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Supercut of Evangelical Elites Praising Mad Scientist Francis Collins — Protestia

Last month we wrote about how National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins, the acclaimed scientist, geneticist, and professing Christian, released a statement for PRIDE month where he publically revealed himself to be thoroughly compromised on the Christian’s view of LGBTQ issues and the scriptures, offering them his personal support as an “ally” and regurgitating all the progressive talking points he could muster. 

Coupled with him being the founder of BioLogos, the self-described “Christian organization” that seeks to bridge the bible and evolution while insisting that humans evolved from apes 200,000 years ago and that Adam and Eve never actually existed, along with his low view of Church where he made the case that in-person public schooling is a higher priority than in-person church, openly supporting doing experiments on fetal tissue on account that he doesn’t believe human embryos to be life, but only ‘potential life” and refusing to condemn “pregnant people” language, we have no reason to suppose that this man is a brother.

Despite these egregious theological positions, he is beloved by #BigEva and is constantly being foisted upon us as an authority figure or someone we should respect and look up to, though we can’t for the life of us imagine why. Some of his foisters include David French, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Gabe Lyons, Curtis Chang and N.T. Wright, to name a few. Have a supercut below to see this is the case.

This is especially true of Rusell Moore. Despite all the scandal, this has not stopped his paramour from gushing over him, inviting him out to be his special guest for a night of authoritative conversation. 

Do you think that Moore will address the two most recent scandals with Collins including that to quote Laurence Boorstein, “NIH funded an experiment on 44 beagle puppies ages 6-8 months having their vocal cords slit to stop them from barking, howling or crying so researchers wouldn’t hear, having their heads locked in mesh cages so they could be bitten by sandflies before being killed and dissected?

Or the fact that, as summarized by TheFederalist, “NIH has funded macabre experiments that employ body parts collected from aborted human fetuses to create “humanized mouse and rodent models with full-thickness human skin? These sick people were using scaps from aborted babies and grafting them onto mice, and the venerable Francis Collins’s NIH funded it. 

There is a tiny chance that Moore may address it, but only to give him shade and cover, without any effort to hold to his feet to the fire to ask him some real pressing questions. 

Because after all, Collins is a part of the evangelical intelligentsia just like him. 

Supercut of Evangelical Elites Praising Mad Scientist Francis Collins — Protestia



Rev Thomas Littleton


At the recent T4G Conference Mark Dever and Ligon Duncan announced that the events will end in 2022. Christianity Today reported on the Neo Calvinist news story.

T4G Conference Will End in 2022

“With another cofounder leaving, Together for the Gospel prepares for its final event.”  


No amount of explaining or excuses can deflect the hard reality that all is not well in the Neo Calvinist world. The false social justice gospel heralded by the overlapping leadership of T4G and The Gospel Coalition have taken a hard hit and suffered major divisions and defections since the failed 2018 TGC/ERLC co-sponsored event MLK/ 50 . That event in Memphis was said to mark 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. but in fact was a full reveal of the long cloaked and often denied false gospel of the Neo Calvinist behind the Young Restless and Reformed movement. 

Leaders like Mark Dever of 9MARKS , Albert Mohler of SBTS and Ligon Duncan of RTS have long enjoyed unquestioned respect and recognition as conservative theologians. But their conservative credentials failed to provide sustainable cover for their radical departures from the Gospel and even historic Reformed Theology. Trust faded as they descended into the false “Faith And Works ” social justice economics, Diversity Equity & Inclusion cultures and “Equity” -re distribution mission of their movement. 


“The popular reformed evangelical pastors conference Together for the Gospel (T4G) will hold its final gathering in April 2022, following the departure of one of its founders, Albert Mohler.”

“Dever, Duncan, Mohler, and C. J. Mahaney developed the idea for T4G out of their friendship in ministry. They held the first T4G conference in 2006, drawing 3,000 attendees.”

“We were all surprised how many people came,” said Dever, who leads Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC.”


C J Mahaney’s participation ended ,sort of belatedly, after a rather disgusting sex abuse and coverup scandal .

Mohler is now leaving according to CT. “

“The end date for T4G comes as Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, moves on.”

“In a video discussion on the T4G site, Dever said Mohler recently told them, “Brothers, I love you guys very much, but I’ve just got to do other things now.” Dever and Duncan cited Mohler’s involvement with a new opinion section at World magazine and his role in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is facing deepening divides and institutional shakeups.”


Yes the SBC has problems and much of it is due to Albert Mohler’s long list of Social Justice warriors like Russell Moore who spent 24 years at SBTS as a student, professor, dean and provost. Moore also spent a disaster filled 8 years at the ERLC misrepresenting Southern Baptist and is now being sued by a former member of the SBC Executive Committee for defamation after Moore’s “leaked emails” somehow found their way to his good friends at secular news outlets like the Washington Post.This was all just in time to impact the SBC annual meeting and the Presidential race for head of the SBC in 2021 .This was a race in which Mohler himself was running and lost by a shamefully distant and telling 3rd place despite his protege’s efforts to vilify Mohler’s key opposition. 

Mohler disciple Moore was part of the planners of MLK/50 at which he had accused Baptist in the South of “Worshipping Jim Crow as Jesus “. Moore and Mohler never backed off their narratives and by June in Dallas TX for the annual SBC meetings they were pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT) openly with multiple SBTS professors in tow. By 2019 this same Mohler CRT team of SBTS profs were heading the SBC Resolutions Committee which altered a resolution condemning CRT and Intersectionality into affirmation of them as “Analytical Tools” with the Gospel. CRT has since become THE core issue dividing both the SBC /PCA and even the general public related to education. Secular media has now been covering the broader controversies over CRT among it’s top stories almost daily for over a year.

Mohler and his underlings simply had the SBC early to the issue and ahead of the curve with its deceptions by several years. 

Also by 2018 a 15 year Mohler disciple and SBTS New Testament teacher Nate Collins had launched the Revoice “LGBT+ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition ” movement which further shook up both the SBC and PCA confidence in their “conservative ” theologians. Unless you can agree that “Queer Culture and Queer Theory” will bring with them “treasures into the New Jerusalem” and that the “Nuclear Family is an Idol” as 1990s Feminist Theologians asserted , then you cannot help but reject Revoice or the Seminaries like SBTS and the PCAs CTS who incubated and supported it. The radical LGBTQ “Christianity ” movement came home to roost with the Neo Calvinist who helped birth it.

The full hand of intersectionality against Southern Baptist has yet to be played . Intersectionality engages the kind of feminism behind the Me-Too movement which Mohler and friends look to have used to remove another Baptist seminaries leader /non Neo Calvinist Paige Patterson from office as President of SWBTS.

Mohler called it:

“The Wrath of God Poured Out—The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention.”

That was May 2018 but efforts to platform the Wrath of God blew up once the SBTS Revoice ties were exposed and simply would not go away. The Patterson story faded and only with the February 2019 Houston Chronicle SBC Sex Abuse Scandal ( the one Mohler protege Moore is being sued for defamation over related to his accusations and leaked emails ) brought the Me-Too movement and the obviously expected “women’s empowerment ” movement back into full swing aimed at the SBC. 


Ligon Duncan’s PCA denomination is in a similar pickle due to MLK/ 50 and the resulting exposure of CRT and of the tolerance and outright promotion of the Revoice movement as well. 

Duncan famously declared in the face of the groundswell of controversy that “Ligon Duncan ain’t groovin with no Cultural Marxism “. But of course he was even if he did not understand it given that CRT has it’s origins in Cultural Marist ideologies. 

(From the CT article on Duncan)

“In 2018, Duncan repented of racial blindness and discussed his friendship with African American pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, who spoke at T4G events from 2008 to 2018. David Platt preached from Amos on race, asking why so many evangelical churches and ministries, including T4G, were so white.”

The country boy “ah shucks” manner of Duncan often makes him the object of jokes even in his own reformed circles and to further detail his failure to resist the invading forces which are likely dismantling their Neo Calvinist movement would almost seem cruel and unfair given his apparent limited ability to understand it . 



Mark Dever must see the handwriting on the wall that God’s judgement is on their movement and it is collapsing.

It was Dever who first said in 2017 Phoenix SBC annual meetings that Mohler was a liberal theologically in his undergraduate days and made such a radical shift to the right that his liberal base thought he was faking it and following the prevailing winds in the SBC. These revelations were in an interview with Tom Ascol of the Founders Movement . Founders is a more historic Reformed movement in the SBC of which Mohler has long been a part. Of course none of Mohler’s remaining faithful flock have connected the fact that Mohler was a student at SBTS while it was on its death slide into liberalism. It was Mohler who is credited with saving the SBC flagship seminary from liberals grasp yet he began immediately turning out and promoting liberals like Russell Moore into SBC LEADERSHIP. 

That is all a lot to think about and digest so take your time.

Back to Dever

Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Church and 2 other 9MARKS affiliates were the first state side group of churches to bring in the Church of England / TGC/ Tim Keller/ Living Out promoted “LGBTQ inclusion Church Audits ” to force conservative churches into welcome & inclusion, Sharing Children with and hiring LGBTQ staff. 

Dever also has his own version of Russell Moore in the 9MARKS editor Jonathan Leeman, who Dever ( and not Leeman’s own TGC or 9MARKS bios) revealed is a graduate of Fabian Socialist place of origin London School of Economics. Leeman, like Moore loves to accuse Baptist and other Christians of things like “Christian Nationalism ” and “Waging a Culture War” for having biblical convictions which are reflected in their worldview, appreciation for America or voting for people like President Donald Trump.

Dever, Leeman and the 9MARKS crew LOVE to lecture on and promote their version church leadership THEY call “Plurality of Elders”. The assertion is that this is the Biblical model for the church. But for any who have experienced it’s (and TGC in general) tyrannical and oppressive applications against concerned believers and whistleblowers -the lack of Biblical basis becomes obvious and the reality of it’s extreme abuses equally as glaring. 

In fact the Neo-Calvinist mode is built on being extremely abusive and deceptive. While it promotes itself as a conservative theological movement- it in fact betrays itself by it’s own teachings and political focus as a progressive political movement seeking social change …NOT Gospel transformation. 


“Mohler said in a statement to CT, “Each of us faces questions of urgency and priority in life and ministry. At this stage in my life, I need to concentrate on helping the SBC and working on some important new priorities, including WORLD Opinions.”

“Ligon Duncan and Mark Dever are two of the closest and dearest friends I ever hope to have on earth,” he said, “and I pray God’s blessing on the T4G 2022 gathering, which will be a tremendous blessing to pastors.“

“Pastors David Platt and Alastair Begg were added to the April 2022 lineup, with Mohler taken off.”


“The Gospel Coalition’s Collin Hansen, in a tribute to T4G, called it “the visible manifestation of the ‘Young, Restless, Reformed,’” the name of his book about the movement, and celebrated it as an early gathering place for Reformed pastors.”

“T4G’s lineup has shifted over the years, especially as it addressed issues like sexual sin and racism.”


“Dever and Duncan said there’s something exciting, or even freeing, about it being their final conference.”

“They emphasized being able to use the T4G stage to introduce new, lesser-known speakers this year who aren’t on what Duncan called the “celebrity circuit.” Four of 14 plenary speakers in the 2022 lineup are African or African American.”

“I’m pretty pumped about this being the last one and maybe being the best one,” Dever said.”


What is likely happening is that T4G and TGC are not able to deliver the kind of influence they once peddled for their backers and TO the aging YR&R base. In short they are exposed and Christianity Today is pretty much admitting it.

The party is over. The attendance is likely down and made the conferences no longer profitable. Perhaps they are just tired of hearing their own voices in the echo chamber. It is highly likely that they just know that to continue will mean even greater exposure leaving little hope of living out their days as some icons of Neo Calvinism. Also it just might be that the whole smelly mess corrupting evangelicalism for the last decade and a half is being completely collapsed by Divine Judgement and also that Mohler was half right but just missed the reality that God’s target was not the resurgence old guard but was actually the Neo-Calvinist themselves.

We can thank God for that and pray for His mercies to restore the damage the Neo Calvinist have done for so many years. 

Ezekiel 11 

Vision of Israel’s Corrupt Leaders

11 “The Spirit then lifted me up and brought me to the eastern gate of the Lord’s house, which faces east, and at the gate’s entrance were 25 men. Among them I saw Jaazaniah son of Azzur, and Pelatiah son of Benaiah, leaders of the people. The Lord said to me, “Son of man, these are the men who plan evil and give wicked advice in this city. They are saying, ‘Isn’t the time near to build houses? The city is the pot, and we are the meat.’ Therefore, prophesy against them. Prophesy, son of man!”


Should Christians Judge Others? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Are Christians too harsh in their judgment of others? Should Christians refrain from judging altogether?  J. Warner answers these questions as part of the Summit Ministries Video Series. For more information about Summit Ministries and their amazing two-week immersion experience for students, please visit their website.

To see more training videos with J. Warner and Jimmy Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.

For more information about the nature of Biblical faith and a strategy for communicating the truth of Christianity, please read Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith. This book teaches readers four reasonable, evidential characteristics of Christianity and provides a strategy for sharing Christianity with others. The book is accompanied by an eight-session Forensic Faith DVD Set (and Participant’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

Should Christians Judge Others? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

The Final Demonic Utopian Delusion of “Peace and Safety” which Leads to the Day of the Lord! — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

Dear friends, we today as fallen humanity are totally living in an EXPONENTIAL Isaiah 5:20 world! Today, unregenerate Americans (conservatives, liberals, moderates, progressives, Marxists, and communists) in their godless utopian optimistic delusions, go around continually saying, “Peace and Safety!”, “Peace and Safety”! As blind clueless fools and sheep to the slaughter, they are led about by lawless unbelief and the god of this fallen world to outwork his lawless will unto their ETERNAL ruin (2 Cor. 4:2-4; Eph. 2:1-2, 1 John 5:19)! My dear friends, the Day of the Lord is at the very door and the ETERNAL King of Kings and Prince of Peace’s return is at hand! That is the REALITY America needs to hear and fully embrace in our dire hour, but what I just shared with you is absolute foolishness to a lawless unregenerate America! No wonder there is no mention of the United States of America in Bible prophecy.

“Peace and Safety”, as Almighty God’s Word defines it; is the unattainable demonic delusional godless spirit that seeks in vain to pursue fallen man’s unregenerate utopian optimism dreams of world peace.

We as a fallen unregenerate world have been for 6000 years seeking, “Peace and Safety”… which we have never even come close to achieving (Eccl. 1:1-3). War, war, war, oppression, oppression, oppression, ruin, ruin, ruin, death, death, death has only ever been the outcome because of man’s unregenerate, unfulfilled, godless unbridled passions (Gen. 6, Dan. 7, Rom. 1:18-32, James 4:1-3). “Peace and Safety”, as Almighty God’s Word defines it; is the unattainable demonic delusional godless spirit that seeks in vain to pursue fallen man’s unregenerate utopian optimism dreams of world peace (Prov. 16:25, Rom. 1:18-32, Isa. 57:20). It is the sincere desire of every generation to obtain such but absolutely unattainable without the ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus Christ (Isa. 9:6-7; 11:1-12; 32:17, Dan. 2:44-45, 7:13-14; Eph. 2:14). The fallen god of this world fully knows this and has set forth unregenerate humanity on an ETERNAL plan of ruin since the beginning (Gen. 3, John 3:36; 8:44, Gal. 1:4, Eph. 2:1-3, 1 Peter 5:8, 1 John 2:15-17). His aim is to provide all unrighteous delusion, deception, false utopian dreams and hopes to keep man perpetually distracted and away from the ETERNAL Lord of ETERNAL LIFE and his ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator’s propitiation (Matt. 7:13-14;13:19; John 8:44, 2 Cor. 4:2-4, Eph. 2:1-3, 1 John 4:10). Satan today, just as in the Garden of Edan, is continually seeking to keep mankind distracted and away from the Tree of ETERNAL LIFE so that he may ETERNALLY destroy them in his rage against Almighty God and His ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS (Gen. 3;7; Matt. 7:13-14). Mankind in their godless unbelief is ever seeking that which does not exist and indeed this is the greatest evil, deception, and ETERNAL vanity of all (Prov. 16:25; Eccl. 1-12; Eph. 2:1-3, Rev. 20:11-15).
Mankind in their godless unbelief is ever seeking that which does not exist and indeed this is the greatest evil, deception, and ETERNAL vanity of all!

Lucifer the fallen seeks to continually and perpetually blind the eyes of the unregenerate humanity and give them continual strawmen, optimistic vain dreams, red herrings, cattle to chase, and unattainable utopian dead ends in vain to pursue (Prov. 16:25, Eccl. 1-12). Fallen man in his unrighteousness seeks continually to put Humpty Dumpy back together again when Humpty Dumpty is absolutely unrepairable and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men are ravished by the effects of sin and lawlessness and unable to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Fallen mankind today, in this EXPONENTIALLY growing high tech world and order is so demonically energized and distracted in their godless utopian pursuits that they are absolutely oblivious to the very hour in which they live. As moral absolutes are EXPONENTIALLY eroded away for the legalization and acceptance of the bazaar and adnominal there are absolutely no remedies at hand in the few moments we possess to repair and heal our national culture and society. Yet, the spirit of “Peace and Safety” dominates the world and delusional saviors and solutions seek to save. No wonder that the LORD JESUS and the Spirit of Almighty God through the epistle writers stated very soberly, that the Day of the Lord will come as a total thief in the night and with it total EXPONENTIAL global tribulation (Matt. 24:43, Luke 17:26-29, 1 Thes. 5:1-6, 2 Thess. 2:3, 2 Peter 3:10; Rev. 6-19)! 
Americans in their godless utopian optimistic delusions, go around saying, “Peace and Safety!”, “Peace and Safety”! As blind clueless fools and sheep to the slaughter, they are led about by unbelief and the god of this fallen world to outwork his lawless will unto their ETERNAL ruin!

Wake up O foolish America, the Day of the Lord is at hand! Repent of your personal sins and be made right with your ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator by receiving Almighty God’s RIGHTEOUS Savior and Propitiation for your souls; the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16-21; Acts 4:12; 16:28-32, Rom. 10:2-4; 1 John 4:10; 5:13)! Be a fool and tool of Satan no more (2 Cor. 4:2-4, Eph. 2:1-3)!

Do you personally know the Lord Jesus as your Savior? This invitation is not a religious philosophy or a personal perspective but a personal relationship in RIGHTEOUSNESS and REALITY to you from your ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator in PERFECT LOVE!
My friend, do you personally know the Lord Jesus as your Savior? This invitation is not a religious philosophy or a personal perspective but a personal relationship in RIGHTEOUSNESS and REALITY to you from your ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator in PERFECT LOVE (John 1:12; 3:16-17; 1 John 4:10, Rev. 3:20)! Truly, the question that needs to be asked is; How can anyone REJECT the ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS LOVE of the Lord Jesus and His personal sacrifice for you from ETERNAL vanity and ruin?

How can anyone REJECT the ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS LOVE of the Lord Jesus and His personal sacrifice for you from ETERNAL vanity and ruin?
Dear friends, this world is getting EXPONENTIALLY worse as Almighty God’s Word said it would be, But there is ALWAYS hope in Almighty God! May you place your trust in Jesus today! You will NEVER be the same!!!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!!


“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.” 1 Thes. 5:1-6


The Final Demonic Utopian Delusion of “Peace and Safety” which Leads to the Day of the Lord! — The Ignorant Fishermen Blog

October 25 Evening Quotes of The Day

Sin Disguises Itself and Is Welcomed
2 Samuel 3:27; Matthew 26:48–49; Mark 14:44–45; Luke 22:47–48

Sin goes in a disguise, and thence is welcome; like Judas, it kisses and kills; like Joab, it salutes and slays. The foolish sinner sees the pleasant streams of Jordan, but not the Dead Sea, into which they will certainly empty themselves.


Ritzema, E., & Vince, E. (Eds.). (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Teresa’s Bookmark
Psalm 27:1–3; Matthew 6:34; Philippians 4:6; James 1:17

Let nothing disturb you;
Naught fright you ever;
All things are passing;
God changeth never.
Patience e’er conquers;
With God for your own
Thou nothing dost lack—
He sufficeth alone!


Ritzema, E. (2013). 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Reformation. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

Our Only Comfort in Life and Death: An Invitation to the Heidelberg Catechism — Credo Magazine


The latest issue of Credo Magazine focuses on Confessions every Christian should read. The following is one of the issue’s featured articles by Daniel R. Hyde, pastor of Oceanside United Reformed Church in Carlsbad/Oceanside, CA, and Adjunct Instructor at Mid-America Reformed Seminary and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Hey fellow sinners! How do you know you are SAVED? Why do you believe what you SAY you believe? Tragically many Christians… do not have a clue as to WHY they believe it from the Holy Scriptures…. If you will study this inspiring little volume in one hand with your Bible in the other, you will know why you believe what you say you believe…. I commend this historic volume to you knowing the body of Christ will be stronger and better equipped to build the Kingdom together!

I had been a Christian all of two years. I was disillusioned by my Pentecostal experience. Then I heard the Heidelberg Catechism mentioned on the White Horse Inn, and I had to find a copy. I checked the college bookstore; no luck. I went to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s bookstore; no way Jose! Then I found a Christian bookstore with a large used section. I wandered around, scanned dozens upon dozens of shelves. Eureka!

I was a 19-year old, disillusioned, Pentecostal college student searching out a 400-year old catechism. I opened it, read the above Foreward, and noticed the words came from Paul Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network! This couldn’t be right. A Word of Faith preacher recommending the catechism I heard on the White Horse Inn? Amazingly, it’s true.

I still have that little paperback on my shelf to remind me “I once was lost, but now am found.” I want to invite you to take up this Heidelberg Catechism so that you’ll discover its joys and treasures for yourself.

Highlights of the Heidelberg: The Who, What, When, Where, & Why

When was the Heidelberg Catechism published? January 19, 1563. That’s only 90 years since the final fall of the Roman Empire at Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks; 46 years since Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses; 37 years since William Tyndale published his New Testament; 34 years since the Ottomans were seen at the gates of Vienna; 4 years since the final edition of John Calvin’s Institutes, and just 1 month since the Council of Trent came to an end. It had been a turbulent century and even decade.

Where was it written and published? In Heidelberg, the capital city of the Palatinate. This was a German-speaking region within the Holy Roman Empire. Its roots were ancient, being mentioned as far back as the 6th century during the time of the Frankish King, Childebert I.The roots of catechisms come from Old Testament creeds and confessions like the Shema (Deut. 6:4) and the New Testament’s “Christ is Lord! Click To Tweet

By 1546 Protestantism was the religion of the realm. Yet Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, crushed the Protestants in 1547 at the Battle of Mühlberg, and the Augsburg Interim re-introduced Roman practice with minor concessions of communion in both kinds and clerical marriage. The 1555 Peace of Augsburg granted secular princes the right to determine their realms’ religion between Lutheranism and Catholicism. In 1556 Otto Heinrich began to reign as an enthusiastic Lutheran. Yet by adding professors of various theological stripes to Heidelberg University, he caused factions between strict Lutherans, Melanchthonian Lutherans, and Zurich-minded Reformed men. Otto died and his successor, Frederick III, sponsored a Disputation from June 3–7, 1560 on the mode of Christ’s presence at the Lord’s Supper leading to him supporting the Reformed cause.

What is a “catechism?” It’s not a Roman Catholic thing but a small “c” catholic thing, meaning, an ancient Christian thing. The roots of catechisms come from Old Testament creeds and confessions like the Shema (Deut. 6:4) and the New Testament’s “Christ is Lord!” “Catechism” comes from the Greek verb κατηχέω, which is a compound word from κατα, “down,” and ηχέω, “sound;” thus meaning, “I sound down” (Luke 1:4; Acts 18:25; 21:2, 24; Rom. 2:18; 1 Cor. 14:19; Gal. 6:6). Catechism is teaching by using questions and expecting an answer. The early Church needed a basic way to guide new converts and members of Christ’s Church into knowledge of what they believed. They had to be “catechized.” The basic outline was the Apostles’ Creed, the Sacraments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.

Who wrote the Heidelberg Catechism? I’ve already mentioned its “father,” Elector Frederick III. He is said to have read over it several times when in draft form to compare it with the Word. When he was called to defend it before the Imperial Diet of Augsburg against the charge that it was written by Heinrich Bullinger, he said he could show in his own handwriting how he improved it in several places!

When it was published, Frederick appended a letter which claimed it was written “with the advice and cooperation of our entire theological faculty…and of all Superintendents and distinguished servants (or, ministers) of the Church.” Since the Palatinate had come into the Reformation with several factions and viewpoints within its ministers and faculty, anonymity and collective authorship stressed the unity of the Elector’s reformation between Calvinist, Zwinglian, and Philippist influences.

The theological faculty consisted of Zacharius Ursinus (1534–83), a twenty-eight year old professor of theology, Immanuel Tremmelius, professor of Old Testament, and Petrus Boquinus, professor of New Testament. The superintendents were nine pastors whose tasks included ordaining other pastors, visiting the congregations in their districts twice a year, and leading and preaching in vacant congregations.

One of the most well-known and important to the Catechism was Caspar Olevianus (1536–87), a twenty–six year old preacher at St. Peter’s Church and later Heidelberg’s main Holy Spirit Church. Amongst the distinguished servants (ministers) of the Church was Thomas Erastus (1524–83), professor of medicine at the University, Frederick’s personal physician, and a lay member of the Palatinate’s Kirchenrat or church council.

Why was this Catechism written? Frederick’s appended letter described the problem being that the youth of his principality were “disposed to be careless in respect to Christian doctrine, both in the schools and churches.” Some weren’t instructed at all while others were instructed in an unsystematic way without a clear catechism. The Catechism was the remedy. It was intended to do three things: 1) provide a “fixed form and model” of Christian doctrine for his realm; 2) instruct the youth of the Palatinate in school and church; and 3) enable the pastors and schoolteachers of the Palatinate to preach/teach.

The Theme of the Heidelberg: Living and Dying in Comfort

Let’s focus on the Heidelberg Catechism’s two opening programmatic questions and answers, Q&A 1 introduces the theme of the Catechism: Living and Dying in Comfort. Sometimes preachers come up with more alliterated, memorable outlines such as Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude; or Sin, Salvation, and Service. This “threefold knowledge” as one commentator called it, follows the big picture of Paul’s letter to the Romans. After his introductory greetings in Romans 1:1–17, Paul goes on to speak of worldwide judgment (1:18–3:20), salvation for the world of Jews and Gentiles (3:21–11:36), and how the saved are to live in sacrificial service to one another (chs. 12–16).

Q&A 1, the theme, asks and answers:

What is your only comfort in life and in death?

That I am not my own, but belong—body and soul, in life and in death—to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ. He has fully paid for all my sins with his precious blood, and has delivered me from the tyranny of the devil. He also watches over me in such a way that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven; in fact, all things must work together for my salvation. Because I belong to him, Christ, by his Holy Spirit, also assures me of eternal life and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for him.

What is “Comfort?”

Don’t impute an image of feeling “comfy” or being “comfortable” when you hear comfort (trost, German; consolatio, Latin). Ursinus wrote, “Comfort is that which results from a certain process of reasoning, in which we oppose something good to something evil, that by a proper consideration of this good, we may mitigate our grief, and patiently endure the evil.”Comfort speaks of the assurance that I ultimately will be in the presence of God. Click To Tweet

When I compare and contrast the good of Jesus Christ’s grace with the evil of my sins, I experience trostconsolatio, comfort; I experience certainty. Ursinus explained that comfort is “the assurance and confident expectation” that we will have a “full and perfect enjoyment” of our salvation “in the life to come, with a beginning and foretaste of it already, in this life.” Comfort speaks of the assurance that I ultimately will be in the presence of God.

Having comfort is so urgent and vital. Sudden and tragic deaths remind the world that life under the sun is fallen, fragile, fleeting, and feels futile. We’re all going to die. Karl Barth wrote, “Human life has an eschatological edge, a boundary line.” In the words of King Solomon, whether you’re righteous or wicked, good or evil, clean or unclean, make a sacrifice to God or not: “as the good one is, so is the sinner…the same event happens to all” (Ecc. 9:2, 3).

The Lord God told Adam after sinning: “You are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Gen. 3:19). David memorably sung the Lord “knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust. As for man, his days are like grass; he flourishes like a flower of the field; for the wind passes over it, and it is gone” (Ps. 103:14–16). Job reflected on humanity: “He comes out [of the womb] like a flower and withers; he flees like a shadow and continues not” (14:2). It’s urgent to have all-encompassing comfort body and soul, in life and in death.

Personal Comfort

What is your only comfort…That I am not my own. This isn’t some frozen or static question. It’s personal; it’s passionate! Whenever you read question 1, you’re confronted with recommitting yourself to the Triune God. If you do not yet trust in Jesus, this question asks you to consider what you’re hoping in. This isn’t merely a head-knowledge kind of question and answer either. B.B. Warfield criticized this personalness saying the Heidelberg is overly subjective in contrast to the objective Westminster Catechisms. But the Heidelberg teaches that our subjective comfort is rooted in and produced by what is objectively good. Comfort is Christological. Heidelberg begins with who we are in Christ, while Westminster begins with what we ought to do.The Heidelberg Catechism teaches that our subjective comfort is rooted in and produced by what is objectively good. Comfort is Christological. Click To Tweet

The Christ of our Comfort

After we say what our only comfort is, we go on to express why Jesus is our only comfort: that I am not my own, but belong…to my faithful Savior, Jesus Christ. “For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s” (Rom. 14:7–8); “[Christ] gave himself for us” that we might be “a people for his own possession” (Tit. 2:14). I belong to Jesus Christ; this is the key to comfort. Belonging to Christ is “uniquely Christian comfort.” Why? Because it’s

. . . a comfort consisting in the assurance of the free remission of sin, and of reconciliation with God, by and on account of Christ, and a certain expectation of eternal life, impressed upon the heart by the holy Spirit through the gospel, so that we have no doubt but that we are the property of Christ, and are beloved of God for his sake, and saved forever.

We belong to Christ; what’s he done to make us his own? The answer goes on to list theological descriptions of what Jesus did; but these aren’t merely theological words, they’re our responses to the devil’s accusations.

Our Only Comfort in Life and Death: An Invitation to the Heidelberg Catechism — Credo Magazine

Faith Minus Reason Equals Irrational Unbelief — Grace to You Blog

Many people mistakenly think of faith as inherently noble. A once-popular song extols the virtue of faith, or believing: “I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.” No one really believes that, of course, but that is not the point.


Faith Minus Reason Equals Irrational Unbelief — Grace to You Blog

October 25 Evening Verse of The Day

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11:2 Arrogance makes a person an obstinate fool or mocker (see note at 1:22) who will be disgraced (13:18). Wisdom comes from the fear of the Lord (9:10), which comes from faith and presupposes humility—giving up arrogance and self-sufficiency.[1]

11:2 pride … disgrace. Wisdom recognizes the importance of self-control. Arrogance and pride are easily recognized by others who will then withhold honor.

with the humble is wisdom. Because humility involves the realistic appraisal of one’s place in relationship to others, it promotes a wise sense of the true order of things.[2]

11:2 Pride comes Arrogance is a trait of the fool (Prov 12:15; 21:24).[3]

11:2 The value of humility anticipates the humility of Christ (Matt. 11:29) and of his people (Luke 14:11; Eph. 4:2; see note on Prov. 3:34).[4]

11:2 pride. From a root meaning “to boil,” or “to run over,” indicating an overwhelmingly arrogant attitude or behavior. It is used of ordinary men (Dt 17:12, 13); kings (Ne 9:10); Israel (Ne 9:16, 29); false prophets (Dt 18:20); and murderers (Ex 21:14). the humble. A rare word, which appears in Mic 6:8: “walk humbly with your God.” This humble and teachable spirit is first of all directed toward God (cf. 15:33; 16:18, 19; 18:12; 22:4).[5]

11:2 Many proverbs contrast the arrogant with the humble, as this one does. The Hebrew word for pride comes from a root that means “to boil up”; it refers to a raging arrogance or insolence. The image pictures the presumptuous or arrogant behavior of the godless person. Such behavior always leads to shame.[6]

11:2 First, pride; then a fall; then comes shame connected with the fall. But to be humble and down-to-earth reduces the danger of stumbling.[7]

11:2. This verse contains an interesting combination of words. Pride leads to disgrace, its opposite, while humility (this Heb. noun is used only here and its verbal form is used only in Micah 6:8, “walk humbly”), which pictures a submissive, modest spirit before both God and man, leads to or is accompanied by wisdom. Proverbs 13:10 also contrasts pride and wisdom. The word for “pride” (zāḏôn, “arrogance”; cf. 13:10) is from the verb zîḏ, “to boil up” (cf. “cooking,” Gen. 25:29) and sounds much like the Hebrew word for disgrace (qālôn).[8]

11:2. Proverbs repeatedly asserts that the wise person is teachable (cf. 13:1, 10; 15:5). The pride of fools will bring them dishonor because they are too arrogant (and self-deceived) to be taught by those wiser than they are. The wise are humble. Being self-aware, they are teachable and therefore grow in wisdom.[9]

Ver. 2. When pride cometh, then cometh shame.Pride:

I shall first describe to you the several kinds of pride among mankind, and show you their folly and wickedness; and, secondly, point out to you the beauty and advantage of their opposite virtue, humility.

I. The vice of pride puts on a great variety of appearances, and is found in every rank and condition of human life. Pride of station claims our first notice. “Man being in authority,” is too apt to be “proud at heart”; to be “puffed up” with this distinction; to consider himself as a being of a higher order than the rest of his fellow sinners; and to look upon those with disdain who are lower in the scale of society than himself. But what do the Scriptures say to such a vain and foolish mortal as this? They tell him that “man will not long abide in honour, seeing he may be compared to the beast that perisheth.” They tell him that “men of high degree are a lie; to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity.”

2. Nor is the pride of birth less unreasonable than that of rank. Even a heathen in ancient times could see its absurdity, and say, “for as to family and ancestors, and what we have not done ourselves, we can scarcely call those things ours.”

3. Of the same wicked and foolish character is pride of riches. Reason tells us that riches cannot give dignity of character, superiority of intellect, vigour of body, endowments of mind, peace of conscience, cheerfulness of heart, or any one of those advantages which form the chief blessings of life; and, therefore, are a very insufficient foundation for “pride of heart.”

4. Pride of talent, and pride of learning, also ill become “man that is born of a woman.” A disease, an accident, “a sudden terror,” may overset the mind, and turn all our light into “utter darkness.” Of the pride of beauty, in order to show its folly, it need only be said, in the language of inspiration, “surely all flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field; the grass withereth, and the flower fadeth.”

5. The pride of judgment, also, which is too often the pride of the young and ignorant, is of the like foolish description, and is equally rebuked by the Holy Scriptures. It is a common and a true observation, that those who know least generally imagine that they know most, and know best.

6. But, of all kinds of pride, spiritual pride, or the conceit and boast of being holier than others, is the worst description of this bad passion: most hateful to God, and most dangerous to our souls.

II. Opposite, however, as the mid-day sun to “utter darkness,” is the character given in Scripture of lowliness or humility: and the view of the blessings which are promised upon those in whom it is found. “When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.” When we consider the nature of man, fallen and far gone from original righteousness, one might well think that men should of their own accord see the propriety, the necessity, of the grace of humility in their character. Our Lord has bound meekness and poverty of spirit upon our consciences by His injunctions, and encouraged our obedience to His injunctions by assuring us that “the meek and the poor in spirit shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.” He has declared to us that those who “humble themselves shall be exalted”; and finally, to give the greatest possible weight and effect to what He said, He left us, in His own practice, the most perfect example of the graces which He enjoined to His followers: for “He made Himself of no reputation,” &c. (R. Warner.)

The advent and evil of pride:

I. The advent of pride. Pride is inordinate self-appreciation. This feeling comes to a soul; it is not born in it. Infancy and childhood are free from it. How does it come?

1. By associating only with inferiors.

2. By practically ignoring the true standards of character. When we lose sight of the eternal law of rectitude, and judge ourselves only by the imperfect standards around us, pride is likely to come.

3. By a practical disregard to the majesty of God. The conscious presence of God humbles.

II. The evil of pride. “Then cometh shame.” The man who has formed a false and exaggerated estimate of self must be disappointed one day. Man must always find his level; he must come to realities.

1. Shame of folly. The soul bursts with a sense of its own foolish estimate.

2. Shame of guilt. Pride is a wrong state of mind, and hence shame follows it. (D. Thomas, D.D.)

The shame of pride:

The haughty and overbearing conduct of Cardinal Wolsey created him many secret enemies, and it was his ostentation and love of power which caused him to lose the favour of his sovereign. Proud of his talents, his wealth, his position, his sole aim was to raise himself still higher, all his actions being directed to his own aggrandisements; and this eagerness lay at the root of his downfall, it being impossible for him to please Henry in the matter of the divorce without losing all hope of the popedom. He felt severely the shame of his first disgrace, and offered to surrender both office and wealth to avert the king’s displeasure; but, being allowed to retire to his archbishopric, he again excited the envy of his political rivals by his pride and love of show, and, being arrested for high treason, the whilom leader of the State died broken-hearted on his journey to London.


Among all the vices against which Solomon has cautioned us (and he has scarce left one untouched), there is none upon which he animadverts with more severity, or to which he more frequently recalls our attention, than the vice of pride; for which there may be many reasons assigned, but, more particularly, two seem to deserve our consideration.

1. The first is the extensiveness of the sin. Other vices tyrannise over particular ages, and triumph in particular countries. Rage is the failing of youth, and avarice of age; revenge is the predominant passion of one country, and inconstancy the charasteristic of another; but pride is the native of every country, infects every climate, and corrupts every nation.

2. The second reason may be drawn from the circumstances of the preacher. Pride was probably a crime to which Solomon himself was most violently tempted, since he was placed in every circumstance that could expose him to it. He was a king absolute and independent, and by consequence surrounded with sycophants ready to second the first motions of self-love, to comply with every proposal, and flatter every failing. But Solomon had not only the pride of royalty to suppress, but the pride of prosperity, of knowledge, and of wealth.

I. The nature of pride, with its attendants and consequences. Pride, simply considered, is an immoderate degree of self-esteem, or an over-value set upon a man by himself, and, like most other vices, is founded originally on an intellectual falsehood. But this definition sets this vice in the fairest light, and separates it from all its consequences, by considering man without relation to society, and independent of all outward circumstances. Pride, thus defined, is only the seed of that complicated sin against which we are cautioned in the text. In speculation pride may be considered as ending where it began, and exerting no influences beyond the bosom in which it dwells; but in real life pride will always be attended with kindred passions, and produce effects equally injurious to others, and destructive to itself.

1. He that overvalues himself will undervalue others, and he that undervalues others will oppress them. Pride has been able to harden the heart against compassion, and stop the ears against the cries of misery. It makes masters cruel and imperious, and magistrates insolent and partial. It produces contempt and injuries, and dissolves the bond of society. Nor is this species of pride more hurtful to the world than destructive to itself. The oppressor unites heaven and earth against him.

2. He that sets too high a value upon his own merits will, of course, think them ill-rewarded with his present condition. He will endeavour to exalt his fortune and his rank above others, in proportion as his deserts are superior to theirs. Once fired with these notions, he will attempt to increase his fortune and enlarge his sphere; and how few there are that prosecute such attempts with innocence, a very transient observation will sufficiently inform us. To pride, therefore, must be ascribed most of the fraud, injustice, violence, and extortion, by which wealth is frequently acquired.

3. Another concomitant of pride is envy, or the desire of debasing others. A proud man is uneasy and dissatisfied, while any of those applauses are bestowed on another, which he is desirous of himself.

4. Another consequence of immoderate self-esteem is an insatiable desire of propagating in others the favourable opinion he entertains of himself. He therefore tortures his invention for means to make himself conspicuous, and to draw the eyes of the world upon him. But for the most part it is ordered by Providence that the schemes of the ambitious are disappointed, so that “still when pride cometh, then cometh shame, but with the lowly is wisdom.”

II. Some of the usual motives to pride, and how little they can be pleaded in excuse of it. A superior being that should look down upon the disorder and corruption of our world, that should observe the shortness of our lives, the weakness of our bodies, the continual accidents, or injuries, to which we are subject; the violence of our passions, the irregularity of our conduct, and the transitory state of everything about us, would hardly believe there could be among us such vice as pride. Yet so it is, that however weak or wicked we may be, we fix our eyes on some other that is represented by our self-love to be weaker, or more wicked, than ourselves, and grow proud upon the comparison. Another common motive to pride is knowledge, a motive equally weak, vain, and idle, with the former. Learning indeed, imperfect as it is, may contribute to many great and noble ends, and may be called in to the assistance of religion. But how little reason have we to boast of our knowledge, when we only gaze and wonder at the surface of things? When the wisest and most arrogant philosopher knows not how a grain of corn is generated, or why a stone falls to the ground? But were our knowledge far greater than it is, let us yet remember that goodness, not knowledge, is the happiness of man! There is another more dangerous species of pride, arising from a consciousness of virtue; so watchful is the enemy of our souls, and so deceitful are our own hearts, that too often a victory over one sinful inclination exposes us to be conquered by another. This kind of pride is generally accompanied with great uncharitableness, and severe censures of others, and may obstruct the great duty of repentance.

III. The amiableness and excellence of humility. To evince beyond opposition the excellence of this virtue, we may observe that the life of our Lord was one continued exercise of humility. (John Taylor, LL.D.)

Pride leading to shame:

Tirmond, one of the Czar’s ablest surgeons, and to whom he was much attached, having died, his widow married a young barber from Dantzic, who was somewhat more expert in gallantry than in surgery; as he became very wealthy by this marriage, he made a great figure at Moscow. Being one day sent for by the Czar, he went to court in a magnificent dress, and in one of his elegant carriages. Peter examined him, and roughly told him he was a blockhead, and immediately called in a troop of valets and peasants, whom he ordered him instantly to shave. The gentleman barber was under the necessity of obeying, to the great amusement of the whole court, and with the same parade in which he had arrived, he was then permitted to return. (Christian Weekly.)

Proud and lowly:

Pride consists in an immoderate self-esteem, and places its happiness in esteem and honour from others. No sin is more foolish than this, it springs from ignorance of God, of ourselves and other men, and by the very means which it uses for the accomplishments of its ends, ensures disappointment. In seeking glory it finds disgrace. Pride made Nebuchadnezzar a brute. It destroyed Herod with worms. It turned Lucifer into Beelzebub. By other sins, man rebels against God; by pride he usurps His crown and dignity. No wonder, then, that God looks up all those that are proud, and abaseth them. Humble men think of themselves as they ought to think. They desire that God may be honoured, even at the expense of their own honour. (G. Lawson.)[10]

11:2. Pride pricked

This word for pride is from a root that suggests boiling up, and is used of the arrogance of those who must have everything their own way, and will not be ‘kicked around’: e.g. Pharaoh (Neh. 9:10), Israel (Neh. 9:16, 29), the social rebel (Deut. 17:12, 13), the bogus prophet (Deut. 18:20), the murderer (Exod. 21:14). Lowly (av, rv) is a rare word, found only here and (as a verb) in Micah 6:8 (‘walk humbly with thy God’), where it suggests the biddable spirit that is the opposite of the insubordination just considered.[11]

Ver. 2.—Then cometh shame (ch. 16:18; 18:12); literally, cometh pride, cometh also shame. Pride shall have a fall; self-assertion and self-confidence shall meet with mortification and disgrace in the end. “Whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased” (Luke 14:11); “Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall” (1 Cor. 10:12). Septuagint, “Where violence ὕβοις) entereth, there also dishonour.” But with the lowly is wisdom. “Mysteries are revealed unto the meek” (Ecclus. 3:19, Complutensian; Ps. 25:9, 14). The humble are already rewarded with wisdom, because their disposition fits them to receive grace and God’s gifts (comp. ch. 15:33). Septuagint, “The mouth of the humble meditateth wisdom.”[12]

11:2 / Antithetic. This is a popular proverb in many cultures (cf. 15:33; 16:18; 18:12). It is an observation drawn from experience with many applications. The meaning of humility here is an honest evaluation of oneself, the avoidance of arrogance. For the assonance in verse 2a, see Additional Notes.[13]

11:2. When pride comes, then comes dishonor, But with the humble is wisdom.

The contrast of pride and humility is one that is drawn frequently in these proverbs (Prov. 6:17; 13:10; 16:18; 18:12). The word ‘pride’ comes from a word meaning ‘to boil,’ and thus describes arrogant insubordination. It pictures one whose view of life and its circumstances is full of himself and his abilities, rather than God and His divine capacity.5 Instead of the personal triumph he pictures, such a one encounters ‘dishonor.’ Instead of acclaim, he finds that he remains unnoticed. Rather than being considered a heavyweight to be contended with, he is lightly esteemed. Instead of being valued, he is disdained (Isa. 10:12; 14:13–15).

The word translated ‘the humble’ occurs only here. The verbal form is used in Micah 6:8 (‘To walk humbly with your God’). It describes one with a submissive, modest spirit before both God and man. Such a one comes into the possession of ‘wisdom.’ Humility has its rewards: ‘… [B]efore honor comes humility’ (Prov. 15:33; cf. Prov. 18:12). ‘It is better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud’ (Prov. 16:19). ‘The reward of humility and the fear of the Lord) Are riches, honor and life’ (Prov. 22:4).[14]

2  This paired proverb again places first dishonest evaluation and rejection of the Lord’s dominion. Pride (zādôn) denotes a psychological state of an exaggerated opinion of oneself that does not correspond to social reality. Its personification by the verb comes (boʾ) implies that hubris finds favor with the wicked. Disgrace (qālôn, i.e., social failure; see 3:35) comes because the presumption of self-importance entails usurpation of authority that rightfully belongs to the Lord and others in authority, and connotes defiance and even rebellion against their rule (see 13:10; 21:24; cf. 6:17; 16:18–19; 18:12). The wicked invite pride to come as their guest, but, like an inseparable twin, disgrace comes along with her as an uninvited guest. The repetition of the word then comes (wayyābōʾ; see 6:11) and the alliteration of zādôn and qālôn emphasize the inseparability of the welcome and unwelcome guests. The text does not clarify how this social failure comes about. Ultimately the Lord, who upholds the social order, effects it, as is stated explicitly in 3:34 (cf. Gen. 11:5–8; Num. 12:2, 10; 2 Chr. 26:16–21; Esth. 5:11; 7:10; Daniel 5; Luke 18:14; Acts 12:22, 23). By contrast, with (ʾet, i.e., in company with) modest people (ṣenûʿîm) is wisdom (see 76–77), because they judge limits exactly, accept them calmly, and confidently comport themselves to them. In the light of the essential meaning of ṣnʿ, “to be insightful into relationships and so be cautious and circumspect,” “modest” is a precise antonym of “pride,” an exaggerated opinion that exceeds limits. The imprecise antithesis, “comes disgrace” versus “is wisdom,” suggests that wisdom ends in honor (see 3:35) and disgrace is the end result of folly (cf. 16:18). Paradoxically the high is made low and the low made high.[15]

2 Humility, wise and honorable. Humility avoids disgrace and leads to wisdom (notice the sounds of the first colon: bāʾ-zādôn wayyābōʾ qālôn, “when pride comes, then comes disgrace”). “Pride” (zādôn; GK 2295) is literally a boiling up; and so hubris, an overstepping of the boundaries and insubordination, is meant. Humility describes those who know their place; but those who are proud, says Plaut, 136, are inflated to the level of self-bestowed divinity. The proud will have their egos deflated (qālôn, “made light of, disgrace”).[16]

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The Magnitude of Grace — VCY America

My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Our weakness should be prized as making room for divine strength. We might never have known the power of grace if we had not felt the weakness of nature. Blessed be the Lord for the thorn in the flesh, and the messenger of Satan, when they drive us to the strength of God.

This is a precious word from our Lord’s own lip. It has made the writer laugh for joy. God’s grace enough for me! I should think it is. Is not the sky enough for the bird and the ocean enough for the fish? The All-Sufficient is sufficient for my largest want. He who is sufficient for earth and heaven is certainly able to meet the case of one poor worm like me.

Let us, then, fall back upon our God and His grace. If He does not remove our grief, He will enable us to bear it. His strength shall be poured into us till the worm shall thresh the mountains, and a nothing shall be victor over all the high and mighty ones. It is better for us to have God’s strength than our own; for if we were a thousand times as strong as we are, it would amount to nothing in the face of the enemy; and if we could be weaker than we are, which is scarcely possible, yet we could do all things through Christ.

The Magnitude of Grace — VCY America

Come to Me — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28


Where do you go when you are exhausted and in need of rest? No bed, no vacation, no retreat can give us a truly refreshing rest if that rest doesn’t involve coming to Jesus. So what are you waiting for? Come to Jesus and enjoy the blessings of his presence, his love, his forgiveness, his grace, and his rest!


Almighty God, your Son Jesus is my strength and hope. I look forward to the day when he returns in triumph for me and all of your children. But Father, I want to know him better and to live for him with an undivided heart. I want to find rest in his presence, meaning in his service, and significance in his acceptance. Please bless me as I journey toward a deeper relationship with you and as I gain a more profound knowledge of your Son. In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, I pray. Amen.

By Phil Ware
used by permission

You can also follow Phil’s daily devotionals on http://www.verseoftheday.com

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Come to Me — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Necessary Knowledge — VCY America

Thus shall they know that I the Lord their God am with them, and that they, even the house of Israel, are my people, saith the Lord God. (Ezekiel 34:30)

To be the Lord’s own people is a choice blessing, but to know that we are such is a comfortable blessing. It is one thing to hope that God is with us and another thing to know that He is so. Faith saves us, but assurance satisfies us. We take God to be our God when we believe in Him; but we get the joy of Him when we know that He is ours and that we are His. No believer should be content with hoping and trusting; he should ask the Lord to lead him on to full assurance, so that matters of hope may become matters of certainty.

It is when we enjoy covenant blessings and see our Lord Jesus raised up for us as a plant of renown that we come to a clear knowledge of the favor of God toward us. Not by law, but by grace do we learn that we are the Lord’s people. Let us always turn our eyes in the direction of free grace. Assurance of faith can never come by the works of the law. It is an evangelical virtue and can only reach us in a gospel way. Let us not look within. Let us look to the Lord alone. As we see Jesus we shall see our salvation.

Lord, send us such a flood-tide of Thy love that we shall be washed beyond the mire of doubt and fear.

Necessary Knowledge — VCY America

Pursuing Prayer — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Martin Luther said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” However, some of us can get a bit short of breath.

Let’s face it, our lives are busy. It’s a challenge to fit specific prayer time into our hectic schedules. Besides, we can pray popcorn prayers any time, any place, right? Just pop one up whenever things get a bit hot.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how we pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). We can have an on-going conversation with our heavenly Father all day long. But could we be missing key elements of prayer if we only pray quick, on-the-go prayers? If so, we may find ourselves desperate for a deep spiritual breath. Perhaps man cannot live on popcorn prayers alone.

Jesus gave us an example of going off by Himself often to do nothing but pray. He also taught us how to pray in The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). Could He have been teaching us what to include in prayer, not just a prayer to recite? When we take a closer look, we see key elements we may be missing when we pray on-the-go prayers.

Let’s look at those elements of prayer Jesus taught using an acrostic for PRAYER to help us remember them.

  • Pursue Prayer Proactively – In this manner pray... (Matthew 6:9a NKJV).  Jesus was proactive about prayer. If we’re going to get anything done in our busy day, we’ve got to be intentional about it, and it’s the same with prayer. We must schedule time for fervent prayer and add prayer to the top of our to-do list.
  • Remember His Righteous Deeds – Hallowed by Your name (Matthew 6:9b). When we remember who God is and praise Him for what He has done, we bring Him glory and hallow His name. It also reminds us what He is able to do (Ephesians 3:20) and builds our faith for what we are about to pray.
  • Acknowledge Sin and Ask Forgiveness – Forgive us our debts... (Matthew 6:12). King David said, “If I cherished in in my heart, the Lord would not have listened (Psalm 66:18). When we pray on the go, do we take the time to confess and repent, and to forgive others? Do we pray to avoid temptation and be delivered from evil (v13a)?
  • Yield to His Will – Your kingdom come, Your will be done (Matthew 6:20). Job 26:14b says, “The thunder of His power, who can understand?” Why seek our will when our knowledge is limited and our power is lacking, when we have a heavenly Father who is all knowing and all powerful to accomplish what is best for us.
  • Enjoy His Daily Bread – Give us this day our daily bread (Matthew 6:11).  This is where we bring our requests and trust and enjoy His provision. But is there more to daily bread than physical bread? Do we enjoy the Bread of Life?
  • Rest in Him – For Yours is the kingdom, power and glory (Matthew 6:13b). Jesus began and ended His prayer with worship. When take time at some point of our day to include these elements in our praying, we will be able to trust He has everything under control. If His is the kingdom, power and glory, we can rest in Him and boldly say, “Amen” – so be it!

If we are going to change our lives, our families, our countries and our world, we must pause long enough to catch our spiritual breath and pray fervently as Jesus modeled and taught.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16b

By Penny Cooke
Used by Permission

(From the book, Pursuing Prayer – Being Effective in a Busy World.
Learn more at pennycookeauthor.com.)

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Pursuing Prayer — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

October 25 Afternoon Quotes of The Day

Dead Ministry Makes Dead People
1 Timothy 4:16

A dead ministry will always make a dead people, whereas if ministers are warmed with the love of God themselves, they cannot but be instruments of diffusing that love among others.


Ritzema, E. (Ed.). (2012). 300 Quotations for Preachers. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

The Bread Christ Broke Left as a Reminder
Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 10:16; 11:24–25

The bread that Christ broke was left to us for mind of things passed for the body of Christ, that we should believe He was a very man in kind as we are, but as God in power, and that His manhood was sustained by food as ours.


Ritzema, E., & Brant, R. (Eds.). (2013). 300 quotations for preachers from the Medieval church. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

October 25 – Seeing the emptiness of worldly treasures — Reformed Perspective

You have fattened your hearts in the day of slaughter – James 5:5

Scripture reading: James 5:1-6

James is writing to Christians in this passage with the understanding that within the family of God, some think more of the riches of this world than the riches we have in Christ. James is warning us that if our hearts and minds value the riches and luxuries of this world above what we have in Christ, we, with them, will be burned up in the fires of hell. If we value the riches of this world too much, we will not only turn our hearts from God but will also allow others to be hurt or starve so we can have our riches and luxuries.

James warns us that there is a Judgement Day coming. He compares those who live in luxury and self-indulgence as pigs being fattened up for the day of slaughter: Judgement Day. If we are fattening ourselves up on the luxuries and pleasures of this world, the joy of salvation will not look lovely to us. We are called to set apart Christ in our hearts, living in the joy of our salvation, and always being ready to talk of the hope we have in Christ with great patience, showing care for our neighbours.

May we not let the luxuries and riches of this world control our hearts so that we turn away from the treasure we have as Christians. If we do, James says we will be capable of murdering innocent people in order that we can have our luxuries and pleasures.

Suggestions for prayer

That the joy of salvation would so enrich our hearts and minds that the lustre and beauty of worldly wealth and luxuries will not draw our hearts away from God and His ways.

Pastor Richard Bultje is a United Reformed missionary and pastor in the River of Life church plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Pastor Richard and his wife, Yukyung moved to Niagara Falls in November 2012 with their three children Calvin, Isaiah and Gloria. This daily devotional is also available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional.

October 25 – Seeing the emptiness of worldly treasures — Reformed Perspective

25 Oct 2021 News Briefing


‘We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth’: NASA leader suggests UFOs could be aliens
Bill Nelson, who has served as President Joe Biden’s NASA administrator since May, said Tuesday he didn’t know for sure what some of the unidentified aerial phenomena seen by Navy pilots are. He said, however, that “we hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of technology,” bringing up the topic of the search for alien life and the mystery of UFOs unprompted after a back-and-forth about what would happen if a massive asteroid hit the Earth. “Before we leave, I haven’t even talked about the search for extraterrestrial life. What do you think we’re doing on Mars? We’re looking for life. This is a part of NASA’s mission.

9 Earthquakes Rock Western U.S., including Los Angeles;
The western United States is shaking a bit today; over the last 24 hours, 9 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater rocked the region, with the highest being a 4.7 which struck just off shore of Oregon.

Solar System May Be Surrounded by Tunnel-Like Magnetic Structure, Astronomers Say
The North Polar Spur and the Fan Region are two bright, large-scale radio structures that are seen on opposite sides of the sky. According to new research, they are actually connected and are made of long, magnetized, parallel filaments; this connection forms what looks like a tunnel around our Solar System.
“Called the North Polar Spur and the Fan Region, we’ve known about these two structures since the 60s.”

Illinois Supreme Court Rules Tax On Guns & Ammo Unconstitutional
The Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Oct. 21 that two taxes on guns and ammunition in Cook County violate the state’s constitution because they affect law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment right to acquire firearms for self-defense. Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis wrote in a 6–0 decision that the taxes violate the constitution’s uniformity clause, while also pointing out that the revenue from the generated tax isn’t directed toward funds or programs that reduce gun violence.

EcoHealth Throws NIH Under The Bus Over Wuhan Gain-Of-Function Report; Researcher Claims ‘Massive Cover-Up’
The question over whether the NIH funded risky gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China was officially ‘answered’ last week, after the agency claimed that one of their partners – EcoHealth Alliance, failed to report that they had ‘accidentally’ created a chimeric coronavirus that was able to infect humanized mice. The letter claims that EcoHealth CEO Peter Daszak failed to report this finding, and gave Daszak five days to submit “any and all unpublished data from the experiments and work conducted” under the NIH grant. it would mean Dr. Anthony Fauci, who runs the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, wasn’t lying when he told Sen. Rand Paul in July when he denied the agency was conducting GoF research. Except, according to Vanity Fair, EcoHealth did report their findings in a timely manner.

‘No Justification’: School Board Association Retracts Letter Likening Parents to Domestic Terrorists
The country’s largest school board association apologized late Friday for its letter to President Joe Biden calling on the FBI to investigate parents as potential domestic terrorists. The National School Board Association said in a memo to its members that “there was no justification” for some of the language in the letter, which was sent to Biden on Sept. 29. “On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter,” the association said. The apology comes after the Free Beacon reported Thursday that officials with the association collaborated with the White House in the weeks leading up to the controversial letter.

Australia, terrible hail destroys everything in Queensland, 15 cm pills. Video
In Australia, giant 15 cm of hail bombs have fallen in the past few hours north of Mackay in Queensland, causing damage to vehicles and structures. A hailstorm hit the Bloomsbury and Yalborough areas on Tuesday afternoon (local time, this morning in Italy). Residents reported hailstones of impressive dimensions, snowballs, up to 15 cm in diameter, that penetrated the roofs of many houses. It is spring in Australia, the season of the deadliest thunderstorms and it has begun with phenomena of exceptional importance.

Thus (even illegally) China aims for technological dominance. 007 USA Report
U.S. counter-intelligence has released a document on emerging technologies that warns against the efforts, legal and other efforts of Beijing and Moscow. Consider the genetic databases in the hands of the CCP In particular, five sectors will determine the future of the United States as a leading power: artificial intelligence, bioeconomics, autonomous systems, quantum and semiconductors.

Canary volcano collapses main part of cone: fear of new earthquakes
Part of the main cone of Vulcano Cumber Vega, on an island palmAnd «I had a landslide on Saturday morning», as reported by the Volcanic Institute of the Islands Canary Islands (Involcano).

Turkish lira hits record low after Erdogan seeks expulsions
The Turkish lira weakened 1.6% to a record low against the dollar in early Asian trade after President Tayyip Erdogan said he had ordered the expulsion of the ambassadors of the United States and nine other Western countries. Two bankers attributed the early weakness to Erdogan’s comments on Saturday. It has fallen nearly 24% so far this year. “I worry … for Turkish financial markets on Monday.

Mudslides, power outages as storm drenches burn-scarred California
A powerful storm drenched wildfire-scarred northern California on Sunday, triggering mudslides and downing electric lines with winds blasting San Francisco as the “bomb cyclone” headed south. Up to 10 inches of rain was expected to wash over the West Coast, said meteorologist Marc Chenard of the Weather Prediction Center at the National Weather Service.

Iran’s Ayatollah urges reversal of progress in Arab-Israeli relations
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the Arab nations who have improved ties with Israel have “sinned” and must reverse course. Four nations – the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan – agreed to normalize ties in 2020, as the “Abraham Accords” led to Israel’s first treaties with Arab nations since reaching an agreement with Jordan in 1994.

China threatens to implement ‘Final Solution’ upon Taiwan
The Global Times, a daily news service published under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship People’s Daily, reported last week on the growing issue of the independence of Taiwan. “The CPC’s warning against secessionism is not just talking the talk, and whether the final solution of Taiwan question will be peaceful or not, the secessionists will be judged, condemned and punished,” the Global Times tweeted.

The Baleful Consequences of Failing to Deal with Islamist Extremism
British Conservative Member of Parliament, Sir David Amess, was stabbed to death in his regular constituency meeting. The man accused of murdering the MP, Ali Harbi Ali, is a British man of Somalian descent who had been referred to Britain’s anti-extremism program … police are treating this as an Islamist terror attack, virtually all the anguished public debate since the murder has been instead about the culture of incivility on social media and the resulting threats to MPs from violent people of every stripe. Islamic extremism has been all but ignored.

Will an imminent war over the Nile bring about Isaiah’s prophecy?
The conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia over the $5 billion Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) is heating up after talks broke down. Ethiopia has raised even more concerns as they strengthened ties with Turkey, purchasing military drones. So far, the talks have been fruitless and the possibility of regional violence is very real.

India: Human rights groups document over 300 acts of Christian persecution in 2021
Human rights groups in India say they have documented over 300 incidents of Christian persecution in just the first nine months of 2021, warning that this year might be the worst in terms of the number of such incidents in the country’s history.

Northern California Swamped With “Historic Rain” Amid Rare Atmospheric River Event 
“We just passed the Gold Rush year of 1849 for 7th wettest October on record for Downtown SF.” 

M6.5 earthquake hits Yilan County, Taiwan
A powerful earthquake registered by the CWB (Taiwan) as M6.5 hit Yilan County, Taiwan at 05:11 UTC (13:11 LT) on October 24, 2021, at a depth of 66.8 km (41 miles). USGS is reporting it as M6.2 at a depth of 64.5 km (40 miles); EMSC M6.0 at a depth of 60 km (37 miles).

Louisiana High School Administered COVID Vaccine to Children Without Parental Consent 
East Jefferson High School in Metarie, La. recently administered the COVID-19 vaccine to children without parental consent, according to a lawsuit filed by the parents of one of the alleged victims.

California Drove Truckers Out of Business. Now Store Shelves Are Empty 
After a long cross-country flight, I made it out of LAX and into an Uber. I wasn’t in the mood to talk, but the driver was. And hearing that I was a journalist, he wanted to tell me a story. I’ve heard a lot of stories over the years, but this may have been the most important one I let go.

3 Ohio Judges Unexpectedly Die in 9-Day Period Following Vaccine Mandate in Cuyahoga County
In the weeks following an imposed mandate by the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court that voted to force all courthouse employees to be fully vaccinated by mid-October, three Cleveland-area judges – two from the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court – have died in a nine-day span under curios circumstances.

Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.”We Are in a War of Good vs Evil, The Deep State and Deep Church Conspire Against Humanity
Vigano goes on to declare, “The Vaccine and Abortion Victims are Sacrificed at the Altar of Moloch.” He Warns of the Coming Evil of Climate Change Tyranny. Archbishop Vigano is a Rare Religious Leader Who Dares to Speak the Truth. Even more Rare, He Actually Understands What is Really Happening.

If you take the covid vax, you can NEVER achieve full immunity again – government stats unveil the horrifying truth
The British government has spilled the beans about that fact that once you get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity.

Lancet COVID Origins Investigator Wins $1 Million Chinese Prize For Claiming Virus Developed Naturally.
Dr. Malik Peiris, who previously served on the Lancet medical journal’s COVID-19 origins investigation committee, received China’s “Nobel Prize” for research affirming the Chinese Communist Party’s false narrative that COVID-19 developed naturally.

With Death Panels Here, Imagine Barcodes On Americans Foreheads To Scan Vax Status Now Dead Ahead
As Americans watch the disturbing coverage of what is happening to freedom and human rights across the globe, from supposed “democracies,” we note the terrifyingly apathetic reactions of nearly half of Americans.

Secret Vaccine Contracts Reveal How Pfizer Strong-Armed Governments to Maximize Profits
In a report published Tuesday, Public Citizen exposed how Pfizer, through secret contracts, used its monopoly on COVID vaccines to extract concessions from “desperate” governments.

COVID vaccine experiment causes monstrous spike in vaccine injuries and deaths, serious adverse events under-reported by a factor of eight
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are legally required to collect and report accurate pharmacovigilance data in regard to every vaccine on the market.

Open borders policies are really just are a child trafficking operation run by Democrats
The Biden regime has reportedly “lost track” of some 45,000 illegal immigrant children who arrived at America’s southern border before mysteriously “disappearing.”

Vaccine mandate being used to gut America’s weapons research assets by firing top scientists at Los Alamos
The diabolical nature of the Biden regime puts America and Americans more at risk every day as these lunatics continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken our country in the face of our enemies, such is their hatred for our liberties.

Most Vaccinated State In U.S. Sees Huge Spike In COVID Cases
The state of Vermont is seeing a massive spike in COVID-19 cases even though 88% of the state is “fully vaccinated” against coronavirus.

Is Stagflation Here: Comparing The 2020s With The 1970s…
Things were very bad in the 1970s. Are they about to get even worse? Read on for a comprehensive compare and contrast between the stagflation of the 1970s and what we are living through now.

Shadow Inflation: Shipping Costs Are Up Way More Than You Think
Costs are not just about rates. As service quality plummets, effective inflation goes even higher…

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2021/10/25/25-oct-2021-2/

China will begin vaccinating children as young as 3 years old as cases spreadPosted: 25 Oct 2021 07:26 AM PDTChildren as young as 3 will start receiving COVID-19 vaccines in China, where 76% of the population has been fully vaccinated and authorities are maintaining a zero-tolerance policy toward outbreaks.According to the Associated Press, Local city and provincial level governments in at least five provinces issued notices in recent days announcing that children ages 3-11 will be required to get their vaccinations.The expansion of the vaccination campaign comes as parts of China take new clampdown measures to try to stamp out small outbreaks.Continue reading China will begin vaccinating children as young as 3 years old as cases spread at End Time Headlines.
Growing number of young people say they feel disconnected from Church because it doesn’t meet their standardsPosted: 25 Oct 2021 05:42 AM PDT(OPINION) Several religious denominations have seen memberships fall in recent years, including among young adults and teens. A new survey suggests that many young people perceive a disconnect between themselves and the houses of worship that need believers to sustain their congregations.Half of the young people ages 13 to 25 surveyed said they don’t think that religious institutions care as much as they do about issues that matter deeply to them, according to a report released Monday by the Springtide Research Institute, a nonpartisan nonprofit.Continue reading Growing number of young people say they feel disconnected from Church because it doesn’t meet their standards at End Time Headlines.
Rand Paul warns that Crypto could soon replace Dollar as World’s reserve currencyPosted: 25 Oct 2021 05:34 AM PDT(OPINION) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tells me in an interview for Sunday’s “Axios on HBO” that cryptocurrency could eventually replace the dollar as “the reserve currency of the world.”The senator says he’s begun to ask that question as more and more people lose confidence in governments, which used to have a monopoly on money. When Paul ran for president in 2016, he accepted donations in Bitcoin — part of what gave his campaign its youthful appeal.Continue reading Rand Paul warns that Crypto could soon replace Dollar as World’s reserve currency at End Time Headlines.
Twitter removes U.S. Rep. Jim Banks’ tweet regarding transgender four-star officer appointed by BidenPosted: 24 Oct 2021 04:19 PM PDTTwitter has removed a derogatory tweet by Indiana Congressman Jim Banks. Banks misgendered Dr. Rachel Levine, the nation’s first openly transgender four-star officer, on Tuesday.“The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man,” he said. On Saturday, the tweet was taken down, with the following message: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.” Twitter’s rules include protection for transgender people in their “Hateful conduct policy.”“We prohibit targeting others with repeated slurs, tropes, or other content that intends to dehumanize, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category,” Twitter states.Continue reading Twitter removes U.S. Rep. Jim Banks’ tweet regarding transgender four-star officer appointed by Biden at End Time Headlines.
Now Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is warning that ‘hyperinflation’ will happen soon in the U.S. and the worldPosted: 24 Oct 2021 03:54 PM PDT(OPINION) Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey weighed in on escalating inflation in the U.S., saying things are going to get considerably worse. “Hyperinflation is going to change everything,” Dorsey tweeted Friday night.“It’s happening.” The tweet comes with consumer price inflation running near a 30-year high in the U.S. and growing concern that the problem could be worse than policymakers have anticipated.On Friday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that inflation pressures “are likely to last longer than previously expected,” noting that they could run “well into next year.” The central bank leader added that he expects the Fed soon to begin pulling back on the extraordinary measures it has provided to help the economy that critics say have stoked the inflation run.Continue reading Now Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is warning that ‘hyperinflation’ will happen soon in the U.S. and the world at End Time Headlines.
Venezuelans are resorting to breaking off flakes of Gold to pay for meals and haircutsPosted: 24 Oct 2021 03:47 PM PDTTo fathom the magnitude of Venezuela’s financial collapse, travel southeast from Caracas, past the oil fields and over the Orinoco River, and head deep into the savanna that blankets one of the remotest corners of the country.According to Yahoo News,  There, in the barbershops and restaurants and hotels that constitute the main strip of one dusty little outpost after another, you’ll find prices displayed in grams of gold. A one-night stay at a hotel?Continue reading Venezuelans are resorting to breaking off flakes of Gold to pay for meals and haircuts at End Time Headlines.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Oct. 25, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” —John Adams (1787)

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NSBA Apologizes for ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Parents Letter

With a now dead-even Virginia gubernatorial race and nearly 20 state school boards cutting ties, the NSBA runs damage control.

Thomas Gallatin

The National School Boards Association finally sent a letter to its members Friday apologizing for its infamous letter sent to the Biden administration last month in which it called for action against protesting parents it labeled “domestic terrorists.” That letter was used by the Biden administration to justify Attorney General Merrick Garland’s creation of an FBI task force supposedly designed to address violent threats made against school officials.

“On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter,” the NSBA wrote. “There was no justification for some of the language included in the letter.” However, the NSBA did not call for the Biden administration to reverse course on the Justice Department’s action to create the FBI task force. In other words, the apology letter ended up as little more than a We’re sorry you were offended non-apology. The NSBA adds, “We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on a communication of this significance.” That’s putting it mildly.

The timing of this letter appears to be significant and very political. Virginia’s Loudoun County has been at the center of the national debate over education, but also of the Virginia gubernatorial race, which has entered its final week with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin having entirely closed the gap with Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin has made up ground by pounding McAuliffe over his comments dismissing parents’ rights to have a say in what their children are taught. Youngkin has to great effect championed parents’ rights against that of teachers unions and the leftist agenda of the political elites.

Furthermore, the NSBA’s apology also appears to be aimed at shoring up eroding national support, as nearly 20 state school boards are moving to cut ties with the national organization. However, on this count the apology may come a little too late and doesn’t go far enough. One mother and member of nonprofit organization Moms for Liberty called the apology “phony.” “If they were really sorry about what was happening to parents and calling us domestic terrorists they would have investigated and questioned these school boards to see if there was any validity to any of what parents are actually saying,” Quisha King contended. “There is no excuse for their dereliction of duty. They are supposed to be supporting parents.”

Finally, the NSBA reportedly may have communicated with Joe Biden’s White House prior to sending the infamous “domestic terrorists” letter. Did the White House collude with the NSBA on forming a narrative and then use it to pressure the DOJ into creating an FBI task force with the aim of silencing parents protesting school mask mandates and radical leftist indoctrination in schools?

In his testimony on Capitol Hill last Thursday, Garland denied that he had any communication with the White House prior to his creation of the task force. Following his testimony, several members of the Commission on Civil Rights requested that he send them “specific examples [of] harassment, intimidation and threats of violence” that he alluded to as justification for his decision to creation of the FBI task force. Might the NSBA apology also be intended as a means to take the heat off Garland?

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Red States to the Rescue

When it comes to job recovery and economic growth, there’s no better place than a Republican-led state.

Douglas Andrews

The high-level message within the GOP’s recent economic analysis is pretty simple, pretty straightforward: Republican-led states are bringing back the jobs. And Democrat states? Not so much.

If the above paragraph sounds vaguely familiar to you, it might be because it’s a word-for-word transcription of what we wrote back on June 29. Much has changed since then — inflation has gotten worse, recent monthly jobs reports have been miserable, the supply chain is a mess, Joe Biden’s polling numbers have fallen off the table — and yet one thing has remained remarkably consistent: Republican-led states are hard at work and leading the nation’s economic recovery, while Democrat-led states are sitting on the couch, slamming Natty Lights, swearing at the dog, and watching Springer reruns.

There’s even a Biden Bucks website from which Scranton Joe’s Springer Brigades can thank their president for paying them not to work. Is this a great country or what?

Back in June, red states held the top 13 slots in terms of jobs recovered. Today, they have the top 14 and 17 of the top 20.

Two of those states — Idaho and Utah — have more jobs today than when the China Virus hit, while two Democrat-run states — Louisiana and Hawaii — have failed to recover even half of the jobs they lost during the pandemic.

Perhaps most remarkable, though, is the case of red-and-getting-redder Florida, which is the nation’s third-most populous state and has the nation’s largest percentage of folks 65-plus. As our Mark Alexander writes: “Despite all the politically motivated media obsession with rising COVID cases in Florida in August, an excuse to criticize Gov. Ron DeSantis, his critics have now disappeared. No doubt due to increased rates of herd immunity, new cases have been declining for eight weeks, and are now at the lowest level since June. Currently, there are only two states with lower per capita infection rates than Florida.”

Think about that: Florida, our eighth-most densely populated state, is 48th in terms of COVID-19 infection rates. Credit Ron DeSantis for doing his homework and heeding the actual sciences of herd immunity and natural immunity, as opposed to the state-sponsored sciences of masking and mandatory vaccination.

When it comes to “the economy, stupid,” elections do indeed have consequences. And as the researchers at GOP.com point out, those consequences will soon be borne out in two gubernatorial elections in reliably blue states: New Jersey and Virginia. These two states rank 39th and 41st, respectively, in terms of economic recovery. In addition, under outgoing Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia ranks 49th for the best state to start a business, and New Jersey ranks 47th.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. Choose wisely on November 2, folks.

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MLB’s World Series Heartburn

Georgia and Texas, two red states protecting election integrity, will host the Fall Classic.

Nate Jackson

Let’s Go Braves! Heading into Major League Baseball’s World Series tomorrow, that might be an alternative for the now-popular “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant making its way around the nation. Why? Because of MLB’s political stunt in pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta earlier this year in protest of Georgia’s election law. Now Atlanta will share the stage for the Fall Classic.

The Braves eliminated the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday night in Game 6, sending Atlanta’s team to the World Series for the first time since 1999. They’ll face the Houston Astros, who dispatched the Boston Red Sox also in six games.

Aside from two red state teams defeating two blue state rivals, the significance only grows after MLB’s political stance. Georgia and Texas are both controlled by Republican legislatures and governors, and both responded to the myriad problems with the 2020 election by passing new legislation aimed at shoring up election integrity. Joe Biden led his fellow Democrats in ridiculously decrying this as “racist” and “Jim Crow 2.0.” Texas Democrats even fled the state to avoid a vote.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred bought the Left’s lies and, in a grossly politicized decision, moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. There was no shortage of irony there, either, with the decision costing numerous black-owned Atlanta businesses millions of dollars, and overall harming a city that has a far larger minority population than Denver. Colorado’s election laws are also less lax than Georgia’s, even after the new legislation. Oh, and don’t forget MLB’s big new broadcasting deal with the voters’ paradise known as the People’s Republic of China.

But whatever. Manfred had a “woke” mob to appease.

Now, he’ll have to get over the fact that many conservatives are having a good laugh at his expense. The commissioner typically attends World Series games, and we just don’t know how Manfred will be able to look at himself in the mirror after spending time in two such reprobate states.

Within moments of the Braves’ victory, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp declared: “While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the All-Star Game from hardworking Georgians, the Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia. Chop On, and Go Braves!”

Oh dear. He just referenced the Braves’ famous Tomahawk Chop, which surely can’t be acceptable at a time when the Cleveland Indians are dumping their minority mascot in favor of the more bland but colorless Guardians. Ditch the Indians, keep the land. We see how you are, Cleveland.

In any case, poor Rob Manfred will be stuck flying back and forth between Texas and Georgia. Someone better pass him some Rolaids. Let’s Go Braves!

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Baldwin: ‘Prop Gun’ Blame-Shifting

“I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.”

Mark Alexander

A negligent weapon discharge by celebrity actor Alec Baldwin resulted in the unintentional death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza. The incident occurred while filming Baldwin’s violent western, “Rust.” Hutchins died en route to a New Mexico hospital and Souza was treated and released. According to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Baldwin was told the handgun was “cold,” as in safe, before he aimed it at the camera and fired.

Ironically, the film is loosely based on a true story about an outlaw (Baldwin) who rescues his grandson who was convicted of murder for an accidental death — ironic also because Baldwin, who uses his celebrity status as an anti-gun activist, plays a good guy trying to defend his grandson with a gun.

Baldwin released the following statement: “There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. I’m fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna.”

I believe every word of that statement and have no doubt Baldwin is deeply grieving the death of one of his set crew, a death due in part to his negligence. I say “in part” because the responsibility for using a firearm safely rests with the individual in possession of that weapon.

To that point, any responsible firearms user clears (renders safe) any weapon handed to them, and then exercises proper muzzle control so that even in the event of a negligent discharge, if the weapon muzzle is in a safe direction, it is unlikely to cause injury. That would include prop guns.

A few years ago a friend handed me a prop gun, an M16A1 with an M203 40mm thumper attached. It was the prop gun made famous by Tony Montana (Al Pacino) as “my little friend” in his 1983 film “Scarface.” The first thing I did was clear that weapon, regardless of its “prop” status, because unknown to most people, many movie prop guns are actually fully-functional firearms, as was the case with this M16. Pacino insisted on using real firearms in his films.

However, in the Baldwin case, for cinema-graphic effect, he did what no responsible firearms user would do — pointed the handgun in the direction of his crew and pulled the trigger. Tragically, there apparently was a live round in that “prop gun,” and he had not taken the time to ensure the round was a blank. I am sure the individual who declared the gun was “cold” will bear the largest amount of blame for this incident, but that blame is shared by Baldwin.

As with all stories about firearms, there is confusion in the mainstream media reports about this incident and what constitutes a “prop gun.” The MSM’s contortionist efforts to explain how dangerous a gun firing blanks can be betrays how little any of these talkingheads and scribes know about an actual firearm.

But the fact is, there is no excuse for the use of functional firearms on movie sets when blank-firing replicas are virtually indistinguishable from the real deal. As someone who has trained both young people and adults completing concealed-carry permit courses on safe handling of firearms, I start that training with replica “prop guns.” That includes two semi-auto pistols that look identical to a 9mm Beretta M92 and Sig 226, but in fact will only chamber 8mm blank rounds — and the barrels are obstructed. These replicas are ideal for the initial training of those who have not fired a weapon previously, because they look, feel, operate, and sound like a 9mm, but they will not chamber a live 9mm round.

While movie set accidents using firearms are rare, the Baldwin case is also noteworthy because, as I wrote above, he is a fashionable celebrity “gun control” activist. The fact is, violence is a culture problem, though it’s promoted for profit by celebrities who, off their violent film sets, portray themselves as anti-violence advocates. And despite Joe Biden’s assertions to the contrary, crime is a criminal problem, not a “gun problem.”

As you may recall, in 2018, Baldwin promoted the “No Rifle Association” anti-NRA initiative with the ultimate objective of repealing the Second Amendment.

But Baldwin’s abuse of his celebrity status a year earlier, piling on the leftist assault on cops, should give him great pause in this moment. At that time, condemning a Huntington Beach, California, officer-involved shooting, Baldwin posted a video of that incident to tens of millions of Twitter followers with his condescending conviction of the officer: “I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone.”

Notably, the officer involved in that shooting was exonerated by the Orange County District Attorney’s office and later by a federal judge, though the case is still being litigated. It was also determined that the “victim” shot by the officer had murdered another individual.

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Mandates Have Replaced Informed Consent

The CDC’s confusing and contradictory advice is making trust all that much harder.

Robin Smith

Guidance is such a reasonable word, yet when applied to the CDC, skepticism and confusion result. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky recently announced guidance that masks will be advised in schools even among those who are vaccinated.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, who practices in the field of infectious disease at the University of California, San Francisco, was “surprised” and noted, “The entire point of the vaccines is to get back to normal, and the CDC … really has not been messaging confidence in these vaccines.” Not only does the CDC now want to embrace vaccine mandates, but it wants to mandate masks as well, regardless of vaccination status.

On Friday, Harvard Health published the following regarding COVID and kids: “Children, including very young children, can develop COVID-19. Many of them have no symptoms. Those that do get sick tend to experience milder symptoms such as low-grade fever, fatigue, and cough. Some children have had severe complications, but this has been less common. Children with underlying health conditions may be at increased risk for severe illness.”

Most won’t see this logical information because the goal is keeping the pandemic alive and allowing the government to expand and grow instead of equipping citizens to make their own decisions about COVID.

Let’s look at the facts and then ask the real question: Is the goal to equip citizens with information to make decisions to navigate COVID, or to keep the pandemic alive to allow the government to expand and grow?

Immunizations have positively impacted the lives of millions for decades, increasing the safety of international travel, growing populations, and extending life expectancy. Smallpox, typhoid, tuberculosis, and other devastating diseases have been dramatically reduced. This does not mean that immunization shouldn’t be explained and citizens allowed to make their own informed healthcare decisions. This is no way to reason with adults and enhance their trust in public health and advances in medicine.

Many Americans seemingly have been led to believe that vaccines will prevent infection. Others mock every infected vaccinated American as if that proves the vaccines don’t work. No, vaccines are primarily developed to prevent disease and reduce transmission. In today’s world, media “experts” make sweeping declarations and serve as the final word on the evolving treatments for a novel virus. Again, this has resulted in contradictory information and has thrown gasoline on the fire of public distrust and cynicism.

Using terms like “tyrants” and “Nazis” when encouraging vaccines is unnecessary. However, those in the practice of medicine who have turned public health into partisan health have destroyed credibility and trust. Those who demanded that the government stay out of their businesses are now clamoring for government mandates instead of crafting their own workforce policies appropriate for their own employees and services. Politicians who love the growth of government control are, of course, encouraging forced healthcare decisions. It’s just easier for elected officials and unelected “experts” to use the force of law to replace informed consent.

Whether it’s to get your ears pierced or have a double lung transplant, informed consent is standard practice. The American Medical Association’s website states: “Informed consent to medical treatment is fundamental in both ethics and law. Patients have the right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care. Successful communication in the patient-physician relationship fosters trust and supports shared decision making.”

Americans are settling for mandates instead of working toward educated citizens. An educated voter can make their own informed decisions using the facts shared with them by trusted health and medical institutions instead of fearing those institutions. An educated taxpayer can decline to sign a form saying they have or have not had the vaccine without losing their job. An educated homemaker can send her child with sinus drainage to school without fear that he will be pulled from the classroom. Instead, we are allowing a culture of fear and distrust and ignoring the very science we’re supposed to embrace.

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Athletes Hits Back at Cancel Culture

It’s a sobering realization that our cancel culture and the ChiComs operate in the same way.

Emmy Griffin

The outrage mob. Cancel culture. These are phrases for the phenomenon in our culture wherein agitated people use various tools to punish people with whom they disagree. The main perpetrators are self-righteous leftist ideologues who see themselves as enforcers of woke precepts. They use bullying to beat people into submission. Anyone can be a victim of their vindictive fury, but the ones you hear about in the news tend to be high-profile individuals.

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, was recently under fire by the cancel culture mob for comments he made on a hot mic. After scoring a six-yard touchdown against the Chicago Bears, Rodgers of course did his signature touchdown dance known as the BELT. Right in front of him were angry Bears fans giving him the finger. In the excitement of the moment, he said: “All my f***ing life, I own you. I still own you. I still own you.”

Indeed, throughout his career as the Packers’ quarterback, his team’s record against the Bears is a dominating 21-5. But this last game was unusual because it marked the first time he had trash-talked to the fans and used profanity.

Naturally, the blithering cancel culture mob was after his blood for unsportsmanlike conduct. Rodgers discussed with the media the reaction to his smack-talking the opposing team’s fans: “There’s a PC woke culture that exists, and there’s a cancel culture at the same time, and it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal [baggage] or distaste for their own situations or life or just the enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.”

Rodgers’ advice for surviving these attacks from the mob is to not play their game. They are like the schoolyard bully who takes advantage of any show of weakness or apology.

Rodgers is not the only professional athlete who has had to suffer the slings and arrows of an outraged entity determined to stifle dissent. Enes Kanter of the NBA’s Boston Celtics is also enduring this censorship from the Chinese government.

Kanter already has a reputation for being an activist. His outspoken criticism of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has prompted the Turkish authorities to issue a warrant for his arrest. His most recent activism that raised the ire of the ChiComs was a video posted on Twitter calling on the Chinese government to free the Tibetan people who are under its rule — a stance that’s illegal in China.

The response was swift and decisive. The Chinese government immediately stopped airing the Celtics games in China. This sort of censorship has also happened to the Philadelphia 76ers after their general manager, Daryl Morey, openly voiced support for Hong Kong and its pro-democracy protesters. Now the Celtics have joined the 76ers in the Chinese blackout of their games.

It’s a sobering realization that our cancel culture and the Chinese communist regime operate in the same way: silence dissent and hit at your target’s livelihood. The Chinese people are completely under the control of a repressive government, and it would take a great revolt for them to shake off the shackles of their oppression. We in America still have a chance to fight against cancel culture, but it’s going to take the courage to stand by your principles. In the spirit of Aaron Rodgers’ advice, don’t apologize to those who would never forgive you anyway. Don’t play their game.

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Jordan Candler


  • Supreme Court sets November 1 oral argument on Texas abortion case (National Review)
  • Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Anthony Fauci on cruel puppy experiments (The Hill)
  • National School Boards Association apologizes for likening parents to domestic terrorists (Fox News)
  • Federal deficit hit $2.8 trillion in FY2021, the second largest in history (The Hill)


  • State Department in contact with 363 Americans in Afghanistan, far exceeding administration’s earlier estimates (National Review)
  • Biden migrant surge sets all-time record for most arrests at southern border (Washington Times)
  • Meanwhile, organized migrant caravan moves toward U.S., surging past Mexican forces (Fox News)
  • Airstrike kills senior al Qaeda leader in Syria (Washington Examiner)


  • Moving the goalposts: CDC director says “We may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated” as booster eligibility increases (National Review)
  • NIH quietly edits section of website on gain-of-function research (Townhall)


  • Janet Yellen signals trouble over transitory long-term inflation (Daily Wire)
  • Saudi Arabia dubiously pledges 2060 target of net-zero emissions (AP)

Big Tech Oligarchs

  • YouTube and Instagram ban “Let’s Go Brandon” song (PM)
  • Congressman Jim Banks locked out of Twitter after accurately calling Rachel Levine “a man” (Daily Wire)


  • Despite climate change fearmongering, study shows the Great Barrier Reef is growing quickly (Daily Wire)
  • Governor Brian Kemp mocks MLB and Stacey Abrams over boycott as Atlanta preps for World Series (Daily Wire)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: The whole justification for sanctuary cities is wrong (National Review)
  • Satire: Gavin Newsom claims syringes strewn about California cities are due to high vaccination rate (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.” —John G. Diefenbaker (1895-1979)

“We could expect the Chinese government to do everything possible to hide evidence and keep investigators from getting to the bottom of the origins of the virus. We should, on the other hand, expect much more from the U.S. government and its grantees. We need complete transparency, which we should have gotten from the beginning, and a full congressional investigation of the role U.S. research dollars played at a lab that may have been at the epicenter of a global catastrophe.” —National Review

“I have never been so jarred by anything a president said. … To hear the leader of the free world stand up and say, ‘This [the vaccine mandate] isn’t about your freedom,’ I thought, ‘Oh, my God. It is always about our freedom.’ … If we don’t have freedom over our own bodies … we aren’t free. That was scary to me… That [is] something a dictator says.” —former ESPN reporter Allison Williams

“While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the All-Star Game from hardworking Georgians, the Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia. Chop On, and Go @Braves!” —Governor Brian Kemp

Fact-check: False: “Whether the president has ever visited the border — or will — is a bit of a gotcha question. Given the level of briefings a president receives, a visit may not necessarily add to his body of knowledge.” —Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler

Spin doctor: “[Biden] does not need a visit to the border to know what a mess was left by the last administration. That’s his view.” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Famous last words: “Monthly rates of inflation have already fallen substantially from the very high rates that we saw in the spring and early summer. On a 12-month basis, the inflation rate will remain high into next year because of what’s already happened. But I expect improvement … by the middle to end of next year.” —Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

Baghdad Bob: “Let’s not forget consumers who have a record level of demand as we have made a historic economic recovery. … Do we have more work to do? Absolutely. That’s why we’re trying to get this Build Back Better plan. But the Biden administration, as it comes to the supply chain, continues to serve as an honest broker.” —White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Lack of self-awareness: “We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings.” —Barack Obama (“The President who forced nuns to pay for birth control has some thoughts on the ‘phony’ culture wars.” —Buck Sexton)

Theater of the absurd: “All across the country, Democrats are trying to make it easier to vote, not make it harder to vote, and push back on Republicans who are trying to systematically prevent ordinary citizens from making their voices heard.” —Barack Obama

The BIG Lie I: “There is no deficit of resources in this country, only a deficit of empathy and political courage. Let’s pass the Build Back Better Act.” —Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

The BIG Lie II: “Some of these voting laws that are being enacted around the country in Republican states really are eroding our democracy.” —Congressman Ami Bera

Hot air: “Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. That’s why I’m making a commitment to get to net-zero emissions on electric power by 2035 and net-zero emissions across the board by 2050 or before.” —Joe Biden

Grand delusions: “I ran for president for three reasons: To restore the soul and decency of our country. To rebuild our economy from the bottom up and the middle out. And to help unite our country. We’re on the right track — but there’s still work to be done.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “Biden’s performance is plenty to be satisfied about.” —CNN “analysis”

Moving the goalposts: “Right now we don’t have booster eligibility for all people currently. So we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. We will continue to look at this. We may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future.” —CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

And last… “The American people will be a lot better off if this reckless tax and spending package never passes. They didn’t get a mandate from the American people to do this. American people didn’t vote to turn this country into Bernie Sanders’ socialist vision.” —Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

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Cartoons and Memes · Oct. 25, 2021

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

The Bottleneck

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‘Supply Chain’

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Let’s Compare

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They’ll Be Crushed

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It’s Like This

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2021, Colorized

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‘Under Control’

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Air Filtration

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Dammit, Jim

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This Is It

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Joe Biden slammed for spending 108 days away from White House

‘Fox Across America’ radio host Jimmy Failla blasted Biden, saying is is guilty of ‘dereliction of duty’ amid repeated vacations and no visits to the southern border. #FoxNews

Source: Joe Biden slammed for spending 108 days away from White House

Anthony Fauci’s Freakshow: NIH Conducted Psychological Torture Experiments on Monkeys

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent millions in taxpayer dollars conducting psychological torture experiments on primates — news which has resurfaced following the revelation that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIH division partially funded experiments allowing hungry insects to eat dogs alive.

Source: Anthony Fauci’s Freakshow: NIH Conducted Psychological Torture Experiments on Monkeys

#FauciLiedDogsDied trends on Twitter after revelations that Fauci funded cruel experiments on puppies — Conservative Review

A new hashtag, #FauciLiedDogsDied, is trending on social media in the wake of revelations that Fauci is behind many cruel and unnecessary experiments on puppies.

#FauciLiedDogsDied trends on Twitter after revelations that Fauci funded cruel experiments on puppies — Conservative Review