In Europe, The Persecuted Unvaccinated Have Had To Form ‘Tribulation Force’ Style Underground Groups Just To Have Access To Their Local Economies — Now The End Begins

Before Covid-19, Nicolas Rimoldi had never attended a protest. But somewhere along the pandemic’s long and tortuous road, which saw his native Switzerland imposing first one lockdown, then another, and finally introducing vaccination certificates, Rimoldi decided he had had enough.

In Europe, things are so bad that the unvaccinated have been forced to create underground groups that signal the location of vaccination police just to be able to eat a meal, buy groceries or have any semblance of  a normal life. The persecution of the unvaccinated is so bad that a two-class system has erupted, much like the societal split that came about in the 1930’s when Nazism was imposed on a large section of European society. It grows worse by the day, and Emmanuel Macron likes it like that.

“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.”Habakkuk 1:5 (KJB)

Galvanized around Macron, the leaders of the European Union have embarked on a campaign to make life miserable, if not impossible, for the unvaccinated. Without an immunity passport, life as they once knew it in Europe has come to an end, the only question is how much longer will it take to arrive in America? All this is preparation, of course, for the revelation of the man of sin and the Mark of the Beast, which is right around the corner. Bonne chance!


Europe’s loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society

FROM CNN: Now he leads Mass-Voll, one of Europe’s largest youth-orientated anti-vaccine passport groups. Because he has chosen not to get vaccinated, student and part-time supermarket cashier Rimoldi is — for now, at least — locked out of much of public life. Without a vaccine certificate, he can no longer complete his degree or work in a grocery store. He is barred from eating in restaurants, attending concerts or going to the gym.

“People without a certificate like me, we’re not a part of society anymore,” he said. “We’re excluded. We’re like less valuable humans.”

As the pandemic has moved into its third year, and the Omicron variant has sparked a new wave of cases, governments around the world are still grappling with the challenge of bringing the virus under control. Vaccines, one of the most powerful weapons in their armories, have been available for a year but a small, vocal minority of people — such as Rimoldi — will not take them.

Faced with lingering pockets of vaccine hesitancy, or outright refusal, many nations are imposing ever stricter rules and restrictions on unvaccinated people, effectively making their lives more difficult in an effort to convince them to get their shots. In doing so, they are testing the boundary between public health and civil liberties — and heightening tensions between those who are vaccinated and those who are not.

“We will not allow a tiny minority of unhinged extremists to impose its will on our entire society,” Germany’s new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, said last month, targeting the violent fringes of the anti-vaccine movement.

Vaccine passports have been in place for months to gain entry to hospitality venues in much of the European Union. But as Delta and Omicron infections have surged and inoculation rollouts have stalled, some governments have gone further. Austria imposed Europe’s first lockdown for the unvaccinated and is scheduled to introduce mandatory shots from February 1. Germany has banned unvaccinated people from most areas of public life, and the country’s Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach, warned in December that: “without mandatory vaccination I do not see us managing further waves in the long term.”

And France’s President Emmanuel Macron last week told Le Parisien newspaper that he “really wants to piss off” the unvaccinated. “We’re going to keep doing it until the end,” he said. “This is the strategy.”

“On Monday I was with 50 people eating in a restaurant — the police wouldn’t be happy if they saw us,” Rimoldi told CNN, boasting of illegal dinners and social events with unvaccinated friends that he likened to Prohibition-era speakeasies — but which public health experts describe as reckless and dangerous. Attendees will hand in their phones to avoid word of their meetings getting out, and will visit restaurants, cinemas or other venues whose owners were sympathetic to their cause, he said. “Yes, it’s not legal, but in our point of view the certificate is illegal,” Rimoldi added unapologetically. READ MORE

In Europe, The Persecuted Unvaccinated Have Had To Form ‘Tribulation Force’ Style Underground Groups Just To Have Access To Their Local Economies — Now The End Begins

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