20 Easy Ways to Be a Self Righteous Christian — ChurchLeaders

Self righteous behavior can be hard to pick out of a lineup. Check yourself with this quick guide.

Lust is fairly easy to spot in the mirror. So is gossip and selfishness. Probably bitterness too. But being a self righteous Christian? Well, that’s so much harder to pick out of a line-up because often times it seems, feels, smells and talks like godliness.

Ever wonder why the most self righteous people in the New Testament were religious leaders? Hmm. I’m starting to wonder if self righteousness isn’t the hardest thing for a Christian to see in the mirror.

What was that? You wish there was some kind of “how to know if you’re self righteous guide” written by a pastor from Africa?

Well, folks, it’s your lucky day. Below are 20 quick ways to know if you’re a self righteous Christian. (Note: If it makes you feel any better, a lot of this was pulled from my resume).

20 Easy Ways to be a Self Righteous Christian

1. It’s normal for you to think you have or know “something” spiritually no one else around you has or knows. You also often feel like you have an “up” on others.

2. You assume or expect many people look up to you because of #1.

3. It’s not uncommon for you to walk into a room full of Christians and think “they don’t get it.”

4. People are far often more offended by YOU and and your delivery than they are your actual message.

5. You guilt far more people to action than you inspire.

6. You say things on Facebook about your faith and Christians that you’d never say in person.

7. You have no problem quickly questioning people’s faith—i.e., you’ve posted a Facebook status or tweet that contained the following sentence: “I don’t believe a Christian would …”

8. You never share your weaknesses or when you do, it always has a nice bow at the end of it.

9. You have a hard time relating to those who “don’t get it.”

10.  You think the world would be a better place if everyone was like you.

11. You think your calling should be THE primary calling for all Christians, and deep down you believe it’s the litmus test for true Christianity.

12. You assume the worst about people, and when you challenge others it’s always, “You need to” and not, “We need to.”

13. You actually secretly like and enjoy annoying and ticking off others when you challenge them. You anticipate it. It gives you a rush to tick everyone off. To set off a grenade in the room. (P.S.: Yes, I know Jesus ticked people off, but I don’t think he enjoyed it.)

14. You’re very slow to deflect praise when God uses you to make a difference.

15. You wear your good works on your sleeve, and you make sure everyone knows how you’re making a difference.

16. You rarely publicly say sorry and you get so defensive when people challenge you or your delivery.

17. Your cheering section is only people in your camp. No one who disagrees with you cheers you on.

18. You’re reading this list and getting SUPER defensive, or you’re having imaginary conversations in your head where you’re arguing with me and I’m losing.

19. You’re reading this list and thinking, “None of this is me—I’m awesome.”

20. People are intimidated by you, and you actually like that.

21. When you hear convicting sermons, your first thought is, “I wish so-and-so were here to hear this.”

22. You’re mad that my title said 20 things and I just wrote 22 :).

Alright, folks, if you’ve made it this far—congrats.

Good news: If you can identify with some of this list, you’re not alone. Welcome to the self righteous Christian club. Be encouraged because God is not finished with us. This is just another part of the sanctification process.

Bad news: If you can’t identify with anything on this list and you think it’s for “others,” you’re probably more self righteous than you realize.

20 Easy Ways to Be a Self Righteous Christian — ChurchLeaders

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