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Lift Up My Eyes | Today in the Word Devotional

It can be easy for our prayer life to devolve into a series of requests: “God, can you help me with X…? Can you bring healing to Y…?” And on and on. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Jesus invited us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matt. 7:7). The problem comes when we start envisioning our relationship with God as a customer to vendor or a supervisor to underling. Psalm 123 reminds us of our proper standing before God. We do not look down on God or view Him as an equal. Instead, the Psalmist proclaims, “I lift up my eyes to you, to you who sit enthroned in heaven” (v. 1). God is enthroned over the universe. Our relationship with Him is of servant to master (v. 2). Being a child of God means waiting upon Him, attending His word and obeying. We are at His service. Being God’s servant has benefits. We can expect Him to hear when we call. The Psalmist had been ridiculed and mocked by scoffers (v. 4). Because the Psalmist was God’s servant, this was a problem for God as well. Would God allow His servant to be treated poorly? It could be that God had His own purpose for this situation. But this psalm models for us that it is appropriate to ask God to intervene when we face a difficult situation. Psalm 124 continues this theme of calling to God for deliverance from an enemy. Only God could save Israel. They were delivered because they serve the “Maker of heaven and earth” (v. 8). >> These psalms remind us that God is the sovereign, and we are His servants. We are dependent upon Him for all things. But He also cares deeply for us. Whatever you may be facing today, you can call on God and know that He cares.

Immediate Freedom — VCY America

For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder. (Nahum 1:13)

The Assyrian was allowed for a season to oppress the Lord’s people, but there came a time for his power to be broken. So, many a heart is held in bondage by Satan and frets sorely under the yoke. Oh, that to such prisoners of hope the word of the Lord may come at once, according to the text, “Now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder!”

See! The Lord promises a present deliverance. “Now will I break his yoke from off thee.” Believe for immediate freedom, and according to thy faith so shall it be unto thee at this very hour. When God saith “now,” let no man say “tomorrow.”

See how complete the rescue is to be; for the yoke is not to be removed but broken; and the bonds are not to be untied but burst asunder. Here is a display of divine force which guarantees that the oppressor shall not return. His yoke is broken, we cannot again be bowed down by its weight. His bonds, are burst asunder, they can no longer hold us. Oh, to believe in Jesus for complete and everlasting emancipation! “If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” Come, Lord, and set free Thy captives, according to Thy Word.

Immediate Freedom — VCY America

Dead in Adam, Alive in Christ | Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul 

All that Adam lost by breaking the creation covenant has been gained for us by Christ in the new covenant. Today, R.C. Sproul articulates the effects of Adam’s sin on mankind and reveals our only hope in a fallen world.


The Bible and its Story: The Way of the Wicked

The earliest chapters of the Book of Proverbs thus devote themselves mainly to cautioning youth against the allurements of life, against violence and folly and passion. Afterward, the book looks to those older folk who persist in evil. It describes the life of the wicked, so that youth may escape their snares; it portrays their miserable fate, so that all men may dread this and flee from it.

‎“Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.

‎“Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.

‎“For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.

‎“For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence.”

‎In another passage we are cautioned that “A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.

‎“He winketh with his eyes.… Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

The Return of the King, Part 1 – Listen to Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, May 12, 2022

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Jesus’ first coming was so significant, it changed everything – even the way we measure time. And His second coming will be even bigger. Dr. David Jeremiah reveals what God’s Word tells us to expect about Christ’s return in all its royal splendor and majesty. 

— Read on www.oneplace.com/ministries/turning-point/listen/0512-962779.html

A Lasting Faith, Part 1 of 2 (Strength For The Journey) – Listen to Running To Win with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, May 12, 2022

When situations spiral into sin or anxiety, what really matters is our own trust and whether God is trustworthy. In Genesis 15, God makes an astounding promise. But Abraham is obsessed with the problem of the promise. In this message, we reflect on God’s three promises to Abraham. Do we trust God to protect and preserve us? To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/172/29

True Worship, Part 2 (#2) – Listen to Grace to You with John MacArthur, May 12, 2022

When you communicate the gospel message, what is it you’re mainly trying to do? Get people to see their need to add God to their lives? That’s not it. Help them see how happy and prosperous their lives will be if they accept Jesus? That’s not it either. How about . . . confront people with their sin? To support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.oneplace.com/donate/85/29

Jesus in a Changing World — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

I don’t know anyone who loves change. Whether it’s sudden, like the loss of a job, or expected, like a child going away to college, change can be difficult, and adjusting to it takes time.

With change comes unknowns and what-ifs. What was normal no longer is, and a new normal has yet to settle in. That’s why I find this short verse reassuring: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. When everything else in life can change in a moment, Jesus doesn’t change. He is our solid foundation in a world of upheaval and unknowns.

Despite whatever change we’re going through, Jesus will be there. Whether or not we reach out to Him is another story. We have the choice to rely on ourselves and our own abilities, but when change comes, it can rock our confidence and leave us anxious and unsettled.

When we rely on Jesus, He is a constant presence when nothing else makes sense. Change doesn’t surprise Him like it does us. It doesn’t mess up His schedule or shake His love for us.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He stands firm, and when we keep our focus on Him, He is our lifeline. When we rely on Jesus, He brings peace that doesn’t come from ourselves.

When you’re facing transition and unexpected changes, keep your focus on Jesus—the One who doesn’t change. Rely on Him to get you through, and accept the peace He offers.

By Laura Rath
Used by Permission

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Jesus in a Changing World — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

God of Peace — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The great evangelical preacher Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) shared this insightful wisdom:

Let the precious truth divest your mind of all needless, anxious care for the present or the future. Exercising simple faith in God, “do not be anxious about anything” (Philippians 4:6). Learn to be content with your present lot, with God’s dealings with, and His disposal of, you. You are just where His providence has, in its inscrutable but all-wise and righteous decision, placed you. It may be a position painful, irksome, trying, but it is right…Only aim to glorify Him in it.

Wherever you are placed, God has a work for you to do, a purpose through you to be accomplished, in which He blends your happiness with His glory…

Live a life of daily dependence upon God. It saves from many a desponding feeling, from many a corroding care, from many an anxious thought, from many a sleepless night.

Father, you are the God of peace—

peace transcending,
peace defending,
peace befriending,
peace descending,
peace unending.

By Roy Lessin
Used by Permission

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God of Peace — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: The Woman of Sin

In Sharpest contrast to the beauty of this grand, mother-figure of Wisdom, there runs through all the Book of Proverbs a warning against evil women. These are repeatedly set before us as bringing the surest destruction upon themselves and upon all men who seek them.

‎“For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:

‎“But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

‎“Her feet go down to death; Her steps take hold on hell.

‎“Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are movable, that thou canst not know them.

‎“Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.

‎“Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:

‎“Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 83—What Is The Office Of The Keys? — The Heidelblog

The Heidelberg Catechism is one of the most beloved and well used catechisms to emerge from the sixteenth and seventeenth century Reformation. Published in its final form in 1563, the catechism has been used by millions of Christians to teach the faith to children and adults alike. Arranged in 52 Lord’s Days (Sundays) the catechism takes the Christian through the basics of the Christian faith (our creation, fall, redemption, new life in Christ, and glorification). It explains the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer. It is a treasure. To encourage listeners and readers, we expect to post one question and answer a day on the HB. If you are subscribed to the Heidelcast or the Heidelblog (see below) you will receive these episodes automatically.

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 83—What Is The Office Of The Keys? — The Heidelblog

Knowing the Will of God for Your Life: Ultimately with R.C. Sproul

How can you know the will of God for your life? Today, R.C. Sproul reveals that learning God’s will may actually be simpler than we realize. Hear more from Ultimately with R.C. Sproul: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL30acyfm60fWxph9skWjvcCF41XqShypw MB01NRJAUTADDOK

Source: Knowing the Will of God for Your Life: Ultimately with R.C. Sproul

12 May 2022 News Briefing

The Growing List Of US Companies Laying People Off
As the economy continues to grind to a halt and inflation continues to run rampant, U.S. businesses are starting to realize the obvious – that they are stretched too thin financially – and are starting to cut unnecessary fat from their respective organizations. In fact, layoffs are now “sweeping across American businesses,” according to a new report from Insider, who recently ran down a list of the U.S. companies that have begun hacking away at their respective labor forces. So much for “building back better”…

Acting NIH Director Admits Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest In Secret Royalty Payments To Fauci, Scientists
Undisclosed royalty payments estimated at $350 million from pharmaceutical and other firms to Dr. Anthony Fauci and hundreds of National Institutes for Health (NIH) scientists do present “an appearance of a conflict of interest,” according to the agency’s acting director. … he conceded they don’t look ethical. an estimated $350 million in undisclosed royalty payments from pharmaceutical and other private firms to top NIH executives, as well as to hundreds of the agency’s health scientists and researchers.

First Cracks: Hong Kong Intervenes To Prop Up Local Currency For First Time Since 2019
a move that was of extreme importance for markets, yet which few financial commentators were discussing, on Wednesday the surging US dollar forced Hong Kong to intervene and defend its currency for the first time since 2019, putting further upward pressure on interest rates in an economy already reeling from strict pandemic border controls and a shaky property market.

There Goes The Housing Market
Since the Fed is rushing to hike the US into a deep recession just so inflation will (supposedly) slide ahead of the November midterms, in line with Biden’s demands, the housing market is eager to comply with Powell’s and Biden’s handlers’ wishes, and is leading the charge into the economic abyss, … as the latest nationwide survey of new home builders confirms.

The Gospel v. Supernatural Evil in Vietnam
The ministry leader said belief in evil spirits exerts a death grip on animistic ethnic groups, including one that practices “fire-walking.” The ceremony, practiced on tribal festival days, puts the fire-walkers in a trance as they walk on burning coals; it exalts supernatural evil and tightens the demonic hold on fearful villagers, said an executive at Christian Aid Mission.

When will Israel, Iran’s proxy war ignite?
Should force be required to stop an Iranian bomb, Israel would have to act and almost certainly act alone. That is how the long-standing Israel-Iran proxy war could assume a terrible reality.

On May 22: WHO will have authority to lock down all of America
Officials from the Biden Administration are working to give the World Health Organization the power to unilaterally declare a health emergency in any country, thereby giving them emergency powers. The message from the administration and the vote are going unreported by the heritage media, but former Congressman Michele Bachmann is working hard at sounding the alarm. Bachmann: “Biggest global power grab in our lifetimes” Biden Administration’s amendments would cede U.S. sovereignty to the WHO over national healthcare decisions

Biden to visit Jerusalem with unprecedented statement: Zion belongs to Muslims
“This is a devious way for Biden and his State Department to get back at Israel and drive a wedge into Israel’s legitimate and exclusive sovereign rights over its Jerusalem capital, following Israel’s refusal to allow the State Department to open a US consulate there to serve Palestinians.” “This visit…is likely to damage US-Israel relationships in a very profound way. While Biden is prepared to visit Jerusalem and meet Palestinian officials, his White House has publicly opposed the building of Jewish homes in Judea. a Biden visit to east Jerusalem would also be seen as a revocation of former US President Donald Trump’s 2017 recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

DARPA’s ‘Glide Breaker’ hypersonic missile interceptor program enters new phase
The program, a “hypersonic defense interceptor” system called Glide Breaker, aims to counteract highly maneuverable weapons zooming through the upper atmosphere at speeds of at least Mach 5. (Mach 1 is the speed of sound; “hypersonic” generally refers to vehicles traveling at least five times that fast.)

Court rules California’s ban on under-21 gun sales is unconstitutional
On Wednesday, a U.S. court of appeals ruled that a California law prohibiting the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco determined in a 2-1 ruling that the rule violates Americans’ 2nd Amendment right to bear arms,

U.S. senator investigating CDC for tracking Americans’ phones
Citing the “very serious constitutional questions” involved, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., has launched an investigation into the CDC’s actions in tracking the cell phones of millions of Americans. Johnson has written to Rochelle Walensky, director of the national Centers for Disease Control, warning, “It remains unclear why the CDC tracked millions of Americans during the pandemic and whether it continues to do so.

Yellowstone earthquake: Volcano rocked by 4.2 shock – 15 reports filed relating to blast
THE YELLOWSTONE volcano was shocked by the largest earthquake to have occurred in the area in five years, and 15 felt reports were filed for today’s natural phenomenon. It was felt specifically on the east side of Yellowstone National Park.

ABC News analysis: COVID deaths rising among vaccinated
An analysis by ABC News of federal data found that a growing proportion of COVID-19 deaths are occurring among the vaccinated. ABC News assured its audience that “experts said the increase in breakthrough deaths is expected with more Americans reaching full vaccination status.” Wait, What??

Children in D.C. elementary school informed they are white racists
Elementary school students in the nation’s capital were subjected to an “anti-racism” classroom lesson, which has become a common occurrence in woke schools, but this lesson went even farther: Students were asked to identify racist family members.

Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes
Cleaner air in United States and Europe is brewing more Atlantic hurricanes, a new U.S. government study found. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study links changes in regionalized air pollution across the globe to storm activity going both up and down. A 50% decrease in pollution particles and droplets in Europe and the U.S. is linked to a 33% increase in Atlantic storm formation in the past couple decades, while the opposite is happening in the Pacific with more pollution and fewer typhoons, according to the study published in Wednesday’s Science Advances.

Pro-Abortion Mob Shows Up for Protest Outside Nancy Pelosi’s House
But they weren’t targeting a Republican or a Supreme Court justice who appears to support the draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Instead, they were targeting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The activists are demanding that Pelosi take action to halt the potential ruling,

On Same Day Florida Sen. Rick Scott Said Biden Is Unwell, Biden Calls Him the Senator from Wisconsin
There is one truth out there that is self-evident: Joe Biden is unfit to serve as president. On Tuesday, Florida Sen. Rick Scott went ahead and stated it plainly. “Let’s be honest here. Joe Biden is unwell,” Scott said in a statement. “He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated and confused. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. He’s incapable of leading and he’s incapable of carrying out his duties.” Biden ended up reinforcing Scott’s observations. Biden, confused and inaccurate again, claimed Scott was a senator from Wisconsin.

Federal Judge Hands DeSantis a Crucial Win in His Battle Against Disney
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging legislation pushed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to dissolve a special district set up to benefit the Walt Disney Co.

Unseasonably heavy rain hits Queensland, Australia 
Much of Queensland, Australia experienced unseasonably heavy rain and flooding this week, with parts of the state receiving between 3 to 4 months’ worth of rain in 48 to 72 hours.

South Africa heading for another year of record-breaking power cuts
Increased demand and degrading infrastructure is pushing South Africa to its second year of record-breaking power cuts.

Great Replacement: EU Children’s Propaganda Brochure Features Hijabi Girl – ‘You Are The Future!’
Migrants are being used by the left-wing elites to dilute host cultures, ensure more votes, and seize power.

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power To Edit Other People’s Tweets
In a newly released video clip, Biden disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz demands that “trustworthy verified people” like her be given the power to edit other people’s tweets, making Twitter more like Wikipedia. Yes, really.

GoFundMe Shuts Down Fundraiser for 8-Year-Old Suspected Vaccine Injury Victim 
On Tuesday, Frontline News reported on the severe vaccine injuries suffered by 8-year-old Ryleigh Jones. Just week after receiving one injection of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the child lost her ability to walk. She also experienced shortness of breath and chest pain and began to suffer from “sudden episodes of psychotic rages and blackouts and has suffered significant memory loss.”

FDA refuses to say when baby formula plant will reopen despite company’s claims the facility is safe
The biggest baby formula supplier in the U.S. has denied its Michigan plant is responsible for the deaths of two children despite the FDA closing it down. The plant was shutdown nearly three months ago after a bacterial infection caused the deaths and other serious illnesses.

Joe Biden And Jen Psaki Absolutely Support The Illegal Pro-Abortion Protests Happening Now Out In Front Of Residences Of Supreme Court Justices
Liberals, Progressives and Democrats are a largely lawless group of people, who only enforce the law when it can be applied against their political enemies, with enemies defined as anyone who tries to stop or interfere in their lawless behavior. Not only that, “Good Catholics” Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden also have nothing to say about Roman Catholic Churches being terrorized by pro-Abortion activists. So stop asking silly questions like “when is the next American Civil War coming?”, because you’ve been living in it for the past 786 Days of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve.

China Accelerates Nuclear Buildup, Military Modernization; Biden Speeding US To Defeat 
When the Pentagon assessed China’s nuclear arsenal in its annual report to Congress on China’s military power in November 2020, it projected that China’s nuclear warhead stockpile, which the Pentagon then estimated to be in the low 200s, would “at least double in size” over the next decade. The Pentagon also estimated that China was “pursuing” a “nuclear triad”, meaning a combination of land-, sea- and air-based nuclear capabilities.

Spring Wheat Hits 14-Year High On World War 3 & Weather Woes
A combination of delayed plantings in Northern U.S. Plains and Canada due to soggy weather, a dry spell in Western Europe, chaos in Ukraine, and severe weather in India, have disrupted global wheat markets, sending prices in Minneapolis to the highest levels since 2008.

Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million in Secret Payments to Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH
An estimated $350 million in undisclosed royalties were paid to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and hundreds of its scientists, including the agency’s recently departed director, Dr. Francis Collins, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to a nonprofit government watchdog.

More than 25,000 patients missing from Pfizer data… were they deleted on purpose? 
Safety data on 35,706 patients who participated in Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” trials has gone missing, more than likely intentionally as part of a massive cover-up.

FDA Chief Claims “Misinformation” is Leading Cause of Death in the United States
During an appearance on CNN, FDA chief Dr. Robert Califf asserted that the leading cause of death in the United States is online “misinformation.” Yes, really.

It’s INTENTIONAL: “Climate change” fairy tale is simply an excuse to destroy the physical infrastructure that keeps civilization alive 
Almost everything being said about the “climate change crisis” is a hoax designed to deconstruct society via a “Great Reset” and usher in the new age envisioned by the “elites.”

The Chinese Military Deploys Forces To Surround The Island Of Taiwan For What Looks Like A ‘Dress Rehearsal’ For Upcoming Actual Invasion
While here in America, as the folks in Washington DC are bracing themselves for the upcoming ‘Red Wave’ of the Midterms elections, an actual Red wave has surrounded the island of Taiwan in what analysts are calling a ‘dress rehearsal’ for China to launch an actual invasion. If China is ever going to do it, doing it while pretend president Joe Biden is in office is the key to successfully attacking Taiwan. Why do you think Russia waited until Biden was in to attack Ukraine? Remember Afghanistan? But I digress.

Labor Issues, Idle Trains Leave U.S. Grain and Food Stranded | AgWeb
Rail backlogs in the United States are delaying shipment of grains as well as processed flour and corn syrup, contributing to the national problem of inflation, food and grain companies said at a hearing this week.

US Meat Prices Could Reach ‘Highest Level in Generations’
America’s love of meat is about to get more expensive. Market forecasts predict consumers will pay more across the board for beef, pork, and chicken due to factors like rising feed costs and acute labor shortages.

BREAKING: Left-wing journalist calls for more violence against pro-life groups
Caroline Reilly, a reporting fellow for the Rewire News Group, has called for more arson attacks against anti-abortion groups. She also suggested an escalation to deadly political violence.

DIESELGEDDON – America’s diesel supply on verge of catastrophic collapse, leading to HALTING of food, fertilizer, coal and energy 
In what we are now calling Dieselgeddon, the supply of diesel fuel in the United States is plunging. By the end of May or early June — unless something changes dramatically — diesel fuel will go into extreme scarcity and have to be rationed across America.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/05/12/12-may-2022/

Headlines – 5/12/2022

Palestinian shot after lunging at police officers in Jerusalem’s Old City

Al Jazeera reporter shot dead during West Bank raid – both Israelis and Palestinians dispute circumstances which could spark international crisis

Expert says journalist’s death will fuel revenge attacks, no matter the explanation

Al Jazeera accuses Israeli forces of killing journalist in West Bank

Israeli, Palestinian initial forensics can’t determine who killed journalist in Jenin

UN, EU, US mourn Palestinian journalist killed in Jenin, call for investigation

US demands ‘immediate and thorough’ probe into journalist’s death in West Bank

Gantz says Israel needs Palestinian cooperation in probe of journalist’s death

Israel, Palestinians said in talks to cooperate on probe into reporter’s death

Gantz: We have asked the Palestinians for the bullet that killed Abu Akleh

Ra’am delays statement on Knesset dissolution bill, citing reporter’s death

Likud pulls bill to dissolve Knesset after Ra’am gives coalition another chance

Coalition lives to see another day as Islamist party decides it will stay in the government

Netanyahu: ‘A government dependent on terror supporters can’t fight terror’

Despite normalization with Israel, plans for Dubai synagogue at a standstill

Queen Elizabeth’s Speech includes ‘BDS bill’ to stop public bodies targeting Israel – Planned government bill aims to prevent boycotts which ‘may legitimise and drive antisemitism’

Church of England apologizes for antisemitic laws from 800 years ago

Egyptian army says five soldiers killed by jihadists in northern Sinai

Coalition against IS discusses looming resurgence as jihadists gain power in Sahel

U.S. Troops ‘Mistakenly’ Open Fire on Iraqi Kurdish Neighborhood

Rep. Ilhan Omar Accused of ‘Shilling for Iran’ After Calling to ‘Finalize’ Iran Deal

The Czech Republic replaces Russia on the UNHRC

Russia-Ukraine war: UK vows support if Sweden or Finland attacked; peace talks harder ‘with each new Bucha’, says Zelenskiy

NATO country is allowing nationals to join Ukraine’s army, fight Russia

Ukraine says it will hold first war crimes trial of captured Russian soldier

Ukrainian soldier in liberated town says killing Russians is ‘like a sport now’

Russia looks to reinforce troops on Snake Island, officials warn it could ‘dominate’ western Black Sea

Pro-Moscow leaders of occupied region seek to join Russia, Zelenskiy slams ‘collaborators’

Russian Spy Boss Compares US to German Nazi Propaganda Machine

Lithuania designates Russia as a terrorist country, a global first

Lithuanian foreign minister says Putin and Russian regime must be removed to stop ‘warmongering’

Commentary: Putin’s right-hand man Nikolai Patrushev is more barbaric than his master

Commentary: The ripple effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine are changing the world

Giving What You Don’t Have: EU May Add to ‘Skyrocketing’ Debt by Borrowing Billions to Give to Ukraine

U.S. Ukraine Relief Bill Passes Despite Some GOP Opposition

Nancy Pelosi Invokes the Bible to Justify Sending $40 Billion to Ukraine

Russian hackers ‘ramping up efforts’ after cyberattack shut down Ukraine internet connections, Musk warns

Ukraine war fuels food crisis in distant Africa

Hungary says its backing of EU’s Russia oil ban hinges on millions of dollars

Ukraine Pushes Russian Forces Back, Restricts Gas Flow to Europe

Oil up as Russia gas flow to Europe falls, EU Russian oil ban looms

Gas Prices Break Record, But Diesel Prices Will Greatly Affect All Americans – And The World

Major Trucking Firms Prepare For “Imminent Diesel Shortage In Eastern Half Of US”

US calls out Russia, China opposition to UN action on N.Korea

China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion ‘rehearsal’ drills

China Says Warned U.S. Warship as It Transited Taiwan Strait

Japan Watches Chinese Naval ‘Activities With Concern’

Japan: Chinese Invasion of Our Waters ‘Intolerable’

Satellite images suggest China may have developed new class of nuclear-powered submarine

Hong Kong police arrest Cardinal Joseph Zen on national security charge

Sri Lanka protesters burn politicians’ homes as country plunges further into chaos

Hunter Biden and DOJ could reach settlement for ‘significant fine’: Report

Judge to release Trump from contempt finding in N.Y. attorney general probe if he pays $110k fine

In Jan. 6 Audio, Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Biden Will Be ‘The Best Person To Have’ In Charge

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Debunking AP’s ‘2000 Mules’ Hit Piece

Per New Mexico Auditors Dominion Voting Systems Can Fill-In Ballots – Uncovered 2019 New York State Audit Confirms This

The World Economic Forum wants to ‘completely control all aspects of your life’: Dr. Robert Malone

Grocery Store Prices Up 10.8%, Most in Nearly 42 Years as Americans Face Higher Prices on Hamburger Meat, Baby Food, Chicken, Bacon, Soup, and Coffee

Two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck as inflation continues to climb

W.H. Economic Adviser Rouse: Inflation ‘The Consequence of Mounting an Effective Response to the Pandemic’

Biden insulting the American people by blaming Putin for inflation: Sen. Kennedy

Coinbase earnings were bad. Worse still, the crypto exchange is now warning that bankruptcy could wipe out user funds

Coinbase loses half its value in a week as crypto slumps

Crypto Billionaires’ Vast Fortunes Are Destroyed in Weeks

AI surveillance cameras now being used to detect potential threats

Immigration officials created network that can spy on majority of Americans, report says

They’re Always Watching: Thousands of Popular Websites See What You Type Before You Submit

Ohio bill would ban Facebook, Twitter from censoring users

Google teases smart glasses prototype that translates languages in real time

How to watch this week’s rare “super flower blood moon” total lunar eclipse

Meteor outburst possible on May 15 as Earth passes through a debris field created by asteroid 2006 GY2

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Port-Olry, Vanuatu

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Panguna, Papua New Guinea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Banda Aceh, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tocopilla, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Cleveland volcano – Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level raised to Yellow/Advisory, U.S.

Heightened volcanic unrest continues at Ruapehu with high volcanic gas output, strong tremor and steam plumes

NASA ICON Finds Effects of Massive Tonga Volcanic Eruption Reached Space

Unseasonably heavy rain hits Queensland, Australia

Spring Heat Wave to Smash Records in the South, Parts of the Midwest Into Late Week

Colorado’s snowpack is melting at a ‘ridiculous’ rate

Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes

‘Triple-dip’ La Nina to hold vast influence over Pacific hurricane season this year

Intense La Nina Pattern to Further Enhance Wildfire Activity

Horrific Footage of Russia Wildfires Shows Siberia Graveyard Burning

Mass bleaching reported in Great Barrier Reef caused by marine heatwave

Great Barrier Reef suffers sixth mass bleaching event with 91% of reefs surveyed affected

War and Weather Sent Food Prices Soaring. Now, China’s Harvest Is Uncertain

South Africa heading for another year of record-breaking power cuts

Government Planning Crackdown on Climate Crazy Protesters After Activists Caused Fuel Shortages

Electric Car Fail: Over 25% of Charging Stations in Deep Blue Region Do Not Work

Payne: ‘Despicable thing’ for Biden to put green agenda ahead of American families’ economies

A South Carolina man died from a heart problem while burying the woman he strangled, deputies say

Haitian Gang Leader Charged in Kidnapping of US Missionaries

Children among 29 Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria

3-year-old San Jose girl killed in alleged exorcism at hands of family members

Ghostly Gracie? NYC Mayor Eric Adams says mayoral mansion is haunted

The Washington Post says George Washington University must change its name because racism

Veteran Child Psychologist Describes Surge in Patients Identifying as Transgender

Lawsuit Against DeSantis Dismissed Over Revoking Disney’s Self Government

Hawley Proposes Copyright Limit to Rein In ‘Woke Corporations Like Disney’

Marvel Promotes Executive Who Promised More Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Films

Doctor Strange actress Zara Phythian and husband convicted of multiple counts of child sex abuse

A former Facebook moderator in Kenya has accused Meta of human trafficking

HuffPost: It’s Racist for Alito to Say Abortion Kills More Black Babies

Yellen says outlawing abortion would hurt U.S. economy, ‘set women back decades’

Tim Scott calls out treasury secretary for ‘callous’ claim that banning abortion is bad for economy, labor force

Tim Scott delivers ‘stunning rebuke’ of Janet Yellen over Black abortion comments: ‘I am thankful to be here’

Commentary: Janet Yellen Is Wrong. Protecting Life Could Never Damage the Economy.

Chicago Alderman: Lightfoot Using Abortion to ‘Deflect’ from ‘Failures’ on Crime

Pro-abortion activists surround Pelosi’s house in bout of poetic justice

Psaki Says Biden Wants Protesters to Continue Targeting Justices’ Homes

Schumer: I’m totes comfy with intimidation campaigns aimed at SCOTUS justices’ homes

Behar Defends Protest at Alito’s Home – Shows Him ‘What It Feels Like to Lose Your Freedom of Choice’

Pro-choicers picket Pelosi’s house, claim Democrats are ‘complicit’ in potential overhaul of Roe v. Wade

Vote to Codify Roe v. Wade Could See More Senators Targeted at Home

Attorney General Garland Orders US Marshals to Beef Up Security for Supreme Court Justices Following Request by Maryland and Virginia Governors

Bullet Pierces Window of Outspoken Virginia Attorney General’s Office After He Promises to Defend Churchgoers from Unruly Pro-Abortion Protesters

Pro-Abortion House Democrats March on Senate Chanting “My Body, My Decision!”

Glaude: Democrats Need ‘Struggles in the Street’ to Undo Trump, White Evangelical Agenda

Texas Bishop Decries ‘Evil Rhetoric’ of Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

U.S. Bishops Launch Day of Prayer to Overturn Roe and Casey

Catholic League: Schumer Act ‘Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Written’

Democrats Push Radical Abortion Bill Far More Expansive Than Roe

Democrats’ National Abortion Bill Replaces Word ‘Woman’ With ‘Person’

Dem Bid to Secure Roe v. Wade as Matter of National Law Fails, 49-51

Senate test vote on abortion bill flops as Manchin votes ‘no’

Joe Manchin Would Vote to Codify ‘Right’ to Abortion – but Objects to Portions of Schumer’s Bill

Klobuchar: Narrower Federal Abortion Legislation ‘Doesn’t Explicitly Stop States from Limiting Access’ to Abortion

Scalise: Expect Day One Vote on Born-Alive Bill If GOP Wins Control in Midterms

Leaked SCOTUS opinion on reversing Roe v. Wade renews House Democrats’ push to ‘pack’ court

Roberts may face roadblocks in probe of Roe leak, reporter who published it says

Psaki Tells Americans That If You Don’t Support Roe v. Wade, You’re ‘Ultra MAGA’

Study: Sarin Gas Caused Gulf War Syndrome

Fentanyl crisis an undeclared war by China against the US: Pirro

Drug-Overdose Deaths Reached a Record in 2021, Fueled by Fentanyl

Drug Overdose Deaths Rise Nearly 15% in Joe Biden’s First Year as President

Opioids crisis ‘Completely devastating’: US passes 1m overdose deaths since records began

Congress Mad About Baby Formula Shortage, But It Has A Shortage Of Solutions

2020: Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Other Billionaires Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Artificial Breast Milk Cultured From Human Mammary

White House Predicts 100 Million COVID-19 Cases In Fall And Winter Unless The Feds Get Billions In Funding

House Republicans Demand Answers From CDC Over Reports It Tracked Location Data From Millions Of Americans During COVID-19 Pandemic

Military doctors can’t trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower

China: Taiwan Can’t Participate in WHO Conference

China: Farmers Forbidden From Farming Under Lockdown

Shanghai Lockdown Forced 13-Year-Old Boy to Live Alone in Apartment for 66 Days

Shanghai’s Month-Plus Lockdown Expands to Suburbs

WHO Chief Censored in China After Calling Its ‘Zero COVID’ Policy Unsustainable

China faces ‘tsunami ‘ of 1.6 million deaths from omicron variant if Zero-COVID policy dropped: study

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Sees Setback Amid Omicron

Indian Govt Says Vaccine Lobby Tried To Influence Elections Through WHO Report

Los Angeles postpones its public school vaccine mandate until summer 2023

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk

Covaxin Maker Gets $19 Million For Development Of ‘Variant Proof’ Vaccine

Bill Gates says COVID is ‘kind of like the flu,’ and that the vaccines are ‘imperfect’

‘Masks are pretty magical. I’m surprised that people got fatigued wearing them’: Bill Gates

EU Will Scrap Mask Mandate For Air Travel

Evangelical Lutheran Church short ‘at least 600’ pastors as many step away from ministry amid pandemic

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 12, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“The prosperity of commerce is now perceived and acknowledged by all enlightened statesmen to be the most useful as well as the most productive source of national wealth, and has accordingly become a primary object of its political cares.” —Alexander Hamilton (1787)



Biden Gives Us Gas Pains

The administration’s anti-energy zealotry appears to have no limits.

Douglas Andrews

Is Joe Biden a Republican plant? Seriously. Is he some behind-the-back triple-bank-shot ingeniously foisted upon the American people in order to bring the nation to its knees and then bring Donald Trump and his “ultra-MAGA agenda” back to the White House amid pomp and palm fronds?

Well, okay, not seriously. But we ask because everything “Mr. 81 Million Votes” does seems to Make America Worse, seems to Put America Last, and seems to cause the American people to yearn for those awful ultra-MAGA days — you know, those days in the not-too-distant past when we were energy independent and the price at the pump was $2.39 a gallon. Or less. These days, you’re paying somewhere around $4.40 a gallon, which, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, is yet another all-time record.

It’s as if the guy’s on a nationwide tour, slapping “I DID THAT” stickers like so much Flex Tape on every gas pump in America.

Joe Brandon has nothing, though, if not an impeccable sense of timing. Yesterday, for example, on the very day that gas prices hit the aforementioned record high (before being broken again today), his administration canceled one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales pending before the Department of the Interior. As Fox Business reports: “The DOI halted the potential to drill for oil in over 1 million acres in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, along with two lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico. The move comes as Biden has taken a few actions to combat high gas prices, despite his administration’s generally hostile approach to the oil industry.”

What the heck?

Recall that Scranton Joe had hardly leaned back and put his feet upon the Resolute Desk when he signed an executive order suspending new oil and gas leases on federal lands. He finally resumed the new leasing last month due to court challenges against his ban, but his green legal team is appealing the ruling that forced his hand. After all, this is the guy who canceled the Keystone XL pipeline on his very first day in office.

There’s a word for behavior like this: zealotry. And another, especially when the nation teeters on the brink of a recession: imbecility.

And the excuse from the eco-theologians is always the same. As our Nate Jackson pointed out recently: “Democrats love to dismiss drilling or pipelines as solutions to today’s high gas prices because it’ll take so long to get oil to the gas pump. But what they’ve done is, for decades, hamper the production process and then point to that slow process as ‘proof’ that we can’t drill our way out of the current mess. Donald Trump proved just the opposite — unleashing American energy production could yield incredible results within a few months.”

As for the Biden administration’s claim that there’s an abundance of leases out there that aren’t being used by the oil and gas industry, it’s rubbish. Industry experts note that these leases take years to explore, to develop, and to produce on. The truth is that Team Brandon is hell-bent on killing American energy production. And, sadly, it’s succeeding.

Is a “California Summer” in our future? City Journal’s Steve Malanga thinks so:

Soaring gasoline and electricity prices may turn out to be only part of Americans’ energy woes this summer. In recent months, a host of power suppliers have issued warnings that millions of residents could endure rolling blackouts because of the growing inability of America’s evolving energy infrastructure to meet power needs. From western states like Utah, Colorado, and California to midwestern states like Illinois, energy providers have cautioned that rising prices, shortages due to the closure of some coal and nuclear plants, and the unreliability of renewables like wind and solar have reduced energy surpluses. That’s left some places with little margin for error during peak usage times in mid-summer — potentially prompting the kind of blackouts California saw last year.

Joe Biden did that. And just think: 15 miserable months down, and only 33 to go.

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Dems’ Death Cult Bill Dies in Senate

Democrats are “wildly out of touch” with Americans, the world, and the science.

Nate Jackson

As expected, Senate Democrats failed to pass their radical abortion bill yesterday. Just as important as the fact of its failure is the reason for its demise.

“Make no mistake: It is not Roe v. Wade codification, it’s an expansion,” explained Senator Joe Manchin, who was the lone Democrat “no” vote against the Women’s Health Protection Act. “It wipes 500 state laws off the books. It expands abortion,” he added. “We should not be dividing this country further than we’re already divided.”

Even Senator Susan Collins, the sometimes Republican from Maine who has introduced her own bill to codify a federal “right” to abortion, called the Democrat bill “too broad.” Indeed, the party has gone a long way from the days of “safe, legal, and rare.”

Manchin and Collins are too kind. Republican Senator Ben Sasse actually hit the mark: “Advocates for abortion on demand are doing a lot of fearmongering. We’ve heard some bizarre speeches on the floor in the last couple days that are so disconnected from the reality of the text of the legislation that’s before us. So much of what they’re pushing is wildly out of touch with the public and wildly out of touch with modern science.”

“Wildly out of touch” pretty well describes Democrats on a lot of things. That they win elections at all is a testament to the fallen condition of humanity.

Sasse also pointed to how “wildly out of touch” Democrats are with the rest of the world. “The legislation before us today would make our laws even more extreme,” he said. “Depending on how you count we have the fourth to seventh most extreme pro-abortion laws of any of the 200 nations on Earth.”

Democrats defiantly argue just the opposite. They love to point to polls conducted by their Leftmedia propagandists as “proof” that, as Kamala Harris complained, the result “clearly suggests the Senate is not where the majority of Americans are on this issue.” But these polls are garbage for two reasons. First, the Supreme Court shouldn’t decide constitutional law based on polls, and, frankly, Congress shouldn’t be writing legislation that way either. Second, many of these polls are designed to achieve certain results — it’s pollaganda.

Speaking of “wildly out of touch,” Joe “Good Catholic” Biden does not support any limits on abortion, which is way out of step with his church and his proclaimed faith.

All of this brings us to some of the more bizarre remarks about this renewed debate, which come from, of all places, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. You may be wondering what in the world a treasury secretary would have to say about this issue. We were too.

Perhaps that’s why she turned the argument into a utilitarian economic one.

To be fair, she was set up to do so by a question from New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez: “What impact will the loss of abortion access mean economically for women?” Claiming it would “set women back by decades,” Yellen explained that “abortion helped lead to increased labor force participation” of women and “research also shows that it had a favorable impact on the well-being and earnings of children.”

The children who survive, anyway.

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott asked rhetorically, “Did you say that ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate?”

Yellen went on digging a hole, including throwing race into it — as if saving the black babies who are vastly disproportionately the victims of abortion would somehow afflict the black community. Scott aptly replied, “I’ll just simply say that as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, I’m thankful to be here as a United States senator.”

His is a wonderful story. More than 60 million lives have been terminated in the womb before more wonderful stories could play out. How many Americans would have been born and gone on to become business owners, inventors, athletes, medical professionals, or even senators if the eugenicists at Planned Parenthood hadn’t killed them?

When will leftists start to think of people as economic assets and not liabilities? Humans are, of course, far more than that — we are all God’s image bearers, worthy of the Declaration’s promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

When will Democrats stop treating the lives of preborn children like nothing more than human sacrifices to a political dogma?

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Executive News Summary

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • Overdose deaths hit new record: Over 107,000 people died of drug overdoses in the U.S. last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Wednesday. This latest number sets a new record high, and for the second consecutive year, overdose deaths topped 100,000, continuing a negative trend that demonstrates the growing severity of the opioid crisis. Of the overdose deaths, 71,000 were due to fentanyl or other similar synthetic opioids, representing a 23% increase over the prior year. Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, noted that drug overdose deaths are often tied to individuals using more than one drug. She explained, “The net effect is that we have many more people, including those who use drugs occasionally and even adolescents, exposed to these potent substances that can cause someone to overdose even with a relatively small exposure.” Experts point to the COVID lockdowns as being a significant contributing factor for the growth in drug abuse.
  • U.S. Marshals Service sent to protect SCOTUS justices: Attorney General Merrick Garland has finally acted in response to leftist pro-abortion mobs that have targeted, picketed, and harassed the homes of the six Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices. Garland ordered the U.S. Marshals to help protect the Supreme Court and the justices, though it’s not clear if the protection includes the justices’ homes. According to federal law, it is illegal for anyone to act in an effort to influence or intimidate the Court, including by picketing or parading “in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge.” Republicans have blasted Joe Biden’s Justice Department for failing to enforce the law, protect the Court, and uphold the integrity of the judicial process. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) observed the hypocrisy: “When parents went to a public meeting in a public building to voice their concerns about their kids’ education, Merrick Garland sicced the feds on them. Now you have protesters marching at the private homes of Supreme Court justices about a pending case.”
  • Appellate court strikes down California gun ban: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a California law passed last year that banned the sale of semiautomatic firearms to anyone under the age of 21. “America would not exist without the heroism of the young adults who fought and died in our revolutionary army,” wrote Judge Ryan Nelson in the majority opinion. “Today we reaffirm that our Constitution still protects the right that enabled their sacrifice: the right of young adults to keep and bear arms.” The Second Amendment-supporting Firearms Policy Coalition brought the suit and responded, “Today’s decision confirms that peaceable legal adults cannot be prohibited from acquiring firearms and exercising their rights enshrined in the Second Amendment.” While the ruling is a victory for Californians’ Second Amendment rights, it is only a partial one, as the state still maintains a law requiring the possession of a hunting license for anyone seeking to purchase a rifle or shotgun who is under the age of 21.
  • Ohio seeks to ban Big Tech censorship: Republicans in Ohio’s state House Civil Justice Committee recently approved a bill that aims to prevent social media platforms from censoring speech based upon a user’s “viewpoint.” Republican Scott Wiggam, one of the bill’s sponsors, explained, “By preventing Big Tech companies from continuing to engage in viewpoint discrimination, we hope to protect the free exchange of ideas and information in Ohio.” The bill would apply to social media companies with 50 million or more users, though it does not provide an enforcement mechanism other than allowing individual Ohioans to file civil suits against social media companies for speech suppression. Ohio may join other states such as Florida in aggressively defending citizens’ First Amendment rights against Big Tech abuse. Another Ohio bill sponsor, Al Cutrona, contends that these social media platforms are “common carriers.” “These services are affected with a public interest, are public accommodations, are central public forums for public debate, and have enjoyed governmental support in the U.S.,” Cutrona explained. “As such, Ohio is well within its rights to stop Big Tech from censoring users based on their viewpoint.”


  • Biden invents “ultra-MAGA” Republicans as midterm election Trump substitute (Washington Examiner)
  • Alvaro Bedoya confirmed for FTC, breaking long deadlock (Washington Post)
  • Yes, safe smoking kits include free crack pipes. We know because we got them. (Free Beacon)
  • Maskless Broadway star yells at audience member for not wearing a mask (Not the Bee)
  • “Doctor Strange” actor and her husband found guilty of sexually abusing a minor (LA Times)
  • Fisher-Price groomers release drag queen set for preschoolers (Not the Bee)
  • Did Fauci and Collins receive royalty payments from drug companies? (NR)
  • Policy: What Biden can do to lower inflation — but stubbornly refuses to (NY Post)
  • Satire: Here are more things Elon Musk should buy and fix (Babylon Bee)

For more of today’s editors’ choice headlines, visit Headline Report.

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Is the NBA ‘Homophobic’ or Just Hypocritical?

Charlotte lost the All-Star Game because of “homophobia” allegations, but playing in the UAE is okay?

Emmy Griffin

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is infamous for pushing woke virtue. It has been the loudest on issues ranging from Black Lives Matter to defunding the police to LGBTQ+ activism. In 2016, the NBA, as you may recall, pulled its All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina, for the state’s “crime” of passing legislation that the NBA perceived as harmful to the oppressed Rainbow Mafia.

The bill merely stated that bathrooms were to be designated by biological sex for government buildings. Businesses, private schools, and restaurants were free to do what they wanted. The legislation was rather tame, but the NBA, by its actions, declared that it couldn’t support a state with such “bigoted” views.

Fast-forward to 2022.

The NBA has just announced that it is going to have pre-season games played in the United Arab Emirates. Islam is the official religion of the UAE, and according to the teaching of Islam, practicing the gay lifestyle is illegal, culminating in execution.

It begs the question: Is the NBA “homophobic” or simply hypocritical? The answer is that it’s cold-blooded capitalist. It will go where the money is and will be the mouthpiece for whomever pays it.

This has been amply demonstrated through the NBA’s unholy union with China. Business owners turn a blind eye to the human right abuses committed by the ChiComs, who have placed thousands of prisoners in concentration camps, where they are sterilized, raped, tortured, killed, and have their organs harvested. These prisoners range from religious ones (Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists) to cultural ones (Mongolians, Han Chinese, etc). And yet players like LeBron James will shill for Beijing, and players like Enes Kanter Freedom get blacklisted and removed from the roster for opposing China’s human rights abuses.

The NBA’s woke hypocrisy is hardly different from other big businesses that have bowed to the will of the mighty dollar. Hollywood is constantly cutting out parts of films to make them more amenable to Chinese censors. This was most recently demonstrated by Warner Brothers, which cut out a character in “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” talking about his same-sex relationship. Disney is so in bed with China that it actually filmed scenes from the 2020 live action remake of “Mulan” in the Xinjiang province, where genocide against Uyghurs is being committed.

The attitude of “I don’t care what other countries are doing; I’m just going to ‘fix’ mine” is inherently hypocritical and antithetical to woke preaching. As OutKick’s Sam Amico writes, “The NBA either supports LGBTQ rights, or it doesn’t.” Furthermore, you’re either for equal human rights, or you’re not. It shouldn’t change depending on which country pays you the most.

This chink in the woke armor should be encouraging, though. Americans who don’t hold to the radical push from these big corporations have the power to say “No.” By not watching or paying for their products, consumers will teach companies like the NBA, Warner Brothers, and Disney not to bite the hands that feed them.

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Pelosi’s Housekeeping Plans: Unionization and Higher Pay

If the speaker is destined to become the petty ex-speaker, she’s going to make things as miserable as possible for her Republican successor.

Lewis Morris

This week, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted along strict party lines to approve a resolution allowing congressional staffers to unionize. This follows a move by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week to establish a wage floor and ceiling for those staffers, set to go into effect by September 1.

But why do this now? Why wasn’t it a Day One priority for Pelosi, Biden, and their fellow Democrats? Are they already anticipating a shellacking on November 8 and therefore intent on leaving things a mess for Republicans?

The union resolution is part of a years-long quest by Democrats to unionize the federal government, which creates a cozy and inherently sleazy relationship that even Franklin Roosevelt opposed. Staff unionization is unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate, though, which would require 10 Republican votes to surmount a guaranteed filibuster.

Unionization of government employees has created pockets of power throughout the federal bureaucracy — pockets that are consistently corrupt and utterly insulated. The sharp growth in government in recent decades and the growth of bureaucratic interference in our daily lives is directly related to the growth of these self-serving federal employee unions. It’s nearly impossible to fire a federal employee, and the rules they’ve made for themselves have insulated their actions and behavior from public scrutiny and accountability.

Meanwhile, Pelosi announced a $45,000 minimum annual pay for House staff, along with a $203,700 maximum annual pay. The funds for the pay adjustment are already covered, thanks to a 21% increase in the Members Representational Allowance that was enacted in March. (A 21% increase? Nice work if you can get it.)

The stated reasons for pushing unionization and the pay raise include trying to make the House more competitive with the private sector and the Washington lobbying industry. Additionally, Pelosi wants to address the perceived unfairness of young legislative staffers working long hours for low pay. Democrats also cite burnout and emotional triggers suffered by staffers due to COVID, the January 6 riot, and — get this — demanding bosses.

At the risk of being the bearer of real-world news, we’d suggest that young staffers everywhere generally work long hours for low pay. It’s part and parcel of pursuing a career in law, business, politics, manufacturing, and so forth. Work hard, get paid peanuts, and learn a lot early through networking and experience so that one can earn the big bucks later. It’s called investing in one’s future. In a (relatively) free market, if the work is too hard or the pay is too low, folks are always free to work someplace else. Why should taxpayers subsidize a 21% pay increase for congressional staffers when most of us in the private sector have to change jobs to reap that kind of gain?

One would hope that bosses on Capitol Hill are demanding. We elect representatives who we expect to have our best interests at heart, and those who choose to work for them should have the same focus and commitment. These people are running our country. It’s supposed to be a tough gig. As for the other emotional triggers cited above, our best advice is for these people to grow up.

Sadly, it’s to be expected that leftist wokeness would invade the congressional staff. After all, those interested in government work tend to be left-of-center politically. It’s the attraction to power and the ability to tell other people what to do that invigorates them. But, yes, this one-two punch of staffer unionization and pay raises is really about Pelosi exacting revenge from the Republicans for their likely takeover of the House in the midterms.

Indeed, with the toxic environment in the Beltway these days, we’d almost expect the Democrats to stir congressional staffers to strike once the Republicans take control of Congress. (Hey, they’re Democrats.) And as with all their other actions, it’s not about serving the American people — it’s about seizing power.

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‘Trans Kids’: Planned Parenthood’s New Revenue Stream

The leading abortion mill is aggressively expanding its business by building a “transgender” pipeline from schools to its clinics.

Thomas Gallatin

Last year, we noted that America’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was actively seeking to expand its business beyond being a mere abortion mill by also including gender transitioning service. Thanks to reporting from Abigail Shrier, it was exposed that Planned Parenthood was handing out cross-sex hormones to teenagers like they were candy.

The obvious implications are that Planned Parenthood is developing a new and potentially bigger revenue stream than it gets from providing abortions. As a Planned Parenthood clinic employee observed, “Trans identifying kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork, meetings, etc., whereas abortions are (hopefully) a one-and-done situation.”

In order for Planned Parenthood’s latest venture to turn into a growing revenue stream, the organization has invested heavily in school programs. It’s an obvious effort to groom or indoctrinate children into not only accepting but embracing gender confusion.

Through the development of so-called “well-being centers,” Planned Parenthood has been aggressively working with schools to create sex-ed programs that affirm “transgender” ideology. This in turn seeks to establish what amounts to a “transitioning” pipeline for Planned Parenthood through which teenagers can access cross-sex hormones, often without the need of any parental consent.

Just how widespread are Planned Parenthood’s school indoctrination efforts? Schools across the country have hired Planned Parenthood or Planned Parenthood-affiliated individuals to lead sex-ed programs. The organization reported that 1.2 million students received its sex-ed materials last year.

Ergo, Planned Parenthood is in the business of indoctrinating children into accepting its twisted gender ideology and then funneling them into clinics to sell them hormones that could permanently damage their health. Think Big Tobacco, only many times worse. At least the tobacco industry didn’t try to sell its products as “morally righteous.”

Parents need to step up and act — perhaps to demand the passage of legislation similar to Arkansas’s SAFE Act, which aims to prevent Planned Parenthood and other pro-transgender organizations from misleading children. Data shows that some 88% to 98% of gender dysphoric children end up embracing their biological sex if allowed to develop naturally and “untreated.” Parents need to wake up to the fact that these gender-bending radical ideologues are indeed coming for their children. It is no longer a question of if, but how.

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On the Web

  • Douglas Andrews: Meet the New Flack, Worse Than the Old Flack? — Joe Biden’s new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, brings plenty of snark and race-baiting baggage to the job.
  • Republican National Committee: Biden’s Inflation Blame Game — He’s desperate to blame anyone but himself for the worst inflation in 40 years, but the American people know he is responsible.

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“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.” —Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

For the Record

“Only in Congress do people adjust to economic adversity and growing deficits by spending more money.” —Thomas Sowell

“This president has no ability to deal with inflation. In the private sector, when you have a CEO that doesn’t have the ability to deal with something, they resign. They go on and do something else. Joe Biden ought to do the exact same thing.” —Senator Rick Scott

“It’s pretty interesting that in an era of bipartisan distrust of institutions, the solution is never ‘what if we removed power from the institutions?’ but ‘what if I controlled the institutions instead?’” —Ben Shapiro

“Biden’s incoming press secretary claimed [yesterday] the White House is working ‘24/7’ on the baby formula shortage. When asked who at the White House was in charge, she laughed and said she didn’t know.” —Katie Pavlich

“When parents went to a public meeting in a public building to voice their concerns about their kids’ education, Merrick Garland sicced the feds on them. Now, you have protesters marching at the private homes of Supreme Court justices about a pending case and Merrick Garland is nowhere to be seen.” —Senator Tom Cotton

“It’s interesting how the left says the right doesn’t care about life outside of the womb except we are the only ones concerned about baby formula for, umm, babies. Meanwhile the left is only concerned with sending millions of $ to Ukraine and advocating for unlimited abortions.” —Danielle D’Souza Gill

“The ends justify the means for the radical Left, whether it’s assaulting pregnancy clinics and churches or threatening Supreme Court Justices. They will disregard the rule of law, attack and intimidate to get what they want. We should not stand for it.” —former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Stoking Illegality

“I know that there’s an outrage right now I guess about protests that have been peaceful to date and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes and that’s the president’s position.” —White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

“While we have seen and heard extraordinary anguish in our communities, we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action: planning to march and mobilize to make their voices heard.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

“If protests are peaceful, yes.” —Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer when asked, “Are you comfortable with the protests that we saw outside the homes of Supreme Court justices over the weekend?”

The BIG Lie

“We inherited an economy on the brink of a great depression.” —Joe Biden

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“Stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen election …..welcome to the world of #unpresidented Trump.” —incoming White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, December 2016

“Fox News was racist before coronavirus, they are racist during coronavirus, and Fox News will be racist after the coronavirus.” —Jean-Pierre, March 2020

“Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams.” —Jean-Pierre, April 2020

And Last…

“Dude — inflation goes up AGAIN, we’re out of baby formula, the border is completely overrun, and nobody can afford gas. Seriously, let’s all make a pact that we NEVER order a President through the Mail again.” —Jimmy Failla

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DAILY BRIEFING: The Inadequacy of the GOP/Right in Combating Left Terror | Lionel Nation

#LionelNation #NewGlobalOrder #RadLeftFascism Lionel returns to NYC’s Cutting Room on July 16, 2022. Tickets on sale now. https://bit.ly/3w3aqW5 There’s simply no room on social media platforms for intelligent brave naked speech.

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We’re in a crisis in America: President of The National Black Farmers Association

President of The National Black Famers Association John Boyd Jr. discusses the impact that inflation is having on America’s farmers on ‘Hannity.’ #Hannity #FoxNews

Source: We’re in a crisis in America: President of The National Black Farmers Association

CBN NewsWatch AM: May 12, 2022

Democratic bill to make abortion a federal fight fails in Senate vote; Finland says it wants to join NATO- the very thing Vladimir Putin didn’t want; inflation still rising, and gas prices hit another new high; drought in western US taking a toll, as wildfires have torched New Mexico and waters are dramatically receding in the nation’s two largest reservoirs; Russia expert John O’Neil, author of the new book “The Dancer and the Devil: Stalin, Pavlova, and the Road to the Great Pandemic,” tells CBN’s The Global Lane why Putin might use biological rather than nuclear weapons in Ukraine; how Democrats are using the popular social media platform TikTok to reach younger voters; and a new 143-foot-high statue of Jesus in Brazil called “Christ the Protector” is even taller than the iconic “Christ the Redeemer” statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro.

Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: May 12, 2022

Why Pro-Abortion Activists Desecrate Churches

Since the news broke that the Supreme Court may be poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, some pro-abortion activists have responded by vandalizing Catholic churches and disturbing Masses. While the threats to disrupt worship en masse and even burn the sacramental elements seem to be overblown so far, the backlash against religion is surely a sign of the times. Most obviously, the sartorial choices of some of the activists (dresses inspired by a sermonizing Margaret Atwood novel) speak to the infantilism of our age. Clearly, there is no issue so profound—not even the mystery of the creation of new life—that cannot be reduced to sophomoric silliness. But if the idiom has been that of puerile performance, the focus on churches indicates that desecration is becoming a default strategy for the political class in the modern West. And that bodes ill for some of our most basic freedoms.

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Source: Why Pro-Abortion Activists Desecrate Churches