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“It will not be too strong to say, that there will be a constant probability of seeing the station [of President] filled by characters pre-eminent for ability and virtue.” —Alexander Hamilton (1788)

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Will the FBI Investigate Joe Biden?

As the FBI investigates Hunter Biden’s taxes, some shared bank accounts may force the bureau to look at his dad’s involvement.

Douglas Andrews

In a world where Jussie Smollett and Hunter Biden live free, and Andrew McCabe has his FBI pension restored, it’s tough to get worked up about the prospect of seeing justice served to any Democrat. Indeed, in our two-tiered justice system, you needn’t worry about going to jail — much less spending months there in solitary confinement — unless you worked for Donald Trump or spent the afternoon of January 6 strolling through the U.S. Capitol building.

We can dream, though, can’t we?

This week, on the anniversary of the collusion between Big Tech and Big Media to bury the New York Post’s bombshell story about the Biden Crime Family’s influence-peddling operation, we learned that the “Big Guy” himself may be involved in the FBI’s investigation of his deeply twisted and shamelessly corrupt stunningly artistic son, Hunter.

Here’s what’s being reported in the UK’s Daily Mail, which continues to do the journalistic digging that America’s own hard-left newspapers don’t dare to do:

President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter’s finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other’s bills.

Emails recovered by DailyMail.com from Hunter’s abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe’s taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other’s household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe’s senate papers to the University of Delaware.

It is unclear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the vice president’s affairs rather than government officials in the Office of the Vice President.

As for Joe Biden, he’s steadfastly maintained — in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary — that he’s simply Sergeant Schultz in all this: that he knows nothing, nothing about his wastrel son’s influence peddling in Ukraine, China, Libya, and elsewhere. Honest.

Here’s what he said back on September 19, 2020, at a campaign event in Iowa — the state that got to know him best and that accordingly voted him fourth in its caucuses: “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. Here’s what I know: Trump should be investigated. Ask the right questions!”

Ask the right questions, eh? Hunter’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski, gave the corrupt mainstream media all sorts of great questions back in October, just before the election, but the Trump-addled Leftmedia weren’t interested.

A former federal prosecutor and expert on money laundering and criminal tax law told the Daily Mail that if money was flowing between Hunter and his dad, the senior Biden could be a target of the probe. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley concludes that these revelations about shared bank accounts raise “serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence-peddling operation.”

But we should probably keep all this to ourselves. We wouldn’t want to get our hopes up, and we wouldn’t want the American people to think that a future U.S. president lied to them about his sleazy son’s business dealings. Or worse, that a sitting U.S. vice president was working a side hustle with that same son, trading on the family name instead of tending to the affairs of state.

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Anniversary of the Mass Media Blockbuster Biden/ChiCom Connection Blackout

It was an unprecedented political cover-up and the most disgraceful episode of yellow journalism in American history.

Mark Alexander

One year ago, ahead of the 2020 election, the New York Post broke what should have been a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative report exposing in detail Joe Biden’s corrupt Red Chinese connections, among other corrupt activities. Of course, Pulitzers are now reserved primarily for leftist clickbait.

The Democrat Party’s Leftmedia propagandists and their big tech First Amendment suppressors killed the Post story. They disputed the facts and suppressed or outright banned any mention of it on mainstream and social media platforms.

The collusion between Biden’s campaign and the media platforms to cancel the Post’s blockbuster reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails, which connected his father with pay-to-play influencing schemes involving the ChiComs and other foreign adversaries, was unprecedented in American history. It was the most disgraceful episode of “yellow journalism” ever.

Of course, we learned soon after the election that the Post’s report was factual.

As the Post’s chief political analyst Michael Goodwin rightly protests on the anniversary of the blackout: “Rather than do their own work on The Post reports, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and others tried either to ignore the stories or knock them down. Without a shred of evidence, they swallowed whole the Biden campaign claim of ‘Russian disinformation’ and were aided and abetted when Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blacked out The Post’s reports. This was not an honest case of differing judgments about the laptop’s contents. This was a shared decision to protect Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential ­campaign. It was not journalism. It was propaganda.”

The deep state coup to take down the presidency of Donald Trump, most notably the orchestration of the Russian collusion charade by a handful of key principals in the FBI and CIA, besieged Trump’s presidency for three years, culminating in a failed attempt to impeach Trump, ironically, for what Joe Biden actually did.

The combination of the faux scandals, the suppression of the Post’s investigative reports, and the Demos’ bulk-mail ballot fraud finally succeeded in the defeat of Trump. Democrats elected a narcissistic non compos mentis jackass who has been a swamp rat for the last 50 years. Biden is, in effect, a demented dead man walking who doesn’t give a damn about the people he ostensibly serves — a fact that is increasingly reflected in his abysmal approval ratings.

Biden is a puppet and mascot for the leftists who now control his socialist Democrat Party. He is, in fact, an enemy of American Liberty, as are Kamala Harris and their leftist party leaders.

All Americans should understand the conspiracy to successfully blacklist the New York Post story, which I covered here last December, as did Michael Goodman in detail here this week.

Suffice it to say, as political analyst David Harsanyi also noted post-election last December: “It’s now clear that the Hunter Biden story was real. … Yet, when The New York Post broke the details, virtually the entire journalistic establishment and left-wing punditsphere defamed the newspaper, claiming it was passing on Russian ‘disinformation’ or partisan fabrications. … Tech companies, spurred on by these censorious journalists, shut down the account of one of America’s most-read newspapers to inhibit users from reading the story. It was completely unprecedented.”

Maybe Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation will eventually expose some of the Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden deep-staters who colluded to defeat Donald Trump. Durham certainly has a lot of evidence to work with if he can connect the dots.

That would include revelations this week, in the FBI’s ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden, that he and Joe shared bank accounts. Despite Joe’s repeated lies that he knew nothing about Hunter’s corrupt foreign business schemes, legal scholar Jonathan Turley concludes that the most recent revelations about shared bank accounts raise “serious questions about whether the Biden family conducted an extensive influence-peddling operation.”

To that end, a year ahead of the 2020 election, Politico Magazine, presumably to bump Biden out of the running to ensure socialist candidate Bernie Sanders would be the Demo nominee, published a scathing report, “Biden Inc.,” over the subtitle, “Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career.” Politico thoroughly exposed the foundational context for the Post’s Biden investigative report last year, but it got no traction.

Meanwhile, congressional Demos are busy hoping to bury the Biden corruption story with their ongoing fake “insurrection inquisition” into the January 6 Capitol riot jackasses.

With gratitude to the New York Post for its perseverance through the blackout, stay tuned.

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GOP Needs Trump to Get Past 2020

His fixation on the “stolen election” will do more to hurt Republicans’ 2022 chances than it will help.

Thomas Gallatin

Donald Trump had an incredible legacy as president, but sometimes he can be his own worst enemy. More broadly, as the leader of the Republican Party, he’s ensuring that his self-inflicted wounds damage not only his own (presumed) electoral chances but those of other Republicans as well.

Clearly, Trump has yet to get over the fact that he is not the one currently sitting in the White House following the 2020 election. It’s true that millions of Americans wish he were currently the president, enacting policies to make America great. But as they say, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride … and we don’t see any beggars riding.

Trump has consistently referred to the election as having been “stolen” and “rigged” — claims he again raised at an Iowa rally. The trouble is, Trump has yet to demonstrably prove that any illegal shenanigans actually changed the outcome.

To be clear, we have repeatedly sounded the alarm regarding the real election fraud of 2020 — the Democrats’ massive bulk-mail balloting scheme. It’s not that we aren’t sympathetic to some of the claims of election fraud, or that we don’t see any evidence at all. There most certainly is evidence of unlawful activity. Again, it’s that we have yet to see demonstrable and legal evidence proving that this changed the outcome in enough states to make Trump president. Just because Trump loudly says so is not evidence that it was so.

At a recent Iowa rally, Trump was on his hobby horse yet again: “I’m telling you the single biggest issue, as bad as the border is … the single biggest issue, the issue that gets the most pull, the most respect, the biggest cheers is talking about the election fraud of the 2020 presidential election.” Yet recognizing that the charge sounds an awful lot like sore loser Hillary Clinton after her 2016 defeat, he asserted, “Here’s the difference. Hillary conceded. I never conceded. No reason to concede.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Trump has resolved to make “the presidential election fraud of 2020” a major campaign issue to defeat Republicans in the next election. “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 and ’24,” Trump said in a statement. “It’s the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

Losing the next two elections is the most important thing Republicans can do? It seems that Donald Trump and Never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg finally agree on something.

There’s no question that election fraud is an important concern, and in fact several Republican-run states, highlighted by both Georgia and Texas, have sought to address these concerns via the legislative process by passing election integrity laws. In other words, Republican have been and are engaged in shoring up election integrity in the state. In Washington, congressional Republicans have been effective in preventing the Democrats from passing their disastrous HR1/SB1 election fraud bill. Insofar as elections are concerned, Republicans have been hard at work where it counts.

But the problem is that Trump’s complaint is about his own 2020 election loss. His “my way or the highway” approach has already proven disastrous. Trump’s declaring that the election was “rigged” cost Republicans two seats and thus control of the Senate thanks to low Republican voter turnout in the Georgia Senate runoff. Telling supporters not to vote is not a formula for winning elections, nor is it an effective means for addressing voter fraud.

To make America great again, Trump will need the help of a party that is in the majority in Congress. That should translate into helping Republicans win back control of both houses of Congress come 2022. This must be his top priority, especially if he intends to run again in 2024. Telling supporters not to vote is not the way that will happen. In fact, it will only create resentment against him from Republican candidates who would appreciate his help and leadership. Taking your ball and going home is not how you win the long game. You can’t win if you don’t play.

It’s time for Trump to stop bemoaning the past and start preparing for the future. And what better time to do so? He should remind Americans how good they had it under his leadership right when Joe Biden’s presidency is imploding and America is mired in his malaise.

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Zuck Buys an Election

A new book on the 2020 election details how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent $419 million on behalf of Joe Biden.

Douglas Andrews

Was it simply the bulk-mail ballot fraud? Is that how Joe Biden “stole” the 2020 election from Donald Trump? Or was there something more to it?

Surely that twofold Democrat strategy — which was employed nationwide under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic, and which involved bulk-mailing votes and authenticating them with an appallingly shoddy “anything goes” approach in Democrat-controlled areas — had something to do with it. But does that tell the whole story? Does that adequately explain how Trump earned 12 million more votes than any Republican candidate in history and handily carried 18 of 19 “bellwether” counties across the nation, and yet still lost the election by seven million votes to an uninspiring 77-year-old career politician who couldn’t draw flies to a rally and spent most of the campaign season hiding away in his basement?

A new book by Mollie Hemingway, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections, paints a fuller picture of a deeply flawed and undemocratic election that was decided more by money than by traditional theft. In it, she describes how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent a stunning $419 million to get out the vote in critical Democrat areas of key battleground states, and how these efforts overcame what would otherwise have been a resounding reelection for Donald Trump. As political analyst John Daniel Davidson writes:

“Rigged” doesn’t argue or allege that the election was stolen, but that it was corrupted by corporate media, Big Tech censorship, the courts, and Democratic activists. Taken together, it all amounted to heavy-handed election interference of a kind we have never seen before.

What happened, exactly? Hemingway doesn’t point to any one thing, because what happened was the combined efforts of the most powerful institutions in America.

Those efforts … include Big Tech controlling what kind of political reporting voters could see online, Facebook infiltrating the supposedly non-partisan offices that administer our elections, and Democratic Party operatives launching a fusillade of lawsuits to make outrageous changes to election laws in key swing states. Just to mention a few.

As for that unreal and unprecedented avalanche of Zuck Bucks, researcher William Doyle notes that this money “had nothing to do with traditional campaign finance, lobbying, or other expenses that are related to increasingly expensive modern elections.” Instead, he says, “It had to do with financing the infiltration of election offices at the city and county level by left-wing activists, and using those offices as a platform to implement preferred administrative practices, voting methods, and data-sharing agreements, as well as to launch intensive outreach campaigns in areas heavy with Democratic voters.”

Of course, we’re also upon the one-year anniversary of that critical case of Big Tech and Big Media collusion that occurred just before last year’s election, when the New York Post’s bombshell reporting on the Biden family’s influence peddling in Ukraine and China and elsewhere was systematically suppressed by Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, and their mainstream media accomplices. Mark Alexander offers some fresh analysis here.

To sum it all up, money can indeed buy elections. And it did in 2020. And our nation is now paying the price of President Joe Biden.

In 2016, while pulling off the greatest election upset in American history, Donald J. Trump beat the Republican establishment, the Democrat establishment, the Clinton machine, the Obama machine, Big Tech, the media, Hollywood, the schools, the colleges and universities, the foundations, the increasingly woke large corporations, and the list goes on.

In 2020, Trump appeared poised to do the same thing — this time against an older, weaker, less compelling, more gaffe-prone candidate than the first woman ever to head a major party’s presidential ticket. And in the early evening hours of that first Tuesday in November, we thought Trump was doing just that.

Somehow, though, as the election results continued to trickle in, he lost. And now, finally, we have a better sense of why. Big Tech colluded with Democrats to buy this election for Joe Biden. It might not be satisfying for those of us who knew in our bones that our guy had won, but there’s no other way around it.

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The REAL Cover-Up in Loudoun County

Schools can handle infractions in-house and not have to notify law enforcement.

Emmy Griffin

On Tuesday, news broke about the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) possibly covering up the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl by a male student in the girls’ bathroom. Unfortunately, the scandal gets even darker.

In 2020, Virginia lawmakers voted to update the procedure that schools had to go through during instances of sexual battery, stalking, violent threats against a person or property, or violations of a protective order. This updated code would allow schools to handle said incidents in-house and not have to notify law enforcement. Sexual battery is classified as inappropriate touching that is forced or coerced. In Virginia, sexual battery is considered a misdemeanor. What happened to this girl was aggravated sexual battery (rape and sodomy), which is a felony. That’s bad enough, but this new law allows the stifling of misdemeanors. It comes into play here because, according to the father of the victim, Scott Smith, the school told him it would be handling the incident “in-house” after passing it off as just an assault.

After ascertaining that the assault was much worse, the incensed Smith caused such a stir that the principal had to get the police involved — but not for the sake of reporting the incident to law enforcement. They were called to deter the irate father of the victim. This is evidenced by the letter Stone Bridge Principal Tim Flynn sent home to parents that evening regarding the incident:

There was an incident in the main office area today that required the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to dispatch deputies to Stone Bridge. The incident was confined to the main office and the entrance area to the school. There was no threat to the safety of the student body. The incident was witnessed by a small number of students who were meeting with staff adjacent to the main office. Counseling services and the services of our Unified Mental Health Team are available for any student who may need to talk about today’s incident. Students might have noticed Sheriff’s Office personnel on campus and I wanted to let you know that something out of the ordinary happened at school today. The safety of our students and staff is the top priority of Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).

Smith said of the incident, “Thank God that I drew enough attention to it, without getting arrested, that we got an escort to the hospital and they administered a rape kit that night.” Does this sound like a school willing to comply with the law? Does this sound like a school that has any sympathy for the horror inflicted upon this young girl?

There was another incident on October 6 in which a male student — some have posited that it was the same one in the Smith case — forced a girl into an empty classroom, held her there against her will, and touched her inappropriately. That makes two cases of sexual battery in this school district that would have gone unnoticed had Smith not sounded the alarm. In fact, the family is now pursuing civil action against the district.

Both the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and the LCPS released separate statements on Wednesday in response to the flood of coverage. The LCSO wanted to make it clear that LCPS was following the legal procedures. LCPS wanted to assure the public that the school board had no knowledge of the assault until the news broke on Tuesday. This seems pretty far fetched. Ian Prior, director of Fight for Schools, explained why: “Much of the community became aware of Smith’s situation in the days that followed his arrest.” Surely that included school board members. The LCPS also asserts that it had no record that Smith was supposed to talk at the contentious meeting on June 22. In the LCPS statement, it gave no apologies or sympathy for the victims or their families involved in these crimes. In fact, it seemed to care more about the privacy of the male delinquent than the girls he allegedly hurt.

Networks such as CBS, NBC, CNN, and ABC did not give this story any primetime coverage. Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, wrote: “SHAME. How can one call itself a news organization when it blacks out coverage of a story like this, which has such broad impact on the safety of our children and education? And they wonder why ratings and trust of the media continue to tank.”

Prior also had this to say about the lack of mainstream media coverage: “This is about the safety of our children, and any media outlet not digging into what LCPS knew, and when they knew it, is engaging in journalistic malpractice.” Much like how Katie Couric whitewashed Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Leftmedia won’t report stories that don’t align with the woke agenda.

The nightmarish school rape also adds a soupçon of spice to the Virginia gubernatorial race. Democrat Terry McAuliffe already made inflammatory statements saying that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach. Smith’s family went through a firestorm. He was the face of what the school boards were calling “domestic terrorism,” and his child was a victim of a heinous crime committed because of lax policy that allows students to go into the bathrooms of their preferred gender. This completely disproves McAuliffe’s stance since it was school policy that was taken advantage of by this predator.

Ultimately, this story still seems like a cover-up. The ridiculously dangerous law that allows schools not to report certain crimes to the police. High schools calling the police but seemingly not for the reason they gave. LCPS’s statement about the board “not knowing.” The MSM ignoring this story because it doesn’t fit their narrative. It stinks to high heaven. This is exactly why parents should continue to protest, as they are the only advocates for their child’s best interests. Clearly, the schools are not.

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No Court Packing Says … Biden Commission

The SCOTUS Commission determined that expanding the Court would simply create more problems.

Thomas Gallatin

One of the Left’s biggest complaints over the last five years has been the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The hysterics began when the GOP-controlled Senate refused to consider Barack Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland to replace the late Antonin Scalia during the 2016 presidential election year. The issue only became more acute for Democrats with Donald Trump’s surprise victory and his subsequent nomination and Senate confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch. With Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace the outgoing left-leaning justice Anthony Kennedy, Democrats became so apoplectic that they instigated one of the worst personal smear campaigns against a SCOTUS nominee in U.S. history, reminiscent of their despicable treatment of Justice Clarence Thomas three decades prior. Ironically, their treatment of Kavanaugh was so bad that they effectively hamstrung themselves when it came to offering any significant resistance to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg just months before the 2020 election.

As the Court took on a decidedly right-leaning makeup with a 6-3 conservative majority (assuming John Roberts can be called “conservative”), Joe Biden made addressing the SCOTUS “imbalance” part of his campaign, even flirting with the idea of court packing as a “solution” to this “problem.”

After the election, Biden followed through on his promise to address the Court “problem” and created a Presidential Commission to investigate the possibility of expanding the court. Yesterday, the Commission released its preliminary recommendations, with the final draft expected to be released in mid-November. And it turns out, as many conservatives contended regarding court packing, the Commission determined such action would not “solve” the problem.

“There are also reasons to doubt that Court expansion necessarily would produce benefits in terms of diversity of efficiency,” the Commission’s report said. “There is no guarantee that a larger Court would be drawn from a more diverse group of individuals. And a larger court may be less efficient than the current complement of justices.”

Furthermore, the Commission warned, “The risks of Court expansion are considerable, including that it could undermine the very goal of some of its proponents of restoring the Court’s legitimacy. Recent polls suggest that a majority of the public does not support Court expansion. And as even some supporters of Court expansion acknowledged during the Commission’s public hearings, the reform — at least if it were done in the near term and all at once — would be perceived by many as a partisan maneuver.”

However, in an attempt to not appear to have come up empty for Biden’s SCOTUS crusade, the Commission suggested the possibility of rotating justices. But even that came with a huge caveat, as the report noted that attempting to do so would meet a signifiant “obstacle,” namely Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution, which explicitly states that “the judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such interior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

Finally, the most ridiculous aspect of this whole Commission charade was the contention by Democrats that it was Republicans who were guilty of politicizing the Court. The Commission’s report not only did not refute such a blatantly absurd claim, it essentially accepted the Democrats’ false framing of the Court being politicized by Republicans.

Which party was it that has been calling for packing the Court? Which party has for 30 years made a practice of personally destroying nominees of the other party? Which party nominates justices that rule according to political agendas instead of the Rule of Law? It’s clear that it’s not the GOP politicizing the judiciary.

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The Biden Global Tax Cartel

His administration’s efforts to push a minimum global tax rate is designed to protect the powerful.

Brian Mark Weber

Government just can’t keep its hands off other people’s money.

That’s true for individuals and corporations. With our soaring national debt, one might think those in power would be thinking of ways to increase competition and spark productivity. Instead, President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen don’t think American companies are paying their fair share, so they’re pushing a global tax that’ll force companies to pay more no matter where they do business.

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress cut corporate taxes from 35%, one of the highest rates in the world, to 21%, which meant America was more competitive than it had been for years. But that could change if this new agreement is implemented. Biden wants to raise the rate up to 28%.

The Left’s fear that countries would lower their taxes to remain competitive is one of the driving factors in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s plan for a global minimum tax on corporations.

The scope is huge. Some 136 countries have signed onto the plan, which would have major implications for large multinational companies all over the world representing perhaps 90% of the global economy. Don’t let Biden’s mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, fool you: Companies do pass on taxes to consumers.

The political agenda here is crystal clear.

“Democrats want to raise the federal corporate rate back above the global average again, to 26.5 percent,” National Review’s editors write. “Since states also levy corporate taxes, the average corporate-tax rate for the U.S. would be 30.9 percent, which would be third-highest in the OECD, trailing only Colombia and Portugal. The Biden administration has made great play of the importance it attaches to competition when it is agitating for an aggressive antitrust policy, but that enthusiasm mysteriously wanes when it comes to taxation.”

And there’s another issue: The Constitution expressly places the power of taxation in the hands of Congress, not the president or treasury secretary. Additionally, only the Senate can approve international treaties. Predictably, the Biden administration is looking for a way to bypass checks on presidential power. There’s only one way to accurately characterize what’s taking place, and that’s a cartel.

The 15% tax seems arbitrary, but let’s just assume economists believe it will benefit businesses. Why not cap individual taxes at 15% instead of raising the individual rate to 39.6%, which rises to more than 60% in some locations when combined with local and state taxes? If a 15% cap will drive the global economy, let’s apply that to all Americans.

But we all know when a new tax is proposed, it’s just the beginning.

That’s why countries such as Ireland insisted that the proposed 15% global tax be a cap, not a minimum. In other words, Ireland’s government knows the deal was a trap to increase the rate down the road and make countries less competitive. Other countries insisted on similar concessions.

This is nothing more than a global power grab designed to reduce the influence of freely elected governments and minimize the ability of their citizens to build wealth. Governments and businesses should be free to compete with one another instead of being strapped down by international regulations, but that could all change.

Raising taxes as part of an international cabal is designed to make it more appealing. The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal explains, “Democrats want to impose much higher U.S. taxes on American companies’ profits at home and abroad, and they think the pill will be easier to force down if lawmakers think other countries are following with tax increases of their own.”

Now this global tax scheme heads to the governments of the countries that pledged to put it into effect, and the U.S. Congress ought to do its constitutional duty and stop it. No one will benefit from this latest attempt to destroy Liberty and prosperity except the global cartel that’s pushing the new tax.

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‘Organized Retail Crime’ in Pelosiville

Walgreens is closing five more stores due to a wave of theft invited by city leaders.

Nate Jackson

San Francisco was robbed. And we’re not talking about last night’s Giants-Dodgers matchup. (The game — and the Giants’ 107-win season — ended on a terrible call of a check-swing strike.) We’re referring to the rampant wave of theft that has Walgreens closing five stores (after closing 10 over the last two years) and other retailers reeling.

We’ve had plenty to say about Nancy Pelosi’s hometown over the years. It’s a “sanctuary city” with rising crimehigh rentwidespread homelessness, streets full of human feces, and a major problem with drug overdose deaths.

Just another Democrat-run city, you might say. But San Francisco is notably bad, and people are leaving Pelosiville in droves because, as native Californian Victor Davis Hanson put it this week, Democrats took “a paradise and turned it into purgatory.”

So, back to the actual subject of this story: Retailers are also leaving the city because of its ordinance making theft of less than $950 merely a misdemeanor, and one that’s rarely prosecuted. In other words, if you walk into a Walgreens and walk out with $949 worth of merchandise without paying, you’ll likely get away with it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess that people are going to walk out of Walgreens with $949 worth of merchandise. It’s so brazen that videos of it have become a viral cottage industry.

Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso says the city’s policy has led to “organized retail crime, by which I mean professional thieves steal goods from retail [that] are ultimately then sold to consumers — primarily on digital marketplaces.” He says that despite Walgreens stores’ efforts, spending “46 times our chain average” for security, theft in its San Francisco stores is “five times our chain average.”

The result is closing 15 stores in recent months, and a lot of lost jobs (relocations notwithstanding).

Mayor London Breed, who grew up in public housing and has worked for the government her entire adult life, blamed Walgreens’ departure on free-market forces. The market, she insists, is “saturated” with drugstores and those Walgreens locations couldn’t be profitable.

Arrogant leftist politicians want to be seen as doing a favor for their constituents, but they are actually hurting those same people — not to mention the vast majority of citizens who remain law-abiding but who now have 15 fewer drugstores from which to purchase necessities.

Nancy Pelosi, call your home office.

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  • Threatening messages reportedly directed at Rhode Island teacher who opposes Critical Race Theory (Washington Examiner)
  • Walmart CRT training encourages employees to accept that “white is not right” (National Review)
  • Walgreens closes five more San Francisco stores over rampant theft (Washington Examiner)


  • SBC Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd announces resignation (National Review)
  • D’oh! Biden Supreme Court commission opposes adding justices (Fox News) | Though it blames Republicans for polarization over the judiciary (Breitbart)
  • Heritage Foundation names Texas Public Policy Foundation CEO Dr. Kevin Roberts next president (Heritage.org)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: The IRS doesn’t need more power (National Review)
  • Humor: NFL removes all coaches, players, and fans who have ever said a bad word; only Tim Tebow remains (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “The war against illegal plunder has been fought since the beginning of the world. But how is … legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. Then abolish this law without delay. … If such a law is not abolished immediately it will spread, multiply and develop into a system.” —Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

Grand delusions: “I know parents out there are anxiously waiting for a vaccine for children ages five to eleven. The good news is the FDA and outside experts from the CDC are set to make this determination as to whether the vaccine will be authorized for that age range in the next few weeks. … Families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected.” —President Joe Biden

Then let go of the mandate: “Let’s be clear — vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us.” —Joe Biden

Clown world: “If you are fully vaccinated against Covid the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus.” —Australia’s The Courier-Mail

The BIG Lie I: “We all understand the American people are not looking at cost-to-cost comparisons from this year to two years ago; they’re looking at cost-to-cost comparisons to their checkbooks from eight months ago or 12 months ago. And even though, factually, if you look back to two years ago, things may be comparative, that’s not how people look at things.” —White House Press Secretary Spin Doctor Jen Psaki

The BIG Lie II: “The American people are, of course, impacted by rising prices of gas in some parts of the country — not all.” —Jen Psaki

The BIG Lie III: “Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems. We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem.” —Jason Furman, former chairman of Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers (“According to this administration, we must choose between massive inflation, shipping bottlenecks, and huge numbers of Americans dropping out of the workforce…or 10% unemployment. Good midterm messaging there.” —Ben Shapiro)

Who’d a thunk it? “When people ask me, ‘If you ruled the world, what one thing would you do?’ — I think about that a lot.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Non compos mentis: “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 and ’24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.” —Donald Trump, whose similar rhetoric cost Republicans two Georgia Senate seats

And last… “It kind of blows my mind that the Biden Administration is about to start monitoring all of our bank accounts and somehow this isn’t a major topic of conversation even on the right. The vaccine mandates are bad. This is worse. A lot worse.” —Matt Walsh

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