Biden and BoJo Regimes to Supply Ukrainian Nazis with MLRS and HIMARS? — The Stephen Lendman Blog

The former weapons are Multiple Launch Rocket Systems with an effective firing range of from 32 to 70 km depending on what system is provided.

The latter weapons are High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems with a similar effective firing range.

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, no decision has been made on whether these weapons will be supplied to Nazified Ukraine.

Responding to the prospect, Russian envoy to the US, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

The Biden regime is “well aware” that supplying these weapons will “push further away the prospects for peace,” adding:

Hegemon USA “is being drawn deeper and deeper into the crisis in Ukraine. It has unpredictable consequences for global security.”

If these weapons are supplied and deployed close to Russia’s border, able to strike its cities, its Defense Ministry will not tolerate the threat they represent.

Necessary steps will be taken to “eliminate the capabilities” of Ukrainian troops.

The BoJo regime called on “the world” to supply Ukraine with MLRS.

In April, Russia’s Defense Ministry said they’ll be an “immediate and proportionate response” if these weapons cross into Ukrainian territory.

In March, Britain pledged to provide unspecified “long-range artillery” to Ukraine.

Last week, BoJo regime weapons procurement minister, James Heappey, said Britain at this time is “encouraging other countries to provide ammunition for existing Ukrainian systems.”

“The UK will provide artillery directly to Ukraine.”

“Details will be (provided once) operational security allows.”

Russian officials warned repeatedly that providing Western weapons to Kiev will only prolong conflict without altering its outcome.

Separately on Saturday, France’s Macron and Germany’s Scholz called for release of captured Ukrainian Azov Nazi thugs — ones guilty of horrific war crimes and related atrocities.

Wanting them freed to resume their reign of terror against civilians and Russian forces, Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials clearly reject the idea of releasing them.

Macron and Scholz also urged Russia’s leader to hold direct talks with puppet Zelensky, another nonstarter.

According to the Scholz regime’s spokesman, Steffen Hebestreit:

“The chancellor and French president insisted on an immediate ceasefire and pullout of Russian troops (sic).” 

“They called (Vladimir Putin) to engage into serious direct negotiations with the (US-controlled) Ukrainian (puppet) to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.”

A Kremlin statement said that Vladimir Putin informed his French and German counterparts “about the latest developments in the context of the ongoing special military operation.” 

He also explained “the state of affairs on the negotiating track, which is frozen because” the Biden regime forbids conflict resolution to perpetuate proxy war on Russia.

Putin is “open to resuming dialogue” with Kiev if it’s serious about resolving conflict without conflicting with Russia’s SMO aims.

Additionally, he called for no further “pumping” of US/Western weapons et al into the Nazified regime.

Russia is willing to ship grain and fertilizer to Western countries if their illegally imposed sanctions are lifted.

At this time, and surely for years to come, the prospect of the US-dominated West turning a page for peace and improved relations with Russia is off the table, case closed.

Biden and BoJo Regimes to Supply Ukrainian Nazis with MLRS and HIMARS? — The Stephen Lendman Blog

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