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The Bible and its Story: “As Thirst in the Desert”

The sorely troubled psalmist seeks for God. He can see no other joy in life. “From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

‎The intensity of this longing finds fullest expression in the sixty-third psalm, where the singer compares his desire for God to thirst in the desert: unless God refresheth him, he must perish as sometimes every living creature in a desert caravan had perished. In the passion of this yearning the singer reaches very close to the Spirit; his eyes are opened; and he rises to an ecstasy of praise. “Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.

‎“Thus will I bless thee while I live: I will lift up my hands in thy name.

‎“My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips:

‎“When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.

‎“Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Rain Without Clouds? Never! — VCY America

If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth. (Ecclesiastes 11:3)

Why, then, do we dread the clouds which now darken our sky? True, for a while they hide the sun, but the sun is not quenched; He will shine out again before long. Meanwhile those black clouds are filled with rain; and the blacker they are, the more likely they are to yield plentiful showers. How can we have rain without clouds?

Our troubles have always brought us blessings, and they always will. They are the black chariots of bright grace. These clouds will empty themselves before long, and every tender herb will be the gladder for the shower. Our God may drench us with grief, but He will not drown us with wrath; nay, He will refresh us with mercy. Our Lord’s love letters often come to us in black-edged envelopes. His wagons rumble, but they are loaded with benefits. His rod blossoms with sweet flowers and nourishing fruits. Let us not worry about the clouds but sing because May flowers are brought to us through the April clouds and showers.

O Lord, the clouds are the dust of Thy feet! How near Thou art in the cloudy and dark day! Love beholds Thee and is glad. Faith sees the clouds emptying themselves and making the little hills rejoice on every side.

Rain Without Clouds? Never! — VCY America

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 73—Why Does The Holy Spirit Call Baptism The Washing Of Regeneration? — The Heidelblog

The Heidelberg Catechism is one of the most beloved and well used catechisms to emerge from the sixteenth and seventeenth century Reformation. Published in its final form in 1563, the catechism has been used by millions of Christians to teach the faith to children and adults alike. Arranged in 52 Lord’s Days (Sundays) the catechism takes the Christian through the basics of the Christian faith (our creation, fall, redemption, new life in Christ, and glorification). It explains the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer. It is a treasure. To encourage listeners and readers, we expect to post one question and answer a day on the HB. If you are subscribed to the Heidelcast or the Heidelblog (see below) you will receive these episodes automatically.

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 73—Why Does The Holy Spirit Call Baptism The Washing Of Regeneration? — The Heidelblog

April 30 Evening Verse of The Day

133:1 Brothers can denote any fellow Israelite. The psalmist holds up unity as an ideal.[1]

133:1 “Brethren” denotes the members of the larger family of Israel. National unity is likened to: (1) the precious and sacred anointing oil used in the consecration of the high priest (cf. Ex. 29:7; Lev. 8:12); and (2) the refreshing and life-giving dew, known for its abundance on the slopes of Mt. Hermon (cf. 89:12, note). This exhortation to unity would, of course, be applicable to believers today (cf. Eph. 4:3). Cf. also 120:title, note.[2]

133:1 brothers. This term could refer to family members, but here probably refers to tribal and national comrades as they unite in worship.[3]

133:1 dwell together in unity This expression probably reflects statements like those in Gen 13:6 or Gen 36:7, where extended families are described as being unable to dwell peaceably together because the land could not support them.[4]

133:1 brothers dwell in unity. The expression appears in Gen. 13:6; 36:7, where a particular region could not support “brothers” (relatives) and their families dwelling close together. If this is the background for the psalm, then Ps. 133:1 describes a situation in which the land is fruitful enough for brothers to live nearby (perhaps a family inheritance, cf. Deut. 25:5). Since this is a Song of Ascents, the “brothers dwelling in unity” would be the fellow Israelite pilgrims gathered in Jerusalem, abiding in peace with one another. The ideal Israel is a community of true brotherhood, where the members practice mutual concern for one another; if this were achieved, it would indeed be good and pleasant. This should be the goal of church life (John 17:20–23).

133:1 Unity among God’s people is produced in Christ and in his Spirit (Eph. 4:1–6).[5]

133:1 brothers. Those whose lineage can be traced to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. unity. While national unity might be on the surface, the foundation must always be spiritual unity. This would be the emphasis here, since these songs were sung by Jewish pilgrims traveling to the 3 great feasts.[6]

133:1 — Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

If we all serve the same God, who is love, then why shouldn’t His love express itself in us through unity? It really should: “be of one mind, live in peace” (2 Cor. 13:11).[7]

133:1 Unity among brethren is a sight to behold. However, unity does not require that they see eye to eye on everything. On matters of fundamental importance they agree. On subordinate matters there is liberty for differing viewpoints. In all things there should be a spirit of love. There can be unity without uniformity; we are all different but that does not prevent our working together. All the members of the human body are different, but as they function in obedience to the head, there is a glorious unity. There can be unity without unanimity; God never intended that everyone should agree on matters of minor importance. It is enough to agree on the basics. On everything else we may disagree as long as we can do it without being disagreeable. The real enemies of unity are jealousy, gossip, backbiting, censoriousness and lovelessness.[8]           

The goodness of unity (133:1)

133:1. In this short pilgrim psalm David exclaimed how wonderful it is for believers to dwell together in unity. This thought was appropriate for the religious festivals when Israelite families came together to worship their Lord.[9]

The Beauty of Unity (133:1)

133:1. The opening, Behold, calls attention to something important to follow; it then uses double adjectives in describing the event. Coupling good and pleasant is used elsewhere to describe who God is, what He gives, or the worship that He receives from His people (cf. 135:3; 147:1; Gn 13:6; 36:7; 49:15; Jb 36:11). Considering the Messianic focus of the Songs of Ascents (see introductory remarks to the Psalms of Ascents, in the section prior to Ps 120), the unity of brothers has several implications. In the future, the land will be fruitful enough to support all the people in every tribal division so there will be no disputes over territory (cf. Ezk 48:1–8). This unity refers to the reuniting of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms in the Messianic Age (cf. Ezk 37:15–22). More immediately, it may refer here to the spiritual unity of the various Israelite worshipers traveling to celebrate the feasts, who have come together to worship their one Lord and Father at the temple in Jerusalem. Finally, the personal application of the unity here is not just to intra-Jewish unity, but to the spiritual unity of Jew and Gentile united by faith in Messiah Jesus (cf. Is 19:23–25; Zch 14:16; Eph 3:11–16).[10]

1. “Behold.” It is a wonder seldom seen, therefore behold it! It may be seen, for it is the characteristic of real saints,—therefore fail not to inspect it! It is well worthy of admiration; pause and gaze upon it! It will charm you into imitation, therefore note it well! God looks on with approval, therefore consider it with attention. “How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” No one can tell the exceeding excellence of such a condition; and so the Psalmist uses the word “how” twice;—Behold how good! and how pleasant! He does not attempt to measure either the good or the pleasure, but invites us to behold for ourselves. The combination of the two adjectives “good” and “pleasant,” is more remarkable than the conjunction of two stars of the first magnitude: for a thing to be “good” is good, but for it also to be pleasant is better. All men love pleasant things, and yet it frequently happens that the pleasure is evil; but here the condition is as good as it is pleasant, as pleasant as it is good, for the same “how” is set before each qualifying word.

For brethren according to the flesh to dwell together is not always wise; for experience teaches that they are better a little apart, and it is shameful for them to dwell together in disunion. They had much better part in peace like Abraham and Lot, than dwell together in envy like Joseph’s brothers. When brethren can and do dwell together in unity, then is their communion worthy to be gazed upon and sung of in holy psalmody. Such sights ought often to be seen among those who are near of kin, for they are brethren, and therefore should be united in heart and aim; they dwell together, and it is for their mutual comfort that there should be no strife; and yet how many families are rent by fierce feuds, and exhibit a spectacle which is neither good nor pleasant!

As to brethren in spirit, they ought to dwell together in church fellowship, and in that fellowship one essential matter is unity. We can dispense with uniformity if we possess unity: oneness of life, truth, and way; oneness in Christ Jesus; oneness of object and spirit—these we must have, or our assemblies will be synagogues of contention rather than churches of Christ. The closer the unity the better; for the more of the good and the pleasant there will be. Since we are imperfect beings, somewhat of the evil and the unpleasant is sure to intrude; but this will readily be neutralized and easily ejected by the true love of the saints, if it really exists. Christian unity is good in itself, good for ourselves, good for the brethren, good for our converts, good for the outside world; and for certain it is pleasant; for a loving heart must have pleasure and give pleasure in associating with others of like nature. A church united for years in earnest service of the Lord is a well of goodness and joy to all those who dwell round about it.[11]

133:1. Living in unity

The opening verse marvels at the pleasurable joy found in unity among God’s people. The Hebrew behind the phrase ‘God’s people’ (’aḥîm) is literally ‘brothers’. Brothers here can refer to children of the same father, but, in its broader sense, can refer to more distant relatives and even those who live together in a close-knit society or members of the same tribe or country. Israel’s history had only brief periods when such unity was achieved, and then only imperfectly. Certainly, even the absence of unity can teach the blessing of unity. Strife demands more energy, whereas peaceful unity means the corporate body can reach common goals with less stress. If individuals cooperate, then their efforts are multiplied.[12]

1. The clause, when brothers dwell in unity (lit. ‘when brothers dwell also together’), has a fairly close parallel in Deuteronomy 25:5, where it merely refers to an extended family living at close quarters. Some have therefore seen the psalm as a plea to restore or preserve this social pattern, or as praise for the family reunions which the pilgrim feasts made possible (note the emphasis on Zion, 3).

But this is unduly narrow. All Israelites, including even debtors, slaves and offenders (cf. e.g. Deut. 15:3, 12; 25:3), were brothers in God’s sight. The psalm is surely singing, as most versions have taken it to be, of living up to this ideal, giving depth and reality to the emphasized word, ‘together’.[13]

Ver. 1.—Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! The unity described appears to be existent, and to present itself to the psalmist’s vision. Hence the opening, “Behold!” All may see it, and see how blessed and pleasant a thing it is. “Brethren” is used in the wide sense of descendants of a common ancestor (Gen. 13:8; Exod. 2:11; Acts 7:26, etc.).[14]

133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! The NIV’s “live together” is the meaning of the almost verbatim expression in Deuteronomy 25:5; but since the same verb appears in Psalm 132:14 (“Here I will dwell [NIV: “sit enthroned”], for I have desired it”; but see the comments on 132:14), where it clearly refers to the Lord’s dwelling in Zion (a religious nuance), contextually we ought to translate it “dwell” in the religious sense of the word. The psalmist is primarily speaking about worshiping together in unity, which is an appropriate declaration after Psalm 132 has given us the picture of the reestablishment of Zion as God’s “dwelling” (132:13). There may very well be a political nuance also in the phrase “in unity” (Gen. 13:6; 36:7; Deut. 5:5), since the story of the ark’s transfer to Jerusalem follows the narrative of the reunion of the country under David. This would then parallel the story of 2 Samuel 5–6, which relates how David made Jerusalem both his political and religious capital. To some degree, the unity of the country under David was being repeated in the return of the people to Zion.[15]

The Privilege of Unity (v. 1)

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! (v. 1). In Hebrew the verse begins with a word that draws attention to the statement that follows (Heb. hinnêh, ‘behold’, ‘take notice’). This word serves as a marker for the reader in order to highlight the exclamation that follows. Unity in the family is extolled as a very precious thing. The two qualities attributed to it stress its intrinsic goodness (tôv) and how delightful it is (nâʿîm). Friction among individuals and tribal groups is highlighted in the Old Testament narrative, but the ideal was of harmonious living. Brothers were meant to live together.3[16]

1 In its proverbial setting, the wisdom words of v. 1—how good and how pleasant—recall the exclamation of blessing uttered by a traveler or visitor upon entering the home of another in ancient Israel. The word translated good is ṭôḇ, a word that recalls God’s assessment of creation in Genesis 1. In Gen. 1:4, 10, 12, 18, and 21 the creation story tells us that “God saw that it was good.” At its conclusion, “God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good (ṭôḇ meʾōḏ),” In the Genesis 2 creation story, however, God declares, “It is not good (lōʾ ṭôḇ) for the human to be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner” (2:18). The word good in Ps. 133:1 reminds the reciter of God’s provision of community and relatedness for humanity.

The word translated “pleasant” is nāʿîm, from the Hebrew root nāʿēm. Its meanings include “lovely, good, attractive, friendly, joyous.” It frequently occurs in parallel to ṭôḇ (Gen. 49:15; Ps. 147:1; Job 36:11; Prov. 24:25). In ancient Israel, extended families lived together in small communities and shared responsibilities that were common to their communities.[17]

1 The psalmist pronounces a blessing on those who “live together in unity.” During the pilgrimages, the Israelites enjoyed an ecumenical experience on their way toward and in Jerusalem. The pilgrims came from many different walks of life, regions, and tribes as they gathered for one purpose: the worship of the Lord in Jerusalem. Their unity was in conformity with the regulations for the three annual feasts (Ex 23:14–17; Lev 23:4–22, 33–43; Nu 28:16–31; 29:12–39; Dt 16:1–17). During the feasts the Israelites celebrated their common heritage—redemption from Egypt and their encampment around the tabernacle in the wilderness (cf. Nu 2).[18]

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Refiner’s Fire — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Many years ago, a few women met to read scriptures.
They came upon Malachi 3:3.
It says,

“He will sit like a refiner of silver, burning away the dross.”

So, one woman decided to view for herself the process of purifying precious metals.
She wanted to see how it was like God’s love for us.

Well, the silversmith sat, just as the scriptures indicated.
He kept his eye fixed on the furnace, watching the impurities burn away.

Dear one, can you picture that?
God must purify us to burn away the garbage in our life, but won’t go beyond what we can bear.

Then, the man said the process wasn’t complete until he could see his own image reflected in the silver.
And that’s the way it is with God in your life too!

By Vonette Bright
Used by Permission

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Refiner’s Fire — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Praise Brings Results — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned about the Christian life is the importance of praise and thanksgiving.

“And at the moment they began to sing and to praise, the Lord caused the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to begin fighting among themselves, and they destroyed each other!” 2 Chronicles 20:22

The armies of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir had declared war on King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah. So Jehoshaphat called the people together and prayed, “Oh, our God. Won’t you stop them. We have no way to protect ourselves against this mighty army. We don’t know what to do but we are looking to You.”

Then the Lord instructed the people, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be paralyzed by this mighty army for the battle is not yours, but God’s! Tomorrow, go down and attack them!…But you will not need to fight. Take your places; stand quietly and see the incredible rescue operation God will perform for you” (2 Chronicles 20:15-17).

After consultation with the leaders of the people, Jehoshaphat determined that there should be a choir, clothed in sanctified garments and singing the song, “His Loving Kindness Is Forever,” leading the march. As they walked along praising and thanking the Lord, He released His mighty power in their behalf.

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned about the Christian life is the importance of praise and thanksgiving. The greater the problem, the more difficult the circumstances, the greater the crisis, the more important it is to praise God at all times, to worship Him for who He is; for His attributes of sovereignty, love, grace, power, wisdom and might; for the certainty that He will fight for us, that He will demonstrate His supernatural resources in our behalf.

As in the case of Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah when they began to praise God and He caused the three opposing armies to fight against each other and destroy one another, God will fight for us if we trust and obey Him. There is no better way to demonstrate faith and obedience than to praise Him and to thank Himeven when our world is crumbling around us and the enemy is threatening to destroy. God honors praise. Hebrews 13:15 reminds us, “With Jesus’ help, we will continually offer our sacrifice of praise to God by telling others of the glory of His name.”

Read Psalm 136:1, 21-26

Lord, I will continue to praise You and give thanks to You for who You are. When difficulties arise, I will praise You all the more and thank You for Your faithfulness. I will depend upon Your supernatural resources which enable me to live the supernatural life, regardless of the circumstances. Amen.

By Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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Praise Brings Results — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: The Guile of the Streets

Lamenting the miseries which surrounded him in early days of exile, the singer, whether David or another, tells again and again how hopeless his life then seemed. “Be merciful unto me, O God: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me.

‎“Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High.”

‎In the fifty-fifth psalm he particularly laments the deceit that everywhere encompasses him. His city, he declares is full of it. “Destroy, O Lord, and divide their tongues: for I have seen violence and strife in the city.

‎“Day and night they go about it upon the walls thereof: mischief also and sorrow are in the midst of it.

‎“Wickedness is in the midst thereof; deceit and guile depart not from her streets.”

‎The poet cries for escape. “And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.

‎“Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness. Selah.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Bob Godfrey: What’s Going On Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, And Power (13)—Five Responses To The Collapse Of Christendom — The Heidelblog

How do Christians live in hostile environment and how do they know whether it is a hostile environment? “If you live in an environment where most people don’t believe in God at all or do not believe that God is relevant to our lives or believe that God, if he has any relevance at all, is only relevant for our very personal, internal, religious feelings, then you’re living in a hostile environment.” What’s a Christian to do? There are five possibilities. One is the Amish choice, to form our own communities and leave the wicked world to go its own way. One sees this response to culture in the Amish communities in Pennsylvania. Then there’s the option that seeks to restore the Christendom that has been lost, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, who regards Vladimir Putin as a hero against Western decadence. A third way is to press the claims of natural law, by which we can discuss with non-Christians how things ought to be. The problem with the way Roman Catholics discuss natural law, however, is that it too often omits God. A fourth way might be called the American evangelical approach, which seeks to convert people one at a time so that when enough people are converted the culture will change. Were there to be a mass conversion, then what? Conversion is not a program for social action. The actions they typically have sought has been the platform of one of the two political parties. Neither of the parties has the interests of Christ and his kingdom in view. Finally, there is a fifth option, the correct, helpful, and realistic option, is the Kuyper Option, which he pursed more than a century ago: we as Christians must insist that we as Christians may speak as Christians to the social questions of our time. Our political consciences must be informed by God’s Word.

Listen here»

Bob Godfrey: What’s Going On Right Now? Sex, Race, Politics, And Power (13)—Five Responses To The Collapse Of Christendom — The Heidelblog

George Barna: Few Professed Christian Parents Hold a Biblical Worldview

Where’s the Bible? American Christian parents and the legacy they’re passing on to their kids. Only 2% of self-professed Christian parents actually hold a biblical worldview. Veteran Christian pollster George Barna explains the impact they are having on pre-teens and other children.

Source: George Barna: Few Professed Christian Parents Hold a Biblical Worldview

30 Apr 2022 News Briefing

Kansas tornado reportedly levels dozens of buildings
A suspected tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas has damaged multiple buildings, injured several people and left more than 6,500 people without power. Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said the suspected twister that moved though parts of southeast Wichita and Andover on Friday evening damaged 50 to 100 buildings in Sedgwick County.

Heat wave scorches India’s wheat crop, snags export plans
An unusually early, record-shattering heat wave in India ..daytime temperatures peaking at 46.5 degrees Celsius (114.08 Fahrenheit)… has reduced wheat yields, raising questions about how the country will balance its domestic needs with ambitions to increase exports and make up for shortfalls due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Solar eclipse is happening: How to watch live
As much as 64% of the sun will temporarily disappear from view Saturday (April 30), as a rare solar eclipse moves across part of our planet.

Gen. Milley says ‘global international security order’ threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Gen. Mark Milley, the top uniformed military official, warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed the “global international security order” that has been in place since the end of World War II is now at risk. … “If this is left to stand, if there is no answer to this aggression, if Russia gets away with this cost-free, then so goes the so-called international order, and if that happens, then we’re entering into an era of seriously increased instability.”

North Korea Observers Say Kim Readying First Nuclear Test Since 2017
North Korea is gearing up for its potential first nuclear weapons test since 2017, FT and other news agencies are reporting, which analysts say appears confirmed in a series of new satellite images. “Current satellite imagery indicates that preparations are well under way and should not be discounted as insignificant activity.”

71% Of Elementary School Math Textbooks In Florida Contained ‘Woke Indoctrination’
FDOE said 41% of submitted textbooks by publishers were “impermissible with either Florida’s new standards or contained prohibited topics.” Some of those topics included controversial CRT, inclusions of Common Core, and Social-Emotional Learning. A shocking 71% of the submitted textbooks contained prohibited topics or unsolicited strategies for grade levels K-5 that didn’t align with FDOE standards.

Israel creating conditions for own destruction, Iran’s IRGC chief says
Millions of Iranians joined rallies marking Quds Day, the Arabic name for Jerusalem, in state-organized marches across the country. Israel is creating conditions for its own destruction, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander said on Friday during a Jerusalem Day rally in which the country’s new domestically-made Kheibar Buster missile was displayed.

8 UAE heavy transport aircraft land in Israel in past 2 weeks
At least eight C-17 Globemaster heavy transport aircraft belonging to the United Arab Emirates Air Force have landed in Israel over the past two weeks. The Boeing C-17A Globemaster III is a four-engine heavy transport aircraft that can accommodate huge payloads of 164,900 pounds, fly 2,400 nautical miles and land on runways in 3,000 feet or less on a small airfield.

Iran may attack Israel directly, Nasrallah warns in Quds Day speech
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel against continuing its “aggression against the Iranian presence in the region,” saying Iran may “attack Israel directly, during a video address delivered at a ceremony in Beirut on Friday as Iran and its proxies marked Quds Day.

Police enter Temple Mount after Palestinians attack Jews at Kotel
Arab violence targeting Jews praying at the Western Wall forced the Israeli police to reenter the Temple Mount on Friday morning. The police were attacked by the Arabs throwing rocks and incendiary devices. The police responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Arab violence targeting the holy site has continued throughout the month of Ramadan which also saw a wave of Palestinian terrorism. 14 Israelis were murdered during the month of Ramadan …

Biden administration anti-Redemption Misinformation Board set to control internet dialogue
During a hearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security to discuss the president’s fiscal year 2023 budget request on Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that his department is establishing a Disinformation Governance Board. The DHS claimed the board will “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.” “We are addressing all aspects of election security, given, of course, the midterm elections that are upon us, and the fundamental integrity of our democratic processes that is at stake,” Mayorkas told the committee.

Mother of Palestinian terrorist: ‘I will be happy if all my children are martyred’
“I always pray that I, your father, brothers, daughters, and sons … that all of you become martyrs for the sake of Allah, that when death comes for us, we will all be martyrs for the sake of Allah,” she told him prior to his death, as stated in the interview.

Morano on TV explains how climate agenda is pushing ‘the end of private car ownership’ & end of meat-eating
…Morano on: Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets: “What Ireland is doing is literally by getting rid of their livestock is what the World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd, what Bill Gates are seeking…They want us to stop eating meat. They want us to eat insects, weeds, and fake meat burgers. This is actually the goal of Bill Gates, who is now going to have huge sway as America’s largest farm owner to do this.

Early-season heatwave grips India, causing worst energy crisis in 6 years 
Dangerous heatwave conditions are affecting vast swathes of India since mid-April, bringing temperatures 4.5 – 8.5 C (8 to 15 F) above average in east, central and northwest India.

Partial solar eclipse of April 30, 2022 
April 30 brings us a partial solar eclipse, visible from southern South America, parts of Antarctica, and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This eclipse will be followed two weeks later by a total lunar eclipse on May 16.

Saudi Arabia launches first phase of cloud-seeding operations 
The first phase of the effort to artificially increase rainfall over Saudi Arabia has started this week in Riyadh, Qassim and Hail.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski tells Dr. Steve Hotze: People are witnessing a “shakening” to separate sheep from the wolves
Freedom fighter and Polish-born Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski had a vision abut three years ago. “I saw a fence, a big fence, I could not see the end of it. And I saw people sitting on the fence. And I remember when I saw those two big hands that grabbed the fence and violently started to shake it. And I saw people falling to the left and to the right. And I knew that those hands are God’s powerful hands,”

If you’re WHITE, you’re now unlikely to be accepted to any Ivy League school no matter how high your grades and SAT scores 
It is no longer enough to work hard and get good grades. If you have light skin, meaning you are white, it will be next to impossible for you to ever get accepted to any Ivy League school.

Leaked video, documents reveal LGBT indoctrination in private schools across America 
While U.S. public schools have drawn the lion’s share of attention in the ongoing controversy about radical teachers using their positions to expose children to sexual subject and gender ideology, a similar push is underway in America’s private schools, as well.

Biden regime purposely making US weaker by giving away crucial military weapons to Ukraine with no ability to replace them
 It’s easy to dismiss the Deep State Left as full of “stupid, ignorant” people, but the reality is that the vast majority of them are Ivy League-educated and are incredibly smart.

Nearly 10 million babies have been killed since England’s Abortion Act was approved 54 years ago
Today marks the 54th anniversary of the Abortion Act coming into effect in 1968 – 6 months after it received Royal Assent. Since then, a staggering 9,900,961* unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion across England, Wales, and Scotland — in 2020, more than one baby was lost to abortion every two and a half minutes; 25 lives were ended every hour.

Planned Parenthood now sending ABORTION PILLS to Ukraine to exterminate more Ukrainian citizens 
The number-one thing that suffering Ukrainians need right now is more birth control, according to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Hand-Implanted Microchip “Walletmor” Will Work with Digital Wallet For Contactless Payments
London-based Walletmor is rolling out a microchip that can be implanted in the hand and will work with a digital wallet for contactless payments.

5G Chaos Is ‘One Of The Most Delinquent, Utterly Irresponsible’ Seen In Aviation Career, Emirates President Says 
The ongoing chaos surrounding the Verizon and AT&T rollout of C-band in the United States is “one of the most delinquent, utterly irresponsible” situations the president of Emirates airlines has seen in his aviation career.

DHS Disinformation’ Unit Headed by Woman Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Disinformation
The Department of Homeland Security’s new ‘disinformation’ unit will be headed by a woman who says free speech makes her ‘shudder’ and who falsely labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story disinformation. Oh dear.

Authoritarianism Emerges in Response to Threats of Pandemics and Famine 
While the rise of authoritarianism as the result of a declared global pandemic may seem an unusual response to such an event, there is actually decades worth of research describing why we are witnessing this growth of tyranny.  For example, the study ‘Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism’, provides a deeper understanding of how humans react to perceived threats and how that relates to the type of government the people will accept.

Vienna Is Also Becoming a Testing Ground for A Chinese-Style Social Credit System
The Chinafication of Europe is spreading like a virus as European cities, one after the other, seem to be pushing the Chinese social credit system idea forward.  It’s not only in Bologna, Italy, that a digitally monitored social credit system is in the pipeline.  Similar projects are planned in Bavaria, Germany, and Belgium but they have not progressed as far as in Bologna. And now, the so-called “Vienna Token” will be tested in Austria’s federal capital, Vienna, in the autumn.

New Modelling Study concludes ‘Unvaccinated are a danger to the Vaccinated’; but Real-World Data proves COVID Vaccines INCREASE Risk of Infection by 400%
A new study which has been publicised by Forbes, makes the bold claim that “unvaccinated people increase the risk of Covid infection among the vaccinated”.

Biodistribution Study of Pfizer Covid-19 Injection suggests use of mRNA Vaccines should be suspended immediately 
Do you remember when public health and government officials assured everyone that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ function like traditional vaccine technologies? …meaning that they largely remain in the shoulder muscle where they are injected, with some portion going to the draining lymph nodes where an immune response is initiated.

Governments worldwide are working in Lockstep to bring in Digital I.D. & Social Credit System as EU agrees to expand online censorship with ‘Digital Services Act’ 
Under pressure applied by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the European Union is working to expand online censorship to an extreme Orwellian level, as well as strictly regulate speech during what authorities deem to be times of crisis (we always seem to be in the middle of a “crisis”), and remove online anonymity by forcing the public to have a digital identity.

Biden’s DHS Confirms Plans to Siphon Healthcare Services Away from Veterans to Illegal Aliens at Border
President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has seemingly confirmed plans to siphon healthcare services away from American veterans treated at Veterans Affairs (VA) to illegal aliens arriving at the United States-Mexico border.

Patrick Byrne: Major risks of Dominion Voting machines hidden before US Election 
What would you do if you discovered three weeks before your national elections that the voting machines your nation was about to use were easily hackable by local or foreign state actors? The Dominion electronic machines were going to be used in 16 states, and it was a “matter of national security”.

Biden’s Military Is “Using the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate to “Intentionally Purge” Religious Service Members”
Biden/Obama’s military is allegedly purging the US Armed forces of religious service members. The Military Times reports on the religious purge by Obama’s military.


Headlines – 4/30/2022

Israeli security guard shot dead in terror attack at West Bank settlement of Ariel

At Least 42 Injured As Violent Clashes In Jerusalem Mark End Of Ramadan

Palestinians mark Ramadan by destroying Temple Mount antiquities

Temple Mount prayers for last Friday of Ramadan end peacefully after morning clashes

Jordan demands total control, reduced Jewish presence on Temple Mount

Saudi-Iran talks could endanger future Abraham accords, experts say

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander: Israel creating conditions for own destruction

Iran may attack Israel directly, Nasrallah warns in Quds Day speech

Nasrallah: Iran Will Attack Arab Countries if Israel Operates From Their Territory

War Footing: Iran Parades New Missiles, Drones Amid Threats To Strike Israel

Blast kills more than 50 worshipers at Kabul mosque

More than 3,000 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers lost in sea crossings to Europe in 2021: UN

Libya losing $60 million a day in oil shutdown: Minister

‘Unacceptable provocation’: Greece-Turkey spar over airspace

Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken Says There is “Greater Stability and Peace” for Women in Afghanistan Under Taliban

Germany takes Italy to UN’s top court over Nazi compensation claims

China hits back at Australia over Solomon Islands ‘red line’, saying ‘the Pacific is not someone’s backyard’

US Warship Sails Along Taiwan Strait, Angers China

China Calls Russia Relationship a ‘New Model’ for the World

China says Nato has ‘messed up Europe’ and warns over role in Asia-Pacific

Lavrov: Russia Not Threatening Anyone With Nuclear War

US sees no threat of Russia using nuclear weapons despite rhetoric: Official

House Passes Bill to Lend Weapons to Ukraine

Cheap drones take center stage in Ukraine war, raising concerns about misuse in United States

Russian Spy Chief Says U.S., Poland Plotting Division of Ukraine

Russia FM Lavrov reacts to sanctions: West has always been ‘Russia phobic’

US slams Putin’s ‘depravity,’ dismisses Russia’s Ukraine invasion reasoning as ‘BS’

Biden mourns American killed in Ukraine

At least five Russian businessmen have died by apparent suicide in just three months

Putin’s Nemesis Says ‘Assume the Worst’ Over Russian Oligarch Deaths

Russia aims to avert historic debt default with last-ditch dollar bond payments

Putin is discussing the idea of pegging the ruble to gold: Kremlin

The Middle East can cover Europe’s energy needs, but at what price?

Eurozone annual inflation hits a record high for the sixth consecutive month

The Fed’s favorite inflation measure hit a fresh 40-year high

As Stocks Fall, Economic Fears Rise, Along With Inflation

US stocks crater as the Dow sheds 939 points and Nasdaq notches its worst month since 2008

Jeff Bezos Loses $13 Billion in Hours as Amazon Shares Slump

Elon Musk sold around $8.4 billion worth of Tesla shares this week as he moved to buy Twitter

Musk’s Ties to China Could Create Headaches for Twitter

Insomnia, addiction, depression: The dark side of life trading crypto

Joe Biden used alias of KGB spy from Tom Clancy novels including “The Hunt for Red October,” emails from Hunter’s laptop show

Hunter Biden associate visited Obama-Biden White House 7 times after becoming head of company with CCP ties

Durham prosecutors detail criminal probe into tech executive who worked on Trump-Russia back channel claims

Clinton campaign seeks to block Durham access to Perkins Coie documents

Trump calls for release of texts of Obama chief of staff related to 2016 election

New Mexico Finds Errors in Dominion Voting Machine Software Similar to Recent Issues Identified in Tennessee

Biden DOJ coordinated legal assault on Georgia election integrity law with liberal groups

Trump election probe in Georgia to seat special grand jury

Trump loses bid to lift contempt charge despite swearing he can’t find subpoenaed documents

Second Oath Keeper pleads to seditious conspiracy

Police shortage prompts Capitol to begin using security contractors – Union leader called hiring contractors ‘a recipe for disaster’

Pressure mounts on Rep. Madison Cawthorn as scandals pile up

Elon Musk: ‘The Far Left Hates Everyone, Themselves Included’

Elon Musk says the ‘Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists’

Commentary: Elon Musk and the Transhuman Wing of Conservative, Inc

Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to embed microchips in people’s skulls and get robots to perform brain surgery

Twitter users shocked by ‘ridiculous’ TikTok of new ‘disinformation czar’ singing: ‘God help us’ – ‘Who would have thought the collapse of the world’s greatest empire would be so funny’

Biden’s Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz: Online Mockery of Kamala Harris a Threat to Democracy and National Security

Commentary: Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘free speech’ mirage – Advertisers will not tolerate having their ads amplified alongside harmful speech

Bill Maher rips Twitter for flagging Babylon Bee amid Elon Musk takeover: ‘You do need a new sheriff’

Sen. Hawley Raises Concern DHS’s New Disinformation Board Will Police Speech

DeSantis: Biden Installing an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ to Feed Hoaxes, Silence Critics

Tulsi Gabbard slams Disinformation Governance Board as Biden’s ‘propaganda arm’, ‘ministry of truth’

‘Misinformation Fingerprints:’ The Pentagon Awarded ‘Fact-Checking’ Org NewsGuard a $750K Contract Last Year

FBI Conducted Millions of Warrantless Searches of Americans’ Data in 2021: Report

Commentary: They’re Your IRS Records. Getting Them Means Giving Up Privacy.

An algorithm that screens for child neglect raises concerns

Internet: The U.S. unite 60 countries against the ‘rise of digital authoritarianism’

A Rare Black Moon Is Going to Coincide With Tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse

Don’t miss Venus and Jupiter shine extra close in the morning sky Saturday

Loud boom and streaking fireball spook residents across Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Alo, Wallis and Futuna

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 15,000ft

Tornadoes Hit Kansas, Bringing Destruction and Apple-Sized Hail

Storm chaser captures intense moment large tornado touched down in Kansas

50-100 structures damaged after tornado touches down in the Wichita, Kansas, area, officials say

Central Mississippi faced 76 tornadoes in just 35 days this spring

It is only April, and New Mexico has already seen a year’s worth of fire activity that will worsen starting today

‘Hottest summer ever’: Many Indian states under ‘severe’ heatwave

India, Pakistan reel under intense heat wave, Eid preparations in jeopardy

Heat wave scorches India’s wheat crop, snags export plans

Early-season heatwave grips India, causing worst energy crisis in 6 years

Heatwave Triggers Indian “Power Crisis” As State Firms Seek Russian Crude To Secure Supplies

Saudi Arabia launches first phase of cloud-seeding operations

Biden, Mexican President Discuss ‘Unprecedented’ Migration Flow

In Chicago, Wealthy Neighborhoods Hire Their Own Private Police as Crime Rises

DeSantis vows Florida will allow people to carry firearms without permits ‘before I am done as governor’

Fear on the dance floor as disco needle attacks baffle France

Full Cancellation of All Student Loan Debt Would Cost $1.6 Trillion

Florida Atheist Calls for the Bible to Be Removed from Florida Schools

Vienna exhibit explores persistence of conspiracy theories around the Rothschilds

Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to overturn sex trafficking conviction

Ron DeSantis Vows ‘Disney will Pay Its Debts’ After ‘Attacking Parents’ in Florida, ‘Injecting Pansexualism’ on Children

Disney Replaces Public Relations Chief Amid Florida Furor

Pastor who warned against LGBT pride events wins discrimination case

3 Scientology Defectors Suing Church Leader, Claiming They Were Trafficked as Children

‘Drag Me to Church’? South Carolina Church Sponsors Drag Queen Event with a ‘Unique Style of Worship’

US Challenges Alabama Law on Transgender Youth

Kansas Lawmakers Fail to Override Governor’s Veto on Transgender Sports Ban Bill

Stacey Abrams: Kemp Has Perfected Cruelty Towards Fragile Transgender Kids

Pregnancy from rape an ‘opportunity,’ Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt says

Study: Nearly Half of US Doctors May Not Get Abortion Training If Roe V. Wade Overturned

Rep. Markwayne Mullin Introduces Bill to Impose Harsher Punishment for Doctors Who Perform Partial Birth Abortions

CDC Finds No COVID-19 Vaccine Link in Mysterious Child Hepatitis Cases

Ex-CDC Chief Says Trump Administration Silenced Him on COVID

White House communications director tests positive for COVID-19

U.S. Seeks ‘Urgent’ Data on Covid Relapses After Using Pfizer’s Drug

Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated as toll on elderly grows

New Omicron BA.4, BA.5 sublineages may evade vaccines, natural immunity

FDA Will Review Pfizer, Moderna Requests for COVID Vaccines in Young Kids in June

22 Countries Drop Mask Mandates As Experts Debate Consequences

Leo Hohmann: Threat to national sovereignty set to go down May 22-28 at WHO World Health Assembly – The World Health Organization is attempting a ‘power grab’ – quietly setting up a single globalized response to all future ‘health emergencies”

‘They’re coming for the children’: Globalists are training the next generation for the Great Reset


Weekend Snapshot · Apr. 30, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (”

‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Musk Buys Twitter

As an actual African American buys the Big Tech giant, anti-speech leftists go bonkers.

Disinformation-Spreader to Lead Disinformation Board

In an utterly Orwellian move, the Democrats have created a governing board to fight disinformation.

Biden Blames Voters for His Incompetence

The president and leader of the Democrats exhorts voters by insinuating that they are lazy.

Biden’s Perilous Putin Policy

There is a very real risk that a cornered Putin would utilize tactical nukes in Ukraine.

Biden’s Economy Stumbles

GDP in the first quarter dropped 1.4%, revealing that the economy isn’t as strong as experts thought.

Americans Are Waking Up to Bidenflation

The American dollar doesn’t buy what it used to, and we have Joe Biden and the Democrats to thank for it.

Mayorkas Defends Biden’s Open-Border Policy

The DHS secretary lays the blame for the imbroglio at former President Trump’s feet.

The Waste of a Young Guardsman’s Life

The unnecessary death of a heroic Texas National Guardsman is a grim reminder of Joe Biden’s abject failure to protect our nation’s southern border.

Record Tax Revenue Not Enough for Democrats

All Joe Biden and his pals can do is demand more and more spending for bigger and bigger government.

Biden’s College Loan Forgiveness Ploy

It’s all a political calculation for Democrats to win affluent votes in the suburbs.

Obama’s Environmental Hypocrisy

He narrates a pro-green, pro-Democrat Netflix documentary while carving out convenient exceptions for himself.

American Library Association: Worst of the Worst

Electing a Marxist lesbian as its president is a far cry from Benjamin Franklin’s original idea for the public library.

Amazon’s Leftists Can’t Stomach Gender Dissent

Modern leftists do not believe in free speech, and their immediate response to disagreement is to call for censorship.

The Demos’ War on Cops Body Count Mounts

The Biden rate of inflation on police assaults and killings is already up 43% this year.

Fauci Masks the Rule of Law

In declaring that pubic health officials are above the law, Fauci is undermining constitutional government.

Florida Follows the Science on ‘Gender Affirmation’ for Children

In fact, the Sunshine State fact-checks Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services.

The Challenges Ahead for Musk and Twitter

Next comes the heavy lifting of ensuring free speech while getting rid of the platform’s unwanted extras.

The Praying Coach and the Supreme Court

Having been fired for praying after games, SCOTUS will determine if Joseph Kennedy’s termination was religious discrimination and a violation of free speech.

The High Stakes for Conservatives on Roe

How the Supreme Court decides Dobbs could have huge and lasting implications for the conservative movement.

Bumbling Biden Exudes Weakness

Failing to say the word “kleptocracy” is the least of the problems caused by the American president.

Harvard Blows $100M Fighting Slavery

The Ivy League institution is spending gobs of money to exorcise the demons of its distant past.


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“Netflix losing subscribers. CNN+ shuts down. Disney stock value dropping. Twitter takeover by Musk. Just the beginning?” —Laura Ingraham

“From The Patriot Post (”

DAILY BRIEFING: American Total End Stage System Failure | Lionel Nation

#LionelNation #ThePatriotReset #PatriotsTriumph Read of Lionel here via links. These are perilous times and require upped vigilance and focus. Please note the following: We will now broadcast live sevene (7) days a week, M-S, at 9 AM ET.

Source: DAILY BRIEFING: American Total End Stage System Failure

News Weakly – 4/30/2022 — Winging It

This is what we think of your “climate change”
China has spoken. “Oh, you want to save the planet? You want to make the world a better place? You want to stop ‘global climate change’? Well here’s what we say.” They have decided to promote coal for power in an effort to revive their sluggish economy. Apparently, they are competing with the U.S. to be #1 in CO2 emissions. Never be satisfied with being #2, eh?

Sidenote: It’s interesting if you look at the question from some sources. (This one lays it squarely on the U.S. military.) Most say that the U.S. is currently #1, but it turns out they say so because of history, not current output. According to this story, “The total proportion of global carbon emissions coming from the US is less than half that of China.” So it looks like China is #1. And it looks like there is anti-American bias in places. Could that be?

Logical Fallacy
Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) is a self-professed Christian, so, as we all know, he’s got to go. Marvel rewrote the character as bisexual and Pratt is “part of a church whose leading figures espoused homophobic views,” so he’s got to go. Apparently none of those outraged are familiar with the classic logical fallacy, “guilty by association.” Cancel this man … now.

Making it clear
When does life begin? We want to know. One side says, “At conception” and another says, “At birth.” In an attempt to clarify, a few states are going all in on their abortion laws. California aims to legalize “perinatal” abortion which would mean that a mother could terminate her child’s life up to a week after birth. Maryland is shooting for 4 weeks after birth. Colorado is looking at 28 days as well. When does life begin? When we say it does. And don’t go thinking you’re safe, either.

A Racist in Every Corner
Elon Musk purchased Twitter, ostensibly to make it a free speech platform instead of the “free speech” platform (where “free speech” is in scare quotes for a reason) it had become. But, of course, we know that’s not the real reason. It’s actually “about white power.” And it’s not just one guy’s opinion.

Lies We Tell Ourselves
Pfizer has requested emergency authorization to give COVID booster shots to 5 to 11-year-olds and Moderna wants to vaccinate kids 5 and under. Because a total of 980 kids under the age of 18 have died in of COVID — less than 0.099% of the total. Because children of that age constitute less than 6% of the total COVID cases in the U.S. Because the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine is far greater in children than in adults. Oh, no, of course not. Because Pfizer and Moderna can still make a ton of money off a dying pandemic by playing on parents’ fears. (Even Dr. Fauci says the pandemic is over.)

CNBC reported that the mass Twitter deactivations after Musk bought Twitter were “organic.” I call it cleaning house. Kidding aside, the real fear is that Musk will actually allow free speech on the platform and America is very clearly over that “freedom of speech” stuff. Now, private companies are not prevented from regulating speech in their venues, but the apparent message here is “We — not the government and not Twitter — decide what is ‘hate’ or ‘misinformation’ and who gets to speak or not.” Because “Hunter Biden’s emails” is “misinformation” and “violent insurrection” is not. Musk may end Twitter, but that’s only because America is no longer the land of the free. (Is it significant that it was largely the Left that departed from Twitter?)

Taylor’d Rights
Margorie Taylor Greene is a lightning rod of controversy. Now she has claimed that the Catholic Church is controlled by Satan. So, in an ironic twist, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights called on Congress to sanction her for it. It’s ironic because free speech and the practice of religion are both “civil rights” about which they are complaining. I don’t have to agree with or even like Greene to see that the two — “civil rights” and “sanction” — are contradictory.

The Bee and Not the Bee
We have the underreported story that Musk’s Twitter purchase failed after 138,000 board votes were found overnight. And it’s too close to true that those who think men can get pregnant are afraid that Elon Musk will allow misinformation on Twitter. Then — not the Bee — I saw a post where someone asked for suggestions for naming their new male dog. Someone else asked, “Boy or girl?” Only in today’s world would that be a legitimate question. Only in today’s world can God be criticized for assigning gender at conception. And is it true that Democrats are continuing the tradition of wearing white masks to show their political affiliation? I did like the story of the Christian missionary who wears a mask to try to reach the unsaved Democrats.

Must be true; I read it on the Internet.

News Weakly – 4/30/2022 — Winging It

Sales of Jill Biden biography are embarrassingly low, Twitter users react: ‘Her husband is the most popular president in American history’ — Conservative Review

A new book about first lady Jill Biden had embarrassingly low sales in its debut week. Online commentators noted that perhaps the first family is not as popular as many were led to believe.

On Friday, Politico published an article kvetching about how the White House press briefings have “become a bore” because Donald Trump is no longer in the Oval Office.

“Jen [Psaki] is very good at her job, which is unfortunate,” a White House correspondent told Politico. “And the work is a lot less rewarding, because you’re no longer saving democracy from Sean Spicer and his Men’s Wearhouse suit. Jawing with Jen just makes you look like an a**hole.”

Buried in the article: “NPD BookScan, which tracks book sales in the U.S., said that prominent books about Trump released in his first two years of office outsold Biden books during his first year and a half by, what an official there said was, ‘essentially 10:1.’ A newly released biography about Jill Biden, by two well-respected Associated Press journalists, sold just 250 units in its first week, according to the company.”

AP reporters Julie Pace and Darlene Superville wrote “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady.” The book attempts to “reveal some of the private sides of Jill Biden.”

“We come to better understand her personality, which has held the Biden family together through tragedy and good fortune alike,” said the description of the book

Based on book sales, readers are apparently not interested in paying $26 to “better understand” the personality of Jill Biden.

Twitter reactions to the disappointing book sales had many commentators asking how the first lady to the most popular president in U.S. history could have such pathetic sales numbers. President Joe Biden set a new record with 81,284,000 votes in the 2020 election.

Columnist Tim Young pointed out, “81 million votes, but Jill Biden’s new biography only sold 250 total copies in 1 week.”

Republican Congressional candidate Dr. Willie J. Montague added, “81,000,000 votes, though.”


Talk show host Chris Stigall noted, “Her husband got the most votes in the history of presidential elections, you know?”

Political commentator Kambree Kawahine Koa tweeted, “How humiliating. Jill Biden’s biography only sold 250 copies it’s first week. It blows my mind considering her husband is the most popular president in American history.”

At the moment, the only book featuring Jill Biden that people have some interest in is “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.” According to the book that launches next week, Jill Biden did not want Kamala Harris as her husband’s running mate.

“There are millions of people in the United States,” the first lady said according to the book. “Why do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe?”

Sales of Jill Biden biography are embarrassingly low, Twitter users react: ‘Her husband is the most popular president in American history’ — Conservative Review

Mayorkas reveals insane plan to divert VA resources from health care for veterans to serve illegals at the border

In addition to being an immoral betrayal of our pledge to care for those who served us in uniform and politically insane, this diversion if resources would be unnecessary if Biden fulfilled his oath of office and enforced the law.

Source: Mayorkas reveals insane plan to divert VA resources from health care for veterans to serve illegals at the border

Number Of Illegal Immigrants Living In US Rose By 1 Million In Biden’s First Year: Report | ZeroHedge News

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,

The illegal immigrant population in the United States increased by one million in President Joe Biden’s first year in office, according to a new report.

At the end of 2021, 15.5 million illegal aliens were residing in the country, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimated.

After rolling back key Trump-era policies, Biden presided over the largest number of apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the U.S.–Mexico border in a calendar year in history. Almost 1.9 million arrests were recorded.

“Massive numbers of illegal aliens are coming into the United States and they’re staying here,” Spencer Raley, research director at FAIR and author of the new report, told The Epoch Times.

The state with the most illegal immigrants, according to the new estimate, is California, with 3.2 million. Texas has 2.2 million, Florida has 1.1 million, and New York has 1 million.

At the bottom of the list are West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota—all with under 10,000 illegal aliens.

The cost to taxpayers was estimated at $143 billion, up some $9 billion from a year prior when FAIR last released an estimate.

The group, which promotes policies that would reduce legal and illegal immigration in order to let America “manage growth, address environmental concerns, and maintain a high quality of life,” reached the figure by using Census Bureau data to calculate the total number of foreign-born residents presumed to be living in the United States.

After subtracting the total number of lawfully present immigrants, they add 30 percent to the total because of assumed underestimation.

Other groups use different methods to calculate the illegal immigrant population, which can’t be definitively ascertained because some escape detection.

Yale researchers pegged the population at around 22 million as of 2016. Edward Kaplan, one of the researchers, more recently estimated the population at approximately 20 million.

The Department of Homeland Security, meanwhile, said in its latest estimate (pdf) that as of Jan. 1, 2018, roughly 11.4 million illegal aliens were residing in the country, unchanged from their estimate three years prior. And Pew Research estimated just 10.5 million illegal immigrants were living in the country in 2017.

Whatever the number, it has likely increased in recent months as the Biden administration repeatedly loosens both border enforcement measures and policies aimed at locating illegal immigrants for deportation.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a Biden appointee, has in a series of memorandums curtailed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from detaining and moving to deport aliens.

The guidelines are based in part on the principle that “many individuals who are unlawfully present in the United States have been contributing members to this country,” Mayorkas told the House Judiciary Committee in Washington on April 28.

The administration “has effectively abolished” ICE and is preventing Customs and Border Protection, which includes Border Patrol, from securing the southern border, FAIR said in its report.

Still, there are other factors at play, as the illegal alien population also increased during the Trump administration.

Per FAIR estimates, the population rose by two million across President Donald Trump’s four years in office.

If the increase under Biden continues apace, it would reach double that over four years.

“During the Trump administration, we did see a significant increase in the illegal alien population, but we never saw it to this degree,” Raley said.

A strong economy draws illegal aliens who want jobs, according to FAIR. Portions of the economy have recovered from the widespread lockdowns in 2020, but still haven’t reached pre-pandemic levels.

Proposed solutions include reinstating fully many of the more successful Trump-era border policies such as the “Remain in Mexico” program.

That approach “would have to be supplemented by enforcement mechanisms inside the country,” Raley said. “You would have to crack down on employers, which would probably entice a lot of illegal aliens to go home on their own accord, because the things that brought them here are no longer available. But you would also have to get serious again about taking the handcuffs off ICE and letting them apprehend immigration lawbreakers and ultimately remove them.”

Source: Number Of Illegal Immigrants Living In US Rose By 1 Million In Biden’s First Year: Report

Hunter Biden Met with Tony Blinken back in 2015 When He Was Deputy Sec. of State But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Secretary of State Tony Blinken, arguably the worst Secretary of State in modern US history, testified before Congress this week.

During one interaction with Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) asked Blinken about Hunter Biden. Blinken refused to discuss hypotheticals. Maybe it’s because Tony Blinken met with Hunter back in 2015 when he was Deputy Secretary of State.

The New York Post reported on their meeting back in November 2020.

Hunter Biden sought a meeting with his president-elect dad’s pick for secretary of state shortly after joining the board of a controversial Ukrainian energy company in 2015, according to a report Tuesday.

Biden emailed Antony Blinken, then the US deputy secretary of state, to request the sit-down, Fox News said.

“Have a few minutes next week to grab a cup of coffee? I know you are impossibly busy, but would like to get your advice on a couple of things,” Hunter Biden reportedly wrote on May 22, 2015…

…Biden and Blinken — a longtime aide to Biden’s father and a family friend — later met in July 2015 and “spoke about Beau and the Biden family” but they didn’t discuss Burisma, a person familiar with the meeting told the Post.

The emails between Biden and Blinken were obtained last year in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, Fox News said.

Via Spicer and Company and Midnight Rider.

Hunter Biden Met with Tony Blinken back in 2015 When He Was Deputy Sec. of State But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It (VIDEO) — The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Lauren Boebert Understands Danger of Biden’s Ministry of Truth and Calls for Its Defunding — The Gateway Pundit

One US Representative (Lauren Boebert)  understands the significance of free speech in the US Constitution.  She’s willing to call for all efforts to make speech free again. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert understands the significance of Biden’s new effort to end free speech in the US.  Biden’s gang announced their creation of an entity that will determine what can and can’t be shared in the public sector going forward.  This group will be led by a lunatic far-left nut job who thinks she’s cute and a good singer.  (She’s not –  she’s bizarre.)

NEWLY SURFACED VIDEO Shows Biden’s Nutjob Ministry of Truth Director Singing About Who to F**k to Enhance Her Career

FOX News reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., has authored legislation to shut down a new Department of Homeland Security board designed to police misinformation.

Boebert’s legislation would defund the “Disinformation Governance Board” and ensure the federal government doesn’t have role in defining what truth is for the American people.

“This kind of stuff is terrifying. We in Congress have the power of the purse. It is our duty to shut down this department immediately,” Boebert told Fox News Digital Friday in an interview.  “I’m calling on leadership in the Republican Party — Leader [Kevin] McCarthy, Whip [Steve] Scalise and others — to join me in calling for this department to be shut down and defunded.”

Boebert tweeted that this was the hill to die on.

For years, the communists in the far-left Democrat Party and some leaders in the Republican Party have been behind the elimination of free speech.  As a result, even the President of the United States was censored and banned from social media in the past couple of years.

Now we have the most dishonest and disgusting member of Biden’s unholy cabinet setting up this Nazi scheme for world domination.  And this lunatic picks the most shocking and dishonest candidate he can to lead the effort.

All while weak and dishonest Republican leadership sits back and does absolutely nothing.

Boebert is right.  Pam Geller shared this recently in an interview.  Without free speech we have nothing.  Without free and fair elections it’s all just empty chatter.

“Without Freedom of Speech, Everything Else Is Irrelevant… Without Freedom of Elections All of This is Just Chatter” – Pamela Geller on the Global Left’s Attack on Freedom

“No tax dollars should go to where Biden can use the power of the federal government to silence truthful stories like Big Tech did with the Hunter Biden story,” Boebert said.

“Democrats took that [book] not as a warning, but as a guide,” she said.

Every Republican in Congress should be standing on their chair screaming about what is taking place due to this stolen election.  Any hesitation is a lack of understanding world history. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert Understands Danger of Biden’s Ministry of Truth and Calls for Its Defunding — The Gateway Pundit

Neo-Nazis Fighting For Ukraine are Real And Other Updates — The Gateway Pundit

Many in the United States have tried to downplay or ignore the fact that the Ukrainian militias that venerate Stepan Bandera sport Nazi symbolism. The following images from a recently captured Ukrainian fighter shows the truth:

German SS Soldier Tattoo
Mauthausen tattoo

The last image is particularly disturbing. This man thought it a good idea to put Mauthausen on his body. What is Mauthausen? It was one of the most notorious concentration camps the Nazis located in Austria. It started “processing” prisoners in 1938 and was liberated by the U.S. Army on May 5, 1945. An estimated 90,000 Jews, gypsies and homosexuals died in this camp.

This guy is not an outlier. There are hundreds of similar images. Here is a guy who surrendered at the Avostal steel plant in Mariupol:

Iron Cross

And here is an unconfirmed video of two young men sporting German SS uniforms. Notice the Deathhead emblem on the cap of the guy closest to the camera.

The men embracing these tattoos and badges are not simply making a fashion statement. It is an affirmation of belief and should be taken seriously instead of being dismissed as meaningless.

Russia is continuing to hit key railroad junctions in western Ukraine. During the last 24 hours three more new traction substations on Ukrainian railways were hit by missile strikes in the Fastov, Krasnoselka and Polonnoe. The target is the transformers that are critical to power the electric trains. Replacing these transformers is not an easy task. These strikes severely handcuff the ability of Ukraine to move weapons and supplies to surrounded and embattled troops in the Donbas.

The Ukrainian army in Donbas is not giving up yet. Here is a snippet from the Southfront daily assessment:

According to the most recent briefing by the Russian Ministry of Defense, since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, 142 warplanes, 111 helicopters, 634 drones, 278 air-defense systems, 2638 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 304 multiple rocket launchers, 1,175 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,467 units of special military vehicles of Kiev forces have been destroyed.

The battle in the Donbass region will likely heat up in the upcoming few days. Kiev’s forces have been showing fierce resistance. However, the Russian military and the armed forces of the DPR and LPR appear to be going to speed up their ground operations in the region.

A report from one of the Ukrainian units in the region supports the Russian claim that they are applying unrelenting pressure on the Ukie soldiers:

“We, the servicemen of the 3rd mechanized company of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 93rd OMBR, refuse to serve further for the following reasons:

No evacuation of the wounded
Lack of adequate command
Lack of heavy equipment
Lack of specialists in anti-tank weapons
Large losses of personnel 3 mech company 1 mech battalion (60%)
Loss of combat effectiveness of the company
Lack of rotation for staffing a company

We refuse to carry out orders that are aimed at the destruction of personnel.”

Russia eschews Stalin’s tactics in WW II of launching human wave assaults and incurring massive casualties. Instead the Russian Army is using a combination of air strikes and unrelenting artillery to soften up Ukrainian positions. This tactic appears to be paying dividends.

Neo-Nazis Fighting For Ukraine are Real And Other Updates — The Gateway Pundit

Russian SMO Faltering? Puppet Zelensky Targeted? Kiev Succeeding Militarily? — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Ignoring reality on the ground, MSM falsely claim the above and similar rubbish.

According to the latest NYT fake news edition:

“Russia’s offensive in eastern Ukraine appears to be faltering (sic).”

“(I)ts troops (are) suffer(ing) battlefield losses and logistical and morale problems (sic).”

“In a sign of Moscow’s troubles (sic), some of the troops who had been trying to stamp out the last pockets of resistance in…Mariupol were redirected to” Donbass (sic).

“Russian forces continue to reign destruction on civilians in Mariupol (sic).”

Russian forces in the city “plundered more than 2,000 items from its museums (sic).”

Mariupol “civilians continue seeking shelter (from Russian forces in the city’s) Azovstal steel plant (sic).”

All of the above and more like it is fake news.

Indisputable facts on the ground in Ukraine are worlds apart from reinvented reality by the Times.

It further burnished its odious reputation as a lying machine press agent for wealth, power, privilege and imperial state wars of choice against invented enemies.

As a same day and earlier articles explained, Russian forces are systematically battering and beating Ukrainian troops.

Remaining Mariupol residents in the Donetsk city are free at last from US-supported Nazified occupation and brutality.

The city is entirely liberated, save for about 2,000 Nazified Ukrainian thugs, likeminded mercenaries and civilians held as human shields inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant.

They’re hostages, yearning to be free from captivity at the hands of Ukrainian monsters.

Their fate inside the plant is sealed. 

Militants can either lay down their arms, surrender and be guaranteed life, sustenance and medical treatment as needed or die in the plant’s subterranean areas.

The same fate awaits their human shield hostages through no fault of their own.

Many thousands of Ukrainian forces were killed since Russia’s SMO began.

Thousands of others surrendered, choosing life over certain death if continue fighting.

Hundreds more Ukrainian troops surrender daily.

Attrition in their ranks is taking its toll on the ability of Kiev to continue what’s suicidal for their forces if fail to lay down their arms and surrender.

MSM-claimed counterattacks by its forces are virtually nonexistent.

The same goes for alleged battlefield successes.

There are none, just continued defeats as advancing Russian forces gain control over more Ukrainian territory — including the entire Kherson region.

As planned, Donbass will be liberated entirely in the coming weeks.

All the shouting, pouting and blustering otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators can’t change reality on the ground.

According to WaPo fake news, Russian forces targeted puppet Zelensky’s Kiev compound twice (sic).

No Russian forces entered the city.

None attacked Zelensky’s so-called compound.

Since early in Russia’s SMO, he’s been hiding out cross-border in Poland — save for a few brief appearances in Kiev for photo-op meetings with Western officials before scurrying back to who knows where he’s hiding.

And this WaPo fake news:

The “scale of…Russian military deaths will (soon) become clear (sic).”

Russia’s SMO “accelerated Putin’s downfall (sic).”

Ignoring his near-80% approval rating (compared to a dismal 33% for the fake Biden), WaPo defied reality by falsely claiming that Russians are “unhappy with him (sic).”

According to WSJ fake news:

“Ukraine’s military successes against Russia transformed calculations in Washington and other Western capitals (sic).” 

Their regimes see “a strategic opportunity” to counter Russian advances (sic).

Claiming the “outcome (of Russia’s SMO is) uncertain” is delusional in the face of steady advances by its forces toward demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

No “strategic win for the West” looms. Just the opposite.

How much longer can US/Western regimes and their MSM echo chamber pretend otherwise?

Propaganda doesn’t die a natural death. It needs shoving.

Even then, silence reflects its dying throes, no mea culpas expected — especially not from the empire of lies and its collective MSM ministry of fake news and mass deception.

At this time, it continues roaring about nonexistent heavy Russian battlefield losses, nonexistent Russian atrocities, nonexistent Russian weakness.

US-dominated NATO is at war with Russia by use of expendable Kiev proxies.

Like puppet Zelensky, Ukraine’s caricature of foreign minister — polar opposite the real thing — Kuleba pretends that with Western support, Kiev can defeat Russia.

And this from former Bush/Cheney regime official Daniel Fried — currently a neocon Atlantic Council member and board member of the hostile-to-democracy as it should be National Endowment of Democracy, saying:

“It took a while for the (Biden regime) to realize that…the Ukrainians could win (sic).”

Ukrainians “successfully push(ed) the Russians back (sic)?”

“Western (regimes) believe the Russians could be pushed back further (sic)?”

“(P)erhaps out of (Ukraine) altogether (sic)?”

Embedded in Kiev and with its forces, hegemon USA, vassal state Britain and other NATO regimes are very much involved in combatting Russia directly.

Their involvement heightens the risk of East/West confrontation if push things too far.

Yet the BoJo regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss said Britain aims to push “Russia out of the whole of Ukraine.”

Meanwhile in the Nazi-infested pseudo-state, hundreds are being lawlessly arrested on suspicion of being sympathetic toward Russia.

Denied due process and judicial fairness, they face imprisonment, torture, and/or assassination.

That’s how the scourge of fascist tyranny operates — in Ukraine and the West.

Russian SMO Faltering? Puppet Zelensky Targeted? Kiev Succeeding Militarily? — The Stephen Lendman Blog