President Biden: It’s Not About Who Gets To Vote, It’s About Who Counts The Vote | Video | RealClearPolitics

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President Biden said he would keep trying to pass his federal voting rights reform agenda as he exited from a lunch with the Democratic Senate caucus.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: First of all, don’t ask complicated questions like ‘can you get this done?’

I hope we can get this done. The honest to God answer is I don’t know if we can get this done.

Is this mic on? I guess, anyway — and.

I’m not sure either.

But I hope we can get this done, but I’m not sure.

But one thing for certain, one thing for certain, like every other major civil rights bill that came along, if we miss the first time we can come back and try it a second time.

We missed this time, we missed this time, and the state legislative bodies continue to change the law, not as to who can vote, but who gets to count the vote.

Count the vote. Count the vote.

It’s about election subversion.

Not just whether or not people get to vote. Who counts the vote. That’s what this is about.

That’s what makes this so different than anything else we have ever done.

I don’t know that we can get it done, but I know one thing, as long as I have a breath in me, as long as I’m in the White House, as long as I’m engaged at all I’m going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures are moving. Thank you.
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