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FNC’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” asked Rep. James Comer, the GOP Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, whether President Biden might have committed treason with regard to mishandling classified documents and his family’s financial connections to Communist China.

REP. JAMES COMER (R-KY): Look, I think most Americans would be shocked if they saw how many connections the Biden family has to people directly affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s very startling. And with respect to the documents, Maria, I took the president at his word when the first set of documents were found at the Biden Center for Diplomacy that he had just ended verbally misplaced those documents. But now this is gone from just simply being irresponsible to downright scary.

This has all the pattern of an influence peddling scheme. And it also has the makings of a potential cover-up, I mean, five different locations at least. Who knows what those personal attorneys have been doing. And when you look at all the things that our investigation is covering with respect to the influence peddling, there’s a lot of connections with the CCP directly to both Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden’s uncle Jim and Joe Biden.

Well, fortunately, for me, with the influence peddling investigation, we have a lot of people that worked with Hunter Biden that we have been meeting with for many months now. I don’t think that’s any secret.

And there are a lot of terms that these people say the Bidens use, like plausible deniability. That’s a term that uncle Jim Biden uses a lot. And then when you see that there are documents, classified documents just casually left around in different locations, it’s very concerning.

I mean, you see the complexity of this influence peddling scheme that the family has been doing for years and years and years. And then we learn Joe Biden, some of those documents were from his time as a U.S. senator? I mean, when Joe Biden was a U.S. senator, in 1977, he worked with Republicans to thwart Jimmy Carter’s nominee for the CIA director because he had inadvertently taken classified documents home.

So, when Joe Biden says he has no regrets, I mean, this is very concerning here. We need to know who had access to those documents, because this is an ongoing investigation for influence peddling. And the evidence continues to build that this family has not only profited off the Biden family name, but also that our national security could be at risk.

That’s why we need to proceed. We’re disappointed that the administration is not working with us on anything. They’re stonewalling everything. They’re going to try to use the general counsel as an excuse not to provide us information. But, fortunately, there are plenty of other sources. And, hopefully, those bank records will be able to answer a lot of questions that we have.

BARTIROMO: So, just to be clear, you are sending letters tomorrow morning, formal letters, to the Secret Service to request information on who had information about those documents?

And we just showed a picture of the diamond, 3.2-karat diamond that Hunter Biden accepted from Chinese officials. This, we know from the laptop. We know that there is — there are ways to hide wealth in diamonds, because you don’t have to put it in a will. You don’t have to pay taxes. You just give it to somebody else. He accepted this diamond.

What powers are left to combat this?

COMER: Look, we know a lot more about the diamond than I need to talk about right now.

That diamond was given to Hunter at about the time these documents were being transported to different locations. It’s very concerning. Two ways the Chinese try to launder money into the United States are through the art world and through diamonds.

Do you see a connection here, Maria? I mean, this is very concerning. And I think the good thing for our investigation with respect to how the mainstream media is covering this, the mainstream media can sit there and look at Jean-Pierre and tell that she’s not being truthful with the American people.

They had that Ian Sams come up yesterday and had a press conference. And he talked about everything but the fact that they had found additional documents. And why didn’t he say that at that press conference? He has no credibility. The White House isn’t being truthful with the American people.

We need to know now who had access to those documents because our national security could be at risk.

BARTIROMO: Well, I — this is — is this treason?

COMER: It’s — it’s very concerning. We’re not going to let up. I think that we have got plenty of information to move forward. This would be a lot easier if the White House would work with us. But not only are they stonewalling our investigation. They’re constantly — if you watched that press conference with Ian Sams, who is their guy they brought into to fight back against the investigators, which is preposterous, because this is an Oversight Committee.

We’re supposed to provide oversight to the federal government and the executive branch. It’s nothing but slurs. They need to work with us. The American people can see through this. The media is starting to see, CNN, CBS, other mainstream media outlets. They need to work with us to get answers, because, again, our national security could be at risk.

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