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The Unrivaled Eloquence of JESUS – Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon Sermon | Christian Sermons and Audio Books

18 Then he said, “Take the arrows,” and the king took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.” He struck it three times and stopped. 19 The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.” (2 Kings 13:18-19)

The Unrivaled Eloquence of JESUS – Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon Sermon

Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon (June 19, 1834 January 31, 1892) was a British Reformed Baptist preacher who remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations, among whom he is still known as the “Prince of Preachers.” In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to around 10,000,000 people, often up to 10 times a week at different places. His sermons have been translated into many languages. Spurgeon was the pastor of the New Park Street Chapel in London for 38 years. In 1857, he started a charity organization called Spurgeon’s which now works globally. He also founded Spurgeon’s College, which was named after him after his death.

Spurgeon was a prolific author of many types of works including sermons, an autobiography, a commentary, books on prayer, a devotional, a magazine, and more. Many sermons were transcribed as he spoke and were translated into many languages during his lifetime. Arguably, no other author, Christian or otherwise, has more material in print than C.H. Spurgeon.

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Source: The Unrivaled Eloquence of JESUS – Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon Sermon

Affectionate Christianity: Rejoice in the Lord with Steven Lawson | Ligonier Ministries

The Apostle Paul was not only a profound teacher and gifted theologian but also a man filled with love for the people he ministered to. In this message, Steven Lawson unpacks the four-part greeting that Paul includes at the end of Phillippians 4, revealing the pastoral heart of this warm address.

Source: Affectionate Christianity: Rejoice in the Lord with Steven Lawson

Peace Whatever Exposure — VCY America

I will make them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep in the woods.Ezekiel 34:25

It is the height of grace that Jehovah should be in covenant with man, a feeble, sinful, and dying creature. Yet the Lord has solemnly entered into a faithful compact with us, and from that covenant He will never turn aside. In virtue of this covenant we are safe. As lions and wolves are driven off by shepherds, so shall all noxious influences be chased away. The Lord will give us rest from disturbers and destroyers; the evil beasts shall cease out of the land. O Lord, make this Thy promise good even now!

The Lord’s people are to enjoy security in places of the greatest exposure: wilderness and woods are to be as pastures and folds to the flock of Christ. If the Lord does not change the place for the better, He will make us the better in the place. The wilderness is not a place to dwell in, but the Lord can make it so; in the woods one feels hound to watch rather than to sleep, and yet the Lord giveth His beloved sleep even there. Nothing without or within should cause any fear to the child of God. By faith the wilderness can become the suburbs of heaven and the woods the vestibule of glory.

Peace Whatever Exposure — VCY America

Reacting to Change — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Be angry, and do not sin. Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still.”  Psalm 4:4

Change. Sometimes you see it coming. Other times it is unexpected.

I’m experiencing change in a couple of different areas right now—one I’ve been preparing for. The other was sudden. Both will take some getting used to.

The sudden change has caused a range of emotions, but the one I’m not feeling is anger. I guess I could be angry. I could hold a grudge. But, it wouldn’t help the situation. And, I’m really not feeling angry, so why fabricate it?

I’ve been thinking about anger, though, because of some of the opinions expressed to me.

If I were you....”

You should….”

They were negative suggestions that could fuel the fire of anger, if there was a spark. But I didn’t accept the match. Instead, I just moved away.

I won’t wear someone else’s anger. If that’s the load someone chooses to carry, that’s their choice. But, when it’s forcefully shared with me, I don’t have to accept it. (I’ve learned that over the years.)

Reactions say a lot about us to other people. Some reactions touched my heart. Others made me want to run in the opposite direction. I don’t know what my reactions said, but I hope they were an example of optimism in this unanticipated change.

I hope my reaction to change reflects Christ, no matter how easy or difficult the next steps may be. When I say “I trust God,” I hope people see that I really do.

Anger is a normal human emotion, but it can be consuming, and it can blind us to the positive possibilities God can bring about through change.

I don’t want to miss those new opportunities. Do you?

By Laura Rath
Used by Permission

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Reacting to Change — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Thankful for the Unexpected — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Trust in the Lord’s Providence!

Our daughter alerted us a few weeks in advance whenever she needed us to watch her pups. Since we did not hear from her, my wife and I booked a room for the long 4th of July weekend.

On the night before our out-of-town trip, we received a phone call. “Dad, I need a favor,” said my daughter. “Can you watch the pups over the weekend?” She described the emergency at her house; we cancelled our long-weekend plans.

A blessing in disguise, as the old saying goes, when we received the phone call from her that evening. As it turned out, the news reported the following morning that a brush fire had erupted at the resort we planned to visit. Deaths reported. Authorities ordered visitors to turn back. Those who drove up a day earlier became stranded because of the many road closures.

We enjoyed our time with the pups over the 4th of July weekend. And we were certainly grateful that God stepped in and juggled our weekend plans.

In 1 Thessalonians 5, Paul calls us to offer grateful thanks to our heavenly Father in all things, for he knows this is the will of God concerning each of us. In other words, trust the Lord’s providence. The unforeseen changes to our plans often reveal the work of the Lord. He works this way sometimes.

With trust and faith, we will come to praise him for putting up those barriers. He sees what we cannot see—the threatening tinder fires ahead. God closes roads for justified reasons and will never reopen them a moment too soon.

Lord, help me to trust in your providence when unforeseen circumstances force me to change plans. And give me the strength to resist the temptation to push headlong when you signal roads closed ahead. Amen.

God often disrupts our plans and, sometimes, he allows us to see why. Have you recently given thanks to the Lord for the unexpected?

By Doug Lim
Used by Permission

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Thankful for the Unexpected — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

5 Nov 2022 News Briefing

Two hurricanes roam Atlantic in November for only third time on record
The calendar may say November, but the tropical Atlantic is busier than it was at any point during August. Two hurricanes — Lisa and Martin — have developed and a third system is organizing, bringing an abrupt flurry of activity to a season that would ordinarily be almost over by now.

Leftist Narrative Crumbles as Pelosi Attack Suspect’s Ex-Partner Reveals His Political Beliefs
a Democratic state senator who once suggested mandatory drag shows for children admitted he knew of the alleged Pelosi attacker. California Sen. Scott Weiner said of DePape … “He was associated with the public nudity folks in the Castro,” Weiner explained, referring to San Francisco’s famed Castro district, a hub of LGBT activism and community for decades.

North Korea launches 180 warplane flights; South Korea scrambles 80 jets including F-35s
Dozens of South Korean warplanes were scrambled Friday after the country detected about 180 military flights over North Korea, the latest in a rapid series of escalations this week as the U.S. and South Korean militaries conduct large joint exercises condemned by the North.

Something Has Snapped: Unexplained 2.3 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report
there is only so much the Department of Labor can hide under the rug because when looking at the abovementioned gap between the Household and Establishment surveys which we have been pounding the table on since the summer, it just blew out by a whopping 589K, the most since June’s 608K, as a result of the 261K increase in the number of nonfarm payrolls (tracked by the Household survey) offset by a perplexing plunge in the number of people actually employed which tumbled by 328K (tracked by Establishment survey).

NBC Quietly Removes Report Claiming Paul Pelosi Walked Away From Police, “Did Not Immediately Declare” Emergency
“After a ‘knock and announce,’ the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year-old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” reports NBC. Instead, Pelosi “began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.” What’s more, Pelosi and attacker David DePape were reportedly alone for 30 minutes.

This Great Victory In Israel Should Be A Lesson For The Church
It is without doubt that God moved as people prayed. However, He didn’t just reach down and change votes. He worked through the people, as the citizens of Israel went out and voted. In recent elections, the voter turnout was woefully low. People would say how much they loved Netanyahu, but when election day came – a public holiday in Israel – rather than going to the voting booth they would go to the beach. Tuesday was different. Voter turnout reached 71.3%, which is the highest since 2015.

US officials: Iran seeking Russia’s help to bolster nuclear program
The intelligence suggests that Iran has been asking Russia for help acquiring additional nuclear materials and with nuclear fuel fabrication, sources briefed on the matter told CNN. The fuel could help Iran power its nuclear reactors and could potentially further shorten Iran’s so-called “breakout time” to create a nuclear weapon.

White House clarifies Biden’s ‘we’re going to free Iran’ remark
Joe Biden made late on Thursday at a rally during which he said that “we’re going to free Iran.”A White House spokesperson explained on Friday that the president did not mean for the comment to be taken literally but was instead “expressing solidarity” with the country’s protest movement,

Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities
there was a negotiation between Iran and world powers, which has in essence ended. If this negotiation does not end in an agreement and the US does not act independently, which is what I believe will happen, Prime Minister Netanyahu will work, in my estimation, to destroy the nuclear facilities in Iran,” Hanegbi clarified. “If he does not do this, Israel will face an existential threat.”

International congratulations start coming in for Netanyahu
“Congratulations to Netanyahu on winning the elections,” Zelensky tweeted. “It’s always important to see real democracy in action. Ukraine and Israel share common values challenges that now require effective cooperation.”

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket launches
“Hamas bears responsibility for what is happening in the Gaza Strip – and it is [Hamas] that will pay the price for the security violations against the State of Israel,” the IDF added.

Netanyahu says future Israeli gov’t won’t violate LGBTQ+ rights – report
Avi Maoz, a likely member of Israel’s future government, voiced his desire to “outlaw the Pride Parade – first in Jerusalem, then in Tel Aviv.”

With Overwhelming Victory, Netanyahu Set to Form Strong, Stable, Legitimate, Right-Wing Gov’t
With 87.6 percent of the paper ballots counted, Netanyahu’s bloc is likely to surge to as many as 65 seats in the 120-member Knesset. The number represents a stable parliamentary majority. By contrast, Israel’s left-wing collapsed to barely 45 seats—a massive 20-seat gap between the right-wing and left-wing blocs.

Rocket sirens blare in communities near Gaza
Rocket alerts blared around 9 p.m. Thursday in three kibbutzim situated near Gaza: Kissufim, Ein Hashlosha and Nirim. Three rockets launched fell short and landed in the Gaza Strip and were the first since “Operation Breaking Dawn” on August 5-7, when terrorists fired approximately 1,100 rockets towards Israel.

Strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits the Gulf of California 
A strong and shallow earthquake, registered by the USGS as M6.2, hit the Gulf of California at 10:02 UTC on November 4, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 30 km (18.6 miles).

Mysterious ribbon of blue light appears over Sweden 
A mysterious ribbon of blue light appeared over Abisko, Sweden during a G1 – Minor geomagnetic storm on November 3, 2022.

Germany’s Foreign Office Ordered Removal of 482-Year-Old Cross in Münster Before Godless G7 Meetings
482-year-old Münster Cross was removed for G7 meetings. The Foreign Ministry of Germany removed the ancient cross in Münster Hall for the recent G7 meetings. The Peace of Westphalia was signed in Munster in 1648. The Western elites no longer wish to be reminded of their Christian faith or history.

EMA finally admits COVID Vaccination can have an Adverse Effect on Female Fertility 
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has finally admitted that Covid-19 vaccination can have an adverse effect on female fertility.

Rumble Says “No” to French Government Censorship
…Apparently, the French government demanded that Rumble remove content the government does not support. Rumble said no.

Thomas Sowell: Global Warming Is a Classic Example of The Need for Crusades 
During a 2009 interview with host of Uncommon Knowledge Peter Robinson, Thomas Sowell argued that public demand for intellectuals is largely manufactured by intellectuals themselves. He said intellectuals make alarming predictions using causes like global warming to create a need for their services.

Something Has Snapped: Unexplained 2.3 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report
A simplistic, superficial take of today’s jobs report would conclude that the red hot jump in nonfarm payrolls indicates a “strong hiring market” (just ignore the jump in the unemployment rate). Nothing could be further from the truth.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Turns Against Israel By Refusing To Follow Through On His Previous Pledge To Move The British Embassy To Jerusalem
Back after World War I, England lost their status as a world superpower by betraying the Jews in what is known as the Balfour Declaration. In a nutshell, they promised to create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, and reneged on their promise. Just this week, newly-elected Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who had promised to move the British embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, showing recognition for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reversed course and now has refused to do it. Why? Because Rishi Sunak does not believe that Jerusalem is part of Israel, regardless of any previous statements he may have made.

WATCH This World Economic Forum ‘Spiritual Leader’ Explain Exactly Why Society Should ‘Consciously’ Choose To Depopulate: ‘What Is This Compulsion About Having A Child?’
Why haven’t the scientists who are admittedly creating lethal strains of Covid in labs been arrested and held accountable? Reducing the global population by billions is fundamental to achieving the WEF’s Great Reset agenda.

On Sunday November 13th, Get Ready For The Chrislam ‘Climate Repentance Ceremony’ On Mount Sinai In Egypt As The United Nations Holds COP27
Chrislam has positioned itself to be the driving religious force of our day, combined leaders from all the world’s religions under the banner of the Vatican, and it is everywhere you look. Chrislam is the basis on which the Abraham Accords were created, brought to life by the same person who sold Pope Francis’ Declaration of Human Fraternity to the Muslim world back in 2019. Now at the UN COP27 climate conference in Sinai, Egypt later this month, Chrislam will again take center stage as interfaith leaders unveil their ‘Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commandments’ and repent of their climate sins to Mother Earth.

Saudi Arabia Reiterates Commitment To China, Regardless Of U.S. Concerns
Apparently confirming the view of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) that the U.S. is now regarded as just another one of its partners in a new global order that would see Beijing and its allies share the leadership position with Washington, Saudi Arabia last week reiterated its commitment to China as its “most reliable partner and supplier of crude oil,” along with broader assurances of its ongoing support in several other areas.

LGBTQ © Police State: ‘Trans Buddies’ Now Assigned to Monitor Doctors for Transphobia
Big Non-Binary Brother is watching. Respecting The Science©, as we are trained to do, obviously requires that we place LGBTQ+++© Gestapo in every doctor’s office in America. Their job is to make sure bigoted doctors don’t slip up and practice medicine based on biological reality, because biology is transphobic, as is reality.

Biological war imminent? Russia identifies unmanned aerial vehicles over Ukrainian port city of Kherson equipped with containers capable of spraying BIOAGENTS 
Evidence has emerged to suggest that U.S.-NATO-led bioweapons operations are, in fact, taking place in and around Ukraine, and that Russia’s efforts there aim to dismantle this biological threat to the world.

BOMBSHELLS: Bioweaponized aerial drone patent uncovered; toxic venom peptides scientifically CONFIRMED in the blood and feces of covid victims
Dozens of venom peptides have been identified and confirmed in the bodies of covid victims. Analysis was conducted via HPLC with mass spec molecular mass and ion fragmentation confirmation, published in a science journal and indexed by PubMed.

Polio Vaccines Are Ineffective and Hundreds of Thousands of Children Have Been Paralysed due to Bill Gates’ Vaccination Program
Almost everyone is frightened of polio because we see pictures of children in wheelchairs or walking around with crutches and braces. This is the fear tactic the pharmaceutical industry uses to entice you into getting the shot. So, what happens is, millions of parents fall for it and their children are rushed off to get their “insurance” against polio.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/11/05/5-nov-2022/

Headlines – 11/5/2022

‘The Israel We Knew Is Gone’: NYT’s Friedman mourns Netanyahu return, far-right rise

Report: Biden to place congratulatory call to Netanyahu in coming days

Blinken calls outgoing PM Lapid to thank him, warn of spiraling West Bank violence

38 House Republicans Send Letter Questioning Biden Administration Aid to Palestinians

Ra’am chief Abbas warns allowing Jewish prayer on Temple Mount ‘will lead to war’

Netanyahu ally: I believe he’ll strike in Iran if nuclear talks fail, US doesn’t act

Report: Iran requested assistance from Russia for its nuclear program

Iran stages rallies to mark 1979 US Embassy takeover amid nationwide protests

Biden Says ‘We’re Gonna Free Iran’ As Protests There Go On

Iran president mocks Biden for pledge to ‘free’ Iran

Iranian Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Says U.S. ‘Defeated’ by Iran, Promises ‘Death’ to America

Imran Khan’s Party Holds Nationwide Protests After Assassination Attempt

Sanctions Fail to Halt North Korea’s Accelerating Weapons Programs

Rival Koreas scramble warplanes in extension of tensions

China’s Xi Warns Putin Not to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

Rep. Scott Perry: Americans Need to Know if U.S. Is Leading a ‘Proxy War’ Against Russia

Medvedev: Russia waging sacred battle against ‘Satan’ and ‘Nazi drug addicts’

Ukrainian head of Defense Ministry claims Putin has 3 body doubles

Postage stamp celebrating Crimea bridge blast hot seller in Kiev

Ukraine suffered a comms outage when 1,300 SpaceX satellite units went offline over funding issues

U.S. Announces $400 Million In New Military Aid For Ukraine

Netanyahu May Shift Israeli Policy on Arms Supplies to Ukraine, Says Kyiv’s Ambassador in Tel Aviv

Russia said to threaten retaliation if Israel supplies defense aid to Ukraine

‘One hand washes the other’: grain deal shines light on Erdogan’s ties to Putin

G7 takes aim at chief adversaries and urges peace from UN leaders Russia, China

Pope warns global divisions leading to ‘precipice’

Christians call for political, theological unity ahead of midterm elections at ‘National Prayer Altar’

House Majority Whip: US ‘on track to repeat’ Nazi Germany, pointing blame at far-right extremism, downplays inflation ahead of midterms

Rob Reiner: GOP Willing to ‘Literally Kill’ to Get Power – This Could Be Our Last Election

“I Am Going to Kill Him” and “Skin Him Alive” – Young Leftist Arrested After Leaving Threatening Voicemails for GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Media Silent: Shots Fired At Home Where Republican Candidate’s Children Were Sleeping

A wide majority of Americans are concerned about politically motivated violence

‘I’m not suicidal’: Kari Lake reacts to Hillary jab with ‘Clinton Body Count’ joke

Kari Lake’s Election Denial in Arizona Looms Large for 2024 Race

Election integrity will be a driving issue in Arizona contests: GOP candidate

Hillary Clinton laments GOP ‘election deniers’ in CNN interview, despite past stolen election claims

Law enforcement ratchets up presence in voting process as some sheriffs push election conspiracy theories

Trump said weighing announcing 2024 re-election bid on November 14

DOJ mulling potential special counsel if Trump runs in 2024

Trump legal peril: Blows past Jan. 6 subpoena as DOJ eyes special counsel

1/6 Panel Presses Trump to Produce Documents by Next Week

Congress’ grab for Trump tax returns previews new era of weaponized IRS

House Republicans release 1,000-page report alleging politicization in the FBI, DOJ

Trump friend found not guilty of lying to FBI, illegal foreign lobbying

Trump ally Kash Patel says ‘compelled’ to give federal grand jury testimony, denies ‘immunity’ deal

China: Joe Biden’s ‘Extreme MAGA’ Speech Proves He Has ‘No Courage’ to Face His ‘Slew of Fiascos’

Biden: Republicans Will Impeach Me If They Win

Democratic leaders held secret meeting to discuss Pelosi’s successor: report

Jimmy Kimmel Threatened To Quit If ABC Forbid Trump Jokes – Joke Is On Jimmy As It Cost Him Half His Audience

Jimmy Kimmel Admits to Losing ‘Half of My Fans – Maybe More than That’ Due to Constant Trump Hating

MSNBC Fires Host Tiffany Cross after Offensive Comments on Florida

Toxic Racist MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross Fired for Promoting Genocide Against White People

Nike suspends ties with NBA star Kyrie Irving: ‘We condemn any form of antisemitism’

‘Need to be consequences’: Israeli Deni Avdija backs suspension of Kyrie Irving

As antisemitism spikes after Elon Musk takeover, ADL calls for Twitter ad boycott

United Airlines joins Pfizer, Audi in move to suspend Twitter ads amid Musk takeover

Elon Musk says activist groups ‘trying to destroy free speech in America’ by pressuring advertisers to leave Twitter

Biden says Musk bought platform that ‘spews lies all across the world’

Elon Musk says Twitter has seen ‘massive drop’ in revenue, blames ‘activist groups’

Twitter may have lost 1 million users since Elon Musk’s takeover

Elon Musk Explains Why Laying Off Employees Was Necessary: “There is No Choice When the Company is Losing Over $4M/day”

Elon Musk triggers Twitter chaos with mass firings worldwide

Twitter’s content ‘curation’ team’ axed amid mass layoffs

Twitter Sued by Employees for Mass Layoffs Without Enough Notice

Arizona GOP AG nominee says Big Tech firms working with government makes them ‘agents of the state’

Big Tech’s Paid Advocates Redirect Antitrust Efforts Against Smaller Companies

DHS Censorship Lead Believes Big Tech Has ‘Moral Obligation’ To Suppress Populism, Advised Group Working With DNC To Censor Conservatives.

Top Republican Congressman says Democrats claim to have monopoly on truth and people see through it

Report: Brazil Court Shuts Down Pro-Bolsonaro Whatsapp, Telegram Chats to Contain Protests

Brazil: Peaceful Protests Attract Tens of Thousands Rejecting Corrupt Socialist President-Elect

Brazil: Driver Rams Through Pro-Bolsonaro Protesters, Hitting 10-Year-Old

Govt dismisses blackout fears after Brazil power outages

NYC sky fills with advertising drones

Blood moon lunar eclipse expected on election day, last one for three years

6.1 magnitude quake strikes in Gulf of California

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near La Libertad, El Salvador

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits the Fiji region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Fiji region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Iquique, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pulau-Pulau Talaud, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Constitucion, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tobelo, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 14,000ft

Tropical Depression Lisa slows in the Bay of Campeche

At least 1 dead as tornadoes tear through Oklahoma, Arkansas and northeast Texas

High wind warning issued for Portland area, NW Oregon, as ‘extreme’ rain continues into weekend

Hundreds of elephants, zebras die as Kenya weathers drought

New Delhi to shut schools as toxic smog chokes India’s capital

Activists call for protests during COP27 climate conference in Egypt

A showdown over climate reparations is brewing – and it will determine the success of the COP27 summit

China says US must ‘take responsibility’ for breakdown in climate ties

Biden Announces He’s Going to Shut Coal Plants Down Across America During Major Energy Crisis, Says General Motors Committed to Going “All Electric by 3035”

Biden says EVs can be used to power homes during storms. While the technology does exist in a limited capacity, the cost is prohibitively high for the vast majority of Americans.

DeSantis sounds alarm over Chinese purchase of Florida land for primate breeding facility

Watch This World Economic Forum ‘Spiritual Leader’ Explain Exactly Why Society Should ‘Consciously’ Choose To Depopulate: ‘What Is This Compulsion About Having A Child?’

Border Patrol union tells ACLU ‘go to hell’ after agents attacked, injured by illegal migrants

Biden pitches banning assault weapons at Dem fundraiser: ‘I don’t know many deer wearing Kevlar vests’

School ‘swatting’ incidents spread across US

FBI says threat to New Jersey synagogues ‘mitigated’ after suspect nabbed

As Murders Soar, FBI Buries the Data

Hillary Clinton Claims States with Highest Crime Levels are Run by Republicans

NBC deletes report on Pelosi attack that contradicted sworn FBI, district attorney affidavits

NBC News pulls report claiming Paul Pelosi didn’t indicate ’emergency’ to cops

Keaira Bennefield, Allegedly Murdered by Convict Freed Without Bail, Becomes Face of Kathy Hochul’s New York

New Yorker’s plea to Democrats goes viral after a woman is raped in front of his art gallery: ‘Vote Republican … We urgently and desperately need change.’

Lifelong NYC Democrat Says ‘We Just Want Change,’ After Police Say Suspect in Jogger Rape Case Had 25 Prior Arrests

Commentary: After arguing gender is a construct, Democrats now want us to care that Hochul is a woman

NBC Claims Voter ID Laws ‘Disproportionately’ Impact Transgender People

Doughnut shop hit with a molotov cocktail after drag-queen art show

Newly ascendant anti-LGBT MK says he will seek to ban Jerusalem Pride Parade

Slapping down far-right partners, Netanyahu vows no change to LGBT status quo in Israel

Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs’ Husband Is A Child Therapist Who Specializes In Gender Transitions For Children – “We Cannot Let This Monster Anywhere Near The Governor’s Office” – Kari Lake

Poll: Large Majority of American Voters Say They Will Not Vote for Candidates Supporting Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Florida medical boards vote to ban youth gender transition procedures

Priest Stands by Viral Homily Against Abortion, Transgenderism Despite His Bishop Siding with Cancel Mob

Pro-life community stunned by NPR audio of woman getting an abortion: ‘Horrifying and inappropriate’

Death in US gene therapy study sparks search for answers

Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fraudulent

Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates

Brief: Pentagon Vaccine Mandate Provides No Evidence of ‘Long-Term Efficacy’

Some Universities Require Bivalent COVID Booster

Republicans’ chief House investigator vows to take on bureaucracy, starting with vaccine royalties

Doctors sue California for COVID ‘misinformation’ law that enforces amorphous ‘consensus’

Commentary: The Left Were the Mad Scientists, Americans Were Their Lab Rats

COVID reckoning? Lockdown lefties struggle in governor’s races as reopen righties take big leads

Chinese Leaders Admit to ‘Overly Strict’ Lockdowns, but Xi Does Not Budge

Countries That Pursued ‘Zero-COVID’ Lockdowns Have The Least Immunity From The Virus, Report Finds

U.S. flu hospitalizations highest in 10 years, officials say

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Week in Review · Oct. 31 – Nov. 5, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.



Democrats have set some amazing records since Joe Biden took office!

Fake News Falsely Pins Pelosi Attack on the Right

There are many unanswered questions surrounding the attack, but that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

Biden Says ‘Democracy Is at Risk’ Under Biden

Here we go again with another lecture about how voting for Republicans undermines voting itself.

A Pandemic Amnesty?

The appeal for amnesty is all because a significant number of suburban women are shifting toward Republicans for the midterms.

Circling the Wagons Over Bidenflation

Leftmedia outlets are busy rewriting Joe Biden’s record and warning about dangerous Republican plans.

Voters, Not Republican ‘Conspiracies,’ Make Crime a Top Issue

Thanks to Dems’ racist anti-police rhetoric, crime is up all over the country. Voters noticed.

10,000 Babies’ Lives Have Been Saved

The vital work of a post-Roe America is already making a huge impact.

Suburban White Women to Dems: See Ya

While liberal elites keep harping on abortion, this key voter bloc clearly prioritizes other issues.

The Same Old BIG Lie About Social Security

Obama, Clinton, and Biden all repeat the worn-out false claims about Republicans wanting to take away seniors’ programs.

The Southern Border Body Count

The unconscionably high human cost of open borders is breaking morbid records.

DHS Colluded With Facebook, Twitter to Fight ‘Disinformation’

Thanks to leaked documents, we’re now able to see the lengths to which Team Biden will go to censor inconvenient speech.

Screen Time: The Stealthy Destroyer

Depression, obesity, an unhealthy diet, and decreased physical abilities are just some of the awful things that await our kids when we fail to restrict their screen time.

A TikTok-ing Time Bomb

The social media app TikTok is Chinese spyware that’s giving aid to the enemy.

Woke Corporations: How the Mob Did It


It’s long past time to treat the sickness of woke capitalism, which has spread unchecked across corporate America.

New Report Supports COVID Lab Leak Theory

A recently released report from GOP senators provides more evidence that COVID originated in a Wuhan lab.

The End of Racial Discrimination?

A conservative Supreme Court hears opening arguments today on a pair of high-profile cases involving racial discrimination in college admissions.

God Save Standard Time

Yet another horrendous biannual time change is upon us. For the love of all that is holy, make it stop.

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The BIG Lies

“The great irony about the 2020 election is it’s the most attacked election in our history. And yet — and yet, there is no election in our history that we can be more certain of its results.” —Joe Biden

“Extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections but elections being held now and into the future. The extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party… is trying to succeed where they failed in 2020 to suppress the rights of voters and subvert the electoral system itself. That means denying your right to vote and deciding whether your vote even counts.” —Joe Biden

“[Insulin] was invented by a man who did not patent it because he wanted it available for everyone. I spoke to him, okay?” —Joe Biden (“Dr. Frederick Banting died nearly two years before the president was born.” —Virginia Kruta)

“Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq… excuse me, the war in Ukraine. I’m thinking about Iraq because that’s where my son died.” —Joe Biden

“Republicans have made it clear — and they’ve said it out loud on the floor — if they win control of the Congress, they’re going to shut down the government, refuse to pay America’s bills — and really put us in a serious recession; put us in default — unless we yield to their demands to cut Social Security and Medicare. They’re so determined to cut Social Security and Medicare, they’re willing to take down the American economy over it.” —Joe Biden

“[Republicans] want to gut Social Security, then Medicare, and then give some more tax breaks to the wealthy.” —Barack Obama

“Republicans in the House and others like the chair of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee are on record saying that they are going to put Social Security and Medicare up for a vote.” —Hillary Clinton

“Seniors are getting the biggest increase in their Social Security checks in 10 years through President Biden’s leadership.” —The White House in a now-deleted and fact-checked tweet

“Inflation is not going up due to government policies. Inflation is going up due to Wall Street decisions.” —Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“[Republicans] are master manipulators. They have this conspiracy going all across America to try and convince people that in Democratic states, they’re not as safe. Well guess what? They’re also not only election deniers, they’re data deniers.” —New York Governor Kathy Hochul

“Crime is not on the rise. It’s actually going down under Joe Biden.” —”The View” co-host Joy Behar

“The states with the highest crime levels are states run by Republicans. That’s just a fact.” —Hillary Clinton


“The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.” —Hillary Clinton

“The Republicans are pretty simple actually, and pretty straightforward. They say, ‘I want you to be very miserable, and I want you to be very angry. And I want you to vote for us, and we’ll make it worse, but we’ll blame them.'” —Bill Clinton

Yellow Journalism

“Pelosi attacker carried zip ties, in Jan. 6 echo.” —Associated Press

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Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fraudulent | Christian Research Network

“The Finnish report further substantiates the complaints of statistical analysts and public health experts that there was a failure to differentiate between deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid during the pandemic.” 

(Kyle Becker – Trending Politics) Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world committed fraud in their Covid deaths reporting during the pandemic.

The blockbuster report sheds light on how public health agencies around the world overhyped ‘Covid-related deaths’ in order to drive mass hysteria.

According to Sirkka Goebeler, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Covid-19 has not been the actual cause of death in up to 40 percent of fatalities attributed to the illness in Finland. As a result, they will not end up in Statistics Finland’s official data as coronavirus deaths. View article →

Source: Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fraudulent

Media identifies major beneficiary of Ukraine crisis | RT World News

US defense contractors reportedly stand to gain the most from $230 billion in new defense-spending commitments by EU nations

Media identifies major beneficiary of Ukraine crisis

Yahoo News has identified a major beneficiary of the Russia-Ukraine slugfest: the US military industrial complex, which is reaping a windfall even as the bloody conflict causes economic havoc, energy shortages and a looming food crisis around the world.

As the media outlet reported on Saturday, EU nations have committed to about $230 billion in new weapons purchases since the Russian military offensive against Kiev started in February. US defense contractors are poised to land the lion’s share of those orders, given their dominance as suppliers to European militaries, Yahoo added.

Many European nations turn to US arms makers for more than half of all their weapons purchases. Yahoo cited data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) to show examples of US dominance in European arsenals. For instance, US-made arms accounted for 95% of the weapons purchases by the Netherlands from 2017 to 2021. The ratios were 83% US weaponry for Norway, 77% for the UK, and 72% for Italy.

Read more

FILE PHOTO: Ukrainian servicemen firing a FGM-148 Javelin, a US anti-tank missile.
Raytheon making a killing on Ukraine weapons

European weapons imports jumped 19% during the five-year period as then-President Donald Trump prodded his NATO allies to meet their obligations for defense spending. The Ukraine crisis is set to create an even bigger windfall, as President Joe Biden leads an international campaign to flood Ukraine with weapons and the conflict triggers accelerated steps by European nations to bolster their own defenses.

“This is certainly the biggest increase in defense spending in Europe since the end of the Cold War,” Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Center for European Reform, told Yahoo. The crisis in Eastern Europe dispelled the notion that war on the continent is no longer possible, he added. “They’re waking up to the fact that not only is it very possible, but it is happening, and it’s happening not that many miles away from them.”

Since Biden took office in January 2021, European countries entered at least the initial stage of negotiations for $33 billion in arms purchases, including $21 billion since February, Yahoo said, citing figures from the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

US defense contractors will also benefit from Washington’s massive military aid to Kiev, as the Pentagon races to replenish stocks of artillery pieces, rocket launchers and other weapons. Biden has set aside more than $65 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine since the conflict began.

READ MORE: Pentagon’s bonanza for US missile makers

Source: Media identifies major beneficiary of Ukraine crisis

US Debt-Servicing Costs Skyrocket: $1.4 Trillion In Interest Payments On Deck

Article Image
 • Zero Hedge

US debt servicing costs skyrocketed in Q3 as the rate shock propagated to the $31 trillion worth of federal debt, a number that continues to grow at a $1.5 trillion per year clip. Because of the high debt base, any small changes in average financing rate has a huge impact on ultimate debt costs to the government.

This number will only worsen as we continue to retire cheaper old debt and replace it with costlier new debt.

If the current ~4.5% average yield curve rate propagates to all $31 trillion worth of debt, we are looking at $1.4 trillion per year just in interest payments. This would be 29% of the 2022 FY total Federal tax receipt.

Rand Paul Vows To Introduce Bill To Stop Government And Big Tech Colluding To Censor Speech

Article Image
 • Summit.News

“That goes against everything that we all believe in as far as the foundation of our constitutional republic”

In the wake of fresh revelations that The Department of Homeland Security has been working relentlessly to shut down speech it deems to be ‘dangerous’ or ‘disinformation,’ Senator Rand Paul has promised to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for government agencies and private big tech to secretly collude on such enterprises.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul said of the Democratic Party, “You know, for all the talk of democracy, it seems to be that they’re undermining the very basic principles of our constitutional republic.”

It’s Time Those Who Sold Out America Face Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity Trials: The Government, Mainstream Media, Medical Establishment And America’s Broken ‘Thinking Class’

Article Image
 • By James Howard Kunstler

By now, everybody and his uncle has seen Emily Oster’s plea for “pandemic amnesty” in The Atlantic magazine, a house organ of the people in America who know better than you do about… really… everything. Emily’s wazoo is so stuffed with gold-plated credentials (BA, PhD, Harvard; economics prof at Brown U) it’s a wonder that she could sit down long enough to peck out her lame argument that “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.”

Emily wasn’t “in the dark.” She had access to the same information as the Americans who recognized that everything the public health authorities, the medical establishment, and many elected officials shoveled out about Covid and its putative remedies and preventatives was untrue, with a patina of bad faith and malice — especially when it was used to persecute their political adversaries.

These dissenters turned out to be “right for the wrong reasons,” she declared, the main reason being that they were not aligned in good-think with the Woke-Jacobinism of her fellow “progressives” at Brown U, and academics all across the land, who were righteously busy destroying the intellectual life of the nation, making it impossible for the thinking class to think.

Let’s face it: every society actually needs a thinking class, a cohort able to frame important issues-of-the-moment that require vigorous discussion in the public arena to align our collective thoughts and deeds with reality. America used to have a pretty good thinking class, with a pretty good free press and many other platforms for opinion — all animated by respect for the First Amendment to the Constitution.

NBC Refuses To Issue On Air Correction For Deleted Paul Pelosi Video | Newsbusters

NBC has remained silent after pulling a video from Friday’s edition of Today that purported to have exclusive new information on the assault on Paul Pelosi.


Both Friday’s NBC Nightly News and Saturday’s Today reported on the latest developments surrounding Pelosi, but only visitors to NBC’s website would see “This piece has been removed from publication because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”



To find out what why it failed to meet standards, readers would have to rely on other outlets to learn that the anonymous sources were deemed to be unreliable. Eventually, using anonymous sources would backfire on the media and it just so happened to occur while the media has frequently accused conservatives of spreading conspiracy theories about the incident.


Introducing national correspondent Miguel Almaguer, host Craig Melvin hyped the upcoming report as containing “some exclusive new details.”

Teasing the report, Almaguer declared, “When officers arrived here at the Pelosi home exactly a week ago today they initially didn’t have any idea exactly what was going on. They knew they had a high priority call on their hand. What was unclear, what was happening inside the property just behind me.”

In his now-deleted report, Almaguer also touted, “NBC News learning new details about the moments police arrived. Sources familiar with what unfolded in the Pelosi residence now revealing when officers responded to the high priority call they were seemingly unaware they’d been called to the Speaker of the House.”

Almaguer also reported that Pelosi was the one who opened the door to police, that he “did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home,” that he “began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police,” and that “it’s unclear if” he “was already injured or what his mental state was.”


From then on, Alaguer returned to more solid ground as he cited the police report, but NBC still refuses to issue an on air correction for Friday’s errors.

Friday’s deleted segment was sponsored by CarMax.

Here is a transcript of the November 4 show:

NBC Today


CRAIG MELVIN: We turn now to some exclusive new details on the attack on Paul Pelosi as the House Speaker’s husband has been released from the hospital. NBC national correspondent Miguel Almaguer joins us with the very latest on this. Miguel, good morning.

MIGUEL ALMAGUER: Craig, good morning. When officers arrived here at the Pelosi home exactly a week ago today they initially didn’t have any idea exactly what was going on. They knew they had a high priority call on their hand. What was unclear, what was happening inside the property just behind me.

This morning, Paul Pelosi is home, back at the house that became a crime scene a week ago today. NBC News learning new details about the moments police arrived. Sources familiar with what unfolded in the Pelosi residence now revealing when officers responded to the high priority call they were seemingly unaware they’d been called to the Speaker of the House.

After a knock and announce, the front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. The 82-year old did not immediately declare an emergency or try to leave his home, but instead began walking several feet back into the foyer toward the assailant and away from police.

It’s unclear if the 82-year old was already injured or what his mental state was, say sources.

Source: NBC Refuses To Issue On Air Correction For Deleted Paul Pelosi Video

Voting, Vax & Economy Frauds Will End Quickly

Article Image
 • https://usawatchdog.com, By Greg Hunter

Madoff conducted a $60 billion Ponzi hedge fund for 20 years.  It all ended Thursday, December 11, 2008, when Madoff was arrested, and he died in prison.  As Forrest Gump said, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”  The gigantic voting fraud scheme that put Biden into office is showing signs it is falling apart.  How much fraud do Democrats have to commit when the leader of their party has about a 10% approval rating.  That is a record my sources say going back all the way to the Civil War.

The CV19 vax fraud is also coming to an end.  It started with Dr. Deborah Birx admitting on FOX three months ago that, “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines.”  It was all downhill from there.  Now, every week, there are reports from around the world of people just dropping over dead, usually from a heart attack.  Millions have reported vax injuries.  600 million doses of CV19 poison were injected in America alone, and we are just getting started.  The big tell the Vax fraud is coming to an abrupt end happened this week with an article in the Atlantic asking to “Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.”  These evil bastards know what’s coming, and it won’t be pretty.  The public response has been vicious and vile against the lockdown lunatics and the CV19 clot shot pushers.  Soon everyone will know they have been scammed, poisoned, injured and murdered by a bioweapon.

An Open Letter to the Republican Party About Democrats’ Racism

It’s time for the Republican party to quit playing defense when it comes to racism and go on the offensive. The Democrat Party was racist, is racist and will continue to be racist. For well over a century now, it’s been our country’s greatest scourge on African Americans.

Source: An Open Letter to the Republican Party About Democrats’ Racism

With Republicans predicted to make significant midterm gains, Democrat-friendly media suddenly denounce Biden for ‘false claims’ of economic achievements and lack of enthusiasm — Conservative Review

Republicans have momentum heading into the 2022 midterm elections, according to numerous forecasters. At the same time, several key Democrat-friendly media outlets appear to suddenly have lost faith in President Joe Biden.

Polling website FiveThirtyEight states that Republicans are “slightly favored” to win the Senate and “favored” to win the House.

Recent analysis by Roll Call found that there have been 22 House rating changes – 20 moved toward Republicans.

A new NPR/PBS/Marist poll revealed that the GOP has an enthusiasm advantage over Democrats in the midterms. Interest in the midterm elections is 68% for Democratic voters versus 84% for Republican voters.

Progressive outlet The Guardian conceded, “With just a few days left before polls close in America’s crucial midterm elections, Republicans appear better positioned than ever to regain control of the House of Representatives and potentially the Senate as well.”

Political betting market PredictIt is giving the GOP a 74% chance of taking back control of the U.S. Senate. Democrats had been favored as recently as Oct. 16, but the momentum from the overturning of Roe v. Wade slipped as Americans prioritized issues such as the economy and crime.

CNN noted President Joe Biden’s concerning approval rating, “His approval in Gallup’s poll stood at 40%, which is the second worst for an incumbent president in a midterm since 1974. It is the worst for a first term incumbent. Biden’s disapproval rating was 56% in the survey.”

“No first-term president whose approval rating was below his disapproval rating in a midterm since 1974 has seen his party end up with more than 200 seats in the House,” the outlet added.

On the heels of the predictions that Democrats are in legitimate danger of losing both the House and the Senate, DNC-friendly media outlets appear to have turned on Biden and levied criticisms toward the president.

The New York Times took aim at Biden’s “exaggerations” of his economic achievements. The New York Times’ official Twitter account promoted an article with the caption: “As the midterm elections near, President Biden has increasingly made exaggerations or misstatements about his influence on the U.S. economy and his policy record.”

The article began, “President Biden and his administration have told it in recent months, America has the fastest-growing economy in the world, his student debt forgiveness program passed Congress by a vote or two, and Social Security benefits became more generous thanks to his leadership. None of that was accurate.”

The Times slammed Biden for having “recently overstated his influence on the economy, or omitted key facts.”

The left-leaning publication called out Biden for taking credit for getting an increase in the Social Security checks of seniors. However, the benefit was an automatic cost-of-living increase spurred on by record inflation and not from Biden’s goodwill.

The New York Times also exposed Biden for applauding himself for decreasing the federal budget deficit by $1.4 trillion this year. But Biden failed to mention that the deficit was so high because of the $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package that he signed in 2021.

The Times added, “But as the United States has struggled to contain inflation, the Biden administration has at times resorted to cherry-picking the most favorable data points or leaving out crucial context.”

The New York Times corrected Biden on a statement he made in September when he said gas prices were averaging below $2.99 a gallon in 41 states and the District of Columbia – the prices were actually $1 higher.

Another New York Times article published this week criticized Biden for advising Americans crippled by soaring food prices to simply eat no-frills breakfast cereals.

“By the way, the food prices — the main driver of food prices — is not the price of beef and eggs, etc., although they’re up. It’s packaged goods, packaged goods,” Biden said. “You’re going to see people not buying Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. You’re going to see them buying other raisin bran, which is going to be a dollar cheaper.”

The Times commented, “Needless to say, eat generic raisin bran is not exactly a poll-tested, winning message. Clips of that comment went viral on the right, racking up tens of thousands of views on conservative YouTube and TikTok channels.”

But it wasn’t just the New York Times that shined a spotlight on President Biden’s misinformation and lack of enthusiasm.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale has fact-checked Biden and his White House four times since Oct. 24:

  • Biden’s midterms message includes false and misleading claims
  • White House deletes misleading tweet about Social Security
  • Biden falsely claims the most common gas price was over $5 when he took office
  • Biden falsely claims he got student debt forgiveness passed by Congress

The Democrat-friendly Washington Post highlighted how Biden is struggling to energize crowds ahead of the midterms.

A Washington Post reporter covered a recent Biden speech in Miami, Florida.

“His delivery was often halting and at times confusing — at one point he referred to this era as ‘the 20th century going into the second quarter of the 21st century’ — and at the end he thanked the crowd, some of whom had left during his remarks, for being ‘a very patient audience, especially standing there all this time,'” the article stated.

The article compared Biden’s lackluster speech to a “rallying” event led by Barack Obama. The article also noted that Biden was speaking in Florida – where Democrats don’t appear to be competitive in the races. Meanwhile, Obama was in the critical battleground state of Nevada.

“In addition to Florida, Biden this week is traveling to New Mexico, California and Illinois,” the article said. “He is concluding the midterm campaign season with an election eve rally in Maryland, a heavily blue state that has no races that Democrats are concerned about.”

The Washington Post labeled former President Obama as the Democratic Party’s “rallier-in-chief.”

The article read, “Even some of those who attend Biden’s rallies say he is not an energizing force for the party.”

Marvin Wilson, a 51-year-old field organizer for the Florida Democrats who attended Biden’s rally, told the Post of Obama, “He’s more energetic. He’s a better communicator. He’s more energizing, and he draws your attention. The president doesn’t do that.”

With Republicans predicted to make significant midterm gains, Democrat-friendly media suddenly denounce Biden for ‘false claims’ of economic achievements and lack of enthusiasm — Conservative Review

President Trump demands impeachment of Mitch McConnell, suggests the traitorous RINO is blackmailed

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) President Donald Trump believes that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the most influential RINO in Washington D.C., should be impeached and thinks the traitorous jelly-necked coward may be blackmailed by the shadowy deep state forces who are really in charge.(Article by Shane Trejo republished from … [Read More…]

Source: President Trump demands impeachment of Mitch McConnell, suggests the traitorous RINO is blackmailed

US cyber agency keeps the work of the ‘Ministry of Truth’ alive, leak shows

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Partially-censored meeting minutes of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee advising the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security, have been obtained by The Intercept.(Article republished from RT.com)The documents reveal attempts to … [Read More…]

Source: US cyber agency keeps the work of the ‘Ministry of Truth’ alive, leak shows

Why Elon Musk and Twitter Still Captivate Sentient Humans | Lionel Nation

#LionelNation #ElonMusk #Twitter This issue still captivates and scintillates for more reasons and bases imaginable. Let me discuss why. Lionel appearing at the fabled and storied Cutting Room in NYC (January 14 2023) Doors open at 6 PM.

Source: Why Elon Musk and Twitter Still Captivate Sentient Humans