Two surprising things that Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health funded


I’m going to be pulling an all-nighter tonight (Sunday) to finish some coding, so this post is short. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of what Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health funded. I’ll be linking to 2 articles, both from far-left sources. So there should be no trouble from the far-left fact-checkers who would love to continue to suppress the truth about these stories.

First, far-left Vanity Fair reports. Read this carfully, especially the last paragraph.


“I totally resent the lie you are now propagating.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared to be channeling the frustration of millions of Americans when he spoke those words during an invective-laden, made-for-Twitter Senate hearing on July 20. You didn’t have to be a Democrat to be fed up with all the xenophobic finger-pointing and outright disinformation, coming mainly from the right, up to and including the claim that COVID-19 was a…

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