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The Bible and its Story: “Hear, O Israel”

The Book of Deuteronomy tells of the last month of the life of Moses. With his people gathered around him there in the valley of the Jordan, everything was in readiness for the triumphal entry into Palestine. But God had warned Moses that because of the one time when he had failed in faith, he should himself be shut out from the promised land. Hence Moses now prepared himself for death.

‎He gave his last days to preaching to his people. In this final month he delivered to them three great addresses, marvels of oratory, recorded in this remarkable book of Deuteronomy, though perhaps in their present form they were not written down until centuries after Moses’ death. In these orations Moses reminded the new generation, which had grown up around him, of all that God had done for them and for their fathers, in bringing them out from Egypt. He traced the marvelous history of the past forty years, he reviewed the commandments he had given them, and he passionately exhorted them to continue forever in obedience to God.

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

A Man Without Fear — VCY America

And he said, Certainly I will be with thee.

Exodus 3:12

Of course, if the Lord sent Moses on an errand, He would not let him go alone. The tremendous risk which it would involve and the great power it would require would render it ridiculous for God to send a poor lone Hebrew to confront the mightiest king in all the world and then leave him to himself. It could not be imagined that a wise God would match poor Moses with Pharaoh and the enormous forces of Egypt. Hence He says, “Certainly I will be with thee,” as if it were out of the question that He would send him alone.

In my case, also, the same rule will hold good. If I go upon the Lord’s errand with a simple reliance upon His power and a single eye to His glory, it is certain that He will be with me. His sending me binds Him to back me up. Is not this enough? What more can I want? If all the angels and arch-angels were with me. I might fail; but if He is with me, I must succeed. Only let me take care that I act worthily toward this promise. Let me not go timidly, halfheartedly, carelessly, presumptuously. What manner of person ought he to be who has God with him! In such company it behoveth me to play the man and, like Moses, go in unto Pharaoh without fear.

A Man Without Fear — VCY America

Staying the Course: The Perseverance of God’s People in Tumultuous Times — BLOG – Beautiful Christian Life

Image by James Tissot (1836-1902), The Flight of the Prisoners, c. 1896-1902, Jewish Museum, New York, NY; image from Wikimedia Commons{{PD-US}}.

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2022 has arrived and Christians around the world continue to face increasing hostility because of their faith, even in countries that are supposed to uphold religious freedom. How do God’s instructions to the exiled Jews in Babylon (Jer. 29:4-7) help believers to persevere today?

The exiled Jews in Babylon didn’t know exactly how God was going to bring about their redemption and restoration.

When Babylon destroyed the temple and exiled the Judeans in 586 BC (Israel was exiled by Assyria in 722 BC and some Judeans were exiled in 605 BC), perseverance was essential for not only the exiles’ own survival but also for the fulfillment of God’s promise for a savior to come from the line of David. The exiled Jews must have wondered how God was going to bring about their redemption and restoration. Yet, it didn’t matter whether they knew what God was going to do—or how he was going to do it. What mattered was that God is always faithful to fulfill his promises, he knew what he was going to do, and he always accomplishes all his purposes!

In the book of Jeremiah, we read God’s instructions to the exiles:

“Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, to all the exiles whom I have sent into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce. Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease. But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” (Jer. 29:4-7)

God did, in his time, restore the exiles to their land and the temple was rebuilt in 515 BC; yet, these restorations were only temporary as we know from the siege on and destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Roman army in AD 70. A final and eternal restoration for God’s people was still yet to come.

God’s children will continue to be under siege until Christ’s return.

In the post-Christian culture in which we live today, it seems like God’s children are also in exile, living among more and more people who reject God and his word. Furthermore, Christians are under siege because of their faith, as they have been since the first century and shall be until Christ’s return.

God’s instructions to the exiled Jews in Babylon also encourage and fortify believers in the present time. As long as this world goes on, we are called to persevere amid evil. While we cannot eradicate it completely, we can stand resolutely against it and honor God in our various callings in life. And we can have confidence no matter what comes our way—even as we ourselves fall short again and again in various ways—because God will have the last word and one day evil will be no more.

Christians can take heart that God is good and he will have the last word.

God has redeemed a people for himself by the precious blood of Christ our Savior, and he is building his kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit. Take heart and keep on persevering, for God is in control, he is good, and he will accomplish the restoration of all things to his glory for all eternity.

Le Ann Trees is managing editor of Beautiful Christian Life. This article is adapted from “Staying the Course” in BCL’s January 2021 Newsletter: Perseverance.Click Here to Subscribe to BCL’s Free Monthly Newsletter and Weekday Devotional

The Unfolding Word: The Story of the Bible from Creation to New Creation by Zach Keele

Staying the Course: The Perseverance of God’s People in Tumultuous Times — BLOG – Beautiful Christian Life

A New Year’s Resolution — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Do you have some resolutions you need to make but have been holding back because of the fear of failure?

Aaah, the New Year.

I don’t know about you but I always seem to have mixed feelings about the year to come?

I think because it is the UNKNOWN!

What will this New Year bring?  What joys?  What sorrows?  What losses?  What gains?  How strong will my faith be in 2020, I wonder?  What resolutions will I keep and what ones will cause me to fall flat on my face?

On the one hand it’s exciting to look at a fresh clean year and wonder what it will bring but on the other hand it’s scary to think about what might happen and how my world could change.

I also have mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions.  I have this love/hate relationship with them.  I LOVE New Year resolutions because I can start all over again.  The slate is wiped clean and I can begin to conquer some areas in my life that I have wanted to change for a long time. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t make it last year, what matters now is that a New Year is stretching out before me with new possibilities and new challenges.

On the other hand I HATE New Year’s resolutions.  Every time I think about something I want to do there’s this little voice inside my head that whispers, “You won’t stick with it, you’re just going to fail so why even try?”  And then I’m reminded of all the things I’ve tried and failed.  For example . . for years I was determined to read through the Bible in a year.  I would get through the book of Genesis and somehow that’s as far as I would get.  I can’t tell you how many times I read the book of Genesis!

Fear keeps us from stepping out and trying anything new.  It causes us to hold back and play it safe.

In 1 Timothy 1:7 (Amplified Version) it says,

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.”

So this year – I’m not holding back, I refuse to play it safe.  I’m making a list and trusting in God’s power to enable me to keep them.  And if I fail – it won’t be the end of the world.  I’ll pick myself up, wipe the dust off and try again with God by my side.

What about you?  Do you have some resolutions you need to make but have been holding back because of the fear of failure?  Step out in faith, place your hand in your Heavenly Father’s hand and draw your strength from His Power.

Mark Batterson in his book In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day says this:

Faith is embracing the uncertainties of life! . . .       Embrace relational uncertainty.  It’s called romance.  Embrace spiritual uncertainty.  It’s called mystery.  Embrace occupational uncertainty.  It’s called destiny.  Embrace emotional uncertainty.  It’s called joy.  Embrace intellectual uncertainty.  It’s call revelation.”

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore. Dream. Discover.    –Mark Twain

by Kristi Huseby
used by permission

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A New Year’s Resolution — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

A Resolution Worth Keeping — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

It’s simply Christ. Christ plus nothing.

“For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1 Corinthians 2:2 (NIV)

If you’re thinking about making some New Year’s Resolutions, consider this one from The Apostle: “This year I resolve to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.

Paul’s message is radically simple: Salvation is in Christ alone. What does this mean?

 It’s not Christ plus your good behavior.

• It’s not Christ plus the years you taught a Bible study.

• It’s not Christ plus your tithe.

• It’s not Christ plus the church you attend.

• It’s not Christ plus the number of verses you memorize.

• It’s not Christ plus your title in the church.

• It’s not Christ plus wisdom from the latest Christian seminar.

• It’s not Christ plus a  fast.

• It’s not Christ plus a good driving record.

• It’s not Christ plus well-behaved children.

• It’s not Christ plus the right job.

• It’s not Christ plus the right spouse.

• It’s not Christ plus the latest technology.

It’s simply Christ. Christ plus nothing.

That’s a message that is as right throughout this coming year as it will be in 2999.

May your new resolution for the year be nothing but Christ and Him crucified.

by Jon Walker
Used by Permission

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A Resolution Worth Keeping — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: The Daughters of Zelophehad

The book of Numbers closes as it opens with a “numbering” of the men of Israel. This second count was taken as a preparation for entering the promised land, and it yielded as large a total as that former numbering at Sinai. Yet God had made good His threat, for not one of the men of the earlier counting was now left alive to enter Palestine, save only Joshua and Caleb, who had been promised entry. All the others had perished in the wilderness and the wars and the plagues. The present men had been all unborn, or youths under twenty, at the time of the great disobedience.

‎At this ceremony a legal point of great importance in Israel arose. The lands of Palestine were to be divided among the conquerors. Among the Hebrews property had hitherto been held only by males; women merely dwelled with their families. Now it happened that in one family, that of Zelophehad, all the males had perished, only his daughters remained. These came and appealed to Moses, saying that their father had been a good man and that his death should not be allowed to deprive them of their home and inheritance. So Moses decreed that in such cases the women should receive their father’s share of all Israel’s possessions, but must marry within their own tribe. With this important piece of legislation, the Book of Numbers ends.

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

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Courage and Godspeed,
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Source: Worldview and Apologetics in the News


(An Apologetic Strategy)


William Boekestein; REFORMATION 21; December 31, 2021

Apologetic conversations aren’t about hypothetical truths, but about life’s most important matters. We mustn’t simply stick to the scripts of critics; we must see ourselves as God’s prophets “anointed to confess his name” and reveal the mysterious “counsel and will of God concerning our deliverance.”[1] Apologists aim to disrupt the status quo of the critic. Why? Because “as an outsider I don’t need reasons to dismiss something. My ignorance of the subject is already doing a good job of that. I need reasons to take seriously something that I would otherwise dismiss.”[2]

How can we do that? Apologists answer that question differently. For example, “The Van Tillian methodology was negative, to reduce the opponent to absurdity. The Lewisian methodology was affirmative, to persuade the opponent that they actually needed and wanted the Foundation and Anchor of Truth.” [3] Folks might favor one approach over the other — but aren’t they both needed?

This was Paul’s plan. Apologists must “destroy arguments” (2 Cor. 10:5). They also must “entreat … by the meekness and gentleness of Christ” (1). And before doing either we can help our friends better understand their unbelief.

Clarify Unbelief

Because you believe God’s Word, you know more about the unbelief of your friends than they do. The woman at the well was amazed because of the personal things Jesus knew about her (John 4:29). His analysis of her life got her wondering about the claims of Christ’s lordship. We don’t have to be omniscient to understand important truths about unbelief.

Unbelief Is Always Moral, Not Merely Intellectual 

Intellectually unbelievers know there is a God, but find it morally intolerable to honor him as God (Rom. 1:21). They stumble over Jesus’ claim of Lordship (1 Peter 2:8) despite his promise of gentleness (Matt. 11:29).

To truly receive Christ, we have to disown everything we thought was to our advantage (Phil. 3:7–8). The gospel offends us because it “deprives us of all credit for wisdom, virtue, and righteousness.”[4] Some people use intellectual arguments to excuse their refusal to trust Jesus. Others use less sophisticated methods. J. H. Bavinck puts it like this: “fear of the future, fear of the pitiless discovery of his own insignificance, fear of death, and fear of God—all that dark and somber fear which lives and hides in the inner man is covered with a pattern of banter and lightheartedness.”[5] Either way, refusal to trust in Jesus is always a matter of the heart; it is never simply about mental hurdles.

Unbelief Is Contrary to Our Deepest Desires

Unbelief is dissatisfying because we are wired to know God. The teenager who rebels against her parents violates deeper desires. She wants acceptance, security, and love. Rejecting her parents drives her further from what she truly wants and needs. So it is with unbelief. The peace and healing God promises, and which everyone desires, cannot be experienced by unbelievers. Here’s how Isaiah put it: “‘Peace, peace, to the far and to the near,’ says the Lord, ‘and I will heal him. But the wicked are like the tossing sea; for it cannot be quiet, and its waters toss up mire and dirt. There is no peace’ says my God, ‘for the wicked’” (57:20–21). Truly, “Our restless spirits yearn for thee, where’er our changeful lot is cast.”[6] No matter how intelligent, competent, and lovely unbelievers are, because they reject God they are “wandering through life aimlessly, not knowing the right perspective on the simplest things of life.”[7]That is contrary to our deeper desires. Paul describes non-Christians in terms of homelessness. As aliens and strangers they have “no hope” and are “without God in the world” (Eph. 2:12). I’ve never been homeless, but I’ve been away from home—where I belong—for too long. Unbelief keeps people from being where they belong.

Don’t fear telling unbelieving friends what the Bible says about their unbelief.

Critique Unbelief

Scripture teaches us to tear down strongholds and destroy lofty opinions. So we can’t simply interpret unbelief. We must critique it. Here are three ways.

Non-Christian Worldviews Cannot Give Confidence 

Believers can believe boldly: “I know that my redeemer lives” (Job 19:25). “I know whom I have believed” (2 Tim. 1:12). Unbelievers cannot truly say, “I know God does not exist.” Such knowledge would require unlimited wisdom and a comprehensive search of the universe. And the reality of God’s existence is strong; it takes effort to “suppress the truth” (Rom. 1:17). So unbelief is always tentative; it is truly a guess contrary to better evidence. Rejecting God requires faith in oneself, that the evidence for God has been fully examined and found wanting. Believers do not need unlimited knowledge, just a certainty that God has spoken.

Non-Christian Worldviews Do Not Promote Morality

There is much truth, goodness, and beauty in the unbelieving world. But these virtues are derived from the truth, goodness, and beauty that is in the God who created this world. They aren’t generated by unbelief. These virtues actually contradict an unbelieving worldview. Take justice for example. What makes certain behavior wrong? No one talks of animal rape or murder as issues of justice. Why is it different among humans if we are simply advanced animals? [8] Because we know better (Rom. 2:15). Rape and murder—and all other sins—are unjust because humans are uniquely valuable as God’s image-bearers.

Non-Christian Worldviews Cannot Promise Personal Value 

The world champions mottos like, “You are amazing, you are important, you are special.” How? If we are accidents of nature how important are we? If our end is simply to die and provide fuel for what survives us do we really matter? Most teenagers today die by the deliberate taking of life through either suicide or homicide. Why should that surprise us, as the Bible’s message (you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” [Ps. 139:14]) is replaced with the world’s message (“you are a product of time and chance”)?

It is right to critique unbelief as an incoherent, unsustainable worldview. But we must also offer an alternative.

Contrast Unbelief

Apologists don’t merely answer questions or defend against accusations. They proclaim and invite. Paul sets the right tone when he told King Agrippa, “I would to God that not only you but also all who hear me this day might become such as I am” (Acts 26:29). And billions of people around the world have found that invitation compelling, even amid nauseating opposition. Why? Here are four promises that only Christianity can make good.

  • You can know God. The gospel isn’t simply an invitation to believe certain truths but to enter into a loving relationship with God. Everyone already knows that God exists (James 2:19). But by believing the gospel you can know “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit” (2 Cor. 13:14).
  • You can know yourself. Calvin is right: “It is certain that man never achieves a clear knowledge of himself unless he has first looked upon God’s face, and then descends from contemplating him to scrutinize himself.”[9] When you believe in Jesus you begin a new life that is “hidden with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3).
  • You can have your sins forgiven. Deep down everyone knows that they sin; our “conflicting thoughts accuse” us (Rom. 2:15). Apart from Christ we try to cancel our sins by trying to do better, the very thing we were trying to do when we failed before. But Jesus died for our sins and was raised to new life so that we could be right with God (Rom. 4:25). By Jesus “everyone who believes is freed from everything from which you could not be freed” by trying to be good (Acts 13:39).
  • You can gain eternal life. The patriarch Jacob wasn’t just speaking for himself when he said, “Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life” (Gen. 47:9). We might say the same thing. But the many hardships that Jacob faced were tempered by his confidence that he would soon “be gathered to [his] people” in eternal life (49:29). Jesus proved the resurrection by quoting the Scripture that said God is still the God of Jacob (Matt. 22:32). Jacob is alive and well right now! And you can join him when you die.

This the message of Christian apologetics. “In whatever circumstances we may be, the defense of the faith must be intertwined with the declaration of the good news that salvation from sin and death has come through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God.”[10] “For the Christian faith, a strong offence is the best defense; indeed, it is the only defense.”[11] Only the gospel removes “all obstacles and opens up an easy entrance into the kingdom of God for us.”[12]

This message is our calling. So you don’t have be a philosopher or an apologetic expert. “The believer has no need to fear free and open dialogue, and the only ‘authority’ which wins out is the conscience persuaded by a reasonable exegesis of the Scriptures.”[13] The weapon that destroys arguments “and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God” is truth itself. God’s truth has “divine power to destroy strongholds” (2 Cor. 10:4–5) and give birth to new beauty. Love that truth. Live it. Defend it. Share it. And God will do the rest.

Read the previous posts in this series here.

William Boekestein is pastor of Immanuel Fellowship Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Omicron Is Creating An Unnecessary Media Hysteria Over Positive Case Numbers…Again | ZeroHedge News

Submitted by QTR’s Fringe Finance

Back about a year ago – before the Delta variant, but long after we had a firm grasp on exactly how dangerous Covid was (or wasn’t, depending on your perspective) – I made the point that we had to stop blindly relying on, touting and hyping up individual positive Covid cases and blanket positive test numbers.

In short, I made the argument that we needed to loosen our grip from hanging on individual positive tests being reported one at a time by the news. The brain damage and hysteria being drummed up from reporting one positive case at a time far outweighed the actual damage Covid was doing, in my opinion.

If you remember correctly, back in 2020 and even in early 2021, any time a person of prominence, like an athlete, politician or celebrity tested positive, it was immediately an enormous headline that would cause the nation to collectively gasp.

This wasn’t rational during the first variant of Covid, it remained irrational during the Delta variant, and is on the verge of just crazy-making now that the Omicron variant is here.

The truth of the matter is that individual cases as news headlines only serve to create headlines and whip people up into a hysteria.

For example – and I’m not trying to be mean here – but who even is this person, and why is this a lede on People.com?

While the media loves singling famous people out or touting the absolute number of positive tests in a given location, it often fails to report any context.

For example, reports about positive tests often do not include how many of the positive tests resulted in hospitalizations, how many of the positive tests even had symptoms and nuances like how many of the positive tests could be attributable to false positives.

Why is this context extremely important when reporting about the Omicron variant?

  1. Studies are showing that Omicron is far less likely to land people in the hospital, with a trio of studies out of Scotland showing that Omicron was associated with a 2/3rd’s lower risk of hospitalization than the Delta variant. Loosely speaking, the Delta variant has been found to increase chances of hospitalization by up to 2x from the original disease. Using this loose math, this would mean that Omicron is about 30% less likely than the original variant to land you in the hospital.
  2. A new meta analysis of asymptomatic cases published in JAMA this month continues to show that about 45% of all combined cases between the U.S. and Europe are asymptomatic. This number drops to 40.5% when you include the entire geographical pool of Covid tests. This suggests that almost half of all “positive” cases may not be negatively affecting someone’s quality of life.
  3. PCR testing is notoriously sensitive. Someone close to me who follows CDC protocol, is vaxxed, boosted and routinely double masks said to me this week: “All these positive tests out of nowhere. It’s almost like it isn’t real.”

    While I’m not saying it “isn’t real”, what I am suggesting is that scratching below the surface about how PCR testing works might be a good idea before becoming hysterical about numbers the media presents.

    For example, CDC Director Rachel Walensky said this month that PCR tests may come back positive up to 12 weeks after someone has Covid.

    Back in 2020, health experts were saying PCR testing would pick up on “barely any traces” of the virus and that up to 90% of people who tested positive may not be carrying enough of the virus to infect someone else.

    PCR’s greater accuracy detects viral load far below this level, and thus incorrectly identifies many individuals as infectious when they are not,” an Arizona State University writeup on testing accuracy from October 2020 added.

  4. False positives are still a thing. As demonstrated on national television this year when Ana Navarro had to be ushered off the set of The View, prevalence of false positives can range from 0% to 16%, or even higher, depending on which sources and studies you cite for your information. These estimates are statistically significant enough to warrant redundancy in all testing. When a second test isn’t issued for a “positive” result, the confidence in the reliability of the test diminishes ever so slightly. Combined with the above three points, it’s worth noting for context when reading Omicron positive testing headlines.

Here’s a great example of the media at work from this summer, wherein CNN reports about an Olympic athlete who tested positive for Covid-19. CNN’s original source, a Tweet from an official Olympic body, offers slightly more context than CNN’s lede. No further information, such as whether or not the athlete even had symptoms or whether or not they were retested again that day to account for potential false positives, was given.

And hey – I’m not suggesting that you should ignore case number trends in your specific jurisdiction and that you don’t take precautions. All I’m suggesting is there is a lot more behind the positive Covid test case numbers than people take the time to see.

That, I believe, is because the media is satisfied using these numbers in the most sensational way possible and the public is largely uninformed and scared. The media I can place blame on for knowing better; the public, which largely consists of good hearted people just trying to do the right thing, I have more sympathy for.

So let’s look at what’s happening this New Year’s Eve. People are being told to stay home and not enjoy themselves because a new variant of Covid is “sweeping the globe”. Case numbers are being reported in record sums, with terms like “unprecedented”, “unlike anything we’ve ever seen” and “shattered records” being thrown around:

Holy fuck! Surely this is caused for severe alarm, right? Forget your vaccines that we once promised in a smug tone of voice would protect you from ever getting the virus againCovid is back with a vengeance, motherfuckers!

But seriously, let’s just calm down. We already know Omicron is more transmissible than other variants by an order of magnitude, so let’s stop acting surprised. We also know that millions upon millions of Americans have already prompted their immune systems with vaccines and booster shots, so let’s stop acting worried that the virus is once again “surprising” us.

All month I’ve been watching athletes and coaches from various sports testing “positive” – resulting in sports games being canceled and hundreds of millions of dollars in associated revenue being put at risk.

In addition to the economic loss “positive” tests immediately create, many of players and coaches who have been reporting to practice and feeling fine are claiming that testing protocols are taking a mental toll on them.

Take, for example, French tennis player Benoit Paire:

French tennis player Benoit Paire has tested positive for COVID-19 just weeks before the Australian Open gets underway on Jan. 17, 2022.

“Hey my name is Benoit Paire, and for the 250th time I tested positive for Covid!!” he said on Twitter. “Honestly I can’t deal with this Covid s*** anymore.”

“How am I doing? Because of Covid, I got a runny nose but because of all these quarantines spent in a hotel room halfway across the world, I don’t feel good mentally,” he continued.

Paire, who is vaccinated, added that he is “100 percent for the vaccine,” but urged people to “just live as before Covid, otherwise, I don’t see the point.”

Do you know the old expression: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Maybe we should be asking: “If 350 million people report ‘positive’ tests but no one cares anymore, do we really need such stringent Covid protocols?”

I know that sounds crass, but how many of the players and coaches do you think would be simply going about their business but for some super-sensitive PCR test turning up trace amounts of the virus? How many players don’t care at this point? How many of the tens of thousands of fans that wind up in the stadium cheering along these teams care at this point?

The counter intuitive nature of our Covid testing is on full display in the world of sports. If we are to test in this fashion going forward, no team in any sport may ever field a starting lineup again.

I mean, honestly – imagine testing everybody for trace amounts of the cold virus before every sporting event in every major sporting league. Nothing would ever get done and the leagues would fold due to inefficiency and loss of interest from fans.

If you take the same fallacy and apply it to everyday life and everywhere that requires Covid testing, including places of business who mandate it, one really starts to get a look at the giant wrench that can be thrown back (George Gammon voice) into the gears of both the economy and people’s everyday lives.

Omicron cases are surging. We know. It’s a cause for concern. People will take precautions that they deem necessary for themselves and for others. However,  inciting hysteria based on total number of cases at this point, given the new variant’s properties and what we know about testing, might be the most counterintuitive and irrational decision in responding to the virus yet.

And that’s saying something, because there’s been a lot of them.

Source: Omicron Is Creating An Unnecessary Media Hysteria Over Positive Case Numbers…Again

The New York Times Has Trash ‘Religion’ Coverage | Zwinglius Redivivus


I don’t know who their reporters are, or where they get them, but evidently none of them, and no one on the editorial staff, knows a thing about Christianity, the Bible, the Old Testament, or the way names work.

In case you don’t know (and shame on you if you don’t), the name ‘Jesus’ never occurs so much as one time in the Old Testament.

This is the garbage that the media vomits out whenever it covers ‘religion’.  It is imbecilic.  Bloody dilettantes.

Source: The New York Times Has Trash ‘Religion’ Coverage

AOC tries to dunk on DeSantis over “vacation.” It doesn’t go well | HotAir

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Here’s one of those fun stories that dropped into our laps just as everyone was getting ready for their new year’s eve celebrations. On Thursday, while New York City was in the midst of the largest surge in Omicron and other COVID cases seen to date, National Review revealed that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t hanging around in her home district in Queens. Instead, AOC was photographed in Miami Beach, sitting maskless with her boyfriend and sipping champagne at a sidewalk cafe. Allahpundit already pointed out the differences between AOC’s situation and a previous flap over Ted Cruz’s vacation agenda. In any event, AOC’s trip to the Sunshine State prompted the office of Governor Ron DeSantis to have a little fun by “welcoming” her to Florida on Twitter and saying that they hoped she was enjoying some of the freedom offered by DeSantis’ policies.


Sadly for AOC, she’s never been known for recognizing when it might be time to keep her head down and stay out of the limelight. She decided to fire back, invoking an already debunked claim about DeSantis himself being on vacation during the pandemic.


That response went over like a lead balloon. As National Review explained in a follow-up article, Governor DeSantis was not on vacation. In fact, he was still posting a schedule of regular events. But he was indeed “missing” during the period AOC was referring to. And the reason was that he was accompanying his wife to the hospital for cancer treatments.

“I’d also be happy to share some notes from @GovKathyHochul’s work in NY since he seems to be in need of tips!”

DeSantis’s spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, told Fox News the governor was accompanying his wife, Casey, to cancer treatment on Wednesday, when critics began accusing him of dodging his responsibilities. DeSantis announced in October that Casey had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Pushaw also tweeted out a picture of the governor’s public schedule in response to criticism from MSNBC host Joy Reid.

A Twitter pal summed up the AOC faceplant using far less than the maximum number of characters.


First, allow me to wish the DeSantis family all the best in this battle. Having just been through a fairly serious health scare with my own wife, I know how challenging such times can be.

With that said, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a moment, despite the fact that AOC made herself look entirely foolish and heartless on New Year’s Eve. While everyone is entitled to use their vacation time as they see fit, plenty of politicians – from both parties – have been found doing so at awkward times, generating bad headlines. (The aforementioned Ted Cruz vacation comes to mind.) So AOC didn’t invent this particular style of social media failure.

Also, while AOC’s district sits in New York City and Gotham is going through a large COVID surge, it’s not as if she was going to be doing much to solve it had she remained at home. She’s a congressional representative. She’s also a bartender, not a doctor. If the city’s Health Commissioner turned up in Miami Beach while all of this has been going on you could understand the impulse to break out the pitchforks and torches. But a congresswoman? One might argue that she does less damage when she’s out of town and not down in Washington casting votes.

Still, as already mentioned, this turned out to be one heck of a faceplant. And Ron DeSantis’ office played it exactly correctly. If nothing else, we’ve probably been treated to a demonstration of the reality that political hijinks and stupidity haven’t magically disappeared with the arrival of the new year.

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The Narrative™ of Covid is beginning to change and hoo boy does Ben Shapiro have the receipts

Something weird has been happening as Americans have been distracted with Christmas parties and holiday cheer over the past few weeks: our ruling elite have begun to shift the official Covid Narrative™ in a variety of ways.

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Ben Shapiro Eviscerates COVID Cult And ‘Authoritarian Lockdown Nonsense’ That’s Destroyed ‘Millions Of Lives’ | ZeroHedge News

Now that the tide has officially turned thanks to Omicron – the hyper-transmissible, vaccine-mocking Covid strain that features flu-like symptoms and virtually no death, public health officials and their legacy media lapdogs have some explaining to do.

In a Friday Twitter thread, Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro shines an industrial grade spotlight in the faces of the hypocritical left over their seemingly-overnight pivot on Covid truths – which until now were verboten and could get one banned, demonetized, or canceled by woke mobs.

Without further ado:

Continued via Threadreaderapp (emphasis ours): 

1. Cloth masks are ineffective against omicron (Leanna Wen, CNN);

2. The vaccinated can spread and get covid;

3. The death rate is comparable to the flu (Chris Hayes);

4. Many people are entering hospitals with covid, not from covid (Fauci);

5. Natural immunity is a reason omicron hasn’t been as virulent (Fauci);

6. We have to take into account societal needs, not just spread prevention (CDC);

7. The asymptomatic should not be tested (NFL);

8. We should focus on hospitalizations and deaths, not case rate (Biden);

9. Children are not at risk and schools should remain open;

10. Covid is predominantly an illness affecting the immunocompromised and elderly and we should not shut down society.

Those of us in reality have been saying all this for months and most of it since May 2020. But your political priors were more important than the data. You had to have your demonization narrative.

So welcome to reality. And f*** all y’all for pretending you didn’t know this so you could have fun crapping on Trump and DeSantis and all your red state relatives.

And btw, AOC and all you Leftist covid fanatics — those whose virtue signaling authoritarian lockdown nonsense that has resulted in millions of lives destroyed — stay in your states and leave mine alone.

We chose data and freedom. You chose alarmism and unearned moral superiority. Stay in NY, NJ, CA, and the rest — and enjoy the actual paranoid nanny state you created among your friends who reward you for telling them they will kill their kids and grandma if they don’t panic.

Oh yes, and Happy New Year to all.

Source: Ben Shapiro Eviscerates COVID Cult And ‘Authoritarian Lockdown Nonsense’ That’s Destroyed ‘Millions Of Lives’

377,000 Yemenis Dead As Biden Goes Back On Promise To End The War

By Robert Inlakesh According to the United Nations, around 377,000 Yemenis have died since 2015 as a result of the ongoing war which has ripped… 377,000 Yemenis Dead As Biden Goes Back On Promise…

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Wow: The Biden administration is finally openly acknowledging an absolutely critical flaw with COVID hospitalization data

Right on the heels of the Biden administration’s belated realization that COVID policies can wreak havoc on the country, the White House is suddenly conceding a major flaw in how we measure COVID hospitalization data, one that critics have been pointing out for almost the past two years:

Source: Wow: The Biden administration is finally openly acknowledging an absolutely critical flaw with COVID hospitalization data

Alex Jones’ Last Broadcast Of 2021 – Dr. Peter McCullough Live In Studio & More – FULL SHOW 12/3

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 • Banned.Video – Alex Jones


Dr. Peter McCullough joins Alex Jones live in studio to give his powerful presentation on the COVID virus, its mutations, and the mRNA gene therapy/viral vector injections. Kristi Leigh hosts the final hour.