Jesus and Elon Musk — Cross Examined

Can you get an interview with the richest man in the world and then talk about Jesus? Our friends at the Babylon Bee did—the hilarious Christian news satire site. Elon Musk, who is a fan of the Bee, sat for a wide-ranging interview last month that lasted nearly two hours. How did that happen? How did they decide what to ask him—including asking him if Jesus is his Lord and Savior? What happened behind the scenes?

Frank is joined by Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee, to answer those questions and more. Seth is a student of apologetics who is eager to engage the culture with the truth of Christianity. Frank and Seth discuss some of Elon’s answers regarding Christianity, including the fact that his instincts on free will vs materialism are correct.

Musk is highly influential and just about anything he says is covered as news. Although the Bee’s interview has received almost unanimous praise and about 2 million views, some in the Christian community have claimed that Seth and his team should have been more aggressive in questioning Mr. Musk and presenting the gospel. Does Seth have any regrets about the way they handled the interview? Would he do anything differently if he could do it over? Are there any lessons for evangelism in here? How is his relationship with Elon now?

Don’t miss this one!

Jesus and Elon Musk — Cross Examined

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