Barack Obama To Be Keynote Speaker For Gaia Celebration ‘Dear Earth’ From YouTube Proclaiming Our Planet As The ‘One Who Birthed Us All’ — Now The End Begins

Former President Barack Obama is teaming up with celebrities for YouTube Originals’ Gaia worship Dear Earth special meant to ‘celebrate Mother Earth’.

Remember way back when Barack Obama was trying to convince people to vote for him, how he would always talk about his ‘white mother’ and his ‘Christian faith’? Apparently, these were two things that were highly meaningful for him, and we were constantly seeing photos of him going to church and talking about his ‘walk with the Lord’. In 2021, Barack Obama who never mentions his ‘Christian faith’ not one in a hundred times is now the keynote speaker for a Gaia celebration of the ‘one who gave birth to us’, the one and only…(drumroll please!!)…Mother Earth!

“But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” Galatians 4:26 (KJB)

The first chapter of Romans in the Book that Obama has never read tells us that people who worship the creation more than the Creator are ‘fools’ who are given over to a ‘reprobate mind’, while all the while professing themselves to be wise. 2 Peter 3 shows us that day when God will blow Earth to smithereens after setting it on fire, how’s that for global warming? But don’t be too hard on Kenyan Barack Obama as he engages in his real religion, Gaia, he’s only following the Roman Catholic pope who preaches and teaches the same damnable gospel.


GREAT GAIA: Pope Francis Commands Catholics To ‘Listen To The Voice Of Creation’, Undoes Genesis 1 Saying Man Does Not Have Authority Over Earth

Barack Obama Teams with Celebrities for YouTube Climate Special to ‘Celebrate Mother Earth’

FROM BREITBART NEWS: Obama is expected to deliver a keynote address as part of Dear Earth, which will include 100 minutes highlighting “how we should be solving climate problems,” and will be “sprinkled with musical performances,” according to YouTube Originals. The special will also feature left-wing pop star Billie Eilish, South Korean K-pop group Blackpink, Jaden Smith, the Muppets, and SpongeBob SquarePants, among others.

“You can imagine something different,” Obama is heard saying in a promotional clip for the 100-minute special, which will premier on Saturday.

“Celebrate Mother Earth — the only known entity to actually birth the human race — with this special YouTube Original that highlights how we should be solving climate problems,” YouTube Originals said. “Dear Earth shows us the latest in innovation, technology, and the sustainable revolution that’s about to take place.”

Others expected to participate in the program include Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Brazilian singer Anitta, Tinashe, and rapper-actor Lil Dicky.

Kermit the Frog will reportedly be giving the opening address.

Last year, Obama claimed that climate change will be worse than the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve all had to adapt to cope with a pandemic,” the ex-president wrote on Twitter. “Climate change will force far harsher changes on our kids.” READ MORE

Barack Obama To Be Keynote Speaker For Gaia Celebration ‘Dear Earth’ From YouTube Proclaiming Our Planet As The ‘One Who Birthed Us All’ — Now The End Begins

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