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The Bible and its Story: Jael’s Grim Deed

Our civilized world finds little to approve in the deed of Jael; the hospitality of the home is sacred. But in those savage days it was all-important that this able, brutal general Sisera should be destroyed before he could again gather power to afflict the land. Jael seized the only means at hand. She went out to meet the fleeing chieftain; she promised him a safe hiding place; she gave him drink, and lulled him into sleep. Now Jael was not even an Israelite, though of a race allied to them, and it was her husband who had warned Sisera of Israel’s uprising. So Sisera slept in peace.

‎Then Jael took a wooden tent-pin and a heavy hammer, and with one stroke drove the pin through Sisera’s head from temple to temple pinning him to the ground. “So he died.” Summoning the pursuing Israelites, Jael brought Barak himself to the door of her tent to see what she had done. His triumph would have been incomplete without her deed. To Israel, of course, the destroyer seemed a heroine. “Blessed above women shall Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite be; blessed shall she be above women in the tent.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

God Always Hears — VCY America

My God will hear me.

Micah 7:7

Friends may be unfaithful, but the Lord will not turn away from the gracious soul; on the contrary, He will hear all its desires. The prophet says, “Keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. A man’s enemies are the men of his own house.” This is a wretched state of affairs; but even in such a case the Best Friend remains true, and we may tell Him all our grief.

Our wisdom is to look unto the Lord and not to quarrel with men or women. If our loving appeals are disregarded by our relatives, let us wait upon the God of our salvation, for He will hear us. He will hear us all the more because of the unkindness and oppression of others, and we shall soon have reason to cry, “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy!”

Because God is the living God, He can hear; because He is a loving God, He will hear; because He is our covenant God, He has bound Him-self to hear us. If we can each one speak of Him as “My God,” we may with absolute certainty say, “My God will hear me.” Come, then, O bleeding heart, and let thy sorrows tell themselves out to the Lord thy God! I will bow the knee in secret and inwardly whisper, “My God will hear me.”

God Always Hears — VCY America

January 14 – Dealing with our desires — Reformed Perspective

“Desire without knowledge is not good… What is desired in man is steadfast love…” – Proverbs 20:2a & 22a                                     

Scripture reading: Proverbs 20:1-30

What is desire? It is to have an appetite or fondness for something outside of oneself. It is a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment. Someone once said “desire is like a river, as long as it flows within the banks of God’s will, all will be well. But if, it overflows those banks, it leads to all sorts of problems” How true! 

Desire can lead to sin. James speaks of temptation as being enticed by one’s own desire flowing out of our sinful flesh.  One way to define the flesh is to drop the h and spell the remaining letters backwards. What do you have? SELF!  Misplaced desire is self-centeredness, selfishness tending to focus on my own needs while being thoughtless and inconsiderate of the needs or feelings of others.

However, we are also to earnestly desire the higher gifts (I Corinthians 12:31), the greatest of which is love. Proper desire requires knowledge and is rooted in steadfast love (Proverbs 20:2 & 22). In the context of fretfulness (because of evildoers), the Psalmist encourages the believer to delight in the LORD, and He “will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). 

But our greatest desire must always be the glory of God rooted in Christ. 

Suggestions for prayer

Pray that Christ may always be our hope and heart’s desire 

Rev. Peter Vellenga is presently serving as itinerant preacher waiting upon Lord for continued assignment.

January 14 – Dealing with our desires — Reformed Perspective

Don’t Turn Back — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Has God impressed you to do something for someone?

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”  1 Corinthians 9:24

From the car we saw a squirrel running quickly across the road.  He was halfway across our lane when he noticed our car and turned around and headed back. But now a car was coming towards him in the other  lane.  He panicked, turning one way and then the other.  What should he do?

We slowed down the car and the squirrel ran safely across the street–in front of our car.

Sometimes we are like that. God impresses us to do something “donating toward a need, helping a neighbor, encouraging a friend, telling someone about Jesus– and we enthusiastically start, but then roadblocks come our way” and we start to doubt whether it is really God telling us to do it, it doesn’t fit into our schedule or fear and we stop and turn back.

We have forgotten that whenever God impresses us to do something, He will also give us the resources to do it.

The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it.”
1 Thessalonians 5:24.

Has God impressed you to do something for someone?  Did you start and then stop? Go ahead and do it. Jesus said,

 ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’  Matthew 25:40 (MSG)

Jesus, help us to just “do it“, when you impress us to do something. Fill us with your boldness and love.  Amen.

by Katherine Kehler
Used by Permission

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Don’t Turn Back — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: Jael Shelters Sisera

For many years Deborah waited and prayed, then suddenly the divine inspiration came to her. She sent word to Barak, a chief of the northern tribe of Naphtali, that deliverance was at hand. At her summons Barak marched southward with ten thousand men of Naphtali and Zebulun. The terrible general Sisera, being warned of the uprising, gathered a tremendous army. So unequal seemed the contest that the other tribes of Israel shrank away from Barak. He himself was afraid; he kept his men high up among the mountains away from the iron chariots. When Deborah bade him go down to attack the enemy, he refused to descend unless she accompanied him.

‎Deborah answered scornfully. Must the women do everything for Israel? Yet she went with the men; and, inspired by her presence, the Israelites met Sisera by the banks of the Kishon river and completely destroyed his army. The elements helped them. God’s promise helped them. A storm beat in the faces of the enemy; the river Kishon overflowed and swept them away. Sisera’s chariot was mired with the rest, and deserting it he fled on foot to the highlands, away from the roaring Kishon and the pursuing Israelites. A woman, Jael, met the fugitive at the door of her husband’s tent, and offered him a refuge.

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Six Attributes of the Nature of Scripture” — Grace to You Blog

The great Puritan preacher Thomas Watson said, “The devil and his agents have been blowing at Scripture light, but could never blow it out; a clear sign it was lighted from heaven.” You don’t have to look hard for evidence of Satan’s attempts to snuff out the light of God’s Word.


Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Six Attributes of the Nature of Scripture” — Grace to You Blog

14 Jan 2022 News Briefing


Ron Paul: “We Need A Revolution”
A recent Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action against the government can be justifiable. This view is held by 40 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats. The rising support for violence against government is rooted in the growing (and justified) belief that the people’s liberties are being taken by a ruling class that is indifferent at best, and hostile at worst, to their values and concerns.

UK’s Prince Andrew stripped of royal and military links
The Royal Family removed Prince Andrew’s military links and royal patronages on Thursday and said he will no longer be known as “His Royal Highness”, as the son of Queen Elizabeth fights a U.S. lawsuit in which he is accused of sex abuse.

Baltimore state’s attorney indicted on federal charges
In particular, the indictment says, Mosby failed to disclose as required in both applications that she and her husband were delinquent in federal tax payments resulting in $45,000 tax lien filed against them by the Internal Revenue Service in 2020. Mosby, who ran for office as a part of a movement of “progressive prosecutors” promising to address systemic inequities in the U.S. criminal justice system.

U.S. Senator Sinema sinks Democrats’ hopes for passing voting rights reform
Senator Kyrsten Sinema rejected President Joe Biden’s plea to jettison the Senate’s filibuster rule to allow Democrats to pass a voting-rights bill, all but ensuring the bill’s failure.

Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years, Poland warns
Poland is among the NATO members that are most hawkish in confronting what it sees as Russia’s revisionist ambitions in Eastern Europe. Europe is nearer war than it has been in 30 years, Poland’s foreign minister warned during the third round of diplomacy this week aimed at defusing tensions over Russia’s demand that Ukraine never be allowed to join NATO.

Biden accused of creating database of Americans seeking religious exemption
A federal agency issued a public notice on Tuesday regarding a new policy that can mean that the U.S. government will assemble a database with the names of Americans who claim a religious objection to taking the COVID vaccine reports The Daily Signal. The Signal reports that the agency is none other than the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, a federal agency tasked with being “responsible for gathering information about newly arrested defendants and preparing the recommendations considered by the Court in deciding release options.”

Hamas meets with Iran; Calls on all Muslim, Arab countries to unite in war against Israel
This type of call is eerily similar to that of Israel’s War of Independence when all Arab armies united to destroy the newly reborn nation of Israel. It also mirrors Ezekiel’s prophesy whereby the 70 nations will unite in a final war against Israel.

US Embassy In Baghdad “Attacked By Terrorist” In Rocket Barrage
Bloomberg reports the US embassy in Baghdad was hit with rockets. Details about the incident are scant at the moment. The US Embassy Baghdad’s official Twitter account said the compound “was attacked this evening by terrorist groups attempting to undermine Iraq’s security, sovereignty and international relations. “We have long said that these sorts of reprehensible attacks are an assault not just on diplomatic facilities, but on the sovereignty of Iraq itself.”

Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49: A State By State Overview
Deaths among people aged 18 to 49 increased more than 40 percent in the 12 months ending October 2021 compared to the same period in 2018–2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an analysis of death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Overall, a part of the surge could be likely blamed on drug overdoses, which increased to more than 101,000 in the 12 months ending June 2021 from about 72,000 in 2019,

Bipartisan Lawmakers Float Stock Trading Bans For Members Of Congress
That’s because two politicians, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) are looking at ways to limit or ban members of Congress from holding and trading stocks. On Wednesday, Ossoff announced that he’s introduced legislation to ban members of Congress (and their spouses) from trading stocks. Someone tell Nancy Pelosi her gravy train could be coming to an end.

US Hits N.Korea With More Sanctions As Kim Hails Tests Of Hypersonic Nuclear “War Deterrent”
Following two North Korean missile launches which came within the last week, with the Tuesday test being claimed by Pyongyang to have been it’s third ‘successful’ hypersonic projectile test, the Biden administration extended US sanctions on North Korean as well as Russian officials believed involved in Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program.

Helicopter Operations May Be Affected By Nationwide 5G Rollout
“transmission from these towers have been demonstrated to interfere with radar altimeters, widely used in helicopters and other aircraft to measure altitude.” Over 1,450 Notices to Air Missions (NOTAMs) were issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) across the country next week around 5G towers that AT&T and Verizon will activate. This means that areas around the towers will be considered “hazards” and unsafe for helicopters to operate and may affect “a significant portion of commercial, law enforcement, and other helicopter operations,

Global Economy Heading For “Mother Of All” Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports
the effects of restrictions in China as the country maintains its Covid-zero policy “are starting to hit supply chains in the region.” As a result of the slow movement of goods through some of the country’s busiest and most important ports means shippers are now diverting to Shanghai, causing the types of knock-on delays at the world’s biggest container port that led to massive congestion bottlnecks last summer that eventually translated into a record number of container ships waiting off the coast of California, a glut that hasn’t been cleared to this day.

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s OSHA Vaxx Mandate
Despite the misinformation spewed forth by Justice Sotomayor, The US Supreme Court has blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test rule for US businesses, but allows vaccine mandate for most health care workers.

Undercover Cop Takes Down 30 Arab Weapons Dealers
An undercover police officer operating in the Arab town of Kafr Qassem in the center of Israel in recent months was successful in exposing 30 weapons dealers, who were arrested in a massive operation Tuesday morning.

Fast-moving winter storm to bring heavy snow and gusty winds to Central U.S.
A strong, quick-hitting winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow and gusty winds to the Northern Plains into the Upper and Mid-Mississippi Valley, U.S. that may cause some hazardous travel beginning Thursday night, January 13, 2022, through Friday night. The storm system is expected to impact the Mid-South, Southeast, and East Coast this weekend.

Implantable Chips for Humans Coming “Whether We Like It or Not”
“Whether we like it or not,” an implantable microchip meant to read COVID-19 vaccination status could be implemented globally, according to Hannes Sjöbald, the managing director of Dsruptive Subdermals, a company headquartered in Spain, which has already designed the chip. Dsruptive Subdermals is already marketing the chip as a simple way of always having proof of COVID-19 vaccination status with you.

Corporations begin complying with Biden’s vaccine mandate using internal tracking system 
U.S. companies are preemptively creating the infrastructure to enforce the government’s vaccine mandates.

Air Force Rejects Medical Exemption Request to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Despite Documented Allergy
The Air Force has rejected a medical exemption application to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate from a reservist who presented proof that she has an allergy to one of the vaccine’s components.

US Embassy In Baghdad “Attacked By Terrorist” In Rocket Barrage
Bloomberg reports the US embassy in Baghdad was hit with rockets. Details about the incident are scant at the moment.

MI5 Claims Chinese ‘Spy’ Successfully Managed to Infiltrate UK Parliament
The British security agency MI5 has claimed that a ‘spy’ for Communist China has managed to infiltrate the UK parliament.

Global economy heading for ‘mother of all’ supply chain shocks as China locks down ports
The world economy could be headed for the “mother of all” supply chain stumbles.

After once claiming his shots are “100 effective,” Pfizer CEO now says 2 COVID shots “offers very limited protection, if any,” against COVID-19.
During a round of interviews on Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla unleashed several truth bombs on an unsuspecting corporate press audience, seemingly sowing doubt into the idea that his own COVID shots are “effective,” unless the individual has had at least 3 doses.

DC Mayor Bowser declares emergency, says all persons must carry vaccine papers and photo ID just to leave their own homes (but not to vote)
The situation in Democrat-run cities as the latest variant of COVID-19 spreads is getting beyond insane as leaders become more authoritarian and constitutional rights literally have been suspended.

Supply chain crisis: Empty shelves at grocery stores across the US 
Shoppers across the U.S. are confronting alarming shortages of basic foodstuffs, as a variety of factors exacerbate supply chain issues from coast to coast.

Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected 
The State of Washington legalized the liquefaction and disposal of human corpses  just one year before the state activated covid concentration camps, providing for an efficient, stealth mechanism for mass disposal of human corpses.

Truckers Win Race Against Government On Food Delivery
Thank You Canadian Trucking Industry!  You were among the first—if not the first—to back the draconian Canadian Government down by allowing the free flow of goods over the American-Canadian border. The News couldn’t be better!

Supreme Court Shoots Down Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate For Private Employers But Allows It To Remain For Gov’t Funded Health Care Workers
Well, consider this two steps up and one step back, the US Supreme Court today shot down the Biden vaccine mandates for private employers, but allowed it for health care workers at any and all medical facilities that take medicare and medicaid payments.

As Queen Strips Prince Andrew Of Royal Titles Ahead Of Pedophile Sex Trial, Are Jeffrey Epstein’s Other Past Associates Beginning To Sweat It Out?
By now it’s a foregone conclusion that Prince Andrew had some sort of a sexual relationship with his then-underaged accuser, former Jeffrey Epstein recruit Virginia Roberts. Especially seeing that he offered millions to make her go away, and she refused to accept the hush money.

YouTube Removes Program Of NTEB King James Bible Study And Global COVID Prayer Meeting, Calling It ‘Medical Disinformation’, I Call It Persecution 
We live in a world that is dominated and controlled by far Left Liberal tech oligarchs who hate God, hate His Son Jesus Christ, and would burn every last Bible on the face of the earth if they could. Their insane blood lust for power and complete control of every human being is depraved and disgusting, and it aggravates me that I still am bound to pray for their salvation when what I really want to do is call down fire from Heaven upon them. Help me, Jesus, take the wheel, avenge me of mine enemies!

Former 4 Star Admiral: The DNA From All Those Carcinogen-Laced COVID Tests The People Have Been Taking Are Being Sent To China
Brett P. Giroir is an American pediatrician and a former four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He currently serves on the board of directors for Remote Area Medical, and as the chief medical advisor for Gauss Surgical. He testified before Congress that the DNA from the COVID tests being administered, which were never meant to diagnosis any disease but to be used for research purposes only, are being sent to none other than Communist China.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/01/14/14-jan-2022/

Headlines – 1/14/2022

Netanyahu close to plea deal that would see him leave politics – report

Right-wing activists rally in Jerusalem to ‘overthrow evil government’

Hundreds of Bedouins clash with police over controversial Negev tree planting

Amid crisis, government said advancing plan to recognize 10-12 Bedouin villages

Two IDF commando officers killed in friendly fire incident at West Bank base

Bennett to Putin: World must stand firm against Iran’s nuclear progress

As time runs low at Iran nuke talks, White House focuses blame on ‘reckless’ Trump

110 Republican Lawmakers Call on Biden To Abandon Iran Nuclear Talks

Iran leader’s website showcases animation of drone strike killing Trump

‘Revenge Is Definite’: Iran Releases Video Depicting Assassination Of Trump At Mar-A-Lago

Iran claims to launch solid-fuel satellite rocket into space

Iraqi officials: 4 rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad

Two civilians wounded in rocket attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone

Erdogan blames Turkey’s currency woes on ‘foreign financial tools’ as central bank reserves fall

Islamic Raiders Kill 28 Christians in South Sudan

Three French Police Injured After Attack By ‘Allahu Akbar’ Yelling Man

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Appeal of ISIS Bride Hoda Muthana Who Revoked US Citizenship And Joined Terror Group In Syria

U.S. Diplomats in Geneva, Paris Struck With Suspected ‘Havana Syndrome’

Russia Won’t Rule Out Military Deployment to Cuba, Venezuela

Russia’s talk of troops in Latin America called ‘bluster’

Russia, at an Impasse With the West, Warns It Is Ready to Abandon Diplomacy

Ukraine deals with ‘aggression’ from Russia on a daily basis, top Ukrainian official says

Russian troops begin leaving Kazakhstan after government restores control

Blinken: North Korea Missile Tests ‘Profoundly Destabilizing’

China Asserts Unlawful Claims in South China Sea: State Department Study

China Steps up Construction Along Disputed Bhutan Border, Satellite Images Show

‘Nastiest Surveillance State in History’: Pompeo Warns that China Will Spy on Olympic Athletes

Beijing Winter Olympics: Dutch athletes warned to keep phones and laptops out of China to protect their personal data from Chinese surveillance

Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years, Poland warns

Joe Biden Erects Concrete Security Wall Around White House – But Leaves US Border Wide Open

Michigan woman arrested near Capitol had loaded shotgun, and she wanted to talk about Jan. 6, police say

Woman with semi-automatic rifle, other guns in vehicle arrested outside U.S. Capitol Police headquarters

Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with ‘seditious conspiracy’ related to US Capitol attack

Federal investigators say they used encrypted Signal messages to charge Oath Keepers leader

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas tech giants after ‘inadequate responses’

January 6 committee subpoenas Google, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit in probe of Capitol attack

Washington Post awards Biden ‘Four Pinocchios’ for false claim he was ‘arrested’ during civil rights protest

Left Explodes at Marsha Blackburn for Exposing Biden Judicial Nominee’s Criminal Record

RNC signals a withdrawal from presidential debates citing favoritism towards Dems

Why Are So Many House Democrats Leaving Congress? “It’s become a toxic work environment,” a chief of staff to one retiring Democrat told VICE News

Kayleigh McEnany on Biden’s stunning poll numbers of only 33% approval: ‘This is a five-alarm fire’

Graham says won’t vote for McConnell as Senate leader if he cannot make amends with Trump

Mike Lindell Claims He Has Election Fraud Evidence To Jail Millions ‘For Life’

Biden begs press and social media to censor ‘misinformation and disinformation’ from platforms

Nolte: CNN Lost 90 Percent of Its Audience

Commentary: The Age Of Intolerance: Cancel Culture’s War On Free Speech

Investors are paying millions for virtual land in the metaverse

Scammers Are Using QR Codes to Plunder Parking Meter Payments

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Adak, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Adak, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Copiapo, Chile

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on Tonga erupts to 55,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Drought conditions persist despite record-setting snow, deluge of rain out West

‘Saskatchewan screamer’ could leave a foot of snow for some in Midwest

Australia reaches 123.26 degrees Fahrenheit, matching its highest temperature on record

Earth is getting a black box to record our climate change actions, and it’s already started listening

European Gas Reserves Dwindle, Prices Soaring, Cold Winter Could Mean ‘Gas Disaster’

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Wrote A Letter Calling On Social Media Companies To Restrict ‘Propaganda’ About Critical Race Theory

‘After-School Satan Club’ planned at Illinois elementary school. District explains why

Doctors Debate Whether Trans Teens Need Therapy Before Hormones

13-year-old suffers apparent fentanyl overdose at Connecticut school, campus locked down

Josh Hawley to Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Must Stop ‘Aiding and Abetting the Drug Overdose Epidemic’

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife announces her memoir on scandal-filled marriage just before 2022 midterms

Memoir by Hunter Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle details how his cheating, drug abuse destroyed their marriage

Queen Elizabeth strips Prince Andrew of his military roles amid abuse claims

Ghislaine Maxwell no longer fighting to keep names sealed from Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit

Microsoft pledges to make public investigation into claims of sexual harassment, including those against Bill Gates

As sexual abuse cases hit ultra-Orthodox community, some vow to be silent no longer

Yeshiva University pledges change amid uproar over alleged sexual assault

New Jersey yeshiva principal resigns abruptly amid past sexual abuse allegations

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Plans to Ban Abortions after Six Weeks of Pregnancy

German police used a tracing app to scout crime witnesses. Some fear that’s fuel for covid conspiracists.

Anxiety and pandemic fatigue are spiking amid latest COVID surge

WHO says omicron cases are ‘off the charts’ as global infections set new records

Teachers confront half-empty classrooms as virus surges

Omicron disrupts transit, emergency services as workers call out sick: ‘Most people are going to get Covid’

Sick staff. Endless COVID patients. Doctors ‘just scraping by’ as Omicron sweeps hospitals

19 states have fewer than 15% of ICU beds left as health care staffing shortages complicate care

1,000 military health workers to deploy to U.S. hospitals – White House

Israel’s COVID czar: Non-essential medical treatment may need to be halted in Omicron wave

COVID-19 pill rollout stymied by shortages as omicron rages

International authorities sour on COVID boosters, while FDA promotes them for recovered people

‘Pandemic of The Vaccinated’: Latest UK Health Data Shows Vaccinated Deaths Higher than Unvaccinated Deaths in Last Three Months

Quebec tax on unvaccinated may be lawful but sets risky precedent – experts

Canada says vaccine mandates work as Quebec’s ‘unvaxxed tax’ leads to spike in first-dose appointments

Canada drops vaccine mandate for its truckers after pressure from industry

Canadian Judge Removes Father’s Visitation Rights Over Vaccination Status

Top NH Conservative Targeted by Child Services for Giving Son Ivermectin

Vatican Threatens Unvaccinated Employees as Pope Francis Laments Layoffs

Anti-vaccine protesters try to storm Bulgaria’s parliament

Supreme Court blocks Biden Covid vaccine mandate for businesses, allows health-care worker rule

Supreme Court hands Biden COVID vax mandate defeat, sparking fury from liberals

Commentary: Supreme Court puts an end to pandemic of the autocrat

White House tells Americans to IGNORE court hold on vaccine mandate

Scalise, Comer call for hearing on Biden’s ‘failed’ COVID-19 response: ‘Dereliction of duty’

Biden’s failure to anticipate Taliban Afghanistan takeover, omicron spread shows ‘inability to lead’: GOP

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson files suit to block Omaha’s mask mandate

Bernie Sanders Wants N95 Masks for All, While CDC Says ‘Any Mask Is Better Than No Mask’

Biden Says Government to Make ‘High-Quality Masks’ Available to Americans for Free

Covering COVID Tests Could Cost Insurers Billions

COVID-19 testing sites under investigation after complaints allege ‘fake tests’

India: 11-Times Vaxed Man Threatens to Kill Himself if Prosecuted

CBS’s Gayle King Says It’s Time to Live With Covid: ‘I’m So Tired Of Being Tired And Afraid’

Minneapolis, St. Paul requiring proof of COVID vaccination for restaurants, bars

Democrats support photo ID to dine out in D.C. but oppose it for voting absentee

Democrats’ filibuster agenda on hold as fully vaccinated and boosted Hawaii senator tests positive for COVID

Joe Biden Vows to Go to War with State Legislatures After Sinema and Manchin Blow Up His Bid to Kill the Filibuster

Worst inflation since 1982 puts Democrats in political jeopardy

Red-hot inflation eating away at most Americans’ wage gains

Bidenflation Crushed Workers in 2021: Three Worst Annual Real Wage Contractions on Record

Warren: 39-Year High Inflation Is Partly Due to Companies Using Talk about Inflation as Chance to Price Gouge

Soaring used car prices are pushing inflation higher, and there’s not much the U.S. can do about it

Arizona declares cryptocurrency ‘top investor threat’

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · Jan. 14, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors?” —Thomas Jefferson (1781)

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Sedition Isn’t Insurrection

The DOJ announced some interesting new charges against a handful of January 6 participants.

Douglas Andrews

It’s Friday, January 14, 2022, and the Department of Justice still hasn’t charged any J6 participants with insurrection.

What a non-surprise it is, though, to hear that a whopping 11 people of the more than 700 who’ve been arrested have now been charged with something called “seditious conspiracy.” Why, it’s as if the Biden Justice Department had become overly embarrassed by the oft-made observation — most recently made earlier this week by mild-mannered Utah Republican Mike Lee during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings — that the riot of January 6, 2021, might not have been an insurrection after all, given that not a single soul had been charged with insurrection.

And thus, the all-of-a-sudden charges of seditious conspiracy. As The Washington Examiner reports:

The Justice Department announced on Thursday that Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes and 10 others were charged with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021. Prosecutors charged Rhodes and the other defendants with crimes “related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, which disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress that was in the process of ascertaining and counting the electoral votes related to the presidential election.”

Rhodes, a former U.S. Army paratrooper and Yale Law School grad who founded Oath Keepers in 2009, was arrested yesterday morning at his home in Texas. He hadn’t been previously charged, and he’d never actually entered the Capitol. And now he faces “seditious conspiracy” charges.

But sedition and insurrection aren’t the same thing. The former is defined as “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch,” while the latter is defined as “a violent uprising against an authority or government.” So they both involve a rebellion against an authority, but the former is about incitement and the latter is about action. Put another way, the former is about saying “Shoot him,” and the latter is about actually shooting him. And since no one has been charged with bringing firearms into the Capitol — because no one did — it doesn’t quite pass the giggle test that this was an “armed insurrection,” despite what Joe Biden and his Leftmedia lickspittles would have you believe. Unless you believe that a bunch of angry middle-aged men riding in golf carts and brandishing MAGA hats and flagpoles were armed enough to overthrow the legislative branch of our federal government.

Interestingly, there’s one guy who wasn’t arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy yesterday, and we wonder why. His name is Ray Epps, and if anyone is guilty of something called seditious conspiracy, it’s him. “We need to go in to the Capitol!” Epps yelled to a huge crowd on the night prior to the riot — and he did so clearly and unequivocally, right here on video.

One other person who’s yet to be arrested: The DC pipe bomber — the guy who planted bombs at the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters in perhaps the world’s most heavily surveilled city and still hasn’t been caught. Why not?

As for yesterday’s arrests, the actions of the Oath Keepers on January 6 seem somewhat less than insurrectionist, given that they purposely left their guns back in their hotel room in Virginia. As The Wall Street Journal reports: “Once protesters had breached the Capitol perimeter, prosecutors say, members of the Oath Keepers marched into the Capitol as a team in ‘stack formation,’ a single-file military tactic. The group then split up, with half of the Oath Keepers headed for the U.S. Senate chamber while the other half set out for the House of Representatives on the other end of the Capitol building, according to the indictment.”

Not much happened after that. Insurrection? Sedition? If so, what are we to make of the 574 riots that took place during the late spring and early summer of 2020 — riots that cost dozens of Americans their lives, wounded more than 2,000 cops, and did an estimated $2 billion in damage?

Again: None of this is a surprise. The timing of the charges is laughably suspicious, but the fact that charges were brought is not. This is all on the Democrats’ calendar, all scripted, all a coordinated effort to keep outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sham J6 “investigation” in the news, and to keep this vastly overblown story alive and well through November’s midterm elections.

After all, it’s all the Democrats have.

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SCOTUS Ends Mandate for U.S. Businesses

In our system of government, policies like this one are “the responsibility of those chosen by the people through democratic processes.”

Tony Perkins

In a huge blow to President Joe Biden, the U.S. Supreme Court responded to his COVID overreach the way most Americans had hoped: striking down the largest of his vaccine mandates. By a vote of 6-3, the justices agreed that the president had zero authority to demand that employers of 100 or more employees be vaccinated or bear the weight of routine testing.

In a rebuke to the White House’s COVID strategy, the court’s majority reminded Biden and his Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that “Administrative agencies are creatures of statute. They accordingly possess only the authority that Congress has provided. The Secretary has ordered 84 million Americans to either obtain a COVID–19 vaccine or undergo weekly medical testing at their own expense. This is no ‘everyday exercise of federal power.’ It is instead a significant encroachment into the lives — and health — of a vast number of employees.”

Pointing out that there has “never before” been such a mandate from anyone — Congress included — Justices John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Amy Coney Barrett tried to explain the limits of the government’s power. While OSHA can set “workplace safety standards,” that’s not the same as “broad public health measures,” they wrote. In our system of government, policies like this one are “the responsibility of those chosen by the people through democratic processes.”

Over the objections of Barrett, Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch, the court did leave the vaccination requirement in place for healthcare workers at any facilities that get Medicaid and Medicare funds by a narrower 5-4 margin. By the White House’s estimate, that means about 17 million Americans will be affected by the stay, which will continue to fuel shortages of healthcare workers as they are fired or quit to avoid the forced vaccine. As far as Justice Thomas is concerned, if it’s unconstitutional in the private sector, then it’s unconstitutional in the health industry too. In a separate dissent, he argued that the administration doesn’t have the authority “to force health care workers, by coercing their employers, to undergo a medical procedure they do not want and cannot undo.”

For state leaders across the country, many of whom have been fighting these mandates in court for months, the news came as a huge relief. “Today’s ruling protects our individual rights and states’ rights to pursue the solutions that work best for their citizens,” said our good friend Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost (R), who led a coalition of states in challenging the rule. FRC congratulates him and the other attorneys general on a hard-fought victory for freedom and personal choice!

Mr. Perkins is president of the Family Research Council.

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Inflation Hasn’t Been This High in 40 Years

Most of us fail to realize the very real consequences of debasing our national currency.

Brian Mark Weber

For most Americans, the cost of just about everything keeps going up.

Of course, Joe Biden doesn’t take the blame for any of it. Recently, the president stated, “There’s nobody suggesting there’s unchecked inflation on the way — no serious economist.” And some on the Left, including the president, are blaming businesses or even (if you can believe it) the economy itself.

Just when we think the numbers couldn’t get any worse, they do.

The Wall Street Journal’s Gwynn Guilford writes: “U.S. inflation hit its fastest pace in nearly four decades last year as pandemic related supply and demand imbalances, along with stimulus intended to shore up the economy, pushed prices up at a 7% annual rate. The Labor Department said Wednesday the consumer-price index — which measures what consumers pay for goods and services — rose 7% in December from the same month a year earlier, up from 6.8% in November. That was the fastest since 1982 and marked the third straight month in which inflation exceeded 6%.”

That’s right. Inflation hasn’t been this high in 40 years.

The evidence? Fox News reports: “Although energy prices fell 1.1% in December from the previous month, they’re still up 29.3% from last year. Gasoline, on average, costs 49.6% than it did last year. Food prices have also climbed 6.3% higher over the year, while used car and truck prices — a major component of the inflation increase — are up 37.3%. Shelter costs, which make up nearly one-third of the total increase, jumped 0.4% for the month and 4.1% year-over-year, the fastest pace since February 2007.”

No one seems to take notice when politicians add trillions to the national debt. We’ve been hearing about it for decades, after all, but most of us fail to realize the very real consequences of debasing our national currency. One of the consequences is the rising costs of goods.

Another is what amounts to a pay cut. Sure, some companies are raising wages in order to hold on to workers, but soaring inflation has outpaced the growth in larger paychecks. In other words, some of us are making more, but we’re unable to buy more.

Yet the Fed keeps the printing presses turned on, churning out stimulus after stimulus. When members of Congress need a trillion (or four trillion), the Fed has their back.

But those stimulus dollars devalue our currency and result in an overall net loss when it comes to the purchasing power of consumers. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve is considering raising interest rates, which might “cool off” the economy but could negatively impact the job market.

Instead of real solutions, all we have from the Biden administration is a daily blame game. The Democrats’ latest pre-packaged commentary delivered to media outlets is that greedy corporations, from oil and gas producers to meat processing plants, are gouging American consumers just for the hell of it.

Rich Lowry writes that “all the hokum about the causes of inflation is basically a confession of impotence. If the Biden administration had a good story to tell about how it’s fixing inflation, it wouldn’t need to create cartoon villains.”

One billionaire supermarket CEO suggests we could curtail inflation almost overnight by simply producing more oil at home, thereby lowering transportation costs and filling shelves with goods.

In terms of real political solutions, nothing’s going to change before the 2022 midterms. Until this point, Republicans haven’t done anything other than support Biden’s trillion-dollar stimulus packages. Now they’re laser-focused on winning back the House and Senate. Meanwhile, Democrats are deflecting responsibility onto everyone else.

Only in Washington, DC, can you get a lot of hot air in the middle of January.

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Hillary Clinton Again?

She may be floating another run at the presidency, taking advantage of the supremely unpopular Joe Biden.

Thomas Gallatin

Having never really accepted her defeat to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton appears to be once again eyeing a run at the presidency, evidently hoping the third time will be the charm. And why shouldn’t she be at least considering it? With Joe Biden deep underwater in popularity and his “president,” Kamala Harris, even lower in popular approval, Clinton may believe this is a perfect and final opportunity to exploit it.

As Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein contend in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed: “She is already in an advantageous position to become the 2024 Democratic nominee. She is an experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking.”

It is true that Clinton is indeed younger than Biden, whose obvious age-induced diminishment is one of the primary factors for his abysmal leadership. That said, 74-year-old Hillary is no spring chicken, and she’d be 77 upon taking office if successful in 2024, just one year younger than Biden, who holds the record of oldest-ever elected president.

Further indicating that Clinton is indeed contemplating a third run are recent comments made by both herself and Bill Clinton, the latter of whom opined that “one of the most profound mistakes we ever made” was failing to elect Hillary in 2016. She hasn’t shied away from offering criticism of Biden, stating in an MSNBC interview: “I think that it is time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep-blue districts where a Democrat and a liberal Democrat, or so-called progressive Democrat, is going to win.” That statement is quite obtuse given the fact that Biden did win the election by winning states like Georgia and Arizona, whereas Clinton famously lost the Rust Belt on her way to defeat. But we digress.

Clinton further contended that she was “all about vigorous debate,” adding, “at the end of the day it means nothing if we don’t have a Congress that will get things done, and we don’t have a White House that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive.” Ouch!

The great irony here is that the Democrats, who love to tout their commitment to diversity and equity, seemingly choose to promote little other than old white candidates. It’s also interesting how quickly political pundits forget just how unpopular a candidate Hillary was. Image Hillary squaring off against Ron DeSantis. She’d likely attempt to cook up another foreign election collusion story, maybe this time accusing Cuba of seeking to collude with and promote DeSantis.

In the end, the Democrats are doomed for more election failures if they don’t find a candidate who is both likable and more reasonably centrist. Clinton is simply not that person.

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Christ in the Midst of COVID

In spite of lockdowns, some churches kept their doors open. And that has made all the difference.

Emmy Griffin

It is undeniable that the pandemic lockdowns had a poor effect on society. People were isolated. The fear and uncertainty left many turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort. Many churches closed their doors and went to online services. It is hard to be the church when you are not actually together in community.

Canada is still especially strict with COVID restrictions, especially regarding churches continuing services and remaining open to the public. Churches are, according to the government, “nonessential.” This in and of itself should sound warning bells in the ears of Christians worldwide as a blatant and pointed attack on religion.

One church in Ontario, Trinity Bible Chapel, never did stop services or close its doors. Its decision to disregard the secular government has earned it almost $40 million in fines. The police have pressed charges against the church, and yet it still carries on. The following is just one of the many reasons why.

Jennifer Scott is eternally grateful that Trinity Bible Chapel has kept its doors open. Ms. Scott gave her testimony at her baptism earlier this week. She said: “Before Christ, I was a very angry person, and filled with fear, doubt, and self-pity. I was constantly seeking avenues of filling the hole in me that only Jesus could fill. It began with marijuana and ended with smoking crack cocaine, and intravenous drug use. I was a slave to darkness.”

She had struggled with drug addiction since the tender age of 14. The lockdowns only made it worse. She knew that this problem was killing her. Her son asked her to attend a prayer meeting at Trinity. She asked for prayer to be able to get the help she needed to quit the drug use. The church did what it does best — the pastor reached out to shepherd her and keep her coming to church. She was able to go to a rehab facility, and while waiting for a bed to open up she kept attending church and building that community. Her testimony ends with these truths: “None of these things would have happened if Trinity closed its doors and was solely online. I know for a fact that I’d be dead right now if God had not used this church in my life.”

Other churches in Canada have endured as much, and in some cases much worse. In Calgary, Alberta, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested for continuing to hold services. He had made news earlier in the lockdowns by forcibly ejecting a heath inspector and her armed police enforcers out of the church building during Holy Week Service. He is a Polish-born Canadian who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and whose grandmother personally escaped from the Nazis. This autocratic medical regime that has taken over Canada resembles what he grew up under in Poland, which is a sobering thought.

These churches are under persecution right now, but they continue to do God’s work by ministering to all people. Both Trinity Bible Chapel and Pastor Pawlowski have sent a message to American churches warning that “the enemy is not hiding anymore.” They caution that what is happening in Canada is already happening in the U.S., and American churches need to stand up. Encouragingly, many pastors are heeding the call. Christ is on the move, and those churches brave enough to remain open will reap the fruit.

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More Guns = More Self-Defense

Americans legally bought more than 18 million firearms last year, and they’ve been putting those purchases to good use.

Douglas Andrews

On Sunday, December 12, at 1 p.m. on Sycamore Lane in Garden Grove, California, a man with a history of domestic violence and the subject of an active restraining order broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend and stabbed her current boyfriend several times in the chest. The boyfriend survived, but his assailant escaped and, for whatever reason, was never put behind bars.

Five days later, the man returned, kicking in the door and chasing the couple into a room upstairs. This time, though, they were armed with a handgun. The boyfriend fired several shots, more than one of which found home, and the assailant died at the scene.

If ever a man had it coming to him, it was this guy. And if ever a gun-grabbing Democrat should’ve been made to explain to a law-abiding couple why they had no right to possess the handgun that ultimately saved their lives, this would’ve been the time.

This story didn’t make national news — stories like this never do — but the American people would be better off if encounters like these were widely publicized. Were it so, would-be victims would likely be emboldened by the prospect of vigorous self-defense, and would-be assailants would likely think twice before preying upon another person.

Self-defense is, after all, our first human right and our most fundamental civil liberty. And the Second Amendment to our Constitution is the guarantor of that God-given right.

To be sure, this story out of Garden Grove wasn’t a one-off. Each month, The Daily Signal publishes an article highlighting some of the previous month’s many news stories on defensive gun use nationwide — stories that the mainstream media has no interest in publishing. Stories like the one out of Bolivar, Tennessee, where an armed Domino’s Pizza employee drew his own gun and fatally shot a would-be armed robber. Or this one out of North Philly, where a merchant put a stop to a spate of armed robberies targeting Latino-owned businesses by shooting and wounding a 20-year-old man who’d tried to rob his corner store. Or this one out of Cairo, Georgia, where an elderly woman was awakened in the middle of the night to find several armed intruders. When she confronted them, she was shot, but she returned fire with her own weapon, causing them to flee. Seven suspects were later arrested.

As The Daily Signal notes, “Americans legally bought more than 18.5 million firearms in 2021, down just slightly from 2020’s unprecedented surge in gun sales but still the second-highest year for sales on record.” And, as indicated in the stories above, the American people are using them for self-defense — somewhere between 500,000 and three million times annually, according to a 2013 CDC report.

The Signal’s parent organization, The Heritage Foundation, has been keeping an interactive database of defensive gun use since 2019. As of today, it’s documented 2,061 such instances of self-defense.

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, we have a serious crime problem in our country — a problem that the Left reflexively blames on guns. This, of course, is a lie. As our Mark Alexander has noted time and again, crime is a Democrat-induced culture problem, not a gun problem. “Criminals commit crimes,” he writes, “and until Democrats reverse course on the social policies that have devastated American families and communities for decades, the consequential violence will continue.”

In the meantime, we can be thankful for our Second Amendment, which ensures our first human right.

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Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • Sinema rejects nuking the filibuster: Yesterday, Senator Kyrsten Sinema expressed her decision to reject Chuck Schumer’s push to eliminate the filibuster, tanking the Democrats’ hopes of getting their federalization-of-elections bills passed. Even Joe Biden essentially conceded defeat, stating, “The honest-to-God answer is I don’t know if we can get this done.” Sinema expressed support for the Democrat voting bills but refused to compromise on her backing of the Senate’s designed standards against simple majority rule. She noted the broad problem of growing divisions across the country as further evidence supporting her decision. Sinema is not the only Democrat holdout. Joe Manchin has also stated he rejects eliminating the filibuster.
  • RNC says no more CPD-hosted debates: The Republican National Committee, fed up with the Commission on Presidential Debates’ obvious bias against GOP candidates, is considering instituting a requirement that Republican candidates pledge not to engage in a CPD-hosted debate during the 2024 election cycle. RNC chief Ronna McDaniel explained that the CPD’s refusal to engage in meaningful reforms to ensure a “level playing field” for candidates to debate is what led to this decision. “The RNC will take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given that opportunity elsewhere,” she stipulated.
  • Iran release video depicting Trump assassination: “Revenge is definite” is the message following an animated video released by Iran’s government in which an assassination drone strike against Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate is depicted. The threat to assassinate Trump is expressly noted as a retaliation for Trump’s green-lighting the U.S. military drone strike that killed Iran’s chief terrorism director, Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani, in Bagdad in January 2020. “The video mirrored a propaganda poster last year also showing Trump on a golf course, calling for revenge for Soleimani’s slaying,” reported The Times of Israel.
  • Baltimore’s top prosecutor indicted for perjury: Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s state’s attorney, was indicted by a federal grand jury on four counts of perjury on Thursday. According to the indictment, Mosby lied, claiming COVID-related hardships in order to secure tens of thousands in withdrawals from her city retirement account, when she had in fact received her full $247,955 salary in 2020. She was also indicted for lying to secure mortgages in Florida, claiming to have no liabilities when in reality she and her husband owed over $40,000 in back taxes. Mosby, a Democrat who is running for a third term, stated via her attorney that the charges are “bogus” and “rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election.” Should Mosby be found guilty on all charges, she would face a sentence of up to 70 years in prison. Recall that back in 2016, Mosby prosecuted six Baltimore police officers for the death of Freddie Gray, all of whom were acquitted.


  • “Be afraid”: Ukraine hit by cyberattack, Russia moves more troops (Reuters)
  • Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years, Poland warns (Reuters)
  • U.S. braces for Russian escalation as talks hit “dead end” (Axios)
  • One sex offender, two murderers, and three gang members arrested at U.S. border (Daily Wire)
  • North Korea fires fresh missiles in response to U.S. sanctions (Fox News)
  • U.S. embassy in Baghdad targeted by four rockets (Fox News)


  • Study: Omicron associated with 91% reduction in risk of death compared to Delta (Axios)
  • Washington State refused help from one county to clear snow because the county doesn’t have a vaccine mandate but don’t worry it’s not like icy roads are more dangerous than COVID (Not the Bee)
  • Quebec will impose “significant” tax on the unvaccinated in “fairness” to the vaxxed (Daily Wire)

Village Academic Curriculum

  • Your tax dollars at work: Bay Area school district pays $57K for “Woke Kindergarten” to “disrupt whiteness” (The Federalist)
  • Illinois elementary school promotes after-school Satan club for students (The Blaze)


  • U.S. abortion rate rose for second consecutive year (Washington Times)
  • Microsoft Word introduces new “woke” feature to monitor your language (Not the Bee)


  • Major winter storm to snarl travel in Midwest, South, and East through MLK weekend (Fox Weather)
  • Glenn Youngkin appointing anti-CRT firebrand to key education role (Daily Wire)

Odds & Ends

  • More than one million fewer students are in college (NPR)
  • Prince Andrew loses military affiliations and remaining royal patronages, as sexual assault case moves forward (Washington Post)
  • Novak Djokovic gets visa canceled again, faces deportation from Australia (Fox News)
  • Cagey Kamala freezes up when asked about 2024 ticket (Washington Examiner)
  • Biden picks Sarah Bloom Raskin for top Fed regulator role (Yahoo)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Bidenflation is crushing families and businesses (RNC)
  • “Satire”: SCOTUS rules healthcare workers are the only people who can’t make decisions about their own health (Babylon Bee)

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“It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses.” —Dag Hammarskjold (1905-1961)


“Jim Crow laws were written by elected Democrats and they were designed to prevent the voters from voting Democrats out of office. … This is Jim Crow 2.0 of Democrats once again trying to take away the ability of the voters to vote them out of office. It’s wrong.” —Senator Ted Cruz

“I think almost everyone would tell you that what happened on January 6th here was a terrible thing. It should never have happened and it should never happen again. But I don’t care how many candlelight vigils and musical performances you have from the cast of ‘Hamilton’ — you’re not going to convince at least most normal and sane people that our government last year was almost overthrown by a guy wearing a Viking hat and speedos.” —Senator Marco Rubio

“Anthony Fauci says that everyone is going to get Omicron. … If this is true — and I suspect it is — then there really is no need for most people to continue with anything other than the vaccines. … If we really can’t stop this thing from infecting everyone — and if one’s vaccination status ultimately matters only to one’s own health — then all the tools we are deploying are mere theater. Mask mandates? Useless. Plexiglass screens? Useless. Vaccine passports? Why should anyone care? Go get vaccinated — or don’t; it’s your life — and we can all get back to normal.” —Charles C. W. Cooke

Friendly Fire

“I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country. The debate over the Senate’s 60-vote threshold shines a light on our broader challenges. There’s no need for me to restate my longstanding support for the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation.” —Senator Kyrsten Sinema

“How come Democrats only complain about the … strict voting regulations in red states, in Texas and Georgia, and not in Democratic states like New York?” —CNN’s Jake Tapper

Too little, too late: “It seems we can clearly see now that the Steele dossier should never have had the life and the impact that it did. It should never have been used in the wiretap warrant for Carter Page, should never have been read into the congressional record, or featured on prime time segments on cable news.” —New York Times podcast host Michael Barbaro

Verbal Gymnastics

“Now I don’t like to, you know, outline the next steps we’re taking against — I’d like to outline the next steps we’re taking against the Omicron variant.” —Joe Biden

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day.” —Kamala Harris

Theater of the Absurd

“There is no justifiable excuse for refusing vaccination, which is the only way the pandemic will ever come close to ending.” —Washington Post columnist James McAuley in a piece titled, “Macron is right: It’s time to make life a living hell for anti-vaxxers.”

“I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.” —Joe Biden (“This isn’t about ‘dealing with misinformation.’ It’s about Joe Biden covering up his complete failure to ‘shut down the virus.’ If the Biden admin can’t censor their political opponents, they’ll call up their friends in Big Tech to do it for them.” —Patrick Witt)

Grand Delusions

“I thought [Biden’s] speech was wonderful and I stand with him in the fight for voting rights. … I thought it was fabulous. I … congratulate him for it. It was well received even among those who … had some apprehension of what’s going to happen with this.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“The only criticism I would make too — I wouldn’t say they’re criticisms but observations: Nobody knows who Bull Connor is.” —Nancy Pelosi

And Last…

“Imagine what those polls look like if this presidency was properly covered.” —David Harsanyi

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Ron Paul: “We Need A Revolution”

Article Image
 • https://www.zerohedge.com by Ron Paul

This view is held by 40 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats. The result may seem surprising since leftists have been responsible for much of the recent politically-motivated violence, and many Democrats have called for violence against Trump supporters. However, the cultural Marxists appear to have (temporarily) ceased using violence as a tactic – although had President Trump won reelection, it may well have been ANTIFA members inside the Capitol on January 6 trying to “stop the steal.”

The rising support for violence against government is rooted in the growing (and justified) belief that the people’s liberties are being taken by a ruling class that is indifferent at best, and hostile at worst, to their values and concerns.

The devastation wrought by the lockdowns, as well as the conflict over the promotion of masks, vaccines, critical race theory, and transgenderism, heighten these social tensions.

Another major contributor to the social unrest is the economy. Rising prices combined with supply shortages and the increasing national debt are all signs that we may be witnessing the final days of the Keynesian welfare-warfare state. Unless Congress immediately begins to cut spending and transition to a free-market monetary system, America will soon face a major economic crisis. The crisis will likely be caused by a collapse of the dollar’s value. This will likely lead to increased violence. The violence will start when those who believe they are entitled to live off the stolen property of their fellow citizens decide to take matters into their own hands because the government can no longer do the looting for them.

Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Will Drop Damning Book Revealing New Dirt on President’s Son Just Before Midterms | IJR

Maybe she should call the book “Not-So-Beautiful Things.”

Kathleen Buhle, the ex-wife of Hunter Biden and former daughter-in-law to now-President Joe Biden, is set to spill some ugly family secrets in a book due out only months before the midterm elections that will define the Biden presidency — judging by published reports about it.

And making the House of Biden look crazier than the Kardashians on a bad day isn’t likely to help out the president’s cause.

According to People magazine, Buhle’s book is the first time she has opened up about the wreckage of her marriage to the self-confessed drug addict who turned his family name into a ticket to fortune.

Titled “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing,” it’s probably the last thing Democratic political operatives want coming out in a midterm election year that already promises to look as disastrous for the party as Biden’s first year in office was for the rest of the country.

As People noted, Buhle married Biden in 1993, when his father was but a Delaware senator with a failed White House bid behind him. In the 24 years they were together, the couple had three daughters and watched as Joe Biden’s political career went through another failed presidential run, then turned gold with his ascension to vice president under Barack Obama.

As most of the country knows, Hunter Biden’s career did pretty well during the Obama presidency, too, what with being a board member for a Ukrainian energy company despite not speaking Ukrainian or knowing anything about energy — among other ventures.

But however much of a whiz at business he was — helped no doubt by his father’s position — young Hunter was not, surprisingly enough, much of a family man.

In his own memoir, “Beautiful Things” — which was released and flopped last year — he admitted to abusing alcohol and drugs to a degree even some rock stars only dream of.

His infidelities have also become a matter of public record.

The couple’s 2017 divorce included Buhle alleging in legal documents “that her estranged ex had spent money on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes and strip clubs,” as People noted.

The reality is, the American public already knows a good deal about just what an unsavory character Joe Biden’s son is, thanks to his book and, of course, that laptop he lost in a computer shop (the one the mainstream media used to swear was fake). They already know, for instance, that his pretensions to being a hot artist depend mainly on the signature that includes the name “Biden” more than any merit of the piece.

That isn’t likely to make Buhle’s book any less damning — coming as it does from the woman most directly involved.

“Buhle’s book doesn’t shy away from those previous disclosures; instead, it will shine a light on the ‘heavy toll’ addiction can take on relationships, according to the book’s publisher,” People reported.

Some Americans will recall that it was just before the divorce was finalized that Buhle learned that Hunter had been having an affair with his deceased brother’s widow, Hallie Biden — an unseemly arrangement that nonetheless won the blessing of the man who is now the country’s president.

Since then, emails from Hunter’s lost laptop have shown that at the same time as his affair with his sister-in-law, Hunter was carrying on a raunchy texting relationship with his sister-in-law’s sister, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, an added element of soap opera drama the family, and the country, didn’t need.

In “Beautiful Things,” as Fox News reported, Hunter recounted how he’d begged Biden to publicly approve of his relationship with Hallie to give it a sheen of respectability. (He probably didn’t mention his e-sex relationships elsewhere.)

The fact that Joe Biden did approve might be understandable as a father — with an emphasis on might — but it speaks to the pitifully poor judgment he’s shown as the president.

This new book is just about exactly the opposite of what the Biden White House needs coming out at the beginning of the summer before the fall elections.

A well-publicized reminder to the American people about how sleazy the Biden family actually is — trading off Joe’s political juice for money and getting out of legal trouble — could well add on to Biden’s other obvious problems and wipe out what little political capital the White House retains after a catastrophic first year in office.

No, it won’t make Joe Biden look worse to the reddest of red regions, where he and his wildly left Democratic Party are already held in richly deserved contempt.

And it likely won’t hurt him in the blue regions either. No divorced wife’s memoir is going to cost the Democrats New York City, Hollywood or pretty much any major city in the country — no matter how disastrous their policies are.

If there’s any doubt about that, check out the social media responses to Fox News’ tweet about the Buhl book.

“So you’re demonizing addiction again,” one wrote. (When in doubt, claim victimization.)

But for the independent voters who will be deciding elections in swing districts across the land, a book like Buhle’s will be just one more cloud over the already clouded Biden name.

The Biden presidency is a disaster, with Americans furious at domestic problems like rampant inflation and a border crisis that isn’t going anywhere.

The last thing Democrats — and Biden — need is a memoir from a former daughter-in-law reminding Americans what kind of family man has been installed in the White House.

By November, things are going to be ugly enough.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Source: Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Will Drop Damning Book Revealing New Dirt on President’s Son Just Before Midterms

Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘narrative has crumbled’ | WND

Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi depart the U.S. Capitol after the president spoke at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi depart the U.S. Capitol after the president spoke at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Dr. Peter McCullough – a renowned cardiologist and highly published medical scientist whose confrontation of the government’s COVID-19 policies has drawn more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan’s podcast – told WND in a video interview Thursday night the official pandemic narrative that has been fiercely guarded by establishment media and social-media censors is “completely crumbling.”

That narrative, he said, included “false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed.”

“And now here we are, almost in complete free fall,” McCullough said, referring to the record number of COVID-19 cases as officials acknowledge the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission.

McCullough noted that in California, with the more contagious but much milder omicron variant now dominant, health care workers who tested positive for COVID-19 and had symptoms were told to go back to work.

“With that, I think that’s it. I think that’s the end. The narrative has crumbled. People don’t want these vaccines,” McCullough said.

“The vaccines should be pulled off the market. They clearly are not solving the problem.”

The focus, he said, should be on “treating high-risk patients who develop symptoms” with some of the early treatments that he and other physicians around the world have found to be effective, including ivermectin and a new drug granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, Paxlovid.

McCullough cited a study from Denmark and data from the U.K.’s health agency showing that the vaccines have zero effectiveness against omicron.

“That’s not misinformation,” he said. “I’m just quoting the data. All of this can be looked up. Fact-checkers can look at it. I know I’ll never have any problems with allegations of misinformation, because I just quote the data.”

President Biden clearly had McCullough in mind when on Thursday he urged social media companies and media outlets to “please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.”

McCullough pointed out his work has been relied upon by courts across the nation, including the U.S. Supreme Court, and he has testified to the U.S. Senate and will be back there later this month.

“I think America knows who is giving them the straight story.”

In the half-hour video interview with WND (embedded below), McCullough also discussed:

  • The punishment of physicians who counter the official COVID narrative and use clinically indicated, FDA-approved drugs off-label such as ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients, including a colleague in Maine whose was ordered to undergo a psychological examination after her license was suspended;
  • His participation in a rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 23 protesting vaccine mandates;
  • The Supreme Court’s rulings Thursday on vaccine mandates;
  • The possibility that omicron could spell the end of the pandemic, serving as a “universal booster”;
  • Data showing that vaccination has backfired, making the pandemic worse in nations with high vaccine intake;
  • The lethality of the mRNA vaccines;
  • His view on Biden’s mass testing program;
  • His take on new FDA-approved treatments and his simple, inexpensive, over-the-counter protocol for treating omicron;
  • The unwillingness of so many doctors to “come off the sidelines” and treat patients for COVID-19;
  • The “crisis of competence” among top government health officials;
  • Where to find resources and support for physicians and patients, and for employees confronting mandates.

“I think Americans are going to understand that their individual choice is really what’s going to matter in the end,” he McCullough told WND in conclusion. “If Americans decide that they’re not going to take any boosters or any more vaccines, it doesn’t matter how many mandates or how many court decisions that happen. The vaccine program is going to crumble. I think it’s just a matter of saying no.”

He emphasized that the vaccines are still “research.”

“No one can be forced into it,” he said of vaccination. “And they’re not turning out to be safe or effective. So, if  everybody just stands firm and declines the vaccines, I think that will be the quickest way for us to get out of this.”

See the WND interview with Dr. Peter McCullough:


McCullough, in a video interview with WND in December, called for a “pivot” from the current policies to early treatment and “compassionate care” for those who have COVID or have suffered vaccine injuries, which have included myocarditis, neurological issues and blood clotting.

“Now is the time for doctors to step up. Now is not a time for rhetoric or harsh statements regarding scientific discourse,” he said.

Many of McCullough’s 600 peer-reviewed publications have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He testified to the U.S. Senate in November 2020 against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments. In a speech in September, he told of having been stripped of the editorship of a Swiss-based journal after having lost his position with a major health system, “with no explanation and no due process.” Baylor University Medical Center fired him in February. And Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine have cut ties with McCullough, accusing him of spreading misinformation.

“I’ve been stripped of every title that I’ve ever had in that institution. I’ve received a threat letter from the American College of Physicians, [and] a threat letter from the American Board,” he said in September.

All because of his “lawful” participation “in a topic of public importance.”

He said there are “powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.”

McCullough is the chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, a physician-founded charity that says it is “dedicated to following the Oath of Hippocrates to serve individual patients to the best of our ability and judgement and to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics.”

Source: Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘narrative has crumbled’

GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins | ZeroHedge News

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has requested any findings from a Department of Defense investigation into the origins of Covid-19, following the recent publication of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) report obtained by Project Veritas.

According to the leaked report written by a Marine, EcoHealth Alliance sought a contract to use controversial gain-of-function genetic manipulation techniques to study bat coronaviruses. While the proposal was rejected by DARPA, it was subsequently picked up by Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, which funneled money to EcoHealth via a sub-grant.

Fauci has repeatedly claimed NIAID did not fund gain-of-function research into bat coronaviruses.

It is apparent that Dr. Fauci has not been forthright with the American people regarding his involvement in funding dangerous research,” Sen. Johnson told the Daily Caller.

“According to the Major’s disclosure, EcoHealth Alliance (EcoHealth), in conjunction with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), submitted a proposal in March 2018 to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) regarding SARS-CoVs. The proposal included a program, called DEFUSE, that sought to use a novel chimeric SARS-CoV spike protein to inoculate bats against SARS-CoVs,” reads Johnson’s letter.

“Although DARPA rejected the proposal, the disclosure alleges that EcoHealth ultimately carried out the DEFUSE proposal until April 2020 through the National Institutes of Health and National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The disclosure highlights several potential treatments, such as ivermectin, and specifically alleges that the EcoHealth DEFUSE proposal identified chloroquine phosphate (Hydroxychloriquine) and interferon as SARS-CoV inhibitors.”

The leaked documents also suggest that Covid-19 was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Johnson asks the DoD to interview the Marine who reportedly authored the report, and undertake an investigation into its claims.

(h/t Just the News)

Source: GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins

Shock Poll: Only 10 Percent of Americans Trust the Media on COVID-19 | Newsbusters

Amid Joe Biden’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on Thursday, a new poll from NewsNation and Decision Desk HQ found not only do 58 percent of Americans disapprove of his job as President and 55 percent disapprove of how he’s handled COVID-19, but only 10 percent trust his friends in the liberal media for information about the pandemic and virus.

Of course, this poll received zero seconds on Thursday on the flagship broadcast network evening newscasts.

On NewsNation: Prime, host Marnie Hughes said the poll underlined the level of “[t]rust or the lack thereof” in major institutions and “the media, unfortunately” is “one thing that they don’t trust,” leading correspondent Tom Negovan to quip he “[felt] a little bit personally attacked…but that makes sense when you think about it.”

Negovan laid out the big question (which had a higher margin of error) about which group(s) and person(s) do Americans actually trust:

When it comes to information about COVID-19, “which of the following sources would you say you trust? Select all that apply.” The margin of error about 5.8 percent. Dr. Anthony Fauci coming in about 30.1 percent — 30.8 percent. Federal health authorities like the CDC and the FDA about 50 percent. Your doctor way out in front of 63.2percent, President Biden 15 and a half, the media absolutely trailing at 10.2 percent. Honestly, hurts a little bit, but doctors say it’s tough right now for them too.

Negovan conceded the findings show it’s not “a surprise” that, if people are going to “trust someone” about their health, it’d be their own doctor because of the “personal relationship.”

When the poll was released Thursday morning, White House correspondent Allison Harris explained on Morning in America that the poll “found that Americans…polled feel overwhelmingly negative about the President’s handling of the pandemic as well as the direction the pandemic is moving in.”

With a margin of error of only 3.08 percent (for most questions), Harris said “[m]ore than half of people polled — 52 percent — think the pandemic is never going to end” with both of those Biden numbers on how he’s handled COVID-19 and his job overall creeping closer to 60 percent.

Harris added they “could be motivated in part by the fact that nearly half of these people — 48 percent — say they know a family member or close friend who has either been hospitalized with COVID or has died from COVID.”

Also in the poll, about 80 percent (or 79.8 percent) were either “somewhat” or “very concerned” about the virus, although that number shots to 92 percent (91.9) when the same question was posed about level of concern on inflation.

As Harris reported later in the show, the economy and inflation are therefore a top priority for voters with a wide margin saying they’re worse off than they were a year ago (click “expand”):

Now as concerning as the poll results are about Americans anxieties about COVID, they are even worse, believe it or not, when considering how Americans feel their concerns about those rising prices price hikes in inflation. 45 percent of people polled say they’re more worried about rising costs than they’re worried about a pandemic that more than half of respondents think is never going to end. Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years, putting massive pressure on President Biden and the Federal Reserve chairman. President Biden saying yesterday there’s more work to do on fighting price hikes. Our poll shows voters are also concerned about unemployment. Only one-fifth of voters think they’re better off financially than they were a year ago. That same amount of people think they’re actually worse off.

All of this reads as bad news for President Biden and Democrats very early on for the midterms. Those polled favor Republican candidates by five points. A lot can change in 10 months ahead of that election, but the President and this administration have their work cut out for them, especially as our poll shows the President’s disapproval rating at a stunning high. 58 percent.

Morning in America did acknowledge two findings in Biden’s favor with Harris citing “more than 70 percent — support[ing[ some kind of mask mandate” and Bankert stating “just over 56 percent are at least somewhat supportive of vaccine mandates in public places” while “nearly 44 percent are at least somewhat opposed to them.”

Back on Prime, Hughes spoke with UC San Francisco’s Dr. Monica Gandhi about what the press could do differently and some of why the federal government has failed to keep the peace on COVID-19 (click “expand”):

HUGHES: [T]he report card is out right now for the — for the first semester of school. We’ve got a really bad grade in the media. Sounds like you got an A, so good on let me start with your reaction just in trust levels because, all joking aside, it’s important. It’s people’s health and they’re split on who they trust.

GANDHI: Yeah. And, you know, to be fair, the CDC, the FDA and the NIH have had really different messages at times from the pandemic and they had different messages on masks, they had different messages on booster — the necessity for booster shots. They said they were going to upgrade masks then they didn’t. Testing? They didn’t, so, actually, we can’t blame people to say we have three major groups that help form our health — NIH, FDA, and CDC — and they have publicly played out confusion.


GANDHI: [W]e do have a public health messaging problem in this country where if we only got couple people on TV and they’re not saying the same things, it’s really confusing…I think it’s everyone’s doing your research now because I’m not getting it fro from  messaging, from CDC.


GANDHI: I think that’s what’s been missing is clean communication by the people that we need to trust to the public and taking time and not doing soundbites on TV.

HUGHES: Well, I’m not going to pretend that the media doesn’t play a major role in all of this. Clearly, in that survey, we do. Just 10% of people trust the media. I don’t know the question if that involves social media, how large that net was cast, but what can we be doing differently in our reporting of the pandemic and how we cover it? You mention soundbites. We report the facts. We report what we’re told. Sometimes we don’t have all the information.

GANDHI: Actually it’s something like what you do on this program, which is you do take the time to let people explain it and what were the original studies. Like, it just takes more times to — because medicine is not actually easy. It’s never a soundbite thing. It takes, like, the couple minutes to explain things — the immune system or whatever needs to be explained, so giving people more time.

To see the relevant transcript from NewsNation on January 13, click here.

Source: Shock Poll: Only 10 Percent of Americans Trust the Media on COVID-19

David Platt is Setting His Church Up for a Huge Fall, Get Out…Now! — Christian Research Network

“As soon as it became culturally acceptable and normal to embrace same-sex attraction, these compromised Evangelicals began to embrace it. You can rest assured that as soon as the culture embraces pedophilia, these churches engrossed in this movement will too.”

(Reformation Charlotte) It pains me to have to even write this as David Platt was one of the first Bible teachers that helped me understand good, biblical doctrine. I was a fan of the early Secret Church services before Platt left Brook Hills Church in Alabama to become the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) International Missions Board (IMB)….

There is something about taking a leadership role in Big Eva (Big Evangelicalism’s rotating leadership circuit), that destroys the good morals of good leadership.

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” –1 Corinthians 15:33

The Southern Baptist Convention’s leadership is filled with bad company; if you’re unconvinced, just take a look at the current SBC president, Ed Litton, and his years-long plagiarism scandal that has been swept under the rug so that the social justice ideologues that command the denomination from the top down can continue to advance their agenda. Or look at the salary and money-laundering scandal brewing in the SBC’s North American Missions Board (NAMB)–which has made its way to the Supreme Court of the United States. It seems every time you turn around, the same few names at the top of the pyramid scheme known as the Evangelical Industrial Complex are caught in some kind of controversy. View article →


David Platt


Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18). Scroll down to WARNING

David Platt is Setting His Church Up for a Huge Fall, Get Out…Now! — Christian Research Network

CrossTalk | Russia-NATO impasse

Over the past two and half years Russia and NATO have agreed on very little, if anything. However, both agreed to meet for a high-level meeting and they did in Brussels. Both sides made their case. Nothing was really resolved. Lots of words.

Source: CrossTalk | Russia-NATO impasse

Supreme Court blocking Biden OSHA vaccine mandate a ‘win’ for freedom: Florida AG

Supreme Court vaccine mandate decision ‘a win’ for employees, employers: Florida AG Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody says the Supreme Court decision to block Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is also a win for freedom. … ASHLEY MOODY: The court said this was like taking a blunt instrument and trying to enact health care policy on wide-scale basis, using the excuse that you’re trying to protect a workplace… This was a win, not just for freedom… This was a win for the millions of employees that were desperately trying to hold on to their health care autonomy, and for the employers that were going to be faced, really, with another tax, billions in compliance cost.

Source: Supreme Court blocking Biden OSHA vaccine mandate a ‘win’ for freedom: Florida AG