1 thought on “DeSantis Slams Apple for Threatening Twitter While Catering to CCP

  1. Einstein

    Apparently Elon Musk’s Tesla employees neither took my information seriously nor passed it on to Elon Musk.
    It is all about. Democracy against dictatorship !
    If real democrats like Elon Musk want to win the game, they must finally understand that this only works if they copy the corrupt methods of their opponents.
    Unfortunately, this includes first and foremost bribing or blackmailing the media, important politicians and important judges.
    With bribe payments, for example via FTX’s Sam Bankman -Fried, for Republican and Democratic politicians ( See bribe payment from FTX to Kevin Mc Carthy ) .
    McCarthy’s black money to help elect corrupt anti Trump Republicans.



    Also, Democrats use kickback payments to election officials, to implement election fraud.
    Then there are the kickbacks to the media. And finally, kickbacks in the form of well-rewarded speeches to family members of those bribed.
    These are the methods the Democrats are successfully using right now to rule the entire world at will.

    Here is my email to Tesla dated 10/20/2022.
    Twitter purchase and the threat of financial disaster for Elon Musk, due to a boycott of the Twitter app by Google and Apple.
    Elon Musk has just bought Twitter.
    Google and Apple can do extreme damage to Twitter by no longer offering the Twitter app.
    Elon Musk knows this.
    For this reason alone, Elon Musk is dependent on offering his own Tesla cell phone, on which the Twitter app can be activated.
    Moreover, with the help of his satellites, a network connection is no longer necessary. Elon Musk could integrate his own software program, music and video platforms, social networks, and even his own search engine on his Tesla phone. This would break the monopoly of Google and Facebook.
    A Tesla cell phone with these features could ruin Google and Facebook financially.
    Many people are now willing to pay more for a Google alternative that gives them back their freedom.


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