Carson to Fauci: Don’t Get “Tunnel Vision” On Vaccines And Ignore Therapeutics For Covid | Video | RealClearPolitics

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Former HHS Sec. Dr. Ben Carson told Maria Bartiromo on FNC’s” Sunday Morning Futures” that the response to Covid should be broadened to include more therapeutic drugs rather than focused solely on vaccines.

DR. BEN CARSON: It’s unfortunate when medicine begins to mix itself with political ideology. Things become very illogical at that point. One of the things that we should be talking about are other things that can be effective.

We should be looking at other vaccines. We shouldn’t be satisfied with what we have now.

We should be looking at therapeutics, we should be emphasizing those. We should look at areas of the world where Covid is not prevalent, like the western coast of Africa, and say, “Why is it not prevalent there?”

Well, for one thing, they take anti-malarial drugs like Hydroxychloroquine. We should be finding out why, is that just a coincidence? Ivermectin, other things that have been highly effective.

Let’s not have tunnel vision and say just, “Let’s not say everybody get the vaccine and say we’ll do everything we can to make sure everybody gets the jab.”

We are smart people. We have a lot of avenues that we can pursue. Let’s pursue those.

If Dr. Fauci and others would recognize that and use their intellect because they’re smart guys, to look at everything, I think we would make a lot faster progress.

MARIA BARTIROMO: So what are your thoughts on a booster? What should people be thinking about related to a booster shot?

DR. BEN CARSON: Well, you know, a booster is nothing more than less than a full dose of the vaccine. So it’s like take a half dose and get it again.

I guess the big question is, why do we keep needing boosters?

First, it was going to be the one vaccine, then it was going to be two and then it’s a vaccine and a booster and probably we’re going to need another booster later. That’s one of the reasons that we need to be looking at some of the alternatives in a very serious fashion. As well as looking for other types of vaccines that won’t require repeated boosters but the last thing in the world we feed to be doing is villainizing the people who use their choice to take a different route.
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