October 22 Morning Verse of The Day

83:16 seek your name. The psalm supplies a redemptive reason behind the judgment. As God judges the wickedness of the attackers, they will see their folly and turn to Him.[1]

83:16 that they may seek your name The psalmist seems to indicate that God’s enemies will plead for mercy in desperation after they are defeated.[2]

Ver. 16. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek Thy name, O Lord.Shame leading to salvation:

I. Ungodly men have good cause to be ashamed—

1. Because of the wrong they are doing to their Maker. You pride yourself upon your uprightness and integrity; but must God alone, then, be made to suffer through your injustice? Out of all beings, must He alone who made all other beings be the only one to be neglected?

2. There are many ungodly men who ought to be ashamed because they are acting in opposition to light and knowledge, contrary to their conscience, and against their better judgments.

3. Because of their postponements of what they know to be right.

4. Because of their violation of vows which they have made.

5. Because of their not loving the Lord Jesus Christ, and not trusting such a Saviour as He is.

6. A man ought to be ashamed who will not even think of these things.

II. Now, concerning these ungodly people, let me show you that shame is a very desirable thing if it drives them to God. Hence the prayer, “Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek thy name, O Lord.”

1. Sometimes shame attends the breaking up of self-righteousness.

2. I have known this shame to operate in some when they have done wrong, and have lost the repute they enjoyed among their fellow-creatures.

3. So have I seen failure driving a man to the strong for strength.

4. I have also known men brought to Christ with shame of another sort, shame of mental error leading to a humble faith.

III. The Lord is willing now to receive those who are ashamed of themselves.

1. You are the sort of man to come to Christ, because, first, you have the greatest need of Him. In the time of famine, we give the meal away first to the most hungry family.

2. If you are ashamed of yourself, you are the man to come to Christ, because you will make no bargains with Him. You will say, “Save me, Lord, at any price, and in any way!”

3. And you are the man who will give Him all the glory if you are saved. (C. H. Spurgeon.)[3]

Ver. 16.—Fill their faces with shame; i.e. cause their enterprise to fail, and so bring them to shame and confusion of face. That they may seek thy Name, O Lord. A merciful purpose lies behind the greater number of Divine visitations. They are intended to scourge men into submission, and cause them to turn to God. The psalmist, being in full sympathy with God, desires that his merciful intentions may have effect.[4]

Cover their faces with shame so that men will seek your name, O Lord (v. 16). The request here is for the enemies to be shown their true place and position in God’s sight. The word for ‘shame’ (qâlôn) is a poetic word that often stands as the opposite of ‘honour’. The request is for something more than simply degrading enemies before God and men. Rather, the aim is that they will then come to seek God for themselves.[5]

16 The confidence of the nations will be shaken by God’s sovereign presence. The nations had boastfully claimed that they would rid themselves of the “name” of Israel forever (v. 4). Instead, the psalmist prays for the Lord to change their pride and boasting to “shame.” But he shows a deep awareness of God’s gracious nature as he opens a door to those among the nations who will seek the “name” of Yahweh. This thought is repeated in v. 18. God’s mighty acts in judgment must lead to the recognition that Yahweh alone is God (vv. 17–18)![6]

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