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America’s Only Hope – Pastor Patrick Hines Reformed Christian Podcast

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From church website:

We subscribe to the Westminster Standards as our doctrinal statement. It consists of the following documents:

The Westminster Confession of Faith
The Westminster Larger Catechism
The Westminster Shorter Catechism

We also believe that Christian Worship is to be regulated and defined by God’s Word, the Bible.

Our worship services are designed to please and honor the Triune God of the Bible. We place Scripture reading and the preaching of the word of God at the center of worship along with Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. These are God’s gifts to His church and ought to always be at the center of Christian worship. We are a congregation that loves to sing God’s praises, recite His Word back to Him, and actively engage in hearing and learning from God’s Word.

We embrace and promote a comprehensive Christian world and life view.

There is no area of life which is not under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is to God and His law which all people, including governments and civil rulers, will answer. The Word of God embraces and informs the way we view marriage, the family, children, education, politics, worship, law, government, war, the church, missions, evangelism, and worship. In the world today there is a battle of opposing worldviews. There are basically only two positions: God’s Word and man’s ideas. We stand positively for Biblical truth and negatively against man’s ideas which are opposed to Biblical truth.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind.

Because all men fall short of obeying God’s law, all men everywhere are in need of divine grace and salvation from God. This salvation is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for sinners, was buried, rose again, and is alive today seated at God the Father’s right hand.

We Worship God Together as Families.

We offer nursery during morning worship service for newborns and infants but encourage people to keep as many of their children as they can with them for morning worship. The audio of the service is in the nursery via speakers. There is also a crying room with a video screen and audio of the sermon. We offer Sunday school classes for all ages but worship together as families. We do not offer “children’s” church. Children need to be in morning worship as soon as possible so they can learn how to participate as active worshipers of God which includes the singing of His praises and listening actively to sermons.

America’s Only Hope – Pastor Patrick Hines Reformed Christian Podcast

Please watch: “A Call to Separation – A. W. Pink Christian Audio Books / Don’t be Unequally Yoked / Be Ye Separate”

Source: America’s Only Hope – Pastor Patrick Hines Reformed Christian Podcast

What does it mean to be a mature Christian? | Ligonier Ministries

What are the characteristics of a mature Christian? From one of our live events, Sinclair Ferguson, Derek Thomas, and Burk Parsons address the important subject of Christian maturity. To ask Ligonier a biblical or theological question, just visit ask.Ligonier.org or message us on Facebook or Twitter. https://ask.ligonier.org/

Source: What does it mean to be a mature Christian?

A Disassembled Assembly — Grace to You Blog

Has the church as we know it out-lived its shelf life? Do we need to redesign our congregations to fit modern sensibilities and technological advances? That’s the argument put forth in a recent series of articles at The Christian Post promoting virtual congregations and churches designed for the metaverse.


A Disassembled Assembly — Grace to You Blog

Our Holiest Example — VCY America

I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.Psalm 16:8

This is the way to live. With God always before us, we shall have the noblest companionship, the holiest example, the sweetest consolation, and the mightiest influence. This must be a resolute act of the mind. “I have set,” and it must be maintained as a set and settled thing. Always to have an eye to the Lord’s eye and an ear for the Lord’s voice—this is the right state for the godly man. His God is near him, filling the horizon of his vision, leading the way of his life, and furnishing the theme of his meditation. What vanities we should avoid, what sins we should overcome, what virtues we should exhibit, what joys we should experience if we did indeed set the Lord always before us! Why not?

This is the way to be safe. The Lord being ever in our minds, we come to feel safety and certainty because of His being so near. He is at our right hand to guide and aid us; and hence we are not moved by fear, nor force, nor fraud, nor fickleness. When God stands at a man’s right hand, that man is himself sure to stand. Come on, then, ye foemen of the truth! Rush against me like a furious tempest, if ye will. God upholds me. God abides with me. Whom shall I fear?

Our Holiest Example — VCY America

Apostasy: Can Real Christians Fall Away (Part 2) — Reformed Christian Studies

By Rev. Brian Schwertley – Posted at Sermon Audio:


Direct Link: Apostasy: Can Real Christians Fall Away, Part 2 | SermonAudio

Apostasy: Can Real Christians Fall Away (Part 2) — Reformed Christian Studies

Our Great Privilege — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

And don’t you realize that you also will perish unless you leave your evil ways and turn to God?” Luke 13:3

Today I sought to share the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ with a taxi driver who reacted impatiently when I handed him a book which I had written, entitled “Jesus and the Intellectual.” He flung it aside in contempt. I have seldom met anyone who appeared to be more angry and resentful of God than he was. I felt impressed to say to him what Jesus said to the Galileans, “It is a matter of life and death what you do with Jesus Christ. There is a heaven and there is a hell. God loves you and cares for you. He wants you to come to Him and receive the gift of His only begotten Son through whom you can have forgiveness, life abundant, and life eternal.” From all appearances he could not have cared less.

That warning to the Galileans many years ago applies equally to the nations and individuals today. If one truth in the Word of God is made abundantly clear, it is this: Repent or perish.

“It is because of this solemn fear of the Lord, which is ever present in our minds, that we work so hard to win others. God knows our hearts, that they are pure in this matter, and I hope that, deep within, you really know it too” (2 Corinthians 5:11).

As Christians we have the same awesome responsibility and great privilege to tell everyone who will listen about Christ. Most of us would take great risk to save the life of a drowning child or to snatch up a toddler from the path of an automobile. Yet, most everyone who is living today will be dead in 100 years or less, but all men will live in heaven or hell for eternity. How much more important it is to tell men and women who are perishing without Christ of the loving Savior who cares and who is waiting to forgive if only they will surrender their lives to Him!

We must warn them and if we do not know how, it behooves us to learn how to share our faith. One method of witnessing is the use of the Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Anyone is capable of sharing this booklet with others – if not vocally, at least by handing it to someone.

If you are hesitant to witness vocally why not begin distributing literature like the Four Spiritual Laws booklet?

Bible ReadingLuke 13:1-5

I resolve with God’s help, to begin to distribute Christian literature, especially the Word of God and materials that will help individuals to make definite commitments of their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

by Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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Our Great Privilege — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Do I Have To? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”  Matthew 6:15

I didn’t want to forgive them. They’d emotionally abused me for a long time, and it felt like a bone bruise — deeply hurting and hard to heal. Like a dog, I licked that wound often over the years. It became a banner I could hang out when I wanted either sympathy or admiration for putting up with it for so many years. I mistakenly thought it made me a better Christian witness to acknowledge the pain I’d suffered, and still residually experienced.

But in reality, pride was at the heart of my resistance. If I forgave them, the hurt would dissolve. My banner would disintegrate at the foot of the cross and turn to dust. No more empathy from others.

When we harbor unforgiveness, we block the love and mercy the Father wants to give us. Our hardness of heart becomes a dam that withholds the flow of His life-giving Spirit. The verse above is not so much a tit for tat thing as it is a cause and effect. Until we go through the painstaking effort to forgive, that wound controls our thoughts, colors our view of the world, and dictates our reactions. God cannot make room in a heart so filled with concrete ugliness.

Once we practice forgiveness, we realize how wonderful it is that God forgives us. Jesus’ act of taking on our sins becomes even more vivid. It’s like wearing a pair of glasses for the first time — everything is clearer, brighter, and more vibrant. Smugness dissolves. Our hearts melt. God enters.

Dear Lord, help me to be quicker to forgive so that the hurt doesn’t build up and block your mercy in my life. Help me to realize we all need forgiveness. Release the shackles of pain from my reactions so I may see others as you do. Then we can both heal. Amen.

Ask God to open your heart to those you need to forgive and then help you go down that path.

By Julie Cosgrove
Used by Permission

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Do I Have To? — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

4 Nov 2022 News Briefing

HE PERFORMS MIRACLES!!! Israels Messiah?? The Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda | Messiah Revealed 2022
HE PERFORMS MIRACLES!! Israels Messiah?? 2022 The Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda (Watch)

Alleged Pelosi Attacker Confirmed As Illegal Immigrant, Embraced Left- And Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories
The man who allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi is an illegal immigrant, U.S. officials have confirmed. “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer on Canadian national David DePape with San Francisco County Jail, Nov. 1, Immigration detainers are placed on suspects who are illegal immigrants. They are meant to prevent state or local officials from releasing the suspects.

Gold Market Roiled As Mystery Buyer Waves In 300 Tonnes
central banks bought 399 tons of bullion in the third quarter, almost double the previous record, just under a quarter went to publicly identified institutions, stoking speculation about who the mystery buyers were that waved in the other 300 tonnes of gold in Q3?

2 Koreas exchange missile tests near tense sea border
Air raid sirens sounded on a South Korean island and residents there evacuated to underground shelters after North Korea fired about a dozen missiles in its direction Wednesday, at least one of them landing near the rivals’ tense sea border. South Korea quickly responded by performing its own missile tests at the same border area.

Israel Rolls Out Legion-X Drone Swarm For The Urban Battlefield
Israel is converting elite infantry support companies into “seek and strike” units equipped with swarming drones to search buildings and carry out attacks. The swarm is powered by Legion-X, an “autonomous networked combat solution” developed by leading defense contractor Elbit Systems and works in close collaboration with human soldiers.

North Korea: U.S. and South Korea air drills terrible mistake
North Korea said on Thursday that the United States and South Korea have made a very risky and wrong decision by extending air force drills, and that the two countries will come to know what a terrible mistake they have made, the North’s KCNA news agency said.

FBI warns of ‘credible threat’ to synagogues in New Jersey
The FBI in Newark, New Jersey, said on Thursday afternoon it has received “credible information of a broad threat to synagogues” in the state, according to a tweet from the office quoted by CNN. “We ask at this time that you take all security precautions to protect your community and facility. We will share more information as soon as we can. Stay alert. In case of emergency call police,” the post said.

Israeli coalition negotiations get underway
Benjamin Netanyahu has tasked Likud Party ally Yariv Levin with beginning coalition negotiations, Israeli media reported on Thursday. Levin has already started reaching out to the party heads in Netanyahu’s right-religious bloc, which includes the Religious Zionism Party, Shas and United Torah Judaism, according to the Channel 12 report.

Rocket attack in southern Israel
Warning sirens were sounded in multiple towns in southern Israel Thursday night. The sirens were reported in the towns of Nirim, Ein HaShlosha, and Kissufim, all of which are located near the Gaza frontier in the western Negev. An IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said at least one rocket was fired from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip towards Israel. The rocket exploded in midair, with the debris landing in an open field, with no reports of injuries or damage.

GOP demands withdrawal of proposal forcing docs, insurers to offer gender ‘care’
Republican lawmakers issued a comment to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding a proposed change to part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), … that would potentially force health care providers and insurance companies receiving federal funding to provide gender “affirming” treatments such as puberty blockers and “sex change” surgeries and abortions against their will. The comment, sent to HHS in early October, demanded the pr oposed rule be “immediately withdrawn.” “Elective abortion is not health care.

Hastings parents protest sexually explicit LGBT book at school board meeting
Concerned parents whose children attend Hastings Public Schools found a creative way to protest the availability of a sexually explicit book. At last Wednesday’s school board meeting, parents and grandparents held up signs protesting the district’s approval of Maia Kobabe’s “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel that depicts oral sex and masturbation.

Denver to get first measurable snow as winter-type storm rolls across the West
A winter-esque storm that has already dropped heavy snow across the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, Wasatch and portions of the northern Rockies to the tune of 6 to 12 inches will now set its sights on the central Rockies and the Four Corners Thursday. For Denver, it likely means the first measurable snow of the season.

Tornado threat: Dallas, Austin among large cities in Plains where severe weather expected Friday
The weather setup points to a classic severe weather scenario for the southern and central Plains, a portion of the region known as Tornado Alley, beginning Thursday evening and continuing through Friday night with storms that could produce large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes.

Category 1 Hurricane “Lisa” makes landfall in Belize 
Hurricane “Lisa” made landfall near the mouth of the Sibun River, Belize — about 15 km (10 miles) SW of Belize City — at 21:20 UTC on November 2, 2022. Lisa had maximum sustained winds of 140 km/h (85 mph), making it a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale and the first November hurricane to make landfall in Belize since 1942.

Finland Says Ukraine Arms Ending Up In Hands Of Criminal Gangs
Critics of the massive US weapons pipeline to Ukraine have long pointed out there’s no accountability or appropriate tracking once those arms enter the country, presenting ripe opportunities for criminals, terrorists, or lucrative black market arms sellers to take advantage.

Bombshell Emails: CDC Pressured FDA to Authorize COVID Boosters Without Clinical Trials 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pressured U.S. regulators to clear COVID-19 boosters without clinical trial data, according to newly released emails.

Saudi Arabia, U.S. on High Alert After Warning of Imminent Iranian Attack
Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence with the U.S. warning of an imminent attack from Iran on targets in the kingdom, putting the American military and others in the Middle East on an elevated alert level, said Saudi and U.S. officials

 Is Benjamin Netanyahu Back To Lead The Jews And Israel Into The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble? 
Benjamin Netanyahu has come back, and with him comes the stunning ‘prophecy’ made by two Jewish rabbis decades ago that he would be the prime minister in Israel at the start of what they called the ‘messianic age’. Those of us who are students of the word of God know all too well that what the rabbis call the messianic age will actually be the start of the first 3.5 years of the time of Jacob’s trouble. Are we at the dawn of the appearing of the Antichrist?

Ministers ‘war game’ emergency plans to cope with WEEK-LONG blackouts
Ministers have ‘war gamed’ emergency plans to cope with week-long blackouts this winter, it has emerged. Government documents marked ‘official sensitive’ warn that food and water supplies, transport and communications could all be severely disrupted for up to seven days in a ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ in the event of a national power outage.

China Working To Undermine Midterm Elections, Cybersecurity Group Says
Communist China is behind a massive online disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the upcoming U.S. midterm elections, according to findings by a cybersecurity group.

Dollar dominance scheduled for TERMINATION as Saudi Arabia declares CHINA its “reliable partner” 
The petrodollar is now on its last legs as Saudi Arabia has declared China to be its “reliable partner” for energy and trade. The USA, under the catastrophic leadership of fake president Joe Biden — who was planted in the Oval Office via a rigged election — has lost all credibility in the eyes of world leaders.

The Ever Widening War
American soldiers are now in Ukraine. Allegedly, they are there only to monitor what is happening to the arms deliveries from the US and NATO countries.

Turkey Will Be Integrating Central Bank Digital Currency with Digital ID System
Turkey is planning on launching a central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) next year and it will be integrated with Turkey’s digital ID system.  This integration is part of the next phase of their digital Turkish Lira research project.

University of Chicago Plans Winter Class “The Problem of Whiteness”
Undergraduate students pay over $62,000 per year, in tuition alone, to attend the University of Chicago.  While 45% of the undergraduate population at the University is White, White Professor Rebecca Journey will teach a class during the Winter term titled, “The Problem of Whiteness.”

As Liberals Call For A ‘Pandemic Amnesty’, We Call For Nuremberg-Style Trials To Bring To Justice The People Responsible For This Global Deception
As time goes on, today is Day 962 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve, it is coming to light that we as a global people were lied to, deceived, tricked and fooled to such a degree as to beggar imagination. Masks did nothing to slow the spread of the virus, social distancing did nothing to slow the spread of the virus, and lockdowns did nothing but increase mental illness, create poverty, stupefy our children, and destroy the economy. Yet it was demanded of us to ‘trust the science’. Now as these things become common knowledge to the average person,

Pentagon Confirms That American Soldiers Are In Ukraine
..The United States has sent $60 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine after the United States approved a $12 billion aid package to the country last month. Now, the Pentagon has admitted that there are ‘small numbers’ of US soldiers in Ukraine.

Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leader puppet Trudeau is about to take control of Canada’s Internet and censor everything opposing the Establishment’s sinister narrative 
The Trudeau Bill C-11 is an authoritarian law that will tell Canadians what they can watch on the Internet. It regulates user content and hides content it doesn’t like on YouTube, Rumble, and other platforms. It forces streaming services to serve up content the government likes and shadow-ban services it doesn’t like. Every service becomes the CBC. These rules will be applied to Facebook too.

DoD Vax Data Whistleblowers Bombshell: Cancer, Miscarriages, Heart Disease
Three military doctors say medical billing code data captured by Defense Medical Epidemiology Database shows sharp spikes in miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer diagnoses, Bell’s palsy, female infertility.

Report: Twitter and Facebook Had Regular Meetings with DHS on Censoring Americans
Executives from Facebook and Twitter, including the recently-fired head of trust & safety Vijaya Gadde, held regular meetings with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to discuss censorship on a wide range of topics, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan, coronavirus, and “racial justice,” according to leaked documents.

Democrat blows whistle on alleged ballot harvesting scheme, Florida opens criminal probe
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new election crimes unit has recommended state police open a full criminal investigation into a Democrat whistleblower’s detailed complaint of a long-running, widespread ballot harvesting operation in the African-American communities in politically important central Florida.

Leaked Documents Show That Major Social Media Conspired With Biden Administration To Suppress Free Exchange Of Information During Pandemic 
It’s called the ‘Government Reporting System’, and it is just as draconian as it sounds, a backdoor portal in Facebook where member of the Biden administration could report any and all content that went against their official narrative on things like the COVID virus, the COVID vaccine, and the COVID passport.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/11/04/4-nov-2022/

Headlines – 11/4/2022

Rishi Sunak scraps Liz Truss’s plan to move UK embassy to Jerusalem

US group campaigning against Australia’s reversal of recognition of West Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Israel-Lebanon border deal is a landmark, but has limited benefits, experts say

US Jewish groups sound alarm over rise of far-right Ben Gvir, though many steer clear

Report: Several nations warn Israel they’ll limit work with far-right leaders

Ex-US Ambassador to Israel: Biden Administration Unlikely to Work With Ben-Gvir and Smotrich

US envoy congratulates Netanyahu on win, says he will enjoy ‘working together’

Conceding defeat, Lapid wishes Netanyahu luck ‘for the sake of the Israeli people’

Bennett to resign in coming days, hopes new government ‘will act responsibly’

What happens next: Netanyahu expected to be tasked with forming government next week

Netanyahu bloc solidifies lead as prospective ministers jockey for portfolios

Palestinian Authority PM: Israeli power swap is ‘difference between Pepsi and Coke’

For Palestinians, Netanyahu’s victory is merely a changing of the prison guards

Terror Attack Near Temple Mount, Multiple Wounded

Incoming rocket sirens sound in towns near the border with Gaza

Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel for first time since ‘Breaking Dawn’

Settlers accused of vandalism in Palestinian village near Jerusalem

Israeli Army Declares Activist’s Nabi Saleh, Home to Tamimi Family, Closed Military Zone

Security forces said killed in Tehran clashes, as unrest resumes

As many as 14,000 arrested in Iran over last six weeks, United Nations says

Ousted Pakistan PM Imran Khan shot in shin in what aides call assassination attempt

Kim Jong Un Inches Closer to All-Out War Than Ever Before

US, South Korea threaten to ‘end’ Kim regime if North Korea uses nuclear weapon

US Condemns Apparent Failed ICBM Test by North Korea

Russia ‘Strongly’ Warns Britain Over Alleged Role In Drone Attack On Fleet In Crimea

Matt Tyrmand Shows More Massive Crowds in Brazil Gather to Support Bolsonaro as Military and Police Join In Support

Bolsonaro backers in Brazil allegedly give Nazi salute, triggering uproar

How the government hid the truth behind Hunter Biden’s laptop

Further slippage? Latest gaffes reignite questions about Biden’s mental fitness

Amid Concerns for Biden’s Mental Health, The 25th Amendment May Be Invoked Soon

The Hill Publishes Op-Ed Suggesting ‘Baffled and Confused’ Biden May Be Removed via 25th Amendment

Washington Post publishes op-ed calling on Biden, Harris to drop out in 2024

Biden’s war on ‘disinformation’ ramps up as GOP accuses officials of playing politics with the truth

Judge rejects attempt to block depositions of Biden officials in social media collusion case

American billionaires spent a record $880 million on the U.S. midterm elections

Desperate Netflix Star Urges Biden to Activate Emergency Alert System to Encourage People to Vote Democrat

The View’s Sunny Hostin: White Suburban Women Voting Republican Are ‘Almost Like Roaches Voting for Raid’

RINO Rep. Dan Crenshaw Blasts People Who Question the 2020 Election Results, Calls Them a ‘Threat’

Nolte: Biden Says Midterms Could ‘Easily Be Illegitimate,’ Then Blasts Election Deniers

Dirty dozen: Top 12 election irregularities House Republicans are investigating ahead of midterms

Milwaukee election official fired after alleged stunt to prove voter fraud is possible: Report

Trump sues N.Y. attorney general Letitia James to block release of records

The Secret Court Battle That Threatens Trump After Election Day – Prosecutors are obtaining potentially crucial testimony about January 6

Trump advisor Kash Patel granted immunity to testify in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Jim Jordan demands Biden’s AG turn over documents on Project Veritas, Mar-a-Lago raid

Police respond to trespassing call at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Secret Service conduct sweep

Trump says Congress should ‘impeach’ Mitch McConnell over debt ceiling, regrets endorsement

In extraordinary move, federal judge moves to fast track ruling on Biden student debt forgiveness

Bank of England expects UK to fall into longest ever recession

Bank of England raises rates by most since 1989 even as long recession looms

A major hedge fund just warned that hyperinflation could lead to ‘global societal collapse’ – and it blames the central bank

Wall St Down for Fourth Straight Day on Fed Rate Hike Worry

Musk’s Trump-style management rattles Twitter workers awaiting layoffs

Musk Was Right: Bombshell Leak Reveals Fired Twitter Exec Met with Biden Admin to Discuss Censorship Plans

TikTok Admits Chinese Employees Can Access Private Data of Users in UK, Europe

Man vs. Machine: AI narrowly beats out human scholar in test of scientific skill

China is allowing another rocket body to fall to Earth uncontrolled this weekend. It probably won’t hit you.

Rare meteor cluster recorded at Gaustatoppen, Norway

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Reykjanes Ridge

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Banda Sea

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 13,000ft

Suwanosajima volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Tonga eruption’s towering plume reached the third layer of Earth’s atmosphere

Tonga volcanic eruption produced the highest plume on record

Martin forecast to become large post-tropical cyclone over north Atlantic – U.S. NHC

NHC now tracking 2 tropical waves off Florida, US. Hurricane Martin grows even larger

Mississippi River water levels plummet due to drought, exposing shipwreck

Rare ‘Ghost’ Rainbow! Photographer Captures Mysterious Fogbow in Misty San Francisco Sky; Magnificent Pics of the Aerial Phenomenon Goes Viral

Victims’ parents weep as Parkland school shooter handed 34 life sentences

FBI investigating shooting at GOP candidate’s family home: report

San Francisco DA vows to limit public’s access to Pelosi attack evidence ‘as much as possible’

FBI Warns of Broad Threat to New Jersey Synagogues, Urges Immediate Caution

Israel’s government turns to High Court to challenge recognition of Utah ‘Zoom weddings’

NBA chief to push Nets’ Kyrie Irving to apologize for promoting antisemitic movie

Kanye paid settlement to ex-employee in 2018 after antisemitic remarks – report

Dwyane Wade Accused of Pressuring Trans Daughter to Change Gender for ‘Financial Opportunities’

Miss Argentina, Miss Puerto Rico Reveal Secret Wedding

Ohio Education Board VP Insists Biological Sex Is Not a ‘Scientific Fact’

Democrats pour cash into abortion ads in effort to turn focus from the economy

Biden ponders marijuana moves as states forge ahead – Five states will vote next week on initiatives that would legalize recreational marijuana

US Easing Opioid Rules, Saying Legal Crackdown Fuels Illegal Epidemic

How China Gained Full Access to the U.S. Biodefense Center at Fort Detrick

Pfizer-BioNTech To Test Combined Covid And Flu Vaccine

Author Julie Powell Dies From Heart Attack One Year After Tweeting How Covid-19 Kills “Some Of The Right People” And “Anti-Vaxxers/Maskers Are Dying In Legions”

Final suspect in conspiracy to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in coronavirus money from West Haven turns down plea bargain deal

Biden and Democrats face reappraisal of COVID-19 policies ahead of midterm elections

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · Nov. 4, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.


“I rejoice in a belief that intellectual light will spring up in the dark corners of the earth; that freedom of enquiry will produce liberality of conduct.” —George Washington (1789)



God Save Standard Time

Yet another horrendous biannual time change is upon us. For the love of all that is holy, make it stop.

Nate Jackson

Most of America is about to undergo yet another annoying and frustrating time change this weekend as we fall back an hour. We’ve written before — with tongue planted firmly in cheek — that if you don’t want to stay on Daylight Saving Time all year, you’re probably a communist. Because everyone hates each year’s two time changes but no one seems to agree on which time to stay on, we are today going to unabashedly take the ridiculously over-the-top opposite position: Only semi-fascists wouldn’t want to spend the whole year on Standard Time.

Standard Time may be in effect for only four months a year, but that’s because “progressives” ruin everything and took more than their share of the year for Daylight Time. Adding daylight is a leftist lie; daylight can only be redistributed. If we conserve anything at all, if we love anything about this country, it should be something called Standard Time.

The Senate, which also ruins everything, passed the Sunshine Protection Act earlier this year, but American Patriots in the House blocked it.

Daylight Time messes with our “circadian rhythms, sleep-wake cycles and overall health,” The Washington Post tells us. There’s even a fancy graphic at that link to show how tilting the clock sideways to “save daylight” is actually just wrecking your body and your mind.

Think of the children! If Daylight Time was extended all year, children wouldn’t just walk to school in the dark; they might eat lunch and have recess in the pitch black of night. How can our children possibly recover from the pandemic education disaster under such conditions?

Finally, the trump card: Standard Time was created by God Himself in Genesis 1. “Let there be light,” He said, but only during standard hours. Then came Satan in Genesis 3, asking Eve, “Did God really say” the clock is standard? When she moved the hands of the clock forward an hour, all of humanity fell into sin. Now stolen daylight is irrationally extended into the evening hours when only the wicked are still awake and sinning. Righteous people clearly want more light in the morning to help with Bible reading.

In all seriousness, you’d think reasonable people could agree to stop the madness of changing our clocks twice a year, but there are pretty strong feelings on both sides, and that means we’re likely to be stuck with the status quo.

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Suburban White Women to Dems: See Ya

While liberal elites keep harping on abortion, this key voter bloc clearly prioritizes other issues.

Douglas Andrews

The eight-minute attack is so savage, it’s hard to watch even a brief clip of it. But there he is, 45-year-old Adam Bennefield, beating the hell out of his 30-year-old estranged wife, Keaira, in her home in the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga.

Keaira, having been pummeled by Bennefield before, had captured this particular beating on video, then posted it to her Facebook page in a desperate cry for help.

As the New York Post reports, the video apparently shows Bennefield “tackling his wife, pinning her down and savagely punching her repeatedly.” Sure enough, when Keaira showed the video to the cops, they came and arrested him. But because of deep-blue New York’s soft-on-crime laws, all he got was a handful of misdemeanor charges.

Even with a prior felony conviction for having kidnapped another ex at gunpoint, Bennafield walked out of jail under the state’s bail “reform” laws, which were enacted by the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature and upheld by its Democrat governor, Kathy Hochul.

Oh, but the judge in the case issued an order of protection against Bennefield, which comforted her to such a degree that she threw on a bulletproof vest before driving her kids to school. And that’s when Bennefield “allegedly” crashed his car into hers, pulled out a shotgun, and blew Keaira away. Right in front of her kids.

More recently, on October 24, and in another blue state, Minnesota, the cops arrived in the parking lot of Dubow Textiles in St. Cloud to find 28-year-old Nicole Hammond lying dead on the ground “with a puddle of blood around her head.”

Apparently, she’d been murdered by a work colleague, 36-year-old Michael Carpenter, who was upset that Nicole had rejected his advances. He shot her in the neck, then he drove away.

It’s a sick, sick world.

We mention these distressing events because we go to the polls on Tuesday, and because violent crime is increasingly on our minds, and because these particular crimes are an appropriate way of showing just how out of touch liberal elites like Sunny Hostin are.

Asunción Cummings “Sunny” Hostin is, according to her Wikipedia bio, an American lawyer, journalist, and co-host on ABC’s “The View,” as well as the news network’s senior legal correspondent and analyst. So she’s no dummy — which makes what she said on yesterday’s show even more mystifying.

Apparently frustrated by a recent Wall Street Journal poll showing that suburban white women have dramatically shifted their support from the pro-abortion and pro-crime Democrats to the pro-life and anti-crime Republicans, Hostin let loose with the following broadside against one of the Democrats’ most essential voting blocs:

“What’s also surprising to me is the abortion issue,” she said. “I read a poll just yesterday that white … suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?”

As you might expect, the denunciations came quickly and roundly, and some called for Hostin to be fired. But why demand the firing of someone who just made such a generous in-kind contribution to the Republican Party? Better to keep her around as a constant reminder of how out of touch these liberal elites are with the issues that matter to everyday Americans.

It’s abortion, you emotionally incontinent idiotic women — ABORTION! That seems to be what Hostin and her fellow pathetic leftists are saying as their party’s electoral hopes begin to circle the drain.

It’s not abortion, as one poll after another shows. For most it’s inflation and the economy. Moms have a lot harder time buying groceries for their kids or putting gas in their cars in the Democrats’ economy. For many Americans, especially those suburban women, it’s also woke education, which one insightful analyst called “an iceberg of an issue” — important, but mostly below the surface.

And for others, like those who knew and loved Keaira Bennefield and Nicole Hammond and countless other innocent victims, it’s the violent crime surge — a surge that’s been brought to you by the Democrats.

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Executive News Summary

House GOP releases scathing report on FBI, NPR’s deep depravity, is BlackRock changing its tune? and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • House GOP releases scathing report on the FBI: On Friday, House Republicans released a 1,000-page report detailing the current state of the FBI and the Department of Justice based upon the accounts of several whistleblowers within the agency. The report pulls no punches as it asserts that the FBI and DOJ have become politicized at the highest levels. Whistleblowers allege that FBI leadership in Washington, DC, is “rotted at its core” and oversees a “systemic culture of unaccountability” and “rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse.” The report further alleges that an anti-conservative culture exits within the FBI that is actively seeking to “purge” agents who oppose the “woke” diversity, equity, and inclusion agenda currently being pushed by the Biden administration. FBI whistleblowers also claim that the agency’s “political meddling” “is dragging the criminal side [of the bureau] down,” as agents and resources are being “pulled away” from investigating criminal activity such a child sexual abuse. “The FBI has the power, quite literally, to ruin a person’s life,” the report contends. Therefore: “The potential abuse of this power, or even the appearance of abuse, erodes the fundamental principle of equality under the law and confidence in the rule of law. The FBI’s tremendous power is precisely why the people’s elected representatives in Congress must conduct vigorous oversight, particularly in light of allegations of abuse and misconduct made to date.”
  • NPR’s deep depravity: In an effort to couch abortion as a women’s healthcare issue, National Public Radio played an abortion procedure on air. NPR’s Michigan “Morning Edition” played a segment featuring reporter Kate Wells explaining that she had gotten permission from a woman to record her abortion. Wells set the segment up by stating, “Like many patients at Northland, she said I could record her procedure.” She then described the scene: “Most patients are partially awake during the procedures, they get IV medication for pain and anxiety. The lights are dimmed, there’s soothing music, it actually feels a lot like a childbirth, in a medical gown, your bare legs and stirrups, and a person next to you, saying, ‘You can do this.’” In the background, one can hear a vacuum aspirator machine turn on, and then the mother moaning repeatedly amid the appalling noise of the vacuum machine literally murdering a child in utero. Of the procedure, Wells wrote back in October, “The machine uses gentle suction to remove the pregnancy tissue from the patient’s uterus through a thin tube” [emphasis added]. That “pregnancy tissue” was a preborn baby. While this sickening airing of an abortion was clearly intended by NPR to promote the murderous procedure, it ironically may backfire. As digital strategist Greg Price observed: “This clip puts on full display what an abortion actually is: violence and full on dehumanization of the unborn. That’s why it’s important to share. To show reality.”
  • Is woke BlackRock changing its tune? Larry Fink, the CEO of the massive asset management firm BlackRock, recently sent out a letter announcing a change at the company — extending choice proxy voting to investors on a larger scale. In the wake of several states divesting from the company over its promotion of leftist ESG (environmental, social, and governance) polices, Fink appears to be acting to stem the bleeding. “It’s clear there are investors who don’t want to sit on the sidelines,” Fink writes. “They have a view on corporate governance, and they want a meaningful way to express those views.” Therefore, he adds: “While some pension funds have long been actively involved in corporate governance, we’re working to make that easier and more efficient for a larger number of investors. We are committed to continually evolving this offering.” According to Fink, almost half of the company’s index equity assets will be eligible for voting choice, including “all the public and private pension plan assets we manage in the United States.” This move is clearly designed to placate conservatives, and since a lot of leftists are already upset at BlackRock for creating a low-income housing crisis, Fink might have surmised that shifting back to the middle wouldn’t do anymore damage.


  • Unemployment ticks higher in final jobs report before election (Free Beacon)
  • Illinois man threatened to kill GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey and his family (Breitbart)
  • Shots fired at family home of North Carolina Republican congressional candidate while his children were inside (Daily Wire)
  • GOP New Hampshire Senate hopeful Don Bolduc dodges punch from would-be assailant before debate (NY Post)
  • Kathy Hochul idle on 420 bills ahead of midterm election as race with Lee Zeldin tightens (Fox News) | Hochul grudgingly acknowledges the crime problem she called a conspiracy (National Review)
  • Chuck Schumer insists Democrats have path to keep Senate majority (AP)
  • Hillary Clinton laments GOP “election deniers” despite past stolen election claims (Fox News)
  • Twitter employees file lawsuit claiming mass layoffs violate federal law requiring notice (Fox Business)
  • Low diesel supply threatens to worsen inflation crisis (Fox Business)
  • Jimmy Kimmel admits he lost half his audience for bashing Trump — and he’s fine with that (Daily Wire)
  • Israeli PM Yair Lapid concedes election to Benjamin Netanyahu (Fox News) | No call to Bibi: Biden has yet to congratulate newly elected Israeli leader (Free Beacon)
  • Judge sentences ecofascists who glued themselves to painting to light sentence to avoid discouraging future protests (Daily Wire)
  • Satire: Democrat strategists confused why “Do more of what got us in this mess” message not resonating with voters (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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The Southern Border Body Count

The unconscionably high human cost of open borders is breaking morbid records.

Emmy Griffin

If every human life matters to Democrats, then why does our president persist in creating the festering hellhole at the southern border? The answer is particularly inhuman. It’s because he thinks it will garner votes for his party, and his constituents love having the virtuous clout of being the ones responsible for opening the doors of opportunity to illegal immigrants.

This virtue without prudence and politics without conscience are adding to an ever-mounting death toll at the souther border.

The cost among migrants is incredibly steep. Many of these foreign nationals are desperate to start a new life in the U.S. and are forced to endure unspeakable evil as the price of entry. According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation: “In fiscal year 2021, there were nearly 2 million migrant apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border, and that number only accounts for the people encountered by border agents. More than 400,000 more migrants eluded apprehension and are counted among the ‘got-aways.’ Last year also met another unfortunate record — 147,000 unaccompanied migrant children entered into the U.S., 122,000 were taken into the U.S. custody, the previous record being 69,000.”

Of those millions of people who were admitted into the U.S., it is not known how many of them are victims of human trafficking. Those who made it into the U.S. interior are lucky that they at least made it with breath still in their bodies.

Many migrants are not so fortunate. The sheer amount of death and carnage that they have suffered is so great that the National Sheriff’s Association is compiling photos of the dead to share with the public. The intent is to put faces to this humanitarian crisis in the hopes of galvanizing the federal government into acting.

The life toll for migrants is not surprising. Last June, 53 illegal immigrants who were in an abandoned truck in San Antonio literally cooked to death. That horrific event is sadly one of many instances of mayhem against migrants.

In FY2020 — the year Joe Biden ran for office on promises of an open border — the reported deaths of migrants at the border were 557. In FY2021, there were nearly 750 deaths, shattering all previous records. No records have been released for 2022 as of yet, but it would not be surprising if that number was exponentially higher.

Crime has also been on the rise at the border. Gang members, drug peddlers, and armed criminals have been a dangerous challenge for law enforcement. In FY2021 alone, the number of wanted noncitizen criminals was almost 30,000. The recidivism rate for previously apprehended individuals was 27%, the highest it’s ever been. Furthermore, the encounters with these individuals are life-threatening for our Border Patrol. On Monday, The Washington Times reported that Border Patrol in California had a run-in with four armed illegals. Luckily, those illegals dropped their weapons and fled back to Mexico, but what if they had decided to fight? What if they had encountered unarmed U.S. citizens just going about their business?

Americans living in border states like Texas, Arizona, and California are overwhelmed with the vast influx of illegal immigrants who have infiltrated their states. Arizonans have resorted to using shipping containers to block the gaps in the border wall to help stem the flow. Citizens like those in Yuma are frustrated that the federal government is demanding that the shipping containers be taken away while not offering any other solutions to protect American citizens from the invasion that the Biden administration created.

Yuma is overwhelmed. According to the Daily Mail, 250,000 illegal immigrants have flooded the city over the past year. To give perspective, the population of Yuma is just over 96,000. Compare that to the outcry from places like Martha’s Vineyard, where only 50 illegals were flown, or New York City, where 4,000 illegals have been bused. These leftist bastions are outraged at Republican governors who confront them with the humanitarian crisis created by supporting open-border policies. So much for their virtue.

President Biden and his policies have created an attractive nuisance by opening up the borders, and the human cost is unbearably high. Biden would do well to remember his own criticisms of former President Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19 and apply them to himself more appropriately in this instance. The difference is that the border crisis is a problem Biden created (very unlike the black swan event that COVID was for Trump). Biden said at a 2020 campaign event: “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America. … If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive.”

Seems like a fitting indictment for Biden’s own reckless inaction on the border. If Biden had done his job, hundreds of migrants would not have lost their lives, and millions of American citizens would not have to be afraid to go about their lives because of his inept border policies.

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Woke Corporations: How the Mob Did It

It’s long past time to treat the sickness of woke capitalism, which has spread unchecked across corporate America.

Brian Mark Weber

There was a time when someone poised to become the CEO of a major company wouldn’t have to worry about expressing her opinions on social or political issues. There was a time.

These days, though, it doesn’t take much to get canceled — or in the case of Jennifer Sey, to lose her bid to become the next CEO of the Levi’s brand. Sey’s unforgivable sin? She spoke out against the injustice of COVID mandates.

“The well-liked liberal executive was pushed out at Levi’s in February 2022, after her vetting for CEO was derailed by social media posts and activism pushing back against school closures and mask policies for children,” reports The Daily Wire.

“Many parents, including myself,” said Sey, “tried for two years to have a national conversation about the damage that would be caused by prolonged school closures. But journalists, education leaders, and public health officials furthered the narrative that anyone challenging school closures was a racist and wanted teachers to die.”

That was too much for Levi’s, which has a history of leftist advocacy such as opposing the Second Amendment. Sey’s appearance on the Laura Ingraham show was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the moment when her colleagues at Levi’s turned against her.

Sey writes in her book, Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice, that woke capitalism is “corporate America’s attempt to profit off Millennial and Gen Z activism, often passive keyboard activists. It exploits social-justice politics and transforms it into social-justice consumerism — and ultimately, investor profit.”

The companies themselves couldn’t care less about progressive values. They’re just virtue signaling, riding the woke wave rolling over society.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and it’s certainly true when it comes to the woke crowd. They’re loud and they’re in your face. It’s no wonder so many companies from mom-and-pop delis to major corporations tailor their products and advertising to a relatively small but obnoxious segment of society. It’s a win-win situation: The activists get attention and power, and the companies make more money. Another winner is the media.

Sey adds: “CEOs and C-suite executives were always rich. But now they’re rich and beloved, and perceived as well-meaning and heroic. In this new Gilded Age, journalists — themselves often politically biased and ethically compromised — have continued to spread the fiction that corporate leaders and entrepreneurs are not just ‘good’ people but near god-like figures. The public eats it up, because it helps to fill the gaping religion-size hole in our increasingly secular culture.”

Some people out there, including some conservatives, think this is all just a fad with no long-term consequences. They should think again because they’re missing the serious threat at the core of woke capitalism.

What we’re seeing “is a top-down anti-democratic movement,” stated Andy Olivastro of The Heritage Foundation last year. “And it’s on the part of some of the biggest and most important names in American business to change the way that business functions, to change the definition of capitalism itself, and to permanently change the relationship between the citizen and the state.”

Progressives aren’t changing our corporations and other institutions from within to merely funnel money to their favorite causes. This is more serious than many folks ever could have imagined, and it’s all about transforming our way of life.

Wokeness is “fundamentally illiberal, undermining centuries-old principles such as the rule of law, equality under the law, freedom of speech and due process of law,” according to the American Institute for Economic Research. “It harms the very communities it purports to help.”

What to do? AIER believes one way to counter corporate wokeism is for states to refuse to work with asset management companies that prioritize ideological investments above the maximization of financial performance. You want to invest in ESG? Fine. Do so in some other state.

It’s one step in the right direction, and it’s going to take more than winning control of Congress to turn this around. If we’re going to prevail over woke capitalism, we’ll need grim resolve, real solutions, and an enduring commitment to restoring the primacy of free enterprise over this ruinous leftist virus.

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Why Is Netflix Paying the Obamas So Much?

The former president’s filmmaking enterprise allows him to continue pushing his hard-left agenda.

Lewis Morris

Netflix stock is likely to surge on the recent news that the platform added 2.4 million subscribers in the last quarter, surpassing expectations and reversing a downward trend that saw its subscriber base plummet earlier this year.

Two people who will benefit greatly from this news are Barack and Michelle Obama. Their television production company, Higher Ground, signed a multi-year, nine-figure deal with Netflix in 2018 to create scripted and unscripted series, features, and documentaries for the streaming service. And Netflix’s recent subscriber uptick means more eyeballs for Obama-produced content. Lucky them.

Higher Ground is key to the Obamas’ long-term plan to leverage media as a way to continue foisting their leftist agenda on the American public. And since their company’s first foray into television with 2020’s “American Factory,” the Obamas have produced several programs that sell liberal puff pieces masked as legitimate documentaries.

“American Factory,” a pro-Chinese look at the takeover of an Ohio factory by Chinese investors, was followed earlier this year by “Our Great National Parks,” a vapid look at parks around the world that was hosted by Obama and that laid bare the former president’s hypocritical stance on environmental preservation. In the doc, he opines about protecting the environment while in the real world he circumvents environmental conservation laws in Hawaii so he can build his oceanfront paradise.

The latest gem from Higher Ground is “The G-Word,” a six-part series about how the government interacts with our lives. It’s hosted by Adam Conover, a comedian who gained notoriety for his myth-busting show “Adam Ruins Everything.” Each episode focuses on a different facet of the government’s interaction with us: food, weather, money, the future, disease, and change. Obama appears in the last episode so that Conover can shamelessly gush over how well the former president makes a sandwich.

“The G Word” reveals very little about the government that people don’t already know, and it’s very careful to sidestep the numerous ways the government interferes with and ruins our private lives. It’s essentially pro-government propaganda that pushes the message Obama has embraced throughout his political career: Our lives are best managed by an unquestioned and unaccountable centralized authority.

Labeling a film or program a “documentary” no longer conveys the same meaning it once did. A documentary used to be a fact-based study of a particular subject that attempted to portray different sides of an issue and inform its audience. Sadly, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore changed all that with films like “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.” These days, documentaries are often little more than ideological and political weapons to influence public opinion and attack opposing views.

The so-called documentaries produced by the Obamas fall into this category. The media naturally claims that all the work Higher Ground produces is worthy of high praise, a typically sycophantic response. Hopefully Netflix subscribers can see through it.

Image credit: Dennis JarvisCC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

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“To vest a few fallible men — prosecutors, judges, jurors — with vast powers of literary or artistic censorship … is to make them despotic arbiters of literary products… If one day they ban mediocre books as obscene, another day they may do otherwise to a work of a genius. Originality, not too plentiful, should be cherished, not stifled. An author’s imagination may be cramped if he must write with an eye on prosecutors or juries.” —Jerome D. Frank (1889-1957)


“I believe Democrats will hold the Senate and maybe even pick up seats.” —Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer

“There is something else at stake: democracy itself. … We must vote knowing who we have been, what we’re at risk of becoming.” —Joe Biden

“In a typical year, we’re often not faced with questions of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy or put us at risk. But this year, we are. This year, I hope you will make the future of our democracy an important part of your decision to vote and how you vote.” —Joe Biden

Moving the Goalpost

“We know that more and more ballots are cast in early voting or by mail in America. … It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner. It’s always been important for citizens in a democracy to be informed and engaged. Now it’s important for citizens to be patient as well. That’s how this is supposed to work.” —Joe Biden

Lack of Self-Awareness

“We must remember that democracy is a covenant. We need to start looking out for each other again, seeing ourselves as ‘We the People,’ not as entrenched enemies. This is a choice we can make. Disunion and chaos are not inevitable.” —Joe Biden

“Listening to the crazy stuff coming out from election deniers … I think it’s time that every American say: ‘You know what? We’ve got a lot of stake in pulling ourselves together.’” —Hillary Clinton

Braying Jennies

“Inflation fluctuates. Democracy does not. … I feel like people are not comprehending the seriousness of what is going on.” —”The View” co-host Joy Behar

“A read a poll … that white … suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid.” —”The View” co-host Sunny Hostin

The BIG Lies

“The great irony about the 2020 election is it’s the most attacked election in our history. And yet — and yet, there is no election in our history that we can be more certain of its results.” —Joe Biden

“Extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections but elections being held now and into the future. The extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party… is trying to succeed where they failed in 2020 to suppress the rights of voters and subvert the electoral system itself. That means denying your right to vote and deciding whether your vote even counts.” —Joe Biden

“It’s estimated that there are more than 300 election deniers on the ballot all across America this year. We can’t ignore the impact this is having on our country. It’s damaging, it’s corrosive, and it’s destructive.” —Joe Biden

“Inflation is a worldwide problem, and the domestic problem of inflation is corporate greed.” —Sunny Hostin

“The Left is not soft on crime.” —”The View” co-host Sara Haines

“The states with the highest crime levels are states run by Republicans. That’s just a fact.” —Hillary Clinton


“The Republicans are pretty simple actually, and pretty straightforward. They say, ‘I want you to be very miserable, and I want you to be very angry. And I want you to vote for us, and we’ll make it worse, but we’ll blame them.’” —Bill Clinton

Non Compos Mentis Award

“A lightning storm takes out all the electricity in the house — guess what? You can plug your car into the house and make it light up!” —Joe Biden

And Last…

“Biden is too confused to see the irony of claiming democracy dies if Republicans win elections.” —Senator Tom Cotton

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.

Breaking: NBC Pulls Bombshell Paul Pelosi Report Across Platforms After TGP Report on Contradicting Federal Charging Papers — The Gateway Pundit

NBC News has pulled their bombshell report Friday morning by Miguel Almaguer on the attack on Paul Pelosi that included details that contradicted the narrative in the federal charging papers against accused attacker David DePape. The video of a report that aired on the Today Show was pulled across several platforms after The Gateway Pundit reported the contradictions-which was not noted by NBC in their report.

Last weekend a report by NBC a third person wan in the Pelosi home at the time of the attack was walked back.

The YouTube video originally posted to the Today Show page was made private.

The video at the Today Show Twitter page was deleted.


The video at the the Today Show home page at NBC was taken down with a message stating “We apologize, this video has expired.” The headline and brief text at the page remains, “Paul Pelosi released from the hospital six days after intruder attack
Paul Pelosi was released from the hospital on Thursday and is now recovering from a fractured skull and several other serious injuries at home. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY on Pelosi’s condition, as well as the new details about the crime that are coming to light.”

Copies of the report were archived and posted:

Comparisons of the federal charges and NBC report from TGP article:

Excerpt from the federal charging papers is contradicted by some of the details reported by NBC:

10. At 2:31 a.m., San Francisco Police Department (“SFPD”) Officer Colby Wilmes
responded to the Pelosi residence, California and knocked on the front door. When the door was
opened, Pelosi and DEPAPE were both holding a hammer with one hand and DEPAPE had his
other hand holding onto Pelosi’s forearm. Pelosi greeted the officers. The officers asked them
what was going on. DEPAPE responded that everything was good. Officers then asked Pelosi
and DEPAPE to drop the hammer.

11. DEPAPE pulled the hammer from Pelosi’s hand and swung the hammer, striking
Pelosi in the head. Officers immediately went inside and were able to restrain DEPAPE. While
officers were restraining DEPAPE, Pelosi appeared to be unconscious on the ground.
Officers removed a cell phone, cash, clipper cards, and an unidentified card from DEPAPE’s
right shorts pocket. DEPAPE provided officers his first and last name. After officers asked
DEPAPE if he had an ID on him, DEPAPE said it might be in his backpack on the back porch
and later stated his backpack was near the broken glass. When officers removed DEPAPE from
Pelosi’s residence, police body worn camera footage showed a glass door that appeared to be
laminated glass, broken near the door handle. San Francisco Police Department recovered zip
ties in Pelosi’s bedroom and in the hallway near the front door of the Pelosi residence. In
addition, law enforcement searched DEPAPE’s backpack at the Pelosi residence, and they found,
among other things, a roll of tape, white rope, one hammer, one pair of rubber and cloth gloves,
and a journal.

YouTube transcript of NBC report:

NBC News learning new details about the moments police arrived. Sources familiar with what unfolded in the Pelosi residence now revealing when officers responded to the high-priority call, they were seemingly unaware they’d been called to the home of the speaker of the House after a knock and announce the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or tried to leave his home, but instead began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police. It’s unclear if the 82 year old was already injured or what his mental state was, say sources. According to court documents, when the officer asked what was going on, defendant smiled and said, Everything’s good, but instantaneously. A struggle ensued as police clearly saw David de PAP strike Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer. After tackling the suspect, officers rushed to Mr. Pelosi who was lying in a pool of blood.

NBC San Francisco affiliate KNTV-TV picked up the report and later deleted it. A copy was found in Google Cache (excerpt):

New details have emerged about the moments when responding officers arrived at the San Francisco home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi on the morning Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer.

When officers arrived at the Pacific Heights house in the early morning hours of Oct. 28, they were unaware who’s home it was, and after a knock and announce, the front door was opened by Pelosi, according to an NBC News report citing sources familiar with the events at the home.

After answering the door, Pelosi began walking several feet toward the assailant and away from police into the foyer, according to the report. It’s unclear if Pelosi was already injured or what his mental state was, the sources told NBC News.

The officers saw Pelosi and the suspect, who smiled at them, and a struggle ensued as officers saw suspect David DePape strike Pelosi with a hammer, the sources told NBC News.

A bail hearing for DePape is scheduled for Friday in San Francisco Superior Court. He faces state charges of attempted murder and multiple other felonies in the home invasion attack. He was not expected to appear in person.

Charlotte, North Carolina NBC affiliate WCNC-TV still has their video of the report up on their YouTube page for the time being:

UPDATE vie Media Research Center: “the piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

Breaking: NBC Pulls Bombshell Paul Pelosi Report Across Platforms After TGP Report on Contradicting Federal Charging Papers — The Gateway Pundit

Paul Pelosi answered door when police arrived, then walked back toward his assailant and away from officers, didn’t tell cops he was in danger: NBC News — Conservative Review

NBC News reported new details about the moments when police officers arrived at the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi. Strangely, Paul Pelosi answered the door, but did not inform officers that he was in danger, according to a new report. Instead of retreating to police officers, Pelosi reportedly walked back to the alleged home invader – who was wielding a hammer.

David DePape, 42, is accused of breaking into the San Francisco home and attacking Pelosi with a hammer.

During the home invasion, Pelosi was reportedly able to go to the bathroom – where his cell phone was charging – and call 911.

“Uh, he thinks everything’s good. Uh, I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good,” Pelosi told the 911 dispatcher – who suggested that he call back “if he changed his mind.”

Pelosi responded, “No, no, no, this gentleman just, uh, came into the house, uh, and he wants to wait for my wife to come home.”

“He’s telling me I’m being very lazy, so I’ve got to stop talking to you,” Pelosi said to the dispatcher. “No, he wants me to get the hell off the phone.”

Court documents said DePape “threatened to tie up Mr. Pelosi about 10 times.”

Police responded to a “high-priority call” and arrived at the home at 2:27 a.m. last Friday.

NBC News reported, “Officers were unaware that it was the home of the House speaker.”

Police purportedly performed a “knock and announce.” Pelosi opened the door for the officers.

“The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” according to NBC News. “But instead, he began walking several feet back into the foyer, toward the assailant and away from police.”

The sources noted that police did not know if Pelosi was already injured or what his mental state was.

An officer asked the two men what was going on in the home.

According to court documents, DePape smiled and said, “Everything’s good.”

Seconds later, a struggle ensued, and then DePape hit Pelosi in the head with the hammer, according to police. Cops quickly tackled DePape.

Pelosi was reportedly lying in a puddle of his own blood after the hammer attack. He was unconscious for about three minutes, according to court documents.

Pelosi was rushed to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured skull. Pelosi was released from the hospital on Thursday, six days after the attack.

Authorities say Pelosi and DePape were alone inside the San Francisco home for 30 minutes before police arrived. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C., at the time of the attack.

Court documents stated that there were Ring security cameras “everywhere” at the Pelosi home in Pacific Heights.

The break-in was allegedly captured by video cameras that are usually monitored by Capitol Police, but officers were not watching the live feed at the time of the home invasion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The Washington Post reported, “The officer in D.C. quickly pulled up additional camera angles from around Pelosi’s home and began to backtrack, watching recordings from the minutes before San Francisco police arrived. There, on camera, was a man with a hammer, breaking a glass panel and entering the speaker’s home, according to three people familiar with how Capitol Police learned of the break-in and who have been briefed on or viewed the video themselves.”

On Wednesday, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said access to some of the evidence, like police bodycam video and Pelosi’s 911 call, would not be released to the public, but instead would be “limited” to family members.

“That meeting is happening today, so limited members are able to view that footage so that they can have certain questions in their mind answered. But it’s a very limited number of family members, and that should be going on as we speak,” Jenkins told CNN.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Jenkins if it is in the “public’s interest” to release evidence in the case to the public.

Jenkins responded, “For us, revealing that evidence through the media is just not what we think is appropriate. We want to make sure that this individual is held accountable for these egregious acts. For us, we’re going to make sure that we limit the evidence as much as possible in order to get that done,” she added.

DePape was charged by the state with attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, and threats to a public official and her family.

According to the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of California, DePape is also facing federal charges, with one count of assault of an immediate family member of a United States official with the intent to retaliate against the official on account of the performance of official duties, which has a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. He is charged with one count of attempted kidnapping of a United States official on account of the performance of official duties, which has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

DePape pleaded not guilty to the state charges. He is being held without bail.

\u201cEXCLUSIVE: New details emerge about the attack on Paul Pelosi. @Miguelnbc shares what happened once police arrived.\u201d

— TODAY (@TODAY) 1667560575

Paul Pelosi answered door when police arrived, then walked back toward his assailant and away from officers, didn’t tell cops he was in danger: NBC News — Conservative Review

US congresswoman vows no more funding for Ukraine | RT – Daily news

Ukrainian MPs dismissed Marjorie Taylor Greene’s promise, arguing she does not represent mainstream Republicans

US congresswoman vows no more funding for Ukraine

If Republicans win back Congress in next week’s midterm elections, “not another penny will go to Ukraine,” US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene told a rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday, accusing the ruling Democratic Party of prioritizing the Ukrainian military over the lives of Americans.

The only border they care about is Ukraine, not America’s southern border,” Greene declared. “Our country comes first.”

While polls indicate Republicans have a very real chance of taking back the House as well as the Senate, Ukrainian politicians did not seem worried by Greene’s promises.

Sviatoslav Yurash, a member of President Vladimir Zelensky’s Servant of the People Party, told Newsweek on Friday that Greene is “not a lead part of the Republican discussion.”

The fact that there are extreme right and extreme left in America which have a different point of view is obvious because America is a democracy,” he said. “As far as the mainstream perspective is concerned on both sides of the aisle, support 

for Ukraine

 is very clear.”

Read more

US Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (left) and Lauren Boebert are shown at a June 2021 press conference in Washington.
Most Ukraine aid is a ‘scam’ – US lawmaker

Insisting Kiev was not asking for “limitless aid,” Yurash argued that the government was “very clear on the point of where [aid] is spent and we are very welcoming to any kind of oversight or missions coming to Ukraine to check and verify on the use of anything.” A recent attempt by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) to include oversight provisions in a $40 billion aid bill, however, was unsuccessful.

Greene is regularly pilloried as an extremist by Democrats for her outspoken opposition to hot-button issues like LGBT kids, gun control, and abortion. She was also one of just 57 representatives to oppose a bill providing $40 billion in aid to Kiev, arguing that only about a third of the weapons sent there actually make it to the front lines, a statistic confirmed by CBS News.

As of August, the US had sent over $54 billion in aid to Ukraine this year. Accompanying the latest announcement of $275 million in advanced weapons systems was an acknowledgement by the State Department that there was a “possibility that criminal and non-state actors may attempt to illicitly acquire weapons from sources in Ukraine.”

Source: US congresswoman vows no more funding for Ukraine

Newsom sued over COVID ‘misinformation’ law that doctors say tramples First Amendment rights

A group of California physicians is suing Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration over a state law that empowers the Medical Board of California to discipline physicians who espouse opinions about COVID-19 that are not in line with the mainstream.

Source: Newsom sued over COVID ‘misinformation’ law that doctors say tramples First Amendment rights

Republicans Release 1,000 Page Memo Slamming FBI After It Raids Peaceful Pro-Lifers | LifeNews.com

Congressman Jim Jordan and Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee on Friday released a 1,050-page report today that slams FBOI misconduct and the politicization of the agency. The report comes after FBI officials raided the homes of multiple pro-life Americans and have arrested 25 pro-life Americans for peacefully protesting at abortion businesses.

The report, titled “FBI Whistleblowers: What Their Disclosures Indicate About The Politicization of the FBI And The Justice Department,”says the FBI “is broken” under the leadership of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland and it condemns the “politicized bureaucracy” of the agency.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee have already promised investigations into the FBI after the November elections, which appear likely to restore GOP lawmakers to power in the House and possibly the Senate as well.

Jordan says the FBI was “rotted at its core” and maintained a “systemic culture of unaccountability” as well as being full of “rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse.” The report says:

The thousand-page report builds on various whistleblower disclosures describing the FBI’s Washington hierarchy as “rotted at its core” with a “systemic culture of unaccountability.” The report also highlights how the FBI has weaponized the federal government against its political opponents, illustrates how FBI leadership shows a political bias against conservatives, and enumerates instances where senior officials have pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism to fit a political narrative.

This report is the first comprehensive accounting of the FBI’s problems to date, which undermine the FBI’s fundamental law-enforcement mission. The report primarily concerns FBI abuses, due to the experiences and roles of whistleblowers, but also examines the actions of the Justice Department where appropriate for context and explanation.

When it comes to the persecution of pro-life Americans, the report complains, “The Justice Department and the FBI continuing to allow attacks on pro-life facilities and churches to go unabated, while pushing an anti-life agenda.”

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The Biden administration continues targeting pro-life Americans for peacefully protesting abortion, contending they are breaking a law that makes it illegal to block access to abortion businesses. At the same time, Biden officials still haven’t arrested a single person for firebombing pregnancy centers, burning down churches or over 150 other acts of violence this year.

Recently, pro-life atheist Herb Geraghty, 26, was indicted by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s U.S. Department of Justice under the FACE (Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances) Act. This is part of the Biden administration’s ongoing persecution of nonviolent anti-abortion activists and leaders.

For the nearly three decades since FACE was enacted in 1994, it has rarely been used to prosecute life advocates. Yet in 2022 alone, under the Biden/Garland DOJ, there have been at least 22 peaceful pro-life activists indicted under the act — with the first case involving pro-life advocate Mark Houck, whose family was raided after an altercation at a Philadelphia abortion business last year where he accidentally pushed down a man who was verbally accosting his 12-year-old son.

Geraghty is the executive director of Rehumanize International, a founding board member of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, and a pro-life liberal.

Geraghty was charged in connection with a protest at a Washington D.C. abortion business. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has charged 11 more pro-life activists with violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act for blocking the entrance of an abortion clinic in 2021. The 11 activists were charged with FACE Act violations stemming from their 2021 “blockade” of an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

federal indictment alleges that the pro-life defendants “engaged in a conspiracy to prevent the clinic from providing” and patients from receiving abortion services and violated the FACE Act by “using physical obstruction to intimidate and interfere with the clinic’s employees and a patient.”

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Yet the event was mostly pro-life people staging a peaceful sit in along with signing and praying and it was so lawful and peaceful that local police let them go after minor misdemeanor charges. But if convicted on these federal charges from the Biden administration, Vaughn faces up to 11 years in prison, three years supervised release and fines of up to $350,000.

One of the pro-life advocates the FBI considers as a danger to the public is an elderly woman, Eva Edl, who is a German survivor of a communist prisoner-of-war concentration camp during World War II. After she escaped that horror, Edl dedicated her life to fighting for human rights for everyone — including people before birth

As Live Action reports:

“The first time I realized there were abortion clinics in our country was in 1988,” she said, according to a previous Live Action News report. “I said to my husband, ‘these are the death camps of America.’ I saw people sitting in front of abortion clinics in Atlanta, and I’ve been involved ever since.”

If you were in a death camp like I was as a girl, would you want those who were obligated to love you to lobby for cleaner death camps? Less bugs in our starvation diet? Please! It disgusts the Lord that we waste so much time on money that will not protect one single child, even if the legislation is upheld by the court.

[…] If we have to defy the judiciary for even the most toothless attempts to regulate abortion (mandating sanitary killing centers, for example), why not defy the judiciary to protect every child, as our leaders take an oath to do! Why settle for less than the very minimum that God settles for? According to the Bible (Numbers 35, Genesis 9), only justice abates the wrath of God for the shedding of innocent blood. I believe every jurisdiction – city, county, state, federal, international – should immediately criminalize every abortion and protect every baby, and WOE unto us if we don’t.

The wrath of God is against us, and time is short to waste effort trying to regulate the child-killing. We wind up on the wrong side of the line God’s drawn so clearly in the sand.

Another of the pro-life advocates arrested under the FACE indictments was a pro-life father, Paul Vaughn, who didn’t even participate in the rescue but whose home was raided anyway.

Now, horrific new details have come to light about the terribly way Vaughn was treated — all apparently without legal counsel present. As TownHall reports:

Vaughn shared his family’s account of the FBI raid with Townhall, providing harrowing details of his arrest just before the father was about to take his children to school. According to a statement provided to Townhall, Vaughn was handcuffed on the porch in front of his kids after FBI agents raided the Vaughn family property while carrying assault rifles and side arms. Three of Vaughn’s children were outside walking through the backyard when an FBI agent armed with an AR-15 confronted the kids and questioned them. Several kids were asleep upstairs, and one child ran to her mother frantically crying, “The FBI is here, and they are arresting Daddy.” Vaughn’s wife remarked, “They traumatized me and my children intentionally. We will never forget this.”

His wife, shaking and fighting back tears, said she demanded to know what was happening. Still, the FBI agents refused to answer why they were there, did not identify themselves, did not show badges, provided no warrant proof, and did not say where they were taking her husband. Vaughn was placed in an SUV wearing his undershirt and jeans with no identification or means of communication when he got whisked away within a 10-minute timeframe. Their children were left “shaken, frightened, and very upset,” Vaughn said.

According to Vaughn, the family did not receive any official information about the cause of the raid or Vaughn’s whereabouts until six hours after the arrest. He said he was held in a federal holding facility, brought before a judge, charged, and then released without a wallet or a cell phone 60 miles from his Hickman County home.

“For over six hours, no one knew where I was and why I was kidnapped from my home at gunpoint. It took a good attorney six hours to be able to break through the bureaucracy and find the people who know what was going on,” Vaughn told Townhall. In the meantime, his searching wife had to console their crying children.

Vaughn pled not guilty to the charges and is searching for the right legal team to fight the legal battle “to the fullest.” In a statement to Townhall, Vaughn called the FBI “paid thugs of an out-of-control Justice Department” that “must be reined in immediately.” Vaughn said he would have turned himself in or showed up when summoned to appear. “There were no legitimate reasons for their abusive and excessive show of force,” he said.

What’s worse is Vaughn didn’t participate in the March 2021 sit-in. He acted as a mediator between the pro-life people who participated and law enforcement to ensure the protest was safe and peaceful.

A pro-life attorney who is helping the case says the FBI raid was done without provocation and he received no information about it.

“There was no effort to bring him in voluntarily,” Gualberto Garcia Jones, an attorney for the Personhood Alliance, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “They showed up unannounced at around 7 a.m. They were banging on the door so loud that it made the whole house shake and once they did that he came out — he was actually on his way to take seven of his children to school. The FBI agents, all four of them had their weapons drawn: two of them had long guns, two of them had sidearms. They were very, very aggressive, but once his wife took out the phone, they immediately changed their demeanor.”

In response, Republicans Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mike Johnson of Louisiana are launching a congressional inquiry into the Justice Department’s political enforcement of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

A message on a GiveSendGo fundraising campaign provides more details about what happened:

My pro-life friend, Paul Vaughn, was arrested yesterday by the FBI in an early morning raid in front of his family. Paul is the President of Personhood Tennessee, a group that advocates for a biblical view of the inalienable dignity of the human person.

Paul is a peace loving Christian family man.

At around 7 am, four heavily armed FBI agents approached Paul’s home with guns drawn and began banging on his door so hard that it made his old farmhouse shake. A father of 11, Paul’s alleged crime is that he had been present at a peaceful pro-life “rescue” that took place over a year ago in March of 2021 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Paul was never arrested by the local police because he was working to mediate between the pro-life rescuers and the police to ensure everyone’s safety. No one was hurt and no property was damaged as a result of the pro-life “rescue.”

The event of March 2021 involved several pro-life activists sitting in a hallway outside of an abortion clinic in Tennessee singing hymns, reading scripture, and praying. No one was hurt and no property was damaged. For this, the FBI is charging the protesters with violations of the FACE Act which carry sentences of more than 10 years in prison and $250,000. Paul is also being charged with conspiracy to violate the FACE Act just because he was there.

Paul’s arrest by the FBI with guns drawn and in front of his children coincided with Joe Biden’s press conference marking 100 days since the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson case. At that press conference, President Biden announce tens of millions in grants to pro-abortion groups and issued guidelines to weaponize the department of Education against state universities in pro-life states.

Yesterday’s arrest of Paul Vaughn appears to be timed to coincide with the President’s press conference as he met with the “Reproductive Rights Taskforce”. It shows that President Biden is using the taxpayer to fund his pro-abortion political allies while using the Justice Department and the FBI to persecute and harass his political opponents.

Several of the activists were arrested on the day of the blockade, after reportedly successfully preventing abortions from taking place at the clinic for most of the day, but police reportedly released these activists later in the day after they posted bail for misdemeanor charges.

In a press release, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee announced that Chester Gallagher, 73, of Lebanon, Tennessee; Heather Idoni, 58, of Michigan; Calvin Zastrow, 57, of Michigan; Caroline Davis, 24, of Michigan; Coleman Boyd, 51, of Bolton, Mississippi; Dennis Green, 56, of Cumberland, Virginia; and Paul Vaughn, 55, of Centerville, Tennessee, are charged with “conspiracy against rights secured by the FACE Act, and committing FACE Act violations.”

According to a Live Action report, the event Gallagher and other pro-life advocates participated in was peaceful — so much so that they were released by local police on minor trespassing charges.

The event in March 2021 was reportedly peaceful, with participants lining the inside hallway of a shared general medical office building which, in one area, houses the Carafem abortion facility. The rescuers who were gathered that day prayed and sang, and the event was nonviolent. Some recorded the events on video. Several participants were arrested by local police that day and were later released after posting bail for misdemeanor trespass charges. (Read more here and here.)

Hurley said other individuals were “called by the FBI telling them they had arrest warrants and had to turn themselves in.” Those individuals were named by Hurley as Paul Place, Renee Davis, Dr. Coleman Boyd, Dennis Green, and Heather Idoni. One other individual is also believed to have been charged, but for now remains unidentified.

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With regard to Houck, there are concerns that Attorney General Merrick Garland is doing the investigations and ordering the FBI to raid pro-life advocates — weaponizing the agency so he can make political decisions to go after pro-life Americans.

Live Action’s report indicates that could be the case here.

“The FBI isn’t even performing the investigations,” said Hurley. “The DOJ is doing their own investigations and using the FBI as their arm of that organization… Normally the FBI does an investigation, and if they find someone guilty of federal crimes, they issue warrants.” Instead, he says, “the DOJ is… sending local branches of the FBI with arrest warrants to be their strong arm.”

Hurley notes that pro-life activists have recently been charged with FACE as well as conspiracy (to rob someone of a constitutional right), which could result in up to 10 years in prison. “This is a new tactic the DOJ has been thawing at pro-lifers to see if the charges stick,” he says.

With the help of pro-life attorneys during an appearance in federal court, Houck pleaded not guilty in Pennsylvania federal court to violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

Houck’s attorney, Peter Breen, said that the case already made its way through the state court process and was thrown out, but the Biden Department of Justice took up the matter nearly a year later as a form of “political prosecution.”

“If he was truly a danger to the community, they wouldn’t have waited a year to prosecute,” Breen, VP senior counsel of the Thomas Moore Society, said outside the courthouse. “Serious questions need to be asked of the Attorney General. What was he thinking? Why did they do this obscene show of force against a peaceful pillar of the community?”

“It put officers’ lives in danger. It put the Houck family in danger. And it was an utter waste of judicial resources and taxpayer resources,” Breen said.

As Fox News reports:

Breen said his team contacted the DOJ and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in June to inform them they had no case based on controlling precedent but if they decided to indict, defense would present Houck willingly in response to a summons. Breen said the next notice he received was that his client was in custody.

“This is a political prosecution,” Breen said. “And what’s clear from the Department of Justice at its highest levels which is directing this case that they are trying to send a message to pro-life and people of faith – ‘don’t mess with us.’ They want to intimidate — they want to cause good people like Mark to stop praying and counseling at the abortion clinics of our country. And that’s not going to happen.”

The U.S. government alleges that Houck assaulted and “forcefully shoved” Bruce Love, a 72-year-old volunteer at a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood.

Breen, however, categorized the abortion escort as “extremely aggressive,” saying Love was “harassing” Houck’s 12-year-old son before an “altercation ensued.”

“What in the world would possess the Department of Justice to send 20 or so heavily armed agents to this family’s home, violate the sanctity of that home, frighten the children and then drag their father away instead of allowing us to present him peacefully – which we had offered to do?” Breen said on Tuesday.

Fortunately, pro-life Americans have stepped up and are helping the Houck family in this battle:

More than 4,000 donations have been offered to Houck and his family, totaling $251,810 by Tuesday afternoon.

GiveSendGo, an alternative to GoFundMe, allows users to submit prayers, too. So far, more than 3,500 prayers have been offered to the family.

Pennsylvania pro-life activist Ashley Garecht and her husband Joe Garecht created the crowdfunding page. Notably, the couple’s daughters in 2019, then just 13 and 15 years old, were harassed by then-state Rep. Brian Sims (D) for several minutes as they prayed for unborn children outside a Pennsylvania abortion clinic.

Garecht told The Daily Wire over the weekend that Houck was protecting his son from an aggressive Planned Parenthood escort harassing the boy. She said the case was dismissed by a federal court in Philadelphia when the escort tried to press charges, but Biden’s DOJ picked it up anyway.

“Last year, Mark and his son were praying in front of the [Planned Parenthood] at 12th and Locust,” the GiveSendGo account says. “When one of the escorts began harassing Mark’s son they walked down the street away from the entrance to the building. The escort followed them, and when he continued yelling at Mark’s son, Mark pushed him away.”

The Garechts say the funds raised through the campaign “will go to help the family with any necessary expenses.”

“Your generosity is greatly appreciated,” the couple adds. “Let’s show the Houck family they are not alone, while we show Planned Parenthood and its militant pro-abortion allies that the pro-life community will not be silenced by fear and intimidation.”

Houck, a father of seven, is frequently seen sidewalk counseling in front of Philadelphia abortion businesses to help women choose pro-life alternatives.

In October 2021, Houck was involved in an incident outside a Philadelphia abortion business where a pro-abortion clinic escort had repeatedly bullied and intimidated his 12-year-old son who was with him to help sidewalk counsel and encourage women to choose pro-life alternatives. After multiple verbal assaults and the abortion activist getting into his son’s face, Houck pushed him away and he fell.

Houck, who regularly prays the rosary outside the clinic, maintains he was defending his 12-year-old son from the escort’s verbal harassment, a family spokesman, Brian Middleton, told CNA. The man fell when Houck pushed him away, Middleton said. The incident was so minor that charges were never pressed and a court ultimately dismissed a complaint the abortion activist filed.

Houck agreed months ago to turn himself in voluntarily.

In June 2022, Thomas More Society attorneys notified the Biden Department of Justice that the FACE Act does not cover one-on-one altercations like the one involving Houck, which was initiated by the abortion proponent who was harassing Houck’s son. The Department of Justice was also advised that if the decision was made to bring a charge against Houck despite lack of legal foundation, Houck would appear voluntarily.

“Rather than accepting Mark Houck’s offer to appear voluntarily, the Biden Department of Justice chose to make an unnecessary show of potentially deadly force, sending twenty heavily armed federal agents to the Houck residence at dawn this past Friday,” explained Breen. “In threatening form, after nearly breaking down the family’s front door, at least five agents pointed guns at Mark’s head and arrested him in front of his wife and seven young children, who were terrified that their husband and father would be shot dead before their eyes.”

“This case is being brought solely to intimidate people of faith and pro-life Americans,” stated Breen. “Mark Houck is innocent of these lawless charges, and we intend to prove that in court.”

The case has drawn condemnation from pro-life members of Congress like Senator Josh Hawley and Congressman Chip Roy.

If the DOJ pursue the charges, it will be going agaisnt court precedent. In June 2019, Thomas More Society attorneys won a case in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, establishing that a one-off altercation, like the one in which the Biden Department of Justice is levying two counts against Houck, cannot form the basis for a FACE claim.

As CNA reports, the incident at the abortion center was so minor that local charges were never filed.

When both the city police and the district attorney declined to file charges against Houck, the escort filed a private criminal complaint in Philadelphia municipal court, Middleton said. The case was dismissed in July when the man repeatedly didn’t show up in court, Middleton said.

Just days later, Houck received a “target letter” from the U.S. Attorney’s Office informing him that he was the focus of a federal criminal probe into the same incident, Middleton said.

Through his attorney at the time, Houck tried to contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office to discuss the case but never received a response, Middleton said.

“The next time they heard anything was Friday morning,” he said.

Biden’s Justice Department is now charging Houck with violating the FACE Act and Houck is now facing a maximum sentence of 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000 for merely defending his son from being attacked.

However, Houck never blocked access to the abortion center, which is what the law is designed to stop, and the incident was nothing more than a minor scuffle.

The Houck family is now panicked about what will happen to Mark from here. A GiveSendGo has been set up to help raise funds to support them and to assist with Mark’s legal defense.

Mark Houck was taken to “the federal building in downtown Philadelphia,” his wife told the outlet.

As a result of the incident, the children were “really sad and stressed,” Ryan-Marie said. “I don’t really know what’s going to come of it when you see guns pointed at your dad and your mom in your house when you first wake up in the morning.”


Source: Republicans Release 1,000 Page Memo Slamming FBI After It Raids Peaceful Pro-Lifers

Report documents ‘politicized bureaucracy’ of FBI and DOJ | WND

WND is now on Trump’s Truth Social! Follow us @WNDNews

A new report, released just days before the 2022 midterm elections, documents the “politicized bureaucracy” of the FBI and the

Department of Justice

, which are supposed to be nonpartisan in their investigations and prosecutions.

American voters have seen the evidence of that already, when the FBI colluded with Democrats to fabricate the now-debunked “Russiagate” conspiracy theory against President Trump.

That featured some key FBI personnel openly boasting to each other that they would not let Trump become president. Their fabrications even were used as evidence in court filings requesting permission to do additional spying on the Trump campaign, and they were so egregious that the court, when it discovered the deceptions, reversed some of those permissions.

Further, the FBI staged an armed SWAT-type raid on Trump’s home recently in what appears to be a dispute over custody of paperwork from his presidency.

Now Fox News has reported on, and posted online, a report from House Republicans that details whistleblower allegations about misconduct and more.


Federal Bureau of Investigation

, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken,” the report charges. “The problem lies not with the majority of front-line agents who serve our country, but with the FBI’s politicized bureaucracy.”

The authors from the House Judiciary Committee point out that the evidence undermines “the FBI’s fundamental law-enforcement mission.”

It has evidence from whistleblowers who say the FBI leadership in Washington is “rotted at its core” and there is “rampant corruption, manipulation and abuse.”

It describes multiple situations of “political bias against conservatives,” Fox explained.

Some of the evidence already was known, such as that the FBI is “artificially inflating statistics about domestic violence extremism to fit the White House narrative on supposed dangers to democracy or that counterterrorism authorities were instructed to investigate parents who spoke out at school board meetings,” the report explained.

The agendas now are being directed by Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI chief Christopher Wray, who lead the government operations.

The evidence also indicates the FBI actively is trying to “purge” employees who are conservative as well as those who disagree with the managers’ “woke” agenda of diversity and “equity” ideas.

One episode, the report says, involves an agent who was told “child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority…”

The problems previously had been revealed by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who have sought from the agencies answers to the whistleblower complaints.

The report calls for results: “Americans deserve to have confidence that the enormous power and reach of federal law enforcement will be used fairly and free of any indication of politicization. The FBI has the power, quite literally, to ruin a person’s life — to invade their residence, to take their property, and even to deprive them of their liberty.

“The potential abuse of this power, or even the appearance of abuse, erodes the fundamental principle of equality under the law and confidence in the rule of law.”

The Daily Mail noted the 1,000-plus page document also charges that the government operations deliberately downplayed “serious allegations of wrongdoing” by Hunter Biden.

It’s now been documented that the FBI lobbied Big Tech in 2020 to suppress accurate, but very damaging, reporting on a laptop that had been abandoned by Joe Biden’s son, to the point that analysts concluded those actions changed the winner of the election from President Trump to Joe Biden. Various reports also have suggested that Joe Biden was involved in his son’s various international business dealings.

The Daily Mail reported, “It details Republican Senator Chuck Grassley’s revelation that agent Tim Thibault as part of a ”scheme’ to discredit derogatory’ information on President Joe Biden’s son, and caused allegations from the laptop to be ‘falsely’ labelled as ‘disinformation’.”

Among the charges are that the FBI leadership is “abusing its law-enforcement authority for political reasons,” “the FBI artificially inflating and manipulating domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes,” it’s “downplaying and reducing the spread of the serious allegations of wrongdoing leveled against Hunter Biden,” it has targeted parents, it stalked a Republican member of Congress on a family vacation and seized his cellphone, and more.

It also, under Biden’s political pro-abortion agenda, is “continuing to allow attacks on pro-life facilities and churches to go unabated, while pushing an anti-life agenda.”

Source: Report documents ‘politicized bureaucracy’ of FBI and DOJ

Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation

Article Image
 • The Intercept

The Department of Homeland Security is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous, an investigation by The Intercept has found. Years of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents — obtained via leaks and an ongoing lawsuit, as well as public documents — illustrate an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.

The work, much of which remains unknown to the American public, came into clearer view earlier this year when DHS announced a new “Disinformation Governance Board”: a panel designed to police misinformation (false information spread unintentionally), disinformation (false information spread intentionally), and malinformation (factual information shared, typically out of context, with harmful intent) that allegedly threatens U.S. interests. While the board was widely ridiculed, immediately scaled back, and then shut down within a few months, other initiatives are underway as DHS pivots to monitoring social media now that its original mandate — the war on terror — has been wound down.

Plague of Medical Corruption – Dr. Judy Mikovits

Article Image
 • Rumble – Pandemic Dilemmas

Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits are the new dynamic duo fighting corruption in science. Ben Garrison, America’s #1 political satirist

Dr. Judy Mikovits is a modern-day Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant researcher shaking up the old boys&; club of science with her groundbreaking discoveries. And like many women who have trespassed into the world of men, she uncovered decades-old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried.

From her doctoral thesis, which changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, saving the lives of millions, including basketball great Magic Johnson, to her spectacular discovery of a new family of human retroviruses, and her latest research which points to a new golden age of health, Dr. Mikovits has always been on the leading edge of science.

With the brilliant wit one might expect if Erin Brockovich had a doctorate in molecular biology, Dr. Mikovits has seen the best and worst of science. When she was part of the research community that turned HIV-AIDS from a fatal disease into a manageable one, she saw science at its best. But when her investigations questioned whether the use of animal tissue in medical research were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases, such as autism and chronic fatigue syndrome, she saw science at its worst. If her suspicions are correct, we are looking at a complete realignment of scientific practices, including how we study and treat human disease.

Recounting her nearly four decades in science, including her collaboration of more than thirty-five years with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, one of the founders of the field of human retrovirology, this is a behind the scenes look at the issues and egos which will determine the future health of humanity.

Plaque of Corruption Book: https://www.amazon.com.au/Plague-Corruption-Restoring-Promise-Science/dp/1510752242

Plaque of Corruption – AudioBook: https://www.audible.com.au/pd/Plague-of-Corruption-Audiobook/1645552349?source_code=M2MOR1341126180055&ipRedirectOverride=true&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnvOaBhDTARIsAJf8eVM1IzkxKvrngF_fWc_AMWoLKM-c2vd4YzD6RSkTKdgLjok3MUy50JQaAuJfEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

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The most recent monster raised by the legacy media is so-called Christian Nationalism. It’s never very well defined, but at the end of the day, the media and the Left use this specter to marginalize Christians and make sure they stay out of the political process.

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CBN NewsWatch AM: November 4, 2022


Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: November 4, 2022