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Harvest of Light, Gladness — VCY America

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. (Psalm 97:11)

Righteousness is often costly to the man who keeps to it at all hazards, but in the end it will bear its own expenses and return an infinite profit. A holy life is like sowing seed: much is going out, and apparently it is buried in the soil, never to be gathered up again. We are mistaken when we look for an immediate harvest; but the error is very natural, for it seems impossible to bury light. Yet light is “sown,” says the text. It lies latent: none can see it; it is sown. We are quite sure that it must one day manifest itself.

Full sure are we that the Lord has set a harvest for the sower of light, and they shall reap it, each man for himself. Then shall come their gladness. Sheaves of joy for seeds of light. Their heart was upright before the Lord, though men gave them no credit for it, but even censured them: they were righteous, though those about them denounced them as censorious. They had to wait, as husbandmen wait for the precious fruits of the earth: but the light was sown for them, and gladness was being prepared on their behalf by the Lord of the harvest.

Courage, brothers! We need not he in a hurry. Let us in patience possess our souls, for soon shall our souls possess light and gladness.

Harvest of Light, Gladness — VCY America

Since Scripture is sufficient, should we avoid using creeds, confessions, and catechisms? | Ligonier Ministries

Should the sufficiency of Scripture lead Christians to avoid using creeds, confessions of faith, and catechisms? From one of our live Ask Ligonier events, W. Robert Godfrey responds to this notion. To ask Ligonier a biblical or theological question, just visit or message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Source: Since Scripture is sufficient, should we avoid using creeds, confessions, and catechisms?

The All-Seeing Sovereign | Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul

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No one in this world has a perfect perception of what is true. But God sees all things with manifest clarity. Today, R.C. Sproul exhorts us to submit to the Lord’s revelation of the truth and to embrace it in humble obedience.

Source: The All-Seeing Sovereign

Are the End Times Near? Dr. Michael Youssef on the Antichrist and Revelation

Are the end times upon us? That’s the question pastor and author Dr. Michael Youssef is asking in his latest book, “Is The End Near?: What Jesus Told Us About the Last Days.” And it’s a curiosity many believers have when they look at the disorder and consternation in the world around us — the ever-streaming flow of chaotic events and happenings. Rather than speculate and postulate, though, Youssef said he wanted to rely on what Christ had to say on the matter. “I wanted to see what the lord Jesus himself said and really dig in deep, because [the disciples] asked him that question,” he told CBN’s Faithwire. Watch what the pastor has to say.

Source: Are the End Times Near? Dr. Michael Youssef on the Antichrist and Revelation

The Reformation and the Doctrines of Grace — Reformed Christian Studies

 By Jeffrey Stivason – Posted at Place for Truth:I love this time of year but it’s not because the temperature drops, or the leaves fall. I love it because it gives me an opportunity to revisit the history and theology bound up in the Reformation. Many years ago, I made it a habit of watching the 1953 movie Martin Luther staring Niall MacGinnis. This old retelling had a number of scholars working behind the scenes including Jaroslav Pelikan and it was obviously accurate enough to ruffle Roman feathers. Quebec’s film censorship board, which was made up entirely of French-speaking Catholics, banned the movie. Why? Because those Catholics understood that the Reformation was no small matter. Luther’s teachings remained as heretical in 1953 as they were in the 16th century and was never released in Quebec’s movie theaters.

In the last several years, I was invited to a presentation by a large church where I live. Over sixty churches showed up, Protestants and Roman Catholics. The main speaker told us that we needed to “get over” the Reformation and start finding unity. I had a number of thought going through my head that day and not the least of them was Niall MacGinnis playing Martin Luther before the Diet of Worms saying with not a little spittle, “Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain reason – I do not accept the authority of the popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other – my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me. Amen.” My heart thrills just to read those words. And I was sad the people in that room didn’t know or understand or care about the significance of those words for us today.

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Martin Luther – Full Movie (YouTube)

Source: Martin Luther | Full Movie | Niall MacGinnis | John Ruddock | Pierre Lefevre – YouTube

The Reformation and the Doctrines of Grace — Reformed Christian Studies

September 30 Evening Verse of The Day

24:14 preached in the whole world. Despite all the tribulations that would come—the deception of false teachers, the wars, persecutions, natural disasters, defections from Christ, and all the obstacles to the spread of the gospel—the message ultimately penetrates every part of the globe. God is never without a witness, and He will proclaim the gospel from heaven itself if necessary (cf. Rev 14:6). then the end will come. “The end” refers to the final, excruciating birth pangs (see note on v. 8). This is how Christ characterizes the time of Great Tribulation described in the verses that follow.[1]

24:14 — “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

God will not wind down human history until the whole world has had the opportunity to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ. His amazing patience leads to our rich salvation.[2]

24:14 this gospel of the kingdom: The final evidence of the end times is the universal proclamation of the gospel. The antecedent of “this” must be v. 13. The “gospel” (literally, “good news”) is that the final holocaust of the Great Tribulation known as Armageddon will not result in a genocide and the destruction of all people, for the Lord Jesus Christ will intervene bringing an end to the destruction and preserve a people for His kingdom on earth. It seems this will be accomplished by the 144,000 from Israel who are sealed and are described in Rev. 7:4–8. The innumerable polyglot multitude referred to in Rev. 7:9, 10 seems to be the result of the ministry of the 144,000. This in no way contradicts Paul’s statement about “another gospel,” for there he discusses no other means of redemption (Gal. 1:6–10).

24:15 This is the first specific time reference that Christ gives. From 24:4–14 the Lord Jesus spoke in general terms. In v. 15 He picks up on the emphasis on the temple. Even more awful than the destruction of the present temple is the desecration of the temple to come. This He does under the imagery of the abomination of desolation, the next prophetic sign that people can know. This term means the “abomination that makes desolate.” As the Lord stated, it comes from Daniel, specifically 9:27; 11:31, and 12:11. In Dan. 9:27 and 12:11 it is totally prophetic; however, Dan. 11:31 looks to Antiochus IV, who desecrated the temple and set up an idol to Zeus in it. His actions were a prelude to what the ultimate man of sin will do. Significantly, Paul used the same event to indicate when the actual tribulation would be present (2 Thess. 2:3, 4, Rev. 13:14, 15).[3]

24:14. “This gospel (i.e., good news) of the kingdom” (i.e., that deliverance into Christ’s earthly kingdom is imminent and that God will preserve a people of His own from the carnage of the Tribulation period alluded to in v 13) will be universally proclaimed. The gospel of the kingdom includes the gospel of the grace of God, but it is more. It encompasses the good news that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth to rule and reign and that those who persevere will be well treated under Messiah’s rule rather than tormented as they were before (cf. 16:25, 27). The message of John the Baptist, Jesus, and the apostles that the kingdom of heaven is at hand will again be proclaimed (cf. 3:2; 4:17; 10:7). The preaching of this gospel does not contradict the gospel that Paul preached that a person is justified by grace through faith alone in Christ alone (Gal 1:6–9; 2:15–16). After this gospel is preached worldwide, “then the end will come.”[4]

24:14 During this period, the gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed worldwide, as a witness to all nations. As explained in the notes on 4:23, the gospel of the kingdom is the good news that Christ is coming to set up His kingdom on earth, and that those who receive Him by faith during the Tribulation will enjoy the blessings of His Millennial Reign.

Verse 14 is often misused to show that Christ could not return for His church at any moment because so many tribes have not yet heard the gospel. The difficulty is removed when we realize that this refers to His coming with His saints, rather than for His saints. And this refers to the gospel of the kingdom, not the gospel of the grace of God (see notes on 4:23).

There is a striking parallel between the events listed in verses 3–14 and those of Revelation 6:1–11. The rider on the white horse—false messiah; the rider of the red horse—war; the rider of the black horse—famine; the rider of the pale horse—pestilence or death. The souls under the altar are martyrs. The events described in Revelation 6:12–17 are linked with those in Matthew 24:19–31.[5]

V 14 does not specify which of the two aspects of the disciples’ question the end is meant to refer to. In the period before ad 70 the gospel was in fact preached around much of the Mediterranean area (which is what most Greek-speakers would have understood by the whole world at that time). (cf. Rom. 15:19, written in the mid-fifties, after which Paul’s mission continued to spread, not to mention that of the other apostles.) Before the temple was destroyed the Christian church had already become a truly international community. Since then, of course, the gospel has been preached much more widely, as the known world has increased, though it is questionable how far the testimony is available literally to all nations even today.

Notes. 3 parousia (‘coming’) is used mainly for formal visits by those in authority. In the NT it usually (but not always) refers to Jesus’ predicted ‘second coming’. For the end of the age cf. 13:39, 40, 49.[6]

24:14 “this gospel of the kingdom” This was mentioned earlier in 4:23; 9:35. It is synonymous with “the gospel.” It referred to the content of Jesus’ preaching.

 “shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations” This is one of the things that must occur before the Second Coming. It is impossible to know how specific to interpret this phrase. Does it mean every single tribe or people in racial groupings or possibly everyone in the Roman world of Paul’s day? This second option is possible because the phrase “the whole world” is literally “the inhabited earth.”

 “and then the end will come.” See Mark 13:10. Jesus was trying to show the disciples their mission to the Gentiles (cf. Isa. 42:6; 49:6; 51:4; 52:10; 60:1–3). He was also trying to show them that there will be a long period of time between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Coming (cf. 2 Thess. 3). We must hold in tension (1) the “any-moment” return of our Lord and (2) the fact that some things must happen first. There is a real tension in the New Testament concerning the time of the Second Coming: imminent, or delayed.[7]

14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then shall come the end. He does not say, “Then immediately,” reserving this word “immediately” for verse 29, but simply “then.” This “then” may well be taken as covering more territory than “immediately afterward” would have done. The final bitter attack against God’s people, called “the great tribulation” (verse 21), of very brief duration (verse 22), as well as the actual coming of the Lord upon the clouds, is probably included in this reference to “the end.” What Jesus is saying, therefore, is that the concluding events of the world’s history are going to be preceded by the preaching of the kingdom gospel “to all the nations.” That, as he saw and predicted it, such worldwide gospel proclamation would not be a matter of a few weeks, months or even years, but would range over a much longer period of time, many centuries, can be regarded as certain. The essence of that gospel is summarized in such passages as 3:2; 4:17, 23; 11:28–30; 26:6, 7; John 3:16; cf. Rom. 1:17; 3:24; 2 Cor. 5:20, 21. It is definitely the gospel of “the kingdom,” that is, of the reign of God in heart and life, by grace and through faith. For more on this one and only gospel—its power, author, emphasis, message, etc.—see N.T.C. on Philippians, pp. 81–85.

It is hardly necessary to point out that there is here no promise that “every person will receive a chance to be saved.” Jesus is speaking about the nations of the world. He is saying that each of these nations at one time or another during the course of history will hear the gospel. This gospel will be a testimony: its acceptance or its rejection will be decisive. There is no promise here of any second chance. Whatever each nation or people does with the present gospel proclamation will have final results. It is instructive to compare these words of our Lord with Rev. 11. In that chapter the witnesses go forth and prophesy “a thousand two hundred and threescore days.” Finally, their testimony is finished. Then, after a very brief period of persecution (called symbolically “three days and a half”), they are translated to heaven. Similarly also in Rev. 20 the nations receive their great opportunity (so that the dragon cannot deceive them) during the thousand year period. Then, “for a little time” Satan is loosed out of his prison. This, in turn, is followed by the appearance of the Christ upon “a great white throne.” It is therefore clearly evident that the program of history is the same in all three chapters (Matt. 24; Rev. 11; 20).

A brief survey of the progress of missions from the earliest period until the present day will convince anyone that the days in which we are now living are significant indeed! By and large the gospel has been spreading “from the rising of the sun to its setting.” One author estimates that by the close of the Apostolic Period the total number of Christian disciples had already reached half a million. During this early period one missionary towers above all the rest, namely, Paul. Farther and farther westward he brought the gospel. He finally reached Rome as the Lord’s prisoner. But even his imprisonment is a help rather than a hindrance to the spread of the good news. He states: “Now I want you to know, brothers, that the things that have happened to me have in reality turned out to the advantage of the gospel, so that it has become clear to the whole praetorian guard and to all the rest that my bonds are for Christ” (Phil. 1:12, 13). During the next period, 100–313 (death of John to Constantine) the gospel continues to penetrate the then-known world, and this in spite of many persecutions (Trajan to Diocletian). This is, indeed, very remarkable especially in the light of the fact that no less than 174,000 martyrs were buried in a single great tomb, namely, the catacombs of St. Sebastian in Rome. From Constantine to Charlemagne, 313–800, the tidings of salvation are carried to the countries of Western Europe by such famous heroes of the cross as Ulfilas, Patrick, Columba, Augustine, Willibrord, and Boniface. Meanwhile, Mohammedanism banishes the light of the gospel from many lands of Asia and Africa. Next comes the period of the Middle Ages, from Charlemagne to Luther, 800–1517. Norway, Iceland, and Greenland are evangelized, and the Eastern Slavs turn to Christianity in a body. The Crusades, expeditions originally intended to wreak vengeance upon the Mohammedans, turned out to be a hindrance as well as a help to the propagation of the truth. During the period 1517–1792 many missionary societies originate, and the gospel is carried still farther westward. Think of John Eliot, the apostle to the North American Indians, and those that follow in his footsteps. And so we come to the modern period, 1792 to the present. It is in the year 1792 that William Carey at a ministerial conference proposes the discussion of the theme “The duty of Christians to attempt the spread of the gospel among heathen nations.” On May 31 of that year this truly great man preaches his famous missionary sermon based on Isa. 54:2, 3. As a result of the enthusiasm which he arouses missionaries are sent to faraway countries so that India, southeastern Asia, China, Japan, Korea—nations that are reached by traveling from America across the great Pacific in a westerly direction—receive the gospel.

The work has not been completed. Even today it can hardly be said without qualification that the heart of Africa, of Asia, and of South America has been thoroughly penetrated. But it cannot be denied that the prophecy of our Lord is approaching fulfilment. Consider this important fact: seventy years ago the Bible (as a whole or in part) had been translated into only 300 languages; today into about 1400 languages and dialects. And the work is still continuing; in fact, more vigorously than ever, many forces combining to bring it about.

It must not be supposed, however, that the world is going to get better and better right along, until the very moment of Christ’s arrival. If the preaching of the gospel to all the nations may be called the first preliminary sign of Christ’s return, the second preliminary sign is now going to be pointed out. As already shown, it will cover a much shorter period of time. Cf. Rev. 20:3. In this connection it must also be stressed that in all probability the close of the gospel age and the beginning of the great tribulation overlap. As has also been shown—see p. 847—in describing the brief period of great tribulation at the close of history, ending with the final judgment, Jesus is painting in colors borrowed from the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. [8]

Ver. 14. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness.

The gospel of the kingdom:

I. “Gospel”—good news, God spell—the information God has to tell us. An epitome of the news. Familiarity with the message takes aways its edge, and blunts its impressions.

II. It is not merely a gospel, good news, but a gospel of something very specific—of a kingdom. This kingdom is composed first of moral and next of personal elements—“The kingdom of God is not,” &c. Who are the personal subjects of this kingdom? Men of every rank and every clime. The gospel is not so cramped as we sometimes think.

III. This kingdom, thus composed, shall overflow all kingdoms. Heathendom is gradually dying out over all the world. Mahometanism is almost gone; the crescent wanes over all the earth, &c. The gospel shall be preached to all the world as a witness. Not to convert all nations, &c. (J. Cumming, D.D.)

The controlling influence of the gospel:—I. The kingdom of Christ, as a kingdom of control, set up in the hearts of His followers. 1. It controls the opinions. They who are under this kingdom are obliged to believe all the truths of the Bible. 2. It controls the will. God makes it criminal to choose the evil and refuse the good. 3. It controls the belief of mankind. The subjects of this kingdom are called upon to trust in Christ, and in Him only, for salvation. 4. It controls the affections—“Thou shalt love,” &c. It controls the temper, pride, and all those feelings which are akin to it.

II. There is infinite mercy in such control. 1. Without it the opinions of mankind have ever been tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. 2. There is mercy in a control being exercised over the will. Man is in a wilderness of sin, &c. 3. Were it not for this, every man might form a system of belief for himself, &c. 4. Man’s affections are collected to one point.

III. The gospel shall be preached for a witness. Of human depravity. Of the method of reconciliation with God, &c. (R. Watson.)

The gospel of the kingdom:

I. The subject of the text. The gospel. The gospel of the kingdom.

II. The mode of its communication. The gospel of the kingdom is to be “preached.” It must be preached freely, plainly, affectionately, faithfully.

III. The extent of its diffusion. The whole world stands in need of it. The gospel is the only remedy for it. It is expressly designed for all.

IV. The great end of its publication. As a witness. It shall witness to man’s mind, state, &c. 1. The responsibility of having the gospel preached to us. 2. Our duty to labour for its diffusion among those who possess it not. (J. Burns, D.D.) I. The King is our Lord Jesus Christ. II. The seat of this kingdom is the soul. III. The spirit of this kingdom is wise and beneficent and holy. Every kingdom has its peculiar character. IV. The progress of His kingdom is unostentatious; irresistible, yet noiseless, like many of the mightier forces in nature. IV. The boundaries of His kingdom are the boundaries of the dwellings of human kind. 1. Submit to Christ as a King. 2. Seek the extension of His kingdom by personal exertions, by pecuniary contributions, by prayer. (Anon.)

The gospel a witness:—1. That there are ends to be answered by the publication of the gospel, over and above the gathering in of a remnant from the mass of human kind. The statement is simply that the gospel is to be preached for a witness. 2. We are bound to ascertain the nature of this witness, in order that we may understand the responsibleness laid on all who ever heard the gospel, and the ends which are answered by its publication. 3. You are sufficiently acquainted with the nature of the gospel to regard it as an authoritative account of all that is benevolent, and all that is awful in Deity. 4. It is not an uncertain and unaccredited witness, but one which carries with it its credentials in all its marchings over the face of the globe. 5. The witness of the gospel hereafter. The gospel is now a witness to warn and direct; hereafter it will accuse and condemn. (H. Melvill, B.D.)

The universal witness:—The preaching of the gospel throughout the world testifies—1. To the unchanging mercy of God. He is the same as He was before the flood—would have been warned of the end of their evil courses. Men shall be without excuse. 2. To the character and mission of Christ. Men who accept the gospel shall prove that He is the Saviour. 3. To the invincible hostility of men. They shall have in their own characters a vindication of God’s past judgments.

Universal adaptation of the gospel to men’s needs:—The gospel is a plant which is not affected by earthly changes. It is the same in the temperate as in the torrid zone, and as in the frigid. It does not seem to be scorched by heat, or benumbed by cold. Age does not diminish the freshness of its bloom; soil does not affect its nature; climate does not modify its peculiar properties. Among the frost-bound latitudes of North America, and the burning sands of Africa, or the fertile plains of India, we find it still shooting up the same plant of renown, the same vine of the Lord’s right-hand planting, the same “tree of life,” raised up from the beginning of time, “whose leaves were for the healing of the nations,” and under which all kindreds, and tribes, and tongues, and people shall one day rejoice, when privileged to take shelter under its all-covering shade, and draw refreshing nourishment from its perennial fruits. (Dr. Duff.)

Vitality of the gospel:—See what vitality the gospel has! Plunge her under the wave, and she rises the purer from her washing; thrust her in the fire, and she comes out the more bright for her burning; cut her in sunder, and each piece shall make another church; behead her, and like the hydra of old, she shall have a hundred heads for every one you cut away. She cannot die, she must live; for she has the power of God within her. (C. H. Spurgeon.)[9]

14. For gospel of the kingdom, see on 4:23. Verse 9 (‘by all nations’) has already hinted at an extension of the disciples’ mission beyond the limits imposed in 10:5–6 and 15:24, and now Jesus points clearly to a time when Israel’s special priority will be over, and the gospel which Israel (in its leaders—see ch. 23) has largely rejected will be preached to the Gentiles. The world is oikoumenē, lit. ‘the inhabited area’, a standard term originally for the Greek world (as opposed to barbarians), then for the Roman Empire, and subsequently for the whole of the then known world; it is thus not so much a geographical term which must include every area and community now known to be on earth, but rather an indication of the universal offer of the gospel to all nations, i.e. outside the confines of the Jewish community. (This extension does not, of course, imply any cessation of the mission to Israel; see on 10:23.) Then the end will come may seem at first sight to allow the calculation of a date for the final consummation; but that would depend on defining a specific time or situation which could be regarded as ‘the preaching of the gospel throughout the whole world’. In one sense Paul could claim long before ad 70 to have ‘fully preached the gospel’ in a large area of Asia and Europe (Rom. 15:19), and at many times since then similar claims could have been made with reference to an area far wider than the oikoumenē known in Jesus’ time. But Jesus’ words allow no such calculation. The end cannot come until the gospel has reached far outside the Jewish world, but that gives us no warrant for deciding when it must come.[10]

14. And the gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world. Our Lord, having delivered a discourse which gave no small occasion for sorrow, seasonably adds this consolation, to raise up minds that were cast down, or to uphold those which were falling. Whatever may be the contrivances of Satan, and how numerous soever may be the multitudes which he carries away, yet the gospel will maintain its ground till it be spread through the whole world. This might indeed appear to be incredible; but it was the duty of the apostles, relying on this testimony of their Master, to cherish hope against hope, and, in the meantime, to strive vigorously to discharge their office. As to the objection brought by some, that to this day not even the slightest report concerning Christ has reached the Antipodes and other very distant nations, this difficulty may be speedily resolved; for Christ does not absolutely refer to every portion of the world, and does not fix a particular time, but only affirms that the gospel—which, all would have thought, was immediately to be banished from Judea, its native habitation—would be spread to the farthest bounds of the world before the day of his last coming.

For a testimony to all nations. He describes this to be the end of preaching; for although God has never left himself (ἀμάρτυρον) without witness, (Acts 14:17,) and although in a special manner he testified to the Jews concerning himself, yet it was a testimony remarkable beyond all others when he revealed himself in Christ; and therefore Paul says, that he was manifested in due time, (1 Tim. 2:6,) because this was the proper season for calling the whole world to God. Let us, therefore, learn that, wherever the gospel is preached, it is as if God himself came into the midst of us, and solemnly and expressly besought us, that we may not wander in darkness, as if we knew not where to go, and that those who refuse to obey may be rendered inexcusable.

And then will the end come. This is improperly restricted by some to the destruction of the temple, and the abolition of the service of the Law; for it ought to be understood as referring to the end and renovation of the world. Those two things having been blended by the disciples, as if the temple could not be overthrown without the destruction of the whole world, Christ, in replying to the whole question which had been put to him, reminded them that a long and melancholy succession of calamities was at hand, and that they must not hasten to seize the prize, before they had passed through many contests and dangers. In this manner, therefore, we ought to explain this latter clause: “The end of the world will not come before I have tried my Church, for a long period, by severe and painful temptations;” for it is contrasted with the false imagination which the apostles had formed in their minds. Hence, too, we ought to learn that no particular time is here fixed, as if the last day were to follow in immediate succession those events which were just now foretold; for the believers long ago experienced the fulfilment of those predictions which we have now examined, and yet Christ did not immediately appear. But Christ had no other design than to restrain the apostles, who were disposed to fly with excessive eagerness to the possession of the heavenly glory, and to show them the necessity of patience; as if he had said, that redemption was not so close at hand as they had imagined it to be, but that they must pass through long windings.[11]

Ver. 14.—This gospel of the kingdom. The good news of the coming of Messiah’s kingdom—what we call in short, “the gospel”—“that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself” (2 Cor. 5:19). He calls it “this” (ch. 26:13), because it is that which he preached, which it was the object of his incarnation to set forth. In all the world (ἐν ὅλῃ τῇ οἰκουμένῃ, in all the inhabited earth). Before the taking of Jerusalem, the gospel had been carried into all parts of the then known world. We have very uncertain information about the labours of most of the apostles, but if we may judge of their extent from what we know of St. Paul’s, we should say that very few quarters of the Roman world were left unvisited. “Their sound went out into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the inhabited world” (Rom. 10:18). St. Paul testifies that the gospel was preached to every kingdom under heaven (Col. 1:6, 23). He himself carried it to Arabia, Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, Illyricum, Rome, Spain (see Rom. 15:19, 24, 28; Gal. 1:17; Phil. 1:13, etc.). A witness unto all [the] nations. That both Jews and Gentiles might have the opportunity of receiving or rejecting Christ. The witness should be for or against them according to the use made of this opportunity. If the gospel thus delivered contained this utterance of our Lord’s, the fulfilment of the predictions would lead to belief in him, and could fail to win acceptance only by reason of invincible prejudice or wilful perversity. Shortly, the truth is that the gospel will be everywhere offered, but not everywhere received. And then, when all these signs, especially the one last named, shall have appeared, shall the end come, primarily of Jerusalem, secondarily of this world or this age. Nothing is said of the effect of missionary efforts in early days or in time to come. We know that there was no national conversion in the primitive era, however common individual conversion may have been. So in the present age we are not to expect more than that Christian missions shall reach the uttermost parts of the earth, and that all nations shall have the offer of salvation, before the final appearance of Christ. The success of these efforts at universal evangelization is a mournful problem. “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find the faith upon the earth?” (Luke 18:8).[12]

24:14 this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world. This precursor sign should also be connected to the (impending) destruction of the temple, given the immediate context of 24:15–16, which clearly refers to the temple. In other New Testament texts the same phrase, “the whole world” (with oikoumenē), is used to specify the known, inhabited world (e.g., Acts 11:28; 17:6; 24:5 [see BDAG 699]). And as texts such as Romans 10:16–18 (cf. Col. 1:6) indicate, Paul considered the gospel to have reached the “whole world” by the time he writes his later letters.[13]

Proclamation (24:14)

‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.’ This is the very message Jesus has proclaimed throughout his ministry: ‘the gospel of the kingdom’ (to euangelion tēs basileias) appears in the summaries of 4:23 and 9:35; the demonstrative adjective ‘this’ (touto), 24:14 and again in 26:13, calls attention to those prior instances; the verb ‘preach’ (kēryssō) is used in all four texts. Jesus has preached mainly to Israelites, and he earlier commissioned his apostles to do the same (10:5–7). Now he declares that his gospel will be preached universally: ‘in the whole inhabited world [en holē tē oikoumenē] for a witness [eis martyrion] to all the nations [pasin tois ethnesin]’; he thus echoes his words in 10:18 (with eis martyrion … tois ethnesin) and anticipates those of 28:19 (with panta ta ethnē). Against the dark background of the preceding prophecies, the splendor of this one is all the brighter. In face of the disaster awaiting Jerusalem (23:34–38), Israel remains a nation to be evangelized: see comments on 23:39. None of the ‘birth pains’ of 24:5–12—neither the enormous influence of false messiahs and false prophets (vv. 5, 11), nor wars among the nations and their hatred of Christians (vv. 7, 9), nor disciples’ death from calamity and martyrdom (vv. 7, 9)—will preclude the mission’s success. On the contrary, the mission’s Lord assures its success by his presence and power (28:18–20). And as this gospel of God’s kingdom advances, it challenges all alien kingdoms—supremely that of the evil one himself (6:10, 13)—and it will eventually bring God’s rule to its appointed goal.

‘The end’ (to telos, 24:14b) will arrive at the close (synteleia) of the age, at Jesus’ coming (parousia, 24:3b), at which time he will send forth his angels to gather from all the nations those persons redeemed through his gospel (24:31). Just as the judgment on Israel in A.D. 70 would betoken rather than commence the final Day of Wrath, so too the progress of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome before A.D. 70 would not fulfill the prophecy of 24:14 but rather prefigure its fulfillment at the close of the present age (28:20b). And if the ‘birth pains’ may be expected to intensify as the end approaches (see comments on 24:8), is there not good reason to believe that the gospel will likewise advance ever more mightily as the mission to the nations nears its goal? Will not gifts of God’s common grace—including today’s technological marvels—aid the advance? Will not mounting persecution of Christ’s emissaries testify to the mission’s growing success? Will we not pray both ‘your kingdom come’ and ‘deliver us from the evil one’ until the very end?[14]

14 This saying comes unexpectedly here, not only because it provides a note of hope and triumph in an otherwise threatening context, but also because, like 26:13, it already envisages a world-wide proclamation of the good news (in contrast with the restrictions of 10:5–6 and 15:24) which will not be formally launched until after Jesus’ resurrection in 28:19. But Jesus has already spoken in 8:11–12 of an influx of Gentiles into the kingdom of heaven, and Matthew has prepared for the idea by the story of the Magi, the healing of the centurion’s servant, and the ministry outside Israel which was recounted in 15:21–39. The previous sayings about persecution also included the concept of testimony to “governors and kings” and to “the nations” in 10:18. But now those sporadic hints are taken up into what appears to be a deliberate program of world-wide evangelization (for the phrase “good news of the kingdom” see on 4:23). The church’s response to persecution and spiritual apathy must be to declare Jesus’ message as a witness to all the nations.44

But this universal proclamation is not only an end in itself, but is also a sign of the coming of “the end;” the implication seems to be that the “end” will not come until the proclamation has already reached “all over the world.” Those who interpret the “end” here as the parousia and the final judgment have sometimes taken this saying as a spur to evangelism in our day: in the early twentieth century there was an influential missionary slogan, “Evangelize to a finish to bring back the King!” The phrase “all the nations” has also been pressed into a program to bring the gospel to every known nation and tribe in the modern world (including those unknown to the Eurasian world of Jesus’ day) so as to hasten the parousia. But that is to take this text quite out of context. In particular, this passage does not speak of worldwide evangelization as the cause of the “end,” but as a necessary preliminary. And we have argued at v. 6 that the “end” (telos) in view here is not the “end (synteleia) of the age” but the destruction of the temple, which happened long ago.

In what sense, then, would the good news of God’s kingdom be heard “all over the world” before that event occurred? The “world” here is hē oikoumenē, the “inhabited world,” the world of people, which at that time meant primarily the area surrounding the Mediterranean and the lesser known areas to the east, around which stretched mysterious regions (comprising much of our “old world”) beyond the fringes of civilization. More narrowly it was sometimes used for the area covered by the Roman empire (as in Luke 2:1). The same phrase holē hē oikoumenē is used to describe the extent of the famine in Acts 11:28 and the extent of Artemis-worship in Acts 19:27. Such uses suggest caution in interpreting it too literally, even in terms of the then known world. The point is that the gospel will go far outside Judea, as indeed it certainly did in the decades following Jesus’ resurrection, so that Col 1:6 can speak of the gospel already “bearing fruit in the whole world” (cf. also Col 1:23) and Rom 16:26 of the gospel having already been “made known to all the nations” (cf. Rom 10:18); Paul can speak of the area from Jerusalem to the Adriatic as already fully evangelized in the mid-fifties with the result that he has no more scope for mission there and is already planning to go on to Spain (Rom 15:18–24). Unless one insists on a woodenly literal meaning for the phrase, the good news of God’s kingdom was indeed being proclaimed “all over the world” before the temple was destroyed. The additional phrase “to all the nations (Gentiles)” draws attention here as in Mark 13:10 to the extension of the Christian mission outside Judaism, but does not demand a literal reading so that, for instance, the British must be included, let alone Americans and Australians!

If the “end” referred to is the destruction of the temple, the connection between that “end” and the universal proclamation of the gospel may be more than merely temporal. The physical temple in Jerusalem is to be replaced by “something greater than the temple;” see comments at 12:6 on what that “something greater” may be. If, as we there considered, Matthew shares the NT concept of the “new temple” consisting of the community of those who follow Jesus, it is appropriate that the proclamation to all nations, and thus the gathering of the members of that new and more extensive community, should take place before the old temple is removed. The “new temple” that will replace it will be already under construction through the universal mission of the church. It will then follow appropriately that after the Jerusalem temple is destroyed God’s chosen people will be gathered in from all over the world (which has already received the good news) to become the people of this new temple (v. 31).[15]

Declaration of the Gospel to the Whole World

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come. (24:14)

The sixth and last birth pain to indicate that the end time is near will be the worldwide declaration of the gospel to a degree never yet seen. Before the Lord Himself appears, this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations.

Despite the deception of false christs and false teachers, the unparalleled warfare and pestilence and disaster, the fierce persecution of the saints, and the defection of false believers, the gospel of Christ’s kingdom will continue to be proclaimed. Despite the Antichrist’s tyrannical rule and hell’s belching out its demons to wreak havoc on earth, the Lord Jesus Christ will not be without witness.

Just before the bowl judgments are poured out and the final great holocaust begins, and just before the increasingly rapid birth pains issue in the kingdom, God will supernaturally present the gospel to every person on earth. He will send an angel with “an eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people,” saying, “Fear God, and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made the heaven and the earth and sea and springs of waters” (Rev. 14:6–7).

That will be the final and total evangelization of the world, miraculously proclaimed from heaven. After that proclamation man’s day will be finished, his rebellion will be over, and his opportunity for salvation will be over, because then the end shall come.[16]

[1] MacArthur, J. F., Jr. (2006). The MacArthur study Bible: New American Standard Bible. (Mt 24:14). Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Is Jesus the Only Way?” — Grace to You Blog

Postmodernism is no longer an external threat, sequestered to the ivory towers of academia. Today it has infiltrated the local church. How often do we hear sentences that begin with the words, “To me God is like . . .”? And how many Bible studies posit the question, “What does this verse mean to you?” In the postmodern mindset, the only One who doesn’t have a say in how God is defined is God Himself. But the subjectivity doesn’t end with who God is. It extends to how He relates to us and vice versa. Christ’s commands are now optional, His message ambiguous, and His salvation a path of our own choosing.


Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Is Jesus the Only Way?” — Grace to You Blog

He Gives Us a New Song to Sing — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

He has given me a new song to sing, of praise to our God. Now many will hear of the glorious things He did for me, and stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in Him” Psalm 40:3

Jim was big man on campus, president of his fraternity and an atheist. He ridiculed all those who professed faith in God, especially the Christians in his fraternity house.

I was invited, over his objections, to speak at one of their weekly meetings. A number of fraternity brothers were active in Campus Crusade and insisted that I come even though Jim resented the idea. Yet, upon completion of my message, he was one of the very first to respond and, after further counsel, received Christ. He became one of the most joyful, radiant, contagious, fruitful witnesses for Christ on the entire campus.

He had a new song to sing, a song of praise to God who had liberated him from a life of decadence and deceit. Now his heart fairly burst with joy as he developed a strategy to help reach every key student for Christ on a great university campus.

There is no greater joy in life than that of sharing Christ with others, and there is no greater joy that comes to another than that which comes with the assurance of salvation when one receives Christ into his life.

Would you like to be an instrument of God to cause others to sing praises to Him? Then tell them the glorious things He has done for you and for them, and encourage them to place their trust in Christ.

Bible ReadingPsalm 40:4-8

Today I will seek every opportunity to encourage others to receive Christ so that they can join with me in singing a new song of praise to our God, and together we will share the glorious things He does for us when we place our trust in Him.

By Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission


How to Fall in Love with Jesus by Sylvia Gunter

The Supernatural Power of Praise

Learn more about knowing Jesus at:

He Gives Us a New Song to Sing — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

It’s ALL about God — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

Television commercials couldn’t be more clear! The message is almost always, “It’s all about you!” And for a product that’s the greatest sales strategy.

Gwen’s life was pretty much on that same track. It was about her career. Her possessions. Her priorities. But you know what? It didn’t make her happy. No. In fact, she grew more and more discontent.

But when Gwen’s friend Leah introduced her to the Lord, “the change was incredible!”  Her friends noticed it immediately. She began to truly care about them. To reach out in friendship. Even her facial expression “beamed” with a new-found joy.

Dear friend, there is true contentment.  And it’s all about knowing and sharing Jesus.

By Vonette Bright
Used by Permission

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It’s ALL about God — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

30 Sep 2022 News Briefing

Abbas brags about scolding Anthony Blinken: “You little boy, don’t do that”
In a recording of a September 22 meeting with Palestinian Americans, PA President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly scolded US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. “I told Blinken, ‘You little boy, don’t do that,’”Abbas told Blinken, instructing him to strongarm Israel into doing as told. He claimed the US deals with “190 countries” in this manner, but not Israel. he used to believe the US claims that Israel was the obstacle to negotiations. “It’s not that the Israelis don’t want peace but the Americans don’t want peace,” Abbas said.

US expands access to internet services for Iranians amid rising unrest
The U.S. announced on September 23 that it was easing export restrictions on Iran to expand access to Internet services which have been severely curbed by the government amid protests over the death of a woman following her arrest by the morality police.

What exactly is the “Rapture” of believers, and what happens to those who are “left behind?”
Given that some Evangelicals believe the Rapture will happen one day during Israel’s High Holidays, now’s a good time to consider what the Bible really says

US spy planes seem to be searching for Russian nukes in European enclave
U.S. Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft have been spotted flying around a Russian enclave in Europe, raising concerns they’re monitoring for any nuclear weapon activity.

Rare Bright Spot? Russia Mulling Face-To-Face Nuclear Arms Treaty Talks With US
Russia says it is mulling a face-to-face meeting with US officials in order to discuss the New START nuclear arms treaty (Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms). Amid heightened nuclear tensions related to the Ukraine war, in a rare moment of potential good news, given the prior collapse of several US-Russia Cold War era treaties which were meant to avoid confrontation between nuclear armed superpowers.

Exactly 7 Days After Israel And The United States Agreed To The Two State Solution, Hurricane Ian Smashes Florida Causing Catastrophic Destruction
Exactly one week after both Israel and the United States agreeing to the Two State Solution at the United Nations, Hurricane Ian hits Florida. Hurricane Ian has decimated whole sections of the west coast of Florida, is that coincidence, or is the Lord speaking?

Oil Giant Sells California Office As It Ditches State For Texas
Chevron is selling its global headquarters in California as it continues to move its operations and employees to Texas, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. The oil giant sold 92 acres of offices in San Ramon as its workers continue to relocate to its Houston campus, where it has three times the number of employees that California has,

EU-Israel council to hold first meeting in a decade
Yair Lapid will hold talks with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in Belgium on October 3 “against the backdrop of global challenges such as Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine,” the EU said. “The discussion will focus on issues such as trade, climate change, energy, science and technology, culture,”

Top cardiologist calls for halt to COVID vaccination
New research paper concludes that dangers to cardiac health outweigh benefit. “Heart cells cannot be replaced,” Being a cardiologist who had seen his father’s diagnostic test results prior to his COVID shots, tests that confirmed his good state of health, he knew that there was no rational explanation for the blockages found in his father’s arteries after his death. the risk of being hospitalized due to an adverse reaction to the vaccine is greater than any protection the vaccine provides from hospitalization due to COVID.

Ahead of annexation: Putin recognizes independence of two Ukrainian regions
Putin on Thursday signed decrees paving the way for the Ukrainian regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, which were captured by Russia, to be formally annexed into Russia, Reuters reported. The decrees, made public by the Kremlin, said Putin had recognized the two regions as independent territories. This is an intermediary step needed before Putin can go ahead with plans to announce on Friday that the regions are part of Russia.

Biden says US will never recognize Russia claims on Ukraine
Biden pledged on Thursday the United States will never recognize Russia’s claims on Ukraine’s sovereign territory as Moscow prepared to annex some occupied areas of Ukraine.

U.S. Army’s First Openly Transgender Officer Indicted for Trying to Give U.S. Military Medical Info to Russia
The Army’s first openly transgender officer was indicted this week on charges of trying to give American service members medical information to the Russian government. A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted the officer, Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, and Henry’s wife, Anna Gabrielan, who is a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist, on counts of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of
individually identifiable health information (IIHI), court documents show.

Court Delivers Big Decision in FOIA Case Against the FBI Pertaining to Seth Rich
The Court ordered the FBI to turn over the contents of Rich’s laptop within two weeks.

Obama: Let’s Face It, Republicans Who Oppose Illegal Immigration Are Racists
Ah yes, there it is — Barack Obama’s inner race-baiting demagogue Here we have classic Obama. Brass-knuckles partisanship dressed up as high-minded virtue, which only cretins could oppose.

Economic Contraction Again Confirmed For Second Quarter, Solidifying Technical Recession
The two consecutive quarters of negative growth places the United States into technical recession territory.

Hurricane “Ian” – Major disaster declared, possibly the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history
Hurricane “Ian” made landfall along the southwestern coast of Florida near Cayo Costa, an island off the coast of Fort Myers, around 19:05 UTC (15:05 EDT) on September 28, 2022, with maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h (150 mph), placing it at the upper end of the Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Fourth leak found in Nord Stream pipelines
The Swedish Coast Guard (SCG) said they found a fourth leak in Nord Stream pipelines on September 29, 2022, just 3 days after underwater explosions severely damaged two Nord Stream 1 pipes and one Nord Stream 2.1

Shallow M6.5 earthquake hits east of the South Sandwich Islands 
A strong and shallow earthquake, registered by the USGS as M6.5, hit east of the South Sandwich Islands at 03:03 UTC on September 29, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.7 at a depth of 2 km (1.2 miles).

Group Using West Virginia Model to Create “New California” Serves Gavin Newsom Notice of Constitutional Default
A massive group of concerned citizens and constitutionalists have had enough of the unconstitutional insanity taking place in the state of California.  This group is using the West Virginia model to create a new state that will abide by the US Constitution separate from the state of California.

The Gates Foundation is Researching How to Manipulate You Into Taking ‘Future’ COVID Vaccines.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now funding studies on how to best manipulate people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines – including “targeted” messaging and financial compensation – despite studies continuing to show links between the vaccine and myocarditis.

Australia’s Central Bank Says It Is Bust
The central bank of Australia on Wednesday made the astonishing admission that it is, basically, bust. Its entire equity has been wiped out by pandemic-related bond buying.

Switzerland Mulls ‘Gender-Neutral’ Compulsory Military Service For Women
The Swiss government has considered mandatory military service for women to boost the number of army personnel amid a soldier shortage, according to the Swiss daily newspaper Tribune de Genève. Currently, military service for men is compulsory once they reach adulthood.

Planned Parenthood Stealth Edits Fetal Heartbeat Fact Sheet
Abortion giant Planned Parenthood reportedly issued a stealth-edit of its fact sheet on fetal development to alter language appearing to support the idea that fetuses indeed have a heartbeat after six weeks in the womb.

Marxist New Zealand PM Labels Internet Freedom and Free Speech a “Weapon of War” in This Week’s UN Speech (VIDEO)
New Zealand communist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern labeled internet freedom a “weapon of war” in her most recent UN speech before the General Assembly this week.

Janet Yellen Is Disturbingly Serious About Tax Hikes
Treasury Secretary Yellen has been out on the campaign trail, calling for higher taxes on individuals and US companies. The Secretary thinks the government needs to collect more taxes, even though her own Department just reported that federal tax collections are at record high levels.

Donbas Region Overwhelmingly Votes to Join Russia, International Observers Debunk Pro-War Media Narrative
The people of the Donbas region voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia in referendums held this week, which concluded yesterday with over 90% of Donbas residents supporting the measure.

VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate
In case you have not figured it out yet, the real plandemic was never some airborne virus. It has always been the so-called “vaccines,” the contents of which are now killing hundreds of thousands of people weekly, according to the latest government data.

U.S. Army’s First Openly Transgender Officer Indicted for Trying to Give U.S. Military Medical Info to Russia
The Army’s first openly transgender officer was indicted this week on charges of trying to give American service members medical information to the Russian government.

Exactly 7 Days After Israel And The United States Agreed To The Two State Solution, Hurricane Ian Smashes Florida Causing Catastrophic Destruction
As I write this, Hurricane Ian is howling directly overhead, the power in our condo flickers on and off, and I am grateful for the battery backup that keeps my computer running uninterrupted. It was exactly one week ago yesterday that the prime minister of Israel said the Jews are ready to divide their land to create a Palestinian state.

Europeans increasingly burning trees for energy after green policies, Russian war, leave countries hobbled
European consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to biomass energy sources, including wood-derived fuels for heating and cooling, as the energy crisis continues to wreak havoc across the continent.

England records another 1000 Excess Deaths in a single week bringing the total to 26k since April; Evidence suggests COVID Vaccines are to blame
The Office for National Statistics has revealed that England and Wales suffered another record-breaking week of deaths in the week ending 16th September 2022, with an extra 1,009 people dying compared to the five-year average.

Leaked Video Shows Covid Lies Told by A Virgin Australia Doctor Urging Pregnant Airline Staff to Get Vaccinated – with Multiple Doses 
We previously published an article about Virgin Australia’s online conference held before mid-September 2021 to push employees to get vaccinated.   In another online event, held on 13 March 2022, Virgin’s Dr Rachel MacKellar, who was pregnant and vaccinated at the time, urged pregnant women to get vaccinated.

The Most Likely Saboteur of the Nord Stream Pipeline is the USA 
On Monday, pressure in the undersea Nord Stream 2 pipeline suddenly collapsed, and gas could be seen bubbling to the surface of the Baltic Sea near the Danish island of Bornholm. Shortly afterwards, reports came of a total collapse in the pressure of our other major undersea pipeline connection to Russia, Nord Stream 1, indicating a further rupture.

Newsom Signs Package of Abortion Laws That Critics Decry as Enabling Infanticide
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday signed into law a package of abortion-related bills, some of which immunize women and doctors from criminal and civil liability for what critics have called infanticide.

Woke airline will apparently allow men to wear skirts
Virgin Atlantic will apparently allow male workers to sport skirts. The airline announced on Wednesday that it has updated its gender identity policy to allow people to wear whichever of the company’s uniforms that they prefer.


Headlines – 9/30/2022

First meeting of EU-Israel Association Council since 2012 set for next week – The EU statement stressed that the “Middle East Peace Process” would be discussed, saying that the body “hopes to build on the momentum generated at the UN General Assembly.”

‘You little boy’: Abbas says he scolded Blinken for not pressuring Israel – PA leader urges group to push for statehood, claims he met with ‘Zionist lobby’ despite Obama warning against it

Progressive congressman beats moderate to head US House Middle East subcommittee

Top Abbas aide to meet with senior Biden officials in Washington next week – Ramallah seeks to push US to play more active role in de-escalating and solving the conflict

Amid rising West Bank violence, Lapid orders forces to remain on high alert

Israel halts visits to Jewish shrine in Nablus indefinitely amid security escalation

Palestinian boy, 7, dies in disputed circumstances amid IDF activity near Bethlehem

US urges ‘immediate’ probe into death of 7-year-old Palestinian during IDF operation

Palestinian inmate suspected of assaulting guards unlikely to face rape charge

US citizen killed in Iranian attack in Iraq on Wednesday

US sanctions companies it says trade Iranian oil, in bid to speed up nuclear talks

Iran’s protesters chant from buildings amid crackdown on street demonstrations

Iranian celebrities warned against publicly promoting Mahsa Amini protests

Tehran Governor Warns Of Consequences For “Celebrities Who Fanned Flames” Of Iran Protests

Iranian Missile Strikes Kill American Citizen, State Department Confirms

Suicide bomber kills 19, wounds 27, in attack on Afghan education center

Prague Rising: Thousands Protest in Czech Republic Against NATO and EU Destroying Their Way of Life – Demand End to Hostility Toward Russia

EU executive proposes eighth batch of sanctions against Russia

Russian oligarch tied to Putin charged with violating US sanctions

Photos show aging Russians forced to fight in Ukraine

Biden Says US Will Never Recognize Russian Claims on Ukraine

NATO issues warning about pipeline ‘sabotage’ after gas pipeline explosions

Swedes Report New Fourth Leak in Nord Stream Pipeline ‘Sabotage’

Putin claims pipeline leaks linked to ‘international terrorism’

Europeans increasingly burning trees for energy after green policies, Russian war, leave countries hobbled

Germany will borrow nearly $200 billion to cap consumers’ energy bills

Mobile Network Blackouts Expected across Europe as Energy Crisis Worsens

“Globalists Are Marching Us Relentlessly Toward This Nuclear Armageddon” – Retired Colonel and Former Virginia State Senator Richard Black

US announces aid for Pacific, as it tries to combat China’s influence in region

North Korea Fires 2 Missiles After VP Harris Leaves South Korea, DMZ

Ex-NSA worker charged with trying to sell US secrets

‘My Son Hunter’ Producer Files Ethics Complaint Against Hunter Biden’s Attorney Alleging Spying on Movie Set

Sen. Cruz: Senate Should Put AG Garland, FBI on Trial

30 ex-FBI agents stand up to support whistleblower who exposed agency’s political bias

FBI Purging Conservative Employees and Retaliating Against Whistleblowers

Trump’s legal team says that vendors don’t want to work with them for special-master review because ‘seasoned IT professionals’ can’t handle the government’s 11,000 files and strict deadlines

Trump deposition delayed after he refused to relocate from Mar-a-Lago despite hurricane

Ginni Thomas Tells Jan. 6 Panel She’s Never Influenced Husband’s Jurisprudence, Calls Into Question ‘Impeach Clarence Thomas’

Ginni Thomas told Jan. 6 committee she still believes the election was stolen, chair says

Petition Filed with the US Supreme Court Against Dominion, Facebook and CFCL in “A Case of Great National Importance”

China-based accounts posed as liberals and conservatives to bash US politicians, Meta report finds

DOD Expert: China Trying to Influence US Midterms

On Eve of Election, Bolsonaro’s Party Attacks Brazil’s Voting Systems

Google Claims Censoring Italy Election Winner Meloni’s Speech Was a ‘Mistake’

Marxist New Zealand PM Labels Internet Freedom and Free Speech a “Weapon of War” in This Week’s UN Speech

Tesla’s AI Day offers a glimpse of just how sentient its bots have become

Battle Erupts Over Alleged Grisly Photos of Brain-Hacked Neuralink Monkeys

New supersonic plane design could fly from London to New York in 80 minutes

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits southeast of the Loyalty Islands

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits the Reykjanes Ridge

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Mawlaik, Myanmar

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Yakutat, Alaska

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near the north coast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 13,000ft

Semeru volcano in Italy erupts to 14,000ft

Major explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy

Trident volcano – Aviation Color Code raised to Yellow, Alaska, U.S.

Ian Regains Hurricane Strength as It Heads to South Carolina

‘Biblically destructive’ Hurricane Ian devastating for some Florida Jews on New Year

‘Substantial loss of life’ possible in Florida as Tropical Storm Ian now takes aim at South Carolina

Ian could be ‘deadliest’ hurricane in Florida’s history, Biden says

Hurricane Ian updates: Florida sheriff says ‘fatalities are in the hundreds’ after monster storm

Analysis: Hurricane Ian May Be the Costliest Hurricane in U.S. History

Biden Approves Major Disaster Declaration for Florida

Wandering Joe Biden Gets Lost Again After Delivering Remarks At The FEMA Headquarters

‘500-year flood’: Florida begins to assess Hurricane Ian’s catastrophic damage

Ian’s path of ruin: Sanibel bridge severed, Gulf Coast cities flooded. Rescues continue

Looting, other crimes amid former Hurricane Ian drive officials to enforce a curfew

Hurricane Ian: 20 Cuban migrants missing off Florida coast after boat sinks in storm

Geologist: Warmer Oceans, Less Hurricanes Contrary to Media Narrative on Storm Ian

Occupy Democrats Delete Tweet Wishing Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate Was Destroyed by Hurricane Ian

Dan Rather on Federal Aid to Florida: ‘Airplanes Will Be Full of Supplies, Not Stunts’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares Floridians Evacuating Hurricane Ian to Illegal Immigrants: ‘Ironic That They Have to Pour Over the Borders and Go North’

A new report labels Mexico as the world’s deadliest spot for environmental activists

Vast Majority Of Economists Predict A Global Recession By 2023

Biden recession confirmed despite admin attempts to redefine ‘recession’

Wall St Drops Back to Lowest Since 2020 as Fear Returns

Billionaire investor Ken Griffin says a US recession is inevitable – and the Fed needs to stick to its guns to reset inflation

Rising Inflation Sparks Protest in France

House to vote Friday to avert government shutdown after Senate passes stopgap bill

“I Don’t Even Know What That Is” – Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein to Aides Preparing Her For Vote on Stopgap Funding Bill

Six states sue Biden to block student loan forgiveness as illegal, hurtful to working class

In Reversal, Biden’s Education Dept. Excludes Many From Student Debt Relief

Half of 2023’s Diversity Visas to Be Given to Migrants from Muslim Countries

Biden Is Preparing a Major Executive Order to Shield Over 600,000 Illegal Immigrants from Deportation: Report

Border Patrol Calls In ‘Suicidologist’ to Address Rising Suicides Among Rank-and-File

30 rounds fired in California school shooting that injured 2 students and 4 staffers, police say

FDNY veteran, and 9/11 first responder, killed in “barbaric and completely unprovoked” New York City stabbing

Apple VP leaves company after vulgar comment about goes viral on TikTok

Facebook Says Pornhub’s Instagram Account Is ‘Permanently Banned’

M&M’s Announces New Purple ‘Spokescandy’ to ‘Represent Acceptance and Inclusivity’

In step toward civil marriage, Jerusalem court accepts ‘Zoom weddings’ from Utah

Spain’s Minister Of Equality Says Children “Have The Right To Know That They Can Love And Have Sexual Relations With Anyone”

Wisconsin School District Will Teach Sex Ed, Gender Identity Curriculum Beginning in Kindergarten

‘Children Don’t Belong To The State’: Youngkin Says ‘Important Decisions Must Involve Parents’

UK Parents Sue School and Win After Six-Year-Old Son Was Labeled Potentially ‘Transphobic’

‘Gender Affirming’ Pediatric Clinic in Pennsylvania Removes Training Materials After Scrutiny

Tennessee Republicans Ask Vanderbilt Hospital to Pause Transgender Surgeries on Children

New York Times on Trans Teens’ Elective Mastectomies: ‘Better Aligns Bodies with Experience of Gender’

First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia

Planned Parenthood Doctor and Democrat Witness: “Men Can Have Pregnancies, Especially Trans Men”

California Bill to Require Menstrual Hygiene Products in Boys Restrooms

Telling a Student to Get an Abortion Could Be a Felony, Idaho Universities Warn

India’s top court legalises abortion regardless of marital status

AOC Says Abortion is an ‘Economic Issue’ Because Raising Kids Forces Parents to ‘Work More Against Their Will’

AOC, looking to match GOP’s ‘uncomfortable’ abortion conversation, talks about her IUD during House hearing

Republicans Urge DOJ to Investigate Cyberattacks Targeting Christian, Pro-Life Websites

Father Frank Pavone: Some Doctors Performing Abortions at 37 Weeks

The Era of Fast, Cheap Genome Sequencing Is Here

The CIA Just Invested in Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Technology

‘Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus’ Is The Next Public Health Issue You Can’t Talk About

Are They Planning To ‘Vaccinate’ the Masses Against Our Will? Why Did The NIH Use Boxes Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Vaccinate Patients?

Australia ends Covid isolation rule as it moves beyond ’emergency phase’

Cardiologist Who Promoted COVID Vaccines Releases Peer-Reviewed Papers Calling for Suspension of mRNA Shots

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenge Against New York’s Vaccine Mandate

Anthony Fauci’s Net Worth Increased Over 70% to $12.7M Since The COVID Pandemic, Report Says.

Medical Boards Punishing Doctors Exercising Independent Judgment to Practice Medicine

Commentary – The Grand Conspirator: Klaus Schwab

CNN: For some Christians, ‘rapture anxiety’ can take a lifetime to heal


Mid-Day Snapshot · Sept. 30, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (”.


“Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains rather than do an immoral act.” —Thomas Jefferson (1785)



Fauci Cashed in on the Pandemic

While Americans were struggling under the lockdowns he advocated, Fauci raked in millions.

Nate Jackson

There probably aren’t many Americans on the center-right who still think much of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the latest news won’t help: While most other Americans sorely struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic, Fauci and his wife increased their net worth by more than $5 million.

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and is the highest paid federal bureaucrat, “earning” $456,028 in 2021. His wife, Christine Grady, is the National Institutes of Health’s chief bioethicist and was paid $238,970 in 2021. Fauci announced last month that his 55-year government career will come to a close in December with an outrageously lucrative annual pension of at least $350,000. Median U.S. household income in 2020 was $67,521, roughly one-fifth of Fauci’s pension and about one-tenth of Fauci’s current household income from wages alone.

Between February and April 2020, stock markets crashed, an immense hit for American families saving to fund their own retirement. Much of those earnings recovered in the ensuing months, but then Joe Biden became president, and the stock market is back down 20% (an official bear market) in 2022.

Anthony Fauci? He’s doing just fine, thank you very much. The watchdog group OpenTheBooks revealed that Fauci and his wife’s net worth grew from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million at the end of 2021. We don’t know where that balance sheet stands today, but he made an awful lot of money on investments, awards, compensation, and royalties during the pandemic.

Now, we’re not suddenly becoming envy-based Bernie Sanders acolytes for pointing that out. We have little problem with people earning whatever their potential will yield in a free market. We do have an enormous problem with “public servants” cashing in at the expense of taxpayers — especially when, as in Fauci’s case, they play such a big role in the economic devastation the rest of us have endured over the last two and a half years.

Fauci pushed for shutdowns early and often, and he’s spent most of the last two years on cable television browbeating us for not wearing enough masks, for not getting enough booster shots, and for being out doing much of anything at all.

Did any of the economic damage cause him any retrospection? Did the fact that children’s education has been woefully and perhaps permanently disrupted give him a moment’s pause?


“Sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the schoolchildren. You know that,” he said earlier this month. “But you have to make a balance when you’re dealing with — we know the only way to stop something cold in its track is to try and shut things down.”

Back in July, he almost hinted at rethinking things. “If I knew in 2020 what I know now, we would do a lot differently because back then we were not sure of a number of things,” he opined. But then he stubbornly plowed ahead, “Had we known that then the insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm and there would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy [sic] encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing, or what have you.”

In other words, he would have come down even harder on us — while cashing in himself.

Did we mention that Fauci’s funding of gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, likely contributed to the existence of the pandemic in the first place? Congressional Republicans are anxious to ask Dr. Fauci more questions about what a model of public service he has been.

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COVID Vaccine Does Mess With Women’s Health

These now-admitted side effects would have been deemed “misinformation” last year.

Emmy Griffin

Women of all ages, but particularly of childbearing years, are now being told that the COVID-19 vaccines have side effects that range from menstrual abnormalities to fetal health and development complications including miscarriage. Study after study is confirming these adverse side effects.

Yet people who had been reporting these adverse events were censored on social media and their stories were deemed “misinformation.” People lost their jobs for following their gut or their religious convictions and refusing to take the vaccines. Predictably, the truth is slowly trickling out about the COVID vaccines, and it isn’t all good.

In women, the most commonly reported side effect was the disruption of the menstrual cycle. Women were told that there was no link between the vaccine and their reproduction system. So-called “experts” laughed at them and told them that this was a rumor, a conspiracy theory. This past Tuesday, the National Institutes of Health confirmed that this symptom was not all in women’s heads, and no lesser a source than The Washington Post published a story on this. No apology, no acknowledgement that it had dismissed women’s experiences; the best the Post could offer was the changes in periods were “temporary” for “most people.”

This is the least of the revelations that have been disclosed about the effect of the COVID vaccines on women’s health.

Another study by researchers at New York University has found that trace amounts of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccinations were detected in 45% of nursing mothers. This is disturbing considering the number of study participants was 11. Five participants received Moderna and the other six received Pfizer.

This study did not make any assertions about what the consequences would be for those mothers who followed the “best guidance” and gave their babies tainted milk. It also notes that “caution is warranted about breastfeeding children younger than 6 months in the first 48 hours after maternal vaccination until more safety studies are conducted.” Why six months? Why does it suggest a breastfeeding mother not nurse her child for 48 hours? These are the types of questions concerned mothers are asking.

One study that isn’t peer-reviewed but had tens of thousands of participants worldwide compiled several other concerning trends associated with the COVID vaccine. The study’s conclusion is as follows: “Governments and public health agencies worldwide are stepping back from COVID-19 vaccine mandates and are beginning to recommend against or even prohibiting COVID-19 mandates and vaccinations for vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, and lactating women. Yet, the US continues promoting COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters in all groups, including pregnant women. This study supports the recommendations of the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare and The World Council of Health against COVID-19 vaccination and boosters for pregnant and lactating women.”

As a mother who was both pregnant and then nursing during the vaccine push, I can testify that the pressure to get a vaccine for the health of the baby was immense. It was peddled on the pregnancy apps. It was voiced by doctors and nurses at the hospital. Though it was never said out loud, the subtext was clear: If you don’t get the vaccine, you’re already a bad mother. For those mothers who did get the vaccine to make sure that they were doing the best for their young children, this is not on them. We can only hope and pray that this manipulation by all the institutions around us didn’t set up our very young children for health problems down the road such as myocarditis.

Though guidances by the CDC are being loosened, President Joe Biden and his team are still pushing the mRNA COVID vaccines. Perhaps doubling down isn’t in the best interest of the American people. It’s certainly proving to have side effects for women.

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Executive News Summary

Senate approves stopgap spending bill, NY follows CA’s lead in banning gas cars, AOC equates giving birth with slavery, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • Senate approves stopgap spending bill: In a 75-25 vote Thursday, the Senate passed a stopgap spending bill to fund the federal government through the middle of December and avert a partial government shutdown as the current fiscal year ends this evening. The legislation now heads to the House, where it’s expected to pass easily. The bill also included another $12 billion in aid to Ukraine both in provision of military equipment and weapons as well as monetary support for Ukraine’s government. Roughly $1.5 billion of the $12 billion is allocated to replenishing U.S. military weapons and equipment stockpiles that have been depleted in supplying Ukraine. Not included in the bill was $22.4 billion in funding the Biden administration had requested to replenish the stockpile of at-home COVID tests. “The pandemic is over,” after all.
  • NY follows CA’s lead in banning sale of new gas cars by 2035: It would appear that Democrat lawmakers in New York have joined California in the collective insanity cult known as climate hysteria. On Thursday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the State Department of Environmental Conservation would soon be issuing new regulations that would ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. “In New York, every week is climate week,” Hochul declared. “And we’re committed to protecting our environment and combating climate change every single day. … Electric vehicles are the key to achieving this.” Hochul noted that the eventual banning of fossil fuel-powered vehicles would be done on a progressive scale beginning in 2026 with mandating that 35% of all new vehicles sold must be electric; that percentage rises to 68% by 2030. New emissions regulations would also be coming into effect for new gas-powered cars starting with model year 2026 through 2034. Hochul celebrated the announcement by declaring, “We are not heading down that dead-end street [of gas vehicles] any longer.” Well, it appears that soon the residents of the Empire State won’t be heading on any long-distance trips either.
  • AOC equates giving birth with slavery: “Abortion is an economic issue,” asserted the radical leftist Democrat representative from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During Thursday’s House hearing on abortion, she explained, “Forcing poor and working-class people to give birth against their will, against their consent, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue and it’s certainly a way to keep a workforce basically conscripted to large-scale employers and to employers to work more against their will, to take a second and third jobs against their desire and their own autonomy.” In other words, preventing parents from killing their preborn children is equivalent to forcing them into working against their will, or slave labor. AOC might have an argument if these parents were forced against their will to engage in sexual activity for the express goal of impregnation — as if people were being bred like cattle. The trouble is that is not what is happening, nor is AOC making such a claim. She is simply arguing that people who freely engage in sexual promiscuity should not be forced to have to take responsibility for one particular result of such behavior. Furthermore, AOC is asserting the false claim that children are the cause of poverty, when in reality it has been the breakdown of the family that has been the biggest factor in poverty. The sad thing is that AOC and other pro-abortion advocates are literally demanding the right to murder the innocent, all for the sake of the personal convenience of the irresponsible.


  • Hurricane Ian heads for final landfall packing storm surge, heavy rain, strong wind threats in Carolinas (TWC)
  • Six states sue to block Biden student debt cancellation plan (WSJ) | Biden administration scales back student debt relief for millions amid legal concerns (Politico)
  • Jim Jordan: FBI allegedly engaging in purge of conservative employees, retaliating against whistleblowers (Fox News) | FBI insiders say agents who took a knee during BLM protests were rewarded (Washington Times)
  • GOP senators baffled by Mitt Romney’s ploy to oust Mike Lee — and maybe thwart a majority (The Federalist)
  • Republicans’ 2022 chances are better than some polls suggest (Washington Examiner)
  • Justice Alito pushes back after Kagan questions Supreme Court’s legitimacy (National Review)
  • Bill Clinton admits “there is a limit” to how many immigrants we can take (National Review)
  • Policy: Is the Fed responsible for our economic turmoil? (City Journal)
  • Satire: Russian spy awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom for being first openly transgender traitor to country (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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‘Trans’ Army Officer Indicted for Spying

Our nation’s first-ever openly “transgender” officer tried to give our warriors’ private health information to the Russians.

Douglas Andrews

The Left loves to trumpet certain firsts: Barack Obama was the first Marxist president, Sonia Sotomayor was the first dumb Supreme Court justice, Karine Jean-Pierre was the first incompetent communicator as White House press secretary — firsts like that.

More recently, the Left celebrated another first when Richard Levine, who at some point changed his name to Rachel, became the first — wait for it! — four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Forgive us if we don’t mention him in the same breath as Jones, Farragut, Nimitz, Halsey, or Spruance.

And this brings us to yet another first, that of Jamie Lee Henry, who achieved media-darling status in 2015 as the first openly “transgender” officer in the U.S. military.

As it turns out, Henry is a dirty, rotten, Russian spy. Allegedly. As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The Army’s first openly transgender officer was indicted Thursday on charges of trying to provide American soldiers’ medical information to the Russian government.

A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrielian, on charges of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information. According to prosecutors, the couple met last month with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian diplomat and offered medical information from Fort Bragg, the home of the military’s elite Delta Force.

Interestingly, though, many of our nation’s leading news organizations aren’t nearly as interested in reporting Henry’s newly unique status as the nation’s first openly transgender officer ever to be indicted for spying. The Washington Post, for example, dutifully covered the story, but there’s no mention of Henry’s transgenderism in either the headline or in the subhead. But most stunningly and disgracefully and despicably, there’s no mention of Major Henry’s special status in the entire 810-word article.

Nothingtoseeheremovealong, say the agenda-driven activists at the Post.

We’re not inclined to move along, though. In fact, we’re inclined to recall another one of the Left’s gender warriors, an Army traitor named Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, whose too-light 35-year sentence was shamefully commuted by Barack Obama. Recall that Manning, who is pathologically gender-confused, was convicted of espionage for funneling 750,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks and thereby doing immeasurable damage to American national security.

Here’s an idea for our woke military: Let’s stop giving Top Secret or other advanced security clearances to weirdos, oddballs, and other mentally unstable individuals — for example, those who struggle with whether they’re men or women.

As for the Post and its fellow travelers, these agenda-driven activists’ selective refusal to report certain key details about the accused reminds us of how they tend to treat politicians who run afoul of the law: If it’s a Republican, the political affiliation goes in the headline and the lead paragraph. But if the malefactor is a Democrat, the affiliation either gets slipped into the story’s 28th paragraph, or it gets omitted entirely.

And to think they got their panties all in a bunch when Donald Trump once famously said, “The Fake News media … is the enemy of the American people.”

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Nord Stream Sabotage: Who Done It?

There is a lot of speculation that Vladimir Putin blew up his own pipeline to handicap Europe.

Thomas Gallatin

Days after undersea explosions in the Baltic Sea significantly damaged Russia’s two Nord Stream pipelines that carry natural gas to Europe (primarily to Germany), questions remain as to who the culprit is. What everyone does appear to agree on is that these explosions were no accidents; they were deliberate acts of sabotage.

The trouble is that it’s not immediately clear who would gain from such an act, though the lion’s share of suspicion rests on the Russians. That said, why would the Russians blow up their own pipelines? If Vladimir Putin really wanted to stick it to Germany over its support of Ukraine, he could simply shut down the pipeline. Indeed, just a couple weeks ago Putin threatened to cut off energy supplies to Europe, claiming that Europe would become “frozen” like a wolf’s tail. At the time, Putin was responding to European leaders who were calling for a cap on Russian gas prices, a demand he said was “stupid.” He warned, “We will not supply gas, oil, coal, heating oil — we will not supply anything.”

However, it’s one thing to shut off the valve; it’s another thing entirely to blow up pipelines that generate billions of dollars in revenue, possibly putting them out of commission for good. How would doing so — even if it hurts Europe — work to Putin’s advantage? It’s like cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

Yet the Russians are one of the few nations with the necessary equipment and technological ability to pull off such a sabotage event. Furthermore, Russian navy ships were reportedly in the area just prior to the explosions.

So, could this have been perpetrated by members within the Russian military acting to sabotage Putin? It’s possible, given the fact that the current state of the war in Ukraine is not going the Russians’ way. Indeed, as they appear to be slowly losing, Putin’s order last week to call up 300,000 reservists has clearly been an unpopular move, as thousands of men have sought to flee the country.

Some have also floated the idea that the sabotage of the pipelines was a covert American operation. While there is no direct evidence for such a claim — and the Pentagon vehemently denies it — back in June the CIA did warn European governments of potential attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines. The agency even identified the Russians as a primary potential culprit.

The idea that Joe Biden would green-light such an operation appears dubious. Not only would such action put further pressure on energy prices across the globe, and especially in Europe, it would also present a significant environmental hazard with large quantities of methane gas released into the atmosphere.

With a big question mark hanging over the sabotaged pipelines, what this does do is eliminate any chance of Germany compromising and working out a deal with Putin to get needed gas. Now Germany will be forced to scramble to find other sources to prevent an energy crisis, and right as winter is coming.

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Will the LGBs Ditch the Ts?

Where transgenderism is concerned, there are some noticeable cracks in the Rainbow Mafia foundation.

Brian Mark Weber

Not long ago, anyone who predicted drag queens would be performing for kids in public libraries, parents would be allowing their kids to take puberty-blocking drugs, and teens would be having sex-change surgeries would’ve been dismissed as deranged and delusional.

But not today.

Now, Big Tech, Hollywood, the media, our children’s schools, and the federal government are pushing gender fluidity and transgenderism. Moreover, as columnist Jarrett Stepman writes, “They’ve suppressed any opinion or evidence that contradicts the narrative that gender transitioning is an unalloyed good that is opposed only by bigots.”

But here’s the good news: Some in the “LGB” part of the Rainbow Mafia are increasingly at odds with those in the “T” part, especially now that adolescents are becoming victims of a movement gone too far.

Political analyst Bill Hansmann writes about a homosexual man whose video criticizing schools for teaching children about transgenderism has gone viral. Says Hansmann: “Far too many individuals in our society believe that all gay people are in favor of the LGBTQ etc. agenda, a platform which would ram many heretofore impossible beliefs down the throats of the public and force our children and grandchildren to be indoctrinated with their sick ideas. The video makes it clear that is not the case.”

The silver lining in what seems like a lost culture war is that when the radical agenda of the transgender movement is explained in clear and identifiable terms, even some on the Left are disturbed by what they’re seeing. For example, as Manhattan Institute fellow Leor Sapir writes: “When Florida passed its Parental Rights in Education Act, the Democratic establishment and left-of-center media environment immediately labelled it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law. The reason for this was obvious: Left-of-center Americans were more likely to oppose a law that they saw as threatening the advances in gay rights, but less likely to oppose it if they understood it to restrict gender-identity instruction.”

And we may be seeing a trend, as more leftist voices are speaking out against the damage being done to our kids. Comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher recently spoke out about transgenderism as an epidemic, correctly noting that we’re “literally experimenting on children.”

Meanwhile, The Center for Bioethics and Culture has produced a video titled “The Detransition Diaries: Saving our Sisters.” The CBC explains: “The Detransition Diaries is a documentary film that recounts the stories of three young women, who felt that their trauma and dysphoria would be fixed by trying to medically transition from female to male. Medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and even school officials affirmed that they were indeed ‘trans’ but only once they started down this path, which promised to offer them hope, they each came to realize that they had made a terrible decision.”

Not long ago, we were told that the claim about children having gender surgery was false, and both Democrats and their allies in the Leftmedia told us we were spreading conspiracy theories. But then The New York Times published an article admitting that teenage girls are indeed electing to have “top surgery.”

Of course, the Times portrays such procedures in a positive light while accusing conservatives of exaggerating the issue. And the paper can’t be bothered to report that the faddish nature of “gender affirming” surgery could be leading to higher rates of suicide in places where parental consent isn’t needed, as reported by The Heritage Foundation.

Across the country, there’s a growing movement among the states, which are passing a range of laws to ban or limit puberty blockers and “gender affirming” surgeries. On Capitol Hill, a group of 37 Republicans is working to criminalize the insanity of “gender affirming” medical procedures for young people.

It’s good that we’re finally seeing some pushback against this direct assault on the most precious and vulnerable members of our society: our kids. And we’re finally hearing from voices across the Rainbow, not just conservatives. In the end, it’s going to take a broader and more resounding coalition to win this battle.

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  • Douglas Andrews: Woe Is the Ivy League on the Constitution and Free Speech — Professors at Princeton trash our founding document, while everyone at Columbia crushes free speech.
  • Ron Helle: Shipwreck — How do we as men stand against the cultural tide? Let me offer two thoughts.
  • RNC: Biden Robs Retirees — The president’s failed economic policies have decimated Americans’ savings while drastically raising the cost of living.



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“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” —Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)


“You or I would never be allowed to go into a classroom with a Bible and preach to the kids about the joys of Christianity — or even free-market capitalism. But apparently a lot of people think it’s perfectly OK to spread the Gospel of Transgenderism to third graders. Now our military is catching up on wokeness — and letting itself be weakened by a bunch of bad ideas that appeal to a minuscule percentage of Americans. But instead of telling the Woke mob to get lost and leave the armed services alone, the military leadership of today is enabling and welcoming them.” —Michael Reagan

“To [the media], traditional roles are themselves fascist institutions; those who promote such roles suggest that human happiness can’t be found in atomistic individualism, supplemented by collective social welfare schemes. And so true freedom requires that those like [Italian Prime Minister Giorgia] Meloni be fought. Unfortunately for the Left, anti-traditionalism is the privilege of the frivolous — and after the failure of totalitarian COVID-19 policy, the collapse of green utopianism and the decay of societal solidarity, frivolity is no longer the order of the day. Which means that Meloni and those who agree with her are only the beginning.” —Ben Shapiro

“Why has the president not declared an end to the public-health emergency associated with COVID? If the pandemic is no more, as he said on ‘60 Minutes,’ so is the emergency. Right? Well, think back to the Solomonic pronouncement uttered by good old Rahm [Emanuel] in 2009. Said he, ‘You never let a crisis go to waste.’ The administration must continue to extend the public-health emergency that the government declared in 2020. And there are other laws associated with COVID that allow the president to throw money around despite rising inflation. … On and on the Democratic government goes expanding the welfare state at a time when inflation is gnawing at pocketbooks all over the country. … So, yes, there is something very odd about the government’s campaign against COVID. Joe wants to have it both ways. He wants to declare the pandemic over. He wants to continue the emergency so he can continue to expand the welfare state. Perhaps this foolishness will end on Nov. 8.” —R. Emmett Tyrrell

“We basically had inflation under control for 40 years. … We lost the thread … about a year and a half ago with massively expansionary policies relative to the size of the GDP gap.” —former Obama economic advisor Larry Summers

The BIG Lie

“Because of Americans’ resilience and the economic strategy that we have pursued for the past 19 months, the United States of America is [in] a stronger position than any other country to navigate these global challenges. And that’s just period. That’s the way we see it. That’s the way [Biden’s] economic team sees it. And that’s because jobs are up, incomes are up, people are back at work. … And let’s not forget the legislation wins that you have seen … from the Democrats in Congress, when you think about the Inflation Reduction Act that is going to help us … lower prices for the American people.” —White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Schoolyard Bully

“I also want to say again to the oil and gas executives: Do not, do not, do not use [Hurricane Ian] as an excuse to raise gasoline prices or gouge the American public. … America is watching and the industry should do the right thing.” —President Joe Biden

Non Sequitur

“I’ve met with Xi Jinping over 78 hours, 68 of which are in person, over the last 10 years. And he makes the case straight up that democracies can’t be sustained in the 21st century. You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election. You’re seeing what’s happening around the world. And the reason I bother to say that is we can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here either.” —Joe Biden

Non Compos Mentis

“Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.” —Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s Dr. Bhavik Kumar

“Abortion is an economic issue. Forcing poor and working-class people to give birth against their will, against their consent, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue and it’s certainly a way to keep a workforce basically conscripted.” —Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“The same folks who tell us and told us that COVID’s just a flu, that climate change isn’t real, that January 6th was nothing but a tourist visit are now trying to tell us that transgender people are not real.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“I think what it really shows is that this country is so ageist. This country has a problem with age. You know, you go to other countries and our elders are revered. They’re revered because of the knowledge that they have acquired and this is a man who has worked in government his entire life.” —”The View” co-host Sunny Hostin regarding unease toward Biden’s “Where’s Jackie?” imbroglio

And Last…

“In this era of lawlessness, the best life insurance policy is one tucked into a holster. Should we be forced to choose a thug’s life or our own, we should have the means to make the right decision.” —Armstrong Williams

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“From The Patriot Post (”.

The Americans Did It

Article Image
 •, by john laughland

He cites a famous experiment in which a person can be made to say that one line on a diagram is the same length as another, when in fact it is longer, if seven or eight actors have pretended to come to the same conclusion before him.

Desmet is writing mainly about the coercive psychosis of Covid. But the same arguments apply to the current collective psychosis about Russia. For years and decades now, we have been fed horror stories about Russia. These have of course only increased in intensity since the invasion of Ukraine. We have now reached a situation in which entire sections of the media, and their respective national governments, claim to believe things which are simply impossible.

The latest example is the apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Russia has been immediately blamed but the accusation is not credible, for the following reasons. I defy any person endowed with normal critical faculties to show the opposite.

The Americans have been opposed to Nord Stream 2 for years.

It was Germany, on the orders of the USA, that decided not to open the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in February. Joe Biden said in front of Olaf Scholz, ‘We will put an end to it.’ When asked how the US would do this, he replied, ‘I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.'[1] Victoria Nuland made it even more clear in January.[2]

VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate | DC Dirty Laundry

(Natural News) In case you have not figured it out yet, the real plandemic was never some airborne virus. It has always been the so-called “vaccines,” the contents of which are now killing hundreds of thousands of people weekly, according to the latest government data.

The “fully vaccinated” are the walking dead, carrying around with them a damaged immune system plagued by spike proteins and other deadly toxins that are overwhelming health systems with sick and dying patients.

You will not hear about this on the “news,” of course, because it tells a much different story than the one being propagated by the powers that be, which want us all to believe that the jabs are “saving lives.” The truth is that the jabs are massively depopulating the world right before our very eyes.

The number of daily calls for ambulances in England, as one example, are now so high in number that the system there is having trouble sending emergency first responders to every case. Hospitals are also becoming overwhelmed with patients suffering from post-jab illnesses, leaving few, if any, hospital beds for anybody else.

CDC: Myocarditis risk 133 times higher among fully jabbed

The National Health Service (NHS), according to a freedom of information request, has confirmed that the number of heart-related emergencies doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 and prior. In 2022 so far, the number is still going parabolic as the long-term impact of the jabs runs its course.

We know from the latest data charts – you can see them at – that ambulance calls continue to increase month after month with no end in sight.

Many of these calls are for younger people, just to be clear, and not just for the elderly. Young people who would otherwise be fit as a fiddle are now debilitated with a damaged heart, which in many cases results in heart attack or stroke.

Excess deaths are also skyrocketing as injection spike proteins accumulate inside people’s bodies and form clots that, in many cases, end up resulting in death.

Keep in mind that when hospitals first shut down due to the “virus,” what they were actually doing was going on vacation. There was never really an illness outbreak of any considerable magnitude until after Operation Warp Speed was launched, unleashing hell on the world.

Now, thanks to the shots, hundreds of millions of people are walking health time bombs that are going off seemingly at random. And health care systems are unable to handle all of them.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has known about the heart-damaging effects of the shots for quite some time. It published a study back in January highlighting the fact that people who get injected for the Fauci Flu are 133 times more likely than the non-jabbed to develop myocarditis.

“This means Covid vaccination increases the risk of suffering myocarditis by a shocking 13,200%,” reported Global Research.

“Eventually, myocarditis weakens the heart so that the rest of the body doesn’t get enough blood. Clots can then form in the heart, leading to a stroke or heart attack. Other complications of the condition include sudden cardiac death.”

“There is no mild version of myocarditis, it is extremely serious due to the fact that the heart muscle is incapable of regenerating. Therefore, once the damage is done there is no rewinding the clock.”

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the United Kingdom, excess deaths in the age of Operation Warp Speed are off the charts, specifically among the partially or fully injected. The unvaccinated, meanwhile, show no such effects.

The latest news about Fauci Flu shots can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Source: VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate

Frightening New White House Halloween Decorations To Include Lifelike Old Zombie — Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In preparation for Halloween, White House staffers have spent days adorning the premises with frightening decorations. One prop stands out above the rest: a spooky, lifelike old zombie that wanders the halls, drooling and moaning.

When asked how much work went into creating the animatronic zombie decoration with a realistic, putrid urine smell, staffers responded, “Huh?”

Critics suggest the White House may have gone too far with the gruesome zombie, citing reports of traumatized young girls on White House tours being chased through corridors as the old thing repeatedly asked for “just a little taste of delicious hair.”

“We have listened to reports about our, um, Halloween decorations,” said Press Secretary Jean-Pierre, “No visitors are allowed in the White House until our engineers have properly adjusted or replaced the zombie.”

At publishing time, Congress reportedly decorated their offices to look like a spooky wax museum with old, disfigured creatures hoarding piles of gold.

Can this liberal California couple handle their new life in Texas?

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Frightening New White House Halloween Decorations To Include Lifelike Old Zombie — Babylon Bee

‘Did God Really Say You Shouldn’t Kill Your Baby?’ Hisses Slithering Newsom To Frightened Pregnant Woman — Babylon Bee

SACRAMENTO, CA – In a nationwide campaign to promote abortion tourism in California, Gavin Newsom has purchased ads in red states encouraging women to travel to California to kill their babies. As part of the campaign, he has also taken to transforming into a giant green snake that whispers temptations into the ears of scared pregnant women.

“Hellllo Katie… did God really ssssssssay you sssssshhhhhouldn’t kill your baby?” hissed Newsom to Katie Barnes, a pregnant 20-year-old from Indiana. “It would be ssssssssssooooo much easier to fly to California and… you know… take care of it.”

Sources say the campaign is working well, as women are notorious for believing whatever a talking snake says.

“You will be happy, wealthy, and prosperousssssss,” whispered Newsom to another woman in Oklahoma. “Just one little flip of the switch on a suction machine, or little poke with a poison injection, or some stainless steel cutting tools, and you’re home free, baby!”

Supporters in California are calling Newsom’s campaign “brave” and “compassionate”, while critics are scrambling to escape California before it’s destroyed completely by fire and brimstone.

Can this liberal California couple handle their new life in Texas?

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‘Did God Really Say You Shouldn’t Kill Your Baby?’ Hisses Slithering Newsom To Frightened Pregnant Woman — Babylon Bee

Pelosi says farmers need illegal immigrants ‘to pick the crops’ in Florida

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said that farmers in Florida need illegal immigrants “to pick the crops” — as she called for “comprehensive immigration reform” and said there was a shortage of workers in the U.S. Pelosi was asked about whether the southern border is secure, and responded by saying that “we have a responsibility to secure our border, we also have a responsibility to recognize the importance of newcomers to our nation.” “Right now, the best thing that we can do for our economy is comprehensive immigration reform,” she said.

Source: Pelosi says farmers need illegal immigrants ‘to pick the crops’ in Florida

Best Water Filter? Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

Article Image
 • by Project Farm

BRANDS TESTED: ZeroWater, PUR, Brita, Aquaphor, AquaTrue, Lifestraw, Survivor Filter Pro, Frizzlife, Sawyer, RV Filter and a homemade filter. Filters tested for removing total dissolved solids, removing red food coloring and removing iron. Several filters cut open after the testing to compare the filter media. I purchased all of the filters and supplies used for testing the filters. So, thanks for supporting the channel!

Putin Declares 4 Annexed Regions “Ours Forever”, Blames US For Nord Stream Attacks | ZeroHedge News

Update(10:23ET): With the ink drying on the official annexation declarations newly signed by the heads of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions in Friday’s historic ceremony – the key takeaway from President Putin’s lengthy speech is that he declared a “mission accomplished” of sorts. He said these eastern and southern provinces are now part of Russia “forever”. He even touted that the referendums were accomplished in line with the UN charter on self-determination for all peoples, and vowed “They have made their choice… this is the only path to peace. We will protect our land using all our forces and we will protect their security. We will of course rebuild all destroyed towns and continue building hospitals, theaters, and schools.”

Putin bluntly informed the large audience of top officials at Saint George’s Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace of Moscow that there are now “four new regions of Russia” – a fait accompli that the Ukrainian government and its Western backers are rejecting, also on fresh reports that pro-Kremlin forces have suffered more setbacks in Donetsk in particular. Earlier in the week Moscow acknowledged that its “special operation” will continue until at least all of Donetsk is captured. At this point, none of the entirety of each of the four regions are yet under total Russian military control, the overwhelming “yes” votes among citizens in favor of joining the Russian Federation notwithstanding.

This means Kiev is of course unlikely to accept Putin’s essential assertion of we’ve taken the four territories, now let the negotiations begin [our paraphrase]. “We call on the Kyiv regime to immediately stop hostilities and sit at the negotiating table,” Putin said.

Certainly Washington and London will seek to ensure Kiev isn’t enticed by this – also as the weapons shipments continue to ramp up, with longer range missile systems in the pipeline to boot. As for the newly annexed territories, Putin made clear in his speech that we “won’t negotiate the status of the annexed territories” and further that he “won’t discuss” the now finalized results of the referendums. This follows Crimea having long been taken off the table since its own popular referendum and annexation in 2014.

And with all eyes on the devastating sabotage against the Nord Stream pipelines, he pointed the finger squarely at Washington: “They are destroying European energy infrastructure… it’s clear who benefits.” According to his statements:

Putin blamed the United States for this week’s unexplained explosions at the Nord Stream pipelines that have left the damaged pipelines leaking huge amounts of natural gas into the Baltic Sea.

“It’s obvious to everyone who did it,” he said.

On the issue of dwindling energy supplies and soaring costs headed into what’s sure to be a rough, frigid winter for European populations, he slammed Western elites for a problem of their own making…

They print money, but you cannot warm your homes with this printed money… They have to convince their citizens to shower less, eat less, and put on warm clothes.”

“The Western elites.. it’s a crisis due to their own fault.” He described that the goal of the “hybrid war” in Ukraine has a “Goal to break Russia at any costs.”

“The dictatorship of the Western elite is directed against all societies, including against the peoples of those Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge for all. This means the total negation of the human, the overthrow of religion and traditional values as the crushing of freedom becomes to look like the opposite of religion – open Satanism,” he said, repeating a familiar theme of his, and while rejecting “LGBT”/gender ideology as a threat to Russian society which the West seeks to impose…

Do we really want to have a parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 instead of mom and dad in Russia? Do we want children to be told that there are other genders besides men and women? Is this the future we want for our children? For us, this is unacceptable,” the Russian president said.

All eyes were also on the lookout for any references to Russia’s nuclear stance, with The Moscow Times relating his words as follows:

He also slammed Washington’s past use of nuclear weapons, comments that follow his warning last week that he “wasn’t bluffing” about resorting to “any means necessary” in Ukraine.

“The U.S. is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons,” Putin said. “Creating a precedent.”

As Putin spoke in the Kremlin, hundreds of Russians gathered in Red Square in front of a stage emblazoned with the words “Donetsk. Luhansk. Zaporizhzhia. Kherson. Russia!”

In the latest sign that following the annexation declaration things are only going to escalate from here, Ukraine’s President Zelensky has on Friday responded to Putin’s speech by requesting “accelerated” entrance into the NATO alliance.

And more of Ukraine’s immediate response to Putin’s annexation speech:

As for the US response, it vowed to “not stand by as Putin fraudulently attempts to annex parts of Ukraine.” New expanded sanctions against Russian individuals and entities were swiftly announced…

“Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated 14 persons in Russia’s military-industrial complex, including two international suppliers, three key leaders of Russia’s financial infrastructure, immediate family members of some of senior Russian officials, and 278 members of Russia’s legislature for enabling Russia’s sham referenda and attempt to annex sovereign Ukrainian territory. In addition, OFAC issued new guidance that warns of the heightened sanctions risk that international actors outside of Russia would face for providing political or economic support to Russia as a result of its illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian territory.”

* * *

Just ahead of a Friday ceremony declaring the official annexations of the four occupied Ukrainian regions which held controversial referendums, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed two decrees which recognized the “independence” of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

“Recognize the state sovereignty and independence” of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions “effective from the day of signing,” the two decrees stated. This paved the way for Friday’s ceremony where he’s expected to give a major speech which will incorporate those two territories plus Donetsk and Luhansk. WATCH Putin’s speech declaring annexation live:

According to Russian state media, “In the documents, Putin refers to the universally recognized principles and norms of international law, and the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, enshrined in the UN Charter.”

In contrast to this Kremlin perspective, Western officials and media sources are slamming the big ‘land grab’ – which comes at a moment the entirety of these territories are not yet under Russian military control. A White House statement said in response to the “sham” referendums, “The United States will never recognize Ukrainian territory as anything other than part of Ukraine. Russia’s referenda are a sham – a false pretext to try to annex parts of Ukraine by force in flagrant violation of international law, including the United Nations Charter.”

Putin said in a televised meeting with officials on Tuesday as voting closed in the four regions: “Saving people in the territories where this referendum is taking place… is the focus of the attention of our entire society and of the entire country.”

But according to the latest battlefield update from Reuters, which cites pro-Russian officials in the breakaway eastern republics, things aren’t going well on Donetsk amid the ongoing large Ukrainian counteroffensive:

Russian forces in Ukraine were on the verge of one of their worst defeats of the war even as President Vladimir Putin was due to proclaim the annexation of territory seized in his invasion.

The pro-Russian leader of occupied areas in Ukraine’s Donetsk province acknowledged his forces had lost full control of Dobryshev and Yampil villages, leaving Moscow’s main garrison in northern Donetsk half-encircled in the city of Lyman

In response to the declared Kremlin annexation of the four territories, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has convened an emergency meeting of top officials on Friday in which “fundamental decisions” will be taken, according to a Ukraine official cited in Reuters.

Preempting likely Ukrainian escalation against the newly absorbed territories, the Kremlin has once again reiterated that “Any strikes targeting the new areas after their accession to Russia will be considered aggression against us,” in a new Friday statement. Putin’s speech is being delivered to a large audience of top officials in Saint George’s Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Source: Putin Declares 4 Annexed Regions “Ours Forever”, Blames US For Nord Stream Attacks