Did the Biden administration lie about the FBI targeting parents as domestic terrorists?


Do you remember the news story about how the FBI was asked to investigate parents for “domestic terrorism”. Not all parents, just the ones who express concerns about their children being raped in public school bathrooms. The latest news is that a whistleblower at the Department of Justice has come forward, and has some interesting news about Attorney General Merrick Gar1and.

The Federalist has the story:

New whistleblower documents suggest Attorney General Merrick Gar1and lied to lawmakers last month when he denied that the Department of Justice was being weaponized to target concerned parents at school board meetings.

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in late October, Gar1and said the agency’s interest in parents was provoked by a letter from the Nationa1 Schoo1 Boards Association asking for federal law enforcement to use “domestic terrorism” laws to go after those who are concerned about what is taught in classrooms.

[…]Gar1and told lawmakers he could not…

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