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Gift of Strength; Peace to Bless — VCY America

The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.Psalm 29:11

David had just heard the voice of the Lord in a thunderstorm and had seen His power in the hurricane whose path he had described; and now, in the cool calm after the storm, that overwhelming power by which heaven and earth are shaken is promised to be the strength of the chosen. He who wings the unerring bolt will give to His redeemed the wings of eagles; He who shakes the earth with His voice will terrify the enemies of His saints and give His children peace. Why are we weak when we have divine strength to flee to? Why are we troubled when the Lord’s own peace is ours? Jesus, the mighty God, is our strength; let us put Him on and go forth to our service. Jesus, our blessed Lord, is also our peace; let us repose in Him this day and end our fears. What a blessing to have Him for our strength and peace both now and forever!

That same God who rides upon the storm in days of tempest will also rule the hurricane of our tribulation and send us, before long, days of peace. We shall have strength for storms and songs for fair weather. Let us begin to sing at once unto God, our strength and our peace. Away, dark thoughts! Up, faith and hope!

Gift of Strength; Peace to Bless — VCY America

C.H. Spurgeon: “So walk ye in Him” — Reformed Christian Studies

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“So walk ye in Him.”
— Colossians 2:6

If we have received Christ Himself in our inmost hearts, our new life will manifest its intimate acquaintance with Him by a walk of faith in Him. Walking implies action. Our religion is not to be confined to our closet; we must carry out into practical effect that which we believe. If a man walks in Christ, then he so acts as Christ would act; for Christ being in him, his hope, his love, his joy, his life, he is the reflex of the image of Jesus; and men say of that man, “He is like his Master; he lives like Jesus Christ.” Walking signifies progress. “So walk ye in Him”; proceed from grace to grace, run forward until you reach the uttermost degree of knowledge that a man can attain concerning our Beloved. Walking implies continuance. There must be a perpetual abiding in Christ. How many Christians think that in the morning and evening they ought to come into the company of Jesus, and may then give their hearts to the world all the day: but this is poor living; we should always be with Him, treading in His steps and doing His will. Walking also implies habit. When we speak of a man’s walk and conversation, we mean his habits, the constant tenour of his life. Now, if we sometimes enjoy Christ, and then forget Him; sometimes call Him ours, and anon lose our hold, that is not a habit; we do not walk in Him. We must keep to Him, cling to Him, never let Him go, but live and have our being in Him. “As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him”; persevere in the same way in which ye have begun, and, as at the first Christ Jesus was the trust of your faith, the source of your life, the principle of your action, and the joy of your spirit, so let Him be the same till life’s end; the same when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and enter into the joy and the rest which remain for the people of God. O Holy Spirit, enable us to obey this heavenly precept.

C.H. Spurgeon: “So walk ye in Him” — Reformed Christian Studies

Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints: C.H. Spurgeon Sermon — Banner of Truth USA

The following sermon, ‘Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints’, was delivered on Sabbath morning, February 4, 1855, by the Rev. C.H. Spurgeon, at New Park Street Chapel, Southwark.

‘A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.’—
Matthew 12:20.

BABBLING fame ever loves to talk of one man or another. Some there be whose glory it trumpets forth, and whose honour it extols above the heavens. Some are her favourites, and their names are carved on marble, and heard in every land, and every clime. Fame is not an impartial judge; she has her favourites. Some men she extols, exalts, and almost deifies; others, whose virtues are far greater, and whose characters are more deserving of commendation, she passes by unheeded, and puts the finger of silence on her lips. You will generally find that those persons beloved by fame are men made of brass or iron, and cast in a rough mould. Fame caresseth Caesar, because he ruled the earth with a rod of iron. Fame loves Luther, because he boldly and manfully defied the Pope of Rome, and with knit brow dared laugh at the thunders of the Vatican. Fame admires Knox; for he was stern, and proved himself the bravest of the brave. Generally, you will find her choosing out the men of fire and mettle, who stood before their fellow-creatures fearless of them, men who were made of courage; who were consolidated lumps of fearlessness, and never knew what timidity might be. But you know there is another class of persons equally virtuous, and equally to be esteemed-perhaps even more so-whom fame entirely forgets. You do not hear her talk of the gentle-minded Melancthon—she says but little of him—yet he did as much, perhaps, in the Reformation, as even the mighty Luther. You do not hear fame talk much of the sweet and blessed Rutherford, and of the heavenly words that distilled from his lips; or of Archbishop Leighton, of whom it was said, that he was never out of temper in his life. She loves the rough granite peaks that defy the storm-cloud: she does not care for the more humble stone in the valley, on which the weary traveller resteth; she wants something bold and prominent; something that courts popularity; something that stands out before the world. She does not care for those who retreat in shade. Hence it is, my brethren, that the blessed Jesus, our adorable Master, has escaped fame. No one says much about Jesus, except his followers. We do not find his name written amongst the great and mighty men; though, in truth, he is the greatest, mightiest, holiest, purest, and best of men that ever lived; but because he was ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,’ and was emphatically the man whose kingdom is not of this world, because he had nothing of the rough about him, but was all love; because his words were softer than butter, his utterances more gentle in their flow than oil; because never man spake so gently as this man; therefore he is neglected and forgotten. He did not come to be a conqueror with his sword, nor a Mohammed with his fiery eloquence, but he came to speak with a ‘still small voice,’ that melteth the rocky heart, that bindeth up the broken in spirit; and that continually saith, ‘Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden;’ ‘Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls.’ Jesus Christ was all gentleness; and this is why he has not been extolled amongst men as otherwise he would have been. Beloved! our text is full of gentleness; it seems to have been steeped in love; and I hope I may be able to show you something of the immense sympathy and the mighty tenderness of Jesus, as I attempt to speak from it. There are three things to be noticed: first, mortal frailty; secondly, divine compassion; and thirdly, certain triumph—‘till he send forth judgment unto victory.’

I. First, we have before us a view of MORTAL FRAILTY—bruised reed and smoking flax—two very suggestive metaphors, and very full of meaning. If it were not too fanciful—and if it is I know you will excuse me—I should say that the bruised reed is an emblem of a sinner in the first stage of his conviction. The work of God’s Holy Spirit begins with bruising. In order to be saved, the fallow ground must be ploughed up, the hard heart must be broken, the rock must be split in sunder. An old divine says there is no going to heaven without passing hard by the gates of hell—without a great deal of soul-trouble and heart-exercise. I take it then that the bruised reed is a picture of the poor sinner when first God commences his operation upon the soul; he is a bruised reed, almost entirely broken and consumed, there is but little strength in him. The smoking flax I conceive to be a backsliding Christian; one who has been a burning and a shining light in his day, but by neglect of the means of grace, the withdrawal of God’s Spirit, and falling into sin, his light is almost gone out—not quite—it never can go out, for Christ saith, ‘I will not quench it;’ but it becomes like a lamp when ill supplied with oil—almost useless. It is not quite extinguished. It smokes—it was a useful lamp once, but now it has become as smoking flax. So I think these metaphors very likely describe the contrite sinner as a bruised reed, and the backsliding Christian as smoking flax. However, I shall not choose to make such a division as that, but I shall put both the metaphors together, and I hope we may fetch out a few thoughts from them.

And first, the encouragement offered in our text applies to weak ones. What in the world is weaker than the bruised reed, or the smoking flax? A reed that groweth in the fen or marsh, let but the wild duck light upon it, and it snaps; let but the foot of man brush against it and it is bruised and broken; every wind that comes howling across the river makes it shake to and fro, and well nigh tears it up by the roots. You can conceive of nothing more frail or brittle, or whose existence depends more upon circumstances than a bruised reed. Then look at smoking flax—what is it? It has a spark within it, it is true, but it is almost smothered, an infant’s breath might blow it out, or the tears of a maiden quench it in a moment; nothing has a more precarious existence than the little spark hidden in the smoking flax. Weak things, you see, are here described. Well, Christ say of them, ‘The smoking flax I will not quench; the bruised reed I will not break.’ Let me go in search of the weaklings. Ah! I shall not have to go far. There are many in this house of prayer this morning who are indeed weak. Some of God’s children, blessed be his name, are made strong to do mighty works for him. God hath his Samsons here and there who can pull up Gaza’s gates, and carry them to the top of the hill; he hath here and there his mighty Gideons, who can go to the camp of the Midianites, and overthrow their hosts; he hath his mighty men, who can go into the pit in winter, and slay the lions; but the majority of his people are a timid, weak race. They are like the starlings that are frightened at every passer by, a little fearful flock. If temptation comes, they fall before it; if trial comes, they are overwhelmed by it: their frail skiff is danced up and down by every wave; and when the wind comes, they are drifted along like a sea-bird on the crest of the billows; weak things, without strength, without force, without might, without power. Ah! dear friends, I know I have got hold of some of your hands now, and your hearts too; for you are saying, ‘Weak! Ah that I am. Full often I am constrained to say, I would, but cannot sing; I would, but cannot pray; I would, but cannot believe.’ You are saying that you cannot do anything; your best resolves are weak and vain; and when you cry, ‘My strength renew,’ you feel weaker than before. You are weak, are you? Bruised reeds and smoking flax? Blessed be God, this text is for you then. I am glad you can come in under the denomination of weak ones, for here is a promise that he will never break nor quench them, but will sustain and hold them up. I know there are some very strong people here—I mean strong in their own ideas. I often meet with persons who would not confess any such weakness as this. They are strong minds. They say, ‘Do you think that we go into sin, sir? Do you tell us that our hearts are corrupt? We do not believe any such thing; we are good, and pure, and upright; we have strength and might.’ To you I am not preaching this morning; to you I am saying nothing; but take heed—your strength is vanity, your power is a delusion, your might is a lie—for however much you may boast in what you can do, it shall pass away; when you come to the real contest with death, you shall find that you have no strength to grapple with it: when one of these days of strong temptation shall come, it will take hold of you, moral man, and down you will go; and the glorious livery of your morality will be so stained, that though you wash your hands in snow water, and make yourselves never so clean, you shall be so polluted that your own clothes shall abhor you. I think it is a blessed thing to be weak. The weak one is a sacred thing; the Holy Ghost has made him such. Can you say, ‘No strength have I?’ Then this text is for you.

Secondly, the things mentioned in our text are not only weak, but worthless things. I have heard of a man who would pick up a pin as he walked along the street, on the principle of economy; but I never yet heard of a man who would stop to pick up bruised reeds. They are not worth having. Who would care to have a bruised reed—a piece of rush lying on the ground? We all despise it as worthless. And smoking flax, what is the worth of that? It is an offensive and noxious thing, but the worth of it is nothing. No one would give the snap of a finger either for the bruised reed or smoking flax. Well, then, beloved, in our estimation there are many of us who are worthless things. There are some here, who, if they could weigh themselves in the scales of the sanctuary, and put their own hearts into the balance of conscience, would appear to be good for nothing—worthless, useless. There was a time when you thought yourselves to be the very best people in the world—when if any one had said that you had more than you deserved, you would have kicked at it, and said, ‘I believe I am as good as other people.’ You thought yourselves something wonderful—extremely worthy of God’s love and regard but you now feel yourselves to be worthless Sometimes you imagine God can hardly know where you are; you are such a despicable creature—so worthless—not worth his consideration. You can understand how he can look upon an animalcule in a drop of water, or upon a grain of dust in the sunbeam, or upon the insect of the summer evening; but you can hardly tell how he can think of you, you appear so worthless—a dead blank in the world, a useless thing. You say, ‘What good am I? I am doing nothing. As for a minister of the gospel, he is of some service, as for a deacon of the church, he is of some use; as for a Sabbath-school teacher, he is doing some good; but of what service am I?’ But you might ask the same question here. What is the use of a bruised reed? Can a man lean upon it? Can a man strengthen himself therewith? Shall it be a pillar in my house? Can you bind it up into the pipes of Pan, and make music come from a bruised reed? Ah! no; it is of no service. And of what use is smoking flax? the midnight traveller cannot be lighted by it; the student cannot read by the flame of it. It is of no use: men throw it into the fire and consume it. Ah! that is how you talk of yourselves. You are good for nothing, so are these things. But Christ will not throw you away because you are of no value. You do not know of what use you may be, and you cannot tell how Jesus Christ values you after all. There is a good woman there, a mother, perhaps, she says, “Well, I do not often go out—I keep house with my children, and seem to be doing no good.’ Mother, do not say so; your position is a high, lofty, responsible one, and in training up children for the Lord, you are doing as much for his name as yon eloquent Apollos, who so valiantly preached the word. And you, poor man, all you can do is to toil from morning till night, and earn just enough to enable you to live day by day; you have nothing to give away, and when you go to the Sabbath school, you can just read, you cannot teach much—well, but unto him to whom little is given of him little is required. Do you not know that there is such a thing as glorifying God by sweeping the street crossing? If two angels were sent down to earth, one to rule an empire, and the other to sweep a street, they would have no choice in the matter, so long as God ordered them. So God, in his providence, has called you to work hard for your daily bread; do it to his glory. ‘Whatsoever ye do, whether ye eat or drink, do all to his honour.’ But, ah! I know there are some of you here who seem useless to the Church. You do all you can; but when you have done it, it is nothing; you can neither help us with money, nor talents, nor time, and, therefore, you think God must cast you out. You think if you were like Paul or Peter you might be safe. Ah! beloved, talk not so; Jesus Christ saith he will not quench the useless flax, nor break the worthless bruised reed; he has something for the useless and for the worthless ones. But mark you, I do not say this to excuse laziness—to excuse those that can do, but do not; that is a very different thing. There is a whip for the ass, a scourge for idle men, and they must have it sometimes. I am speaking now of those who cannot do it; not of Issachar, who is like a strong ass, crouching down between two burdens, and too lazy to get up with them. I say nothing for the sluggard, who will not plough by reason of the cold; but of the men and women who really feel that they can be of little service—who cannot do more; and to such, the words of the text are applicable.

Now we will make another remark. The two things here mentioned are offensive things. A bruised reed is offensive, for I believe there is an allusion here to the pipes of Pan, which you all know are reeds put together, along which a man moves his mouth, thus causing some kind of music. This is the organ, I believe which Jubal invented, and which David mentions, for it is certain that the organ we use was not then in use. The bruised reed, then, would of course spoil the melody of all the pipes; one unsound tube would so let the air out, as to produce a discordant sound, or no sound at all, so that one’s impulse would be to take the pipe out and put in a fresh one. And, as for smoking flax, the wick of a candle or anything of that kind, I need not inform you that the smoke is offensive. To me no odour in all the world is so abominably offensive as smoking flax. But some say, ‘How can you speak in so low a style?’ I have not gone lower than I could go myself, nor lower than you can go with me; for I am sure you are, if God the Holy Ghost has really humbled you, just as offensive to your own souls, and just as offensive to God as a bruised reed would be among the pipes, or as smoking flax to the eyes and nose. I often think of dear old John Bunyan, when he said he wished God had made him a toad, or a frog, or a snake or anything rather than a man, for he felt he was so offensive. Oh; I can conceive a nest of vipers, and I think that they are obnoxious; I can imagine a pool of all kinds of loathsome creatures, breeding corruption, but there is nothing one half so worthy of abhorrence as the human heart. God spares from all eyes but his own that awful sight—a human heart; and could you and I but once see our heart, we should be driven mad, so horrible would be the sight. Do you feel like that? Do you feel that you must be offensive in God’s sight—that you have so rebelled against him, so turned away from his commandments, that surely you must be obnoxious to him? If so, my text is yours.

Now, I can imagine some woman here this morning who has departed from the paths of virtue, and, while she is standing in the throng up there, or sitting down she feels as if she had no right to tread these hallowed courts, and stand among God’s people. She thinks that God might almost make the chapel break down upon her to destroy her, she is so great a sinner. Never mind, broken reed and smoking flax! Though thou art the scorn of man, and loathsome to thyself, yet Jesus saith to thee, ‘Neither do I condemn thee, go, and sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.’ There is some man here who hath something in his heart that I know not of—who may have committed crimes in secret, that we will not mention in public; his sins stick like a leech to him, and rob him of all comfort. Here you are young man, shaking and trembling, lest your crime should be divulged before high heaven; you are broken down, bruised like a reed, smoking like flax. Ah! I have a word for thee too. Comfort! comfort! comfort! Despair not; for Jesus saith he will not quench the smoking flax, he will not break the bruised reed.

And yet, my dear friends, there is one thought before I turn away from this point. Both of these articles, however worthless they may be, may yet be of some service. When God puts his hand to a man, if he were worthless and useless before, he can make him very valuable. You know the price of an article does not depend so much upon the value of the raw material as upon workmanship put upon it. Here is very bad raw material to begin with—bruised reeds and smoking flax, but by Divine workmanship both these things become of wondrous value. You tell me the bruised reed is good for nothing; I tell you that Christ will take that bruised reed and mend it up, and fit it in the pipes of heaven. Then when the grand orchestra shall send forth its music, when the organs of the skies shall peal forth their deep-toned sounds, we shall ask, ‘What was that sweet note heard there, mingling with the rest?’ And some one shall say, ‘It was a bruised reed.’ Ah! Mary Magdalene’s voice in heaven, I imagine, sounds more sweet and liquid than any other; and the voice of that poor thief, who said ‘Lord, remember me,’ if it is a deep bass voice, is more mellow and more sweet than the voice of any other, because he loved much, for he had much forgiven him. This reed may yet be of use. Do not say you are good for nothing; you shall sing up in heaven yet. Do not say you are worthless; at last you shall stand before the throne among the blood-washed company, and shall sing God’s praise. Ay! and the smoking flax too, what good can that be? I will soon tell you. There is a spark in that flax somewhere; it is nearly out, but still a spark remaineth. Behold the prairie on fire! See you the flames come rolling on? See you stream after stream of hot fire deluging the plain till all the continent is burnt and scorched—till heaven is reddened with the flame. Old night’s black face is scarred with the burning, and the stars appear affrighted at the conflagration. How was that mass ignited? By a piece of smoking flax dropped by some traveller, fanned by the soft wind, till the whole prairie caught the flame. So one poor man, one ignorant man, one weak man, even one backsliding man, may be the means of the conversion of a whole nation. Who knows but that you who are nothing now may be of more use than those of us who appear to stand better before God, because we have more gifts and talents? God can make a spark set a world on fire—he can light up a whole nation with the spark of one poor praying soul. You may be useful yet; therefore be of good cheer. Moss groweth upon gravestones; the ivy clingeth to the mouldering pile, the mistletoe groweth on the dead branch, and even so shall grace, and piety, and virtue, and holiness, and goodness, come from smoking flax and bruised reeds.

II. Thus, then, my dear friends, I have tried to find out the parties for whom this text is meant, and I have shown you somewhat of mortal frailty; now I mount; step higher—to DIVINE COMPASSION. ‘The bruised reed he will not break, the smoking flax he will not quench.’

Notice what is first of all stated, and then let me tell you that Jesus Christ means a great deal more than he says. First of all, what does he say? He says plainly enough that he will not break the bruised reed. There is a bruised reed before me—a poor child of God under a deep sense of sin. It seems as if the whip of the law would never stop. It keeps on, lash, lash, lash; and though you say, ‘Lord, stop it and give me a little respite,’ still comes down the cruel thong, lash, lash, lash. You feel your sins. Ah! I know what you are saying this morning: ‘If God continues this a little longer my heart will break: I shall perish in despair, I am almost distracted by my sin; if I lie down at night I cannot sleep; it appears as if ghosts were in the room—ghosts of my sins—and when I awake at midnight, I see the black form of death staring at me, and saying, ‘Thou art my prey, I shall have thee;’ while hell behind seems to burn. Ah! poor bruised reed, he will not break you, conviction shall be too strong, it shall be great enough to melt thee, and to make thee go to Jesu’s feet; but it shall not be strong enough to break thy heart altogether, so that thou shouldst die. Thou shalt never be driven to despair; but thou shalt be delivered; thou shalt come out of the fire, poor bruised reed, and shalt not be broken.

So there is a backslider here this morning, he is like the smoking flax. Years gone by you found such happiness in the ways of the Lord, and such delight in his service, that you said, ‘There I would for ever stay.

‘What peaceful hours I then enjoyed;

How sweet their memory still!

But they have left an aching void,

The world can never fill.’”

You are smoking, and you think God will put you out. If I were an Arminian, I should tell you that he would, but being a believer in the Bible, and nothing else, I tell you that he will not quench you. Though you are smoking, you shall not die. Whatever your crime has been, the Lord says, ‘Return ye backsliding children of men, for I will have mercy upon you.’ He will not cast thee away, poor Ephraim; only come back to him—he will not despise thee, though thou hast plunged thyself in the mire and dirt, though thou art covered from head to foot with filthiness; come back, poor prodigal, come back, come back! Thy father calls thee. Hearken poor backslider! Come at once to him whose arms are ready to receive thee.

It says he will not quench—he will not break. But there is more under cover than we see at first sight. When Jesus says he will not break, he means more than that; he means, ‘I will take that poor bruised reed; I will plant it hard by the rivers of waters, and (miracle of miracles) I will make it grow into a tree whose leaf shall not wither, I will water it every moment, I will watch it; there shall be heavenly fruits upon it, I will keep the birds of prey from it, but the birds of heaven, the sweet songsters of paradise shall make their dwellings in the branches.’ When he says that he will not break the bruised reed, he means more; he means that he will nourish, that he will help, and strengthen, and support, and glorify—that he will execute his commission on it, and make it glorious for ever. And when he says to the backslider that he will not quench him, he means more than that—he means that he will fan him up to a flame. Some of you, I dare say, have gone home from chapel and found that your fire had gone nearly out; I know how you deal with it, you blow gently at the single spark, if there is one, and least you should blow too hard, you hold your fingers before it, and if you were alone and had but one match, or one spark in the tinder, how gently would you blow it. So, backslider, Jesus Christ deals with thee; he does not put thee out; he blows gently; he says, ‘I will not quench thee;’ he means, ‘I will be very tender, very cautious, very careful;’ he will put on dry material, so that by-and-by a little spark shall come to a flame and blaze up towards heaven, and great shall be the fire thereof.

Now I want to say one or two things to Little-Faiths this morning. The little children of God who are here mentioned as being bruised reeds or smoking flax are just as safe as the great saints of God. I wish for a moment to expand this thought, and then I will finish with the other head. These saints of God who are called bruised reeds and smoking flax are just as safe as those who are mighty for their Master and great in strength, for several reasons. First of all, the little saint is just as much God’s elect as the great saint. When God chose his people, he chose them all at once, and altogether; and he elected one just as much as the other. If I choose a certain number of things, one may be less than the rest, but one is as much chosen as the other; and so Mrs. Fearing and Miss Despondency are just as much elected as Great-Heart, or Old Father Honest. Again: the little ones are redeemed equally with the great ones! the feeble saints cost Christ as much suffering as the strong ones; the tiniest child of God could not have been purchased with less than Jesus’ precious blood; and the greatest child of God did not cost him more. Paul did not cost any more than Benjamin—I am sure he did not—for I read in the Bible that ‘there is no difference.’ Besides, when of old they came to pay their redemption-money, every person brought a shekel. The poor shall bring no less, and the rich shall bring no more than just a shekel. The same price was paid for the one as the other. Now then little child of God, take that thought to thy soul. You see some men very prominent in Christ’s cause—and it is very good that they should be—but they did not cost Jesus a farthing more than you did; he paid the same price for you that he paid for them. Recollect again, you are just as much a child of God as the greatest saint. Some of you have five or six children. There is one child of yours, perhaps who is very tall and handsome, and has, moreover, gifts of mind; and you have another child who is the smallest of the family, perhaps has but little intellect and understanding. But which is the most your child? ‘The most!’ you say; ‘both alike are my children, certainly, one as much as the other.’ And so, dear friends, you may have very little learning, you may be very dark about divine things, you may but ‘see men as trees walking,’ but you are as much the children of God as those who have grown to the stature of men in Christ Jesus. Then remember, poor tried saint, that you are just as much justified as any other child of God. I know that I am completely justified.

‘His blood and righteousness

My beauty are, my glorious dress.’

I want no other garments, save Jesus’ doings, and his imputed righteousness.

The boldest child of God wants no more; and I who am ‘less than the least of all saints,’ can be content with no less, and I shall have no less. O Ready-to-Halt, thou art as much justified as Paul, Peter, John the Baptist, or the loftiest saint in heaven. There is no difference in that matter. Oh! take courage and rejoice.

Then one thing more. If you were lost, God’s honour would be as much tarnished as if the greatest one were lost. A queer thing I once read in an old book about God’s children and people being a part of Christ and in union with him. The writer says—‘A father sitteth in his room, and there cometh in a stranger; the stranger taketh up a child on his knee, and the child hath a sore finger; so he saith, ‘My child, you have a sore finger;” “Yes!” “Well, let me take it off, and give thee a golden one! The child looketh at him and saith, “I will not go to that man any more, for he talks of taking off my finger; I love my own finger, and I will not have a golden one instead of it.”’ So the saint saith, ‘I am one of the members of Christ, but I am like a sore finger, and he will take me off and put a golden one on.’ ‘No,’’ said Christ, ‘no, no;—I cannot have any of my members taken away; if the finger be a sore one, I will bind it up; I will strengthen it.’ Christ cannot allow a word about cutting his members off. If Christ lose one of his people, he would not be a whole Christ any longer. If the meanest of his children could be cast away, Christ would lack a part of his fullness; yea, Christ would be incomplete without his Church. If one of his children must be lost, it would be better that it should be a great one, than a little one. If a little one were lost, Satan would say, ‘Ah! you save the great ones, because they had strength and could help themselves; but the little one that has no strength, you could not save him.’ You know what Satan would say; but God would shut Satan’s mouth, by proclaiming, ‘They are all here, Satan, in spite of thy malice, they are all here; every one is safe; now lie down in thy den for ever, and be bound eternally in chains, and smoke in fire!’ So shall he suffer eternal torment, but not one child of God ever shall.

One thought more and I shall have done with this head. The salvation of great saints often depends upon the salvation of little ones. Do you understand that? You know that my salvation, or the salvation of any child of God, looking at second causes, very much depends upon the conversion of some one else. Suppose your mother is the means of your conversion, you would, speaking after the manner of men, say, that your conversion depended upon hers; for her being converted, made her the instrument of bringing you in. Suppose such-and-such a minister to be the means of your calling; then your conversion, in some sense, though not absolutely, depends upon his. So it often happens, that the salvation of God’s mightiest servants depends upon the conversion of little ones. There is a poor mother; no one ever knows anything about her; she goes to the house of God; her name is not in the newspapers, or anywhere else; she teaches her child and brings him up in the fear of God; she prays for that boy; she wrestles with God, and her tears and prayers mingle together. The boy grows up. What is he? A missionary—a William Knibb—a Moffat—a Williams. But you do not hear anything about the mother Ah! but if the mother had not been saved, where would the boy have been? Let this cheer the little ones; and may you rejoice that he will nourish and cherish you, though you are like bruised reeds and smoking flax.

III. Now, to finish up, there is a CERTAIN VICTORY. ‘Till he send forth judgment unto victory.’

Victory! There is something beautiful in that word. The death of Sir John Moore, in the Peninsular War, was very touching; he fell in the arms of triumph; and sad as was his fate, I doubt not that his eye was lit up with lustre by the shout of victory. So also, I suppose, that Wolfe spoke a truth when he said, ‘I die happy,’ having just before heard the shout, ‘they run, they run.’ I know victory even in that bad sense—for I look not upon earthly victories as of any value—must have cheered the warrior. But oh! how cheered the saint when he knows that victory is his! I shall fight during all my life, but I shall write ‘vici’ on my shield. I shall be ‘more than conqueror through him that loved me.’ Each feeble saint shall win the day; each man upon his crutches; each lame one; each one full of infirmity, sorrow, sickness, and weakness, shall gain the victory. ‘They shall come with singing unto Zion; as well the blind, and lame, and halt, and the woman with child together.’ So saith the Scripture. Not one shall be left out; but he shall ‘send forth judgment unto victory.’ Victory! victory! victory! This is the lot of each Christian; he shall triumph through his dear Redeemer’s name.

Now a word about this victory. I speak first to aged men and women. Dear brethren and sisters, you are often, I know, like the bruised reed. Coming events cast their shadows before them; and death casts the shadow of old age on you. You feel the grasshopper to be a burden; you feel full of weakness and decay; your frame can hardly hold together. Ah! you have here a special promise. ‘The bruised reed I will not break.’ ‘I will strengthen thee.’ ‘When thy heart and thy flesh faileth, I will be the strength of thy heart and thy portion for ever.’

‘Even down to old age, all my people shall prove

My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love;

And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn,

Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be borne.’

Tottering on thy staff, leaning, feeble, weak, and wan; fear not the last hour; that last hour shall be thy best; thy last day shall be a consummation devoutly to be wished. Weak as thou art, God will temper the trial to thy weakness; he will make thy pain less, if thy strength be less; but thou shalt sing in heaven, ‘Victory! victory! victory!’ There are some of us who could wish to change places with you, to be so near heaven—to be so near home. With all your infirmities, your grey hairs are a crown of glory to you; for you are near the end, as well as in the way of righteousness.

A word with you middle-aged men, battling in this life’s rough storm. You are often bruised reeds, your religion is so encumbered by your worldly callings, so covered up by the daily din of business, business, business, that you seem like smoking flax; it is as much as you can do to serve your God, and you cannot say that you are ‘fervent in spirit’ as well as ‘diligent in business.’ Man of business, toiling and striving in this world, he will not quench thee when thou art like smoking flax; he will not break thee when thou art like the bruised reed, but will deliver thee from thy troubles, thou shalt swim across the sea of life, and shalt stand on the happy shore of heaven, and shalt sing, ‘Victory’ through him that loved thee.

Ye youths and maidens! I speak to you, and have a right to do so. You and I ofttimes know what the bruised reed is, when the hand of God blights our fair hopes. We are full of giddiness and waywardness, it is only the rod of affliction that can bring folly out of us, for we have much of it in us. Slippery paths are the paths of youths, and dangerous ways are the ways of the young, but God will not break or destroy us. Men, by their over caution, bid us never tread a step lest we fall; but God bids us go, and makes our feet like hind’s feet, that we may tread upon high places. Serve God in early days; give your hearts to him, and then he will never cast you out, but will nourish and cherish you.

Let me not finish without saying a word to little children. You who have heard of Jesus, he says to you, ‘The bruised reed I will not break, the smoking flax I will not quench.’ I believe there is many a little prattler, not six years old, who knows the Saviour. I never despise infantile piety; I love it. I have heard little children talk of mysteries that grey-headed men knew not. Ah! little children who have been brought up in Sabbath-schools, and love the Saviour’s name, if others say you are too forward, do not fear, love Christ still.

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,

Still will look upon a child;

Pity thy simplicity,

And suffer thee to come to him.

He will not cast thee away; for smoking flax he will not quench, and the bruised reed he will not break.

Photo by Marko Sun on Unsplash

Sweet Comfort for Feeble Saints: C.H. Spurgeon Sermon — Banner of Truth USA

Intimacy with God — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

Hear God’s Word to you in Psalm 25:14.

“The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.”

And in Genesis 3:8.

“Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”

God wants to walk with you and talk with you.

Welcome Him to come into the garden of your heart and fellowship with Him… no books, no Bible, no sermon, no ritual, no expectations, no agenda. Just be, spending time with Him. Be free of chains of expectation or performance in worship. Your Father’s heart will minister to you, and you will respond in adoration. Be blessed to be filled with new worship that is deeply satisfying to God and that exceeds all your previous definitions of “good worship.”

Be blessed in your time with the living God as you are spirit-to-Spirit with Him. Be in touch with the Spirit so that you enter into new communion. Hear the sounds of heaven as you fellowship with Him in intimacy. Let Him touch you deeply. Experience love, trust, and deep emotional satisfaction in Him. Intimate friendship with God is reserved for those who are crazy about Him. Be free to know your First Love and to come into harmony with Him. Nothing compares with intimacy with Him in richness and beauty when you meet Him in surrender and wait on Him in faith, hope, and love.

God confided in Abraham and Moses. He called them His friends. Christ said to the disciples, “You are my friends,” and He says to you, “You are my friends if you obey my Father’s commandments.” Friendship with God is cultivated by authenticity in loving obedience. You were designed to live in friendship with Him and share your life with Him. Claim your friendship with God by coming boldly to His throne of grace. Since friendship is mutual, you give to Him, even as He meets the needs of the depths of your being.

John 1:14 says that Jesus the Word “became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” His presence is your true home. Sit on His lap, feel His arms around you, listen to His voice, hear His heartbeat. Fall in love with Him. Be bathed in His love and experience His presence. Your true identity is beloved of God, not worker for Him. Know Him intimately, and relentlessly pursue Him with steadfast hunger for more. Live with humility of heart before Him, and ascribe “worth-ship” to Him. Reflect Him in your life.

John 1:14 also says, “We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” See His glory that Jesus brought from His Father. Receive the fullness of His grace and truth.

Be blessed in the name of the One and Only (John 1:14).

By Sylvia Gunter
Used by Permission
To learn more about Sylvia Gunter visit http://www.thefathersbusiness.com

Are you at a place in your life where you want to know Jesus – walk and talk with Him?   You can start a life surrendered to Christ today. This is a sample, simple prayer, but the words are powerful and full of meaning.  If  you believe them Christ will make something beautiful out of your life:

Lord Jesus, I want to know You personally. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life to You and ask You to come in as my Savior and Lord. Take control of my life. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be.

It starts now!

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Intimacy with God — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

9 Nov 2022 News Briefing

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Nepal, Strong Tremors Felt In Delhi-NCR
An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 on the Ritcher scale jolted Nepal with severe tremors felt in parts of North-Northeastern India at around 1.57 am on Wednesday, November 9. According to the National Center for Seismology (NCS), the depth of the earthquake was 10 km below the ground and the epicentre was in Nepal. This is the third earthquake to hit Nepal in the 24-hour cycle.

Strategic Misjudgments Of The Chinese Authorities
Facing such an unprecedented situation, there have been misjudgments and misunderstandings in the way how China sees the world. As an observer, ANBOUND’s founder Chan Kung has listed a series of such perceptions, from geopolitics to national policies, to discern what lies behind them.

Voting machines down in entire NJ county, officials say
Election officials told News12 New Jersey that a software issue caused problems in voting machines countywide. As the poll worker talked, a man in the background could be heard saying, “we don’t want to adjudicate, no.” The poll worker then said, while laughing, that “no one is trying to deceive anybody.” “Of course not, not on election day,” a man in the background said. “That would never happen.”

Potential Hurricane Nicole could threaten Artemis I rocket on launch pad
NASA made the decision to roll out its Artemis I rocket to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center aiming for a liftoff as early as next Monday, but what is now Subtropical Storm Nicole is predicted to transform and grow into Hurricane Nicole by Wednesday, and that could affect launch plans.

Navy raises enlistment age limit to 41 as recruiting problems continue
The U.S. Navy has raised its maximum age for general enlistment from 39 to 41, after the U.S. military saw historic struggles with recruiting in the 2022 fiscal year and signs of continued struggles ahead. Under the new change, recruits must now report to boot camp before their 42nd birthday.

Europe Ramps Up Renewable Capacity Amid War In Ukraine
The Ukraine War has had a dramatic impact on Europe’s energy security. The bloc has doubled down on its renewable energy initiatives as a result. Tax breaks included in America’s Inflation Reduction Act, particularly those who manufacture EVs, could place Europe at a disadvantage amid an already serious energy crisis.

DeSantis Halts Biden Election Monitors In Florida Polling Locations
“Section 102.031(3)(a) of the Florida Statutes lists the people who ‘may enter any polling room or polling place.’ Department of Justice personnel are not included on the list. Even if they could qualify as ‘law enforcement’ under section 102.031(3)(a)6. of the Florida Statutes, absent some evidence concerning the need for federal intrusion, or some federal statute that preempts Florida law, the presence of federal law enforcement inside polling places would be counterproductive and could potentially undermine confidence in the election.” In short, pound sand.

“Yup”: Elon Musk Seemingly Confirms Twitter Employees Sold Verification Badges ‘Behind the Scenes’
“Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000. For certain accounts, mine included, they would refuse to verify you through the standard application and then privately offer to verify you for $$ behind the scenes. Investigation needed,” WSBChairman—a user with 900,000 followers—claimed on the platform on Nov. 5. Musk confirmed that user’s claim, responding: “Yup.” Democrat lawmakers have already set their sights on Twitter and Musk.

Ukraine will continue to fight ‘even if we are stabbed in the back’ by allies
The comment follows a Washington Post report that the White House has been privately urging Ukraine to show a willingness to negotiate with Russia. But in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Tuesday, Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said that “Negotiating with Putin would mean giving up, and we would never give him this gift”.

Russian activists meet in Poland, plot Putin’s removal
Former Russian politicians and anti-Putin activists have been gathering in Poland to plot ways to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from office, including by staging a coup that would involve “physically eliminating” him, according to multiple reports. The figures have discussed different ways of regime change, including putting together an armed group to kill Putin and fomenting civil war in Russia, according to European media network Euractiv. “The main goal is to physically eliminate Putin,” said opposition activist Viacheslav Maltsev, who fled Russia in 2017.

Some truth about what is happening in Ukraine
I have finally reached my limit and am incensed with the Western news media, which has never bothered to do its homework regarding the wars raging in Ukraine. They appear to only write for the sensational value of the tales they tell and not the truth. The truth in the news seems to be the most difficult commodity to come by today.

Israel’s GOP chairman: Obama is the real boss in the White House
Zell scolds US President Biden for taking six days to congratulate Israel’s projected Prime Minister-elect, Benjamin Netanyahu. “Almost every major leader in the Western world immediately called to congratulate Netanyahu but he waited…and I think that was on purpose.” “Biden is a very weak president,” continues Zell. “Most people understand that he serves as a front for a few very accomplished politicians including Obama.

Russia gave stolen Western weapons, cash to Iran
Russia flew over $140 million in cash and seized Western anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Tehran in late August, an anonymous security source told Sky News on Tuesday. The seized munitions include a British NLAW anti-tank missile, a US Javelin anti-tank missile and a Stinger anti-aircraft missile, according to the report. The munitions had been part of a shipment intended for the Ukrainian military that “fell into Russian hands.”

Bahrain Expected Netanyahu to Win, Will Continue Building Ties
The kingdom’s top diplomatic adviser says his country will abide by the Abraham Accords and “continue building our partnership together.”

“Sinful Smile” – Why the Arab World Is Again in an Uproar Over Israel
President Herzog set off a storm in the Arab world by merely being himself. And what that says about the prospect of further normalization. The Abraham Accords have been successful not only at a diplomatic level, but also in fostering coexistence between Israel and some Arab populations. The key word there: Some. The others apparently remain wholehearted enemies of the Jewish state.

Mount Sinai preparing to host climate summit – a new global ‘religion’
Egypt’s Mount Sinai – just a hop, skip and a jump from Israel – is the site most commonly known as the place where God appeared to Moses to give him the Ten Commandments – the primary covenant in Judaism, as well as the foundation for most other religions and many modern-day laws.

“Returning to Sinai” — A Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance
Between November 6th and 18th, 2022, the UN climate conference COP 27 will take place on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Religious communities and religious leaders have a key role to play in addressing climate change and climate justice, which requires deep transformation within society. The knowledge of what changes are critically needed to diminish long-term harm to the planet is readily available. However, bringing about change in action demands deeper changes in attitude, a change of heart. This has been the domain of religions for millennia. Religions are sources of inspiration for the transformation of heart and the ensuing changes of attitude.

“How Do People Know the Truth?”: Biden Unleashes Tirade Over Musk Restoring Free Speech Protections on Twitter 
…President Biden has previously accused social media companies of “killing people” by refusing to impose robust censorship over a wide range of subjects. Many of those banned or censored were doctors with opposing views on the data and the science related to the pandemic.

2 Catastrophic Things Are About to Happen to Our Supply Chain
If you think things are bad economically now, hang on to your halo. We are facing a perfect storm for our supply chain within the next month unless several things change dramatically.

Aldi, Walmart Unleash ‘Thanksgiving Price Rewind’ As Battle For Consumer Begins
Consumers are receiving a much-needed break this holiday season as multiple retailers are rolling back the prices on Thanksgiving items. This move is in response to the highest inflation in forty years, crushing household finances as negative real wage growth for 18 months wipes out personal savings and balloons credit card balances.

Democrats want to ban security cameras EVERYWHERE so nobody can videotape their crimes in motion
…suddenly the person videotaping is the criminal, not the actual criminal committing a crime. How about, then should all security cameras everywhere be banned by Democrats? Or maybe ban all police body cams?

Upper East Siders Stunned by 5G Tower Suddenly Installed Outside Their Windows 
Two-and-a-half years ago, City leaders applauded themselves for bringing an ‘equitable expansion of 5G mobile service’ to the five boroughs. Now, the Upper East Side is getting a look at what that actually means: a large tower, packed with 5G transmission equipment — some of it even requiring a radio frequency radiation warning — suddenly installed atop a streetlight on a sleepy Yorkville block, right outside residents’ windows.

Email Points to Pritzker Wanting to Require Covid Vax for School
…internal emails from the Illinois Department of Public Health1 suggest Prtizker is looking into adding the covid shot to the list of school vaccines through a process that doesn’t involve full Legislative approval.

Finland Exposes Massive Covid Reporting Scandal: Nearly 40% of ‘Covid Deaths’ Were Fraudulent
Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world committed fraud in their Covid deaths reporting during the pandemic.

As The Beaver Blood Moon Rises, Dozens Of Voting Machines In Democrat Counties Are Suddenly ‘Not Working’ Prompting Cries Of Foul Play
Election Day isn’t even halfway over, and already reports of ‘technical problems’ with dozens of voting machines in heavily-Democrat Maricopa County in Arizona are flooding in. Not only that, the Biden administration is attempting to force the state of Florida to accept 64 voting monitors to 3 large counties, something that Gov. Ron DeSantis says is a violation of state law. If you think the Democrats, who are helplessly watching the Red Tsunami rising, are going to play fair then you are highly deceived.

UK Gov. “Nudge Unit” is working with Banks to implement Social Credit System disguised as ‘Carbon Guilt Trip Tracker’
Imagine you just filled up at the petrol station and you get a message on your phone saying: “Did you know this purchase is equivalent to over 200 kg of carbon? If you used public transport more, you’d save over half.” This is a service that Cogo, a carbon impact platform is providing for mobile banking apps, such as NatWest with the aim to inform and change behaviours.

Impact Investing – The UN’s Global Social Credit System
Social finance or impact investing reduces human beings to the status of potential investments, sources of profit for wealthy ruling vampires, Winter Oak surmised. It is a digital slave trade.  It wants to own and control us – our bodies and every moment of our lives – and it wants to own and control every square inch of our world.

BIDEN ECONOMY: With Inflation at 40-Year Highs, 4.5 Million Americans Turn to Second Job
The number one issue in today’s midterms may be the economy.  This is not because it is good, it’s because the Biden economy is terrible.

Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World
The people have been lied to. It was a gigantic lie. And on this lie, everything that governments, especially in the Western democracies did to infringe on people’s rights, to take away their freedom, to lock them in their homes, imposing curfews, all of this was based on that gigantic lie.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/11/09/9-nov-2022/

Headlines – 11/9/2022

Jerusalem publishes zoning for new US embassy in Jerusalem

Anti-LGBTQ+ MK Avi Maoz, Netanyahu meet ahead of coalition negotiations – On Monday, Avi Maoz called for full Orthodox control over the Western Wall

Smotrich demands de facto annexation across West Bank in gov’t negotiations

Israel Accused of Denying Palestinian ‘Right to Life’ During Activist’s Speech to UN Commission

IDF: Shots fired at troops along northern West Bank barrier; no injuries

Israeli man dies of wounds two weeks after terror stabbing in West Bank village

Mysterious strikes in Syria hit fuel convoy from Iraq; Iranians killed

Iranian human rights lawyer arrested by IRGC officers at Tehran airport

Russia gave stolen Western weapons, cash to Iran

Russia and US to resume talks over nuclear weapons inspections

Commentary: China and Russia Plot a ‘Space Pearl Harbor’

Russian troops slam generals over ‘incomprehensible battle’ that reportedly killed 300 in Donetsk

Ukraine’s Zelensky Sets Conditions for ‘Genuine’ Peace Talks With Russia

Ukraine urges US to ‘stay united’ as potential Republican win threatens aid

Brazilian Leaders and Military Reportedly Planning to Release Evidence of a Corrupted Election This Week

John Kerry’s handshake with accused narco-terrorist Nicolas Maduro was ‘unplanned,’ says State Dept

Judge dismisses Vindman’s witness intimidation, retaliation suit against Don Jr., Giuliani, others

Video: A Direct Challenge to Obama, DOJ, FBI, and the Rest of the Deep State with Patrick Byrne

Fetterman Turns to Controversial Clinton Lawyer Marc Elias’ Firm to Strike Down Pennsylvania Election Provisions

Trump On Midterm Elections: Will Be ‘Very Big Night’ – If No Fraud

Trump urges voter ID, paper ballots ahead of midterms

“We are Tracking Every Race by Cyber… We are Watching” – Mike Lindell Issues Stern Warning to Anyone Who Attempts to Steal and Rig the Election

Voting machines down in New Jersey’s Mercer County

Dominion Voting Machines Down In Texas, Arizona, New Jersey – Other Voter Irregularities Reported

Maricopa County, Arizona, officials say 20% of voting locations experiencing ‘hiccups’ with tabulators

“Stephen Richer Must Resign!” – GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Responds to Maricopa County Recorder After 20% of County Tabulator Machines Malfunction on Election Day!

Maricopa County election officials try to reassure voters amid reports that ‘nothing is working’

Maricopa County ballots ‘so blotchy from the printer that the scanner could not read’ them

Maricopa County official apologizes for broken voting machines

Judge blocks Arizona county from hand-counting ballots

Arizona ballot snafu drives Republican conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theory resurfaces that Wi-Fi at polling stations means votes are being changed remotely

Judge Rejects RNC Effort to Extend Voting Hours in Maricopa County, Arizona After Problems with Tabulators Lead to Long Lines

Polling hours extended in Luzerne County, PA amid paper shortage

More Democrat Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County than in Philadelphia County Despite There Being 275,000 More Democrats in Philly

Illinois: Voters Told to Use Sharpie Pen Provided or Their Vote May Not Count

Illinois county hit with DDoS attack designed to ‘discourage you from voting’

NYC Polling Station Receives Pipe Bomb Threat – Temporarily Shuts Down

Michigan Activists Witness Suspicious Late Night Activity at Innocuous Warehouse at 3 AM Near Detroit Election Center

Kristina Karamo: Michigan Republican Voters Told They Have Already Voted in Detroit

Indiana poll worker ejected for allegedly pre-selecting ‘straight Dem ticket,’ electioneering

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blocks AG Garland’s Election Monitors From Entering Polling Locations

DOJ poll monitoring under fire as election experts decry ‘corrupt,’ ‘partisan’ agency under Biden

Exit polls showing voters indeed have inflation on mind, ‘angry’ with direction of country

The New York Times Gets Brutally Mocked After Releasing Guide On How To ‘Cope’ With Election Results

Republicans pickup several House seats, nearing majority, but control still too close to call

‘Squad’ members cruise to reelection

Warnock, Walker headed to likely runoff next month in Georgia Senate race

In a race marked by trolling and drama, Fetterman defeats Oz for Pennsylvania Senate seat

Russian Hackers Threaten DNC Website Hack as GOP ‘Gift’

Mark Zuckerberg says he’s accountable as Meta prepares for layoffs: Report

Elon Musk sold nearly $4 billion worth of Tesla stock since Twitter deal closed

Musk’s Wealth Hits 2022 Low in 48% Plunge From $340 Billion Peak

Evelyn De Rothschild, London Head of Banking Dynasty, Dies at 91

Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 Billion Fortune Is Eviscerated in Days

Crypto Crash Intensifies Amid Downfall Of Industry’s ‘White Knight’ Bankman-Fried

Gas prices inch back up due to oil market volatility: AAA

Bright daylight fireball over Arizona, U.S.

Bright fireball over southern France

7.0 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

6.8 magnitude earthquake hits south of the Fiji Islands

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Marotta, Italy

At least 6 people killed after M6.6 earthquake hits Nepal

M5.6 earthquake and series of aftershocks hit near the coast of Rimini, Italy

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Santa Cruz, Philippines

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Papayal, Peru

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Peru-Ecuador border region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Tsukuba, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Buin, Chile

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Cuba region

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala eurpts to 17,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador 16,000ft

Sheveluch volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 11,000ft

Nicole to strike Florida’s east coast as a hurricane

Florida Issues Mandatory Evacuation for Tropical Storm Nicole

NASA Delays Artemis Launch Due to Tropical Storm Nicole

NASA will leave its $4.1 billion rocket outside as Nicole approaches Florida

Nicole to bring flooding rain, gusty winds to Northeast as it journeys up the East Coast

California Hit by Rain, Snow, Tornado on Election Day

L.A. Residents Told to Stay Home Due to Rain – with 4 Hours Left to Vote

Humanity Is on ‘Highway to Climate Hell,’ U.N. Chief Guterres Warns

Vatican Warns of ‘Severe Humanitarian Impacts’ from Climate Emergency

Climate change threatens to destroy ‘the things Americans value most,’ U.S. government warns

Britain’s Sunak Says Ukraine War an Excuse to Push Green Agenda Even Harder

John Kerry Says Climate Strategy ‘Modelled’ on Covid Vaccine Rollout at World Economic Forum Panel

Israel joins Mideast nations, including Iraq, Lebanon, to agree on climate action

‘Barbaric’ homicides surge in Turks and Caicos amid drug-related violence

42% of Gen Z diagnosed with a mental health condition, survey reveals

UMC announces new date for General Conference that will tackle LGBT debate

UMC body elects openly gay bishop in defiance of denomination’s rules

World Cup ambassador from Qatar denounces homosexuality

World Cup ambassador calls homosexuality ‘damage in the mind’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Becomes First World Leader to Appear on ‘Drag Race’: Watch

Maura Healey wins Massachusetts governor’s race, NBC News projects, as the first lesbian elected to lead a state

Republican high school students can criticize abortion proposal during morning announcements, federal judge rules

Voters support abortion rights in all five states with ballot measures

Maryland Legalizes Marijuana; 4 Other States Also Voting

Hackers leak Australian health records on dark web

COVID Early Treatment Champion Dr. Peter McCullough Files to Dismiss His Decertification by American Board of Internal Medicine for Speaking Truth About mRNA Shots

Republicans’ Chief House Investigator Vows to Take On Bureaucracy, Starting with Vaccine Royalties

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · Nov. 9, 2022

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.


“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.” —George Washington (1748)



A Middling Midterm Win

The GOP fell far short of its lofty electoral expectations, but there were still a few bright spots, especially in Florida.

Douglas Andrews

A disappointment. More of a ripple than a wave. A narrow win rather than a resounding one. That’s how we’d describe yesterday’s midterms — unless you’re a Floridian, in which case Election Day 2022 was nothing short of glorious.

On a night when the Republicans hadn’t yet taken the House of Representatives as of 2 a.m. ET, and GOP candidates seemed to underperform all over the map, and highly anticipated contests — like the governors’ races in New York and Michigan and the Senate race in New Hampshire — fizzled out in favor of the incumbent Democrats, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a thunderclap across the political landscape by obliterating his Democrat challenger, Charlie Crist, by nearly 20 points. On his coattails, Florida Senator Marco Rubio cruised to a massive 17-point victory over Congresswoman Val Demings, and the state added four new congressional candidates and achieved supermajorities in both state houses. It’s the first time since Reconstruction that Florida hasn’t had a single Democrat holding statewide office.

In short, what was only recently the swingiest of swing states is now more solidly Republican than Texas, and Ron DeSantis is responsible for it. And just think: Four years ago, DeSantis beat the now deeply disgraced Andrew Gillum by just seven-tenths of a percentage point.

There were other bright spots, such as New York’s 17th Congressional District, where incumbent Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and is therefore responsible for managing the party’s midterm election strategy, was ousted by Republican challenger Michael Lawler.

But there were equally dark moments, such as the grim reality of Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman. How on earth a stroke-addled, hoodie-wearing, tattoo-covered hard-leftist can be elected to the U.S. Senate is beyond comprehension. But he was.

Indeed, there he was at 1:15 a.m. ambling up to the lectern to deliver the most disjointed and intellectually barren victory speech ever delivered by a U.S. senator-elect.

As for that 50-50 Senate, the Pennsylvania seat is a Democrat pickup, which means that the Republicans must win at least two of the three remaining undecided races — Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia — to win control of the upper chamber. And if Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly hangs on in Arizona against Republican challenger Blake Masters, and if Republican challenger Adam Laxalt manages to beat incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, control of the Senate will once again come down to … Georgia.

Yes, Georgia, where, as of 2:30 a.m. ET, Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock leads Republican challenger Herschel Walker 49.4% to 48.6% with 97% of the vote counted. With so little vote still outstanding, it appears that Warnock will fall short of the necessary 50% threshold for victory (there’s a third-party candidate pulling the remaining 2% of the vote). And according to Georgia law, that will require a two-man runoff. That runoff will take place on Tuesday, December 6, and whether the stakes will include control of the U.S. Senate depends on what happens in Arizona and Nevada.

As for the most deeply disgraceful performance of the night, that would belong to Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs, who’s running for governor while also serving as the state’s secretary of state. But if her performance as secretary of state is any indication of how she’d govern, Arizonans had best beware. Clearly, she can’t even keep the state’s election apparatus functioning properly.

We heard early Tuesday afternoon that Arizona’s most populous county, Maricopa, which includes Phoenix and which was the source of all manner of irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, had to shut down some of its voting machines due to vote-counting irregularities. In addition, the Maricopa County Elections Division announced late last night that it would be “working through the night” and anticipated having 99% of the county’s votes counted “by Friday.”

We sent a man to the moon more than half a century ago, and yet Democrat-controlled counties in crucial swing states can’t seem to run a reliable election.

Ours was a great country once, and it was great in part because it elected serious people to office, and because it did so on Election Day, not during Election Season.

If we can end on a high note, it might be this: Nancy Pelosi’s days as speaker of the House are numbered — 83 to be exact — and we can look forward to watching her turn over the speaker’s gavel once and for all at the swearing in of the 118th Congress on January 3, 2023. At that time, we can also look forward to House Republicans doggedly exercising their constitutionally prescribed oversight of this administration.

UPDATE: After all this, it looks like the GOP might end up controlling the House with a 4-6-seat margin, the same tight margin the Democrats enjoy now. And if — if — Republican Adam Laxalt’s lead holds up in Nevada, where he’s ahead by 2.7% with 80% of the vote counted, the Senate will, once again, come down to a Walker-Warnock runoff in Georgia, this one on Tuesday, December 6.

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Why the Red Wave Petered Out

Voting isn’t taken seriously enough by citizens misled by a dishonest and partisan media.

Nate Jackson

America’s Founding Fathers held voting in far higher esteem than present day Americans. It’s true that voting eligibility was more limited then, though judging that through modern sensibilities should be done carefully. But the point is our Founders treated voting as a responsibility, not something that should be cavalierly made ridiculously easy and expanded from Election Day to Election Season. When such things happen, combined with a grossly biased media, red waves turn to red trickles.

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not so to do,” wrote Samuel Adams in 1781. Instead, “he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” How many of our fellow citizens treat voting that way?

“Progressives” are never done. Thus, they took good things — extending voting to women and minorities, for example — and expanded them into voting a month early or by mail for any reason, in some states without even having to bother with requesting a ballot. All the while “progressives” dumbed down education and journalism to the point that many citizens couldn’t even tell you who the vice president is, much less have any carefully considered thoughts about how our Constitutional Republic ought to be run.

Democrats used the pandemic in 2020 as an excuse to expand access to voting, as already mentioned. This expansion has been going on for years, of course, and the result is that it’s easier than ever to cast a ballot. Thanks to bulk-mail ballots, millions of Americans don’t even have to leave their house to do so, much less truly authenticate who they are.

Unfortunately, that’s how you end up with millions of poorly informed people voting, largely for Democrats. If citizens took their responsibility seriously, if they were knowledgable beyond the misinformation and disinformation blaring through mainstream media outlets, they would vote for candidates who treasure our Constitution. Instead, we get Democrats, in large part because what uninformed voters do hear is that Republicans “don’t want you to vote.” That’s not true, but lies are powerful.

Meanwhile, the Democrat strategy of running against Donald Trump apparently worked to firm up their base, as did Joe Biden’s two big speeches about “protecting democracy.” Yes, most voters care a lot about how inflation is torching their household budgets and how criminals are literally stealing their wallets, but Democrats and their media super PAC were able to paint key Republicans as “election deniers” and stooges of the Bad Orange Man, which equaled “scary extremist” to the voter who listens to NPR or only occasionally tunes in to mainstream news.

Republicans knew that was all a grotesque lie and yet they didn’t spend enough time rebutting it with anything other than yeah, well Democrats deny elections too. Sure they do — all the time — but Democrats didn’t storm the Capitol, either. For the low-information voter, that was all they needed to know. Apparently, Democrat pollsters knew exactly what fear buttons to push to keep their voters on the plantation.

Conversely, the Republican strategy of running against Biden wasn’t a winning one. They hardly mentioned inflation, crime, or immigration without (justifiably) tying it to Biden, but it wasn’t enough.

More importantly, never underestimate the power of the Leftmedia. If you’re reading this, congratulations — you’re one of the millions of Americans who are literate enough in civics and other issues to care and to find solid sources for your news. Millions more, however, get their information from the mainstream media, which as we said is a super PAC for Democrats. A point we’ve made before is that Fox News may lead the ratings, but it doesn’t outperform the collective voice of other leftist outlets, and even Fox ran the mindless “Democracy 2022” slogan for the election.

Imagine what the political landscape would look like if the media was fair. Heck, if it was just 60-40 Democrat instead of 90-10.

Republicans, not Democrats, are the ones who will have to do a lot of soul-searching after last night. Democrats know that lousy candidates — even ones disabled by a stroke — can still win if all of the above holds true. Moderate voters simply want stability and competence, and if the media can successfully portray Republican candidates as crazy or immoral or as hand-picked Trumpists, moderate and low-information voters will steer clear of the GOP. Donald Trump looms even larger over the next election than he did over this one, when he was a kingmaker in the primaries who then didn’t spend much to help his picks win. If you love Trump or are even simply grateful for his incredible legacy as we are, his presence or candidacy is more of a drag than a boon for the rest of the GOP in most areas of the country.

Finally, there is hope. If Republicans do indeed take the House, that means significant oversight over a lawless Biden administration. Even if the Senate remains 50-50 or worse, Republicans have a much more favorable landscape in 2024, defending only 10 seats compared to 21 Democrats and two Democrat “independents.” Joe Biden won’t be on the ballot in two years, and if Trump also isn’t — if it’s Ron DeSantis against Gavin Newsom, for example — Republicans have a solid opportunity to retake the White House.

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Executive News Summary

Americans suffer largest pay cut in 25 years, homeowners have lost $1.5 trillion in equity, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • Americans suffer largest pay cut in 25 years due to Bidenflation: Far from getting the nation’s 40-year-high inflation under control, Joe Biden and the Democrats have only acted to ensure that it remains high. And the result of the sustained sky-high inflation, currently sitting at 8.2%, equates to the American worker effectively taking a significant pay cut. Despite wages increasing by an average of 5.1%, inflation has entirely eaten up that growth and then some, as Americans are experiencing what amounts to the biggest cut in their pay in over 25 years. Wages with inflation accounted for have dropped 8.6%. Bidenflation is literally making Americans across the board poorer. As the Dallas Fed observes, “While the past 25 years have witnessed episodes that show either a greater incidence or larger magnitude of real wage declines, the current time period is unparalleled in terms of the challenge employed workers face.” This is Biden’s America.
  • Homeowners have lost $1.5T in equity in six months: Just last year, the housing market was a seller’s dream, as prices climbed to dizzying heights and homes sold like hotcakes. But today that hot market has cooled considerably. According to a recent report from mortgage software and analytics company Black Knight, American homeowners have lost a whopping $1.5 trillion in equity since May. Black Knight data and analytics president Ben Graboske observed, “In the span of just three months, U.S. mortgage holders saw a total of $1.3T in newly acquired equity evaporate.” He further noted, “That is — by far — the largest quarterly decline on record by dollar value and the largest since 2009 on a percentage basis.” The average homeowner has lost $30,000 in equity since May. However, to put that in perspective, the average homeowner has gained over $92,000 in equity since prior to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the number of homeowners who purchased their homes within the last two years and are now underwater on their mortgage has risen to 500,000, representing roughly 3.6% of all mortgages. Despite the drop in home equity, home prices have yet to fall nearly as significantly.
  • Meta lays off over 11,000 employees: The Big Tech firm Meta, which is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, laid off 11,000 employees this week. CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg explained in a letter to employees: “I want to take accountability for these decisions and for how we got here. I know this is tough for everyone, and I’m especially sorry to those impacted.” The 11,000 laid-off employees account for approximately 13% of Meta’s workforce. The significant layoffs follow Meta’s profit falling by 50% last quarter. The company, valued at over a $1 trillion last year, has seen its stock value plummet by 70% from that high. Zuckerberg, for his part, is blaming himself, saying that he attempted to grow the company too quickly and too big during the pandemic when online commerce was spiking: “Unfortunately, this did not play out the way I expected. I got this wrong, and I take responsibility for that.” Zuckerberg has been working to stem the bleeding for months, as he first began cutting back on company perks, then enacted a hiring freeze in September, and now he’s downsizing the staff. But Meta is far from the only tech company to be negatively impacted by economic headwinds.


  • Nicole to strike Florida as a hurricane tonight with storm surge, strong winds, flooding rain (TWC)
  • Left-wing states vote for “right” to abortion in midterm defeat for pro-lifers (LifeSiteNews)
  • Michigan adopts controversial new voting rules that will jeopardize election security (Daily Signal)
  • AOC-led group of far-left lawmakers adds new members (Fox News)
  • Alabama, Tennessee, Vermont remove slavery loopholes from constitutions, Louisiana does not (Fox News)
  • Dems blow nearly $200 million on perennial losers Beto O’Rourke, Stacey Abrams (Free Beacon)
  • House Republicans to push nuclear power, natural gas at COP27 (WaPo)
  • Humor: Beto: “Maybe the real electoral victory was the three electoral races I’ve lost along the way” (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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A Big Winner and Two Losers From Yesterday’s Midterms

Ron DeSantis stole the show yesterday, but a key swing state and a former president lost unequivocally.

Douglas Andrews

Just one day before the 2018 gubernatorial election in Florida, a Quinnipiac poll showed Republican Ron DeSantis trailing former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum by a whopping seven points.

Lucky for DeSantis — and lucky for the people of Florida — that voters, not polls, decide elections. The following day, DeSantis ended up winning by seven-tenths of a point. Since then, the governor has enacted staunchly conservative policies, waded into the culture wars against Disney and its ilk, and counterpunched smartly at a mainstream media that’s inclined to twist the news against him at every turn.

Yesterday, DeSantis won 62 of the state’s 67 counties and beat Democrat challenger Charlie Crist by nearly 20 points. Where he won by some 30,00 votes in 2018, he won by 1,500,000 yesterday. Yes, by Election Day, everyone was predicting a DeSantis win. No one, though, was predicting a win of this magnitude.

If you’re not stirred by this Churchillian passage from his victory speech last night, you might want to check your pulse:

We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected the rights of parents. We have respected our taxpayers, and we reject woke ideology.

We fight the woke in the legislature. We fight the woke in the schools. We fight the woke in the corporations. We will never ever surrender to the woke mob. Florida is where woke goes to die!

“USA! USA!” some supporters chanted during DeSantis’s rousing victory speech in Tampa last night. “Two more years! Two more years!” others shouted, in a not-so-subtle call for DeSantis to run for president in 2024.

“We saw freedom and our very way of life in so many other jurisdictions in this country wither on the vine. Florida held the line,” he said. “Florida was a refuge of sanity when the world went mad. We stood as a citadel of freedom for people across this county and indeed across the world.”

DeSantis thus sent a thunderclap across the political landscape, and he made Florida look like Arkansas in terms of its political imbalance. Indeed, it’s the first time since Reconstruction that Florida hasn’t had a single Democrat holding statewide office.

So Ron DeSantis and the people of Florida were big winners yesterday. But there were big losers, too. Among them: The people of Pennsylvania.

In the darkest moment of yesterday’s election, the least qualified, least capable, furthest left candidate, John Fetterman, prevailed over a heart surgeon and highly successful businessman, Republican Mehmet Oz. Perhaps the worst part of this outcome was that nearly a million Pennsylvanians had cast their ballots before Fetterman’s painful and utterly disqualifying debate performance. So now Pennsylvania will send to The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body a man who is medically incapable of deliberating at any real depth, a man who has hardly held a real job in his life, and a man whose past policy prescriptions include freeing convicted murderers, creating heroin-injection sites, and banning fracking.

Another loser was Donald Trump. Things clearly didn’t go the former president’s way last night. There was no red wave, and there was no streak of wins by Trump-endorsed Republicans. There were, however, large and glaringly high-profile losses for Trump candidates, including Oz, Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, New Hampshire Senate candidate Don Bolduc, and, it appears, Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters. Kari Lake is down but not yet out in the governor’s race in Arizona.

And two candidates whom Trump publicly opposed — Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — won big last night, while Trump’s candidate for Senate there, Herschel Walker, appears to have barely limped his way into a December 6 runoff against hard-left Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock. Walker may yet win that runoff, and the GOP may yet eke out a 51-49 Senate, but that doesn’t discount the weakness of Walker’s candidacy — a candidacy that caused some 200,000 Georgians to split their tickets by voting for both Kemp and Warnock.

Let’s wrap up by going back to the big winner, Ron DeSantis: “We have accomplished more than anybody thought possible four years ago,” he said toward the end of his victory speech, “but we’ve got so much more to do — and I have only begun to fight.”

That last part was a reference to a fellow sailor and patriot, John Paul Jones, and it would serve his fellow Republicans well to remember it going forward. Conservative principles are attractive and popular when articulately conveyed and competently carried out.

But candidates clearly matter to Republican voters. And that message must be remembered as well.

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Black America’s Vote: Time for Change

These minority voters are once again voicing concern that entitled Democrats are not championing their issues.

Emmy Griffin

A seemingly endless piece in The Washington Post digests the varying views and thoughts on the midterm elections specifically through the eyes of black voters in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The article mainly argues that Republicans are racist, but Democrats have their issues too. The harshest critique of the Left from the voters in Gwinnett County is that they feel like Democrats count on their loyalty but there is no quid pro quo.

Considering the source (The Washington Post), the fact that there is any criticism of the Democrat Party is astonishing. However, this is not the first time black voters have voiced concern that Democrats are not championing their issues.

What do black voters care about? The main concerns listed in the WaPo article were voting rights and policing. Other media sources list the availability of jobs, the poor economy, and a values misalignment.

This conflict can be seen particularly keenly in Georgia, where Republican Governor Brian Kemp is facing off against Stacey Abrams, and where Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock is attempting to retain his seat against Georgia football hero Herschel Walker.

Abrams gained rising Democrat star power when she declared that she had not lost her gubernatorial race in 2018; it only appeared that way because of voter suppression (for the record, she recently lost her voter suppression claim in court). She rode that horse all the way to costing Atlanta the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which amounted to $100 million in lost revenue for business owners, many of whom are black. She also spurred on the ill-advised “defund police” movement to tragic results.

Her recent statements on the campaign trail have made her even more unpopular. First she said that ultrasound heartbeats aren’t real; they’re just manufactured sounds invented by men to force women to have their babies. Then she called all the sheriffs who have endorsed Kemp “good ol’ boys” “who want to be able to take black people off the streets [and] who want to be able to go without accountability.” Then she had the audacity to blame black men for her polling being down. She called them susceptible to “misinformation”:

Unfortunately, this year, black men have been a very targeted population for misinformation. Not misinformation about what they want but about why they want what they deserve.

She did not specify what black men were misinformed about, but hurling a vague claim like “voter suppression” got her pretty far; why not try the looming specter of “misinformation”?

The Walker/Warnock race has a very different tenor. Of the people interviewed in that Washington Post article, the overwhelming response to Walker being chosen as a candidate is that he is an ignorant amalgamation of all the harmful black male stereotypes — an absentee father with a history of violence. His being put forward as a Republican candidate is deeply insulting to the black community because of this. The irony, though, is that Warnock has a similar history of abusing his ex-wife and, even more nefariously, using his influence as a pastor to manipulate the black community and taking on that assumed virtue to reinforce the image of a black benefactor, all while pocketing money at the expense of the vulnerable.

Though Georgia’s political parties may have erred in their U.S. Senate choices, there is an overall trend throughout the other 49 states that cannot be denied.

When the black community looks at its blue-city neighborhoods — ones that have been blue now for decades — they cannot say that their lives have been made more prosperous, safe, and stable. Quite the contrary. A change is needed, and more black Americans are willing to say that. It will be interesting to see just how many black votes really did shift away from a Democrat Party that is so out of touch with their priorities.

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Academic Freedom and the Future of Higher Ed

Attendees from across the political spectrum agree on one thing: higher ed is broken and desperately needs fixing.

Lewis Morris

Last weekend’s Academic Freedom Conference, sponsored by the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, attempted to tackle the major issues facing, even threatening, the future of higher education in America. College professors and administrators from across the political spectrum and across various academic disciplines and institutions gathered to discuss the problem and debate possible solutions.

Attendees at the invitation-only event agreed on at least one thing: Higher education is broken. A sustained attack on intellectual diversity and free speech has turned our colleges and universities into indoctrination centers, where the prevailing school of thought, dominated by the political Left, squelches any honest attempts at intellectual curiosity and exploratory thinking.

The debate through much of the conference was whether to try to fix the problem from within the institutions or to abandon traditional academia in search of alternatives.

University of Texas finance professor Richard Lowery took the view that fixing existing institutions is a lost cause. “The boards [of trustees] are a bunch of people who don’t know anything about universities who are the only ones who have the power to change anything. … What are the chances that your board is actually going to step up and do anything?”

Niall Ferguson, a senior fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution, spoke in favor of new institutional models, among them the University of Austin, which was founded in 2021. “The existing institutions will not fix themselves. Why would an institution 98 percent to the left vote to change itself? It’s not going to happen.”

John Rose of Duke University took the opposite approach: “I am in favor of fixing the existing institutions. If you want to create a culture of free speech on campus, it needs to start with the students in the classroom, not with faculty and administration. Students aren’t the problem; they are the solution.”

The argument over whether to fix what exists or start fresh with alternative schools wasn’t settled during the conference, but a robust to-do list was developed to give supporters of the conference some opportunities to take action. Among them:

  • Appoint vice presidents of academic freedom and free speech. Offices and VPs of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, also known as DEI (this is the Left’s acronym, not ours), are prevalent on most college campuses. Why not install some staff in the administration who are there to look out for everyone’s free speech rights?
  • Create a GED-like exam that allows brilliant young minds to test out of college. Every once in a while, a student comes along with the intellectual heft to go straight to graduate school without suffering through elective courses and pre-med, pre-law, or pre-science work. A special exam would allow such students to skip the first four years and get right to work on their passion.
  • Quantify and articulate the shortcomings of STEM. The higher education industry and many academics would have us believe that science, technology, engineering, and math are the be-all end-all of academics. However, in the rush to push STEM on incoming college students, there has been little accountability as to which courses and programs are worthwhile and which ones are faulty. Time to measure up.

The conference and its takeaways weren’t widely reported, and it’s hard to speculate as to its impact on the overall debate over academic freedom. The event and its attendees did, however, succeed in getting the message out that academics in America are under siege and that it’s up to everyone — left, right, and center — to do something about it. Either that, or future generations will continue to look elsewhere for opportunities away from higher education.

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  • ‘Florida Republicans Are Doing Something Right’ — The GOP in the Sunshine State is winning over Latino voters, which should be a troubling trend for Democrats.
  • COVID Amnesty? How About Jail Time — Some now call for “COVID amnesty” — an effort to forgive and forget, and move on without consequences, hearings, trials, or jail time for those who pushed bad science into bad policy.
  • The DEI Disaster — Twenty years ago, if you asked someone which of the world’s countries was the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive, he would have answered “the United States.” Not anymore. What changed?
  • The Federal Reserve Is a Dangerous Idea — Thomas Sowell argues that for most of American history there was no Federal Reserve and the country did fine. It has never lived up to its purported purpose.
  • Humor: Californians Move to Texas — The Gun Range — Steve and Timpani’s marriage is put to the test as the ex-Californians come up against their biggest Texan challenge yet: a gun range!


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“My own political philosophy is very plain and humble; I can trust the uneducated, but not the badly educated.” —G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

For the Record

“Candidate. Quality. Matters.” —Ben Shapiro

“There’s no way to sugarcoat it — Republicans got bamboozled in the midterms. All the polls that we reported showing Republican candidates surging in the final weeks of their campaigns, the race ratings from the Cook Political Report, and the overconfident statements from GOP leaders were all significantly overly optimistic about what we all watched play out on Tuesday night. There were GOP victories … but conservatives were sold a false bill of goods from the leaders tasked with delivering GOP majorities. … In an election year that favored Republicans purely for its timing as the first midterm of the Biden administration, an advantage that should have been helped by a president with chronically underwater approval, inflation above eight percent, surging crime and drug overdose crises, a wide open border, and so many more reasons, there’s no reason Republican candidates should have performed as poorly as they did.” —Spencer Brown

“No one believed that ‘Democracy is on the ballot’ was a winning argument made by President Biden and Democrats — and yet that argument seemingly won out over what Republicans were pitching as their final argument. ‘Democracy’ wasn’t even in the top issues listed by voters, who exit polls in key states showed are deeply dissatisfied with Biden’s policies. Yet the economic, national security, and law and order pitches made by Republicans didn’t lead to wins. As the dust settles after Election Day, it’s time for Republican voters to get answers about what happened.” —Spencer Brown

“I have seen enough… Regardless of the final numbers, given economic conditions, Biden’s unpopularity, out of control Wokeness, COVID insanity, & basic historical norms for a midterm election, 2022 is the most underperforming cycle for the GOP in my lifetime. Why? Donald Trump.” —John Ziegler

“How could you look at these results tonight and conclude Trump has any chance of winning a national election in 2024?” —Scott Jennings

“Independent voters want competence and normality. Which is totally understandable after Trump/Covid. Where Republicans provided both — Kemp and DeSantis — they won handily.” —Michael Brendan Dougherty

“People who are happy or breathing easier because of the outcome of this election now own its consequences. Inflation, high gas and food prices, and an open border are likely to continue. Republicans have a lot of work to do to change voter attitudes. Maybe another two years of suffering will do it, assuming the country survives.” —Cal Thomas

“About last night…The American people have woefully underestimated the extent to which children have been radicalized in our public schools. A generation of pronoun-confused Americans who hate the Constitution.” —Todd Starnes

“New York and Michigan both voted for feckless tyrants who locked them up during COVID but refuse to lock up actual criminals. They voted for tyranny. So let them have what they want. Good riddance.” —Matt Walsh

“There was no red wave but neither was this any sort of resounding victory for the Democrats. We’re left with an electorate divided, confused, and uninspired. Neither party has a coherent message or competent leadership.” —Matt Walsh

“Pretty incredible that the ‘we’ll make you poorer and less safe, but we’ll let you kill your baby’ message seems to work for a lot of people.” —Allie Beth Stuckey


“Big positive here is Republicans are taking the house, at minimum, and Joe Biden will be able to do nothing for the next two years. So he can’t make things worse. The 2024 presidential race starts now.” —Clay Travis

“A major flaw in Republican thinking over the years is their desire to be liked and to appease the major media. Being liked is overrated. Discipline is needed. A disciplined party that can demonstrate success on what voters care most about will succeed and success is the best antidote to the policy and rhetorical poison cranked out by the left. … Advice to Republicans: ignore the media and do what you are being elected to do. The result will be better for your party and more importantly better for the country.” —Cal Thomas

“The mandate for Republicans will be to stop Biden’s terrible agenda dead. It will not be to make very loud but tactically foolish moves. The American people keep saying the same thing over and over: we want some semblance of normalcy. Stop bothering us. Leave us alone. This is not a difficult thing to achieve.” —Ben Shapiro

And Last…

“Charlie Crist on Tuesday successfully defended his title as the only candidate in American history to lose a statewide election as a Democrat, Republican, and independent.” —Andrew Stiles

“And we bid a fond farewell to Beto O’Rourke, who will launch his 2024 presidential bid next week.” —Ben Shapiro

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“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.

Let’s Blame Trump and Move On? \ The Stream

Last night’s lack of a red wave is being blamed on Donald Trump. Heck, a deranged drugged out Berkeley hippie nudist pays a two a.m. visit to Paul Pelosi and it’s Trump’s fault. So can we be surprised? But that’s the line this morning. “Donald Trump is the Biggest Loser.” The GOP has to move on.

It was particularly disingenuous of former Bush advisors to speak that way. “Yeah? Where was George W? I didn’t see him pushing hard for Republican candidates. Didn’t see him having the back of GOP contenders who were getting slandered … and attacked … and shot at. Oh, but you did see him with Michelle Obama.”

Yeah. But last night was Trump’s fault. Time to move on. I was sent early this morning a link to a Mediaite story. “Conservatives Call for GOP to Move on from ‘Politically Toxic’ Trump after Red Wave Fails to Materialize.”

My 2:00 a.m. response still holds.

How Convenient

How convenient.

Let’s get rid of the guy who only brought peace and prosperity to the land, despite having the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Obama Machine, Clinton Machine, Big Tech machine, MSM machines, and the Swamp and the RINOS working 24/7 for four years to destroy him. Let’s bench the guy who is more responsible than anyone for bringing in Latinos and blacks and enthusiasm to the GOP.

Why? To put up some guy or gal with less experience who is going to get the exact same treatment that Trump got? And odds are will cave? Or play along? Or be dashed to pieces?

It is beyond nauseating to the point of infuriating that so many tonight are, in essence saying, “Oh, sure, those people in the FBI, CIA, DOJ and all the rest are traitors who sabotaged our system, but, well, we’re going let them have their way and cast Trump aside. Let’s give them what they want. Let’s let the system stay as it is so that we can allow more murderer-loving, baby killing enthusiast vegetables to high government office. Sure. As long as we don’t have to deal with the Orange Man.

‘Thanks, Trump, Now Beat It’

“Thanks, Trump for saving the nation from Hillary Clinton, and likely saving the lives of millions of babies over time, and saving the nation from a nuclear exchange with North Korea, and bringing peace to the Middle East, and getting rid of ISIS and Soleimani, and raising the wages of the poor and minorities, and making us energy independent. But take a hike, Chester. You’re too messy. Your enemies make things too hard on us.”

I apologize for being harsh. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I am in no mood. America had a choice between life and death tonight, and seems to have chosen death. I’d say God help us, but He’s been pretty clear what the cost is. And the first reaction, rather than recoil in horror, is to say “Gee, maybe this means the GOP should move on from Trump.” Unbelievable.

They Never Ask ‘Why?’

Maybe it would be a good thing if Trump doesn’t run. For Trump. Clearly, if he did run and it looked like he was going to win, they will try and kill him. They have proven they will stop at nothing to stop him. Just look at the Mar-a-Lago raid. DOJ considering a special counsel if he runs. The FBI conspiring with Big Tech to quash stories that would help him. The absolute joke that telling people to “peacefully and patriotically protest” was a call to insurrection, thus Trump can be barred by the 14th Amendment. The desperate attempts to prosecute him in New York while bodies pile up in the streets.

It pains me that so many, out of their discomfort with Trump, never bother to ask “Why?” Why the hellbent effort to destroy him? It’s more than partisan politics. (I mean, Mitch McConnell would literally rather have the progressive Left running the country over a cliff than have Trump and MAGA types have any sway in Washington.) It borders on demonic. (Which really begs the question “Why?”)

Why would these people be so willing to throw away due process, equal justice, use every tool of government legal and illegal to destroy one real estate mogul who only gave up an amazing life to serve his country. Why still go so rabidly against a guy we keep being told got legitimately whipped by Mr. 81 Million Votes? Don’t see anybody raiding Michael Dukakis’ house. Heck, we don’t even see anybody raiding Hillary Clinton’s house and she’s a criminal.

Sorry. No.

Which gets to my final point. Sure, one can make an argument that the GOP bench is so strong it’s time to consider having Trump pass the torch. I see the appeal. “Let’s get Trump’s policies without all the commotion.”

But here’s where the argument fails. At least for me. We know for a fact that Donald Trump was set up and sabotaged by a corrupt cabal, from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama to Joe Biden, and all the three letter agencies. And nobody has paid the price. Nobody.

How can that be brushed aside? How can the victim … to say nothing of his 75 million voters … be so casually brushed aside?

How can Trump be denied the chance to get back what was stolen? To try and defeat (again) if he so desires the forces that stop at nothing to bring him down?

If Ron DeSantis and every other GOP hopeful guaranteed, took a sworn oath, there would be justice, that “So help me God” the corrupt systems and sycophants that did the dirty work would be brought down — “Mr. President, we’ve got it from here” — then perhaps I’d agree to go with younger blood for 2024.

Short of that, no. Forget it. Letting the betrayal of our nation … and MAGA voters … stand is not an option.

Source: Let’s Blame Trump and Move On?

Millions Of Americans Struggle To Fill The Void In Their Lives Left By Absence Of Political Commercials — Babylon Bee

SCRANTON, PA — With the midterm elections in the nation’s rearview mirror, tens of millions of Americans are now left struggling to fill the void in their lives left by the glaring absence of political commercials.

“I’m just not sure how I’m supposed to just move on with my life now that I’m not inundated with wave after wave of political ads and unsolicited text messages,” said Jonathan Hughes this morning as he stared blankly out his kitchen window. “What am I supposed to watch during the commercial breaks of ‘Survivor’ every Wednesday? Geico ads?! Come on!”

Experts say voters will now be left to pick up the pieces and go on about their daily lives without the aid of a continual barrage of attack ads and political candidates making empty promises during every commercial break. “It’s been less than 24 hours, but I keep finding myself longing to hear Dr. Oz’s voice telling me ‘I’m Mehmet Oz, and I approved this message,'” said despondent citizen Jack Roberts. “I couldn’t even tell what that Fetterman guy was saying most of the time, but not seeing 72 commercials of his every hour just leaves me feeling empty.”

At publishing time, the American people were already gearing up for the 2024 election season and both political parties were eager to oblige them by starting to run their latest attack ads as soon as next week.

Is your wife a true crime addict? You need to look for these warning signs:

Millions Of Americans Struggle To Fill The Void In Their Lives Left By Absence Of Political Commercials — Babylon Bee

How the green agenda is being used to fleece the naive | RT World News

‘Greenwashing’ has gone mainstream, with both governments and corporations profiting without taking any real steps to protect the climate

Rachel Marsden is a columnist, political strategist, and host of independently produced talk-shows in French and English.

How the green agenda is being used to fleece the naive

Banks and corporations making pledges of ‘net-zero’ emissions are taking the public for a ride, according to a new United Nations report released at this week’s COP27 climate change conference. “We must have zero tolerance for net-zero greenwashing,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, in reference to the concept of virtue-signaling a green agenda for marketing purposes as a strategy to gain more business, all while failing to back up the claims in practice.

Oh, so the airlines asking whether you want to freely donate extra cash when buying a plane ticket to offset the carbon footprint of your flight aren’t technically achieving much beyond making the insufferably sanctimonious feel good about themselves? Or that the energy companies using renewables as window dressing are nonetheless continuing to invest in fossil fuels? You don’t say! In case the idealists haven’t noticed, there’s currently an energy crunch in the West due to Western sanctions on fuel from Russia – and renewables aren’t anywhere near ready for prime time as a replacement.

Germans are turning instead to coal and firewood, while France is scrambling to ramp up nuclear power. The EU even backpedaled at the beginning of the year in labeling gas and nuclear ‘green’ – which now conveniently allows its leaders to run around to fossil fuel pariah countries asking for desperately needed energy.

Read more

Research suggests how many burgers are safe for climate

Might as well, though, for all the good that this pricey and pretentious charade is doing. The UN says that more financing, to the tune of up to $340 billion per year by 2030, is the key. Anything less is apparently futile. The notion of massive funding being necessary to prevent Earth’s temperature from increasing by 1.5C above pre-industrial levels is a tough sell, particularly in the absence of any logical explanation of how the cash would credibly be used to realistically adjust the thermostat, so officials now seem to be trying a new sales pitch. “The world must step up and protect people and communities from the immediate and ever-growing risks of the climate emergency. We have no time to lose,” Guterres said, with the UN citing things like flooding in Pakistan and multi-year droughts as justification for the funding.

Greenwashing is just another way of scamming the hopelessly naive. And no one does it better than governments themselves, who have managed to relieve taxpayers of countless billions to fill slush funds under the guise of saving the world.

And now US President Joe Biden is using a green pretext to protect US economic interests to the detriment of European allies – even as the US ramps up fossil fuel liquefied natural gas exports to the EU. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is conveniently framed as a green energy initiative, offering US consumers tax incentives to buy American electric cars with batteries that have at least 40% of components from the US or a country with which it has free trade. Germany and France view the measures as blatant protectionism.

“We must react fast. I’m calling for a united, strong and coordinated response from the EU to our American allies. There is a risk of a major shock for French and European industry. Either they will be resolved there, and we hope they will, that’s why we have the task force to discuss this, or we will have to go to the WTO and envisage retaliatory measures,” French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said. “I have not been assured that the American side has completely grasped how great our concerns about the consequences are,” German Economy Minister Christian Lindner added. Japan and South Korea are also protesting the new move, demanding equal treatment for their products.

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaks during the COP27 Climate Summit, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, November 7, 2022.
British PM ‘rushed out’ of climate conference

It was only a matter of time before a Western government would use an environmental pretext for self-serving economic reasons. “The Americans are buying American and pursuing a very aggressive strategy of state aid. The Chinese are closing their market. We cannot be the only area, the most virtuous in terms of climate, which considers that there is no European preference,” Macron told Les Echos last month, suggesting that the greenwashing of the protectionism scam is something that the EU should be copying. Macron even greenwashed his anger and frustrations at the Cop27 conference, with a jab at the US and China to pay their climate fair share.” 

Is there any limit to greenwashing? Apparently not. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in a recorded message to the conference that “there can be no effective climate policy without peace.” Since Zelensky apparently considers peace to be won only through endless cash and weapons, it looks like he’s now greenwashed those, too.

Why should the elites have all the fun? The average person might want to try greenwashing their life by projecting environmental virtue everywhere they go in order to extract a few extra bucks out of folks on a daily basis – like from the taxi driver who spent too long idling in traffic, or from the houseguest who opened the window and made you have to use that much more heat, or from the friend who ordered the meat dish at dinner responsible for the most Earth-killing flatulence while it was alive.

Anyone who hasn’t caught on to the green scam by now would likely welcome the increased citizen policing and be only too happy to comply with demands that they empty their wallet – into your hands, into a lake, or a toilet, for that matter – to compensate for their transgressions.

Source: How the green agenda is being used to fleece the naive

Trump-Backed Candidates Have Mixed Showing In Midterms—And GOP Already Blames Him For Losses

Election night “was the biggest indicator that Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee in 2024,” Trump’s former deputy press secretary told CNN.

Source: Trump-Backed Candidates Have Mixed Showing In Midterms—And GOP Already Blames Him For Losses

Democratic Pennsylvania state representative reelected despite having died in October

There’s been a lot of focus on how crazy it is that Pennsylvanians voted Democrat John Fetterman in as a U.S. Senator despite having obvious brain damage from a stroke he suffered this year.

Source: Democratic Pennsylvania state representative reelected despite having died in October

Nation Unsure Whether To Support Party That Runs Brain-Damaged Candidates Or Party That Loses To Brain-Damaged Candidates — Babylon Bee

U.S. — Americans are doing lots of soul-searching after the midterms. According to reports, many are not sure if they want to be the kind of people who support a party running brain-damaged politicians or a party that loses to brain-damaged politicians.

“I mean, clearly the stroke victim is unfit for office, but if you can’t beat him then doesn’t that make you unfit for office?” wondered undecided voter Carl Weaver to himself as he saw election results. “And what kind of a party would dare run someone like that? Or dare lose to someone like that? Have they no shame?”

According to Google, searches have spiked since the election for things like “competent, coherent politicians in my state” as well as “what party runs candidates without mental handicaps, while simultaneously being more appealing than someone with a mental handicap?” So far, search results have come back empty, except for those users who live in Florida.

At publishing time, Carl decided he would just take option 3 and vote Independent, but he soon realized that all those candidates are both brain-damaged and unable to beat brain-damaged candidates.

Is your wife a true crime addict? You need to look for these warning signs:

Nation Unsure Whether To Support Party That Runs Brain-Damaged Candidates Or Party That Loses To Brain-Damaged Candidates — Babylon Bee

The Election Results Are In! | Lionel Nation

#LionelNation #Subscribe #Midterms2022 With the election today both parties are looking for some advantage in the economic news inter alia. Candidates are also fanning out on the campaign trail with support from their respective parties’ biggest names, the NYT reports. https://nyti.ms/3WznrSs Lionel appearing at the fabled and storied Cutting Room in NYC (January 14 2023) Doors open at 6 PM.

Source: The Election Results Are In!

Donald Trump’s Favorite Newspaper Turns on Him After Midterms Disaster

The New York Post dubbed Trump’s rival and potential opponent for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, “DeFuture.”

Source: Donald Trump’s Favorite Newspaper Turns on Him After Midterms Disaster

DeSantis could be the ‘next Trump’: Former Clinton adviser

Former senior adviser to the Clintons Mark Penn discusses Ron DeSantis’ landslide victory securing his second term as the Governor of Florida on ‘Mornings with Maria.’ #foxbusiness

Source: DeSantis could be the ‘next Trump’: Former Clinton adviser

CBN NewsWatch AM: November 9, 2022

No red wave? GOP appears set to retake the House, but control of the Senate still up in the air with key races still undecided; CBN’s Drew Parkhill talks about the election results, and what they say about a divided America; a pastor in a …

Source: CBN NewsWatch AM: November 9, 2022

3 Years After Covid Started, Why Don’t We Have Answers About The Likely Lab Leak? — Conservative Review

It’s been almost three years since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Why don’t we know where the virus came from?

3 Years After Covid Started, Why Don’t We Have Answers About The Likely Lab Leak? — Conservative Review