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Fiorazo: Light Vs. Darkness – Christians and Halloween — Stand Up For The Truth

Halloween is now a billion dollar business, second only to Christmas in commercial retailing and corporate influence. It is also an occult celebration surrounded by evil practices and believers must see it as an opportunity to share the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On today’s podcast, David Fiorazo dives into the origins and history behind Halloween including the most demonic elements the Bible calls “abominations.” Still, Christians and other religious people respond very differently to the holiday. Should we ‘participate’ in a festival whose history and practices are for the dead, should we reject and have nothing to do with the celebrations – or something in-between?

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Fiorazo: Light Vs. Darkness – Christians and Halloween — Stand Up For The Truth – Addressing Issues & Topics Affecting Christians Across The Nation. 9 – 10 a.m. Central M-

Does the Church Need Digital Disrupters? — Grace to You Blog

Does the Church Need Digital Disrupters? — Grace to You Blog

Are you bored with your local church? Are you sick of the same four walls, talking with the same people, and sitting under the same pastor week after week?

If you’ve succumbed to the sinful misconception that church is intended to satisfy your ever-changing desires—that the church is meant to appeal to personal tastes and to follow the whims of the world—I’ve got good news for you.

Oasis Church VR is a church that solely exists in the metaverse, which Facebook describes as “a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you.”

“We curate creative church experiences in virtual reality for people who feel excited about digital spaces’ & fresh opportunities. Oasis is for people who are bored with the way their forefathers did church,” the church states on its website. “These can be creatives that are Metaverse explorers and people who would not be comfortable going into a building. Oasis will reach persecuted people in other countries. We will have a strong missional outreach component giving Oculus devices to those in need and supporting persecuted believers worldwide.”

At a recent Sunday service, Oasis Church VR leaders unveiled their new futuristic build that came complete with an immersive study of the book of Ruth in the Bible. Scenes from the four-chapter book were visually brought to life in 3D as the audience read through the story, teleporting from scene to scene with engaging discussion.

That quote comes from an article published on The Christian Post this past summer, titled “How the digital revolution is disrupting the Church and forcing it out of buildings.” It’s one of at least a half dozen articles featured on the site in recent months touting the viability and innovations of digital “churches.”

Destigmatizing Disrupters?

Here’s how the article’s author describes the trend:

As online Christian engagement continues to expand rapidly through the use of digital technologies, it has coincided with a staggering disruption in physical church membership, which some technology experts say will continue to displace physical churches that refuse to adapt to the digital revolution. And the ongoing displacement is becoming more apparent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea of disruption and disrupters is a frequent theme throughout these articles—usually without any of the negative connotations of disorder and destruction that the words normally carry. Often, it sounds downright complimentary. Frankly, it’s jarring to see anyone encourage the disruption of the church, regardless of the context.

What you come to realize is that this notion of disruption as a positive is borrowed from the parlance of the tech world, where sudden, radical change is commonly encouraged and even sought after. It’s a world marked by the endless pursuit of innovation, along the instantaneous obsolescence and disposability of all current systems and platforms. What’s clear is that the authors have adopted more than just the vernacular.

In fact, that’s precisely the mindset promoted by the so-called virtual-church experts cited in the articles. As one of them, a man named Chestly Lunday, puts it, “Jesus understood disruption and He was a disrupter Himself. And His advice to all of us disruptors are to go with the goers, don’t try to save the past, that can’t be done. And by trying to mix your new thing with the old thing, you’ll actually lose both in the process.”

Lunday is described in the article as “an expert in innovative leadership who has helped churches and companies lead in the digital age,” although it’s difficult to find evidence of his expertise or influence outside of his own website. Nevertheless, he goes on to lay out his new design for the church, and explains why he believes the old model is obsolete.

“Church of the future is a network. And it’s going to be digitally based. It’s not going to be geographically based. It’s going to be built on relationships and purpose,” he said. . . .

The main need for physical church buildings, Lunday said, was to provide content and community. The ability to access both content and community online has made traditional church buildings irrelevant. . . .

“If I can help churches . . . start thinking about what it’ll look like to actually create community on an asynchronous digital space that is not predicated on everybody watching the same content at the same time, but it being on demand—and it’s still having events and get-togethers, whether it be virtually, whether it be physically—those are the things that I would like to see the church do,” Lunday explained. “I think they (traditional church leaders) are threatened by it because that’s not what they know. That’s not what they feel comfortable with. That’s not what they like.”

Even if many traditional churches decide to retool their ministries today, said Lunday, there is no guarantee that they will survive.

Yes, you read that correctly. These virtual-church experts want to reduce the fellowship of the saints down to a social media group you visit when it suits your fancy, and the preaching of God’s Word to content that you view at your leisure. This isn’t merely a new technology-based model for the church. It’s an attempt to euthanize the body of Christ.

Caution for the Consumer-Driven Church

The trend of reimagining the church to suit consumer-driven tastes is nothing new—John MacArthur has warned against it for decades. First published in the early 90s, his book Ashamed of the Gospel describes the church’s flawed and faulty attempts to attract the world by mimicking its style and chasing its fleeting whims. Here’s how John describes the futile pursuit:

Recently I spent some time reading a dozen or so of the latest books on ministry and church growth. Most of those books had long sections devoted to defining a philosophy of ministry. Not one of them referred to the instructions Paul outlined so carefully for Timothy. In fact, none of them drew any element of their ministry philosophy from the New Testament pastoral epistles! Most drew principles from modern business, marketing techniques, management theory, psychology, and other similar sources. Some tried to illustrate their principles using biblical anecdotes. But not one of them drew their philosophy from Scripture—although much of the New Testament was explicitly written to instruct churches and pastors in these matters!

Unfortunately, the market-driven ministry philosophy appeals to the very worst mood of our age. It caters to people whose first love is themselves and who care not for God—unless they can have Him without disrupting their selfish lifestyles. Promise such people a religion that will allow them to be comfortable in their materialism and self-love, and they will respond in droves.

Paul foresaw such a time. Near the end of his second epistle to Timothy, after outlining the principles we have listed above, Paul abridged his advice to Timothy in this well-known verse: “preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” (2 Tim. 4:2). Then the apostle added this prophetic warning: “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths” (4:3, 4). The King James Version translates the passage like this: “After their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth.”

Clearly there was no room in Paul’s philosophy of ministry for the give-people-what-they-want theory that is so prevalent today.[1]John MacArthur, Ashamed of the Gospel, (1993; reis., Crossway: Wheaton, IL, 2010), 40–41.

Reading the articles from The Christian Post, you get the sense that the virtual-church experts have likewise given no thought whatsoever to God’s design for His church, or Paul’s exhortations to avoid tickling ears and tailoring the church to fit the world’s style. Rather, they seem to be embracing the very ministry motivations that Scripture warns against.

Is Streaming Sinful?

It’s worth saying up front that we are not arguing against harnessing technological advancements for the work of God’s kingdom. There’s a reason Grace to You isn’t still promoting John MacArthur’s sermons on cassette tapes—we understand the importance of innovation, and we thank God for the means to reach the world through mass media.

But we don’t chase innovation for the sake of impressing the world, and we’re wary of how quickly the medium can overwhelm and even corrupt the message. Those concerns are illustrated by another quote from The Christian Post, as the author summarizes the thoughts of Jeff Reed, a virtual-church advocate. “Reed explained that the trends he has seen emerging amid the digital disruption of the Church show that digital churches are reaching a different type of person than what the traditional church building is reaching. Church is no longer a one size fits all and messages need to be tailored to a specific audience” (emphasis added). The push for virtual church is just the latest exercise in contextualization, which assaults the perpetual relevance and applicability of God’s Word while subdividing and disconnecting His people.

So is streaming a church service sinful? Of course not. But we cannot allow the ease of streaming to overshadow the need for fellowship, corporate worship, accountability, and all the other irreplaceable features of consistently gathering together with God’s people.

In 2010, Ashamed of the Gospel was revised and updated for republication. By then, Grace Community Church had begun streaming their Sunday services. Here’s how John MacArthur described the benefits of such technology, while warning against its misuse:

In many churches today, you’ll never see a live pastor who can look you in the eye. Services are streamed from a remote location to a giant video screen—or if you choose, to your home computer. You even can partake in the worship in your pajamas, without even getting out of bed. Amazingly, some churches actually advertise their Internet webcasts in a way that seems to suggest those are benefits their viewers are welcome to enjoy. (“You can literally worship with us anywhere. It’s a different kind of church community and another way to stay connected.”)

There’s nothing inherently wrong with webcasting or telecasting a church worship service, of course. Internet live-streaming or televised worship services can be a great benefit for people who physically cannot be there (such as a sick person or someone who is on a business trip and thus away from home for the weekend). We stream our church services for the benefit of shut-in foreign missionaries who want to keep up with what’s happening at home. Plus we have broadcast our recorded sermons by radio for many years and now broadcast on television as well. So I am by no means criticizing mass media or Internet streaming as means of getting the message out to more people.

But the ease of those kinds of communication means that pastors must begin to stress more than ever the importance of fellowship, accountability, and participation in the body of Christ at the local level. A streaming Internet worship service is not an adequate way “to get connected” with Christ’s body. People who are inclined to duck personal involvement in the church now have a smorgasbord of online alternatives. They can salve their consciences with the impression of church participation but not the reality.[2]MacArthur, 62–63.

Put simply, the “virtual church” isn’t an option for men and women who truly love the Lord, His Word, or His people. In the days ahead we will consider God’s design for His church, and how these digital counterfeits actually corrupt and forfeit many of its key features and greatest blessings.

Doing what God Can Bless — VCY America

The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto. Deuteronomy 28:8

If we obey the Lord our God He will bless that which He gives us. Riches are no curse when blessed of the Lord. When men have more than they require for their immediate need and begin to lay up in storehouses, the dry rot of covetousness or the blight of hard-heartedness is apt to follow the accumulation; but with God’s blessing it is not so. Prudence arranges the saving, liberality directs the spending, gratitude maintains consecration, and praise sweetens enjoyment. It is a great mercy to have God’s blessing in one’s iron safe and on one’s banking account.

What a favor is made ours by the last clause! “The Lord shall bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand unto.” We would not put our hand to anything upon which we dare not ask God’s blessing, neither would we go about it without prayer and faith. But what a privilege to be able to look for the Lord’s help in every enterprise! Some talk of a lucky man: the blessing of the Lord is better than luck. The patronage of the great is nothing to the favor of God. Self-reliance is all very well; but the Lord’s blessing is infinitely more than all the fruit of talent, genius, or tact.

Doing what God Can Bless — VCY America

Life’s Greatest Investment — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

And anyone who gives up his home, brothers, sisters, father, mother, wife, children, or property, to follow Me, shall receive a hundred times as much in return [in this life], and shall have eternal life” Matthew 19:29

I can tell you on the authority of God’s Word and from personal experience and observation that this promise is true. From my own commitment – made more than 30 years ago – and after having spoken with hundreds of Christian leaders and humble servants of God around the world, and observed thousands who I have counselled, I do not know of anyone whom God is using in any significant way who would say that this spiritual law has not been true in his life.

The time to invest your time, talent and treasure for Christ and His kingdom is now. The powerful tide of secular humanism, atheism, materialism, communism and other anti-God forces us threatening to engulf the world. From the human perspective, on the basis of what I see and hear, I could be very pessimistic about the future freedom of mankind.

On the contrary, I am very optimistic, not on the basis of what I see and hear, but on the basis of what I believe God is saying to my heart and of what I am observing that He is doing throughout the world. I am constantly reminded and assured,

Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4, KJV).

Satan and his demonic forces were defeated 2,000 years ago.

Do you want a safe formula for success? Then recognize and practice the following:

First, remember that everything entrusted to our care actually belongs to God. We are His stewards here on earth.

Second, God does not want us to hoard His blessings.

Third, “As you sow, you reap.”

Fourth, invest generously – above the tithe in time, talent and treasure.

Fifth, invest supernaturally – by faith.

Bible ReadingMatthew 25:35-40

 Recognizing myself as God’s steward, I will prayerfully seek to learn what He would have me to do to maximize my life for His glory through the investment of my time, talent and treasure.

by Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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Life’s Greatest Investment — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Rewards — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.” Ephesians 6:8

At times, it can be disheartening when you and I serve and things do not go in the way we expect.

There are very hard workers, respectful and sincere, who may feel they are not receiving a good return for their work.

Whatever we do, no matter the field, we’re not serving only humans but our Master. Even when you and I may believe we’re not receiving our fair share here, we can find comfort in remembering that God is watching and he rewards those who obey him.

Hard work with low rewards can be difficult. It’s easy to complain. Although it’s hard, Scripture tells us to work with enthusiasm (Colossians 3:23). Scripture guides us to do the will of God, and to do it with all our hearts. We may also need to work with others where possible.

When we are grateful for the opportunities God gives us to serve, this helps us to serve with enthusiasm. When we know that we are already loved and accepted by Jesus, our motivation changes. Pleasing God becomes our reward!

We are called to do what our leaders and those who have authority over us ask us to do, as long as it is not sinful. Sometimes, we may be treated unfairly but by the grace of God we can find strength to do what we need to do.

You may not feel recognized enough where you serve. But remember, the Lord himself will reward those who do good.

Father God, help me to serve with enthusiasm and respect where you have placed me in Jesus’ name.

Find a creative way to show enthusiasm in your world today.

By Fab Batsakis
Used by Permission

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Rewards — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

What Was It About the Gospels That Convinced You They Were Reliable? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

Most skeptics reject the reliability of the New Testament Gospels for one reason or another. As a skeptic reading the Gospels for the first time, what was of particular interest to J. Warner Wallace? how did his investigative background inform his observations? J. Warner joins Kurt Jaros on the Veracity Hill Podcast to discuss these questions.

To see more training videos with J. Warner and Jimmy Wallace, visit the YouTube playlist.

For more information about the impact Jesus and His followers had on science, read Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible. This unique and innovative book makes a case for the historicity and Deity of Jesus from history alone, without relying on the New Testament manuscripts. It contains over 400 illustrations and is accompanied by a ten-session Person of Interest DVD Set (and Investigator’s Guide) to help individuals or small groups examine the evidence and make the case.

What Was It About the Gospels That Convinced You They Were Reliable? (Video) — Cold Case Christianity

31 Oct 2022 News Briefing

U.S. is driest in a decade, as drought moves eastward
More than six of every 10 acres in the continental United States is in drought, with arid conditions stretching from the Appalachians to the Pacific Coast, said the weekly Drought Monitor on Thursday. Conditions worsened in the Ohio Valley, as warm weather combined with below-normal precipitation to dry the Midwest. “The extent of dry conditions is on par with 2012, as drought expanded this week across more than half of the U.S. states, particularly in the Midwest and Southeast,”

Germany reviewing possible Chinese takeover of chip factory
The German government is reviewing a possible sale of a local chip factory to a Chinese-owned firm, sources said Thursday, despite the reported concerns of intelligence agencies. Government officials speaking on condition of anonymity told AFP that they were assessing the potential impact of a takeover of Dortmund-based Elmos by Sweden’s Silex, a unit of Chinese company Sai MicroElectronics.

Mussolini supporters mark ‘March on Rome’ centenary
Thousands of supporters of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini paraded in his birthplace Sunday to mark the centenary of the historic “March on Rome” that ushered in Fascism. Local police estimated the crowd at about 2,000 people who gathered to march in the small hilly town of Predappio in Emilia-Romagna, Mussolini’s birthplace and site of his family crypt where he is buried.

Transgender Tycoon Buys Miss Universe Organization
A Thai business tycoon and transgender activist has purchased the Miss Universe Organization for $20 million, her company announced Wednesday. Chakrapong “Anne” Chakrajutathib, who controls JKN Global Group Public Co. Ltd., is a celebrity in Thailand who has starred in reality shows and is outspoken about being a transgender woman. JKN said it has established a subsidiary in the United States, JKN Metaverse Inc., to own the Miss Universe Organization.

The Military-Industrial Media Complex Strikes Again
Massive protests against NATO and inflation due to sanctions on Russian energy in France, Germany and Austria in September, but little news of it here in the heart of the empire. German police beat citizens protesting energy shortages and record-high inflation, both due to Russia sanctions, the week of October 17, but that was not covered in the USA. Ever get the sense there are things our media hides from us?

Dems, Media Demand GOP Call Off Campaign
Democratic politicians and their allies in the mainstream media … fingering the culprits—their Republican adversaries … . How cravenly and transparently political.

Study: COVID vaccine injures heart in ALL recipients
A Swiss study found elevated levels of the protein troponin in all of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients it analyzed, indicating the shots are routinely causing heart injury.

The Globalist Plan Is Lining Up Exactly How The Bible Foretold
We are witnessing the “setup” for many events that the Bible has predicted will happen right before the return of Christ. Even if you are not a follower of Christ, one crucial fact is undeniable: The Bible has over one thousand prophecies, and over half have already been fulfilled!

Biden promises: US committed to full implementation of Israel-Lebanon agreement
US and Israel formulate final version of American letter of guarantee intended to qualify maritime agreement between Israel and Lebanon. The US and Israel completed formulating the final version of an American letter of guarantee which is intended to qualify the signing of the maritime agreement between Israel and Lebanon, Haaretz reported on Saturday. According to an Israeli political official, Biden will make it clear in the letter that the US is committed to the full implementation of the agreement and to Israel’s security and economic rights as agreed upon in it.

Israel must get rid of its nuclear weapons, UNGA majority decides
Israel never admitted to possess nuclear weapons, but nevertheless, the UNGA resolution was aimed at Israel, not Iran. Israel must dispose of all its nuclear weapons and place its nuclear sites under the International Atomic Energy Agency’s purview, the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee stated in an initial 152-5 vote.

Is Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s Wife a Messianic Jew?
Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s wife, Lihi, has a sister who is known to be a Messianic Jew (a Jew who believes in Jesus), as Israel Today previously reported. With elections just days away, that connection to Messianic Judaism is again stirring up Israelis on social media, with some wondering if faith in Jesus extends to the Lapid household.

Biden Embraces America’s Fiercest Enemies: Whose Side Is He On
This simplified list does not even include that Iran is presently supplying Russia with kamikaze drones and trainers as well as missiles to use against the civilians of Ukraine. Just suppose for an instant that Iran possessed nuclear weapons instead?

$35 Million Philadelphia Mansion Sells For Just $9.26 Million
The home was first listed in 2016 with a price of $28 million. It then failed to meet its $14 million reserve at auction in 2019. 

Potential Tropical Cyclone 15 likely to become Lisa
A tropical disturbance in the southeastern Caribbean Sea is now Potential Tropical Cyclone 15. It already soaked Puerto Rico with heavy rain is expected to become the Atlantic basin’s next tropical storm overnight.

Canada expanding assisted suicide law to the mentally ill
Medical assistance in dying (MAID) has been available in Canada since 2016 and is set to expand in March 2023, extending eligibility to those with a mental illness.

Seoul Halloween party turns into stampede that kills 140 people
It happened at a music festival in Houston, a soccer stadium in England, during a hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, in a Chicago nightclub, and countless other gatherings: Large crowds surge toward exits, onto playing fields or press up against a stage with such force that people are literally squeezed to death.

‘Who does he think he is?’: Legal analysts predict Trump’s video deposition in Bronx trial will infuriate jurors
Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr on Saturday ordered urgent aid distribution in a southern province where landslides have been triggered by Tropical Storm Nalgae, which has killed 45 people across the country so far.

Us Citizens Were Tracked Via Secret ‘Covid Decree Violation’ Scores
Tens of millions of US citizens were given a “COVID-19 decree violation” score as a result of a data harvesting program conducted during the first lockdown by voter analytics firm PredictWise.

Chinese cyber group running election misinformation campaign: cybersecurity firm
Pro-China cyber group has been running an extensive campaign to undermine voter confidence in U.S. elections and to suppress turnout in the upcoming midterm contests, one U.S. cybersecurity firm alleges in a recent report.

‘Sabotage Is Most Effective’: Eco-Terrorism Advocate Given Platform By The New York Times – Has advocated for ‘Ecological Leninism’
Swedish eco-terrorism advocate Andreas Malm was featured in a New York Times guest opinion piece on Thursday where he advocated for climate activists to engage in “sabotage” to prevent the “breakdown” of the environment.

Nearly 2 in 10 cows injected with mRNA vaccine DIE almost instantly
Dairy farmers in Australia are now being forced to inject the gene-altering mRNA vaccine that contains spike protein so they could remain in business. Just like in humans, the experimental jabs are causing severe damage to the animals and many of them died instantly.

REVEALED: Atlantic Mag’s Stunning Sterilization Endorsement – ‘A Limited Eugenic Program is Warranted’.
The Atlantic magazine – which recently declared itself unable to affirm its own founding commitment to “be the organ of no party or clique” – lent its pages to a full throated endorsement of eugenics and mass sterilization, The National Pulse can reveal.

Future shortage of fertilizer for American farmers ahead due to massive increase of US nitrogen exports as Europe scrambles for fertilizer 
U.S. exports of nitrogen fertilizers jumped to a multi-year high this summer after surging natural gas prices in Europe drove up costs of producing the crop nutrient there, making U.S. shipments more competitive.

The day that EUROPE DIED – BASF announces “permanent” output reductions that will set off catastrophic supply chain collapse for the western world
Over a year ago, I began publicly warning the world about the global famine implications of the loss of natural gas supplies for Europe. Through the Haber chemical process, natural gas is combined with atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to create ammonia (NH3), the key molecule for creating nitrogen-based fertilizers that grow the crops necessary to feed an estimated 4 billion people across the planet.

England suffers another 1.6k Excess Deaths in a single week bringing the total to nearly 30k Excess Deaths since April & COVID Vaccination is to blame
The Office for National Statistics has revealed that England and Wales suffered another record-breaking week of deaths in the week ending 14th October 2022, with an extra 1,608 people dying compared to the five-year average.

UN Given 310 Pages of Evidence to Support Claims of US/Ukraine’s Violation of Biological Weapons Convention 
At a Formal Consultative Meeting of Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (“BTWC”) in September, UK Ambassador Aidan Liddle said, “no evidence has been presented that demonstrates any non-compliance with the Convention by Ukraine.”

YouTube Announces New Partnership with World Health Organisation
The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is now taking control of the content that is promoted on YouTube through a partnership with Google.  The aim of the partnership is to “address the spread of misinformation and disinformation.”

Newly Discovered Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid To Pass Earth On Halloween
This is spooky.

South Korea’s president declares weeklong national mourning after 153 killed at Halloween event
South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-Yeol declared a weeklong period of national mourning on early Sunday, hours after at least 153 people, mostly in their teens and 20s, were killed and more than 100 were injured in a crowd surge during Halloween festivities in a nightlife district in Seoul.


Headlines – 10/31/2022

Israel must get rid of its nuclear weapons, UNGA majority decides

Ben Gvir says he’ll demand law that will cancel Netanyahu’s corruption trial

Israel election: With divisions deepening, Israelis to decide if Netanyahu should return to power

IDF places Election Day closure on West Bank after attacks

IDF backtracks after accusing off-duty soldier of ‘violently attacking’ troops

IDF: 5 soldiers hurt in ramming attack near Jericho; Palestinian assailant shot dead

EU considering listing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terror group, says Berlin

Protesters defy Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as rights group says at least 160 killed

3 wounded in attack on anti-regime vigil outside Iranian embassy in Berlin

Iranian Celebrity Chef Mehrshad Shahidi Beaten to Death By Security Forces During Hijab Protest

Somali president vows to continue ‘war’ against Islamic extremists

Somalia bombings: At least 100 killed in terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab

Attacker hurls firebombs at UK immigration center before killing himself

‘Our secret weapon’: Ukraine enlisting US to push Israel into sending military aid

US, NATO, EU Condemn Russia on Grain Deal

Kremlin accused of ‘weaponizing food’ in halt of Ukraine grain deal

Tremors in Treasury bonds worry Wall Street and Washington

Jittery Stock Traders Eye Four Days That Will Sow Market’s Fate

Biden faces ‘unpredictable’ era with China’s empowered Xi

Hunter Biden ‘part of Chinese intelligence mission,’ says former acting attorney general

Sen. Cruz: Hunter Biden Probe a ‘Prelude’ for Indicting Trump

Devin Nunes believes reports of Durham probe’s demise are greatly exaggerated

Despite Eastman appeal, Jan. 6 committee accesses 8 disputed emails – A federal judge had ruled they were evidence of a likely crime

Congressional Republicans deploy election observers to tight races, investigate irregularities

Brazil’s Lula defeats Bolsonaro to become president again

Democrats warn of consequences if Bolsonaro denies vote results

Many Brazilian Jews feel the election is a choice ‘between the cross and the sword’

It’s Happening! Elon’s Twitter Just Fact-Checked Joe Biden’s Official Presidential Account

Musk’s Free Speech Plans for Twitter Clash With EU Content Rules

Twitter to start charging $20 a month for verification under new owner Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Twitter roils with hate speech as trolls test new limits

Elon Musk Tweets that Twitter Board and Law Firm Deliberately Hid Evidence from the Court – In Emails Featuring Yoel Roth

Musk Twitter takeover: Billionaire denies report he plans to fire workers to avoid payouts

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Hihifo, Tonga

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits northern Sumatra, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Banjar, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 17,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Storm Lisa could soon form in Caribbean Sea

More Than 80 Killed in India as Bridge Packed With Holiday Sightseers Collapses

India bridge collapse: Death toll rises to 141, many still missing

South Korea mourns, wants answers after Halloween crush kills 153

Texas churches hold prayer ahead of Satanic Temple ‘unbaptism’

AP falsely fact-checks accounts of terrorists apprehended at US-Mexico border

‘We are a tinderbox’: Political violence is ramping up, experts warn

Joe Biden: We Must Stop Republican ‘Malarkey’ That Is Inciting Violence

NBC News Walks Back Report There Was Third Person Inside House During Attack on Paul Pelosi

Pelosi home invader carried zip ties, in troubling echo of January 6 threats

Pelosi Attacker Was Progressive and Mentally Ill, Says Ex-Girlfriend – He was not a MAGA member; he did not support the “insurrection” of Jan. 6; and he was never even a Republican

Ex-Partner of Suspect in Pelosi Attack Says ‘He Is Mentally Ill’ and ‘Thought He Was Jesus’

Newsmax Host Deletes Bonkers Tweet Suggesting Pelosi Staged Attack

Musk tweets conspiracy theory about Pelosi attack, raising concerns about platform

Elon Musk tells Hillary Clinton that Paul Pelosi may have been involved with a male prostitute, citing local article

Sheriff: Alabama Man Allegedly Decapitated Girlfriend, Stabbed Her More than 100 Times for Refusing Sex

All-Gay Streaming Channel DivaBoxOffice to Launch in December

Josh Shapiro sponsored drag queen event in Philadelphia that gave ‘service hours’ to minors

Florida proceeds with ban on puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries for minors

At Harry Styles concerts, young gender-nonconforming fans celebrate the freedom to be themselves

Washington state Democrats push legal shields for abortion for out-of-staters

US Abortions Decreased by 10,000 After Roe Overturned

Downtown Shanghai District Orders Mass Coronavirus Testing and Lockdown

ProPublica: The Wuhan Institute of Virology was a ‘biocomplex in crisis’ in November 2019

Fauci: ‘It’s Really Unfortunate’ Senate Report I Haven’t ‘Carefully’ Read Concludes ‘Research-Related Incident’ Is Most Likely Origin of COVID

Rep. Roy and Colleagues Call on Republican Leadership to Investigate CDC’s Politicized COVID-19 Child Vaccine Vote


Mid-Day Snapshot · Oct. 31, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (”.


“Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction.” —John Witherspoon (1776)



Fake News Falsely Pins Pelosi Attack on the Right

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the attack, but that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from jumping to implausible conclusions.

Douglas Andrews

Some tweets go bad quickly.

Here’s a case in point: “It’s very possible,” tweeted blogger Glenn Greenwald on Sunday morning, “that the instantly formed media narrative — Paul Pelosi’s attacker was a MAGA fanatic who broke in to murder Nancy — will be proven true. But right now there are so many glaring doubts and holes in that story that it just takes common sense to question this.”

Clearly, the first half of Greenwald’s tweet didn’t age well. At this point, there is zero chance that homeless nudist pothead anti-Semite Berkeleyite David DePape is cut from the same cloth as the Capitol rioters who still dominate the Democrats’ dreams. As DePape’s former life partner and the mother of his children says: “He is mentally ill. He has been mentally ill for a long time.”

Still, the spectacular leaps that are necessary to link Paul Pelosi’s attacker to the Right, or even to “toxic right-wing rhetoric,” haven’t deterred our shameless, gutter-dwelling mainstream media.

“Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?”

That’s allegedly what the underwear-clad David DePape yelled to the underwear-clad Paul Pelosi after he allegedly broke into the Pelosis’ home. And that inflammatory question was immediately picked up in the headlines and subheads of mainstream media organs across the nation.

Gosh, thought all the “journalists,” isn’t that exactly what those J6 rioters were chanting when they stormed the Capitol?

Indeed, as independent journalist and San Fransicko author Michael Shellenberger writes:

Leading politicians yesterday blamed the political Right for the brutal attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. “This is despicable,” said President Biden. He noted that the alleged attacker, David DePape, 42, shouted the same line, “Where’s Nancy?” as the supporters of Donald Trump, who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. “And what makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections?” said Biden. “COVID being a hoax? It’s all a bunch of lies.”

California political leaders agreed. “This heinous assault is yet another example of the dangerous consequences of the divisive and hateful rhetoric that is putting lives at risk and undermining our very democracy and Democratic institutions,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom. “This attack,” said San Francisco’s state Senator, Scott Weiner, “is terrifying and the direct result of toxic right-wing rhetoric.”

Journalists, en masse, agreed with their assessment. DePape “appears to have made racist and often rambling posts online,” noted AP, in a report this morning that encapsulated the media narrative, “including some that questioned the results of the 2020 election, defended former President Donald Trump and echoed QAnon conspiracy theories.”

Oh, and zip ties. Don’t forget the zip ties. As the Associated Press headline reads, “Pelosi attacker carried zip ties, in Jan. 6 echo.”

Ah, that Jan. 6 echo. “The man accused of attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband carried zip ties with him when he broke into the couple’s San Francisco home, according to a person briefed on the investigation, in what is the latest parallel to the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021.

So: Because at least one of the J6 rioters had zip ties, and since zip ties were found at the scene of the Pelosi attack, David DePape must be MAGA. Ignore the lifetime of leftism, the homelessness, the drug addiction, the mental illness, the fact that he lived in Berkeley, which went 93% to 4% for Biden over Trump and which recorded the lowest percentage of Trump votes for any city in America with a population above 100,000. Pay no attention to the rampant crime and murder in Pelosi’s district, or that of any number of other Democrat-run urban centers in America. Ignore all those things and any other “right-wing misinformation” decried by the Leftmedia; focus on the zip ties and make the connection between David DePape and Donald Trump.

Normally, we’d expect the words of a sitting president to help lower the temperature during a time like this. But these aren’t normal times, and Joe Biden isn’t a normal president. “It’s reported that the same chant used by this guy they have in custody was used on January 6th in the attacks on the U.S. Capitol,” said a desperate Biden on Friday, shortly after the mainstream media had broadcast the highly dubious “Where’s Nancy?” story around the world.

But as the second half of Greenwald’s tweet noted, there are plenty of unanswered questions here — and we can be certain that the really inconvenient ones won’t be answered before Election Day. Blogger Steve Krakauer puts forth a few of them:

  • Why [weren’t] there signs of forced entry at Pelosi home?
  • Who was 3rd person who opened door for the police?
  • Why was Pelosi holding hammer, and attack only happened after police arrived
  • Where is bodycam / security footage?
  • Why isn’t the press asking these questions?

The fourth question, it seems to us, is the best one: What exactly did the cops see when they were let into the home, and where’s the security footage that shows DePape forcing his way in?

Inquiring minds want to know why there was such an appalling lapse of security at the downtown San Francisco home of the speaker of the House, the person who is second in line to the presidency.

Inquiring minds also want to know how the mainstream media can dare report that a psychotic nudist Berkeleyite homeless addict and lifelong leftist is a MAGA Republican.

We’ll wait.

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Obama Accuses Republicans of Behaving Like Democrats

Joe Biden sure isn’t going to save Democrat hides this November, and we doubt Barack Obama will either.

Nate Jackson

He’s just “a celebrity that wants to be a politician.” He might have been a great community organizer in Chicago, but “does that make him the best person” to be president of the United States? “Does that make him equipped to weigh in on the critical decisions about our economy and our foreign policy and our future?”

Barack Obama was dismissing Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker as just “one of the best running backs of all time” during a rally for Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia, but as you can probably surmise, we turned Obama’s words around on him. Obama cut his teeth as a community organizer agitator in Chicago, and then spent about five minutes in the Senate before launching a presidential bid, becoming the first man to rob Hillary Clinton of her birthright.

Now, Walker is clearly not the best candidate Georgia Republicans could have put on the field. Obama pointed to his “issues of character,” which was ironically a euphemism for (allegedly) doing what Democrats advocate. But Walker is the candidate, and he stands for a far better agenda than Warnock.

Because Joe Biden is so utterly toxic and thus absent from the campaign trail, Obama has hit the stump for numerous Democrats in recent days, showing up in Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and he’ll soon be in Pennsylvania. The party clearly hopes his star power will rub off on their lackluster candidates. That didn’t work when Obama was president — he lost a slew of Democrat seats across the country because he was personally popular but his policies were not. And we expect it’ll go about as well this time.

As Democrats typically do, Obama projected Democrat faults onto Republicans. For example, he said that Walker is “in the habit of not telling the truth, being in the habit of saying one thing and doing another, being in the habit of having certain rules for you and your important friends and other rules for everybody else.” We wonder what Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton would say about two sets of rules. Democrat politicians set in place all sorts of draconian pandemic rules that they then didn’t follow themselves.

“Just about every Republican politician seems obsessed with two things — owning the libs … and getting Donald Trump’s approval,” Obama mocked. “That’s their agenda. It is not long, it is not complicated, and, at least to me, it is not very inspiring. They aren’t interested in actually solving problems. They are interested in making you angry and finding someone to blame. Because that way you may not notice that they have got no answers of their own.”

Democrats so screwed up the country, so bungled things with their radical leftist agenda, that they’re left with trashing Donald Trump and acting like he’s on the ballot again this November. The Democrats’ primary purpose is to foment anger between carefully divided groups of Americans. They aren’t interested in actually solving problems. They just create them.

“We all should agree that women should be able to control what happens with their bodies,” Obama said. We suppose he was talking about the life of another body within a woman’s body and not about a woman keeping her job while declining to put a novel vaccination in her body under Democrat mandates.

Obama also went after political violence with the backdrop of the attack on Paul Pelosi. “We got politicians who work to stir up division to try to make us angry and afraid of one another for their own advantage, and all of it gets amped up, hyped up 24/7 by social media,” he said, “and sometimes it can turn dangerous.”

Indeed it can. First of all, Pelosi’s left-wing lunatic attacker was no MAGA Republican. Second, does anyone remember the “summer of rage” — the Black Lives Matter/antifa riots that brought untold damage and dozens of murders to American cities throughout the summer of 2020? Does anyone recall the Bernie Sanders fanatic who tried to murder Republicans at a baseball practice? Or the North Dakota man who just murdered a teen for the “crime” of being Republican? Does anyone remember a guy named Barack Obama campaigning for president in 2008 and saying, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”?

We could go on, but you get the idea.

If the best the Democrats can do is trot out a Netflix propagandist to accuse Republicans of acting like Democrats, it’s going to be a long night for Democrats come November 8.

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Executive News Summary

Twitter fact-checks Biden, the Fed is losing money, Bolsonaro loses reelection bid, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • Twitter fact-checks Biden: On Friday, in an effort to stump for Democrat candidates who are facing strong political headwinds thanks in large measure to his own leftist policy agenda, Joe Biden posted a dubious claim on his official Twitter account that he labeled as “facts.” The post read: “Let me give you the facts. In 2020, 55 corporations made $40 billion. And they paid zero in federal taxes. My Inflation Reduction Act puts an end to this.” Twitter almost immediately affixed a fact-check “context” label to Biden’s post with several source links that tacitly refuted Biden’s claim, including a note from The Washington Post: “Out of 55 corporations the tweet references, only 14 had earnings greater than $1 billion and would be eligible under Biden’s law.” Twitter’s fact-check of Biden comes on the heels of Elon Musk taking ownership of the social media giant last week. The fact-check also brought several positive responses from conservatives and Republicans who gleefully celebrated Twitter finally checking a Democrat falsehood.
  • The Fed is losing money: Thanks to inflation at a 40-year high and the Federal Reserve’s response of raising interest rates by 3.35% so far this year — with another 0.75% increase expected before the year’s end — the central bank is now losing money. Interest payouts now exceed the Fed’s interest income on the roughly $8.3 trillion in the U.S. Treasury that the Fed has accumulated over the last 14 years. The Fed has an $8.7 trillion asset portfolio made up of mostly interest-bearing assets providing a 2.3% average yield, though given the current high rate of inflation and growing interest rate, the Fed’s payouts will likely exceed its interest earnings for the next couple years. Former senior Fed economist Seth Carpenter explained: “The losses can grow over time if they keep raising short-term interest rates, which it seems like they will, because the mismatch between interest income and interest expense will rise.” So the Fed will operate at a loss for the foreseeable future with the expectation that once the inflation rate gets under control, the net negative will turn positive “likely in a few years,” Carpenter estimates, adding, “at this point, they just have to live with it.”
  • Brazil’s conservative president Bolsonaro loses reelection bid: Brazil’s brief turn toward conservatism and a greater embrace of free market capitalism has likely ended as the Latin American country voted in ex-con and leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The former president was in prison just three years ago after he was convicted of corruption charges, but da Silva narrowly defeated incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, who now becomes the first Brazilian president in the 25 years since a constitutional amendment allowed for reelection not to win a second term. Bolsonaro’s defeat means that every major country from Mexico down through South America will be led by a leftist regime. Da Silva’s victory in his sixth presidential race since 1989 marks a return to power after a 12-year hiatus. While da Silva may have won on his past popularity, he steps into a situation where he will face a staunchly conservative congress that swept elections last month. What weighed down Bolsonaro was the COVID pandemic and the negative impact it had on the economy — an economy that has become increasingly dependent on its trade with China. Meanwhile, da Silva pushed classic leftist grievance politics, promising to tax the rich more and increase the minimum wage.


  • “Do not scapegoat Asians”: Rallygoers plead with Supreme Court to end race-based admissions (Fox News)
  • GOP report argues lab leak theory is most likely explanation of COVID-19 (Hot Air) | ProPublica: The Wuhan Institute of Virology was a “biocomplex in crisis” in November 2019 (Hot Air)
  • IRS says tax compliance rising, but hundreds of billions still go uncollected (WSJ)
  • A key inflation indicator just ticked even higher (Daily Caller)
  • Donald Trump says he won’t be returning to Twitter (National Review)
  • Amazon fascists ban another book that leftists hate (PJ Media)
  • Outside of school, America’s teens average 70 hours per week glued to screens (The Federalist)
  • India bridge collapse kills at least 132 (Fox News)
  • Satire: Heartbroken progressives forced to resort to old-fashioned technique of just not reading tweets they don’t like (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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Putin vs. Biden and the West

Vladimir Putin blames the West for his actions; Joe Biden responds with derision.

Emmy Griffin

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a multi-faceted speech last Thursday that simultaneously blamed, threatened, and pleaded with the West. He spoke to an audience of non-Western sympathizers to his cause. There were representatives from India, Moldova, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China — the ever-lurking sneaky bully in the background. Conversely, President Joe Biden dismissed Putin’s threats, and the Leftmedia sought to capitalize on the Russian dictator’s rhetoric ahead of the midterms.

Putin’s speech was reportedly over three hours long. In it, he continued to justify his invasion of Ukraine, citing NATO and the West provoking him with their supposedly imperialist moves. He also blamed the Western elites, specifically in America. He said: “There are at the very least two Wests. One is the West [of] traditional, primarily Christian, values, freedom, patriotism, the richest culture.” Here he intimates that this is the West with which he feels kinship. “But there is another West — aggressive, cosmopolitan, neocolonial, the one acting as a tool of the neoliberal elites. And Russia, of course, will never put up with precisely the dictate of this West.”

This is not an incorrect statement when applied to the United States; after all, it’s a criticism made by American conservatives regarding leftists. However, it’s reasonable to assume that Putin is trying to make an appeal where he thinks there might be sympathy. Make no mistake: Putin is not a good guy. A man who uses his people like meat puppets and fodder for his war machine and who murders political opponents is not an ally of Western conservative Christians.

Putin also made another thinly veiled threat. He said: “We’re at a historical frontier. Ahead that is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War II.” Putin is feeling the pressure. Ukraine’s resistance has turned into a tactical advantage, which is making the Russian dictator ever more desperate. He, more than anyone, understands the consequences of looking weak. His hold on power depends on never appearing so.

The Washington Post points out: “In previous remarks, Putin has often said that he is prepared to use ‘all available means,’ hinting at Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal, but he insisted Thursday that Russia never openly threatened to use nuclear weapons and had no need to do so in Ukraine.” He has done this while simultaneously claiming that Ukraine will use dirty bombs and then blame Russia. Putin is using every rhetorical means in his power — even blaming the British military for the destruction of Nord Stream 2 — to garner sympathy from other countries.

This brings us to the U.S. response. Biden responded to Putin’s talk about dangerous times with this statement: “If he has no intention, why does he keep talking about [the dirty bombs]? Why does he talk about the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon? He’s been very dangerous in how he’s approached this. He can end this all — get out of Ukraine.”

This reads more like a taunt than a demand for peace. This isn’t news since it’s the Democrats who are very hawkish on the Ukraine war. Those Democrats who have asked for peace were denounced by their fellow party members in Congress; their urgings for peace were quickly stifled. Our commander-in-chief has even deployed troops to Romania ready to defend NATO soil. Also, isn’t the Democrats’ warmongering a big part of the reason former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat Party? Gabbard said, “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms, are hostile to people of faith & spirituality, demonize the police & protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, dragging us ever closer to nuclear war.”

The United States is at a critical point. Our leadership can work to quell the tensions in Russia and Ukraine and seek to bring peace, or it can continue to fan the flames of division. Which do you think leaders will choose?

If the way the legacy media is treating this story is any indication, an inferno is incoming. The Washington Post and The New York Times, the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, pounced on Putin’s appeal to conservative Christians. By mentioning this part of the speech, they no doubt are trying to further show how evil Republicans are. But they are playing right into Putin’s game.

Putin is playing 4D chess, trying to create more division among the American people in order to distract from what he is really aiming to do. It’s patently obvious that he is exploiting the political division of his geopolitical enemy.

Our Mark Alexander warned that Putin is dangerous when cornered. The only question is if Biden and his foreign policy gurus are clever enough to navigate this foreign policy snafu. This administration’s track record isn’t good.

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Bono Admits Capitalism Is Better

After a lifetime of activism, the lead singer for rock band U2 finally sees the truth about poverty.

Thomas Gallatin

Socialism has long been leftists’ utopian vision for bringing about a more just world. In their naively idealistic minds, socialism will bring greater flourishing and fulfillment to all humanity as the problems associated with poverty and the evils associated with wealth are eliminated. It projects a view of a perfected society in which everyone lives without the burdens associated with physical needs and wants, and people are therefore free to spend their energy creating expressions of service and recreation. In short, the Left believes that socialism is the means to creating heaven on earth. The great irony is that socialism has never even come close to living up to its promises and instead almost always results in producing more social hell.

Yet despite all the evidence to the contrary, socialism in varying degrees is promoted by the elites as the most virtuous and ethical political position. Hollywood and pop culture generally are rife with this attitude, as are the halls of higher education. Whether or not adherents truly believe it, thanks to this era of woke cancel culture, those who dare to step outside the Left’s preferred views are targeted for cancellation.

Given this reality, it’s a big deal when one of the world’s leading rock and roll celebrities with a long record of humanitarian activism comes out admitting that capitalism has done what socialism never could. In a recent New York Times interview, Bono, lead singer of the band U2, expressed his change of mind regarding the vacuous “virtues” of socialism.

“I ended up as an activist in a very different place from where I started,” Bono said. “I thought that if we just redistributed resources, then we could solve every problem. I now know that’s not true.” He added, “There’s a funny moment when you realize that as an activist: The off-ramp out of extreme poverty is, ugh, commerce, it’s entrepreneurial capitalism.”

The “ugh” had to be a nod to how difficult this was for him and others to admit.

Bono further noted how, especially in developing countries, it has been capitalism and the global market developed from it — not do-gooder socialism — that has been responsible for lifting countless people out of poverty over the last 200 years. “I didn’t grow up to like the idea that we’ve made heroes out of businesspeople,” Bono added, “but if you’re bringing jobs to a community and treating people well, then you are a hero. That’s where I’ve ended up.”

It’s unfortunate that it took Bono so long to come around to the truth, but it’s good that he’s finally embraced it. As we have noted many times before, the biggest problem with socialism is the fact that it’s so wrong about the human condition and that which motivates individuals. In a corrupt and fallen world, the world in which we all live, people will be motivated foremost by self-interest. Projecting an idealized view of humanity through the lens of a socialist system does not change this fundamental fact about the state of humanity. Ironically, socialism has bred more envy and resentment of successful individuals than capitalism ever has.

Capitalism, as Bono notes, actually provides a real and practical system by which individuals can elevate themselves beyond their beginnings, especially when it comes to poverty. Capitalism offers people future hope, grounded in their own willingness to succeed, whereas socialism robs this instinctive motivation from people and replaces it with a victimization ethos that only breeds anger, jealousy, and resentment.

Finally, socialism eschews the individual as insignificant and therefore unimportant in favor of a broad-brushed societal vision where only the “big” problems matter. In a socialist world, only one-size-fits-all “solutions” are acceptable, and all individuals are expected to embrace them without question. Any objection is viewed as a threat to the collective “good,” and the individual is crushed in an effort to “protect” society. All this produces is societal hellholes like North Korea, Cuba, or Venezuela.

As for Bono, maybe he finally has found what he’s looking for … in capitalism.

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New York’s Governor Is in Trouble

The race between incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul and Republican challenger Lee Zeldin is coming down to the wire.

Lewis Morris

This year’s New York gubernatorial race was considered an easy win for Democrats a few weeks ago, with incumbent Kathy Hochul expected to cruise to victory over her Republican challenger, Congressman Lee Zeldin. However, as the election heads into its final week, Democrats find themselves facing a tough contest to defend the governor’s seat in one of the nation’s bluest and most populous states.

New York is deep blue; there’s no denying it. Apart from the three terms of Republican George Pataki, who was governor from 1995 to 2006, the state has had only Democrat governors since 1975. This includes recent gems like Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo, who both resigned in disgrace for rampant sexual misconduct. Democrats currently control supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature and have controlled the New York State Assembly since 1976.

New York is also in deep trouble. It consistently ranks among the bottom tier of U.S. states for job opportunities and economic growth. It ranks among the highest in individual and business taxes, and all its major cities are experiencing a historic crime surge. An eye-popping 1.4 million people have fled the state since the 2010 census, and it lost two congressional seats in the 2020 redistricting.

It’s hard not to blame the Democrats and their power base for this state of affairs. What other excuse can be made when considering the hold that Democrats have had on the state for decades? That’s where Hochul comes in. A former county clerk from Western New York, she won a special election to Congress in 2011 and served one term before being beaten for reelection. Hers is hardly the record of a rising political star. And yet she became Cuomo’s running mate in 2014 and served as his lieutenant governor until he was forced to resign in 2021.

Since becoming the state’s first female governor, Hochul has been very busy shoring up her leftist political bona fides. She supported a rash of new legislation that ranged from tightening state gun laws to increasing abortion access and softening criminal legislation with cashless bail and lighter sentencing guidelines. Through it all, Hochul and her inner circle assumed that election to a full term in November would be a given in such a left-leaning state.

But the Democrats made a significant miscalculation in underestimating Hochul’s opponent. Zeldin, an Army veteran, former state senator, and current congressional representative, has proven a vigorous opponent who has openly challenged Hochul on the issues of concern to state residents, including one of the biggest of all: crime. For her part, Hochul has tried to avoid taking on Zeldin directly, hoping to stay above the fray and run out the clock with her canned rhetoric and favorable media coverage.

The crime issue became unavoidable, however, for two high-profile reasons: Zeldin was attacked at a campaign rally in July, and then his daughters were home alone when a shooting took place early last month just outside their suburban Long Island home.

In their recent debate, Zeldin challenged Hochul on her inability to address rising crime. Hochul arrogantly responded, “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.” She then argued that the solution to the state’s rampant crime was to toughen its gun control laws. Perhaps she was unaware that her state already has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation.

This is typical of a flat-footed candidate who gives the appearance of someone who can’t be bothered with annoyances such as explaining her terrible policies to voters and having to endure the inconvenience of an election.

Zeldin offers a complete change from Hochul’s out-of-touch politics. He has tapped into the issues that concern voters, which explains his sharp rise in the polls. Democrat Party leaders fear Zeldin’s momentum, and they are trying desperately to rally their base in the closing days.

New York being the Democrat bastion that it is makes a Zeldin victory improbable but not impossible. A recent Quinnipiac poll had Hochul up just four points in a race she led by 24 points as recently as August.

Clearly, it’s not too late for New Yorkers to break the stranglehold that Democrats have had over the Empire State for much of the past half-century.

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  • Roger Helle: Can Joe Save Our Democracy? — In Biden’s cognitively challenged brain, the enemy is everywhere. Democracy is at stake.
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  • RCI: The War Over Transgender Kids — America is in the throes of a cultural and political war over gender ideology — from school curricula to athletics to pronouns.



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“The short memories of the American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.” —Will Rogers (1879-1935)

“One of the most dangerous trends of our times is making the truth socially unacceptable, or even illegal, with ‘hate speech’ laws.” —Thomas Sowell


“Beginning in 2016, the Democratic Party descended into the politics of hystericism. It began with a mind-bending tale of a second-rate power stealing our democracy with a few Facebook ads and a Manchurian candidate. The collective psychotic break that followed was bolstered by an unethical political media and a corrupt investigation into the president that was predicated on an opposition-research document filled with fictions, distortions and Russian disinformation. Democrats wanted to cripple the president. They succeeded. Since then, a large swath of the left has become so reliant on infantile fearmongering that they seem incapable of debating any issues or dealing with the reality of an opposition party. When they’re not slandering political opponents as (semi-) fascists or racists or misogynists or homophobes or transphobes or death cultists, they’re engaging in cloistered pseudointellectual debate-club discussions on ‘saving democracy.’ Democrats, who have spent years delegitimizing the Supreme Court and rule of law, undermining legislative norms, cheering on unprecedented and blatant executive abuses and using the DOJ to target their political enemies, among other ‘democracy’-destroying behaviors, do not occupy any high moral ground. And while ‘democracy’ was once just a transparently silly euphemism for ‘stuff we want,’ it has since evolved into a rhetorical device that denotes a decisively illiberal mindset.” —David Harsanyi

“It has long been my contention that politics more often divide the country on cultural than on economic issues, and current cultural issues have found some mention in this year’s campaigning. Democrats hammer away at abortion, although its salience is falling as voters realize the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization hasn’t outlawed abortion everywhere and as Republicans respond by pointing to Democratic support for abortions up to the moment of birth. What voters actually seek, in an affluent country currently at peace, is to keep things under control. Republican candidates are definitely talking about out-of-control inflation, violent crime and illegal immigration, all plausibly linked to Biden policies. Voters remember the times, recently, when those things were under control. They want those times back. That’s why Republicans are headed for a good year. But we may also be headed for a time in coming years when the issues that go unmentioned in this year’s campaigns, China especially, may suddenly seize the attention of both parties — and the nation.” —Michael Barone

“If the Ukrainians can achieve a clean victory forcing a Russian withdrawal, that’d be marvelous. It’s more plausible, though, that we are shaping the conditions for an eventual negotiation that may only temporarily suspend the conflict and that certainly won’t be an ideal end state. A potential deal would involve Russia holding Crimea, a guarantee that Ukraine won’t join NATO and a referendum in the areas Russia held prior to the onset of this phase in the war in February 2022, while Ukraine gets the rest of its territory back and orients itself to the West. Would this be ‘rewarding Russian aggression’? Moscow would have taken a bite out of Ukraine, yes, but at such an extremely high cost that no one could rationally conclude that Putin made anything but a calamitous blunder. The principle that territory can’t be taken by force is worth defending, yet there’s always the prudential question, at what cost?” —Rich Lowry

For the Record

“I don’t know what the hell happened at Nancy Pelosi’s house and I suspect none of us will ever know for sure. But I do know that trying to paint a hippie nudist from Berkeley as some kind of militant right winger is absurd and will always be absurd. Being that this is San Francisco, it seems perfectly plausible that some drugged out nut case broke into their home. Trying to turn this San Francisco crime story into an indictment of Republicans is what’s implausible and ridiculous.” —Matt Walsh

Yellow Journalism

“Pelosi attacker carried zip ties, in Jan. 6 echo.” —Associated Press


“It’s reported that the same chant used by this guy they have in custody was used on January 6th in the attacks on the U.S. Capitol.” —Joe Biden

“It’s one thing to condemn the violence. But you can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn those people who continue to argue the election was not real, that it’s being stolen, that [sic] all the malarky that’s being put out there to undermine democracy….. You can’t just say: ‘I feel badly about the violence. We condemn it.’ Condemn what produces the violence.” —Joe Biden

“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.” —Hillary Clinton

Village Idiots

“There are those who will dismiss the meaning of the assault on Pelosi as the act of a lone, unsettled man. But he was echoing far-right conspiracy theories, legitimated by cynical people for their own purposes. There were many hands on that hammer.” —Barack Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod

“We should not be shocked that this happened. We have seen the storm clouds of political violence assemble. There is a direct line from January 6 to today. And it stretches even farther backward. We should be very careful about using the term ‘fascism,’ but a political system plunging toward normalized violence and instability is one that is taking on very dark undertones.” —journalist Dan Rather and filmmaker Elliot Kirschner

“Donald Trump has been spreading The Big Lie for 2 years. The violent assault on Paul Pelosi and the attempt to murder Speaker Pelosi is directly related to that Lie. Donald Trump is 100% responsible for this and Jan.6.” —actor Rob Reiner

“Some GOP like McConnell & Romney, condemned attack on Paul Pelosi. Most remained silent. Others made jokes. Others suggested attacker be released. Others tried to score points by comparing to Rand Paul getting decked by his neighbor. This from the Party of ‘Christian values.’” —”The View” co-host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

“People bringing up the left-wing nut who tried to kill Steve Scalise and other Rs are missing the point. The former Republican president and current GOP leader has been stoking political violence since 2015, energetically so since Dec. 19, 2020. There is no analog among Dems.” —HuffPost’s S.V. Dáte

“It was an assassination attempt, an extension of January 6th, the full expression of the new mantra of a political party gone insane. Call it that! I WANT Biden to state this MAGA terrorism was inspired by Trump.” —former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann

“The New York Times put the attempted assassination of the United States Speaker of the House below the fold. If you want to know just how numb America has become to Trump’s inspiring of fascist violence, here it is.” —MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

The BIG Lies

“When the president walked into this administration, the economy was in ruins — it was in absolute ruins.” —White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

“Inflation is not going up due to government policies. Inflation is going up due to Wall Street decisions.” —Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

And Last…

“The Left isn’t worried that they’ll be banned or targeted. They know that isn’t going to happen and nobody is calling for it. They are simply worried that other viewpoints will be heard. They know they cannot compete in a free and open ideological marketplace.” —Matt Walsh

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“From The Patriot Post (”.

Cartoons and Memes · Oct. 31, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (”.

Questionable Halloween Costume Options

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Crotchetier and Crotchetier

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Wokeness is False Virtue

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Serial Killer

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The Dumb Ages

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Includes Everything to Reeeee

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“Man Witch,” Not Manwich

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Overly Realistic Halloween Costumes

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Biden Probably Said

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Only Not Robots Can Answer

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Just Holding On

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Flyin’ High as a Biden

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Dog Dad Joke

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End Glue Now!

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The Cost of Dankness

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Leftist Values

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“From The Patriot Post (”.

EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Home Is Surrounded by CCTV Cameras and Security Detail – Unlikely Anyone Could Break In Unnoticed — The Gateway Pundit

The Pelosi home in San Francisco is surrounded by CCTV cameras and security detail.  It would have been almost impossible for anyone to enter that house and not be noticed. 

David DePape was identified by the police at the Pelosi home on early Friday morning at around 2:30 am.

One main question still unresolved is how did David DePape break into the Pelosi house and not get caught.

We asked yesterday:

…if an individual broke into the home of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, there surely is a surveillance system that would tell the police and numerous entities that the house had been broken into.  There’s no doubt that the Pelosis’ home has a security system.  This system likely includes motion detectors as well.  Any movement near the house or broken glass would immediately be registered at the surveillance company.  They in turn would notify the police of the encounter.  Also, there are likely police cars circling the neighborhood where the Pelosis live.  But the police reported that Paul Pelosi made the call to the police.  Paul Pelosi never shared that the home was broken into.

There are also questions about this event being a burglary.  DePape reportedly forced entry into a rear door.  But a video from yesterday shows that there was glass on the outside of the home on the stairs behind the house.  If the window was broken from the outside, wouldn’t the glass be on the floor on the inside of the house?

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon shared that there were security cameras all over the neighborhood where the Pelosis live.

“The Security Cameras Are Everywhere” – Attorney Harmeet Dhillon on the Security in the Pelosi Neighborhood

We are able to confirm that this is the case.  There are CCTV cameras all over the Pelosi house.  The US Speaker of the House would not be anything but well-protected.  (See pictures above).  There also is a security detail at the Pelosi house reportedly around the clock.

There is no way that someone could break into the back door and then enter the house and go unnoticed but this is what the San Francisco Police want us to believe happened.

The official story is that DePape entered the house by forcing entry into the back door.  This is implausible.  He would have been captured by the CCTV cameras and most likely by motion detectors if he was near the house.  If he broke into the house cameras and alarms would most likely go off.

The fact is that DePape could not have broken into the house without being noticed but that is exactly what the official storyline is.  The police state that Paul Pelosi called the police and the police did not respond to an alarm at the house but rather to a call from Paul Pelosi.

We are supposed to believe that DePape made it into the Pelosi house unimpeded and no one noticed the broken door and that Paul Pelosi found him, stepped into a bathroom to call the police, and then came back and fought with DePape over a hammer and the alarms never went off and the security detail on duty ignored the forced entry into the house through the back door.

This story does not add up because the facts don’t add up.  The only logical explanation for David DePape being in the house is that he was invited. 

Let’s see the security camera footage.

EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi Home Is Surrounded by CCTV Cameras and Security Detail – Unlikely Anyone Could Break In Unnoticed — The Gateway Pundit

Monday Briefing, October 31, 2022 |

download(size: 15 MB )
This is The Briefing, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.

PART I (9:38 – 9:38) ula is Back: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Elected Again as Brazil’s Next President —Revealing Major Issues Between Populism on the Right and Left

PART II (23:29 – 23:29) Violence within a Political Context: Paul Pelosi Attacked in San Francisco — Does This Mark a New Era of Violence Against Political Leaders in the U.S.?

PART III (26:42 – 26:42) ‘Remember People, Guns and Diet Mountain Dew Don’t Mix’: Woman Objects to Her Father’s Favorite Diet Soda with a Revolver

Source: Monday, October 31, 2022

Biden Commends First White House Trick-Or-Treater On His Great Costume — Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Halloween got off to a rocky start at the White House Monday when President Joe Biden complimented Dylan Mulvaney on his girl costume. The TikTok star, who sat for an interview with the commander-in-chief just last week, was reportedly unable to convince the president that he was not in costume.

According to sources, trick-or-treaters were scheduled to arrive at the White House starting at 5 PM but Biden was certain that the person approaching the West Wing at 10:30 AM was a young boy dressed as a woman for Halloween.

“And what are you supposed to be, young man?” Biden asked, holding out a handful of candy corn that had been sitting in his suit pocket for 23 years.

“I’m a young girl,” answered Mulvaney.

“Wow, great costume! Young girl! My favorite kind of girl! Hamchuck dibblewobble!”

“It’s not a costume.”

“It’s very spooky! Ahh!” Biden said as he threw up his arms in mock fear.

Witnesses to the exchange report that Mulvaney left the White House in tears while a confused Biden looked on. First Lady Jill Biden rushed to the scene moments later to direct the president indoors where she helpfully explained to him that men are women, people don’t like their hair sniffed, and candy corn hasn’t been enjoyed since the depression.

Joe Biden reportedly thanked the first lady by complimenting her fantastic costume. “You almost look like a real doctor!” he said.

Is your wife a true crime addict? You need to look for these warning signs:

Biden Commends First White House Trick-Or-Treater On His Great Costume — Babylon Bee

Hunter Biden scandal is a prelude to indicting Trump: Sen. Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss how Biden’s DOJ has handled the Hunter Biden scandal and what’s to come as the story continues to unfold. #FoxNews

Source: Hunter Biden scandal is a prelude to indicting Trump: Sen. Cruz

Steve Hilton: Democrats have become hysterical over their abysmal Midterm outlook

Fox News host Steve Hilton weighs in on the Democrats’ messaging strategy ahead of the midterm elections on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #FoxNews #TheNextRevolution

Source: Steve Hilton: Democrats have become hysterical over their abysmal Midterm outlook

Religious Liberty Under Attack

As Christians, we believe the hope of the world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But our freedom to proclaim that Gospel, and the full counsel of God, is under growing assault in America. For more on the attack on religious liberty, watch this “Truths That Transform” special report.

Source: Religious Liberty Under Attack

CBN NewsWatch AM: October 31, 2022


Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: October 31, 2022

The Procedure: An Animated Short Film on Abortion | Answers in Genesis: Daily Articles

Many people simply don’t understand what happens behind the closed doors of an abortion clinic.

As you know if you follow my blog and social media, abortion is one of the most important topics we talk about. With the upcoming elections and the battles that are happening at the state level after the dismantling of Roe v. Wade, it is more important than ever for Christians to think biblically about this topic as we seek to share the truth with others. The most important aspect is to point them to what God has said in the Bible, but we also need to help others see what abortion procedures actually are—the murder of an innocent human.

It is more important than ever for Christians to think biblically about this topic as we seek to share the truth with others.

Many people simply don’t understand what happens behind the closed doors of an abortion clinic. While it is a gruesome truth, it is a truth that may open the eyes of those who have not considered what they are in favor of. The ministry Choice42 (there are always two people involved in the abortion) seeks to help women considering abortion through physical and spiritual hope. They have produced this powerful animated video that tells the harrowing account of an ultrasound tech who was called to assist in a procedure. What he experienced haunted him and changed him. While you may have seen pictures of aborted children, this high-quality animation shows the horrors while softening the blow. The Procedure is the first in the Exposed video series. But this video is not for everyone, and I encourage you to protect young eyes when you decide (or if you decide) to view it.

Powerful Answers to Difficult Questions

 Each color-illustrated guide is packed with biblical and scientific answers to tough questions facing today’s culture.

While we understand it is only the heart-transforming gospel that is going to ultimately change how people view abortion, I hope you can wisely use this video to help others see what happens to these tiny image bearers in this horrendous procedure.

But don’t stop there: point them to the hope that everyone can find salvation by looking to Christ in repentance and faith (Acts 20:20–21). That is the goal of our recently opened Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum. As people see the amazing details in the tiniest of humans, they can fully understand what human life is and connect those truths to what God says about us in his Word.

The links below will take you to the social media pages where you can view the video, just posted today, and share it with others—but please be aware of the graphic content and share that warning as you pass it along.


Click on the image to go to the YouTube video The Procedure (caution: disturbing content). To share the video, use the following link:

Source: The Procedure: An Animated Short Film on Abortion

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023 — The Economic Collapse

In my entire lifetime, global supplies of diesel fuel have never been tighter than they are right now.  And that is really bad news, because the entire economy of the western world runs on diesel.  If we suddenly had no more diesel fuel, virtually all of our trains, trucks and ships would stop running.  Needless to say, just about everything that stocks our store shelves comes to us via trains, trucks and ships.  So the fact that there is not enough diesel fuel to go around is a really big deal.  Supplies have been declining for months, and at this point diesel inventories have fallen so low that we only have a 25 day bufferremaining…

The U.S. is facing a diesel crunch just as demand is surging ahead of winter — with only 25 days of supply left, according to the Energy Information Administration.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese told Bloomberg TV that diesel inventories are “unacceptably low” and “all options are on the table” to bolster supply and reduce prices.

Unfortunately, this is not just a problem here in the United States.

Globally, supplies of diesel fuel have fallen to the lowest level that we have seen since 1982

“The demand for diesel tends to rise as you get close to the winter, because the molecule that makes up diesel is very similar to the molecule that you use for heating homes in the U.S., for winter fuels in Europe,” Tom Kloza, dean of U.S. oil analysts at Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), told Newsweek.

The issue is global, said Kloza, adding that diesel inventories around the world are the lowest as they’ve been since 1982, “and we’ve added about 3.4 billion people in that time.”

Read that last line again.

The total population of the planet has nearly doubled since the early 1980s, and so we truly are in unprecedented territory.

Like I said earlier, I have never seen global supplies of diesel fuel any tighter than they are at this moment.

Of course that doesn’t mean that we are about to totally run out of diesel fuel.

But as supplies get tighter, we are likely to increasingly witness temporary shortages that have the potential to cause immense supply chain headaches…

A shortage of diesel fuel is spreading across the United States, with one company launching an emergency delivery protocol, requesting a 72-hour advance notice from clients to be able to make the delivery.

Per a Bloomberg report, fuel supplier Mansfield Energy wrote in a note to its clients that “conditions are rapidly devolving” and “At times, carriers are having to visit multiple terminals to find supply, which delays deliveries and strains local trucking capacity.”

In a desperate attempt to alleviate the pressure, two tankers that were loaded with diesel and jet fuel that were headed to Europe have been turned back around

Meanwhile, the scarcity of diesel has prompted traders to start diverting cargoes with the fuel that were originally bound for Europe, Reuters reported earlier this month.

Tanker tracking data showed that at least two tankers with some 90,000 tons of diesel and jet fuel that were initially bound for Europe were diverted toward the U.S. East Coast.

That may help us a bit, but it is not good news at all for the Europeans.

In fact, some areas of Europe have already started to experience very serious shortages of diesel fuel.

Unfortunately, things are not likely to improve much any time soon.

In recent years, politicians in the United States and Europe have made life really difficult for refiners.

As a result, the number of refineries has actually been shrinking, and nobody has really wanted to build any new ones.

Now we get to experience the consequences of their very foolish policies.

At this point, we are being told that the only way to reduce demand for diesel is to have a “significant slowdown in freight movements and manufacturing activity”

Stabilizing then rebuilding inventories to more comfortable levels will require a significant slowdown in freight movements and manufacturing activity.

There are early indications manufacturing and freight activity peaked in the third quarter of 2022. If confirmed that would take some of the pressure of distillate inventories.

But a deeper and more prolonged slowdown in the United States and/or in Europe and Asia will be needed to boost inventories significantly.

Rebalancing diesel supply will likely require a further rise in interest rates and tighter financial conditions in the United States and other major economies to reduce fuel consumption to more sustainable levels.

In other words, it is going to take a recession and/or a depression in order to fix this crisis.


We should have never allowed things to get this bad.

Over the past decade, we should have been building a lot more refining capacity.

But our politicians didn’t want that, and so now we all get to pay the price.

And thanks to the war in Ukraine, supplies from Russia that could help alleviate this nightmare are not going to be available.

So there will be shortages.

Also, it is likely that diesel prices will go a lot higher than they are right now.

Needless to say, that is going to add even more fuel to our ongoing inflation crisis, because just about everything that we buy has to be transported.

This is yet another reason why our standard of living is going to continue to go down at a frightening pace in the months ahead.

We truly have got a colossal mess on our hands, and it is going to be with us for quite some time to come.

***It is finally here! Michael’s new book entitled “7 Year Apocalypse” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

About the Author: My name is Michael and my brand new book entitled “7 Year Apocalypse” is now available on  In addition to my new book I have written five other books that are available on including  “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America”“The Beginning Of The End”“Get Prepared Now”, and “Living A Life That Really Matters”. (#CommissionsEarned)  When you purchase any of these books you help to support the work that I am doing, and one way that you can really help is by sending digital copies as gifts through Amazon to family and friends.  Time is short, and I need help getting these warnings into the hands of as many people as possible.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and any way that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  These are such troubled times, and people need hope.  John 3:16 tells us about the hope that God has given us through Jesus Christ: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  If you have not already done so, I strongly urge you to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior today.

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023 — The Economic Collapse