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Great Is the Lord | Today in the Word Devotional

Every year different organizations host a Pi competition. In this competition, contestants recite as many digits of the number Pi as they can from memory. The current world record was set by Suresh Kumar Sharma who recited 70,030 digits over the course of 17 hours. The interesting thing about this competition is that no one will ever master it. The number of digits in Pi is infinite. Yet, that does not keep people from trying! In some ways this has a parallel with Psalm 145. Near the beginning of this praise psalm, David admits that God’s greatness is such that “no one can fathom” it (v. 3). It is not possible to fully articulate God’s attributes or to describe His nature. Yet, that does not keep David from praise. This Psalm praises God from A to Z! David reminds Israel that praise continues from one generation to the next: “One generation commends your works to another” (v. 4). The next few verses put this into action. The new generation praises God and David responds, “They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty / and I will meditate on your wonderful works” (v. 5). One of the joys of worshiping in church is when the elderly and youth, believers of every generation, join in praising God side by side. David rehearses many of God’s attributes, “The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (v. 8). He does not tire of recounting what God has done. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). He is the true king and sovereign over all creation (vv. 1, 13). >> A good exercise today might be to try to write one line of praise to God for each letter of the English alphabet. While we will never fully express the magnitude of God’s greatness, it is worth the try.

Our Field of Battle — VCY America

For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. (Deuteronomy 20:4)

We have no enemies but the enemies of God. Our fights are not against men but against spiritual wickednesses. We war with the devil and the blasphemy and error and despair which he brings into the field of battle. We fight with all the armies of sin—impurity, drunkenness, oppression, infidelity, and ungodliness. With these we contend earnestly, but not with sword or spear; the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

Jehovah, our God, abhors everything which is evil, and, therefore, He goeth with us to fight for us in this crusade. He will save us, and He will give us grace to war a good warfare and win the victory. We may depend upon it that if we are on God’s side God is on our side. With such an august ally the conflict is never in the least degree doubtful. It is not that truth is mighty and must prevail but that might lies with the Father who is almighty, with Jesus who has all power in heaven and in earth, and with the Holy Spirit who worketh His will among men.

Soldiers of Christ, gird on your armor. Strike home in the name of the God of holiness, and by faith grasp His salvation. Let not this day pass without striking a blow for Jesus and holiness.

Our Field of Battle — VCY America

Outfitting Soldiers for the Fight of Faith | Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul 

Military chaplains who partner with Ligonier Ministries receive discipleship materials to serve men and women around the world. In this special edition, hear from members of the armed forces and military families to discover the impact of this outreach–and ways you can help.


The Bible and its Story: “Thy Dead Shall Live”

The mighty prophet looks beyond that terrible day of destruction which he has foretold. Thereafter, he promises peace and joy. He asserts and repeats with energy that the dead shall rise, death shall be swallowed up in victory. “Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.”

‎Yet there shall be a grim moment before those blessed days, before the resurrection is accomplished. “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

‎“For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

True Worship, Part 8 (#2) – Grace to You Radio

For the past three weeks, John MacArthur’s been considering this issue of True Worship. He’s explained that there really is such a thing as false worship. He’s examined the aspects of God that should be the focus of your worship. You’ve seen where and when worship should take place . . . and what it means to worship in spirit and in truth.

The Confession of Our Sin – Part 2 | Daily Radio Program with Charles Stanley…

Glean insights about what it means to genuinely confess your sins.

First John 1:9 teaches, ‘If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ Yet, we need to consider whether or not we really understand what it means to genuinely confess our sins. Are we confident that God has truly forgiven us? Dr. Stanley shows you how there is much more to confession than simply telling God what you’ve done. He also instructs you how to be sure that all of your transgressions have been forgiven once and for all.

— Read on www.intouch.org/listen/radio/the-confession-of-our-sin-part-2

The Walk of the True Christian, Part 4 (Ephesians 4:31-32) | SermonAudio

A new MP3 sermon from Grace to You is now available on SermonAudio with the following details:

Title: The Walk of the True Christian, Part 4 (Ephesians 4:31-32)
Speaker: Pastor John MacArthur
Broadcaster: Grace to You
Event: Sunday Service
Date: 5/22/2022
Length: 57 min.

Jesus Identifies With Our Needs — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Read: Hebrews 4:14-16

We often forget that during His stay on earth, Jesus experienced need just as we do. Although Christ was fully God, He was at the same time completely human, with all of humanity’s weaknesses and shortcomings. Though He didn’t sin, He identified with our suffering.

When Jesus had finished a 40-day fast in the wilderness, He experienced physical hunger and an onslaught of temptation from the devil (Matthew. 4:1-2). Later, after an exhausting day of healing people and feeding a crowd of more than 5,000, the Son of God required time alone with His Father for spiritual strength and refreshment (Matthew. 14:23). And in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ was under tremendous spiritual and emotional pressure as He faced the daunting task of paying for the sins of mankind through His death on a cross (Matthew. 26:38-39).

In each weakness, Jesus turned to His Father. The Word of God was His defence in temptation, prayer was His source of strength for ministry, and submission to the Father’s will was His pathway to victory over sin and death. By passing through every difficult situation without sin, He became our Great High Priest, who intercedes for us and invites us to draw near to God’s throne for help in time of need.

Whatever your needs may be, you can follow Christ’s example and experience the Father’s provision. The Word of God is your protection, prayer is your strength, and submission to the Father is the way to victory over sin. Draw near with confidence, and let the Lord shower you with His grace.

By Dr. Charles Stanley
Used by Permission

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Jesus Identifies With Our Needs — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Faithful Listener — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“…The Lord listens and heeds when I call to him.”  Psalm 4:3(AMPC)

Have you ever felt desperate to have someone listen to your issues of the heart? Imagine you’re going through some moments of real doubt regarding something. You have friends, but you don’t think you can share the deepest part of who you are with anyone. So, what do you do?

I was facing a tough time. I fought those doubts. It wasn’t easy. The worst part was that it seemed I had some answers to support my doubts. Sadness came to my heart.

So, I cried out to God in tears. I remember all I could ask was, ”God, help me. Help me, Father. Please do something.” And he did. He inclined his ears. He heard my cry of desperation and silently wiped my tears.

Then, I realized my doubts weren’t insignificant in his eyes. He saw my heart and opened his ears and heart to my cry of desperation for help. When I couldn’t help myself, God responded to my cry. He brought me the answer I needed. He didn’t do it the way I thought, but his response worked. I calmed down.

I still stand in awe of the way he responded to my cry.

When you feel desperate to have someone listen to your heart, remember there is a listener waiting for you. He will be attentive to your call. He won’t condemn you but will be understanding and faithful towards you. So, call on God any time and he will listen to you.

Father God, thank you for being a good and faithful listener. Help me to always feel comfortable to run to you whenever I have doubts, fears, or something deeply tugging at my heart. Amen

By Fab Batsakis
Used by Permission

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The Faithful Listener — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

The Bible and its Story: The Last Judgment

The next section of Isaiah’s wonderful book (chapters 24–27) contains those marvelous prophecies of the world-wide destruction and the world-wide judgment wherewith the reign of evil is to be ended upon earth. The tremendous images of this vision have roused the genius of many generations of preachers and painters to depict that final judgment. “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.”

‎“Fear, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth.

‎“And it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the fear shall fall into the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake.

‎“The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

‎“The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.”

by Julius A. Bewer; Charles F. Horne

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 94—What Does God Require In The First Commandment? — The Heidelblog

The Heidelberg Catechism is one of the most beloved and well used catechisms to emerge from the sixteenth and seventeenth century Reformation. Published in its final form in 1563, the catechism has been used by millions of Christians to teach the faith to children and adults alike. Arranged in 52 Lord’s Days (Sundays) the catechism takes the Christian through the basics of the Christian faith (our creation, fall, redemption, new life in Christ, and glorification). It explains the Apostles’ Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord’s Prayer. It is a treasure. To encourage listeners and readers, we expect to post one question and answer a day on the HB. If you are subscribed to the Heidelcast or the Heidelblog (see below) you will receive these episodes automatically.

Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 94—What Does God Require In The First Commandment? — The Heidelblog

27 May 2022 News Briefing

Very strong M7.2 earthquake hits southern Peru – The Watchers
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.2 hit southern Peru at 12:02 UTC on May 26, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 217.8 km (135 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.2 at a depth of 211 km (131 miles).

Shallow M6.4 earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit southeast of the Loyalty Islands at 15:37 UTC on May 26, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 15 km (9 miles). This is the second M6+ earthquake of the day.

Leftists Are About to Kill Millions of People Right Before Our Eyes
Sometimes something is so horrifying that you simply cannot process it – your brain tells you that it’s not real,that it can’t be real, but the horror now approaching us is all too real. Millions of people are likely to starve to death in the next year – we know it’s coming, we know why, and yet our garbage ruling caste is paralyzed.

The National Science Teachers Assoc Just BANNED Use Of Words Including ‘Mother’, ‘Father’, ‘Man’ And ‘Woman’ Because They Are ‘Oppressive’
According to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), science teachers must cease using words like “parent,” “men,” “women,” “mother,” and “father” since they are “oppressive”.

Vatican official at Davos says the Church is implementing the World Economic Forum agenda
The Catholic Church intends to ‘implement policies and programs to put into practice the issues considered by the forum,’ said Father Leonir Chiarello, the Superior General of the Scalabrinian order.

UN Food Head Warns Conditions “Worse” Than Arab Spring As Inflation Riots Spread
Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, David Beasley, executive director at the UN World Food Programme, warned the world’s food security conditions are “worse” than what was observed during Arab Spring over a decade ago.

Global debt about to explode 
The tally soared to a record $305 trillion in the first quarter of this year, driven by the US and China, a researcher says

EU’s weapons stockpile depleted
The EU needs to take more responsibility for its security and compensate for the shortfalls that have been underlined by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the bloc’s foreign affairs chief, Josep Borell has warned.

South Sudanese Youth Turn to Farming to Plug Food Shortage
To end food shortage due to years of conflict and climate change effects, several youths in the landlocked Central African country of South Sudan are turning to growing crops rather than seeking a living in oil extraction.

Corn, soybean, wheat, oat planting in the US now far behind their five-year averages 
The process of planting corn, soybeans, wheat and oats in America is significantly slower compared to the five-year average.

Global ‘wheat war’ is coming
Wheat prices have surged to record highs over the past two months as major producers like Russia, Kazakhstan and India scrapped exports to protect their domestic markets. This has sparked fears of food insecurity and hunger around the world.

If CDC mandates Smallpox vaccine for Monkeypox pandemic, expect serious side effects, including breathing difficulty and deadly “cardiac events” – 2005 CDC study 

Just as human papillomavirus (HPV) is a rare sexually transmitted disease caused by a virus that children and teens have no business getting vaccinated for, monkeypox is a rare sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a virus for which the world needs not be vaccinated against.

World War III warning? Hungary declares a wartime state of emergency 
As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nears the end of its third month, war clouds appear to be darkening more of Europe.

Why did Uvalde police stand outside and do nothing while Texas shooter rampaged through Robb Elementary School?
Reports have emerged to suggest that police officers in Uvalde, Tex., where 18-year-old Salvador Ramos is said to have shot up an elementary school, stood around outside and did nothing to try to stop him while parents and witnesses urged the officers to go inside and take action.

Psychic disintegration: Prepare for society to become MORE VIOLENT as insanity spreads
The recent shooting at the Uvalde school in Texas was allowed to happen. Police stood down and waited outside for 40 minutes to an hour while the gunman was inside, murdering children (and a teacher) at will. This is now confirmed by the Associated Press, no less.

French City Replaces Mom and Dad with ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2’ – RAIR
In an effort to be more inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ community, the French city of Marseille has removed mother and father from civil documents and replaced them with the terms “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

Globalist “stakeholders” explain holding nations hostage to WEF salvation
istening to the founder of the World Economic Forum should send chills up any normal person’s spine. The language of Klaus Schwab in his welcome address sounds, if anything, like an updated version of a speech given by the founder of the Third Reich (note avoidance of specific names to, hopefully, reduce censorship).

Monkeypox A Scapegoat For Adverse Events? We’ve Seen This Before But You Never Heard About It 
Although the Biden administration hasn’t given up on defeating COVID-19 as they continue to ask for more funding for testing and the COVID-19 drug, another disease is starting to capture the media’s attention as numerous cases of monkeypox have been reported.

Duke Science Professor Boycotts ‘Maoist Propaganda Workshops’ Promoted as Equity
A science professor at Duke University is boycotting campus equity training that he refers to as “left-wing Maoist political propaganda workshops.”

Just In: Senate Republicans Block Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill – Chuck Schumer Changes Vote to ‘No’
Senate Republicans blocked the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill on Thursday pushed by the Democrats in the wake of the Buffalo shooting that killed ten people.

Democrat-Run D.C. Residents Report That “Violence Has Gotten Out of Control”… “It doesn’t feel like the city government is doing anything to help us”
In a segment by NBC4, residents of Democrat-run Washington, DC report that “violence has gotten out of control” and that they don’t feel like the government is providing any help.

SOULBOUND? The Longer That It Matures And Grows, The More That Cryptocurrency Seems To Have In Common With The Coming Mark Of The Beast 
Last time I checked, a ‘crypt’ was where they put the dead bodies, so a ‘cryptocurrency’ would be money that is connected with dead things. Cryptocurrency has become huge over the pandemic, amazing coincidence I know, and now the founder of one of the world’s largest tech platforms for crypto is now rolling out something called a ‘soulbound token’ that will attached with the death money

Mattel Announces Barbie Doll to Celebrate Transgender Actor Laverne Cox
Mattel has announced the release of its newest Barbie doll to celebrate transgender actor Laverne Cox meant to “highlight the importance of inclusion and acceptance”

NO THANKS: ‘Uterus-Shaped’ Cereal Launches To ‘Normalize’ Period Talk 
In today’s craziest PR stunt – Feminine care brand Intimina just launched a new ‘uterus-shaped’ cereal in hopes of normalizing conversations about periods at the breakfast table.

Pastor drops tax-exempt status in favor of Dem-bashing sermons: ‘I renounce 501(c)(3) Communism!’ 
A right-wing church pastor sick and tired of being hassled by the left over his politically charged sermons announced this past weekend that he’s relinquished his church’s tax-exempt status so that he can say what he wants, when he wants.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/05/27/27-may-2022/

Headlines – 5/27/2022

Ahead of Flag March, Hezbollah chief says Al-Aqsa violation ‘will blow apart region’

Fear Temple Mount clashes could spark Hamas rocket attacks

Gazans said to ready rockets, Israelis prepare shelters ahead of Jerusalem Day march

Israel warns Hamas that Jerusalem march will go ahead even at risk of violence

US pushing Israel to reroute controversial Jerusalem march away from Muslim Quarter

US Embassy bans employees from Old City during Jerusalem Day, and previous Friday

Yom Yerushalayim: Israel’s Most Polarizing Holiday. Why has Jerusalem Day failed to unify Israelis around the vision of a united Jerusalem?

Judge rules against Jews who prayed at Temple Mount, accepting state’s appeal

US envoy, lawmakers warn Israel against ousting Palestinians from South Hebron Hills

Did the experiment fail? 70% of Israelis don’t want Arabs in future coalition – Jpost Poll

Iraq passes law making contact with Israel punishable by death

IDF drone found after crashing in Lebanon; Military: No concern of leaked info

IDF worried it doesn’t have enough munitions for multiple-front war

IDF expects 1,500 rockets could be fired daily from Lebanon in war with Hezbollah

PA probe claims IDF deliberately shot journalist as she fled; Israel: A blatant lie

‘New York Times’: Israel killed top IRGC commander as warning to Iran

Al Jazeera’s Abu Akleh killed by Israeli forces using armor-piercing bullet, Palestinian Authority investigation says

US says it hasn’t been asked to help in probe of Al Jazeera reporter’s killing

Israel-born director dedicates film at Cannes Festival to ‘assassinated’ reporter

Iranian ‘Tehran’ actor says he got death threats after castigating Israeli forces

Israel said to tell US it killed IRGC officer, who was deputy head of covert unit

Top MK: US leak saying Israel admits hit on Iran colonel may harm trust, isn’t true

Israel said due to ‘sharpen’ travel warnings over fears of Iranian revenge attack

Top Iran diplomat says IRGC listing not holding up nuke deal, but ‘Zionist lobby’ is

Bennett: Iran’s systematic deception of IAEA is wake-up call to world

Iran Caught Stealing Secret Docs from IAEA to Evade Nuclear Inspections

Mysterious “accident” at Iran weapons facility with suspected links to nuclear program kills engineer

U.S. seizes Iranian oil cargo near Greek island – sources

Turkish soldier killed in northern Iraq during military operation

Turkey said to have captured Islamic State leader in Istanbul

Turkey says military operations on southern borders needed for security

Greece tells UN that Turkey is challenging its sovereignty

Security forces descend on capital as Sudanese protests enter eighth month

Firefighters contain blaze at Sudan Red Sea port as Sudan is gripped by a chronic economic crisis

Blast in Yemen fish market kills at least four people, wounds over 30

US urges Yemen’s Houthis to free US Embassy’s local staff

India’s Kashmir sees upsurge in violence, tense after separatist Malik convicted

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Biden-Admin “Imported Regime Change” in Pakistan – Army Attacks Protesters

Indian, Pakistani killed in UAE gas blast that injured 120

Ousted Pakistani PM Imran Khan disbands violent protest march, issues ultimatum

UN rep warns Taliban are ‘making women invisible’ in Afghanistan

Death toll from Afghanistan bomb attacks rises to at least 16: Officials

Bill Gates’s Foundation is Funding the UN’s Ukrainian Refugee Program

Pro-Russian ex-president of Moldova placed under house arrest

Ukraine FM calls on West to ‘kill Russian exports’ at Davos

Russia’s Economy Is Tanking but the Ruble Soared. Here’s Why.

Iran and Russia eye more cooperation in energy, trade

Iran expects Russia to supply it with five million tons of grain

Germany helps move Ukraine grain by rail: US defense official

Kremlin Says West Is to Blame for Ukraine Grain Export Problems

Putin says Russia ready to help solve food crisis if West lifts sanctions

Davos: Warnings of ‘Famines Around the World’ as Globalist WEF Talk Global Food Crisis

Growing food shortage is ‘dire,’ IMF managing director warns – Recession fears are ‘materializing’

Russia passport plan ‘flagrant violation’ of Ukraine sovereignty: Kyiv

Separatist republics hold 8,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war: Official

Russia Accused of Kidnapping Own Citizens to Fight War in Ukraine

Pentagon says Russia making ‘incremental gains’ inside Ukraine

Ukraine aerial video shows massive Russian shelling: “What the largest and most horrific war of the 21st century looks like”

Zelenskyy to Kissinger: The world didn’t adapt to the Nazis, we’re not adapting to Putin

Germany’s Scholz vows Putin ‘won’t win’ as Zelensky implores West for unlimited aid

Divisions Emerging in Europe Over Ukraine Conflict

Albania offers ex-Soviet built naval base to NATO

US trying to mobilize anti-Russian bloc into broader coalition to counter China

US preparing to approve advanced long-range rocket system for Ukraine

Western powers sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific

Japan, US fly fighter jets after China drill, North Korea’s missiles

China vs. Elon Musk: Scientists Develop Plan to Destroy Starlink Satellites

Blinken denounces China on Taiwan, says US stance unchanged

Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken, with Family Ties to Soros, Backtracks From Recent State Dept. Declaration and Says the US Does Not Support Taiwan Independence

Fears of a Chinese invasion have Taiwanese civilians taking up target practice

Blinken says US is ready to strengthen diplomacy with China in ‘charged moment for the world’

Experts warn Biden’s policies are emboldening Beijing – By not putting America first, the Biden administration is “in many ways putting America last”

Blinken Unveils Biden Administration’s China Strategy, Says US Will Not ‘Decouple’ From China

Expert: Detaching From China Supply Chains Not Easy

France and new Australia prime minister want to rebuild ‘trust’: Elysee

German Elections Might Be Re-Run in Berlin Over Vote Irregularities

Boat Carrying 800 Haitians En Route to United States Washes Ashore in Cuba Instead

Documents Shed Light on Secret U.S. Plans for Apocalyptic Scenarios

Sussmann Trial Exposes Dems’ Scandal-Industrial Process

Sussmann Defense Team Reveals FBI Knew Sussmann Worked for Hillary Clinton and Yet Still Moved Forward with Alfa Bank Investigation

Sussmann won’t testify in own defense in Durham case, as trial moves to closing arguments

Potential bias of D.C. jury could be factor as Sussmann team mulls putting defendant on stand

Kash Patel: Only Defense Left Is ‘Jury Nullification’ in Sussmann Trial

GOP Reps. Perry, Biggs formally object to subpoena from House January 6 committee

Republican Wisconsin elections panel member resigns, says Trump lost

Trump Tells Kellyanne Conway to ‘Go back to Her Crazy Husband’ and “See 2000 Mules” – After She Lies in Book About Telling Him He Lost Election

Trump loses appeal, must testify under oath in New York civil probe into his business practices

BBC to axe 1,000 jobs in digital transformation

Mike Benz: Bill Gates Opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of Censorship in Proxy War Against Elon Musk

Elon Musk Sued by Twitter Investors For Stock Manipulation

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey leaves company’s board of directors

Jack Dorsey ‘backstabbing’ led to Elon Musk takeover: Twitter co-founder

Twitter to pay $150 million fine over deceptively collected data

Serious crime in the metaverse should be outlawed by the U.N., UAE minister says

Spain set to strengthen oversight of secret services after NSO spying scandal

Spain to reform secret services after hacking of mobile phones of top politicians

Taiwan raids Chinese firms in latest crackdown on chip engineer-poaching

Robotic crab tinier than a flea becomes the smallest-ever remote-controlled robot

How robots help older New Yorkers fight social isolation

A ‘meteor storm’ of 1,000 shooting stars per hour may light up the skies over North America next week

Mars and Jupiter to come together over Memorial Day weekend

Peru and Bolivia rocked by powerful 7.2 earthquake

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits the southern East Pacific Rise

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Constitucion, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the West Chile Rise

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits Neiafu, Tonga

Magnitude 4.3 earthquake shakes California as tremor is felt throughout downtown Los Angeles

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 23,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Bezymianny volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Strong explosive eruption at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Deadly derecho affected nearly half of Canada’s population, spawned EF2 tornado

With a third year of drought, Southern California facing a hot, dry summer

Pakistan’s mango production to fall by 50 percent due to heatwave, water shortage

Australia bidding to host UN climate summit, set new emissions target

Explosion at Spanish Plant Leaves 2 Dead, 250 Kids Evacuated

Fire that killed 11 newborn babies in Senegal hospital may have been started by short circuit, says minister

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Laughs as Show Host Makes Fun of Joe Biden’s “Alzheimer’s”

Senate Republicans Block Domestic Terror Bill, Claim Democrats Are Creating ‘Thought Police’

Senate Republicans reject domestic terror bill, blocking gun control debate

‘Horrifying’ conspiracy theories swirl around Texas shooting

Haunting questions emerge about how a gunman got into an elementary school and stayed up to an hour as America mourns 21 slaughtered

Texas Authorities Release Statement on Law Enforcement Response to Mass Shooting in Uvalde – Police Arrived 4 Minutes After Shooting Began

Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering – Community members express anger and frustration as police detail new timeline of mass shooting

Onlookers say cops hesitated to charge into Texas school as massacre unfolded

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report

Distressing videos show parents begging cops to stop Texas school shooting

Uvalde Mother Placed in Handcuffs by Federal Marshals For Attempting to Enter School to Save Her Child While Salvador Ramos Went on Killing Spree

Uvalde Presser Goes Off Rails as Reporters Demand Answers on Police Response: ‘Why Don’t You Clear Up’ All The ‘Bad Info’?

Texas Gunman Faced No Obstacles to Entering School Where He Killed 21

Shock: DPS Reveals Uvalde Shooter Entered Thru Unlocked Door; No Armed School Officer

Uvalde Border Patrol mechanic heard gunman crash truck, open fire, thought it was illegal immigrant

Minutes before attack, Texas gunman wrote he shot grandmother, planned to kill kids

Mother of 18-year-old Texas school shooter says he ‘wasn’t a violent person’

Abbott Blames Shootings on Mental Health – but Says Uvalde Gunman Had No History

Researchers say domestic violence may be a bigger risk factor in mass shootings than mental health

Uvalde, Texas student who covered herself in classmates’ blood to survive is still shaken, dad says

Husband of teacher killed at Texas elementary school shooting dies of a heart attack two days later – The couple leaves behind four children

Texas Police Foil Copycat School Shooting Plot & Find List Of Targeted Students One Day After Uvalde Shooting

Fred Guttenberg: Trump Policies Led to Recent Surge in Mass Shootings

Nolte: Never Forget Democrats Want to Remove Cops from Schools

Bratton: During ‘Defund Insanity’ There Was Push to Take Cops out of Schools, Crime Crisis ‘Created by the Politicians’

Late-night hosts Colbert, Meyers, mock conservatives for proposing ‘grotesque’ idea of arming teachers

McConnell says he has directed Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a ‘bipartisan solution’ on gun violence

Schumer blocks Senate GOP school safety bill, angering Republicans

Schumer in Senate floor speech calls Abbott ‘absolute fraud,’ following massacre

NY Gov. Hochul Suggests Raising Gun Purchase Age Limit After Texas Mass Shooting

Elon Musk: ‘Special Permit’ Should Be Required for ‘Assault Rifles’

Joe Biden Suggests Americans Owning AR-15s Are ‘Sick’ People Who Want to ‘Kill Someone’

President Biden: ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Has ‘No Negative Impact on 2nd Amendment’

Biden to Travel to Texas to Meet Families of Latest School Shooting Victims

Gun Control Advocacy Group Plans Nationwide Protests After Texas School Shooting

Outrage as NRA to gather in Houston just days after Texas school massacre

Don McLean, Larry Gatlin, Larry Stewart withdraw their NRA performances after Texas shooting

Maker of gun used in Uvalde school shooting, Daniel Defense, pulls out of NRA event in Houston

NY Times Reporter Asks if Biden Regime Will Take Back PPP Loan Money from Gun Business that Legally Sold Weapons to Uvalde School Shooter

Vernon Jones Rips Beto O’Rourke: America Needs More ‘God,’ Not More ‘Gun Control’

Teachers in Tennessee Hold Down ‘Wild’ Intruder ‘Lunging Towards the Kids’

Toronto police kill man carrying gun near schools

GBI investigating shooting involving deputy, 13-year-old girl in Fayette County, GA

Man Points Gun At TV News Crew During Live Report On Gun Violence

Sports journalist Whitlock accuses Obama of being among BLM ‘grifters’ politicizing Floyd’s death

Boston University professor says property is racist, excuses Black Lives Matter riots after George Floyd death

New French Minster Accused of Rape and Cited in Attempted Murder Case

Kevin Spacey Charged with 4 Counts of Sexual Assault in the U.K. by Three Different Men

Southern Baptist Convention to release names of 703 ministers accused of sexual abuse

Southern Baptist Convention sex abuse report: 44 women made allegations against Jacksonville pastor

Disney Used Pride Special to Encourage Children to Support Gay, Transgender Group GLSEN

LGBTQ+ Groups Benefiting from Disney ‘Pride Collection’ Sales Silent After Clothing Revealed to Be Made in Anti-LGBTQ China

Mattel Announces Barbie Doll to Celebrate Transgender Actor Laverne Cox

Corporations drop from transgender youth program partners page after State Farm exit

Montana Temporarily Bans Changes to Sex Marker on Birth Certificates

Poll: Majority of Democrats Believe Children Should Be Able to Choose Their Own Pronouns

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt signs bill requiring students to use bathrooms aligned with their biological sex at birth

Health brand launches womb-shaped cereal to break period stigma

Oklahoma GOP governor signs one of nation’s strictest abortion bills into law

Oklahoma Governor Defends Abortion Law: We Have a ‘Responsibility’ to Protect Life from Conception

Oklahoma abortion law protecting life from conception to face legal challenge from Planned Parenthood

State Supreme Court Impedes Iowa Abortion Ban

Fourth Bishop Bans Nancy Pelosi From Receiving Communion Because She Promotes Abortion

Nancy Pelosi Defends Support for Abortion After Communion Ban, Blames Church for ‘Politicizing’ Procedure

Soros-Funded Groups Demand Pelosi Be Allowed to Receive Communion

‘Pools of Blood’: Authorities Shut Down Florida Abortion Clinic for Endangering Patients

Rep. Franklin Proposes Bill to Close Loopholes Allowing For Profits From Sale of Aborted Fetuses

Massive Data Hack Reveals Thousands of Photos from China’s Uyghur Concentration Camps

China Claims Leaked Proof of Uyghur Genocide Part of ‘Evil Narrative’ by ‘Notorious Rumormonger’

U.N. Human Rights Chief Tells Xi Jinping She ‘Admires’ China for ‘Protecting Human Rights’

China’s Top Uyghur Region Official in Hacked Speech: ‘We Must Exercise Firm Control over Religious Believers’

African Swine Fever Case Found on Pig Farm in South Korea

Autopsy Helps Confirm Cause of Mysterious Paralyzing Illness in Kids

Monkeypox ‘Not a Gay Disease,’ WHO Says

Monkeypox Warning Sent by Gay Dating App in Europe

WHO asks countries to increase surveillance for monkeypox

New Behavioral Vaccines Raise Unsettling Questions

Bill Gates: The Psychopath As Philanthropist – The Microsoft founder wants to own your DNA but, don’t worry, it’s for your own good!

Davos 2022: Bill Gates says Pfizer partnership will support malaria mRNA vaccine ‘dream’

Klaus Schwab, Pfizer CEO Trash ‘Conspiracy People’ At World Health Assembly: ‘There Is A Very Fanatic Group Of Anti-Vaxxers That Will Go After Us No Matter What’

Airlines and FAA face lawsuits over COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Dominant coronavirus mutant contains ghost of pandemic past allowing the virus “to escape pre-existing immunity from vaccination and prior infection, especially if you were infected in the omicron wave”

FDA Authorizes New Combined At-Home Test for Covid, Flu and RSV

Mask Mandates Caused More COVID Deaths, Study Alleges. The bombshell claims will open a new avenue of inquiry into the public health response to the COVID pandemic.

California Assembly committee backs COVID ‘misinformation’ bill targeting doctors

Great Reset: Online Lockdown Learning Tool Recommended by Government Harvested Data of Schoolchildren

World Health Organization Temporarily Withdraws Biden’s ‘Public Health Emegency’ Amendments

Davos elite reassess globalization amid turmoil of pandemic and war

Klaus Schwab Warns Nations Tempted To Preserve Their Own Sovereignty Over The Global Agenda

Commentary: Interest on the debt is a huge threat

Summer bummer: 56% of Americans fear they can’t afford vacation this year due to inflation

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · May 27, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”


“If we move in mass, be it ever so circuitously, we shall attain our object; but if we break into squads, everyone pursuing the path he thinks most direct, we become an easy conquest to those who can now barely hold us in check.” —Thomas Jefferson (1811)

Publisher’s Note

Our office will be closed Monday, May 30, in honor of Memorial Day, and our editions will return Tuesday. We’re eternally grateful to the Patriots who gave their all in defense of our great nation.



GOP Can’t Be Bullied Into Bad Legislation

Compromise is difficult when one’s political opponents demand capitulation.

Douglas Andrews

In the aftermath of the massacre in Uvalde, there are still many unanswered questions, many things we don’t know. For example: What took law enforcement so long to storm the school and stop the assailant? And: What signs were ignored along the way that might’ve warned us that the 18-year-old assailant posed a danger to his community?

One thing we do know, however, is that leftists aren’t serious about protecting our schools. They’re only serious about stripping away your Second Amendment rights. Take the words of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example:

There is no such thing as being “pro-life” while supporting laws that let children be shot in their schools, elders in grocery stores, worshippers in their houses of faith, survivors by abusers, or anyone in a crowded place. It is an idolatry of violence. And it must end.

What laws, exactly, permit such atrocities? “An idolatry of violence”? And this from a woman who believes in the right to abort an unborn baby up until the moment of birth? Where does one start when one’s opponent is so unhinged?

Moreover, when Democrats call for “compromise” on guns, they’re really calling for capitulation. The sticking point has long been the issue of “universal background checks,” which on its face sounds perfectly sensible. In the abstract, we’re all in favor of being able to confirm that the guy buying the semiautomatic pistol isn’t a career criminal or a psychopath. Here, Democrats love to point out, as Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recently did, that “90% of the U.S. public currently support requiring universal background checks.” That polling claim is actually relatively accurate, but only because the pollsters are too lazy to explain the implications of universal background checks.

What if you want to buy that vintage revolver or that AR-style rifle from a work colleague? Or you want to gift an old varmint gun to a friend or relative? “Universal” means universal, and such transactions are rendered unlawful.

One area of compromise could be regarding the age of majority. If one must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol or a semiautomatic pistol, why are 18-year-olds able to purchase semiautomatic sporting rifles? Here, our hunting friends might object, but a distinction could be made between traditional long guns, the hunting rifles, and the AR-style sporting rifles with the pistol grip, which seem to be the weapon of choice among psychopaths such as the 18-year-old in Buffalo and the 18-year-old in Uvalde.

The sad truth is that no law will prevent every one of these already illegal atrocities. But another inviolable truth is, as the editors of National Review note, “History has shown that the private ownership of arms is inextricable from the maintenance of ordered liberty.” Republicans, therefore, can’t allow themselves to be bullied into bad legislation.

To their credit, though, Republicans are trying. But so far to no avail. As Fox News reports, “Max Schachter, whose 14-year-old son was killed during the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, said he’s heartbroken after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., blocked a school safety bill named after his son Wednesday.”

That bill, named after two Parkland kids, Alex Schachter and Luke Hoyer, would require DHS to establish a “Federal Clearinghouse on School Safety Best Practices” for use by state and local educational and law enforcement agencies, institutions of higher education, health professionals, and the public.

Furthermore, what about hardening these schools, these softest of targets? Having just approved $40 billion for Ukraine, can we not afford funding to station retired law enforcement and military personnel at every K-12 school in the nation?

Here in the United States, we use guns to protect our president, our congressmen, our governors, our celebrities, our athletes, our banks, our courthouses, our shopping malls, and our college campuses. So ask yourself — or, better yet, ask a Democrat: Why is it that we’re unwilling to protect our precious children with the same determination?

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Missing the Real Red Flag

How is American society cultivating rage in young men that would result in this type of murderous behavior?

Thomas Gallatin

In the wake of another massacre that has left 21 individuals dead, including 19 children, heavy-hearted Americans are asking the inevitable question: What do we do to stop these kinds of senseless atrocities from continuing to happen?

Unfortunately, but understandably, the Texas school tragedy provides an opportunity for those with political agendas to demand their policies get fast-tracked with the empty promise that doing something will be better than doing nothing. And for the anti-gun lobby, that something is the passage of more laws that limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens.

With self-righteous indignation, these anti-gun zealots assert that the refusal of lawmakers to pass new laws that would infringe on the rights of innocent law-abiding Americans, who had absolutely nothing to do with the evil atrocity, is tantamount to having blood on their hands. In truth, such statements are emotional bullying, especially given the fact that the proposed laws would do nothing to prevent the actions of the evil individual in the first place.

Americans’ access to firearms is not the problem. Those who insist that it is are scrambling to avoid deeper and more fundamentally troubling questions regarding the condition of humanity in general and our wider society’s current cultural values.

NPR asked all 100 U.S. senators for their response to the Uvalde school massacre. Most of the answers were predictable based upon party affiliation — Democrats called for more gun control, while some Republicans floated interest in so-called red flag laws and mental illness awareness. Few seemed to want to address the deeper societal issues, save Alaska Republican Daniel Sullivan, who via a spokesman offered the following comment:

At the heart of these evil acts is a sickness threatening our nation. The common theme of almost all of these mass shootings is the social alienation of sick young men, often fueled by social media.

In that regard, I believe our nation is in the initial stages of a severe mental health crisis manifesting in the worst ways imaginable, especially among our youth. The causes are multifaceted, and I am deeply committed to understanding and addressing this crisis.

The number of school attacks that can be genuinely classified as mass shootings has averaged about one a year over the last two decades. As Sullivan pointedly observes, the common elements in all of these attacks has been the perpetrators. They have all been young men — young, angry men.

The question of what’s fueling this deadly explosive anger should not be written off as simply “mental illness,” since not all the perpetrators were clinically mentally ill. Feelings of alienation, broken homes, and fatherlessness are among the list of factors associated with these young men, and they form part of a larger equation.

There is also a larger societal question regarding how men and masculinity are perceived, which may be having an underappreciated impact. Has modern Western society, in its pursuit of equality between the sexes, effectively gone too far? Has Western society become so feminized that it has cultivated a culture that emasculates boys by classifying manliness as “toxic”? Are we raising a generation of young men who feel increasingly frustrated, confused, aimless, under-respected, and attacked for simply being men?

Obviously, we think the answer to these questions is “yes,” but this by no means justifies or excuses the actions of these evil individuals. These are sober questions America needs to face, as this type of murderous rage and anger don’t simply happen for no reason. What may be fueling it; what can we do to stop it?

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Executive News Summary

Uvalde attack details, Biden to cancel $10K in student loan debt, unprecedented SCOTUS leak damaged collegiality, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler

Top of the Fold

  • What took so long? As details emerge regarding what transpired during the attack on Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, it is becoming clear that much of the early reporting was inaccurate. For one, the claim that a school resource officer confronted the attacker and failed to stop him from entering the school is false. There was no armed resource officer at the school, and the attacker was not confronted by anyone prior to entry. Then there’s the fact that the attacker began firing his weapon outside of the school, aiming across the street at a funeral home, and was doing so for 12 minutes before he entered the school. During those 12 minutes, why was the school unable to get fully locked down? The attacker was still able to gain access to the school through an unlocked door. And most troubling of all was the apparent length of time from when the police arrived on the scene to their entering the school to take on the attacker, which was almost a full hour. During this time span, parents who had arrived at the school were seen pleading with the police to act. More will become known in the coming days.
  • Biden to cancel $10K in loan debt per student: Joe Biden has long been floating a student loan debt cancellation policy and is reportedly in the final stages of enacting his program. Biden had initially planned to announce his debt forgiveness plan this past Tuesday, though following the school massacre that announcement was put on hold. Biden’s plan would cancel up to $10,000 in student loan debt for individual Americans who earned less than $150,000 last year and for married couples who jointly earned less than $300,000. Canceling $10,000 in debt per student would cost an estimated $230 billion, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Of course, this debt will have to be paid by taxpayers, many of whom have either already paid off their student loan debt or never took on student loans in the first place. But that inherent unfairness seemingly matters little to Biden; he and the Democrats see this as a winning issue politically. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has continued to maintain the pandemic-induced pause on student loan repayments that was initiated in early 2020.
  • Unprecedented Supreme Court leak damaged justices’ collegiality: Following the unprecedented leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — a decision that likely signals the Court’s intention to overturn Roe v. Wade — the trust among the justices has been broken. While Chief Justice John Roberts immediately declared that the Court would discover who was responsible for breaking the Court’s trust, no individual has yet been publicly identified. This lack of exposing the leaker sends the message that there are no consequences for this wrong and damaging behavior. But the damage to the Court may be irreversible. Justice Clarence Thomas recently observed: “I wonder how long we are going to have these institutions at the rate we are undermining them. You begin to look over your shoulder.” A former clerk to Justice Neil Gorsuch noted: “The Supreme Court is a family. A rogue clerk, likely, attempted to destroy this for their own political ends.” Law professor Jonathan Turley said that he was “astonished” that the FBI wasn’t brought in to investigate: “Assuming that this is a relatively bright individual, it is not difficult to conceal one’s tracks on such a leak. It will require considerable expertise and inquiry to pick up this trail.” The Court is expected to hand down its Dobbs decision by the end of June.


  • The faces of the 19 children and two teachers slain in Texas elementary school (Fox News)
  • MLB teams go political over gun control on social media accounts (Hot Air)
  • First-quarter GDP declined 1.5%, worse than thought (CNBC)
  • CBO forecasts an economic nightmare for all Americans (Daily Signal)
  • Appeals court rules Trump must testify in New York probe (The Hill)
  • Ex-FBI agents who dropped the ball in USA Gymnastics molestation case won’t be charged (Daily Wire)
  • Libs of TikTok suspended from Instagram (Daily Wire)
  • Princeton prepares to axe star professor who raised hell over woke lunacy (Free Beacon)
  • San Francisco Unified School District is dropping the word “chief” from job titles because of its connection to Native Americans (Spoiler: The word is French) (Not the Bee)
  • Policy: Fight inflation with energy (City Journal)
  • Humor: Study finds 100% of kids suffer from severe dehydration as soon as it’s time for bed (Babylon Bee)

For more of today’s editors’ choice headlines, visit Headline Report.

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Baby Formula Theater Hits Congress

A congressional hearing makes clear that the FDA is responsible for the shortage’s exacerbation.

Emmy Griffin

Four companies supply America’s most popular baby formulas: Abbott, Perrigo, Nestle, and Mead Johnson. These companies are huge and hold a monopoly because of how difficult the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made it for other companies to break into the industry.

It’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

As Ron Belldegrun, cofounder of ByHeart baby formula (the first new company to be approved by the FDA in 15 years), said: “Infant formula is — appropriately — the most regulated food in the world. The road to providing babies with sole-source nutrition should be met with the highest rigor. But for the benefit of babies, and their parents, there need to be more incentives for new brands to rise to the challenge. We need more support for infant formula manufacturing and product innovation at the state and federal levels.”

This lack of competition is why a shortage turned into a crisis when, in February, Abbott’s factory in Sturgis, Michigan, shut down and recalled its baby formula products. This plant produces as much as one-fifth of all baby formula in the U.S. As bad as this news was for moms and dads, the shortage has been going on much longer than the recall would suggest, prompting a deeper look into FDA policies.

During a congressional hearing this week, the most troubling aspect that came to light is that the FDA has been aware of the baby formula trouble since September, particularly regarding potential issues with the Sturgis plant. Babies had gotten sick from bacteria and a few died. It was thought that Abbott’s formula was contaminated, though an investigation determined this was not the case. The bacteria in question was found at the plant but was genetically different than the strain that hurt those babies. The FDA was slow to even investigate — a period of four months passed between the reports and the shutdown of the Sturgis plant.

The current FDA commissioner, Robert Califf, has only been in his position since February 15, and he was not immediately made aware of the shortage. Ergo, he did not respond in a timely manner to bring about an uptick in imports and/or implement other methods that could alleviate the formula shortage.

President Joe Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to ensure that the producers of the raw materials used to make baby formula ship them first to formula manufacturing plants. Babies need the formula, but the DPA trigger will slow other manufacturing and cause additional supply issues. Furthermore, it probably won’t solve the problem. To reiterate, the plant that produces one-fifth of all baby formula has been out of commission.

The president has also enlisted the Department of Defense to fly baby formula over from Europe, but it will be weeks until parents see these cans on the shelves. Plus, each load is only enough for a week’s worth of food for 9,000 infants and 18,000 toddlers. This is hardly going to make a dent. Moreover, as our Nate Jackson pointed out: “Democrats are the party running the protection racket that is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) for low-income mothers. Long story short, food stamp regulations dictate a lot of what formula ends up on store shelves — or, in this case, doesn’t end up on shelves.” Babies who are not on WIC may not benefit from these flights of food.

Getting the formula from Europe is also not being done in the most efficient way. Besides not being nearly enough to satiate demand, importing formula from Europe is marred with all sorts of red tape and comes with a heavy tariff (18%). Senator Rand Paul has proposed the Freedom to Import Infant Formula Act. Should it pass, this act would lift the tariff on the European formula and also prevent the government from confiscating formula being brought in privately from certain approved countries.

In the meantime, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said: “When it comes to babies, it’s the here and now and in this moment. I think that when all of this is done — I’m not associating my politics with what I’m going to say right now — I’m just saying it myself, I think there might be a need for indictment.”

Sadly, she is referring to the Abbott plant owner and other businesses that are producing baby formula as the villains of this fiasco. They do have a role to play in this shortage, but it is the government — specifically the bureaucratic rigmarole that is the FDA — that is ultimately to blame. Now with the Defense Production Act, there will potentially be more bad supply chain shortages on top of not actually solving the problem. The government is primarily responsible for gumming up the works.

This finger-pointing does no good for those precious babies who need formula. Practical solutions are in order, but it seems those are out of the purview of this administration.

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That Other Driver of Inflation: Regulation

Excessive government spending isn’t the only activity that causes costs to skyrocket.

Brian Mark Weber

Inflation is out of control, but if you watch the evening news, you’re likely to walk away thinking corporations are the culprits. They’re not.

It’s no wonder, though. The very same Democrats whose policies got us into this awful mess often respond to the situation by decrying free-market capitalism and denouncing corporate greed. Essentially, they’re blaming everyone but themselves.

Their solution? Government regulation. But the reality is that, along with more spending, more regulation tends to make inflation worse. “The role of regulations in the inflation crisis is largely overlooked but shouldn’t be,” says the New York Post. “When Washington wraps the economy in red tape, businesses must spend massive sums on compliance. That cash doesn’t materialize from thin air. Every dollar that goes toward hiring lawyers, filling out paperwork and redesigning products and assembly lines gets passed to consumers through higher prices.”

The Post adds: “So businesses are spending at least 131 million more hours annually complying with Washington’s mandates and dictates. Since time is money, that’s extremely expensive for the consumers who ultimately get stuck with the bill.” And those who get stuck paying more for their everyday needs include the poorest families in America.

study at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University confirms this plight of the poor: “Regulators and policymakers often claim that regulations are intended to protect the poorest and most vulnerable consumers. However, the effects of regulations are most harmful to the poor because regulations drive up the cost of doing business, resulting in higher prices. Unfortunately, the goods and services to which the poor devote much of their limited budgets, such as energy and food, are also the most heavily regulated.”

So while it sounds good to blame big companies, as Biden and other Democrats have done with the baby formula crisis and for inflation, in reality the government need only look in the mirror to see the real causes of an increasingly worthless dollar.

Maybe the arrogance of self-serving politicians and their lack of interest in the way regulation affects ordinary Americans is why Democrat presidents are quick to push for more regulation when they’re in power. Or maybe increased dependency is simply exactly what they want.

Back in 2012, the Heritage Foundation reported that during the first three years of Barack Obama’s presidency, regulations cost Americans more than $46 billion. In comparison, the Joe Biden administration has already implemented 69 major regulations in his first year compared to 52 during Obama’s and only 22 during Donald Trump’s.

So here we are again, and it’s going to be painful for millions of Americans. What’s equally painful is that the solutions are right in front of us. Political analyst Adam Mill offers some commonsense reforms to turn this around: “Even communist countries have resorted to my suggested reforms when markets smash their utopian plans. But no communist was ever as dedicated to economic suicide as the current class of idiots who rule us.”

Until there’s a power shift on Capitol Hill and in the White House, this will likely get worse. And that’s another reason to be hopeful. If the Democrats are met with a red wave this fall, then maybe — just maybe — a new class of leaders will learn once and for all that government regulation is the problem, not the solution.

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Renewables vs. Reliables — Summer Energy Demands

The Left’s obsession with “green” energy will likely cost us dearly this summer.

Lewis Morris

Much of the United States west of the Great Lakes can expect rolling electrical blackouts this summer, according to a recent report by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The independent regulatory authority monitors electrical grids in the United States, Canada, and the Baja region of Mexico.

Heat and drought will obviously play a part, but the most significant reasons for these predicted power disruptions are manmade. The lack of power plants to meet demand, coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions in the power industry, will conspire to interrupt service for millions of customers. And since energy blackouts don’t discriminate, it’ll also lead to thousands of deaths among the elderly and infirm.

John Moura, director of reliability assessment at NERC, told reporters that the lack of reliable power plants is due to the “pace of our grid transformation” being “out of sync.” We think he’s being kind. It’s more likely that our grid transformation is a complete fantasy pushed by the Left’s radical green agenda.

That agenda is supposedly about weaning us off fossil fuels while converting to renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. Of course, making renewables the dominant source of energy in a country this size isn’t possible with our current technology — and it may never be. The numbers simply don’t add up. For example, it would take a solar farm twice the size of California to meet the nation’s current electricity needs. And where would all those solar cells with their environmentally unfriendly components come from? China.

But leftists aren’t waiting for technology or common sense to catch up with their dream. They’ve already begun shutting down our fossil fuel-fired power plants with complete disregard as to how to replace the lost electrical output. On his first day in office, President Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and numerous exploration and drilling leases for oil and gas companies. At the federal and state level, Democrats have been setting arbitrary target dates for carbon neutrality, conversion to electric vehicles, and conversion to renewable energy sources. They figure that by phasing out the dreaded dinosaur juice, they’re demonstrating their commitment to the environment and somehow proving that the green agenda is a success. All this without actually going green.

New Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was immensely proud of herself for creating a “mini-Green New Deal” for her state in 2019. Accordingly, coal-fired power plants were shut down without any regard to how their electrical output would be replaced. In February, PNM, the state’s power utility, announced that New Mexico will likely experience blackouts this summer. What a shock. No pun intended.

The cost of the green agenda is already higher than we should be willing to pay. Soaring gas prices, inflation, and now an unreliable energy grid and the thousands of deaths that will come with it are all outcomes of the Left’s ruinous plan to save the environment and thereby save us from ourselves.

But these aren’t painful trade-offs on the way toward an energy-efficient Valhalla. There’s no such future in store for us, because the Left can’t make it happen. All these empty promises offer us is more misery — and given the ineptitude of the current administration, we’ve had quite enough of that already.

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On the Web

  • Douglas Andrews: A Memorial Day Profile of Valor — This weekend, we honor Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith and every other fallen American warrior.
  • Ron Helle: Memorial Day Reminiscing — While age does not necessarily guarantee wisdom, coming to saving faith in Christ has given me a new sense of “duty.”
  • In Brief: U.S. Army — ‘Equitable’ and Unready — The Army has exchanged its science-based, gender-neutral combat fitness test for a watered-down test, with different standards for men and women.


  • Matt Walsh Debunks Arguments Against 2A — The women of “The View” express the tired, old anti-gun talking points that avoid addressing the real problem.
  • Satire: P-Sayonara Jen P-Saki! — And p-so we p-say a p-sad p-so long to Jen P-Saki, the p-silly p-socialist p-spokeswoman for whichever behind the p-scenes p-surrogate is p-secretly running this p-stupid presidency.


For more of today’s columns, visit Right Opinion.



“Between newspaper stunts and newspaper suppressions on the one side, and dictatorships with their censorships on the other, it is highly probable that our immediate posterity will know less about what is going on than they did before there was a printing press.” —G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)


“After Beto O’Rourke confronted Texas Governor Abbott’s press conference, the MAGA governor gave some empty platitudes about healing and hope. He asked people to put their agendas aside and think about someone other than themselves. My God. How dare he. What an absolute fraud the governor of Texas is.” —Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer

“Governor Abbott, will you ask your MAGA buddies and your NRA pals to put aside their agendas and think of someone other than themselves, like you asked the families to do? … Of course not.” —Chuck Schumer

“No amount of bloodshed seems to be enough for MAGA Republicans.” —Chuck Schumer

“The NRA has blood on its hands. It must be disbanded.” —Congressman Jake Auchincloss

Useful Idiots

“Republicans [are] just tying themselves into pretzels to point the finger at every single thing but the problem — the gun.” —MSNBC’s Joy Reid

“We won’t acknowledge that we are a violent people to begin with. This country was birthed in violence with the genocide of the native people at the barrel of a gun. This country was built on the backs of slaves with a gun to their backs to build this country into the country that we got to have. … I think that we need some really drastic action here. We need a moratorium, perhaps, on gun sales. Who will say … in the next few days, ‘It’s time to repeal the Second Amendment’? ‘Oh, you can’t say that.’ Well, why not? Why not? I truly believe if Jefferson and Washington and Madison — if they all knew that the bullet would be invented some 50 years after our revolution, I don’t know if they would have written it that way. They didn’t even know what a bullet was. It didn’t exist until the 1830s. If they had any idea that there would be this kind of carnage, you have to believe that the Founders of the country wouldn’t support it.” —filmmaker Michael Moore

“The blood of every child that dies of gun violence in this country is on the hands of the Republican Party.” —filmmaker Rob Reiner


“Evil Racist Gun Shooting Retrumplikkans who claim to love the lives of children when in fact they COULDN’T Care Less.” —actress Rosannna Arquette

“F**k the GOP and their obsession with guns.” —actress Alyssa Milano

“F**K THE NRA.” —actress Rosie O’Donnell

The BIG Lie

“The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed, you … couldn’t own a cannon. You couldn’t own certain kinds of weapons.” —Joe Biden (“Once again, there were no federal laws barring cannon ownership when the Second Amendment was enacted. Gun laws remained local matters and I do not know of any bans on cannons or other gun types until much later in our history. Early local laws did control concealed weapons, though concealed cannons were not part of those ordinances. Indeed, the Constitution itself supports private cannon ownership in the case of privateers. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 allows Congress to ‘grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal.’ That allowed private parties to privateer on the high seas with … cannons.” —constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley)

And Last…

“People demanding ‘common sense’ gun laws fail to realize the people they think will obey those laws don’t use common sense. Besides, a society that believes 2+2=5 and that can no longer define what a woman is, may want to find something other than ‘common sense’ to make its case.” —Darrell B. Harrison

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”

Should Churches Sing Music from ‘Theologically Aberrant’ Movements? Mohler Says No

Theologian and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler recommends that churches avoid singing music from “theologically aberrant” movements and instead embrace songs that are “tested” and “true.”

Source: Should Churches Sing Music from ‘Theologically Aberrant’ Movements? Mohler Says No

DAILY BRIEFING: In Search of Normalcy | Lionel Nation

#LionelNation #TheNewRenaissance #LionelLens If you think you’re going to even approximate the truth regarding the Buffalo tragedy or the Russo-Ukrainian military op on social media platforms you’re sadly mistaken. Let me show you reality.

Source: DAILY BRIEFING: In Search of Normalcy

House Republicans Subpoenaed By J6 Committee After Having Nothing To Do With Jan. 6 Blast ‘Banana Republic’ Probe — Conservative Review

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan slammed the investigation as illegitimate in a joint op-ed on Thursday.

House Republicans Subpoenaed By J6 Committee After Having Nothing To Do With Jan. 6 Blast ‘Banana Republic’ Probe — Conservative Review

President Donald J Trump Speaks At NRA Convention In Houston, Texas 5/27/22 @2PM – YouTube

President Trump is scheduled to speak at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. Other speakers include Gov. Greg Abbott, State Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw.
Photo Credit: Alamy.com

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Neurosurgeon dismantles ‘official lies’ and deadly abuses of officials directing COVID response

The COVID-19 era has been beset with deadly lies which continue to this day, resulting in deaths across the globe. It is time to stop this insanity and bring these people to justice.

Source: Neurosurgeon dismantles ‘official lies’ and deadly abuses of officials directing COVID response

The Roots Of Mass Shootings: How To Fix Our Culture | Will Cain Podcast

On this episode, Will digs deep into the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. l looks into the root causes of events like these and explains why he believes a broken society is responsible for them. Will goes beyond the typical partisan lense to explore real strategies, both cultural and political, to once and for all put an end to mass shootings.

Source: The Roots Of Mass Shootings: How To Fix Our Culture | Will Cain Podcast