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The Bible and its Story: The Spies Escape

Rahab now gave herself wholly to the cause of her new friends. She hurried the soldiers away, assuring them that with speed they might still catch the Israelites. She kept the spies secreted, hidden under bundles of flax upon her roof, until the road was open to them. Moreover she told the two men all she knew of Jericho, and of the mysterious fear which had utterly melted the courage of its people, so that they trembled in terror of Israel, and could not fight. Then came the poor woman’s solemn profession of her own rising faith, “For the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above and in earth beneath.”

‎Rahab entreated the men to protect her and her household in the day when Jericho should fall before them; and they promised. Afterward she let them down by a rope form the roof of her house. This house stood upon the wall of the city, so they were thus safely outside, and stole away quietly into the mountains, whence, when the pursuit was over, they returned joyously to Joshua, with Rahab’s news, saying, “Truly the Lord hath delivered into our hands all the land: for even all the inhabitants of the country do faint because of us.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Our Groaning Joy — Southern Equip

Our quest for joy begins at the end creation has been groaning together in the of the creation narrative, where God looks at all He has created and pronounces it “very good.” Tragically, this good creation would be radically tarnished with sin through the rebellion of our first parents—a rebellion that replaced God’s blessing with His curse. But even in this darkest of moments, hope rings out. The Apostle Paul assures us that there’s coming a day when God will make His blessings flow “far as the curse is found”:

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. (Rom. 8:20–24a)

The people of God are living “in this hope”—the time between the advents of Christ when our joy is mingled with the countless “groanings” associated with a fallen world.

So how can we help ensure that our joy is not overwhelmed with groaning?

Joy and Its Enemies

Joy has enemies. Ephesians 2:1–3 outlines what we’re up against:

And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience—among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind.

Apart from Christ, we willingly followed the sinful pattern of this world, did the devil’s bidding, and lived to serve our lusts. And now, as redeemed sinners, we war against these joy killers.

The Fight for Joy

If our joy in the Lord is to increase, then the enemies of our joy must be constantly subdued.

First, consider how the world attacks our joy. The world would have us embrace vapid joys. That is, substitutes for Christ that will never satisfy. This idolatry is what David Wells laments when he describes the “world” as “the collective expression of every society’s refusal to bow before God, to receive his truth, to obey his commandments, or to believe his Christ. Further, the ‘world’ is what fallen humanity uses as a substitute for God and his truth.”

To protect our joy in Christ, we shun conformity to the world while being “transformed by the renewal of [our] mind” (Rom. 12:2). This work of the Spirit in our lives is promoted through our diligent use of God’s Word. As we saturate our minds with God’s truth, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.”

Second, consider how the devil attacks our joy by assaulting our faith. We see an alarming picture of this in Luke 22:31–32 where Jesus warns Peter of Satan’s desire: “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.”

Satan wants to destroy faith. And if our faith in Jesus falters, so will our joy. For who rejoices in a Christ one doesn’t trust?

While we rest in the confidence of Jesus’ intercessory work on our behalf, we combat the devil by feeding our faith the promises of God. This is the line of attack Martin Luther described in his great battle hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” Indeed, “One little word shall fell him.”

Finally, consider how indwelling sin attacks our joy. When we walk according to the flesh, we are not walking according to the Spirit. And part of the fruit of the Spirit is joy (Gal. 5:22). Therefore, the Christian must mortify the flesh (Rom. 8:12–14; Col. 3:5–10). To adapt a phrase from John Owen, be killing sin or sin will kill your joy.

Christian joy is experienced in a world groaning under the weight of sin. But our joy groans “in hope of the glory of God” (Rom. 5:2). So until that great day, we continue to root our joy in the One who calls us to Himself “that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full” (John 15:11).

Our Groaning Joy — Southern Equip

The Overcomer — VCY America

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Revelation 2:7

No man may turn his back in the day of battle or refuse to go to the holy war. We must fight if we would reign, and we must carry on the warfare till we overcome every enemy, or else this promise is not for us, since it is only for “him that overcometh.” We are to overcome the false prophets who have come into the world and all the evils which accompany their teaching. We are to overcome our own faintness of heart and tendency to decline from our first love. Read the whole of the Spirit’s word to the church at Ephesus.

If by grace we win the day, as we shall if we truly follow our conquering Leader, then we shall be admitted to the very center of the paradise of God and shall be permitted to pass by the cherub and his flaming sword and come to that guarded tree, whereof if a man eat, he shall live forever. We shall thus escape that endless death which is the doom of sin and gain that everlasting life which is the seal of innocence, the outgrowth of immortal principles of Godlike holiness. Come, my heart, pluck up courage! To flee the conflict will be to lose the joys of the new and better Eden; to fight unto victory is to walk with God in paradise.

The Overcomer — VCY America

Forget the Former Things — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The year is gone, finished, past. We cannot reclaim it or undo it.

This is what the Lord says,

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” — Isaiah 43:16,18-19


The year is gone, finished, past. We cannot reclaim it or undo it. We cannot rest on the great distance it has brought us. If tomorrow dawns, it will be another day, a new opportunity, and the time to show our faith in Jesus as Lord. Let’s journey forward, knowing that God already inhabits the future and promises to provide us refreshment on our journey there.


Lord of all eternity, please help me to learn from my mistakes this past year, but not to dwell on them. Please help me not rest on my accomplishments in this past year, but use them to further your work in me and through me. Please help me not quarrel with those who injured me yesterday, last month, or this past year. Instead, O Father, lead me in your paths and help me see your mighty works this next year. In Jesus’ name and by his power I ask it. Amen.

By Phil Ware
used by permission
from http://www.verseoftheday.com

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Forget the Former Things — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Letting Go and Pressing On — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

How do we move on when our spirits have been wounded, or our families disrupted?

“…I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” Philippians 3:13-14 (NLT)

Theater critic, Brooks Atkinson, once said, “Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect.” Drop, let go, forget – that’s easier said than done. People, events, and circumstances of this past year—perhaps past years—continue to nag at us. Disappointments, betrayals, and losses creep into our minds to disturb the peace that God promises.

How do we move on when our spirits have been wounded, or our families disrupted?

Several words used by the apostle Paul give us clues about the process so necessary for forward movement. First there is the word “focus,” meaning to concentrate on. Instead of allowing our thoughts to meander into the morass of the past, we choose to deliberately think of the future. This in no way means denial, but rather a purposeful action involving looking ahead to what God may have in store.

What about “forget”? This word has within it the idea of neglect, e.g., giving less weight to what has happened in the past, refusing to dwell on those things that disturb our peace and threaten the future God has planned for us.

And then there is “press on.” Here I imagine a runner, surrounded by competitors, just about to cross the finish line. The race has been long, the runner is almost exhausted and she finally sees the ribbon extended across her path. Determined to win the race and knowing that any part of her body must cross that ribbon in order for victory to be declared, she stretches out her arms—she presses on.

This is not a once-a-year process, but rather a daily examination of the hours just past and the glorious future of the day ahead. The heavenly prize is definitely within reach. Let go. Press on.

Question: How has God helped you move beyond hurt and into forgiveness and freedom?

By Marilyn Ehle
Used by Permission

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Letting Go and Pressing On — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: Rahab Hides the Spies

Joshua began his great work warily. His people were encamped on the east bank of the Jordan. Across the river lay the huge high-walled city of Jericho, a mighty fortress standing as the south-east gateway of Canaan, and supposed to protect it securely from all such desert wanderers as the tribes of Israel. Joshua, gazing across the river at those tremendous walls, wondered how his people should surmount them, and sent two spies to report upon the land, even as Moses had sent him and his companions forty years before.

‎The two spies entered the city boldly and went for the night to a public house, perhaps a sort of inn, kept by a woman named Rahab. But they had been seen, and recognized, and followed. Soldiers, sent by the king of the city, came in the gathering twilight, knocking at Rahab’s door, telling her these men were spies. In a single instant, the woman had to make her everlasting choice between Jericho and Israel, between the old life and the new. Perchance she hesitated; but her woman-heart would not permit her to surrender her guests to destruction. She told the soldiers that the Israelites had stolen away into the night

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

January 4 – Exalt the name of the Lord | Reformed Perspective

“Oh magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.” – Psalm 34:3                    

Scripture reading: Psalm 34:1-22

Life calls us to set priorities. How have you set yours?

Psalm 34 helps us set our priorities aright. Always, our great calling remains to magnify the LORD and to exalt His name and to do that with and alongside fellow believers. Think of the magnifying glass—it brings everything into sharper focus. So too for us, when we set our priorities aright.

Two days ago, we in freedom could be together in the Lord’s house of praise, prayer and proclamation to testify to the greatness of our God and the great things He has done, is doing, and will yet do. 

David in magnifying the LORD bears witness to the happiness of those who trust in God. He writes out of conviction and experience after being delivered from his fears, saved out of his troubles.  And that continues to be the experience of the believer to this very day. God is near the broken-hearted and saves those experiencing a heavy spirit. He hears the believer’s cry for help.

 Praise to God sets the tone for all that we are called to be and do. Will you make praise one of your priorities this year?  

Suggestions for prayer

Ask our heavenly Father to help set our priorities aright in such a way that praise would be a top priority.  Thank the LORD for our deliverance in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Peter Vellenga is presently serving as itinerant preacher waiting upon Lord for continued assignment.

— Read on reformedperspective.ca/january-4-exalt-the-name-of-the-lord/

4 Jan 2022 News Briefing


Indiana life insurance CEO SCOTT DAVISON Says Deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 in 2021
One America insurance has said they have seen a 40% increase in the number of dead Americans insured by the company’s policies, between the age of 18 and 64 in Q3 and Q4 2021 over 2020, and any other period in the company’s records going back over 100 years. The 40% increase in deaths is unheard of and an unbelievable catastrophe.

First earthquake of 2022 in South Carolina felt near Columbia on Monday
A 2.5-magnitude earthquake was felt Monday in the middle of South Carolina and is the first earthquake in the state this year after a string of earthquakes were detected in the same area last week.

Powerful 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Taiwan
Officials in Taiwan say a powerful earthquake struck Taiwan late Monday, shaking buildings in the capital, Taipei, and across much of the northern part of the island, but there were no reports of serious damage.

China Pursues ‘Brain Control’ Weaponry in Bid to Command Future of Warfare
Launching assaults on the battlefield with a mere thought. Enhancing the human brain to create “super warriors.” Disrupting the minds of enemies to make them submit to the controller’s command. Once believed to only exist in science-fiction movies, the weaponization of the brain has been discussed by Chinese military officials for years. And Beijing is spending billions each year on neuroscience that could draw these scenarios ever closer to reality.

Chinese Researchers Built AI ‘Prosecutor’ That Can File Charges by Itself
Shanghai Pudong Procuratorate, the country’s largest prosecution office, built and tested the machine. So far, the machine is able to identify and file charges for the eight most common crimes in Shanghai—credit card fraud, running a gambling operation, reckless driving, intentional injury, obstructing official duties, theft, fraud, and picking a quarrel.
… the so-called AI “prosecutor” can file a charge with 97 percent accuracy.

Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate After More Flooding
As of 03 January the country’s disaster agency NADMA said that 14,459 people were taking shelter at 191 evacuation centres in Johor (3,966 evacuated), Melaka (2,617), Negeri Sembilan (1,975), Pahang (2,289) and Selangor (40) in Peninsular Malaysia. In Eastern Malaysia, floods in Sabah state caused 3,329 people to evacuate.

1 million COVID-vaccine injuries now reported on CDC’s database
The number of adverse events due to COVID-19 vaccines reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website has surpassed 1 million. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, known as VAERS, reports that as of Dec. 24, there were 21,002 COVID vaccine deaths and 110,609 hospitalizations along with a total of 1,000,227 COVID vaccine adverse events.

DeSantis jokes about Dems from strict COVID states visiting Florida after AOC spotted maskless in Miami
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joked about how Democrats from states with “draconian” coronavirus policies keep popping up in his state for vacation. DeSantis was asked about this during a press conference Monday after progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was spotted in Miami over the weekend, not wearing a mask while at a crowded drag bar.

Winter storm pounds Washington as it moves across U.S. East Coast
A winter storm unleashed heavy snow and strong winds throughout much of the U.S. Southeast and mid-Atlantic on Monday, forcing federal offices and schools to close, grounding airplanes and knocking out power for thousands of people. Forecasts called for 4-8 inches (12-25 cm) of snow and winds up to 40 miles per hour (64 km per hour) in the region’s first blizzard of the season, according to the National Weather Service. Severe weather warnings were issued from the Carolinas to New Jersey.

Gantz: It is my duty to prevent war
Defense Minister Benny Gantz dismissed criticism from the right of his meeting last week with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. “As Defense Minister, my job is to make sure that the IDF is ready for war or battle. As a statesman, my job is to act to prevent war.

Cyber warfare 2022 will be 2021 on steroids – analysis
The quality of life and reliance on technology is so much higher in the US and Israel, that we all just have far more to lose. The Jerusalem Post was only the first of many newly hacked victims that cyberwarfare will claim in 2022, as threats from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and others go into overdrive.

Iran nuclear talks won’t end in good result for Israel – Lapid
The negotiations for Iran to return to compliance with its nuclear deal with world powers will not come to a good result for Israel, but Jerusalem is trying to mitigate the damage, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said on Monday, as talks were set to continue in Vienna.

Israel won’t hold peace talks with Palestinians even after PM rotation – Lapid
Israel will not negotiate a two-state solution with the Palestinians even when Foreign Minister Yair Lapid becomes prime minister after the planned rotation in 2023, he said on Monday. “Even after a coalition rotation, I will remain with the same people and the same disagreements” about the Palestinian issue, Lapid said in a briefing. “I plan to stand behind the agreement I made with my partners.”

Gunshots fired at US Border Patrol from Mexico
A United States Customs and Border Protection agent was shot at from Mexico on New Year’s Day while arresting an illegal immigrant in Texas. Fox News reported that multiple bullets struck the agent’s vehicle, but the agent himself was not harmed.

Russia fires 12 of its new hypersonic nuke-capable Zircon missiles
“Last night or, to be more exact, this morning, the Tsirkon hypersonic system was salvo-launched,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a joint meeting of the State Council and the Council on Science and Education on Dec. 24, Russia’s state-run TASS news agency reported. “This is our latest missile that can strike both naval and ground targets. The tests were successful and impeccable.”

US, UK, China, Russia, France release joint statement on nuclear war – here it is
Five nuclear world powers issued a joint statement on Monday calling for “the reduction of strategic risks” in an effort to avoid war between Nuclear-Weapon States. The People’s Republic of China, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America issued a rare joint statement in which they affirmed that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” “We believe strongly that the further spread of such weapons must be prevented.”

Magnificent Water spout off coast of Ashdod
A massive water spout was caught off the coast of Israel on Monday. Watch.

Palestinian claim to Jerusalem causing the current violent rifts in Islam, mid-east expert reveals
Peter Baum, the International Political Affairs Editor of Blitz highlighted this issue in a recent op-ed in which he stated that the “false Palestinian claim to Jerusalem that is causing the current violent rifts in Islam.” Baum cited Sheikh Palazzi, secretary-general of the European Muslim Assembly and the Khalifah for Europe of the Sufi Order, who stated unequivocally that the Land of Israel was, even according to Islam, solely intended for the Jewish People … “The Qur’an recognizes the Land of Israel as the heritage of the Jews and it explains that, before the Last Judgement, Jews will return to dwell there. This prophecy has been fulfilled”.

2022 opens with a barrage of asteroids aimed at earth: Here’s the Messianic implications
As more celestial threats and astronomical near-misses threaten the Earth, the New Year enters with perhaps the greatest threat of the upcoming year. The new year begins in a manner similar to how 2021 ended; with three globe-threatening near-misses in one week.

Soviet Canada: Doctor Locked in Psych Ward Who Exposed Stillbirths Explosion in ‘Vaccinated’ Moms
In November, Dr. Melvin Bruchet and his friend, Dr. Daniel Nagase, filed criminal charges against elected and appointed Candian government officials in British Columbia over a possible conflict of interest regarding provincial lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports

Quick-hitting Southeast to Mid-Atlantic winter storm, nearly 500 000 customers already without power
A quick-hitting winter storm is bringing significant weather impacts across parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic on January 3, 2022. Heavy wet snow and gusty winds are expected, causing dangerous travel conditions and power outages. Parts of the region could see up to 7.5 cm (3 inches) of snow per hour!

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs-Supreme Court has canceled universal vax 
Please ALERT everyone in the family, friends and relatives! BREAKING NEWS ! Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination In the United States, the Supreme Court has canceled universal vaccination. Bill Gates, US Chief Infectious Disease Specialist Fauci, and Big Pharma have lost a lawsuit in the US Supreme Court, failing to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens!

The Developer Of Human Implantable COVID Microchip Dsruptive Subdermals Says There’s No Stopping It And It’s Coming ‘Whether we like it or not!’ 
The future has arrived, and as we told you was coming, it includes a human implantable microchip for your COVID immunity health passport. We told you that before the vaccine was even finished. Human implantable microchip technology is the next frontier, and they have prepped you to receive it by getting you hooked on smart watches, FitBits, Alexa, Siri and all the rest. Step one was getting you in front of your computer (1994 – 2007),

Leaked Airline Memos: Majority of Employees With Omicron are Vaxxed, Healthy Pilots Offered More Pay to Cover Shifts
On Monday, The Daily Wire’s “Morning Wire” podcast revealed that in wake of massive absences due to COVID-19, major airlines such as United and Spirit Airlines are reportedly offering employees more pay to help cover shifts for colleagues out of commission due to the illness.

Romania Approves Bill to Bar China, Huawei From 5G Networks
Romania’s centrist government on Thursday approved a U.S.-backed bill that effectively bars China and Huawei from taking part in development of its 5G network, a member of the IT&C and National Security Committee told Reuters.Pentagon Confirms ‘Pyramid-Shaped’ UFO Video to Be Authentic

Confirmed Omicron infections triple as daily COVID-19 cases near 1,800
Transmission rate hits near six-month high of 1.4; 93 patients listed in serious condition; PM orders tests at entrances to elderly care homes

Verizon and AT&T Reject Request From Regulators to Further Delay 5G Rollout
Verizon and AT&T on Sunday rejected a request by the U.S. government to delay rolling out its next-generation 5G wireless technology but offered to expand so-called “exclusion zones” for six months.

Saving lives? New Zealand green-lights euthanasia of covid patients 
…A new euthanasia law expands the criteria for receiving a lethal injection to those who test “positive” for the Fauci Flu with a fraudulent PCR test.

‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Admittedly Used by Governments as Tool of Population Control
Dr. Robert Malone’s assertions about “mass formation psychosis” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic are underscored by the fact that authorities in the UK admitted to using “totalitarian” methods of “mind control” to instill fear in the population.

GMO Foods to Be Labeled ‘Bioengineered’ as New Rule Takes Effect

Products in the United States containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will be labeled as “bioengineered” under new food disclosure rules that took effect on Jan. 1.

Study: Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs 
A recently published study suggests that nearly every COVID vaccine recipient who died within seven days to six months after inoculation likely died because of vaccine-induced autoimmune damage.

Life insurance companies sound DEATH ALERT warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month happening right now in the USA 
There are nearly 100,000 excess deaths happening per month in the USA right now, according to life insurance companies that are sounding the alarm over what Dr. Robert Malone calls a “mass casualty event” that’s unfolding due to covid vaccines.

Texas Becomes Seventh State to Decline Vaccine Mandate Enforcement for National Guard 
Texas has become the seventh state to decline any role in enforcing the Pentagon’s federal vaccine mandate upon its state National Guard, setting up a potential showdown between the state and the federal government over the matter.

VAERS Reports Jab Injuries & Deaths Pass 1,000,000, Safe & Effective Narrative In Shambles
The so-called experts that they trot out on Big Media have beaten the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine drum for so long that many actually believe what they are saying is true.

Are “Social Justice” Programs in Schools Taking the Place of the 3R’s?
The far-left in the country have been very vocal in trying to inject into the school curriculum’s, programs under the euphemism of “Social Justice”, which includes CRT (Critical Race Theory) and the 1619 Project, that are particularly deficient in historical fact.

People are fleeing cities and states led by left-wing Democrats and moving to areas controlled by pro-business and tough-on crime Republicans

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/01/04/4-jan-2022/

Headlines – 1/4/2022

Gantz, ‘disappointed’ by criticism of Abbas meeting, vows to meet PA chief again

Israel won’t hold peace talks with Palestinians even after PM rotation – Lapid

Lapid: 2022 will see intense effort to paint Israel as apartheid state

Publisher removes children’s book that erases Israel after legal challenge

Harry Potter star Emma Watson takes pro-Palestinian stance on Instagram

Islamic Jihad vows military response against Israel if Palestinian hunger striker dies

Israel’s Mossad bombed German, Swiss firms to stop Pakistani nukes – report

Jerusalem Post website hacked with Iran warning on anniversary of Soleimani killing

Iranian news agency launches Hebrew site to mark anniversary of Soleimani killing

Iran vows revenge for Soleimani killing unless Trump put on trial

Armed drones targeting Baghdad compound shot down on anniversary of Soleimani death

2 Suicide Drones Shot Down Near Iraqi Base Hosting US Forces: Coalition

Iran cites new ‘realism’ from Western powers at nuclear talks

Series of attacks highlights reach of Iran-allied militias

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘terrorism’

Yemen rebels seize UAE-flagged ship as war escalates anew

Afghan agents pour 3,000 litres of alcohol into Kabul canal amid crackdown

3 killed in Russian airstrikes on rebel-held Idlib, Syrian monitors say

China and Russia Military Cooperation Raises Prospect of New Challenge to American Power

Tesla Opens Showroom in China’s Xinjiang, Region at Center of U.S. Genocide Allegations

China unveils plan to ‘take over’ Latin America

Haiti prime minister survives assassination attempt

Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. subpoenaed by New York attorney general in fraud probe

Ex-National Archivist Thinks Trump Is Hiding His Records to Avoid ‘Prison Time’

Since Jan. 6, the pro-Trump internet has descended into infighting over money and followers

Capitol Police chief warns threat level is “much higher” than a year ago – but a repeat of January 6 is “much less likely”

As Jan. 6 nears, McCarthy says Democrats using one-year anniversary of riot as ‘political weapon’

Biden and Harris to visit Capitol, mark anniversary of Jan 6 riot

Ousted NY Dem Warns of 2022 ‘Bloodbath’, Says It Feels Like ‘Elder Abuse’ With Biden

Texas election audit identifies nearly 12,000 foreigners suspected of registering to vote

Democrat-Run States Are Pushing Laws to Target Social Media ‘Misinformation’

Facebook Blacklists Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene Following Twitter Ban

‘Enemy to America:’ Marjorie Taylor Green Blasts Twitter After Permanent Blacklisting

Kevin McCarthy Slams Twitter’s ‘Continued and Dangerous Efforts to Silence Americans’ Following MTG Ban

Sen. Paul Quitting YouTube: ‘Worst Censor of All’

YouTube removes viral Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone

The Mainstream Media Is Losing The Fight Of Its Life… All Thanks To Joe Rogan

Microsoft Email Breaks on New Year’s Day Thanks to ‘Y2K22’ Bug

iPhone, Repair Thyself! Israeli Researchers Develop Futuristic Self-healing Nanocrystals

Apple becomes first U.S. company to reach $3 trillion market cap

China switches on ‘artificial sun’ that is five times hotter than the real thing – Researchers hope nuclear fusion device could provide almost limitless clean energy

China’s Mars orbiter snaps amazing selfies above Red Planet

NASA raises warning of 5 asteroids heading towards Earth in January, 2022

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Sola, Vanuatu

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hualien City, Taiwan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Rare hailstorm hits all-year-round resort in Egypt

California Has Already Had More Rain This Winter than Previous 12 Months

74.5 inches of snow? Multiple weather records smashed at one Alaska national park

Sneak attack storm bringing heavy snow, severe weather to Eastern U.S.

Snowstorm turns deadly, half million people still without power

Biden gets snowed in to Air Force One as winter storm brings DC to standstill

DC Snowstorm Shuts Down Senate Vote

New EU Rules Spark Fight Over What Is ‘Green’ Energy

Commentary: Hollywood’s uneasy dance with actors of faith

2009 settlement between Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s accuser made public

Crucial week ahead for Prince Andrew as New York judge set to hear Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against him tomorrow

Epstein ex seeking over $10 million from accuser who named her as a recruiter

5 teenage girls recovered and 30 sex offenders arrested in New Orleans Marshals operation

Sex workers are pitted against each other in fight over California’s loitering law

False positives for rare disorders in pre-natal tests lead to abortion of healthy pregnancies

GMO Foods to Be Labeled ‘Bioengineered’ as New Rule Takes Effect

Sci-fi types of medical implants will be here soon

NYC to provide vending machines with clean syringes and heroin overdose treatments for drug users

‘An invisible addiction.’ Amid pandemic, a rise in gambling addiction emerges

Manhattan DA Won’t Charge Cuomo With COVID Nursing Home Deaths: Lawyer

AOC Exposed Again at Drag Queen Event with No Mask In Miami – While Her Home State New York Crumbles Under COVID Tyranny and Socialist Policies

DeSantis jokes about Dems from strict COVID states visiting Florida after AOC spotted maskless in Miami

Gov. DeSantis on media criticism he was MIA in December: ‘I guess I should’ve been at the beach in Delaware’

No Such Thing As Flurona Virus Says Professor Of Health Policy At London School Of Economics

Deja vu: French scientists detect another variant linked to travel to Cameroon and say it carries 46 mutations that may make it more vaccine-resistant and infectious

Australian man self-immolates after ranting against COVID vaccines

Betty White ‘died of natural causes,’ not COVID booster complications, says agent: ‘Her death should not be politicized’

Germany Lines up Sheep, Goats in 300-Foot Syringe Shape to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccinations

Media Access to Joe Biden Reduced amid Omicron Chaos

Virus czar denies Israel pursuing herd immunity through mass infection

Tens of thousands race for fourth COVID shot as Israeli campaign blazes ahead

FDA backs Pfizer boosters for more teens as Omicron surges in US

Covid microchip developer says there’s no stopping roll-out: ‘Whether we like it or not!’

NYC Mayor Adams weighs mandated COVID vaccine boosters for city workers

“We will not yield,” French lawmaker says after death threats over COVID vaccine pass

Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the end of the pandemic and ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months’

Omicron ‘plainly milder’; new measures not needed, UK’s Johnson says

Chinese Media Predict Coronavirus Outbreak Will Worsen in Locked-Down Xi’an

Data From Around the World – Including Antarctica – Show Omicron Favoring the Fully Vaccinated

Def Sec Austin Infected With COVID Despite Triple Vax Injections, Face Mask, Shield Use

Major pathology lab shuts Covid-19 testing clinics due to overwhelming demand

Gov. DeSantis: Biden HHS Has ‘Cornered the Entire Market’ on Antibody Treatments

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Extends State’s Mask Requirement, Scolds the Unvaccinated

Rhode Island went from firing unvaccinated health care workers to allowing the COVID-positive to work

As Omicron surges, understaffed hospitals ease mandates, rehire unvaxxed employees

Brooklyn Nets Agree to Bring Unvaxed Kyrie Irving Back to Play

Pence Group Files Amicus Brief With SCOTUS Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Vaccine Mandate

Federal Judge Blocks Mask, Vaccine Mandates for Texas Schools’ Head Start Program

COVID vaccine mandates for student-athletes implemented in several school districts across US

NY Teacher Accused of Giving Minor COVID Vaccine Without Parent Consent Is Reassigned

Navy, Air Force allegedly issuing blanket denials of religious exemptions from COVID vax mandate

Judge issues stay against vaccine mandate for Navy SEALs seeking religious exemption

Major staffing shortages at NYPD, FDNY due to COVID surge

United Airlines Outsources Work to Potentially Unvaccinated London Flight Attendants

Flightmare continues: Thousands of flights already canceled Tuesday

$29,000 for an Average Used Car? Would-Be Buyers Are Aghast

Joe Biden Marvels at $5 a Pound Beef, Blames Top Four Meat Processors

White House announces $1B plan to address increases in meat prices

Top Eurocrat Blames Rising Food Prices on China for ‘Hoarding Food Stocks’

China Evergrande Shares Halted, Set to Release ‘Inside Information’

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Mid-Day Snapshot · Jan. 4, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy.” —Benjamin Franklin (1774)

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The Dems’ Never-Ending J6 Trauma

With nothing else to go on, the Left cries “PTSD” over January 6.

Douglas Andrews

Honestly, we don’t know how Hunter Walker does it. We don’t know how anyone so deeply traumatized by the horrific violence, the wanton slaughter, and the awful bloodbath of last January 6 could get out of bed each morning with the courage to carry on as a journalist.

And we thought our nation’s warriors and law enforcement officers were brave.

Walker, a Substack blogger and Rolling Stone contributor who’s previously written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Vanity Fair — no doubt as a combat correspondent — found himself at the Capitol that day, and he lived to tell about it. As he told CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter:

One hallmark of having post-traumatic stress disorder is sort of having flashbacks and almost eerily clear memories. And for me, the single one that really haunts me is this moment when I was on the phone with my editor. … And the moment I hung up from that call … the thing that rang in my head as I looked in one those windows was, “This is bad.” Because it was immediately apparent to me that, um, shooting could break out, from either side, at any moment. … So I was so aware of the possibility of gunfire and trampling in addition to the violence that went on around me … and frankly … [the police] held back from shooting, because they knew how dangerous that was. And that is among, including the bombs not going off, a series of small miracles that prevented this from being as deadly as it could have been.

Whew. What a relief it is to know that the Capitol Police “held back” from shooting any other unarmed 110-pound women besides Ashli Babbitt.

Walker continued, “There’s a bit of an informal network of reporters who’ve been through it that day, and are still coping with that, who are leaning on each other and talking to each other.”

Ah, yes, journalistic steel sharpens journalistic steel.

It’s not just journalists. “Capitol workers quit jobs that once made them proud,” The Washington Post tells us in a real tear-jerker of a piece about how “the trauma suffered by thousands of legislative aides, police officers and blue-collar workers after the insurrection has prompted some to leave the Capitol.” The ones who didn’t quit are lauded by the Post for having “soldiered on.”

Enough. Really. None of this grandstanding surprises us, though. In fact, our Mark Alexander predicted it. As he wrote three weeks ago, “Joe Biden and his leftist cadre of enablers, Kamala Harris, and the Demo tag-team duo of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are hoping the J6 anniversary will be a booster shot for Biden’s now-chronically abysmal approval ratings.”

Think about it: If Joe Brandon were your party’s standard-bearer, what else could you hang your hat on? Racial discord? Rampant crime? Open borders? Runaway inflation? Our disaster in Afghanistan? Biden’s non-shutdown of the coronavirus? No wonder they want to “celebrate” January 6. No wonder they want to keep telling us it’s “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” They’ve got nothing else.

The first midterm election of a new administration tends to bring bad tidings for the party in power. Just ask Bill Clinton, who lost 52 House seats and eight Senate seats in 1994. Or ask Barack Obama, who lost 63 and six in 2010 in what he accurately termed “a shellacking.” And both of those presidents were young, capable, and charismatic. And Joe Biden is, well, you know, the thing.

Allow us, then, to wish these poor suffering Democrats well. PTSD is indeed a terrible thing — especially the fake, contrived, politically motivated kind.

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Dems Threaten Filibuster, Promise Permanent Election Chaos

Their legislation represents the real threat to voting rights and our Republic.

Nate Jackson

For the rest of the week, Democrats and their accomplices in the Leftmedia are doing everything they can to hype the anniversary of January 6, making faux-somber pronouncements about “democracy” and issuing dire warnings about the “right-wing extremists” who supposedly threaten it. And then Democrats will turn right around and attempt to make permanent the very election fraud and chaos that brought a mob to Washington last January with legislation that constitutes the real ultimate threat to voting rights and our Republic.

The worst part is that Democrats know exactly what cynical game they’re playing.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer explicitly tied the two things together when he announced Monday that the Democrats’ new top priority after the crashing and burning of Build Back Better is to revisit their so-called “voting rights” legislation, HR 1 and HR 4.

“Let me be clear,” Schumer opined in a letter, “January 6th was a symptom of a broader illness — an effort to delegitimize our election process, and the Senate must advance systemic democracy reforms to repair our republic or else the events of that day will not be an aberration — they will be the new norm.”

He’s complaining because Republicans in numerous states have passed legislation to protect election integrity. Therefore, Schumer wrote, Democrats “will make clear that what happened on Jan. 6 and the one-sided, partisan actions being taken by Republican-led state legislatures across the country are directly linked.”

Indeed, those events are linked — but only because Americans of every stripe want (or ought to want) elections to be free, fair, and accurate. The people who rallied at the Capitol last January 6 were angry because the 2020 election was NOT free, fair, or accurate. Some may blame voting machines, but the real culprit was the Democrats’ fraudulent bulk-mail ballot strategy. They didn’t need machine shenanigans when they could flood the zone with mail ballots that came from either misinformed citizens who wouldn’t have otherwise voted or from heaven-knows-who filing fraudulent ballots that were never going to be actually validated by an underpaid election worker glancing at a signature.

Rioting led by a shirtless dude in a horn hat was a bad response, but that does not invalidate the complaint that the 2020 election was severely tainted, if not stolen.

Nevertheless, says Schumer, if Senate Republicans stand their ground against the Democrats’ blatant power grab, Democrats will vote on nuking the legislative filibuster. In other words, they’ll take a “one-sided, partisan action” so as to enable more “one-sided, partisan actions.”

The Democrats’ election legislation would invalidate numerous fairly and legally enacted state laws by commandeering the constitutionally prescribed election process and putting it under congressional control. Their aim is more Democrat votes, whether authentic or not.

Speaking of one-sided, Democrats aim to limit voter ID requirements around the nation, even though voter ID has as much as 80% public support. It would be even higher if the media would report honestly about it. Democrats, however, argue that requiring voter ID hurts minorities, apparently because they think minorities are inherently less capable of procuring one. Is it just us, or is that racist?

Notably, to justify his rationale for Senate rules changes, Schumer quoted the late Senator Robert Byrd, who cut his political teeth as a prominent member of the KKK.

As political analyst Rich Lowry points out, that’s not all. “We are to believe,” he writes, “that the only way to counteract the furies unleashed on Jan. 6 is by imposing same-day voter registration and no-excuse mail voting on the states, ending partisan gerrymandering, and requiring the counting of ballots that arrive up to seven days after Election Day, among other provisions completely irrelevant to events that day or afterward.”

This has nothing to do with “voting rights” or feigned concern over the so-called “insurrection” on January 6. Democrats want power by any means necessary.

We’ll close with two quotes:

“We are on the precipice of a crisis. A constitutional crisis. The checks and balances which have been at the core of this republic are about to be evaporated by the nuclear option. The checks and balances which say that if you get 51% of the vote, you don’t get your way 100% of the time. … They will change the rules, break the rules, misread the Constitution so that they will get their way. That … is what we call abuse of power.” —Chuck Schumer, 2005

“The ‘nuclear option’ would eviscerate the Senate and turn it into the House of Representatives. It is not only a bad idea, it upsets the constitutional design and it disserves the country.” —Joe Biden, 2005

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Athletes, Vaccines, and Heart Problems

Last year, 400 athletes collapsed unexpectedly with heart problems. The COVID vaccine is the greatest common denominator.

Emmy Griffin

There has been a significant uptick in heart problems amongst highly trained athletes worldwide. In 2021, 400 sportsmen and women collapsed and more than 200 died from heart issues either at practice or in the heat of competition. All had heart problems such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmia that led to heart attacks and heart failure. They had never shown signs of heart problems before, and many of them would know because wearing heart monitors is a common practice in elite training.

The tremendous and suspicious uptick in athletes with heart issues seems to correlate with them having taken a dose (or two or three) of the COVID mRNA vaccine. Legacy news sources have, of course, published their take on why there have been so many collapses and deaths among these athletes. They accuse the unvaccinated players in the Premier League (British soccer) of basically being ignorant and superstitious for not taking the COVID vaccine. However, only 16% of league players are unvaccinated, so that’s hardly the issue at hand. They also call conspiracy theorists those players who are concerned with the fact that teammates are collapsing and dying from heart problems and suspect the vaccine is culpable. After all, Christian Eriksen, they point out, hadn’t taken the vaccine and yet he also collapsed on the soccer pitch.

Athletes collapsing or dying of heart issues is not common, though admittedly it is the most common form of death for an athlete. According to the Mayo Clinic, one in every 50,000 athletes under the age of 35 experiences cardiac arrest. However, six professional soccer players have collapsed on the pitch with cardiac arrest these past few months alone. Moreover, four soccer players died over the Christmas break. (Here is an extensive list of all the athletes who have collapsed or died of heart problems.)

The carnage is worldwide and non-discriminatory in terms of age or sport. To illustrate how weird the numbers are, retired Irish footballer Gary Dempsey wrote, “[I] was a professional for nearly 20 years. From 1996. Played nearly 500 games. Club and international level. Never ever was there 1 cardiac arrest. Either in the crowd or a player. It’s actually quite scary.”

Those who are lucky enough not to die from these complications are forced to stop playing. A high-profile example would be Sergio Aguero, a famous striker for Barcelona and Manchester City. This soccer icon suffered cardiac arrhythmia and had a heart attack on the field. Luckily he survived, but at the age of only 33 he is retiring from professional soccer.

We believe the COVID vaccine is overall beneficial to society. At the same time, we also acknowledge that the novel vaccine is bereft of long-term studies, so the science is hardly fully known, much less settled. If the vaccine isn’t the issue with these athletes, what is the reason for their suddenly having heart problems? It’s an issue that’s worth looking into if those with the means are brave enough to face the answers they find.

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Fauci & CDC Suddenly Concerned About Economy?

A new recommendation out of the CDC halves the time for isolation for individuals with positive COVID tests.

Thomas Gallatin

For nearly two years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has treated combating the COVID pandemic as the be-all and end-all of our nation’s if not the world’s existence. Nothing, it seems, was more important than ensuring that everyone was all in on fighting against the coronavirus to the point of nearly excluding anyone who dared to question the legitimacy of this extreme reaction in the face of data that simply didn’t support such an overbearing approach. Questioning the COVID “authorities” like Dr. Anthony Fauci was seen not as engaging in sound, time-tested science but rather as entertaining crazy, baseless conspiracy theories on the level of flat-earthers.

More than ever, when anyone questions the appropriateness of massive lockdowns, closing schools, universal masking, or vaccine mandates, they are derided as anti-science haters. From the beginning, daring to raise the question as to whether COVID may have originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, got one accused of being a racist. Lo and behold, a year later, and in light of revelations regarding the specific research that was being done in the Wuhan lab, the lab-leak theory became the dominant view — if one uttered only in hushed tones.

What Americans soon became familiar with was the routine of moving goalposts. Leadership would declare one thing only to later change the rules as soon as the seeming goal had been reach. Everyone remembers “15 days to flatten the curve.”

Well, after two years of this type of behavior and fearmongering from the CDC and Fauci, it appears that another massive COVID narrative shift is now afoot. It’s clear that all the alarmism hasn’t done a thing to end the pandemic.

Recently, the CDC updated its protocol for COVID-infected individuals, cutting the recommended isolation period following a positive COVID test from 10 days down to five days after being asymptomatic. Furthermore, recovering people don’t need to test their way out of quarantine either. This sudden policy change comes right in the middle of another wave of COVID. Why?

First of all, and what has been predicted by many, the Omicron variant of the virus has shown itself to be much less dangerous than previous variants. But Omicron also has infected people at such a rapid rate that any thought of containment is almost impossible.

It’s not just the CDC changing its tune. The highest paid bureaucrat and Beltway troll, Fauci, is finally concerned about keeping society running. “There is the danger that there will be so many people who are being isolated … for the full ten days,” he worried, “that you could have a major negative impact on our ability to keep society running.” Where was that Fauci 22 months ago?

Of course, Fauci still can’t quite let go of his masking fetish, adding, “Let them go out with a mask, being careful so that they can fulfill their job in society to keep society going smoothly.”

But it wasn’t just halving the recommended quarantine time. Fauci finally also admitted what many have observed throughout the pandemic: COVID simply poses little danger to children. “If you look at the children who are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID as opposed to because of COVID,” he noted. “If a child goes in the hospital, they automatically get tested for COVID. And they get counted as a COVID-hospitalized individual when, in fact, they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. So it’s overcounting the number of children who are, quote, ‘hospitalized with COVID,’ as opposed to because of COVID.” Well, the cat is officially out of the bag. Fauci finally admits that hospitals are juicing the numbers, and it’s almost certainly due to the desire to further pandemic panic for financial incentives. The remaining question is how many of those numbers of adult hospitalizations are with COVID versus because of COVID?

We’re glad to see Fauci say something that makes sense, but that certainly doesn’t make him suddenly trustworthy. The dishonesty and politicization coming out of Washington might just be the longest-lasting problem from this pandemic.

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Good Riddance to NYC’s de Blasio

Mayor Eric Adams could hardly do worse than his lazy, woke, incompetent predecessor.

Douglas Andrews

In one respect, New York City Mayor Eric Adams enters office at the perfect time. After all, a guy can’t fall off the floor. And that’s exactly where “progressive” former mayor Bill de Blasio has left the Big Apple: flat on its back, broke, and bloody.

Adams’s predecessor in Gracie Mansion had one job. One job. Not to screw up all the good work that his two predecessors, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, had done to rescue New York City from ruin and lawlessness. Instead, de Blasio took a wrecking ball to the city, undoing nearly every policy measure that had proven effective. What he leaves Adams is a city in the midst of a crime wave reminiscent of the pre-Giuliani David Dinkins era; a city that businesses and taxpayers are finding increasingly unfriendly and unattractive; a city whose charter schools have been punished for their success and their lack of unionization, and whose “gifted and talented” programs have been scrapped in the name of wokeness and so-called social justice. Oh, and a city that’s been wrecked by woefully misguided lockdowns and mask-mania. We could go on, but that’s what leftist governance will get you.

“End of an Error” blares the headline of a column by the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin. If only he’d been prescient enough to pen a column eight years ago titled “Error Apparent,” given that the people of New York City not only elected this guy but reelected him.

Not coincidentally, the city also voted 76% to 23% for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in 2020, which lends further support to de Maistre’s maxim that every citizenry has the government it deserves. Indeed, it also supports one of Mencken’s great maxims: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Hoo boy, did the people of New York City get it good and hard. As Goodwin writes of the hard-left hizzoner who honeymooned in — no joke — Communist Cuba:

Mayor Putz, also known as the Worst Mayor Ever, is unique in all the wrong ways. He inherited a remarkably safe and thriving city, the culmination of a 20-year-stretch where first Giuliani and then Bloomberg pushed crime to historic lows and ushered in a Golden Age of prosperity. Instead of following the obvious path forward, de Blasio decided to break what his predecessors had fixed. He leaves a city in such dramatic decline that many people wonder if it can be saved.

So the city is beset with problems, but solutions start and end with public order. If folks don’t feel safe in the city, folks won’t come to the city. And if public order is what’s needed, then effective policing — broken-window, stop-and-frisk, quality-of-life policing — is the means through which it’s ensured. “There was a sense of doom on the streets,” wrote de Blasio’s first police commissioner, Bill Bratton, in his memoir. “The cops on the beat wanted to do their jobs, but the brass didn’t trust them to do it. … The feeling behind many desks was that it was better for cops to stay away from criminals and steer clear of temptation than to chase them down and put them away.” Oddly enough, though, Bratton didn’t pen those thoughts after resigning from the de Blasio administration in 2016. No, he wrote them back in the ‘90s, after witnessing firsthand the policy differences between the soft-on-crime Dinkins administration and the tough-on-crime Giuliani administration.

As the Opinion Page editors at The Wall Street Journal put it: “The de Blasio era has shown that the hard-won gains of the Giuliani-Bloomberg years can easily be squandered. Mr. Adams campaigned as a practical liberal focused on results, not the illusions of progressive pieties. He’ll need that focus to set New York back on a road to genuine progress.”

Let’s hope Adams was being honest about that “practical liberal” stuff. If so, we wish him good luck. But either way, we say good riddance to the rotten leftist who preceded him.

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Biden Orders End to Combat Role in Iraq

This change is a distinction without a difference.

Charles Paige

U.S. forces have completed another transition, this one quietly ending combat operations in Iraq.

Joe Biden issued an order to end combat operations by the U.S.-led mission to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria — Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) — on 31 December. That operation shifted its focus to “advise, assist, and enable” Iraqi security forces. However, unlike Biden’s disastrous surrender and retreat from Afghanistan last August, this change will not involve a significant reduction in the number of U.S. troops operating in Iraq.

Given Biden’s record of foreign policy failures, we should carefully evaluate changes directed by the Biden Defense Department. Fact is, the mission change in Iraq is a distinction without a difference. The announcement merely formalizes what had been the reality on the ground for some time. Removing the combat component from the mission doesn’t restrict the troops’ ability to defend themselves or support Iraqi Security Forces and provides clarity down the chain of command.

A parallel move suggests that the adjustments reflect a wiser approach to national security issues than was displayed in Afghanistan, perhaps due to less DC-level involvement in the process in this case. The name of the Special Operations Joint Task Force (SOJTF) supporting OIR was recently changed to SOJTF-Levant and its area of responsibility was broadened to include Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon. These changes reflect the reality that jihadi terrorists don’t allow international borders to constrain their activities, and that effectively combatting them requires a similar construct.

While ISIS is not inconsequential, the real strategic threat in the region is Iran, which uses militias to pursue its objectives. The changes — particularly adding Lebanon to the existing Iraq and Syria portfolios — will encourage a better aligned and hopefully more effective effort against those proxies.

In the meantime, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin continues to ramp up his threats on the border with Ukraine, and the window for that possible invasion, which depends on frozen winter ground in order to move heavy armor, is fast approaching.

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On the Web


Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • The Great COVID Migration: The pandemic has served to exacerbate a migration trend of Americans moving out of blue states into the greener pastures of red states. While the increasingly onerous taxation in blue states has served as the primary motive for moving over the last decade, the arrival of COVID served to significantly speed up the migration due to the disparate governing responses of blue and red to the pandemic. Republican-run states have largely worked to preserve individual liberty, keeping schools and businesses open, while Democrats have done the opposite. People have responded by fleeing authoritarianism, and the result is that 25 mostly red states have seen a combined population growth of over 800,000 since the spring of 2020.
  • San Fran Nan leaving? The Washington Post reports: “After almost 19 years as House Democratic leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is expected to step down at the close of this Congress.” After failing to get Build Back Better across the finish line, combined with nearly two dozen House Democrats throwing in the towel on reelection, Pelosi appears to be acquiescing to the seemingly inevitable Republican takeover in 2022. The big question for Democrats is: Who will replace her? The answer will indicate if the Party of the Donkey continues its shift to the extreme left or seeks to moderate.
  • Religious liberty 1, vax mandate 0: Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates suffered another judicial setback in a win for religious liberty, as Federal Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District of Texas issued a stay against the vax mandate for U.S. military personnel. Unlike previous judicial stays against Biden’s mandates, this lawsuit was brought by First Liberty Institute on behalf of 35 active-duty Navy SEALs on the basis of seeking religious exemption. “The Navy service members in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect,” O’Connor stated in his ruling. “The COVID-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms. There is no COVID-19 exception to the First Amendment. There is no military exclusion from our Constitution.”
  • N95 or bust? Cloth masks are little other than theater when it comes to the Omicron variant of COVID. (Or as even CNN medical analyst Leana Wen recently acknowledged, “Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations.”) “If everyone is just wearing a cloth mask or just a surgical mask, it won’t make any difference,” says University of California infectious disease expert Monica Gandhi. Indeed, cloth masks, arguably the most prevalently worn, have long been known to provide negligible protection against the coronavirus, hence the original recommendation of N95 masks. Now, with the Omicron variant surging even in heavily masked regions of the country, suddenly the CDC and others are rediscovering the science.
  • Cuomo off scot-free: The Manhattan DA has closed its investigation into Andrew Cuomo’s COVID nursing home scandal, deciding not to bring charges against the disgraced ex-governor of New York. Cuomo attorney Elkan Abramowitz explained: “I was contacted today by the head of the Elder Care Unit from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office who informed me they have closed its investigation involving the Executive Chamber and nursing homes. I was told that after a thorough investigation — as we have said all along — there was no evidence to suggest that any laws were broken.” The DA opened the investigation following revelations that Cuomo’s office had cooked the books by underreporting the number of COVID nursing home deaths by as much as 50%.

Government & Politics

  • Senator Ted Cruz says Republicans will likely impeach Biden over border policy if they win House majority (Mediaite) | No. 3 House Republican Elise Stefanik: “Anything is on the table when we are in the majority” (Just the News)
  • “They just want my silence”: Senator Rand Paul quits YouTube, slams Big Tech censorship (Daily Wire)
  • Trump media CEO Devin Nunes formally resigns from Congress (The Hill)
  • Corporate media’s January 6 anniversary coverage is all about silencing Republicans (The Federalist)


  • Starbucks institutes vaccine mandate for 220,000 U.S. employees (Washington Examiner)
  • “Virginia is for Lovers Driving in a Snowstorm”: I-95 winter storm disaster leaves hundreds stranded (Fox News)
  • Apple becomes first U.S. company to reach $3 trillion market cap (CNBC)


  • Prince Andrew’s sweetheart Jeffrey Epstein deal made public (Post Millennial)
  • Jury finds Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes guilty on multiple charges in criminal fraud trial (CNBC) | Biden played big role in promoting convicted fraudster Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos (Washington Examiner)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Six important COVID data points that destroy the prevailing narrative (The Blaze)
  • Satire: CNN boasts it hasn’t had an employee sex scandal all year (Babylon Bee)

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Insight: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it.” —Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

“That Marjorie [Taylor Greene] scoffed at the notion of supporting anti-censorship legislation is indicative of her true intent: to remain a victim. She doesn’t want solutions and she doesn’t care if you get censored. She just wants to be a victim so she can keep asking you for campaign donations. It’s a scam.” —Congressman Dan Crenshaw regarding MTG after she said his legislative efforts to remove social media protection were “toothless”

“I don’t think January 6th is going to help the Democrats like the media seems to think it will. But there is a genuine obsession in the press about it. It was a bad day, but it doesn’t outweigh crime, inflation, COVID, school closures, etc. for voters.” —Erick Erickson

“Record numbers testing positive for a sore throat isn’t a crisis. And people in the hospital for car accidents testing positive isn’t a surge. The real crisis is the irrational hysteria which has people with no symptoms waiting hours for a test or missing work for 10 days.” —Senator Marco Rubio

“If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man.” —Governor Ron DeSantis

“It’s harder to get into some restaurants in New York than it is to vote.” —Kevin Sorbo

A trip down memory lane I: “Folks who want to see [the filibuster] change want to eliminate one of the procedural mechanisms designed for the express purpose of guaranteeing individual rights, and they also as a consequence would undermine the protections of the minority point of view in the heat of majority excess.” —then-Senator Joe Biden, May 23, 2005

A trip down memory lane II: “The legislative filibuster … is the most important distinction between the Senate and the House. Without the 60-vote threshold for legislation, the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution like the House.” —Senator Chuck Schumer, April 7, 2017

And last… “The last two years may have sucked, but I’m willing to bet you’d rather be here than anywhere else. In 2022, America will still be the greatest place on earth.” —Dan Crenshaw

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Jeff Hester debates William Lane Craig on the topic “Is Belief in God Rational in a Scientific Age?”


This is an accurate protrayal of what went down in this debate This is an accurate protrayal of what went down in this debate

I was very excited to see a recent debate by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig against atheist astronomer Jeff Hester. When I summarize a debate, I do a fair, objective summary if the atheist is intelligent and informed, as with Peter Millican, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong or Austin Dacey. But the following summary is rated VS for Very Snarky, and you’ll soon see why.

The debate itself starts at 29 minutes:

The audio is very poor.

Dr. Craig’s opening speech

Dr. Craig went first, and he presented 4 arguments, as well as the ontological argument which I won’t summarize or discuss. He later added another argument for theism from the existence of the universe that does not require an origin of the universe.

A1. Counter-examples

Theists who are elite scientists cannot be “irrational”, for example: Allan Sandage, Gustav Tammann, George…

View original post 1,864 more words

Bill Perkins: Government, Medical Tyranny, Religious Freedom & the Rapture — Stand Up For The Truth

Podcast: Download

TODAY’S GUEST: Bill Perkins, founder of Compass, International and Steeling the Mind conferences is here to discuss the health dictatorship we are living under, the importance of cultivating an eternal perspective, the rapture, and how believers should be informed and respond to the present darkness and tyranny.

Bill Perkins Founded Compass International in 1993 with his wife, Susie. The purpose of this evangelical, Idaho-based ministry is to sharpen believers in Christ and defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Compass International offers email Bible studies, articles, books, and organizes “Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences,” bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely issues.


Being Wise Among the Wicked in 2022

‘Many lives being destroyed’ by government’s failure to recognize natural immunity, physician says

Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Pass 1 Million Mark, FDA Signs Off on Pfizer Booster for Kids 12 and Up

Vaccine Data Gaps Point to Millions More in U.S. Who Lack Shots

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2021: The year of living unreasonably

Canceling Christianity: How The Left Silences Churches, Dismantles The Constitution, And Divides Our Culture

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Bill Perkins: Government, Medical Tyranny, Religious Freedom & the Rapture — Stand Up For The Truth

New Studies Show That The COVID Vaccines Damage Your Immune System, Likely Permanently

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 • https://www.lewrockwell.com By Steve Kirsch

Worried about Omicron? Guess what? After 90 days, the vaccine they gave you is going to make you MORE likely to get infected from Omicron, not less. The longer you stay on the vaccine treadmill, the harder to get off in the future and the easier you’ll make it for the virus.

In short, we’ve been lied to about the vaccine. It is protecting you less and less over time. While you may get a benefit for earlier variants, the benefit for other variants (and likely other diseases) is going to be negative. In short, you are getting a short term benefit against Delta, but at the expense of a degradation of your overall immunity to everything else.

These vaccines may help you win the war against a variant that may soon be rare, but the price you pay is that you make your immunity to everything else worse. It’s a dumb tradeoff (especially since early treatments work so well). But the people making the laws won’t believe any of the science referenced in this article, so it will continue.

Narrative Implosion: German Authorities Report Most Omicron Cases Among Vaccinated

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 • Ron Paul Liberty Report

Germany’s official government health authority reported last week that 90 plus percent of new Omicron variant cases are among vaccinated individuals, obliterating the long-repeated claim that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Other narratives are also crumbling – former FDA head Scott Gottlieb says cloth masks are useless. What will the covid authoritarians do next?

Governments Admit Using ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ As Tool of Population Control | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Dr. Robert Malone’s assertions about “mass formation psychosis” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic are underscored by the fact that authorities in the UK admitted to using “totalitarian” methods of “mind control” to instill fear in the population.

In Canada, the military also admitted launching a psychological operations campaign against their own people in order to manipulate them into compliance with COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

During his viral podcast with Joe Rogan after he was banned by Twitter, Malone explained how the global population was being manipulated into remaining in a constant state of hysterical anxiety via mass formation psychosis.

“What the heck happened to Germany in the 20s and 30s? Very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad. And how did that happen?” asked Malone.

“The answer is mass formation psychosis.”

“When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere,” he added.

“And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is that the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically that come in and say you have this pain and I can solve it for you. I and I alone,” Malone further explained, “Then they will follow that person. It doesn’t matter whether they lied to them or whatever. The data is irrelevant.”

“We had all those conditions. If you remember back before 2019 everyone was complaining, the world doesn’t make sense and we are all isolated from each other.”

“Then this thing happened, and everyone focused on it,” stated Malone, noting,

“That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what has happened here.”

Malone’s summary of how health authorities seized on the unifying threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and exaggerated its thread to create mass hysteria is backed up by leaked details of how the UK government manipulated its population during the early days of the pandemic.

As first revealed by author and journalist Laura Dodsworth, scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government admitted using what they now admit to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behaviour during the pandemic.

The London Telegraph reported the comments made by Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), a sub-committee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) the government’s chief scientific advisory group.

The report quotes a briefing from March 2020, as the first lockdown was decreed, that stated the government should drastically increase “the perceived level of personal threat” that the virus poses because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”.

One scientist with the SPI-B admits that “In March [2020] the Government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn’t want to be locked down. There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance, and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear.”

The unnamed scientist adds that “The way we have used fear is dystopian.”

The scientist further confessed that “The use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable. It’s been like a weird experiment. Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared.”

Another separate scientist on the subcommittee professed “You could call psychology ‘mind control’. That’s what we do… clearly we try and go about it in a positive way, but it has been used nefariously in the past.”

Another scientist warned that “We have to be very careful about the authoritarianism that is creeping in,” adding “people use the pandemic to grab power and drive through things that wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

According to the report, another researcher with the group acknowledged that “Without a vaccine, psychology is your main weapon,” adding that “Psychology has had a really good epidemic, actually.”

Yet another scientist on the subcommittee stated that they have been “stunned by the weaponisation of behavioural psychology” over the past year, and warned that “psychologists didn’t seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic and became manipulative.”

“They have too much power and it intoxicates them”, the scientist further warned.

In addition to the UK government’s response, it was also revealed that the Canadian military launched a psychological operations program against their own citizens in the early days of the pandemic order to amplify government messaging and “head off civil disobedience.”

“Canadian military leaders saw the pandemic as a unique opportunity to test out propaganda techniques on an unsuspecting public,” reported the Ottawa Citizen.

Meanwhile, following early efforts to bury the term altogether, Google is now desperately rigging its search results to return only negative articles about “mass formation psychosis” and Dr. Malone.

Google’s current top search result link for “mass formation psychosis” is a Forbes hit piece that recycles dubious claims Dr. Malone already debunked during his Rogan appearance.

Source: Governments Admit Using ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ As Tool of Population Control

Ted Cruz Predicts ‘Serious Investigations of the Biden Administration,’ Suggests ‘Multiple Grounds for Impeachment’

As a red wave appears ready to crest over the House of Representatives in the November midterm elections, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas expects that will be followed by investigations of the Biden administration and possibly the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

“I’m very optimistic about 2022,” the senator said in the latest episode of the “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast.

“I put the odds of the Republicans winning the House at 90/10 and it may even be higher than that,” he said.

Cruz said the GOP is less likely to take over the upper chamber.

“I put our odds of our taking the Senate at 50/50,” he said. “I think it’s going to be a really good year but it’s a bad map.”

He said having Republicans control the House will alter the political dynamics of Washington.

“If we take the House, which, as I said, is overwhelmingly likely, then I think we will see serious investigations of the Biden administration,” the senator said.

Source: Ted Cruz Predicts ‘Serious Investigations of the Biden Administration,’ Suggests ‘Multiple Grounds for Impeachment’

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Will Try To Implement Universal Digital Covid Passports | RealClearPolitics Videos

TUCKER CARLSON, 3 JANUARY 2022: Happy New Year, we’ve got some good news for you. 2022 is going to be an improvement over the last two years. We can say that with confidence. How do we know? It’s simple. The COVID lunacy is finally going to end and not by the way, because of anything that’s happening in the world of medicine. The pandemic itself may burn out thanks to this weakened new variant. We may also find highly effective medicines to treat it. In fact, we already have. But as a practical matter, scientific developments are usually irrelevant to COVID policy. They always have been. So the reason things are going to improve has nothing to do with medicine. It’s that the current rules and superstitions are just too stupid and crazy to continue. At some point, probably soon, even the Democratic Party’s own voters are going to stop putting up with it. You can bet on that. To prove it will begin with two images tonight, the first is the President of the United States, Joe Biden. Now Biden is the safest man in the world. Hundreds of federal employees spend their entire lives making certain that no harm comes to Joe Biden. When you’re the president, your personal doctor is never more than a few steps away. An ambulance follows you the minute you leave the house. You can have any treatment you want at any time you want. As many vaccines as you care to take. Nobody in history has received more attentive medical care than Joe Biden is getting right now. He’s the last person on Earth who should be worried about COVID-19, and yet he’s terrified. Biden was on the beach last week. He’s outside. It’s a breezy day. There’s no one around but his own triple vaxxed wife, the woman he claims to share a bed with. You’d think Joe Biden would consider this a safe environment, but no, he wore a little surgical mask as he walks through the sand. What you’ve got to ask yourself, does Joe Biden imagine is going to hurt him? And how is the little mask supposed to help? Is he worried about wave-borne viruses, clouds of pathogens floating over the Atlantic from the Azores infected seagulls? We don’t know. It’s impossible to know the answers because it’s all so completely bonkers. These are not rational fears. These are monsters under the bed night terrors. This is textbook hysteria. It’s a kind of mental illness. That’s your president. Here’s your secretary of defense. His name is Lloyd Austin. This summer he emerged from his plane on a tour of the Philippines more afraid of the coronavirus even than Joe Biden is. Biden wears a surgical mask. Lloyd Austin wears a welding helmet with a surgical mask underneath and underneath that, there’s as much MRNA vaccine in Lloyd Austin’s bloodstream as the law will allow. Lloyd Austin is ready to wage a protracted siege against COVID. Think of the Romans at Masada. Austin as the leader of the Branch Covidians. And yet somehow, in some way a chink must have appeared in Lloyd Austin’s formidable corona armor, a gap in his viral fortifications. Yesterday, Lloyd Austin announced that despite his many vaccinations, he has contracted COVID and it’s serious enough they won’t be going to work for a while. So what’s the lesson that Lloyd Austin is taking from this? Well, that the vaccines work perfectly and because they work so well, they will remain mandatory in the armed services. We can fire more SEALs. Austin wrote that in the same statement in which he announced the vaccines that he took didn’t work. Quote the vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. Right. Because that’s not completely irrational or anything. But it is completely irrational. And every clear-thinking person knows that it is. But wait, you say, I’ve been watching television news, so I know that the vax was never designed to stop infection or transmission or even hospitalization and death, none of which as a factual matter it does stop. No, the point of the vaccines was always to make your symptoms a little better. That’s a reassuring metric that’s usefully difficult to measure, though strangely, no one seems reassured by it. But from day one, that was the advertised benefit of these vaccines. That’s what many people appear to believe, but it’s not true. And since so many people seem to have forgotten what the authorities were saying just a few months ago, we have saved those tapes. NBC REPORTER, MAY 2021: Nationwide just 37% of Americans are vaccinated even as health experts continue to tout the benefits. FAUCI: You become a dead end to the virus and when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not gonna go anywhere // WALENSKY, APRIL 2021: Our data from the CDC today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don`t get sick // BIDEN, JULY 2021: We’re not in a position where we think that any virus – including the Delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of unvaccinated people. The various shots that people are getting now cover that. You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations Quote, you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations. That was Joe Biden this July. Poor old guy. Biden’s preference for simple, childlike sentences is so often his undoing, as in this case, there is no mistaking what he actually meant. Take the shot and you won’t get COVID. Well, that turned out to be untrue, to put it mildly. How many vaccinated people do you know right now who have COVID or have just recovered from COVID? It seems like millions of people who dutifully got the vaccine also got corona over this past Christmas vacation. You probably know a lot. You may be one of them. And in fact, it’s possible there’s a connection between these two facts. Research suggests that it’s possible the vaccinated are more likely to get and transmit this virus than the unvaccinated are. Whatever the final verdict, now we don’t know, what is clear is that people who’ve had the shot can easily get infected and easily give it to others. The epicenter of the latest outbreak was the most vaccinated city in the country New York. So at this point, there is no remaining doubt the experts were completely wrong about what the vaccines could do, and to be honest, that’s OK. We’re not attacking them. It is not a crime to be wrong. We’ve been wrong. There are a lot of wrong guesses in science, as there are in life. Science is not a volume of established knowledge, science is a way of thinking. It’s a process of seeking the truth. And very often in scientific research, you discover that your assumptions were totally off. So you just adjust from there. Viagra started out as a heart medication. There’s nothing immoral about any of that. You just have to admit that you were wrong. That’s the requirement. You cannot lie. Lying is the enemy of science. If you are still pretending that the COVID vaccines work as advertised, you are a liar. There’s no way around it. You have no place in public health or even hosting a show on CNN. You’re doing too much damage to the country. No one will ever believe you or anyone like you ever again. So that’s the first thing we’ve got to do if we’re going to go from this disaster to a better future, we’ve got to insist that the people in charge stop lying about COVID. They have been lying since the first day lying about everything, including the most basic public health stats that we used to rely on. When they told you that the BLM protests were exempt from quarantine regulations, supporting the policy goals of the Democratic Party was virtuous. Therefore, thousands of people – Antifa members with BLM signs – could not, possibly as an epidemiological matter, be dangerous. That really happened. They really said that. And people, the public actually put up with it. And that’s when you knew for certain that our politicians were totally corrupt and that our citizenry was far too compliant. Here’s Bill de Blasio, the former mayor of New York. Mayor De Blasio: Street fairs, it means big outdoor concerts, it means parades. Things that here in this city can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. It’s just not time for that. // Wolf Blitzer: What about protests? If people want to march down 5th avenue are they going to be allowed to do so? De Blasio: Look Wolf, this is always an area of real sensitivity. If you’re just talking about health we would say ‘hey folks, stay home if you can,’ but we understand at this moment in history people are talking about the need for historic changes.” // “This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that.” It’s a historic moment of change. That’s the guy in charge of health policy in our biggest city, actually, de Blasio is gone now, but for some reason his hastily issued COVID proclamations remain in force in New York City. Why? Because everyone’s afraid to ignore them, despite the fact they make no sense. So whose fault is that? Honestly, it’s our fault. If we want better politicians, we have to be better citizens. What does that mean? It means following common sense, and the tug of our own consciences before we submit to absurd and transparently political dictates. It means telling the truth about our leaders who lie. We have no reason to be ashamed when we do that. They do. Unfortunately, Tony Fauci is not ashamed, he never will be ashamed, he’s 81. He’s been lying for a long time. He’s also he often tells us he’s an august man of science, someone ought to ask Tony Fauci how many biological sexes there are. That’d be pretty amusing. In any case, here’s Fauci the liar admitting that he lied. This is from last Wednesday. He lied about how many kids have been hospitalized from COVID. FAUCI: If you look at the children that are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID, as opposed to because of COVID. What we mean by that: if a child is hospitalized they automatically get tested for covid and they get counted as a covid hospitalized individual when in fact they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. It’s overcounting the number of children who are quote hospitalized with covid as opposed to of covid Oh, so it turns out it wasn’t COVID, after all, the kids didn’t really have COVID in a bad way. COVID isn’t really a threat to kids. Looks like the conspiracy theorists who are now banned from Twitter were right all along, the official numbers were fake. Those kids were in the hospital for broken bones and appendicitis not COVID. Tony Fauci, for his own political reasons, has finally admitted this, but it’s too late. He spent two years crushing the weakest among us, and they are indeed crushed. Imagine wearing a mask to second grade. Imagine never seeing your teacher’s face or watching your friends laugh. Imagine being older. Imagine spending junior year of high school alone in your room with only the internet for company. What would happen to you? You’d be badly damaged. Kids in America have been badly damaged. The numbers show it clearly this is a crime. No one has been prosecuted for the crime. No one likely ever will be prosecuted for it. But once again, we have saved the tape, if only so the reality of what frauds like Tony Fauci have done to young people will not be forgotten. Here’s the scene, for example, at a public high school in Washington state, the spring. REPORTER: Wenatchee High School finding a socially distant solution to get the band back together. // These so-called pods are set up in the band and choir rooms, Individual students getting inside, zipping themselves in, and then removing their masks to play their instruments or to sing Band practice inside plastic pods, it’s grotesque, it’s amusing in a way. We’ll watch that video 10 years from now in slack-jawed disbelief where they realized that nuts in 2021. Yes, they were. But really, it’s not a joke. Treating healthy children like they’re untouchables is mean as hell. It’s a very destructive thing to do. It’s immoral. These kids weren’t hurting anyone. They couldn’t hurt anyone. And yet our public health authorities hurt them, mostly because they could so that 81-year-old Tony Fauci could feel safe. Their childhoods were destroyed. Was it worth it? No, it was not worth it. Healthy societies work to make certain the youngest generations thrive. They’re the ones who carry on civilization. What our leaders have done to young people over the last two years is unforgivable, and we should never allow anything like that to happen again. The next time the teen suicide rate spikes, the rest of us should stop immediately what we’re doing. Find out what’s causing it and fix it. Nothing’s more important than that. And while we’re at it one more thing, the last two years have unleashed an awful lot of cruelty in our society, you see it everywhere. David Frum, a former adviser to George W. Bush, proposed that hospitals should withhold lifesaving medical treatment from anyone who won’t get the shot. It’s grotesque, but no one in authority denounced Frum’s idea. Many doctors applauded it. It’s hard to imagine something like that happening even two years ago. It’s too cruel. Americans didn’t used to talk about each other like this. Now it’s very common. What does it tell you? It tells you that Americans are dangerously angry. We need to fix that. The people in charge have done the opposite. They’ve done nothing to calm the population. They’ve stoked the rage and they’ve leveraged it. Why? Because they benefit when the American population is divided against itself. Joe Biden actually went on television a few weeks ago to explain that unvaccinated Americans have no right to use American hospitals. So much for health care as a human right. That was the Democratic Party’s old talking point. Now it’s obey or die. What does this go? You know where it goes? The next step, of course, is internal passports fully digitized, so there’s no escape. You’ll do what the Democratic Party commands, or you will stay in your home. You will no longer have a right to travel freely within your own country. That’s not a conspiracy theory. People are saying it out loud. It’s coming. Momentum is building for it right now. There’s no pushback. Republican leaders in Washington have done nothing to stop this. They’re focused on their own hobby, another round of nation-building a brand-new war in eastern Ukraine. They’re contemptible. But where does it leave the rest of us? Well, it’s up to the public to apply the brakes to what is certainly the most threatening idea ever proposed in the United States. American citizens are the only hope. The good news is we think they’re probably equal to it.

Source: Tucker Carlson: Democrats Will Try To Implement Universal Digital Covid Passports

Pelosi Is Blocking Access To House January 6 Records. What Is She Hiding? — Conservative Review

Nancy Pelosi is not interested in a genuine examination of the events on Jan. 6. An honest review of the day’s timeline might reveal why.

Pelosi Is Blocking Access To House January 6 Records. What Is She Hiding? — Conservative Review

Dr. Robert Malone on Dr. Fauci: “Tony Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time – It’s Tony” (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Robert Malone, the founder of the mRNA vaccine, went on with Laura Ingraham on Monday night after his big weekend interview with Joe Rogan.

Dr. Malone was asked about Tony Fauci and his lack of integrity.

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘It’s Tony. What can I say? Tony has no integrity. He lies all of the time. And me and my peers have been watching this for decades. We just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say it’s Fauci.”


It’s not the first time Dr. Malone has called out Fauci.

Of course, this is something we have been reporting on since the spring of 2020 when Fauci was flip-flopping on masks and anonymous sex.

Dr. Robert Malone on Dr. Fauci: “Tony Has No Integrity. He Lies All the Time – It’s Tony” (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Flu/Covid Fake News: The Biggest Big Lies of Our Time — The Stephen Lendman Blog

All US/Western and most other governments lie with disturbing regularity on issues important to most people.

On all things flu/covid, lies of our time reached unprecedented levels with the most diabolical ever aims in mind.

Falsely calling health-destroying kill shots beneficial tops the list of Big Lies.

Right up there as well are daily fake news claims of flu-covid outbreaks and deaths.

On Monday, Johns Hopkins University falsely reported a daily record-high 1,082,549 new US outbreaks.

It falsely put the latest 7-day average at a record 363,592 daily cases.

False as well was its claimed 56,189,547 US outbreaks and 827,748 deaths overall.

Virtually all reported numbers of outbreaks based on test results were false.

Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of individuals ill from flu/covid.

Virtually everything officially reported on all things flu/covid and proliferated by MSM has been fake news.

They’re a collective fount of fakery on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

On kill shots and all else flu/covid related, NYT fake news in the new year didn’t miss a beat.

Columnist Paul Krugman continued to lie and mass deceive readers like earlier.

Defying science, he lied claiming that kill shots — he falsely called “effective” — were “developed with miraculous speed (sic)” — ignoring unparalleled harm to countless millions in the US and abroad.

He lied about a “pandemic” that doesn’t exist, except among the jabbed he failed to explain.

Earlier he lied about more scariant than variant delta. Big Lies about omicron followed.

He lied claiming that “when (jabbed) Americans do get infected they are far less likely than the un(jabbed) to be hospitalized — or die (sic).”

Based on science, indisputable evidence proved that it’s the other way around.

He lied claiming that what’s gone on since last year has nothing to do with adversely affecting freedom.

If the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth bit him in the rump, he’d still falsely claim that kill shots and all else flu/covid related are beneficial to public health and well-being.

He’s paid to lie and mass deceive. Truth-telling would get him and others at the Times sacked.

Once a congenital liar, always one.

Separately, the Times falsely called more scariant than variant omicron “dangerous.”

It falsely claimed that it’s “fueling record-breaking cases across the world.”

It reported that many businesses “delayed or changed their January return-to-office plans.”

It failed to explain that nothing justified disruption of normality because covid is seasonal flu’s new name — based on a SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist.

Saying “doctors have no way to determine which (flu-covid) variant a patient is carrying…could mean the difference between life and death” is fake news rubbish.

It shows that labeling outbreaks delta, omicron or another strain is state-sponsored fakery.

All flu/covid strains are virtually alike. 

Artificially assigning Greek letter names is part of state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated mass deception.

Seasonal flu by any name or strain is garden variety flu that’s been showing up annually for time immemorial — unaccompanied by fear-mongering mass deception until early 2020.

Earlier and now, no reasons for lockdowns, remote working, masking, social distancing, and other flu/covid related policies justified what’s gone on and continues.

Most of all, nothing remotely justifies kill shots that are all about destroying public health.

Disruptions to normality advance things toward greater social control tyranny than already.

The Pharma-controlled FDA OK’d boosters for 12 – 15 year-old kids — with more greatly destroying their health than already and profiteering in mind.

Newly sworn into office, NYC mayor  Eric Adams said schools are staying open.

No reason exists to close them anywhere.

California’s largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, and others in the state are hinging reopening of schools on fake test results — including hazardous to health at-home ones because of a hugely dangerous chemical they contain.

In Chicago where I live, the city’s teacher’s union will decide on whether to shift from classroom to virtual instruction — based on fake numbers of outbreaks and the more scariant than variant omicron.

Years 2020 and 2021 moved the US and other Western societies toward tyrannical rule over the other way around.

The new year is going in the same direction so far — along with no end to relentlessly pushing health-destroying kill shots that are crucial to shun.

Flu/Covid Fake News: The Biggest Big Lies of Our Time — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Biden’s ‘White House Set’ Back in the News – Last Week There Were Containers in Windows, This Week It’s Snowing Outside — The Gateway Pundit

What will it be next?  Biden’s White House set is a production just like his Administration is.

We’ve noticed for months that Joe Biden is giving his presentations to the media from a production set outside the White House.   This seemed very odd.

We first noticed Biden’s White House production when Biden took a booster shot on the fake set.

What Is Going On? Biden Takes Booster Shot on the Production Set of His Fake White House

The background outside the window changes like Biden’s statements on various topics.

Biden Blasts Republicans From Production Set Near White House: “Raising the Debt Limit is Paying Our Old Debts, It Has Nothing to do with New Spending” (VIDEO)

We even saw containers outside the White House a few days ago.

Biden’s White House Pretends It’s Next to Container Ship Loading Docks for Supply Chain Presser

Yesterday Biden’s production included snow.

What a mess the Biden Administration is, led by a guy who doesn’t know what day it is let alone what’s outside his window.

Biden’s ‘White House Set’ Back in the News – Last Week There Were Containers in Windows, This Week It’s Snowing Outside — The Gateway Pundit