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October 21 Evening Quotes of The Day

Lengthening Patience Shortens Troubles
Numbers 21:4–6; Proverbs 14:29; 19:11; Isaiah 8:17; Galatians 5:22

To lengthen my patience is the best way to shorten my troubles; and to lessen my patience is the speediest way to lengthen my pain.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Prayer Is Friendship with God
Exodus 33:11; 2 Chronicles 20:7; Isaiah 41:8; Matthew 6:6; Romans 5:11; James 2:23

Mental prayer is nothing else, in my opinion, but being on terms of friendship with God, frequently conversing in secret with Him who, we know, loves us.


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

A Look at God’s Foreknowledge, Sovereignty, and Man’s Responsibility — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

In this weekly zoom clip, we discuss God’s Sovereignty,  Foreknowledge, and Man’s Responsibility. Yes, this is a monstrous topic and many have struggled with it and tried to figure it out. We will tackle some of these issues here. We look at definitions, some issues with some atheists who deny free will, and models that deal with these issues.

A Look at God’s Foreknowledge, Sovereignty, and Man’s Responsibility — THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM

You Make the Trenches — VCY America

And he said, Thus saith the Lord, Make this valley full of ditches. For thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, that ye may drink both ye, and your cattle, and your beasts. (2 Kings 3:16-17)

Three armies were perishing of thirst, and the Lord interposed. Although He sent neither cloud nor rain, yet He supplied an abundance of water. He is not dependent upon ordinary methods but can surprise His people with novelties of wisdom and power. Thus are we made to see more of God than ordinary processes could have revealed. Although the Lord may not appear for us in the way we expect, or desire, or suppose, yet He will in some way or other provide for us. It is a great blessing for us to be raised above looking to secondary causes so that we may gaze into the face of the great First Cause.

Have we this day grace enough to make trenches into which the divine blessing may flow? Alas! We too often fail in the exhibition of true and practical faith. Let us this day be on the outlook for answers to prayer. As the child who went to a meeting to pray for rain took an umbrella with her, so let us truly and practically expect the Lord to bless us. Let us make the valley full of ditches and expect to see them all filled.

You Make the Trenches — VCY America

October 21 – Friendship with the world makes one an enemy of God — Reformed Perspective

whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. – James 4:4

Scripture reading: 1 Peter 1:1-2

As Christians, we still deal with the fact that we are sinners and so quarrels and fights among us happen. James tells us that they happen because our passions are at war within us. We too easily fall into concentrating on our wants and our pleasures rather than serving Christ and His kingdom.

In times of war, when soldiers are fighting the enemy and protecting their country, their personal wants and pleasures are seen as less important. When we are on a mission to honour Christ’s name and to promote His kingdom, our personal wants and pleasures will be less important and thus quarrelling and fighting will be minimized in our churches.

In our world today, where personal pleasures and wants are emphasized, James is telling us to swim against the culture; otherwise, murderous thoughts, words, and quarrels will happen because we won’t get what we want.

When our prayers are based on our wants and pleasures and not on the honour of God’s name and His Kingdom to come, we might say we love God but in reality, we really love the things of this world more. When the things of this world become our dearest things, we will try to use God to get what we want. When we do this, James says we make ourselves out to be an enemy of God. James is warning us not to be sucked into friendship with the world, desiring what the world offers, and so forsake our first love and greatest treasure: God our Saviour and Lord.

Suggestions for prayer

That our wants and desires would be for God’s honor, His Kingdom and doing His will and not on the things and pleasures of this world.

 Pastor Richard Bultje is a United Reformed missionary and pastor in the River of Life church plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Pastor Richard and his wife, Yukyung moved to Niagara Falls in November 2012 with their three children Calvin, Isaiah and Gloria. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

October 21 – Friendship with the world makes one an enemy of God — Reformed Perspective

Praying for Results — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

We must enter into an expectant spirit of prayer, knowing that, when we meet His conditions, God will hear and answer us.

Ask and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. For everyone who asks, receives. Anyone who seeks, finds. If only you will knock, the door will be open” Matthew 7:7,8

We were conducting a Bible study on the subject of prayer when Amy, a professing Christian most of her life, said, “God never answers my prayers. In fact, I cannot recall a single prayer of mine that God has answered specifically.”

Several others in the group chimed in and said, “Neither can I.” So we turned to this passage and discussed it together. Would God lie to us? Is His Word trustworthy? Or is prayer an exercise in futility? Are we simply talking to ourselves and each other, or is there a God who hears and answers? If so, why have these not had their prayers answered?

First of all, we had to review the qualifications for prayer. Jesus said, “If you abide in Me and My Word abides in you, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.” The Scripture also says, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” So if we expect to have our prayers answered, Jesus Christ must be the Lord of our lives. There must be no unconfessed sin in our lives and we must be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Further, 1 John 5:14,15 reminds us: “If we ask anything according to God’s will, He hears us and answers,” so we must be sure that we are praying according to the Word of God. As we pray, the Spirit of God impresses upon us certain things for which to pray specifically, such as the salvation of a friend, the healing of a body or a financial need. If the prayer is offered with a pure motive and according to God’s will, we can expect an answer to it.

And we cannot pray casually. We must enter into an expectant spirit of prayer, knowing that, when we meet His conditions, God will hear and answer us.

Within a matter of weeks everyone in that Bible study, especially Amy, was inspired by the exciting challenge of prayer. God had truly heard, and again and again, they were able to point to specific answers.

Bible ReadingLuke 11:5-13

TODAY: I shall review my spiritual walk to be sure I am meeting God’s conditions: (1) Christ is Lord of my life. (2) I am filled with the Holy Spirit. (3) There is no unconfessed sin in my life. (4) I am praying according to God’s Word. And (5) I am praying specifically. As a result, I expect my prayers to be answered because God promises they will be.

By Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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Praying for Results — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Changed — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“You will be changed into a different person.”    Doesn’t that sound glorious?

The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you in power and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.”
(1 Samuel 10:6)

These were some of Samuel’s words to Saul when he anointed him as king. God’s promise to Saul was fulfilled, as we read just a few verses later:

As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed Saul’s heart, and all these sign were fulfilled that day.” (1 Samuel 10:9)

You will be changed into a different person.”

Doesn’t that sound glorious?

How wonderful it would be to have my failings and insecurities removed and to be remade into a different person. The promise of change has been extended to every one of us. Jesus didn’t die so that our lives could be improved or upgraded; He died so that we could be transformed.

Paul put it this way, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

That promise is for each person who accepts Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for his or her sins.

Sometimes the evidence of change is instantaneous, other times it appears more gradually, but the truth remains – if God’s Spirit lives in us we will be changed. How does believing that God has changed you affect your daily life?

Thank you Gracious God, that I am a new creation in Christ. Thank you for washing away the old and filling me with Your Holy Spirit. Help me to live in the reality that I am a different person. Amen

Action Step: Learn spiritual breathing – confessing sin and inviting the Holy Spirit to be in control – can help you become more Christ-like.

by Suzanne Benner
Used by Permission

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Changed — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

October 21 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

“A Reading People Will Always Be a Knowing People”
Ezra 8:1–12; 2 Timothy 4:13

It cannot be that the people should grow in grace, unless they give themselves to reading. A reading people will always be a knowing people. A people who talk much will know little.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

How a Priest Should Live
1 Timothy 3:1–13; Titus 1:6–9

A priest should live holily, in prayer, in desires and thought, in godly conversation and honest teaching, having God’s commandments and His Gospel ever on his lips. And let his deeds be so righteous that no man may be able with cause to find fault with them, and so open his acts that he may be a true book to all sinful and wicked men to serve God. For the example of a good life stirs men more than true preaching with only the naked word.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

21 Oct 2021 News Briefing


Exclusive Perfume of Cleopatra and the Temple found in Jerusalem
Inscribed on the 2000-year-old amethyst seal, which was worn as a ring, there appears a bird and next to it a branch that apparently depicts the famous plant. In ancient times, this expensive plant went by multiple names including biblical persimmon, bosem or balsam, and even the Balm of Gilead. …

A giant solar flare is inevitable, and humanity is completely unprepared
That changed dramatically in 1859, when solar astronomer Richard Carrington was tracking a particularly large, irregular sunspot. All of a sudden, a “white light flare” was observed, with unprecedented brightness and lasting about five minutes. Approximately 18 hours later, the largest geomagnetic storm in recorded history occurred on Earth. Aurorae were visible worldwide, including at the equator. Miners awoke in the middle of the night, thinking it was dawn. Newspapers could be read by the light of the aurora. And troublingly, telegraph systems began sparking and igniting fires, even though they were disconnected entirely.

‘We’re on our own’: Walz accused of doing nothing to address Minneapolis crime crisis
Minneapolis residents concerned about high levels of crime are frustrated and unsatisfied with Gov. Tim Walz’s response to a letter they sent to him. In September, 26 residents of north Minneapolis signed a letter that asked the governor to use state police or the National Guard to assist the Minneapolis Police Department in fighting a persistent crime epidemic. Gov. Walz’s response entrenched the letter writers in their belief that neither he nor any elected officials will do anything substantive to address the problem.

Mega-quake on horizon for Israel, but country not prepared
A 5.8 magnitude tremor rattled Israel this week, and although it caused no injuries or damage, experts warn a much more serious earthquake is on the way and the country’s most important facilities, such as schools and hospitals, are at risk.

Drones and rockets fired at military outpost in southern Syria
A military outpost in southern Syria was hit in a coordinated attack on Wednesday, but US officials said no American troops stationed there were injured or killed, The Associated Press reported. Initial reports said the attack appeared to include two drone strikes and a small number of rockets.

Multiple asteroids larger than pyramids head towards Earth
Several asteroids comparable in size to the Washington Monument and Great Pyramid of Giza are heading towards Earth within the next few weeks, according to NASA’s asteroid tracker. Each of these asteroids has a maximum estimated diameter of around 160 meters or more. But 2021 SM3 will be followed up just five days later by an even larger asteroid heading for Earth. Dubbed 1996 VB3, this asteroid’s size ranges between 100 meters to a whopping 230 meters, taller than the height of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and is set to fly past the Earth on October 20. This asteroid is set to pass even closer to the planet, around 3.2 million kilometers away, … further large asteroids are set to approach in November.

Space Force chief calls for strong allies after Kim Jong-un’s military warning
The US Space Force’s top general expressed hope for further cooperation with South Korea’s military after Kim Jong-un’s military warning. General John W. Raymond cited the slogan “Katchi Kapshida,” which means “We go together” during his video message for this year’s International Aerospace Symposium at Grand InterContinental Hotel on October 18.

Bitcoin poised to hit all-time high ahead of ETF listing
Bitcoin hit a six-month high and was within striking distance of its all-time peak on Tuesday as traders bet an anticipated listing of a futures-based US exchange-traded fund could herald investment flows into cryptocurrencies.

Putin brags Russia’s new hypersonic missiles ‘can wipe out US cities’ sparking WW3 fears
Vladimir Putin made a terrifying boast this week, saying that Russia has hypersonic nuclear missiles that are “on alert” and capable of destroying cities in the US. Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow, the Russian leader also said that his “intercontinental” weapons can travel five times faster than those being developed in America.

Israel Approves $1.5 Billion Budget For Potential Attack On Iran
The extra funds would be used to purchase additional aircraft, surveillance drones, and the munitions needed to strike Iran’s underground nuclear facilities.

Democrat Plans Plunge Deeper Into Chaos After Sinema Opposes Tax Hikes; May Leave Top Rates Unchanged
Senate Democrats are starting to freak out over Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s opposition to tax increases – a crucial component of their attempt to pass over $4.5 trillion between two spending packages. Sinema is one of two moderate Democrats – the other being Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) holding up their party’s spending agenda over their refusal to support the massive spending legislation.

Dozens Of Top Nuclear Scientists With “Highest Security Clearances” Being Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate
A last Friday deadline for Los Alamos National Lab employees to get vaccinated has come and gone, with a judge on the same day denying a request by 114 employees there to block the nuclear lab’s vaccine mandate from taking effect. In the last days the employees, including top nuclear engineers and scientists, have literally taken to the streets outside the lab, protesting the mandate which orders them to get their first dose of the Covid vaccine or face termination.

Japan’s largest volcano erupts and could throw lava 2km with ‘cities and towns at risk’
A huge volcano on Mount Aso, Japan, has erupted with lava flows expected to reach two kilometres away from the crater. Nearby settlements including the city of Aso, Takamori town and Minamiaso village are reportedly in danger.

World Earthquake Report for October 2021
#1: 7.2 quake South Pacific Ocean Oct 2, 2021 6:29 pm (GMT +12) #2: 6.9 quake South Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia, Oct 9, 2021 10:58 pm (GMT +12) – 12 days ago ……

UNHRC report calls to prosecute anti-LGBT/pro-family Christian groups
A newly released report from the United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted the left-wing narrative that normalized homosexuality and transgenderism. It also states that people who oppose this agenda are transgressing “international human rights law” and are guilty of “hate speech”.

Drone attack targeting US forces reported in Syria
An attack aimed at Tanf, a lonely outpost in Syria near the Jordanian and Iraqi border, was reported on Wednesday night. There were no casualties, according to a statement by US officials. According to BBC correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard, there was a “drone attack on US troops in Al Tanf, Syria.” She noted that local forces said the drone came from the Iraq-Syria border area.

Lebanon touts ‘new opportunity’ for maritime border talks with Israel
Lebanese leaders indicated a willingness to continue negotiations with Israel about the countries’ maritime border, in a meeting with US Senior Adviser for Global Energy Security Amos Hochstein in Beirut on Wednesday. Lebanese President Michel Aoun expressed “Lebanon’s readiness to continue to cooperate positively” with the talks, Arab News reported.

Unseasonal heavy rainfall leaves 48 people dead in Nepal, 31 others missing
Unseasonal post-monsoon rainfall affecting Nepal from October 17 – 20, 2021, has left at least 48 people dead and 31 others missing. In addition, 23 people have been reported injured.

White House Details Plan To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 
According to the announcement, the White House has secured enough to supply more than 25,000 doses for pediatricians and primary care physicians who have already signed up to deliver the vaccine, while the country now has enough Pfizer vaccine to jab roughly 28 million kids who will soon be eligible, meaning this won’t be a slow roll-out like we saw 10 months ago when doses and capacity issues meant adults had to wait.

COMPELLED SPEECH: Canadian Court Orders Pastor To Tell Congregation His Views Contradict “Medical Experts” 
A Canadian judge is ordering a Christian pastor to speak about what the judge claims is the scientific consensus of “medical experts,” compelling speech as a sentence for violating Canada’s draconian mask and coronavirus state of emergency laws.

Spain: Ministry of Health Forced to Confirm It Has Never Isolated the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (Nobody Has!)
In a response to a request made under the Transparency Act (2013), the Ministry of Health in Spain acknowledged that “it does not have a SARS-CoV-2 culture” nor a “registry of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity for testing.” The response also discharged all responsibility for diagnoses and treatments onto health professionals and recognised that “tests, by themselves, are not usually sufficient to determine the disease.”

DHS border rules: Vax required to enter legally from Canada, Mexico; none needed to remain illegally
In lifting restrictions on non-essential travel to the U.S. from Mexico and Canada this week, the Biden administration announced that foreign travelers attempting to enter the U.S. legally from those nations would need proof of COVID-19 vaccination — even as the administration allows illegal entrants to remain in the U.S. with or without vaccination.

Amazon Caught Throwing Away Tons of Unexpired Food as US Faces Unprecedented Food Insecurity
Food insecurity in the Land of the Free is at a historical high. Thanks to the fed printing trillions to pay for their irresponsible and economically devastating lockdown policies, food costs have gone through the roof, supply chains are disrupted, there are fewer workers, and the impact is empty shelves. According to a report in Bloomberg, some of the countries largest food distributors are reporting difficulties in fulfilling orders.

Efforts to keep ports open 24-7 to reduce cargo ship backlog aren’t going to work because insane trucking regulations in Dem-controlled California are keeping trucks off the road
The U.S. is suffering
through one of the worst transportation crises in the country’s history, with hundreds of container ships anchored off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts waiting days on end to get into port to be offloaded.

Supply chain crisis continues amidst COVID-19 pandemic, with no end in sight
Americans have been on a buying spree since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) started to wane. The daily tally of container ships outside the congested ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach shows just how much products are coming in from other parts of the world.

Whistleblower: FDA and CDC both know, but won’t admit, that 90% of covid patient hospitalizations are the fully vaccinated
Out of concern for the safety of her patients, Deborah Conrad, a physician’s assistant, reportedly convinced the hospital where she works to start carefully tracking the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” status of every patient admitted. What was discovered as a result is that upwards of 90 percent of all new hospital admissions for “covid” are occurring in “fully vaccinated” people.

Vaccine mandates leading to massive shortage of 911 staff, putting Americans’ lives in danger
The intentional collapse of American society by leftists exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing unabated, and will soon affect the 9-1-1 systems in a community near you, if not yours specifically.

RED ALERT as America now just nine meals away from ANARCHY… massive civil unrest PROVOKED on purpose 
Mass famine has been engineered into the coordinated takedown of the United States of America, and it’s already too late to reverse it. Widespread food scarcity is already “baked in,” so to speak, and now it’s only a matter of time as the dominoes fall.

In a Historic United States First, National Guard Soldiers Start Arresting Illegal Migrants on the U.S.-Mexico Border
In a dive into new political and legal water, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has initiated the first-ever border security operations in which thousands of National Guard troops — newly imbued with civilian arrest authority and given 40 hours of traditional police training in the use of deadly force — have started handcuffing illegally entering migrants on state trespassing charges.

Pope Benedict Writes Letter On The Passing Of An Old Friend Showing He’s A Lost Man With No Concept Of Heaven Of Or Even Who Jesus Christ Really Is 
Here is an amazing thing, a letter written by a man who is still the pope over the Roman Catholic Church, Benedict, and in this letter written about the passing of an old friend Benedict talks about ‘meeting friends’ in the ‘afterlife’.

Confusion And Mismanagement Reign In Biden White House As More Than 40 Groups Demand Meetings Over Proposed COVID Vaccine Mandate 
Say what you will about the pro-Marxist agitator group Black Lives Matter, and over the years we’ve said plenty, but they certainly know how to push an agenda and get it through. If American patriots who are rightly opposing the Biden vaccine mandates would get out in the streets and start shutting stuff down until things started to change, things would start to change. But they won’t and the Biden White House is counting on that.

Barack Obama To Be Keynote Speaker For Gaia Celebration ‘Dear Earth’ From YouTube Proclaiming Our Planet As The ‘One Who Birthed Us All’
Remember way back when Barack Obama was trying to convince people to vote for him, how he would always talk about his ‘white mother’ and his ‘Christian faith’? Apparently, these were two things that were highly meaningful for him, and we were constantly seeing photos of him going to church and talking about his ‘walk with the Lord’.

Video: White House Admits To Secretly Trafficking Planes Full Of Illegal Children From Border In Middle Of The Night 
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to admit Tuesday that the Biden administration is shipping planeloads of illegal immigrant children to New York City and elsewhere in the middle of the night after photos and footage was captured by The New York Post.

Beef Will Now Be A “Luxury Product”, And Cheap Chicken Dinners “Are Coming To An End”
The “reset economy” is coming, and it isn’t going to be very pleasant.  Rather than viewing the economic chaos caused by the pandemic as a negative thing, many among the worldwide elite consider it to be a golden opportunity to fundamentally transform the global economy according to their values.

Wuhan Lab Announces New Network Which Only Hires Chinese Communist Party Members.
The Wuhan Institute of Virology – now widely believed to be responsible for the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – is launching a new network of seven more laboratories, with some facilities exclusively hiring members of the Chinese Communist Party, The National Pulse can reveal.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/10/21/21-oct-2021/

Pastor launches new church in Florida arrested a month later during trafficking stingPosted: 21 Oct 2021 11:18 AM PDTSamuel Phillips Jr., a Florida pastor who just last month launched a new church near Tampa, has been arrested and charged with solicitation to commit prostitution.He’s one of 125 people arrested in Hillsborough County after a 20-day sting named Operation Round-Up. At a press conference Monday, Sheriff Chad Chronister shared information about the sting, which led to the rescue of five females, including one teenager. He also emphasized that the county is determined to “eradicate human trafficking.”The sheriff’s office identifies Samuel Phillips Jr., 44, as “a pastor at Be Limitless Church,” noting that he was arrested “when he responded to a false ad placed on an escort website and offered to pay our undercover detective for sex.” Be Limitless, located in Riverview, held its first worship service September 26 in a local theater.Continue reading Pastor launches new church in Florida arrested a month later during trafficking sting at End Time Headlines.
Mysterious fireball blazes across the Midwest sky, experts say it was “not a natural fireball”Posted: 21 Oct 2021 10:56 AM PDTAn object described by news outlets and witnesses as a “mysterious fireball” briefly shot across the sky early Wednesday, raising widespread speculation about what it might have been. Residents – and experts – throughout the Midwest are weighing in with speculation.Reports of unidentified flying objects are hardly new, although some seem to be ranking what looks like a blazing ball shooting across the sky particularly high on the highly scientific awesome scale.Continue reading Mysterious fireball blazes across the Midwest sky, experts say it was “not a natural fireball” at End Time Headlines.
Gas prices have now reached $7.59 in one town in CaliforniaPosted: 21 Oct 2021 10:48 AM PDTGas keeps getting more and more expensive, especially in California. But perhaps nowhere is it pricier than the remote central coast community of Gorda.The town’s only gas station is offering regular unleaded for $7.59. Premium is nearly $8.50. The town has long been known for having some of the highest prices in the country.A sign at the gas station notes the next nearest station is 40 miles away to the north and 12 miles to the south.Continue reading Gas prices have now reached $7.59 in one town in California at End Time Headlines.
Apple caves to Communism, removes one of last sources of Western news in China amid censorship drivePosted: 21 Oct 2021 07:39 AM PDT(OPINION) Chinese internet users have lost one of their last avenues to foreign news after the Yahoo Finance app disappeared from Apple’s store, as the Communist Party intensifies its censorship of information from abroad.The Yahoo app republishes news from foreign media organizations, including outlets whose websites are blocked in China, such as Bloomberg and Reuters, as well as stock market data. This allowed users to skirt official censorship bans, a feature that likely drew the ire of Chinese authorities.Continue reading Apple caves to Communism, removes one of last sources of Western news in China amid censorship drive at End Time Headlines.
CDC warns of onion-linked salmonella outbreak happening across 37 statesPosted: 21 Oct 2021 07:18 AM PDTThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning that a salmonella outbreak believed to be linked to onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, has spread to 37 states — sickening over 650 people.According to the NYP, The CDC directed businesses on Wednesday evening to stop selling fresh whole red, white, or yellow onions that were imported from Chihuahua and distributed by ProSource Inc. It also suggested businesses clean any surfaces that may have touched such onions.Continue reading CDC warns of onion-linked salmonella outbreak happening across 37 states at End Time Headlines.
We have entered a supply chain crisis not seen since WWII, Resellers jack up toy costs by as much as 400% as goods fly off shelves and freight remains strandedPosted: 21 Oct 2021 07:04 AM PDTThe current supply chain crisis is one unseen since World War II when ‘there were submarines sinking commercial traders,’ an expert says, and it’s bringing disaster for shoppers as items are being resold for more than double their cost, and shipping delays mean more barren shelves.Holiday shopping is expected to be especially fraught this year, as buyers contend with aggressive resellers and inflated prices – some jacking up toy prices by 400%.Continue reading We have entered a supply chain crisis not seen since WWII, Resellers jack up toy costs by as much as 400% as goods fly off shelves and freight remains stranded at End Time Headlines.
Ex-Medium who was possessed and saw demons warns of the danger of OccultPosted: 21 Oct 2021 06:56 AM PDT(OPINION) “The fear was overwhelming.” This is just one of the ways in which ex-medium Ivani Greppi described her childhood — a Brazilian upbringing that was deeply steeped in the occult.Greppi, an ex-medium who once believed her spiritual abilities were a gift from God, is now sharing how her harrowing 38-year journey — which included regular possessions — led to a dramatic deliverance (known as exorcism in some circles) that transformed her entire family.Continue reading Ex-Medium who was possessed and saw demons warns of the danger of Occult at End Time Headlines.
Vermont Public High School holds drag show during halftime at Football Game as faculty Joins InPosted: 21 Oct 2021 06:39 AM PDT(OPINION) File this one in the “Believe it or Not” section. If you already think this country is going downhill, well it just slid a little further down. A Vermont public high school homecoming football game last Friday night turned into a “drag ball” runway at halftime, with a mix of students and faculty members parading in gowns, wigs, and makeup – and a big crowd in rainbow colors to cheer them on.Yes, you read that right – it happened at a public high school, and faculty joined in.Continue reading Vermont Public High School holds drag show during halftime at Football Game as faculty Joins In at End Time Headlines.
Woman left shocked after finding Amazon folder with thousands of audio recordings from her home gadgetsPosted: 21 Oct 2021 06:33 AM PDTA woman was shocked to discover just how much data Amazon has collected about her. She posted a viral TikTok video explaining how she requested to see the data but wasn’t expecting to receive so much.According to the NYP, TikToker my.data.not.yours explained: “I requested all the data Amazon has on me and here’s what I found.” She revealed that she has three Amazon smart speakers. Two are Amazon Dot speakers and one is an Echo device.Continue reading Woman left shocked after finding Amazon folder with thousands of audio recordings from her home gadgets at End Time Headlines.
(NEW PODCAST) What Position Are You In?Posted: 20 Oct 2021 01:59 PM PDT(OPINION) In today’s segment, We discuss how every believer is either in Park, Reverse, Neutral, or Drive in their walk with God. You will understand what each one of these positions means and how we need to be continually moving forward! To hear the entire message, click the link below:To watch the message click HERE
To listen to the message click HERE Continue reading (NEW PODCAST) What Position Are You In? at End Time Headlines.
Grocery stores are approaching a tipping point for inflation prices.Posted: 20 Oct 2021 11:55 AM PDTConfident consumers have swallowed higher supermarket prices so far this year, but the risk of indigestion is growing. For companies that make staple goods, asking for more money is delicate.On Wednesday, the world’s biggest food company Nestlé NSRGY 2.91% said sales increased by an impressive 6.5% in the third quarter compared with the same period last year. Demand for its products is strong and Nestlé has been able to pass on the higher cost of inputs such as plastic and transport to shoppers, a sign of healthy pricing power.Continue reading Grocery stores are approaching a tipping point for inflation prices. at End Time Headlines.
Now farmers are warning that equipment and parts shortages could ultimately result in their ruinPosted: 20 Oct 2021 11:47 AM PDTJoel Everett said he was astounded when a lightly used 2009 John Deere tractor sold at his last auction in Strawberry Point, Iowa, for tens of thousands of dollars more than it had cost fresh off the production line more than a decade ago.Bought new for $109,000, the tractor sold for $143,000 at auction, he said. It’s not an isolated incident, said Everett, who has run Joel’s Tractor and Auction since 1992.Continue reading Now farmers are warning that equipment and parts shortages could ultimately result in their ruin at End Time Headlines.
We are short a record 80,000 truck drivers, which are needed to help fix the supply chainPosted: 20 Oct 2021 11:36 AM PDTThe trucking industry is short 80,000 drivers, a record high, Chris Spear, President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, tells CNN.That’s a 30% increase from before the pandemic when the industry already faced a labor shortage of 61,500 drivers. “That’s a pretty big spike,” Spear added. Many drivers are retiring, dropping out of the industry. Increased consumer demand, prompting a need for more drivers, also plays a big role in the shortfall.Continue reading We are short a record 80,000 truck drivers, which are needed to help fix the supply chain at End Time Headlines.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Oct. 21, 2021

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“The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.” —Thomas Jefferson (1790)

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Senate Republicans Save the Republic

Meanwhile, Democrats claim they’re killing democracy. The fight over election laws continues.

Nate Jackson

While you were busy looking elsewhere, Democrats continued to push for passage of a bill giving the federal government veto power over state election laws, including those requiring voter ID and regular updates of voter registration rolls. Fortunately, Senate Republicans once again blocked the effort.

Democrats want to make voting so easy even a caveman could do it. From the grave. That’s their bulk-mail ballot strategy, and the power grab takes the form of HR 1 in the House and SR 1 in the Senate.

They rebranded their effort the “Freedom to Vote Act,” and it’s ostensibly a compromise authored in part by Senator Joe Manchin. “The latest umpteenth iteration is only a compromise in the sense that the left and the far-left argued among themselves about exactly how much power to grab and in which areas,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “The same rotten core is all still there.”

Indeed, Democrats’ legislation still aims to nationalize elections by overturning numerous state laws, including those on mail-in ballots. It would limit (rather than ban) voter ID requirements and expand voting accessibility so much as to make fraud easier and inevitable. Ironically, perhaps, what they would accomplish is to dilute the legal and legitimate votes of U.S. citizens.

Meanwhile, Democrats want vaccine passports just so people can eat.

Republicans, in the parlance of the Democrats and their propagandists in the Leftmedia, want to “restrict” voting rights. Translation: GOP laws around the country require a voter ID, still set (extremely generous) rules for voting early, limit mail-in ballots, and establish other guidelines for protecting the integrity of our Republic’s elections.

“Racism!” Democrats cry. President Joe Biden has in the past called it “Jim Crow 2.0.” He blasted the latest Senate Republican effort as “unconscionable.” That’s a big word for a guy who is practically unconscious.

Voting and election integrity are the huge issues here, but so is the filibuster in the Senate. Democrats frame their bill as a battle for “democracy,” which our government isn’t, and then claim that “democracy” is more important than a silly Senate rule that allows the minority to block legislation Democrats consider critical.

“Democracy — the very soul of America — is at stake,” Biden said in a statement. “It should be simple and straightforward. Let there be a debate and let there be a vote.”

The truth, of course, is that our nation is a Republic, established by our Founders to prevent exactly the kind of 51-50 majority tyranny Senate Democrats demand. It apparently doesn’t occur to Democrats that something as foundational as election law ought to be bipartisan rather than a rigged partisan game. Nor does it matter to them that elections are, according to the Constitution that established the federal government, not the purview of the federal government.

“Democracy” didn’t suffer Wednesday. Federalism prevailed.

Nevertheless, the Democrat strategy is to make the debate about saving “democracy” so they can undermine our Republic, not just with voting and elections but then with any number of other fundamentally transformative bills.

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What’s Joe Manchin’s Game?

The Democrat senator from West Virginia denies claims that he’s contemplating leaving the Party.

Thomas Gallatin

The Leftmedia outlet Mother Jones reported yesterday that West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is mulling a plan to leave the Democrat Party and become an “American Independent.” Mother Jones alleged that Manchin’s plan includes two steps by which to pressure Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer into acquiescing to his demands to cut certain spending proposals out of the Democrats’ massive $3.5 trillion “zero dollars” $2 trillion socialist spending bill to meet a target number that did not exceed $1.75 trillion.

According to the story, the two steps of Manchin’s plan would be to first resign his Senate leadership position and see if that was enough to move Schumer to meet his demands. Should that fail, he would then take the second step, which entails leaving the Democrat Party to become an independent. Of course, even after leaving the Democrat Party, Manchin would still be holding the cards because he would then choose which party to caucus with. Manchin would have the power to swing control of the Senate to the Republicans.

So, how reliable is this story? Is it possible that Manchin intentionally floated the story for effect, as a warning against Democrats who have been pressing him hard to capitulate to their demands on their massive spending package?

When questioned, an apparently irritated Manchin flatly denied the story as “bull****.” He added, “I have no control over rumors, you guys. No control over rumors.” Yet even after Manchin’s denial, the story’s author, Washington-based journalist David Corn, stood by his reporting: “Today, he called the report BS. I can tell you that the sourcing is impeccable, and he knows it! He knows that we know!”

However, despite Corn’s claims of impeccable sourcing, that doesn’t negate the possibility that Manchin truly never had any intention of leaving the Democrat Party. Floating an idea, especially in political circles, is often far less about what a politician is actually contemplating doing and more aimed at gauging how other politicians react. Furthermore, don’t forget that Manchin is a man walking a political tightrope. He’s a Democrat representing a deeply red state. He’s up for reelection in 2024. If he acquiesces to the demands of the radical leftists currently running the Democrat Party, that would spell almost certain doom for his reelection chances.

Even so, the possibility remains that Manchin is or was truly contemplating leaving the Democrat Party. Who could blame him based upon the treatment he’s received of late? The claim that he would become an independent rather than a Republican seems to add further credibility to the story, as Manchin at best might be considered a moderate, but he is far from being even remotely conservative. What is true is that Manchin loathes the entrenched partisanship that currently defines not only Congress but the entire nation. The fact that no Republicans support the Democrats’ massive spending bill clearly rubs Manchin the wrong way.

This story may be totally designed by Democrat Party leadership as yet another means of pressuring Manchin. Perhaps it’s meant to preemptively counter any action by Manchin to exert pressure on Schumer, and to keep him in the Democrat fold. In fact, Corn’s response to Manchin’s denial seems to support such a reading. “He has now said it’s B-U-L-L. It’s actually T-R-U-E,” Corn asserted. He then adds, “He himself has taken it off the table because if he’s gonna do it now, then he would actually show that what he’s saying it’s bull that he was lying then. So he has been outed.”

What will be the first tell is if in the coming days Manchin backs off his $1.75 trillion spending cap on the Democrats’ spending bill.

A parting thought: Maybe there was more to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s seeming cave on the debt ceiling than some conservatives realized. Could it have included some overtures to Manchin?

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Will Trump’s TRUTH Set Speech Free?

The former president’s new foray into social media promises to be full-throated and well-funded.

Douglas Andrews

Successful businesspeople are successful primarily because they’re able to identify a consumer need and then effectively respond to it. The same can be said for successful entertainers. And successful politicians. They read and respond to the needs of their audience or their constituency.

Donald Trump has achieved success in all three of these realms: business, entertainment, and politics. He made his fortune in the cutthroat world of Manhattan real estate; he starred in and built the brand of a wildly successful reality TV show; and then, after years of teasing a run for the presidency, he jumped into a crowded and talented Republican field and laid waste to it, ultimately overcoming Big Tech, Big Media, Big Government, Hollywood, the schools, the colleges and universities, the foundations, the increasingly woke large corporations, and the Clinton, Obama, Bush, and Goldberg machines on his way to the White House.

Now, sensing the American people’s disdain for the tech and media monopolists’ selective suppression of speech, he aims to restore the marketplace of ideas by cutting the Left’s social media empire down to size.

How? Trump announced Wednesday the launch of his very own media network, the Trump Media and Technology Group, which will include a social media platform called “TRUTH Social.”

The TRUTH Social app appears to be the first project of the new Trump organization, which will be listed on the Nasdaq exchange by way of a merger with Digital World Acquisition Group. Trump vows to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech” with an organization whose mission is “to create a rival to the liberal media consortium.”

To be sure, Trump is still the little guy in this David-versus-Goliath story, but he’ll have some serious financial wherewithal with which to do battle: The transaction values the Trump Media and Technology Group at up to $1.7 billion. “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American president has been silenced,” Trump said, as only Trump could say.

Trump, who’s been sentenced to lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter, is also suing Big Tech, and his case is compelling. “One of the gravest threats to our democracy today,” he said, “is a powerful group of Big Tech corporations that have teamed up with government to censor the free speech of the American people. This is not only wrong — it is unconstitutional. To restore free speech for myself and for every American, I am suing Big Tech to stop it.”

Trump briefly experimented with a blog called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” whose posts could be shared by others on Facebook and Twitter. It was obviously unsatisfying. Next up for Trump was a simple website on which he riffed briefly about the day’s events or issued more detailed policy statements and press releases. But this too was limited, because it didn’t restore Trump’s powerful social media presence, which included nearly 90 million followers on Twitter alone.

“Congratulations to President Trump for re-entering the social media fray!” said former Trump spokesman Jason Miller, who in July launched his own free-speech social media platform, GETTR. “Now Facebook and Twitter will lose even more market share.”

The downside of Trump’s social media venture is, or course, the high likelihood that it’ll further polarize the American people: Those on the Left will stick with their Trump-deranged friends at Facebook and Twitter, while those on the Right will flock to Trump’s rival platform. Thus, there’ll be two rival echo chambers with very little cross-pollination.

Here’s hoping Trump aims higher. And here’s hoping that the former president’s commitment to free speech remains unqualified, and that his platform draws a diverse array of ideas and opinions — from the Right, the Left, and all points in between — and that all of them will stand or fall on their merits, rather than on the whims and wishes of agenda-driven oligarchs.

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Blame Unions for Supply Issues

Partially, at least, labor unions have gummed up the works and hampered deliveries.

Lewis Morris

The supply chain problem we highlighted recently is still very much with us, and we have the unions to thank for it.

As might be expected, nothing came of President Joe Biden’s involvement in the issue, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been busy on paternity leave. Not long ago, Biden triumphantly announced a deal to open the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports 24/7. America’s two busiest ports are currently the primary culprits for the import bottleneck that’s throttling the economy. The press lauded Biden’s announcement, but it never really happened. Long Beach is operating temporarily 24 hours a day Monday through Thursday, but that’s it. The Port of Los Angeles still operates under the daylight hours it’s always enjoyed, and neither port has any plans to permanently go 24/7.

If you guessed that the reason these ports won’t operate around the clock is because of labor unions, you would be right. Dockworkers and foreman at these facilities are paid quite well, but the Port of Long Beach is considered the least efficient port in the industry when it comes to offloading ships. That’s because they don’t exactly work around the clock. According to waterfront labor negotiator Jim Tessier: “Most shipping companies are foreign and did not attend Biden’s briefing and don’t care about what he or the landlord think. The port has nothing to do with all the operations — they are the landlord. How involved is your landlord in your business?”

Thus, even after Biden “came to the rescue,” LA ports were reportedly ghost towns just this last weekend, all while a record number of ships are anchored offshore waiting to be unloaded.

Meanwhile, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents Long Beach dockworkers, already owes $19 million in damages for engaging in illegal labor practices like work stoppages and slowdowns and other coercive actions. The original punitive damages were calculated at $94 million, but the courts took mercy on the nearly bankrupt union.

It’s not just at the ports where the heavy hand of labor unions is impacting supply issues. A wave of strikes has broken out across the manufacturing sector, with the prime grievance being insufficient wage increases to combat the impact of inflation, which has risen 5.4% in the past year. (Thanks, Joe Biden.) The biggest strike so far involves more than 10,000 employees of John Deere, and employees have walked off the job at Kellogg and Frito-Lay. Other strikes have affected workers in Washington State and California.

Labor is clearly flexing its muscles, using problems with the supply chain, labor shortages, and inflation to push for greater wage and benefit gains than the unions might otherwise earn. Though it seems predatory, this is part of the natural order. Strikes are rarely effective unless management stands to lose if they continue the current course. It’s different this time, though, because labor stands to lose more, though they don’t seem to realize it. Inflation is battering the economy, and the significant slowdowns in the supply chain aren’t helping matters. Labor shortages compounded with strikes will further slow the economy, and companies will start going under. The strikes will be for nothing if the workers get their big raises and their companies fold the following year.

Like any chain, the supply chain is only as effective as its weakest link. In this case, that weak link is the labor unions. And the more of them that go on strike, or continue to stubbornly stick with old rules, the longer our supply chain will continue to suffer.

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Courage in the Face of Our Birth Rate Decline

The low fertility rate is a web of our own weaving, but we can reverse it with self-sacrifice.

Emmy Griffin

The fertility rate in America is not good. Our country’s population rate hasn’t been this low since the 1930s. With a birth rate of just 1.6, it’s not going to keep up with the death rate, which is a foreboding sign for an already slow economy that depends on young people to drive it.

With the economy being in a major slump for the second time in their adult lives, Millennials — an already financially unsettled demographic — are even less inclined to start families. In 2007, the economy took a hit and affected the job and housing markets. This hurt Millennials who were just joining the workforce and trying to start families. It was a slow climb to get out of that downturn. Finally, the economy hit its peak during the Trump administration. But then, due to COVID pandemic lockdown policies in March of 2020, it was ground to a screeching halt. After the 2020 election, there was some hope the economy would rebound, but poor Democrat governance has continued to stifle economic growth. We are currently facing a labor shortage, supply chain troubles, an energy crisis, and rising inflation. Birth rates and economic growth tend to be in a symbiotic relationship: The more successful the economy, the more inclined people are to procreate. No wonder the birth rate is so low.

Then take into account the major cultural changes that took the nation by storm. The culture war, spearheaded by woke progressives, is making the nation a scary place for parents to think about having a child. Leftist policies are causing a crime spree in inner cities. In Chicago alone, there have been more deaths this year of children by violence than by COVID. And those children who do make it to school age are forced into the gamut of navigating the public school system. Potential parents couldn’t be blamed for not wanting to expose a child to the deprivations therein. This is especially true when article after article show just how much sway woke mobsters have over public schools. They are segregating classrooms by race, filling the libraries with pornographic books, allowing boys to use girls’ bathrooms, and, after the inevitable sexual assault, calling parents who object “domestic terrorists.” Then there’s the shameful practice of abortion. This silent genocide of tens of millions of children contributes to the birthrate decline — so many amazing people murdered before they even had a chance.

Societal pressures that are put on women have also shifted. Women are pushed to continue with graduate programs or establish careers in lieu of starting a family. As a result, they are marrying later and tend to have children in their 30s and 40s. This is a riskier time to have children because pregnancy and childbirth are more likely to cause mental and physical issues for the mother.

It’s also no longer feasible for most families to be a single-income household. The financial needs are too great. If a couple does start a family but both parents have to work, there’s added financial pressure to provide childcare. This system limits or even denies both parents and children those rites of passage so crucial in family building.

The deterrent to having children seems insurmountable. But it is a journey of self-sacrifice that’s worth every sleepless night and dirty diaper. For those who are able, starting a family is an act of courage and the rewards are immense. Which is to say that basing the decision to have a child on all the bad things happening in the country right now is shortsighted. A better future is brought about by raising children in the way they should go. Children are the harbingers of the hope we have for a better future.

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The Incredible Shrinking President

Just nine months into his term, Joe Biden already seems like he wishes he were someplace else.

Douglas Andrews

Who’s pulling the strings? Who’s calling the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Search us. But if we follow Occam’s razor, the most likely answer is: Joe Biden himself. Oh, sure, he’s in a state of cognitive decline; no serious person disputes this. But is he so debilitated that he’d cede the American presidency to an inexperienced and unelected underling like Chief of Staff Ron Klain or Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice?

Not Joe Biden. Not on your life.

Think about it: This is a guy who holds himself in extremely high regard. How else to explain his decision to run for president at the advanced age of 77, after having twice before been laughed off the stage by the American people? Plenty of folks may have Biden’s ear, but he’s the decider. He’s the guy who carpet-bombed us with awful executive orders during his first days in office. He’s the guy who called the January 6 Capitol riot “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” He’s the guy who called the GOP’s modest electoral reform efforts “Jim Crow 2.0,” “Jim Eagle,” and — where have we heard language like this before? — “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

Face it: Only Joe Biden could do such damage and utter such inanities. Further, his brief tenure in office is precisely what we’d expect from a guy whom former Defense Secretary Robert Gates once said “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Joe Biden is indeed calling the shots, and he’s calling them as The Incredible Shrinking President. We say this because the office has already proven itself far too big for him. Both his steep and sustained plunge in the polls and, this week’s media theater notwithstanding, his seeming invisibility during the congressional negotiations over his moribund “Build Back Better” agenda are evidence of this.

As columnist Dan McLaughlin astutely observes: “Public arguments by this president don’t help. They persuade nobody of anything. The bully pulpit has been reduced to a walker. Nine months into his tenure, Biden is already a spent force that nobody listens to. In terms of his influence, he went directly from honeymoon to lame duck.”

Even the fanboys at CNN have noticed Biden’s shrinkage, and so have members of Congress. “Privately,” they write, “Democrats are growing frustrated with Biden’s approach. ‘The reality right now is that a lot of people are saying, “Where’s Joe Biden? This is his agenda, why isn’t he more involved in the negotiations?”’ said one House Democrat, reflecting conversations going on among rank-and-file members.“

Other Democrats, though, have taken to shilling for the president — perhaps because they sense the gravity of the situation. Take hard-left California Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, for example, who sounds like she’s auditioning to be Biden’s biographer. “The president is the inspirer,” she said after a Tuesday meeting with him. “He is the closer. He is the convincer. He is the mediator-in-chief. The president has been working incredibly hard to get everybody to a place where we can move this forward and finish this process.”

“The president is the inspirer”? The guy whose handlers routinely call a late-morning “lid” on the day has been working “incredibly hard”? Find us one person — just one — who actually believes this. Donald Trump used to get more done before 6 a.m. on Twitter than Joe Biden … er, never mind.

And speaking of Trump, he summed up his successor’s malaise this way: “After just nine months under Biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. Illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. Inflation is taking over our economy. China is taking over our jobs. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Lunatic leftists are taking over our schools, and radical socialists are taking over our country.”

When it’s put like that, yeah, we can understand why Biden is keeping such a low profile.

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China’s Targeting of Taiwan Hits U.S.

The U.S. economy relies heavily on trade with Taiwan. Any disruption of this supply is a major problem.

Thomas Gallatin

Beijing has made no secret of its intentions regarding Taiwan. China has long expressed the view that the island nation is not a separate state, but rather a rogue region of the mainland that will eventually be brought under the communist government’s control. This stance was recently brought to bear with Beijing’s flying 150 fighter jets and bombers into Taiwan’s air space. This latest provocation has many in the West wondering not if but when China will initiate a full-scale strike against Taiwan.

But it’s not just the U.S. and Europe that are seeing the writing on the wall. Several other nations in China’s immediate region see it as well. Japan’s new prime minister, Fumio Kishida, has proposed that the island nation double its defense spending from its current 1% of GDP to 2%. And the primary reason has everything to do with China. As Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party policy chief Sanae Takaichi explained, “We are demonstrating our resolve to defend the Japanese people’s lives, property, territory, territorial waters, territorial airspace, sovereignty and national honor.”

Australia also sees the Chinese threat and is acting accordingly, demonstrated by its recent new joint security partnership between the U.S. and UK, dubbed AUKUS. This partnership comes with new nuclear-powered submarines, something Australia has never had before.

France has also had a longtime and significant regional presence in the West Pacific and, importantly, has a close relationship with Taiwan.

Yet by far the one nation with the ability to successfully counter a Chinese invasion of Taiwan remains the U.S. The question, however, is one of time. Initially, China would likely strike rapidly. Perhaps that would begin with a massive cyberattack potentially throwing the island nation into darkness, all while the Chinese military quickly worked to take control of air fields, as Taiwan is well equipped to defend an invasion by sea. Taiwan likely would not be able to hold out against a full-scale attack by China for long without U.S. help, but how quickly would the U.S. be able to mobilize and respond?

The even bigger question is this: Would Joe Biden actually elect to respond with military force? His Afghanistan debacle certainly gives no assurances that he would make such a decision, which may be why it appears that China is ramping up its military activities. But allowing Taiwan to fall to China also holds a massive impact to the U.S. as Taiwan is one of world leaders in the manufacture of semiconductors, which are used in numerous products and upon which the U.S. relies heavily. By breaking this supply chain, Beijing would put quite the squeeze on the U.S. economy. Even so, that’s just one of the myriad problems posed by Chinese aggression in the face of the weakness of the American president.

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“I like to speak the truth and I’m not a part of this woke cancel culture that gets off on trying to silence people all the time.” —NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers

“We have been debating Dave Chapelle for three weeks because he said that only women can give birth.” —Matt Walsh

“China has just tested a space missile that can potentially hit any target on earth. … There’s no denying the gathering danger and the fact that Washington is currently ill-equipped to meet the Chinese nuclear challenge. At the moment, though, we don’t have the national resolve to match the talk of a ‘Sputnik moment’ that the Chinese test has occasioned. President Biden’s defense budget proposal this year would actually have cut defense spending if Congress hadn’t intervened. And the Biden administration’s response to this test was, to say the least, muted. ‘We welcome stiff competition, but we do not want that competition to veer into conflict,’ White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday. Usually, sovereign countries don’t ‘welcome’ other countries developing new ways potentially to obliterate their cities.” —National Review

“If we had people who cared about honesty or freedom in the Democrat corporate media, they’d absolutely hammer Fauci and his acolytes with questions on why 5-11 year olds who are at almost zero risk from COVID and rarely spread it should get vaccinated — and still wear masks!” —Buck Sexton

“We rescued the country last year in a time of distress. This year, we had three vaccines, we were coming out of it, and the new Democratic government just didn’t wanna stop spending.” —Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

Non compos mentis: “Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles.” —Department of State (“Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan and our State Department is celebrating ‘International Pronouns Day,’ whatever that is.” —Charlie Kirk | “I suspect the ChiComs are going to put ‘Target They’ on their hypersonic missiles.” —Mark Alexander)

The BIG Lie: “This hateful [girls’ sports integrity] bill in Texas is just the latest example of Republican state lawmakers using legislation to target transgender kids — whom the president believes are some of the bravest Americans — in order to score political points. These anti-transgender bills are nothing more than bullying disguised as legislation and undermine our nation’s core values.” —White House spokesman Ike Hajinazarian

Facepalm: “[Ecuador and the U.S.] are working together and facilitating what had been — in both a good news, bad news story — record drug seizures. The good news being we’re effective. The bad news being it’s a record drug seizure — which means the problem, in a sense, is even larger.” —Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Dumb and dumber: “We’re going to continue to recommend masks in all schools, for all people in those schools.” —CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky disincentivizing getting the jab (not that hardly-at-risk youth need the vaccine)

Game-changer: “Just chill out. Drink a 7-Up. Eat a MoonPie. Quit murdering people.” —Polk County, Florida, Sheriff Grady Judd

And last… “So if I understand this, in [San Francisco] you need to show proof of vaccination to eat at In-N-Out… unless you shoplift the burger because then it would be illegal for anyone to stop you. The Hamburglar loophole.” —Frank J. Fleming

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WARNING: Biden White House Has Instructed OSHA To Not Record Adverse Reactions To The COVID-19 Vaccine To Make You Think It’s Safe — Now The End Begins

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration [OSHA], which falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Labor [DOL], is instructing federal agencies not to record adverse reactions or side effects from the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine.

At what point, I am asking you, do people wake up from their self-induced end times slumber and begin to understand what’s actually going on? I mean, honestly, the deception is so thick and so apparatent you would have to deaf, dumb and blind to not see it. Well spake the prophet Habakkuk of our current time, the end times.

“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your dayswhich ye will not believe, though it be told you.” Habakkuk 1:5 (KJB)

On one hand, your have the Biden vaccine mandate which forces 100 million Americans to receive the jab whether they want it or not or need it or not, and being carried out by the Department of Labor. On the other hand, that very same Department of Labor has told OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, to stop keeping records of adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine because people will not want to take it if they knew how many adverse reactions are really occurring.

Where is the OUTRAGE in the streets? Where are the 2 or 3 million American patriots marching in protest in Washington? Where are the CHRISTIANS who rightly connect the vaccine with the Mark of the Beast and SHOUTING at you not to take it??

The official NTEB position remains unchanged over the past 22 months, and it is as follows: the COVID-19 vaccine and the Immunity Passport is a literal fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy related to the Mark of the Beast, the New World Order and the One World Government. The Abraham Accords are the literal fulfillment of what will become the Daniel 9:27 covenant confirmation with Antichrist. You can be a lukewarm Laodicean and side with the government as many pastors are shamefully doing, or you can be a Bible believer and stand against this whole filthy mess. Pick a side and stick to it. I have.

So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof.” 2 Kings 4:40 (KJB)

2020: Coalition Of Over 2,700 Laodicean Evangelicals Join Forces To Urge Christians To Not Resist The Coming COVID Vaccine And Implantable Biometric ID

OSHA Instructs Federal Agencies Not to Record Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine

FROM TOWN HALL: Earlier this year, President Joe Biden mandated the shot for all federal workers and contractors. He did the same in September for private companies with more than 100 employees.

Are adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine recordable on the OSHA record keeping log?” the frequently asked questions section for COVID-19 states on OSHA.gov. “DOL and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination at least through May 2022. We will reevaluate the agency’s position at that time to determine the best course of action moving forward.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Wuhan coronavirus vaccines have a number of side effects, including heart inflammation in young people.

“As we go into younger and younger age groups, they’re less and less at personal risk of severe Covid, and on the other hand, somewhat more at risk of this inflammatory heart condition with the mRNA vaccine,” Dr. Ofer Levy, who sits on the FDA vaccine approval board, told CNBC last week.

On October 1st, the Labor Department released an official bulletin warning about the potential for vaccine injuries and confirmed they are covered by workers’ compensation.

“The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) covers injuries that occur in the performance of duty. The FECA does not generally authorize provision of preventive measures such as vaccines and inoculations, and in general, preventive treatment is a responsibility of the employing agency under the provisions of 5 U.S.C. 7901. However, care can be authorized by OWCP for complications of preventive measures which are provided or sponsored by the agency, such as adverse reaction to prophylactic immunization,” the bulletin states. “Further, deleterious effects of medical services furnished by the employing establishment are generally considered to fall within the performance of duty. These services include preventive programs relating to health.”

“However, this executive order now makes COVID-19 vaccination a requirement of most Federal employment. As such, employees impacted by this mandate who receive required COVID-19 vaccinations on or after the date of the executive order may be afforded coverage under the FECA for any adverse reactions to the vaccine itself, and for any injuries sustained while obtaining the vaccination,” it continues.  READ MORE

They’Ve Been Lying About COVID Deaths From The Beginning

WARNING: Biden White House Has Instructed OSHA To Not Record Adverse Reactions To The COVID-19 Vaccine To Make You Think It’s Safe — Now The End Begins

Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted photos online, coach says

Mahjabin Hakimi, one of the best players in the Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club, was slaughtered in capital Kabul as troops searched for female sports players.

Source: Taliban beheaded female volleyball player, posted photos online, coach says

McCarthy Pledges Investigations of Dems ‘Fraud and Abuse’ If GOP Wins Back House in 2022

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pledging that Republicans will launch “real investigations” of Democrats’ “fraud and abuse” if the GOP wins back the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections. During an interview, McCarthy said Republicans will launch investigations into whether Pelosi’s husband engaged in insider trading as well as Hunter Biden over his art deals. “You know what?

Source: McCarthy Pledges Investigations of Dems ‘Fraud and Abuse’ If GOP Wins Back House in 2022

AG Garland grilled on Hunter Biden’s art sales

Rep. Ken Buck presses Attorney General Merrick Garland on the value of Hunter Biden’s art, highlighting that one piece has sold for more than the average house in America. Buck then called for an investigation into the president’s son.

Source: AG Garland grilled on Hunter Biden’s art sales

NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data | ZeroHedge News

A top NIH official admitted in a Wednesday letter that the US-funded so-called “gain-of-function” research in Wuhan, China – and that the US nonprofit which conducted it, EcoHealth Alliance – led by the controversial Peter Daszak, “failed to report” that they had created a chimeric bat coronavirus which could infect humans.

In a letter addressed to Rep. James Comer (R-KY), NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawrence A. Tabak cites a “limited experiment” to determine whether “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.” According to the letter, humanized mice infected with the modified bat virus “became sicker” than those exposed to an unmodified version of the same bat coronavirus.

Daszak failed to report this finding, and has been given five days to submit “any and all unpublished data from the experiments and world conducted” under the NIH grant.

Rutgers University Board of Governors Chemistry Professor Richard H. Ebright sums it up. :

While Tabak’s letter goes to great lengths to insist that EcoHealth’s work couldn’t have produced SARS-CoV-2, it absolutely vindicates Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who Fauci repeatedly called a liar in July for accusing him of funding GoF research in Wuhan, China.

As we noted in Septemberproof that the US funded of GoF research was blown wide open thanks to materials (here and here) released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Interceptagainst the National Institutes of Health, revealing that EcoHealth was paid to make chimeric SARS-based Covid that they confirmed could infect human cells.

While evidence of this research has been pointed to in published studies, the FOIA release provides a key piece to the puzzle which sheds new light on what was going on.

This is a roadmap to the high-risk research that could have led to the current pandemic,” said Gary Ruskin, executive director of U.S. Right To Know, a group that has been investigating the origins of Covid-19 (via The Intercept).

We also learned in September that 18 months before the Pandemic, Daszak applied for a grant to release enhanced airborne coronaviruses into the wild in an effort to inoculate them against diseases that could have otherwise jumped to humans, according to The Telegraph, citing leaked grant proposals from 2018.

New documents show that just 18 months before the first Covid-19 cases appeared, researchers had submitted plans to release skin-penetrating nanoparticles containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” of bat coronaviruses into cave bats in Yunnan, China.

They also planned to create chimeric viruses, genetically enhanced to infect humans more easily, and requested $14million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) to fund the work.

Daszak hoped to use genetic engineering to cobble “human-specific cleavage sites” onto bat Covid ‘which would make it easier for the virus to enter human cells’ – and included plans to commingle high-risk natural coronaviruses strains with more infectious, yet less deadly versions. His ‘bat team’ of researchers included Dr. Shi Zhengli from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as US researchers from the University of North Carolina and the US Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center.

Darpa refused the contract – saying “It is clear that the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk,” while warning that Daszak hadn’t fully considered the dangers involved in enhancing the virus via gain-of-function research, or by releasing a vaccine into the air.

Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Oncology at St Georges, University of London, who struggled to get work published showing that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) had been carrying out “gain of function” work for years before the pandemic, said the research may have gone ahead even without the funding.

This is clearly a gain of function, engineering the cleavage site and polishing the new viruses to enhance human cell infectibility in more than one cell line,” he said. –Telegraph

In short, after a massive drop of receipts proved that Fauci, and his boss Francis Collins, lied, the NIH itself has finally acknowledged funding Gain-of-Function research.

Source: NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data

‘Will Only Get Worse’: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Inflicting Misery, Ruin on Americans

Sixty-six million Americans remain unvaccinated, and those on the job now face the prospect of unemployment and economic ruin. Companies are reportedly nervous about worker shortages while city governments scramble to protect their citizens after firing police, and other first responders, placing them on unpaid leave or seeing them resign.

Source: ‘Will Only Get Worse’: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Inflicting Misery, Ruin on Americans

CBN NewsWatch AM: October 21, 2021

On Newswatch AM October 21st: Outrage in Loudon County, Virginia, over alleged assaults by a transgender student in two schools, as parents are also upset over the teaching of critical race theory and explicit sexual content in school library …

Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: October 21, 2021

Speech, Media and Academic Freedoms Threatened — The Stephen Lendman Blog

An article by Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD (in computational biology), MSc (in immunology), and BSc (in applied mathematics) and Peter McCullough MD for the Current Problems in Cardiology journal was pulled from publication to suppress its findings.

Based on an analysis of CDC reported VAERS data, they explained the following:

Within 8 weeks of jabbing 12 to 15-year-olds for protection against flu/covid not gotten, the number experiencing myocarditis is 19 times greater than what’s expected.

The serious issue is inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium). It can reduce the heart’s ability to pump and causes rapid or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias).

It can be caused by an adverse drug reaction like from toxic flu/covid jabs.

There’s also a 5-fold increase from a second jab to the same age group, compounding damage from the first shot administered.

Of the number of myocarditis cases  found by the authors, six died, one aged-13.

Rose and McCullough showed that the issue following jabs is far from rare.

They learned that reported numbers of myocarditis following jabs reflect “the tip of the iceberg.”

The true toll is likely a 100 times or more greater.

The incidence of myocarditis is likely similar for other age groups. It’s one of any number of serious issues that can happen from jabs.

Rose and McCullough stressed that it’s “reasonable to use the precautionary principle in this particular setting since an alarming number of reports are coming from young males between the ages of 12 and 15.” 

“Boys of these ages should be carefully monitored for warning signs of myocarditis which many may pass off such as pallor, chest pain, shortness of breath or lethargy, following dose 1 with the aim of seeking prompt evaluation and avoiding dose 2.”

Instead of publishing this data as prepared for Current Problems in Cardiology, the publication suppressed what its editors don’t want readers to know that may interfere with toxic mass-jabbing — what’s crucial for everyone to know.

There’s nothing ethical, moral or legal about what’s going on — just the opposite.

As Rose and McCullough prepared their findings for publication, they received the following message:

“The publisher regrets that this article has been temporarily removed (sic).” 

“A replacement will appear as soon as possible in which the reason for the removal of the article will be specified, or the article will be reinstated (sic).

In response to what happened, inventor of mRNA and RNA technology Dr. Robert Malone said the following:

“More Censorship/Cancel Culture. (Rose and McCullough) were notified of this ‘Temporary Removal’ action.”

“I have never seen anything like this ever in my entire scientific career.”

It’s “not the first time that a journal article questioning the mainstream narrative of “safe and effective (flu/covid jabs was) retracted without explanation.”

What’s going on is clear. Truth and full disclosure on this most crucial issue of all-time is banned in the mainstream that exclusively features the fabricated official narrative. 

Even organizations like the AMA and scientific journals like Current Problems in Cardiology were corrupted to go along what what’s responsible for harming countless millions of people worldwide — killing hundreds of thousands.

Speech, Media and Academic Freedoms Threatened — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Pfizer and BioNTech announce their vaccine is USELESS 11 months after dosing… — Christian Research Network

(Alex Barenson)  Well, that’s not how they phrased it.

But it is the only reasonable way to read their press release claiming that the booster is 95% effective.

Remember. The booster is given to people who have RECEIVED the vaccine. (That’s why it’s a booster, right?)

And when they tested a booster against a placebo in those people, they found a 95% reduction in disease in people who received the booster (for a total of 11 weeks after they received the booster, excluding the first week, because science – by which I mean because including that week would not help their results). 95%!

Where have you heard that figure before? Oh yeah, it is EXACTLY the same relative risk reduction they claimed in the pivotal trial last year, when they tested the INITIAL dose against placebo.  View article →

Pfizer and BioNTech announce their vaccine is USELESS 11 months after dosing… — Christian Research Network

Horowitz: Where are the governors? Now the feds will experiment with failed shots on our young children — Conservative Review

It is undeniable that this vaccine is the quickest-waning and deadliest one in history. Even if one believes that for older adults the cost-benefit analysis is still favorable — a determination hard to make with obfuscated data — it is incontrovertibly clear that young children don’t need a vaccine for this virus, much less one that is known to cause myocarditis and numerous thrombotic ailments.

Just consider the fact that in Michigan alone, 574 vaccinated people died of COVID (not including those half vaccinated who are most vulnerable), more than the number of children who died nationally all year. And that factors in the likelihood that a significant number of those children didn’t die from the virus itself.

See those two numbers:574 vaccinated people died with Coronavirus in Michigan just this year. It’s state data; no… https://t.co/YxwsPFgH33— Yossi Gestetner (@YossiGestetner) 1634775923.0

The Nuremberg Code dictates, “The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.” Yet not only will the shots be approved within the next two weeks, they will be immediately forced upon children through a carrot-and-stick approach and eventually through mandates. California has already mandated them in school the minute they are approved for experimental emergency use.

The AP reported Wednesday that “within hours” of formal approval of the Pfizer shot for children 5-11 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory panel, which is scheduled to meet on Nov. 2, “doses will begin shipping to providers across the country, along with smaller needles necessary for injecting young kids, and within days will be ready to go into the arms of kids on a wide scale.”

This is as shocking and demonic as it is illogical. Yet they want to cover up the debate as quickly as possible and make this a reality in a shock-and-awe campaign. Their swift obsession with putting this in the arms of children after it has failed to even protect the elderly now raises even more suspicion about the entire premise of using this shot on anyone. Why would even the most pro-COVID-shot lobbyist ever have the least desire to use something like this on children, considering the myocarditis concerns alone? And unlike other approved shots, this one will be forced upon children with a degree of vigor never seen before.

It’s no longer enough for Republican governors to merely pretend to oppose mandates, while still suggesting these are the safest and most effective shots ever. It’s time for them to learn from the past nine months. We now have so much real-life experience with this shot. Just consider some of the following information we’ve learned:

  • There are now 16,766 deaths logged into VAERS, as well as nearly 70,000 hospitalizations. We already know from previous studies that VAERS only captures 1% of adverse events, and no other shot has come with such a stigma against reporting it for harm, often at the threat of the physician losing his job. Medicare data seems to hint to a much broader cohort of vaccine casualties. Yet rather than further study these unprecedented events, they are rushing to inject children who don’t need the shots anyway and for whom the Pfizer shot in particular will only offer a few months’ protection (if that, given the changing variants).
  • It would be one thing if the shots actually worked and COVID was basically in the rearview mirror, so we would decide to have children piggyback on the great success of the vaccine for adults. Instead, the virus is circulating more prolifically than ever before, the top five states for COVID spread are now among the most vaccinated states in the country, and countries with high vaccination rates like England are now following Israel’s footsteps in experiencing the most deadly wave to date. Again, why are we not first investigating whether the suboptimal antibodies produced by the vaccine are not in fact making the virus worse, as top vaccinologists like Geert Vanden Bossche and Luc Montagnier warned, rather than pushing it on young children who are not in danger from this virus? Why are governors and legislators not calling in scientists like Dr. Ryan Cole to hear their concerns that the leaky vaccine is creating a super-infection and that more boosters and shots for younger people with a vaccine concoction that is already outdated will make the virus more virulent?Antibody-dependent enhancement https://t.co/rrWhlM8xvv— Wittgenstein (@Kukicat7) 1634668993.0Sadly, the more we vaccinate with a defective shot in middle of a pandemic, the more we risk eventually raising the virulence level of the virus to the point that, in the irony of all ironies, it might someday clinically affect young kids.
  • Wenow know that the spike protein no longer stays in the shoulder muscle and evengoes throughout your bloodstream. A newpaper was published in the Journal of Immunology by researchers fromSt. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix and the Yale Department of Pathology showingthat the Pfizer shot causes “circulating exosomes with SARS-CoV-2 spikeprotein” to travel through the bloodstream and, in their estimation, only wanefour months later. Already in February, astudy published in the Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences concluded,”Our findings indicate circulating exosomes’ significant contribution toseveral processes—such as inflammation, coagulation, andimmunomodulation—during SARS-CoV-2 infection.” In other words, the virus itselfspreads because the pathogenic spike is carried by exosomes, which are tinybiovesicles released into surrounding body fluids. How does this not indicatethat the spike from the shot travels throughout the body and into fluids andspreads to others much the same way the virus itself does? Could that explainthe aggressive turbocharging of the “virus” after the mass vaccination? Remember,Pfizer’s own trial protocol seemed to indicate that it can spread through skin-to-skin contact in “inhalation.”
  • Whatcould be some of the possible ramifications of the spike spreading throughoutthe body aside from blood disorders? How about fertility issues? A shocking newpreprint study authored by researchers from Washington University inSt. Louis, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Harvard found ashockingly large number of women experienced menstrual irregularities from theshots. They found 42% of women experienced heavier bleeding, while only 44%reported no changes to their menstrual cycles. A whopping 66% ofpost-menopausal women experienced breakthrough bleeding. A University of Chicago survey sought torecruit 500 women with menstrual irregularities in order to study the cause andeffect, and instead, they got 140,000 submissions. Could this be because, as a biodistribution report in Pfizer’spharmacokinetic pre-clinical animal study submitted to the Japanesegovernment found, the lipid nanoparticles of the vaccine were accumulating inthe ovaries in significant numbers – more than in any other place but thespleen?
  • The unfavorable cost-benefit analysis is perfectly evidenced in a new Israeli 29-day follow-up study of 12- to 18-year-old vaccinated children. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found ZERO deaths and severe illness BOTH in the vaccinated and in the control (unvaccinated) groups.12-18 years old, 29 days “surveillance” after vaccination.Adverse events? -Not included.All-cause hospitalization… https://t.co/2wZ3GsZBA4— Ran Israeli (@RanIsraeli) 1634802747.0The entire benefit of the shot was merely a decreased likelihood of getting infected with minor illness for a very short period of time. Keep in mind that numerous studies have shown that those who get the shots are initially more susceptible to getting the virus from the time of the first shot until 14 days after the second shot. As such, we are trading a narrow time frame of decreased likelihood of mild infection for a lifetime of known and unknown side effects for a cohort that does not get clinically ill from this ailment to begin with. Now they want to take this show down the road to the younger children too. Ironically, with the virus circulating so prolifically, most of these children will wind up becoming more likely to get the virus before they even reach the window of “benefit” from the shots. And that’s assuming they haven’t worn off even further with the ever-mutating virus. We are offering young children the equivalent of last year’s flu shot, through a novel mechanism that is infinitely more dangerous.

Thus, it’s no longer enough for governors to simply praise the shots categorically and have their respective health departments promote them like candy, while stopping short of a mandate. It’s time for them to implement a full investigative and regulatory regime that we used to count on the FDA for before they were bought out by Pfizer. The lack of oversight has gotten so bad that the CDC is now allowing the complete destruction of the scientific method and greenlighting the “mixing and matching” of different shots and boosters without any safety data. They want people to get all kinds of shots, as many as they want, and whomever. Facts and safety don’t matter. It’s become a cult. The state governments need to ask all the questions being ignored by the feds and refuse to endorse these shots for anyone, much less kids, until they are answered.

Horowitz: Where are the governors? Now the feds will experiment with failed shots on our young children — Conservative Review