Worldview and Apologetics in the News — Truthbomb Apologetics

Eugenie Scott Gets Intelligent Design Backwards
Debate Video:  David Wood / Acts17Apologetics vs TJump | Better Foundation for Ethics, God or Secularism?

Is Our God No Different Than the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’?

Most millennials, Gen Z adults support bans on abortions when baby’s heartbeat is detected: poll

An urgent threat to churches and parents

YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Sermon Hate Speech After He Said God Made Us ‘Male and Female’

13 Powerful, Eye-Opening Pro-Life Signs from the March for Life

Jesus Christ as a Detective’s ‘Person of Interest’? Sure!

Video – Robert C. Koons: New Proofs for God’s Existence

Thousands Gather in D.C. for 49th Annual March For Life

Movie Review: Redeeming Love

Courage and Godspeed,Chad
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Worldview and Apologetics in the News — Truthbomb Apologetics

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