backlog.

Brits May Be Forced to Take COVID Tests on Camera to Prove to “Health Advisers” They’re Not Lying
Brits returning from holiday may be forced to take COVID tests on a live video call with “health advisers” to prove they’re not lying about the result. Yes, really. Double vaccinated travellers who return to Britain will be able to forego a PCR test in favor of a cheaper lateral flow swab. However, the government is “concerned that those taking the tests could lie about the results.”

Hospital is lying about bed shortage: Whistleblower nurse fired for refusing COVID shot
In a video interview published yesterday, former Valley Health System nurse Brad McDowell spoke to LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale about the contrast between what he has witnessed and the story being told by the media regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indiana Walgreens ‘accidentally’ gives Covid Vaccine to young children… Both now suffering heart issues…
An Evansville family and their attorney says they were accidentally given full adult doses of the Pfizer vaccine instead of flu shots. It happened October 4, at the Walgreens on St. Joseph Avenue. The two children are just four and five years old.

Vaccine ‘sickout’ spreads to AMTRAK…
Amtrak announced it will require nearly all of its 18,000 employees be fully Vaccinated by Nov. 22. Multiple sources are reporting that train crews have now joined the protest started by Air Traffic Controllers and Southwest pilots and employees.  Rumors that American Airlines pilots are next.

Hospitals are literally SUFFOCATING patients with plastic bags; AIR CARGO will be halted this winter due to collapsing airplane parts supply chain
In yet another shocking development demonstrating the medical murder that now characterizes hospitals and doctors around the world, a hospital in Odessa, Texas, has been caught placing large plastic bags over the heads of patients due to “covid.” This truly insane, criminal practice has reportedly been carried out on hundreds of patients, causing suffocation, anxiety, trauma and heightened carbon dioxide levels in respiratory air.

Catholic Troops Can Refuse COVID Vaccine, Archbishop Declares
“No one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience,” Broglio wrote.

Israel Blasts Biden Plan To Open US Consulate For Palestinians In Jerusalem: “No Way We’d Agree”
The Biden administration is planning to open a consulate dedicated to Palestinian affairs in Jerusalem in a significant break from Trump’s policy of only recognizing a diplomatic presence to Israel, resulting in severe pushback this week from top Israeli officials. Former Trump admin officials have called the proposal “illegal” under international law, given they argue that Palestine is in no way a state that has any formal recognition.

In Minnesota, Breakthrough Cases From The Fully Vaccinated Account For 99% Of All New COVID Cases Including Rising Death Rate Despite Vaccine
Oh, how the main stream media loved to run headline stories on the Delta COVID surge here in the free state of Florida, dragging the name of our fantastic governor Ron DeSantis through the mud every chance they got. Funny thing, though, the same media has no interest in reporting on COVID cases in Democrat states like Minnesota where infections, hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing despite having a senior population that is 93% vaccinated. Isn’t that the opposite of what they have been telling us?

Healthy 16-Year-Old Boy Dies During Online Class After Receiving Second COVID Shot from Pfizer
California – A 16-year-old boy died while taking his math class on Zoom last April reportedly 27 days after taking his second shot of Pfizer vaccine according to VAERS data released on October 1, 2021.

EMS services warn of ‘crippling labor shortage’ undermining 911 system
“We’re not bleeding any longer — we’re hemorrhaging,” one ambulance service operator said of a decade long worker shortage exacerbated by the pandemic.

NYC drug store shelves empty amid shoplifting surge
Thanks to a citywide shoplifting tsunami, bare necessities are now rare luxuries on drug-store shelves across New York City.

India Faces Rolling Blackouts As Coal Shortage Forces Power Plants To Adopt Emergency Measures
Due to a combination of factors – including environmentalists’ push for “green” energy like wind and solar, plus the COVID-inspired collapse in global supply chains leaving countries around the world desperate for badly needed energy supplies (from LNG to coal to unrefined crude oil) – energy crises have been unfolding in China, the UK, Continental Europe and now India, the world’s largest democracy.

Brandon Smith: If You Don’t Respect My Freedoms, I Don’t Respect Your Pronouns
The issue here is not about actual trans people, but about respect for freedom of speech and thought…

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/10/14/14-oct-2021/

UNRAVELING: 10,000 JOHN DEERE workers on strike after rejecting contractPosted: 14 Oct 2021 11:03 AM PDTThousands of John Deere workers walked off the job early Thursday after members of the United Auto Workers union rejected the tractor maker’s contract offer, launching the latest strike by an emboldened labor movement.The company’s offer included raises of 5 to 6 percent, but union officials said the proposed contract didn’t meet workers’ retirement and wage goals. With companies nationwide struggling to fill jobs and grappling with supply chain tie-ups, union officials say they are seizing the moment to regain benefits they lost in the late 1990s, when an era of assembly-line layoffs and outsourcing diminished unions’ leverage.Continue reading UNRAVELING: 10,000 JOHN DEERE workers on strike after rejecting contract at End Time Headlines.
Facebook is building Artificial Intelligence that sees, hears, and ‘understands’ everything we doPosted: 14 Oct 2021 10:46 AM PDTFacebook wants to build artificial intelligence that learns to understand the world like humans—by watching our every move. The tech giant has announced plans to teach AI to ‘understand and interact with the world like we do’ in first person.It hopes to do this by using video and audio from augmented reality (AR) glasses like its new high-tech Ray-Bans. “AI typically learns from photos and videos captured in third-person, but next-generation AI will need to learn from videos that show the world from the center of action,” the company said.Continue reading Facebook is building Artificial Intelligence that sees, hears, and ‘understands’ everything we do at End Time Headlines.
The global economy is now caught in the “perfect storm”Posted: 14 Oct 2021 10:37 AM PDTFrom beef bowls in Tokyo to fried chicken in London, consumers are starting to feel the pinch from the surge in costs coursing through the global economy.The rebound as coronavirus restrictions are eased has exposed supply chain shortages, with firms scrambling for workers, ships and even fuel to power factories, threatening the fledgling economic recovery. Britain’s biggest chicken producer said that the country’s 20-year cheap food binge is ending and food price inflation could hit double digits.Continue reading The global economy is now caught in the “perfect storm” at End Time Headlines.
Financial expert warns of a coming ‘Severe Food Crisis’Posted: 14 Oct 2021 06:29 AM PDT(OPINION) Dan Celia, CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, told the Todd Starnes Show listening audience “the next big crisis” is coming. Celia believes that the critical lack of truckers and the shutdown of fossil fuel will lead to a significant food shortage.“I will say that this could be the next big crisis that the administration wants,” Celia told host Todd Starnes Tuesday. “Between the border crisis and the supply chain crisis, we could see severe inflation and head into a much longer, very long-lasting severe recession.”The host of Financial Issues revealed that the lack of truckers had caused a supply chain crisis.Continue reading Financial expert warns of a coming ‘Severe Food Crisis’ at End Time Headlines.
Several asteroids larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza will fly by Earth in coming weeksPosted: 14 Oct 2021 06:18 AM PDTSeveral asteroids bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza will closely pass by Earth in the upcoming weeks, including one this week. According to data from NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, the asteroid 2021 SM3, which was discovered just last month, will pass by our planet on Friday.The diameter of the asteroid is up to 525 feet, just bigger than the 482-foot long Great Pyramid of Giza. An object of that size would be enough to “cause local damage to the impact area” if it were to hit Earth.Continue reading Several asteroids larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza will fly by Earth in coming weeks at End Time Headlines.
Feds warn Americans to expect heating bills to rise as much as 54% this winterPosted: 14 Oct 2021 06:08 AM PDTIf you thought inflation was a problem this summer and fall, just wait until you try heating your home this winter. At least, that appears to be the warning from the U.S. Energy Information Administration in its new Winter Fuels Outlook report released Wednesday.Americans can expect their home heating bills to jump significantly over the winter months compared to last year, the EIA reported — with some citizens possibly paying 54% more.Continue reading Feds warn Americans to expect heating bills to rise as much as 54% this winter at End Time Headlines.
(NEW PODCAST) 6 Practical Principles in “Soul Winning”Posted: 13 Oct 2021 07:24 PM PDT(OPINION) In today’s segment, We discuss six powerful and practical principles we all need to be equipped with to not only win souls to the Lord but keep them on fire in the Body of Christ. To hear the entire message, click the link below:To watch the message click HERE
To listen to the message click HEREContinue reading (NEW PODCAST) 6 Practical Principles in “Soul Winning” at End Time Headlines.
UN Report suggests criminalizing criticism of LGBT ideologyPosted: 13 Oct 2021 01:47 PM PDT(OPINION) A key aspect of totalitarianism is that dissenters from the state orthodoxy are punished. As one summation puts it: “Everything not forbidden is compulsory.” We are seeing that with the LGBT movement.Same-sex weddings aren’t just for same-sex couples — they want to force Christian florists and bakers to help them celebrate. It isn’t enough for them to change their pronouns, or even to have the government play along and recognize them either — they want you, and everybody else, to affirm them, as well.Continue reading UN Report suggests criminalizing criticism of LGBT ideology at End Time Headlines.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Oct. 14, 2021

 “From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson (1785)

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Biden to the Rescue on the Supply Chain?

There are factors far beyond any president’s control, but Biden’s actions likely won’t help.

Nate Jackson

The supply chain is a mess. That much we’ve already said clearly — not that Americans weren’t already painfully aware of the issue, which is front and center for good reason. But there are some new developments that merit attention.

First of all is a concerted strategy of collusion between Democrats and the Leftmedia. All the mainstream media outlets are playing up these dramatic shortages that Americans are experiencing so Joe Biden can come to the rescue in an attempt to improve his abysmal approval rating by appearing to do something. More on that in a minute, but suffice it to say, ignore the MSM churn.

That isn’t to say the shortages and bottlenecks aren’t real. They most certainly are, and major inflation is the result of it all.

One huge factor in the bottleneck is Democrat unions. Union workers are not unloading all those containers on ships anchored off of both coasts. They’ve been working two shifts instead of three until just a couple of weeks ago. Union truckers are not showing up to ship goods around the nation. Why? Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa and others are holding the supply chain hostage for higher wages for union workers.

Unions aren’t the only ones to blame, however. California Democrats imposed regulations on the trucking industry that are as insane as their new off-road gas engine mandates. The state now doesn’t allow trucks older than 2011, and the replacements that will soon be mandated are more expensive and less available zero-emission trucks. Moreover, non-union truck owner-operators largely served the ports in question until California banned them from doing so. Democrats want to take these California regulations and put them in federal law as part of their $5 trillion spending package.

Meanwhile, fewer people are choosing truck-driving as a career in the first place, which makes it difficult to replace the roughly 91,000 truckers no longer in the industry since the pandemic began. “Currently, 20% to 25% of all truck drivers are still missing,” said Mike Kucharski, head of JKC Trucking. That means bottlenecks getting products on store shelves.

Another major factor is that U.S. retailers and Chinese manufacturers ramped up production over the last three months without anticipating the implications of shipping and supply chain capacities in California. Certainly a lot of those products are finding their way to store shelves. Our publisher Mark Alexander says, “I was in Walmart and I didn’t see any shortages of anything.” But a lot of them are sitting in containers off the coast.

All of this brings us back to Joe Biden, because, of course, this mess is partly his fault, even if he does promise to “fix it.”

“Shutting down pipeline projects and barring fracking does not help reduce energy costs,” writes Jim Geraghty. “The vaccine mandate undoubtedly is creating staffing issues at some companies, even if they are minor ones.” Moreover, he says, “Pete Buttigieg didn’t cause the worsening backlog of cargo at our ports, but … isn’t that the sort of thing a Secretary of Transportation is supposed to keep an eye on?”

Biden first stepped in to fix things some four months ago by creating a “task force to address short-term supply chain discontinuities.”

How did that work out?

So stunningly well that, once again, it’s Biden to the rescue just in time to save you from having to explain to a child why you couldn’t get them a Christmas present. The White House is out with another “fact sheet” on its “efforts to address bottlenecks at ports” in California.

“President Biden knew that there would be massive economic challenges emerging from the pandemic,” the White House tells us. No kidding, Sherlock. “The Biden Administration acted quickly to get the economy moving again.”

How did that work out?

We’ll see what the new actions actually do, but we had to chuckle when Biden’s “fact sheet” claimed credit for UPS and FedEx pledging to increase 24/7 operations and volume of goods shipped. That’s all well and good, but Biden didn’t build that. And someone should send a memo to the U.S. Postal Service, which just announced that it will deliberately slow down deliveries of what we all already call “snail mail.”

We’re curious why that didn’t make Joe Biden’s brag list.

Kidding aside, problems with the supply chain are likely to persist well into 2022. Here’s hoping voters remember it come next November.

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OSHA Delivers Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

“Large” private companies will soon be forced to require employees to get a COVID vaccine or weekly tests to maintain employment.

Thomas Gallatin

This week, a month after Joe Biden announced his COVID vaccine mandate on all business with 100 or more employees, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) submitted its proposed rule to the Office of Management and Budget for review.

The Labor Department stated, “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been working expeditiously to develop an emergency temporary standard that covers employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing to protect employees from the spread of coronavirus in the workplace.”

A “feature” of the new OSHA rule will require employers to give paid time off for their employees to get the COVID vaccine and for recovery if needed. Those companies caught not complying would face “substantial fines” upwards of $14,000 per violation.

It will be interesting to see how the new OSHA regulation will handle another issue — thus far only one of the vaccines, the Pfizer/BioNTech version, has received full FDA approval. Will employees who have already received the Moderna or Johnson&Johnson vaccines still be considered in compliance under OSHA’s rule despite the fact that neither has received full FDA approval?

Meanwhile, 24 states’ Republican attorneys general have been waiting for OSHA to produce the finalized rule so they can follow through on their threat to sue the Biden administration over this “disastrous and counterproductive” mandate. Biden lectured when announcing his mandate, “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.” Yeah, well, the feeling is mutual.

The final observation is the fact that many individuals have decided not to get a COVID vaccine because they have already contracted and recovered from the coronavirus and therefore have natural immunity. Nevertheless, because the Biden administration, companies, and other entities are still ignoring the science of natural immunity, these employees will be ostracized and forced out of their jobs. Indeed, a record 4.3 million workers recently quit their jobs, often because of such mandates. As we noted earlier this week, that has affected everything from police departments to airline flights.

In Boston, 812 city employees — equivalent to 4% of the city’s workforce — were just suspended without pay for failure to meet the city’s vaccine mandate. Now, thanks to Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate, what’s happening in Boston will be repeated across the entire country. Let’s go, Brandon.

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Biden to ICE: Don’t Do Your Job

The administration’s unending border malfeasance knows no bounds.

Douglas Andrews

The border hits just keep a-coming from the Biden administration.

For a stretch there, it at least paid lip service to the illegal immigration crisis. Now, not so much. This week, for example, we learned that the Department of Homeland Security will no longer direct its Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel to raid workplaces that employ illegal aliens. The ostensible reason for this, according to our criminally negligent DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, is that ICE arrests at workplaces “could discourage illegal immigrants from reporting other unlawful employment practices in violation of a Biden administration directive.”

Here’s the actual memo, in case you’re as incredulous as we are. With this directive, the Biden administration has essentially undone Donald Trump’s effective policies and restored Barack Obama’s open borders.

The Biden administration is more interested in cracking down on American companies than illegal immigrants. But this shouldn’t surprise us. After all, Mayorkas is the guy who said back in March, “We are not saying don’t come, we’re saying don’t come now because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible.”

Compare this to the Trump administration’s rather less equivocal message: Don’t come.

Remind us again what the role of the Department of Homeland Security is: to secure the homeland, or to invite a sustained invasion all along our southern border, drain our already-strapped government resources, and depress the wages of lower-skilled, largely black and brown Americans by way of a never-ending influx of cheap labor?

The answer is obvious. And handcuffing ICE only exacerbates these problems. “After the issuance of today’s memorandum effectively ending worksite enforcement — on top of other radical policy changes that are getting hard to count — one thing is clear,” said RJ Hauman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “Secretary Mayorkas is the biggest disaster for border security and immigration enforcement in American history. Since the Biden administration cannot abolish ICE outright, Mayorkas is destroying it from within.”

And what a helpful message to send to those illegals: Don’t worry, we’re not going to enforce our immigration laws. Feel free to violate our border, take advantage of our social services, and depress our wages. And be sure to tell a few friends.

Were this news not bad enough, we also learned yesterday that, according to leaked documents received by Fox News’s Bill Melugin, “At least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S., often with little to no supervision, by the Biden administration since March — including a broad use of limited parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible for work permits since August, Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show.” Roughly 1.4 million people have been encountered illegally crossing since Biden took office. How many more evaded capture in the first place?

Where have all these people gone? Who knows? And what’s it to ya, you racist xenophobe?

Not to worry, though. Most of these illegals — 94,570 to be exact — were released with a Notice to Return, which means that they’re required to check in with an ICE office when they get to their permanent destination. At that point, they’re allowed to stay in the country while their immigration proceedings move forward. On the other hand, as the Biden administration has made clear, they’re allowed to stay in the country anyway, so what’s the point of checking in?

We wonder whether the president might pay more attention to the nation’s illegal immigration crisis if a few busloads of dirt-poor unvaccinated brown folks showed up in his hometown of Wilmington. Or perhaps at his gated, guarded home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We’ll never know, of course. But if his blatant refusal to enforce our nation’s immigration laws isn’t an impeachable offense, we don’t know what is.

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Fast-Rising Crime, Far Fewer Cops

It’s a problem all across America thanks to anti-cop bigotry.

Emmy Griffin

Chicago has been featured as a case study in failed leftist policies that are running the city into the ground. Democrat politicians there are the poster children for leftist inner-city reform — à la “social justice,” poor public school education, and welfare addiction — which is hurting law enforcement because it continues the cycle of poverty, ultimately leading to gangs, drugs, and violence. “People don’t want to be the police,” said Alderman Anthony Beale. “The police don’t want to be the police.” Ergo, Chicago cops are retiring early and new recruitment numbers have dropped to one-sixth of past figures.

Chicago isn’t the only city facing these shortages, however. Portland lost an entire unit due to restraints on their ability to capably police. The police shortage problem is so bad in Portland that Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, formerly a defund-police advocate, is now asking for more money to hire retired cops to help fill the gap. The Portland police overall feel that they have zero support either from the community or from the politicians in power due to the policies that keep tying their hands. Police have been reduced to guard dogs without teeth and criminals are no longer afraid to commit crimes. Throwing money at it by hiring retired cops won’t do any good if you won’t let the police do their job.

This feeling of being spit upon is echoed in places like New York City, where, as one retired police officer put it, “One day, the good guys became the bad guys and the bad guys became the good guys.” And that’s in a city where we just remembered the heroism of police and firefighters on 9/11.

At the beginning of October, the Austin Police Department asked the citizenry not to call 911 if the emergency was non-life-threatening, not in progress, or if the suspects were no longer at the scene of the crime or in sight. This is due to a cop shortage of that city’s own making because it decided to defund the police. In fact, Democrat mega-donors like George Soros are so intent on keeping Austin PD defunded that he reportedly gave half a million dollars to Equity PAC, whose purpose is to oppose the hiring of new officers.

Then you add another level of leftist power drunkenness: COVID-19 vaccine mandates. This has resulted in mass firings across several cities. Seattle could be losing up to 200 vaccine-hesitant cops. That’s roughly 20% of the police department. Seattle already lost 300 officers due to defund-the-police efforts and now it’s pushing out more officers with a vaccine mandate that goes into place on October 18.

The common thread in all of these cities is that they are mismanaged by leftist politicians and, not coincidentally, crime is rising at an alarming rate. But what about the midsized cities that are more bipartisan in their governing? Police Chief Howard Burton of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, says that perhaps the lack of recruitment is a generational issue. “Many people just don’t want to help anymore,” he said. Even in midsize cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, where there isn’t strong anti-law-enforcement sentiment, police departments are still struggling to recruit qualified candidates.

Between the poorly governed cities, social justice unrest, the defund-police movement, vaccine mandates, rising crime, and possibly a generational lack of caring, our country as a whole is facing a severe police shortage and the vicious cycle will continue if the culture war on police is not stopped.

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Couric Whitewashes Ginsburg

The longtime lefty anchor didn’t think the Supreme Court justice “fully understood” her question about flag-kneelers.

Douglas Andrews

Pretty soon, leftists will be desecrating her tombstone. After all, that’s what they do.

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for 27 years an associate justice of the Supreme Court and, in her later years, an iconic figure among young leftists, might be in need of a Soviet-style historical whitewashing. Cognitive dissonance has begun to set in on the Left, which long loved its Notorious RBG but which in recent months has been staggered by damning revelations of Ginsburg’s decency, common sense, and patriotism.

First, and worst, she was a dear and unapologetic friend of the High Court’s leading originalist, the late Antonin Scalia. Second, she was a critic of the Court’s awful 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, believing not only that it was a faulty ruling but also that it scuttled the possibility of a more gradual, more legislative, less contentious outcome. Third, she all but came back from the grave to pour cold water on the Left’s desire to pack the Supreme Court: “I have heard that there are some people on the Democratic side who would like to increase the number of judges,” she said in 2019. “I think that was a bad idea when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried to pack the court.”

And this week, we were reminded of what she said back in October 2016 during an interview with then-Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric, who asked Ginsburg what she thought about washed-up San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other woke multimillionaire athletes refusing to stand for our nation’s national anthem:

I think it’s really dumb of them. Would I arrest them for doing it? No. Dumb and disrespectful. I would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. I think it’s a terrible thing to do, but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it. I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act.

If they want to be stupid, there’s no law that should be preventive. If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that.

Worse yet, we were made aware this week of what Couric didn’t let us hear. Ginsburg’s comments above are hard-hitting enough, already a stinging rebuke to Kaepernick and his ilk, and they must surely sadden RBG’s leftist acolytes. But she also said Kaepernick and his fellow America-hating anthem kneelers displayed a “contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life.”

True that.

The former “Today Show” host, who’s a member of the Aspen Institute’s commission on — get this — media disinformation, wrote that she wanted to protect Ginsburg from public backlash and that she didn’t think the octogenarian justice “fully understood her question.”

Should we be surprised? No. Remember that Couric also disgraced herself when she deceptively edited a 2016 documentary on gun violence purely to discredit and embarrass gun rights advocates.

So, Couric selectively edited Ginsburg to make her remarks less damning of the Left. But she’s not the only one to have victimized the late justice. More recently, the hard-left, ostensibly free-speech ACLU altered a quote about women from Ginsburg because it contained scientifically accurate (and therefore deeply offensive) language from the obviously insufficiently awokened RBG.

This is what Ginsburg, herself a former ACLU lawyer, said to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1993 during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings: “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well-being and dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choice.”

And this is the way the ACLU quoted her in their September 18 tweet: “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a [person’s] life, to either [their] well-being and dignity. … When the government controls that decision for [people], [they are] being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for [their] own choices.”

Which just goes to show: Leftists and their media lickspittles have no qualms when it comes to whitewashing and rewriting history — even when it’s their own.

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California Kills the Lawn and Garden Industry

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law banning the sale of off-road gas-powered engines.

Thomas Gallatin

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed yet another ecofascist bill into law in a state that leads the nation in ecofascism. The law will ban the sale of all new off-road gasoline-powered engines, which includes everything from weed eaters to chainsaws to golf carts beginning in January 2024. California already outlawed gas-powered automobiles by 2035, so why not?

When the law goes into effect, all newly sold off-road engines will need to be zero-carbon emissions, which essentially means battery-powered or plug-in electric. Because batteries are made of fairy dust and electricity comes from unicorns.

The bill’s author, Democrat Marc Berman, downplayed just how economically damaging the new law is. “This is a pretty modest approach to trying to limit the massive amounts of pollution that this equipment emits, not to mention the health impact on the workers who are using it constantly,” he pontificated. “It’s amazing how people react when they learn how much this equipment pollutes, and how much smog forming and climate changing emissions that small off-road engine equipment creates.”

While Berman’s genuine concerned for workers’ health may be admirable (ahem), his seeming lack of concern for their continued employment is not. The new law is estimated to have a direct and significant negative impact on more than 50,000 small businesses in the Golden State, many of which are Hispanic-owned. While California plans to throw some $30 million in taxpayer dollars at lawn care industry professionals to help offset the immense hit to their bottom lines, the National Association of Landscape Professionals estimates that the cost of purchasing less efficient electric equipment will be more than double the price of more efficient gas-powered equipment.

Even an analysis of the bill by the California Assembly notes how difficult compliance will be. “For commercial uses,” it says, “there is very little market for zero-emission equipment as today’s technology is relatively expensive and requires multiple batteries and/or frequent recharging and replacement.” By the way, such equipment “may be inadequate even if money is no object, particularly when used in rural areas without convenient access to recharging.” Never mind the real world. California’s Democrats will mandate a market.

One of the markets they’ll create, by the way, is for out-of-state sales of gas-powered engines. Another alternative for many professionals will be using older equipment longer.

Newsom and his ecofascist ilk may be hell-bent on ridding California of fossil fuel-based carbon emissions, but his green agenda will do little to preserve the environment. In fact, Newsom may have ensured that California’s problem with seasonal wildfires will only grow worse, as the law makes it much more difficult to address the clearing of the state’s forests without the use of efficient gas-powered equipment like chainsaws. One thing’s for sure: The air in California won’t be free of carbon emissions with half the state’s forests on fire every summer.

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Insight: “The more laws, the less justice.” —Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)

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Dumb and dumber: “I especially want to thank Joe [sic] Porcari. And I think Joe’s [sic] done one heck of a job — my special envoy, specifically on ports, who’s been working this issue with all the stakeholders for the past several weeks.” —President Joe Biden (“Joe’s” name is “John.” And John’s doing as “good” a job with the supply chain as Biden is at being president.)

Braying jenny: “[Mitch] McConnell at one point was saying [Democrats were] playing Russian roulette with the economy. Russian roulette from ‘Moscow Mitch.’ Interesting.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“One side is free to spread conspiracy theories.” —David Harsanyi)

And the Democrat Party platform is? “Just a reminder: the word ‘filibuster’ is not in the U.S. Constitution.” —Senator Amy Klobuchar

Thanks, Caption Obvious: “I think a lot of times people don’t have a really positive image of the government.” —First Lady Jill Biden

Non compos mentis: “A higher rate of inflation, and correspondingly higher wage growth, could be a net positive for the economy.” —Bloomberg Opinion columnist Karl W. Smith

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