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March 2 Evening Verse of The Day

2:29 The doctrinal knowledge of John’s if statement sets up the ethical response implied by does what is right, but the response is a function of spiritual rebirth (born of him) and not human effort.[1]

2:29 For the first time, 1 John speaks of Christians as those “born” (gennaōg, Gk.) of God (cf. 3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18). This imagery shows that the believer’s spiritual life results from the redemptive work of God. As a result, believers can legitimately be called God’s “children” (3:1).[2]

2:29 practices righteousness Those who do wrong by others reveal themselves to not be in right relationship with God. A person’s actions should be the first measure of whether they are in relationship with God.

fathered by him Believers in Jesus are adopted into God’s family (compare note on Eph 1:5).[3]

2:29 To know that he is righteous is to have placed one’s faith in Christ, not in one’s own moral uprightness.[4]

2:29 everyone … who practices righteousness is born of Him. This is the second feature of the believer’s hope in 2:28–3:3. The hope of Christ’s return not only sustains faith (v. 28), but makes righteousness a habit. The term for “born” is the same verb used in Jn 3:7 where Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be “born” again. Those truly born again as God’s children have their heavenly Father’s righteous nature (1Pe 1:3, 13–16). As a result, they will display characteristics of God’s righteousness. John looks from effect (righteous behavior) to cause (being truly born again) to affirm that righteous living is the proof of being born again (Jas 2:20, 26; 2Pe 3:11).[5]

2:29 Since God is righteous, those who practice righteousness will be recognized as being born of God. This verse does not say that everyone who is born of God practices righteousness. Believers can walk in darkness and sin (1:6, 8; 2:1). The point here is that when a child exhibits the nature of his or her father, he or she is perceived as the child of the father.[6]

2:29. Possibly the Revisionists maintained that God’s nature includes both light and darkness (cf. 1:5). On this understanding God by His very nature had experience with both good and evil. An obvious deduction from this is that His children could do the same. In contrast, since God is righteous, [then] everyone who practices (lit., does) righteousness is born of Him. This is the first reference in the epistle to the new birth. The born-again person can be recognized as such if he manifests Christian righteousness. The “commandments” of Christ (cf. the pl. in 3:22) can be summarized under a single commandment: “And this is His commandment: that we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, as He gave us commandment” (3:23). True righteousness is impossible apart from faith in Christ and love for fellow Christians.

John is not talking about how one can decide if a person is regenerate. John is clearly concerned with the deduction one can make if a person knows that God is righteous. If that is known, it follows that one who reproduces His righteous nature is actually manifesting that nature and can rightly be perceived as born of Him.[7]

2:29 The fourth family trait is righteousness. We know in the physical realm that like begets like. So it is in the spiritual. Everyone who practices righteousness is born of God. Because God is righteous, it follows that all He does is righteous, and therefore everyone born of Him is righteous. This is John’s inescapable logic.[8]

2:29. This verse introduces for the first time in 1 John the explicit thought of new birth. Since the readers know that He (God the Father or God the Son) is righteous, they would also know that everyone who does what is right has been born of Him (the pronoun here probably refers to God the Father who regenerates). (The phrase “born of God” occurs in 3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18 [twice].) The statement has nothing to do with the readers’ individual assurance of salvation. It is rather an assertion that when they see real righteousness (“what is right” translates tēn dikaiosynēn) exhibited, they can be sure that the person who exhibits it is a child of God. This righteousness, of course, for John can only mean the kind that Christ had enjoined. It has nothing to do with mere humanistic kindness and morality. The converse of John’s statement does not follow, namely, that everyone who is born of God does righteousness. John knew that Christians can walk in the darkness and are susceptible to sin (1:6, 8; 2:1). He was writing here of the way one can see the new birth in the actions of others.[9]

2:29 “if” This is a THIRD CLASS CONDITIONAL SENTENCE that means potential action. Here it refers to an assumed knowledge that believers share, but false teachers have missed.

© “you know” This is either a PRESENT ACTIVE INDICATIVE which states an ongoing knowledge or a PRESENT ACTIVE IMPERATIVE which speaks of a believer’s necessary knowledge.

© “He” Verse 28; 2:1; and 3:7 show that this refers to Jesus. However, the last PRONOUN “born of Him” seems to refer to God the Father because the phrase “born of God” is used so often (cf. 3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18; John 1:13).

© “righteousness … righteousness” This is an expected family characteristic![10]

29. If you know that he is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him.

Note the two parts of this verse:

a. Condition

John is telling his readers that if they know in their hearts “that he is righteous,” they also will learn to know that righteous Christians are born of him. Is John reminding the believers that Jesus is “the Righteous One” (2:1)?

Do the pronouns he and him refer to Jesus? Because verse 29 looks forward and not back, the pronouns must point to God the Father (see 3:1) and not to Christ (v. 28). Also, believers are called “children of God” (3:1–2) and never “children of Christ.” The phrase born of God appears four times in the epistle (3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4). Furthermore, the verb to be born implies the existence of a father and a son. Indirectly the verb points to (God the Father. The context, therefore, unmistakably suggests that the pronouns he and him signify God the Father and not Jesus the Son.

b. Conclusion

In a pithy comment that is straight to the point, Bengel remarks that “the righteous produces the righteous.” God who is righteous brings forth sons and daughters who reflect his righteousness in their daily lives. To be righteous is the equivalent of being holy. It implies doing the will of God, obeying his commands, and loving him and one’s neighbor. In short, “righteous” is a term that stands for being free from sin.

Therefore, the sentence “everyone who does what is right is born of God” does not describe those who do an occasional good deed. Rather, the sentence reveals the lifestyle of the person who is born of God. God’s children try to do that which is good and pleasing in his sight. From our point of view, the sequence ought to be reversed, that is, “everyone who is born of God does what is right.” But John writes a conditional sentence that has two parts: a condition (“if you know that he is righteous”) and a conclusion (“you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him”). Note that the conclusion corresponds with the condition: “righteous” with “everyone who does what is right.” It also explains the reason for right conduct. Their conduct is right because believers are children of God.[11]

Their Divine Origin (2:29)

Verse 29 is transitional. As such it forms the conclusion of the preceding section and introduces the chief topic of the discussion that follows. Two vital truths are asserted: First, it is God who imparts spiritual life to His people. They are begotten of him (asv). The terminology implies that the Christian has nothing to do with this impartation of life. He neither effects it nor does he actively cooperate in it; he simply receives it.

Interpreters differ as to the reference in “him.” In context it is simpler to understand it to mean Christ. This is a problem for some who feel the Scriptures consistently speak of the Father as the agent in our new birth. But compare 1 Corinthians 4:15 and John 3:5. It is not especially important whether we refer the word to Christ or to the Father, for obviously the point of the statement is that begetting is a divine work.

Second, the practice of righteousness is the evidence of this birth from God. “If ye know that he [Christ] is righteous, ye know that every one also that doeth righteousness is begotten of him” (asv). As it stands, the verse seems to mean that every man who does right is a Christian. In light of this N. Alexander raises a question: “What is John’s point? Is he really making unconscious Christians out of, say, conscientious, right-doing humanists? A most un-Johannine idea! John surely has in mind only professing Christians, and means: ‘You may be sure that every professing Christian who does right is a Christian in deed and truth’ ” (p. 76).

It is Christ’s nature to be righteous. It must be the nature of His people to do righteousness. “Doeth” translates a present tense in Greek, indicating that the doing of righteousness is habitual, that it is the ruling principle of one’s life. This concept is developed more fully in 3:4–10.

John uses two different words for the idea of knowing. In the first half of the verse “know” (oida) speaks of knowledge that is intuitive and absolute. In the second half of the verse “know” (ginosko) connotes knowledge gained by experience and observation. The idea then is that we know intuitively, as a matter of principle, that Christ is righteous. We are to “take note” of the fact that everyone who has been begotten of Him practices righteousness. The tcnt renders it, “Knowing him to be righteous, you realize that every one who lives righteously has received the new Life from him” (italics mine).

Whether “know” is indicative or imperative is debatable. Both Westcott and Law, among others, prefer the latter. Weymouth brings it out in translation: “Since you know that He is righteous, be assured that every one also who acts righteously is a child of His” (cf. neb, Phillips).[12]

29. Born of him may seem in this context to refer to Christ, but the consistent Johannine terms are to be born ‘of God’ or ‘of the Spirit’, and it is ‘against the tenor of the New Testament to speak of Christians as “begotten of Christ” ’ (Law). We must therefore suppose that there is an abrupt change of person between verses 28 and 29, the he and him referring in verse 28 to Christ and in verse 29 to God. This would certainly be a better transition to the next chapter. Law takes it thus and devotes a long chapter to the relation between the Johannine statements ‘God is righteous’ and ‘God is love’. If you know as a fact (eidēte) that God is righteous, John says, then you will perceive as a logical consequence (ginōskete) that everyone who does what is right has been born of him. The child exhibits the parent’s character because he shares the parent’s nature. A person’s righteousness is thus the evidence of his new birth, not the cause or condition of it. The false teachers (in their incipient Gnosticism) may have called their initiation into gnōsis a ‘regeneration’; John shows that righteousness, not knowledge, is the principal mark of the regenerate.[13]

29. If ye know that he is righteous. He again passes on to exhortations, so that he mingles these continually with doctrine throughout the Epistle; but he proves by many arguments that faith is necessarily connected with a holy and pure life. The first argument is, that we are spiritually begotten after the likeness of Christ; it hence follows, that no one is born of Christ but he who lives righteously. It is at the same time uncertain whether he means Christ or God, when he says that they who are born of him do righteousness. It is a mode of speaking certainly used in Scripture, that we are born of God in Christ; but there is nothing inconsistent in the other, that they are born of Christ, who are renewed by his Spirit.[14]

Ver. 29.—This verse forms a bridge between the two main divisions of the Epistle The coming of Christ suggests the righteousness of Christ; for it is as the righteous Judge that he is coming, and those who would not be ashamed to meet him at his coming must be righteous also. Once more (ver. 27) we are in doubt between indicative and imperative: γινώσκετε, in spite of the preceding μένετε and following ἴδετε, is probably indicative. To know that God (not Christ; comp. ch. 1:9; John 17:25) is righteous is to perceive that every doer of his (τήν) righteousness is a son of God (not of Christ; we are nowhere in Scripture said to be born of Christ). To partake of that righteousness which is God’s nature is proof of birth from him. With ποιεῖν τὴν δικαιοσύνην, compare ποιεῖν τὴν ἀληθείαν (ch. 1:6; John 3:21). Righteousness must be shown in conduct; mere desire to be righteous will not suffice. And the conduct must be habitual (ὁ ποιῶν not ὁ ποιήσας); a single act of righteousness will not suffice. Note the change from εἰδῆτε to γινώσκετε. To know (intuitively) that God is righteous is to come to know (by experience) that whoever habitually acts righteously is God’s offspring.[15]

2:29 / Keeping the readers’ minds on Christ, the Elder now raises the subject of Christ’s nature or character. This will be his dominant theme throughout this section. He is righteous, or just (dikaios, cf. 1:9, where “God is faithful and just”; 2:1–2, where Jesus Christ is “the Righteous One”; and 3:7 which also refers to Christ as “righteous”). Righteousness is not just holiness or freedom from sin, but includes the ot idea of putting things right or making them just. Here the readers are reminded that the person whose character is like Christ’s (everyone who does what is right, lit., “everyone who is doing [practicing] righteousness”) has been born of God. The family likeness will be present. Those born of God will resemble Christ, because they will share a common characteristic: doing justice or practicing righteousness.

To be born of him, that is, born of God, is a profound idea. In the Fourth Gospel, those who believe in the Word “become children of God” and are “born of God” (John 1:12–13). Repeatedly, Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be “born from above” (3:3, 7), or be born of water and the Spirit (3:5, 8). In the letters of John, being born of God occurs in 2:29; 3:9 (twice); 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18 (twice). In two of these verses Jesus is the one who has been born of God (5:1, 18; cf. John 1:14, 18); the other times it is the Christian. To be born of God, one must believe that Jesus is the Christ and live a life of righteousness and love (2:29; 3:9; 4:7; 5:18; cf. Eph. 5:1, 2).

It is likely that the Elder’s opponents were also using the phrase “born of God” and were claiming to be God’s special children. Indeed, this may be another instance of the author using the opponents’ own language to refute them. He was confident that if one looked at the character of the secessionists, one would not see lives that reflected the righteousness of Jesus, and on that basis, their claim to be children of God would clearly be false.[16]

29 The train of thought here is not entirely clear. John has been speaking of the possibility of judgment at the parousia. The judgment is by One who, as the readers know, is righteous,11 and therefore the expected statement is: “If you do not want to be ashamed at his coming, be righteous,” or “If the judge is righteous, those who will be confident when he comes will be the righteous (therefore, be righteous).” There is no difference in meaning between the adjective “righteous,” used to describe Jesus, and the verbal form “does what is right,” used to describe Christians. Both expressions refer to correct moral behavior, acceptable to God.

However, the thought is not as simple as this. What John says is that “everyone who does what is right has been born of him.” A new idea is introduced here, that of spiritual birth; it figures prominently in the rest of the Epistle (3:9; 4:7; 5:1, 4, 18; cf. Jn. 1:13; 3:6, 8). The thought is that believers stand in a new relationship to God, analogous to that of children to a father. This is a common picture elsewhere in the New Testament, and has its basis in the Old Testament where God’s people are said to be related to him, like children to a father, and the thought is of his fatherly care for them and their filial duty of obedience toward him.14 The metaphor is taken further when it is expressed in terms of begetting and birth: Christians have received new life from God by a creative act comparable with physical begetting. This is as far as the metaphor can be taken: we never hear in the Bible of a female partner in the act of spiritual birth. The point of the metaphor is rather to indicate that spiritual life comes from God through the agency of the Word and the Spirit. The Christian is thus placed in the same relationship to God as is occupied by Jesus, although John preserves the distinction by reserving the name of “Son” for Jesus and referring to Christians simply as “children” of God.

There are two difficulties about what John says at this point. First, there is the substitution of the idea of being born from God for the idea of remaining in Christ. The new expression has probably been introduced in anticipation of the use of the metaphor in 3:9. At the same time, perhaps it was an easy equivalent for John to use with reference to Christians as those who have received a divine anointing, and to this extent the way had already been prepared for its use. The New Testament has a variety of expressions to describe Christians, and the various writers use them in what sometimes seems to be a fairly indiscriminate manner, and no embarrassment is felt in switching from one to another.

Second, the major difficulty is that the statement made by John seems to be back to front. We expect John to say “everyone who has been born of him does what is right (and therefore is acceptable at the parousia of the righteous One).” Instead he says that doing what is right is the sign of spiritual birth. Hence doing what is right gives assurance that we shall have confidence before him at his coming. What John is trying to stress is that doing what is right is the consequence of spiritual birth; hence if a person does what is right, this is a sign of spiritual birth. Naturally, this does not mean that any morally upright person is a child of God, even though he makes no religious profession; when John says that “Everyone who loves has been born of God” (4:8), he does not mean that atheists who love are really Christians. John is quite clear that being a Christian is dependent on believing in Jesus Christ and loving one another (3:23), and his other remarks must be understood in this context. Here he has in mind the problem of testing the truth of claims to be true Christians within the church, and he asserts that true righteousness (the kind shown by Jesus) is possible only on the basis of spiritual birth. So the readers themselves can take comfort that, if they do what is righteous, this is a sign that they are born of God, and hence that they can have confidence for the day of judgment.[17]

29 Here John weaves together two community slogans, each introduced by hoti, to create the first test in this section: “If you know ‘He is righteous [dikaios],’ ” then you also know, “ ‘Everyone who does what is right [dikaiosynē] has been born of him.’ ” The logic of this test is based on the Johannine maxim that “the child imitates the parent” (Rensberger, 93). If God is indeed righteous—a premise John considers indisputable—then any person who is truly his child will act righteously.

It is clear, however, that John is using dikaiosynē in a highly nuanced way, related to the special meaning of hamartia (“sin”) discussed above. Since “righteousness” is the logical opposite of “sin” (note the contrast at 3:7–8), and since “sin” refers in this context to failure to love one’s brother, “righteousness” must refer to loving one’s brother in obedience to the love command. John has already hinted at this usage at 1:9, stressing that God forgives sinners because he is “faithful and just [dikaios],” and at 3:10 he specifically associates godly righteousness with love for one’s brothers. The righteous person, then, is the one who loves other believers the way God loves them.[18]

Hope Is Manifested by Righteousness

If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone also who practices righteousness is born of Him. (2:29)

The new birth is inevitably and necessarily accompanied by righteousness (cf. Rom. 6:4; 2 Cor. 5:17; Eph. 2:10; 4:24). By the same token, all who profess to be saved but do not demonstrate any tangible fruit of righteousness prove that they are actually unforgiven and have an empty hope (cf. Luke 6:43–44; James 2:26). Such individuals can make no legitimate claim to eternal promises, since their lives betray a heart that is still unregenerate.

It is important to understand the different meanings of the words rendered know in this verse. The first occurrence is from oida and has the sense of perceiving an absolute truth, whereas the second occurrence (from ginoskō) conveys “to know by experience,” “recognize,” or “come to perceive.” The apostle John asserts first that if believers know that God is righteous, they can recognize that everyone also who practices righteousness is reflecting His life (cf. 1 Peter 1:13–16); that is, they are born of Him (1 Peter 1:3; cf. John 3:7, where the same verb translated born is used). Thus John reiterates the point that real believers are not verified so much by what they claim as by how they live (Rom. 6:18; cf. Luke 1:6).

Of course, John’s call to personal holiness was not a new concept. The book of Leviticus repeatedly sets forth God’s standard of purity and righteousness (e.g., 18:4–5, 30; 19:2, 37; 20:7, 26; 22:32). In the New Testament, Paul’s letters continually exhort believers to pursue holiness. Romans 12:1–2 is a notable and familiar example:

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. (cf. 2 Cor. 7:1; Eph. 5:27; 1 Thess. 4:7; 1 Peter 1:14–16; 2:11)

In this verse, the apostle John looks from the effect (righteous behavior) to the cause (the new birth) and shows that righteous living—not mere outward profession—evidences the fact that regeneration has truly taken place (James 2:20, 26; 2 Peter 3:11; cf. Rom. 14:17).[19]

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Thou art my servant: O Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me. (Isaiah 44:21)

Our Jehovah cannot so forget His servants as to cease to love them. He chose them not for a time but forever. He knew what they would be when He called them into the divine family. He blots out their sins like a cloud; and we may be sure that He will not turn them out of doors for iniquities which He has blotted out. It would be blasphemy to imagine such a thing.

He will not forget them so as to cease to think of them. One forgetful moment on the part of our God would be our ruin. Therefore He says, “Thou shalt not be forgotten of me,” Men forget us; those whom we have benefited turn against us. We have no abiding place in the fickle hearts of men; but God will never forget one of His true servants. He binds Himself to us not by what we do for Him but by what He has done for us. We have been loved too long and bought at too great a price to be now forgotten. Jesus sees in us His soul’s travail, and that He never can forget. The Father sees in us the spouse of His Son, and the Spirit sees in us His own effectual work. The Lord thinketh upon us. This day we shall be succored and sustained. Oh, that the Lord may never be forgotten of us!

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How focused are you and your church on rescuing people lost in their sin? Should witnessinggiving people the gospelstill be a primary activity for Christians? Or should we focus on solving social problems and meeting people’s practical needs?

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“That out of His glorious, unlimited resources He will give you the mighty inner strengthening of His Holy Spirit”  Ephesians 3:16

In Christ are all the attributes and characteristics promised to His children as the fruit of the Spirit. And the Holy Spirit was given to glorify Christ.

Do you need love?

The Lord Jesus Christ is the incarnation of love. Paul prays that our roots may “go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love; and may you be able to feel and understand, as all God’s children should, how long, how wide, how deep and how high His love really is; and to experience this love for yourselves (though it is so great that you will never see the end of it, or fully know or understand it“) (Ephesians 3:17-19).

Do you need peace?

Christ is the “Prince of Peace.” “I am leaving you with a gift,” said Jesus, “peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives” (John 14:27).

Do you need joy?

Christ is joy.

Do you need patience?

Christ is patience.

Do you need wisdom?

Christ is wisdom.

Are you in need of material possessions so that you can better serve Christ?

They are available in Him, for God owns “the cattle on a thousand hills,” and He promised to supply all our needs (Philippians 4:19).

All that we need is to be found in Christ and nowhere else.

The supernatural life is Christ, for in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Bible ReadingEphesians 3:17-21

Knowing that God’s unlimited resources make possible the mighty inner strengthening in my life, I shall focus my attention upon Him through reading His inspired Word and obeying His commands.

Dr. Bill Bright
Used by Permission

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Inner Strengthening — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

2 Mar 2023 News Briefing

Large dust storm darkens skies across parts of Texas and New Mexico
A large storm system brought a rare snowfall to California and thunderstorms to the Southern Plains in late February 2023. The system also generated strong winds that caused a massive amount of dust to be lofted into the air, darkening skies across northwestern Texas, northern Mexico, and eastern New Mexico.

Millions in California under Freeze Warnings as cleanup begins after deadly winter storm
Rescue crews are looking forward to dry weather so they can dig out communities cut off by the deep snow. An 80-year-old woman was reported killed when a porch collapsed due to heavy snow.

Extraordinary snowfall hits Mallorca, Spain 
Snowfall and strong winds brought chaos to Spain’s holiday island of Mallorca on February 28, 2023, as Storm Juliette ravaged large parts of the country. The storm caused power cuts and blocked roads while melting snow formed torrents of water.

Deep M6.5 earthquake under Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea 
A strong and deep earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit under the Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea at 05:36 UTC on March 1, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 598.9 km (372.5 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 610 km (380 miles).

Tornado watches issued in mid-South as multiday severe weather threat unfolds
Weather folklore has it that if March comes in roaring like a lion, it’ll end similar to a lamb, with mostly good, tranquil weather. The Farmers’ Almanac said while the saying might prove to be true, it is not an accurate weather predictor.

Powerful winter storm to blast at least 10 states with snow, ice from the Midwest to Northeast late this week
Areas along I-95 from the New York City tri-state area and points south will likely see mainly rain from this storm system. However, much of New England, including Boston, is expected to see a changeover to a wintry mix or snow by late Friday.

Dallas’ Largest Abortion Clinic Permanently Closes After Killing Babies for 50 Years
Southwestern Women’s Center will permanently close after March 2, 2023, according to a statement on its website. Southwestern Women’s Center stood as the largest abortion facility in Dallas for 50 years.

Not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools. For reading, it’s 30 schools 
…a look at state data that tracks reading and math scores for each Illinois school reveals two frightening facts about Spry. Not a single one of its 88 kids at the school can read at grade level. It’s the same for math. Zero kids are proficient.

Humans are now being pushed to consume fake meat products made from the same cultured cells used in vaccines
Over the past few decades, Big Pharma companies have cultured large volumes of cells to produce vaccines and other biotherapeutics. Now, food companies want humans to eat these cells, too.

How to make hydrogen straight from seawater – no desalination required 
The new method from RMIT University researchers splits the seawater directly into hydrogen and oxygen – skipping the need for desalination and its associated cost, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Bill banning vaccinated blood donations would ‘decimate’ blood supply, opponents say
A bill to ban donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination from giving blood will “decimate” blood supply in Montana and leave patients at risk of even death, said opponents of House Bill 645.

‘Shocking’ Scavenger Hunt Part of New School Assignment Workbook
A condom scavenger hunt is part of a new workbook being used in public schools. The workbook, which has been discovered in both middle and high schools, is filled with hundreds of pages of sexual assignments.

The UN Discusses Darkening The Skies to Combat Climate Change
A new report from the UN was just published. It proposes and discusses ways to cool our planet by restricting sunlight and darkening our skies.

Some of the descendants of Nazis in positions of power today
…Conventional wisdom has it that the Nazis were defeated in 1945. Yet, descendants of former Nazis remain influential in today’s world. Eugen Schwab was the managing director of Escher Wyss, which was granted special status by the Nazis (permitting slave labour). His son, Klaus, founded the World Economic Forum in 1973 and praises his father for “assuming many functions in the public life in post-war Germany” – a slap in the face to West Germans of his age who in the 1960s protested against the continuation of ex-Nazis in positions of power (Schwab 2021, 255).

ESG – A Potent Force for Evil
ESG – stands for environmental, social and governance but really means doing everything possible to combat non-existent climate change. Using the global warming fraud as an excuse, ESG was invented by globalist conspirators to destroy companies, jobs, pensions, savings and ultimately everything of value. And once you realise that was the aim you have to admit that ESG is working very well.

France stops covid injections for all but the “most vulnerable” in the population
Last Friday, France’s independent public science authority Haute Autorité de Santé (“HAS”) released its vaccination strategy for the autumn of 2023.  It no longer recommends vaccinations for the entire population, but rather only for groups they have identified as most vulnerable to serious illness.

Deaths in Singapore hit record 60-year highs after the rollout of covid injections 
Last week the Department of Statistics Singapore published data on number of deaths and death rates for 2022, the second year after the rollout of the covid “vaccine.” The data shows a 10.4% increase in the number of deaths during 2022 compared to 2021.  And comparing the number of deaths in 2022 to the pre-pandemic year of 2019 there was a staggering 26% increase.

8x more people died due to C-19 Vaccination over 6 months than died of COVID-19 over 18 months according to UK GOV.
Official Government reports confirming eight times more people died due to Covid-19 vaccination within six months of the vaccine rollout than had died of Covid-19 within eighteen months are extremely worrying and evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines currently on offer should have been withdrawn from public use nearly 2 years ago.

Biden’s $400 BILLION student loan relief plan set for Supreme Court showdown
The final step in President Joe Biden’s efforts to partially forgive federal student loans for most borrowers will hang in the balance as the Supreme Court hears arguments on Tuesday.

Iowa Bill Would Ban Abortions on Unborn Babies Starting at Conception
An Iowa House bill that would protect unborn babies from the moment of conception faces an uphill battle this week as a legislative deadline nears.

Are You Ready To Receive Your ‘Digital Human’ Chatbot So Your Generative AI Software Will Make You Think You Are Interacting With A Real Person?
Since the launch of the personal computer in the 1980’s to the advent of the internet in 1994, our global society has been on a collusion course with robots, aliens, and everything else dystopian movie classic ‘The Matrix’ warned us about. In 2023, the hottest new thing is called generative AI, and it will revolutionize how we live and conduct business every bit as much as air travel at the dawn of the 20th century. Of course, if you have a King James Bible, this little ‘newsflash’ we’re bringing you today is approximately 2,000 years old.

Democrat Congressman Mocks God During Hearing, Then Makes HUGE Mistake on Social Media Afterwards
During Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Steve Cohen mocked the fact that our rights come from God by denouncing the “right-wing” Supreme Court for doing things like upholding the constitution.

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Train Carrying 30,000 Gallons of Propane Derails Near Florida Airport
The Florida Department of Transportation is investigating after at least five railcars and two propane tankers derailed near the Sarasota County-Manatee County line in Florida on Tuesday.

South Africa energy crisis: Riots, ‘civil war’ fears if grid collapses
South Africa is on the verge of “collapse” amid rolling blackouts and warnings a total power grid failure could lead to mass rioting on the scale of a “civil war”.

The Philippines could be facing a population collapse by 2028
According to data released by the Philippines Statistics Authority last week, in 2021 there was a 10.7% decrease in live births compared to 2020.  And compared to 2012, 2021 saw a 23.8% decline in registered births.  If this decline coupled with the increase in deaths continues, the Philippines will have a negative population growth rate by 2028. Is the Philippines the canary in the coal mine?

U.S Army Secretary: China Will Attack U.S. Homeland if War Escalates
Christine Wormuth, the Secretary of the U.S. Army, predicted that Communist-led China would likely launch an attack on U.S homeland in the event of a “major war.”

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2023/03/02/2-mar-2023/

Headlines – 3/2/2023

UN Security Council to continue engaging on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, envoys say

PA’s Abbas said to tell forces to resist IDF troops, settlers who enter ‘our lands’

Shekel is world’s 3rd-worst performer in February as judicial jitters weigh on market

Fitch affirms Israel’s A+ rating, but warns of impact of planned judicial overhaul

Roads, trains blocked as thousands march in ‘day of disruption’ against overhaul

Widespread protests over judicial reforms result in dozens arrested, major disruptions

As protests sweep nation, police use aggressive means to clear Tel Aviv rally

Hundreds of police rescue Sara Netanyahu after protesters trap her in hair salon

Netanyahu compares Tel Aviv protesters to settlers who set fire to Huwara

Netanyahu: ‘Freedom of protest is not a license to drag the country into anarchy’

Breaking with Netanyahu, ex-US envoy Friedman pushes back against judicial overhaul

‘A loss for the world’: Israeli-American Elan Ganeles, killed by terrorists, buried

Police to probe far-right MK for remarks backing violent West Bank settler rampage

Israel should ‘wipe out’ Palestinian town of Huwara, says senior minister Smotrich

US condemns Israel far right minister’s call for Palestinian town ‘to be erased’

US prods Netanyahu to condemn Smotrich ‘incitement’ after call to wipe out Huwara

‘A dangerous slope’: Gantz says Smotrich seeking West Bank chaos

Gantz to PM: Talk now before we face civil war; Herzog: Israel may fall into abyss

Europe warns Israel against ‘game-changer’ death penalty legislation

Bill on death penalty for Palestinian terrorists passes preliminary Knesset vote

Bill to protect Netanyahu from forced suspension passes preliminary Knesset reading

Moroccan activists join WhatsApp suit over Israeli-made Pegasus spyware

Wikipedia’s ‘Supreme Court’ tackles alleged conspiracy to distort articles on Holocaust

‘I thought it was a prank’: Israeli hiker discovers inscription of king linked to Purim

Lebanese supermarkets begin marking prices in US dollars as local currency tanks

Erdogan rules out postponing Turkey’s elections after earthquakes

Iran: Dozens of schoolgirls taken to hospital after new gas poisonings

Iran Schoolgirls Allegedly Targeted With Poisonings To Stop Them From Going To School

IAEA chief to meet Iranian president in Tehran for nuclear talks – diplomat

US ‘very, very’ worried about Iranian nuclear advances

US Senate Moves Toward Ending ‘Forever War’ Authorizations

Air Force Fires Nuclear Base Leaders After Failed Inspection

Taiwan Deploys Fighters After China Sends 25 Warplanes, 3 Ships Toward Island

Putin ally Lukashenko meets Chinese leader Xi Jinping as US warns China against shipping arms to Russia

US seeks allies’ backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war

Putin signs bill to suspend last nuclear arms pact with US

Ukraine denies sending attack drones into Russia territories

A mysterious fleet is helping Russia ship oil around the world. And it’s growing.

Doctor ‘who delivered Putin’s secret love kids’ dies after revealing ‘their existence’

How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Hunter Biden-Linked Company Developing Technology For ‘Slave Labor’ Camps In Xinjiang

House GOP seeks info from intelligence officials who suggested Biden laptop was disinformation

Jim Jordan, House Intel Committee Call On Intelligence Officials Who Discredited Hunter Biden Story To Appear For Transcribed Interviews

Hunter Biden probe free of interference, Garland pledges

Grassley Tells Garland Of 12 Sources With Potential Dirt On Hunter Biden

Report: Hunter Biden Criminal Defense Lawyer Exits Team

AG Garland Pledges Autonomy for Prosecutors in Hunter Biden Probe

White House calls senior Republican ‘despicable’ for wishing Biden’s dead son had been prosecuted

James Comer Defends Not Issuing Subpoenas in Biden Family Probe: ‘It’s About Winning’

Biden Tells ‘Creepy’ Story About Nurse Who Would Breathe on Him

Ted Cruz Grills AG Garland Over Politicization Of Justice Department

Cruz Confronts Garland About DOJ’s Treatment of Hunter Biden and Trump

FBI: More than 6-year wait for thousands of pages of emails from FBI director on Trump

Majority Leader Scalise Says January 6 Footage Will Be Released to All Media

Kari Lake files election integrity case with the Arizona Supreme Court

Actor Announces ‘Early Retirement’ from Hollywood in Order to Travel the US ‘Before It Falls Into Socialism and Then Communism’

House GOP quickly sinks intel community’s hope for easy surveillance green light

U.S. House panel approves bill giving Biden power to ban TikTok

TikTok restricts screen time for teens: Hour limit after White House ban

US Marshals hit with major ransomware attack, compromising employee info

Fired Google Engineer Doubles Down on Claim That AI Has Gained Sentience

The owner of Insider and Politico tells journalists: AI is coming for your jobs

57 Million+ Users Impacted as Financial Company Becomes First to Track Gun Purchases

World Economic Forum Panelist Boasts the Globalists Are Working on Tracking Where You Shop, What You Eat, Where You Travel and How You Travel

Sweden Is Ditching Cash. Just Wait for the Fallout – Switching to digital money risks shutting out some of the most vulnerable members of society

Subprime Auto Lender And Used Car Retailer Collapses As Distress Cycle Finally Arrives

Don’t miss Venus and Jupiter shine super close in the night sky. They won’t be closer until 2032!

Turkey, Syria earthquake death toll crosses 50,000, says Disaster Management Authority

Video Shows ‘Miracle’ Horse Rescued 21 Days After Turkish Earthquake

Dog rescued after spending 23 days under rubble of Turkey earthquake

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Oaxaca, Mexico

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near San Jose Village, Northern Mariana Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the South Georgia Island region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Bonin Islands, Japan region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kuril’sk, Russia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits southern Sumatra, Indonesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Kainantu, Papua New Guinea

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 22,000ft

Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador erupts to 21,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Large dust storm darkens skies across parts of Texas and New Mexico

Extraordinary snowfall hits Mallorca, Spain

House Votes to Crush Biden’s ‘Woke’ Investing Rule That Aimed to Boost ‘Phony Climate Movement’

Argentina power line fire sparks huge blackout amid heat wave

Hazardous waste from Ohio derailment creates rippling health concerns as it gets shipped up to 1,300 miles away

Railroad CEO to Testify About Ohio Derailment

House Republicans Say Buttigieg ‘Neglecting His Duties’ in Call for Resignation

Senators Call For Health Monitoring of Residents Exposed to Ohio Toxic Train Crash

Propane and nitrogen tanks caused explosions during fire at manufacturing facility on Cleveland’s West Side

Train Crash in Greece Kills Dozens, Cause Likely Human Error

‘There was panic’: Stationmaster arrested, transport minister resigns after Greek train wreck kills 38

Pennsylvania man arrested after allegedly attempting to bring explosive on flight

CDC says 20,000 people may have been exposed to measles at Asbury University religious revival

Holy Spirit Uprising Hits Another Secular University

Kelsey Grammer Took ‘Jesus Revolution’ Role After Apparent Sign from God

‘I Don’t Believe in Popes’: Nicaraguan President Reportedly Bans Easter Public Processions – compares the Catholic church to the “mafia”

‘I walk with God’: Mayor Adams dismisses separation of church and state

Democrat Congressman Mocks God During Congressional Hearing – Makes Social Media Gaffe Afterward

Catholic bishops sound ‘alarm’ on Equal Rights Amendment, saying it will hurt religious freedom

Whistleblower Video Confirms Chicago Housing Authority is Leaving Homeless Americans on the Streets in Favor of Illegal Aliens

Suspect in rape, murder of 20-year-old autistic woman was illegal border crosser, alleged MS-13 gang member, released by Biden admin into the US despite arrest before killing

Atlanta’s wealthiest suburb eyes seceding from crime-ridden city

Lightfoot is latest Democrat to fall to anger over crime

Lori Lightfoot’s critics sound off on Chicago mayor losing re-election: ‘Crime doesn’t pay’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames election loss on racism, gender

New York City plans to dole out $21,500 each to 2020 Black Lives Matter protesters

San Francisco reparations panel admits there was no ‘formula’ to justify plan to give $5M to each black resident

Germany announces new “feminist foreign policy”

Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Thrown Into Solitary Confinement After Saying Epstein Was Murdered

Biden labor secretary nominee failed to enforce Hollywood law preventing pedophiles from working with child actors

SoCal Teacher Arrested For Secretly Recording Students in ‘All-Gender’ Bathroom

Pregnant and married at 13, former ‘child bride’ fights the practice still legal in 43 states

Cleveland-area rabbi sentenced to prison for soliciting underage sex

Evangelical church redirects payments after CofE gay blessing vote

United Airlines blasted for hyping ‘all-LGBTQ crew’ in ‘Pride partnership’

Drag queen forces child to leave class for denying 73 genders, school teaches anal sex to 11-year-olds: report

Video appears to show Texas drag bill author dressed in drag

Tennessee to Become First State to Ban Drag Shows for Child Audiences

Yes, Iowa Republicans filed a bill to ban same-sex marriage. No, it’s not going anywhere.

‘We say gay’: Proposed LGBTQ bills prompt school walkouts in Iowa

Michigan Senate passes historic bill to protect LGBTQ rights

Florida bill would restrict gender pronouns in schools, define biological sex as an ‘immutable’ trait

Mississippi governor signs transgender health care ban for minors

Republicans reintroduce bill to let minors who get transgender surgeries sue their doctors

Trudeau gives federal employees a $75K benefit for sex changes

Pro-Life Group Wants Planned Parenthood Abortion-Pill Profit Probe

Garland faces grilling over decisions to charge abortion protesters

Former NFL Player Ben Watson: Black Abortions a ‘Glaring and Deadly Sign’ of Injustice

House Committee Advances CCP Organ Harvesting Bill

Mother Who Lost Two Children To Fentanyl Poisoning Blisters The Federal Government For Coddling Illegal Aliens In Heartbreaking Testimony To Congress

Joe Biden Laughs While Talking About Grieving Mother Who Lost Two Sons to Fentanyl Poisoning

Garland Gets Grilled on DOJ’s Actions on Fentanyl

Former DEA official backs military intervention to address fentanyl crisis

House Committee Testimony Highlights How Border Policy Failures Are Driving America’s Fentanyl Crisis

America’s Fentanyl Crisis Started ‘On Purpose’ by Mexican Cartels, Attorney General Testifies

Coast Guard nabs $20 million of illegal drugs in major bust

U.S. intel officials: ‘Very unlikely’ that foreign adversary caused Havana syndrome

CRISPR patent fight redux? A new battle is brewing among biotechs over next-gen gene-editing tools

Couple sues fertility clinic alleging wife was impregnated with embryo with deadly cancer gene

Doctor: Bird Flu Virus That Killed Girl Possibly Adapted to Human Cells

FDA Advisers Recommend World’s First RSV Vaccine from Pfizer

Pfizer Seeking FDA Authorization for Omicron Booster in Kids Under 5

Megyn Kelly mocks COVID-stricken Savannah Guthrie: ‘She’s had all the vaccines’

Cardiac testing at Washington public event found 53% myocarditis rate, including 2 active duty US military pilots

Justin Bieber Cancels 2023 Tour Dates Because of Persistent Face Paralysis Issue

$3 Billion in Pandemic Era Food Stamp Aid Ending

Wuhan-Linked Virologist Suggests Hedgehogs to Blame for COVID-19

Communist China has warned Twitter CEO Elon Musk not to address the coronavirus lab leak theory in case it affects his business prospects in the country

GOP Rep Introduces Legislation to Make China Pay for America’s COVID Costs

Washington Post walk-back on COVID origins epitomizes media fails of Trump, pandemic eras

Several Doctors in Jan 2020 Told Fauci COVID Was Leaked from a Lab – Then They Switched Their Opinion After Speaking with Fauci and Received Millions in NIH Funding

Fauci Under Fire: British Scientist Given $1.88 Million Grant, $16.5 Million in NIH Funding After He Changed His Story and Came Out Publicly to Lie for Fauci About Origins of COVID

FBI’s New Embrace of COVID Lab Leak Theory Exposes Intel Community Rift

Senate unanimously votes to declassify Wuhan lab leak intelligence

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · Mar. 2, 2023

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.


“The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all citizens.” —Thomas Jefferson (1816)



Senate Republicans Flay Garland

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for Joe Biden’s attorney general, who was forced to defend the administration’s two-tiered enforcement of our nation’s laws.

Douglas Andrews

Yesterday marked the 118th Congress’s first Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing into Joe Biden’s Justice Department, and the committee’s Republicans didn’t disappoint.

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and others grilled Attorney General Merrick Garland on everything from fentanyl to open borders to mandatory minimum sentencing, but the Republicans’ best moments were of a uniform type: the political weaponization and two-tiered judicial philosophy of Biden’s DOJ, whether regarding the safety of conservative Supreme Court justices or the selective persecution of pro-life advocates or the criminalization of concerned parents’ peaceful activities at local school board meetings.

We should first stipulate that after all’s been said and done at one of these hearings, there’s always been a lot more said than done. Still, by the time committee Republicans were through with him, the 70-year-old Garland was probably second-guessing his decision to join the Biden administration rather than join Joe in semi-retirement.

“You spent 20 years as a judge,” said Cruz, “and you’re perfectly content with justices being afraid for their children’s lives, and you did nothing to prosecute. … When rioters descended on the homes of six Supreme Court Justices, night after night after night, you did nothing. The department did nothing.” Cruz then asked, “How do you decide which statutes you enforce and which ones you don’t?”

Missouri’s Josh Hawley focused on the FBI’s treatment of pro-life activists and the Biden DOJ’s seeming anti-Catholic bigotry. As Newsweek framed it, Hawley “accused the Department of Justice of spying on Catholics, citing a case involving Mark Houck, a Catholic anti-abortion activist who was accused of assaulting a 72-year-old man who was escorting a patient into a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood clinic prior to the 2022 midterm elections.”

Our Nate Jackson covered the acquittal of Houck, whose case was particularly outrageous because he’d reportedly offered to turn himself in when he learned he was facing charges. Instead, a massive team of FBI agents raided his home with weapons and in full riot gear, thereby terrorizing Houck’s wife and young children.

“You used an unbelievable show of force with guns that I note liberals usually decry,” Hawley charged. “You’re supposed to hate long guns and assault-style weapons but you’re happy to deploy them against Catholics and innocent children. And then you haul them into court for a jury to acquit them in one hour. I just suggest to you that that is a disgraceful performance by your Justice Department and a disgraceful use of resources.”

When Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton got his chance, he quizzed Garland about the murder rates within the home countries of illegals ostensibly seeking asylum here due to the violence in their native lands.

Garland punted, understandably, so Cotton pointed out that murder rates are actually higher in many big U.S. cities than in the countries to our south that are being systematically emptied into ours via Biden’s policy of an open border.

“Should American citizens in places like New Orleans and Baltimore and St. Louis begin to seek asylum in countries like Honduras and Guatemala under your asylum principles?” Cotton asked.

Garland mumbled something about the governments of those countries being unable or unwilling to protect their citizenries, which, we’re to infer, gives those illegals — who now number some six million during the two years of Joe Biden’s presidency — a right to invade our country and avail themselves to our healthcare system and other finite taxpayer-funded services.

One point of seeming agreement between Garland’s DOJ and Senate Republicans materialized when committee chairman Lindsey Graham pressed the AG on whether the Mexican drug cartels, whose fentanyl is killing the equivalent of a full jet airliner of Americans every single day, should be designated as terrorist organizations.

Garland didn’t object, but he noted that such a decision would be up to the State Department. So the question is: What’s keeping Secretary of State Antony Blinken from doing so, and why hasn’t he been hauled before a Republican-controlled House committee to answer for himself?

As we noted recently, the U.S. is spending $200 billion on a proxy war with Russia, but the Biden administration seems utterly uninterested in fighting a war against a far deadlier enemy — an enemy that’s responsible for the deaths of 300 Americans every single day.

Perhaps the most comically tone-deaf of Garland’s remarks yesterday came when he complained that his DOJ didn’t have enough resources to do its job.

“It’s a question of the resources,” he said. “Not enough people. We don’t have enough money. We don’t have enough jails. We don’t have enough judges.”

Got that? Joe Biden’s weaponized and woefully biased DOJ doesn’t have enough resources to properly persecute its political enemies.

Sure, Merrick. We’ll get right on that.

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Executive News Summary

Medical conscience protections under assault, “Havana Syndrome” not caused by a secret weapon, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • Medical conscience protections under assault: In the midst of heaping more government regulations upon the American people, the Biden administration does see a few Trump-era regulations it has targeted for removal. One of those regulations aims to protect healthcare workers’ freedom of conscience. The Trump administration established the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights with the specific aim to enforce conscience protection laws. Now the Biden administration is looking to reverse course and limit the ability of American healthcare workers to gain protection from efforts to force them to engage in practices they morally object to, such as elective abortions. Joe Biden’s focus is on protecting the Left’s ideological agenda, not Americans’ fundamental civil rights.
  • “Havana Syndrome” not caused by a secret weapon: The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that “Havana Syndrome” is not caused by a secret energy weapon. The strange condition that sickened several U.S. diplomats and intelligence personnel while serving overseas was first reported in 2016 at the U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba. Last year, a panel of independent experts suggested that the cause of the symptoms affecting nearly 1,000 individuals could have been some type of “external energy source.” However, U.S. intelligence agencies uncovered no evidence to support the idea that a foreign actor engaged in such behavior, let alone that such a theoretical weapon even exists. That said, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines emphasized that “these findings do not call into question the very real experiences and symptoms that our colleagues and their family members have reported.” Still, no evidence is not an answer that satisfies the reality that something happened to these U.S. personnel.
  • White House finally sets deadline for federal purge of TikTok: The Chinese-owned and ChiCom-controlled social media company TikTok will finally be banned from federal government devices. Last year, Congress passed bipartisan legislation banning the popular social media app from all federal government devices due to TikTok’s massive data-collecting capability and practice. Following Congress’s ban back on December 23, 2022, the Biden administration was given 60 days to implement it. Despite the massive support from Congress for banning TikTok, the Biden administration drug its feet, only on Monday setting a 30-day deadline for all federal agencies to purge the app from all government devices. It is ridiculous that it has taken the Biden administration this long to act to ban a well-known Chinese spying operation. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Beijing objected, ironically calling it an “abuse [of] state power.”
  • Dem senators join GOP opposing Biden’s ESG directive: Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and John Tester (MT) crossed the aisle to join Republicans in opposing Joe Biden’s new rule allowing 401(k) managers to consider investing their clients’ money in companies adhering to the leftist political ideology of ESG (environmental, social, and governance). Manchin blasted Biden for an “unrelenting campaign to weaken our national security, energy, and economic security to advance their environmental and social agenda,” which threatens “the retirement accounts of 150 million Americans.” Tester likewise argued that “it undermines retirement accounts for working Montanans and is wrong for my state.” With both Manchin and Tester on board, the Republican bill, which has already passed the House, will have the votes to pass the Senate. However, Biden has promised a veto that Senate Republicans will not be able to override. With both Manchin and Tester facing reelection bids in red states in 2024, it appears this was a way for them to get on the record opposing Biden without threatening his agenda from advancing.
  • Gas for me but not for thee: Oregon’s recently elected Democrat Governor Tina Kotek campaigned in part on “transition[ing] away from the use of fossil fuels like methane gas in homes and commercial buildings.” In Oregon, extremist anti-fossil fuel policies may be popular with the majority-leftist electorate, but it all appears to be little more than rhetoric to Kotek. Evidently, now that she’s the Beaver State’s new governor, she feels free to take advantage of the many benefits fossil fuels deliver, including having a dual natural gas and propane-powered emergency backup generator installed at the official governor’s residence, Mahonia Hall. It would appear that Kotek’s commitment to transition away from fossil fuels was only intended for those regular Joe Oregonians, and not “important” elites like herself.
  • Georgia probes Stacey Abrams: The state of Georgia has launched an investigation into twice-failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over “financial irregularities” regarding her voting-rights charity known as the New Georgia Project. Abrams founded the charity back in 2013 and later its affiliated organization, New Georgia Project Action Fund, the two of which have raised over $54 million since 2020. According to The Washington Free Beacon, there are “myriad discrepancies in the New Georgia Project’s financial disclosures,” including a mysterious “consulting” payment of more than half a million dollars, as well as the New Georgia Project reporting no payroll tax in 2020. Meanwhile, Abrams has traveled to Nigeria to peddle her “voting rights” grift, though we’re not sure how she’ll spin her racist oppression claim there.


  • Senate passes bill demanding pandemic origin info be made public (Washington Examiner)
  • More money to find the money: Biden seeks $1.6 billion to tackle COVID relief fraud ahead of Republican probes (Reuters)
  • Republicans introduce sweeping school reforms in Parents Bill of Rights (Washington Times)
  • Nearly three-quarters of Californians don’t want Newsom to run for president (National Review)
  • Six ways the censorship complex silences speech it doesn’t want you to say or hear (The Federalist)
  • Humor: Lori Lightfoot blames election loss on “tricksy hobbitses” (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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Leftist Fairy Tales About Victims and Oppressors

Why conservatives are fighting an uphill battle against the utter nonsense foisted upon us by the Left.

Nate Jackson

Conservatism just makes sense. Marry someone of the opposite sex and then have children. Make sure those kids are educated and ready to take care of themselves as adults. Hold down a steady job and provide for your family. Elevate true meritocracy. Mind your own business, but be patriotic and community oriented. The Left destroys everything, however, and that’s why all of those things are under assault with a strategic effort to make everything about victims and oppressors.

There are real victims, of course. Some women are abused in their marriages. Some individuals experience racial discrimination. Some children are sexually exploited. Some unfortunate souls are paid less than their work is worth.

Obviously, some people are real oppressors.

Yet what leftists do is turn reality on its head while claiming that the people trying to conserve American culture are actually the ones destroying it. They insist that the immensely powerful people who control most of the nation’s institutions — government, academia, education, entertainment — are actually the victims.

This gaslighting is meant for one purpose: The accrual of more power.

A perusal of headlines just today makes this abundantly clear. Women’s History Month, “transgender” legislation, student loan forgiveness, the Ohio train derailment, and even the new “Peter Pan” movie all provide examples.

Joe Biden issued A Proclamation on Women’s History Month in which he promised to fight for the right of non-women to have abortions. Yeah, read that again. He will “defend reproductive freedom” (the Left’s euphemism for terminating the life of a child) for all Americans “regardless of their gender” or “gender identity.” Last year’s White House budget replaced the word “mothers” with “birthing people.”

Conservatives are thus faced with a choice: Ignore this utter nonsense or argue about it and be cast as the ones picking the fight and the ones who want to “deny” someone the “right” to be who they claim to be and do what they want to do.

Next, The Hill reports, “The gender pay gap has stayed largely unchanged for 20 years.” We and other conservatives have dutifully debunked that nonsense, but what do Democrats make sure women hear? Republicans don’t want you to be paid what you’re worth.

Speaking of women, a bizarre social contagion has overtaken the nation as groomers recruit more people, especially minors, into the ranks of the gender confused. Girls want to be boys and men want to be women at an alarming rate. States are beginning to pass legislation to stop the victimization and mutilation of children — something no one thought would ever be necessary just a few short years ago. Others are working to withhold state money to pay for such medical hack jobs.

How does the Leftmedia headline these stories? “New state bills restrict transgender health care — for adults,” says The Washington Post. “Mississippi governor signs bill banning transgender health care for minors,” NBC News misinforms us.

It’s not healthcare to run science experiments on people with mental health problems. It’s not “restricting” those practices to prohibit using taxpayer dollars for them. Yet the “real” victims here, by the media’s telling, are the poor people and children whom mean, stingy Republicans want to hurt.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday regarding Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional power grab of “forgiving” student loans. People freely choose to go to college and often they freely choose to pay for it with loans that everyone knows must be paid back.

Yet suddenly, leftists decided that it’s their “right” to take money from someone who did not agree to that loan to pay it back on behalf of the one who did. The “oppressors,” by their telling, are the ones who want to uphold millennia-old rules. “That is not right! That is not fair!” screamed Randi Weingarten.

If the Court overturns Biden’s rule, guess who the “bad guys” will be? Not the would-be thieves who want to steal your money to pay their loans, but the mean, stingy Republicans who opposed the theft and are now labeled thieves themselves. “Every single month,” said one activist, borrowers making payments on their loans will “be reminded that the right-wing infrastructure stole their money.” Whose money?

“The only thing blocking that plan,” Biden said, “is opponents of the plan suing us.” The tyrannical oppressor claims to be the victim.

Pete Buttigieg is utterly incompetent at his job, as the Ohio train derailment illustrated. The Leftmedia wasn’t all that interested in the derailment for weeks, eventually covering it only when it was no longer possible to avoid doing so. The story now, according to The Washington Post: “Republicans seize on train derailment to go after Buttigieg.”

Buttigieg is a special victim, you see, because he’s homosexual. That’s his only qualification for the job, and it’s the only thing that matters to the Left.

Disney has become shockingly wokified, choosing to indoctrinate kids with left-wing propaganda through entertainment, which we’ve covered ad nauseam. Just yesterday, though, the new trailer dropped for the live-action remake of “Peter Pan.” Er, excuse us, “Peter Pan & Wendy.” Besides the title change for diversity, the first thing you’ll notice is that Peter is of Indian descent. Tinkerbell is black. And the “lost boys” now include girls. Oddly enough, the only non-diverse group is Captain Hook’s band of old-white-guy pirates.

Does any of that actually matter? If the story is still good, not really. Except that the Left has made sure it matters by replacing good storytelling with sanctimonious lectures about “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Anyone who complains will swiftly be labeled a “racist” or “bigot.” Who’s the bad guy? Conservatives who want good stories.

In the 1989 classic “Batman,” the Joker kills Bruce Wayne’s parents, shoots Bruce, kidnaps his girlfriend, terrorizes Gotham City, and shoots down the Batwing. Then, as Batman approaches to take him out in the climactic fight, the Joker puts on a pair of spectacles and says, “You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, huh, would ya?”

Today’s leftist jokers are no less out of touch with reality, turning the whole concept of victims and oppressors on its head. Yet they’ve played their hand so powerfully that conservatives are the ones fighting the uphill battle and looking like the bad guys while doing it.

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What Kind of Democrat Will Run Chicago?

The mayoral race is now between a “mainstream” Democrat and another progressive activist.

Emmy Griffin

Chicago has ousted derelict Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and the triumphant leading candidates, Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson, will go on to a runoff in April. Chicago is at a crossroads of sorts. In this deep-blue stronghold that has not had a Republican mayor in 92 years, the residents are choosing between a relatively moderate Democrat or another progressive activist.

Brandon Johnson started his career as a public school teacher on the Northside of Chicago. He is heavily endorsed by the Chicago Teachers Union, Illinois Federation of Teachers, and SEIU Healthcare. His focus is on many things such as equity, reform in policing, education, environmental justice, and gender equality.

In his victory speech Tuesday night, he talked about himself and smeared his opponent instead of explaining what he is going to do for the people of Chicago. An interesting tactic for a victory speech. Vallas “is someone who is supported by the January 6 insurrectionists,” he claimed. “He switched parties when President Barack Obama became president of the United States. He went as far as to say he’s more of a Republican than anything else. He says he fundamentally opposes abortion.”

You know you’re in Chicago when the worst insult someone can throw at you is that you’re too conservative a Democrat. As far as opposing abortion, most Democrats opposed abortion a few decades ago.

Johnson is a supporter of defund the police. He stands on grievance-based identity politics. In his speech, he said: “A hundred years from now … the question will be, did we do everything in our power to stand up to systemic racism? Or did we flinch?” He went on to explain that under his mayoral reign, funding for the police and the jails would be “reinvested” in the community.

Chicago has already suffered under the tender ministrations of a “progressive” mayor who put left-wing ideology as her priority. Look what happened. Crime went through the roof. Education went down the toilet. Chicago has already seen the damage of a politician who was put into office on the strength of her intersectional politics and grievance theories. But there is always a chance the Windy City chooses Johnson.

Paul Vallas was the leading favorite throughout the campaign season. He is a native Chicagoan and has been the CEO of Chicago Public Schools. This race was his second bid for the mayoral position.

Vallas is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and even has several donors who have voted Republican in the past. Vallas’s campaign focus is and always has been on crime and public safety, as well as education, which he has called a “civil rights issue.”

Vallas garnered 33.1% of the overall vote and in his victory speech remained focused on what he would do for the citizens of the Windy City. Vallas reiterated: “Public safety is the fundamental right of every American. It is a civil right. And it is the principle responsibility of government, and we will have a safe Chicago. We will make Chicago the safest city in America.” This is a very ambitious goal, but serious intervention is needed to curb the criminal activity in the city.

Residents of Chicago have made it clear that the progressive policies under Lightfoot were devastating to the non-criminal population. Crime has soared under her watch. In 2019, her first year as mayor, there were 502 murders; in 2020, 778; in 2021, 794; and in 2022, 692. 2023 has only just begun, and as of March 1, there have been 84 murders in Chicago.

Vallas and Johnson represent a fundamental difference in understanding of crime and punishment. Vallas holds the view that if a person commits a crime, he or she should do the time. Johnson believes that the system is the problem and that people are victims of that system first and criminals second.

There is now a 50% chance that a criminal will get away with murder. This is a nationwide stat that is largely reflected by deep-blue cities that are seeing the fruits of their leftist policies come to bare. A big reason for this decline in justice is that after the death of George Floyd and the ensuing anti-police insanity spurred on by Black Lives Matter, there is a hesitation to arrest black criminals. This led to a nationwide crime surge that negatively affects the black community. There was a 30% increase in murders nationwide, leading to the deaths of 2,244 more black people.

In Chicago, this low clearance of solved homicide cases is even worse than the 50% national average. In 2021, according to Chicago’s PBS station WTTW, “The clearance rate by prosecution was 21.7% in predominately Black neighborhoods, yet 45.6% in predominantly White neighborhoods.”

We shall see, come April, if Chicagoans are going to address their crime problem with a mayor who believes the police and incarceration of criminals are the problem, or with a mayor who believes criminals — who are devastating families with their wonton lawlessness — should be held to account.

Image credit: TDKR Chicago 101 (here and here), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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The Mobile Phone at 50

It’s been half a century since the first portable phone call was made on a New York City street, and cellphones have since come to dominate our lives.

Douglas Andrews

Did you know there’s actually a single person we credit for having invented the cellphone? We sure didn’t. But it’s true. And that man, Martin Cooper, has both regrets and high hopes about the ubiquitous rectangular slabs of glass and plastic that have become such an essential and time-consuming part of our lives.

Cooper, who worked for Motorola at the time, made history’s first public phone call from a brick-sized handheld portable device on Sixth Avenue in New York City nearly a half-century ago. On that day, April 3, 1973, Cooper needled his rival at AT&T’s Bell Labs by calling him on the 11-inch-long, 2.5-pound Dyna-TAC prototype that he and his team had begun to design only five months earlier.

And it worked. Even so, he couldn’t have imagined where that first phone call would one day take us.

Cooper, as the AP reports, “spent the better part of the next decade working to bring a commercial version of the device to market, helping to launch the wireless communications industry and, with it, a global revolution in how we communicate, shop and learn about the world.” The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X mobile phone became commercially available in 1983 at a cost of $3,995 (equivalent to about $10,500 today).

Now 94 years old, Cooper was in Barcelona on Monday at the Mobile World Congress, the industry’s biggest trade show, to receive a lifetime achievement award. There, he told journalists that he worries about what his invention has done to human society — from a lack of privacy to social media addiction to the easy access that kids now have to harmful content.

“My most negative opinion,” he said, “is we don’t have any privacy anymore because everything about us is now recorded someplace and accessible to somebody who has enough intense desire to get it.”

We’re not so sure. Privacy is certainly an issue, but what about the control that cellphones now exert over our lives?

In the updated version of his bestselling book The Shallows, technology writer Nicholas Carr recalls the moment when, on the morning of January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone. He called it “revolutionary,” said it “changes everything,” and gave it a prescient and somewhat chilling tagline: “Your life in your pocket.” Indeed.

“Within a few years,” Carr writes, “the cell phone had replaced the desktop and the laptop as the general public’s preferred data processing machine. By delivering a never-ending stream of information into the hands of the masses, the iPhone and its kin completed what the Internet had begun: the consolidation of communications, computing, and media into a single industry — and onto a single device.”

That consolidation hasn’t come without consequence. Carr, citing the Nielsen Company’s survey data, notes that the average American adult now spends an incredible nine hours and 45 minutes each day staring into some sort of device, whether a TV, a computer, or a phone. And that’s 90 minutes more than just five years ago.

One particular app that tracks an individual’s time spent on a cellphone paints an even more alarming picture. As Adam Alter writes on the rise of behavioral addiction in his book Irresistible, “People spend between one and four hours on their phones each day — and many far longer.” He says we spend more time on our phones than any other daily activity except sleeping. Alter says that we spend around 100 hours every month texting, gaming, reading articles, paying bills, scrolling through our Instagram feed, and the like — to the tune of approximately 11 years in our lifetimes.

And it all started when Marty Cooper made that first cellphone call 50 years ago.

This isn’t to say that cellphones have been nothing but bad. Of course not. In fact, Cooper thinks cellphone technology’s best days may still be ahead in areas such as education and healthcare. “Between the cellphone and medical technology and the Internet,” he said, “we are going to conquer disease.”

Cooper tells CNBC, “The next generation will have the phone embedded under the skin of their ears.” And charged by our own bodies, no less.

So we’ve got that to look forward to. Which is nice.

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The Graffiti Pandemic

One more sign of civilization in decline?

Jack DeVine

Arriving in Athens after nearly 24 hours of air travel, we were met at the airport by a Viking Cruise representative and taken by shuttle bus to the ship.

Athens is a beautiful city, and this was a perfect day to see it for the first time — sunny and sparkling, with the deep-blue sky common to all the travel brochures. But from our shuttle bus windows, what kept grabbing my attention was the graffiti — everywhere — seemingly covering every square inch of street-level vertical space in every direction.

It wasn’t offensive, or obscene, or particularly ugly. It was just there, intruding constantly on the iconic vista.

I asked our guide about it. She explained that Athenians consider their “street art” to be a good thing, artistic free expression. With that in mind, I look again at the endless stream of the street art (graffiti) flashing by the bus windows, and I can grudgingly admit that some of it is, in fact, colorful and engaging.

But most of it is not. In fact, it’s depressingly ordinary — the same spray-painted fat loopy words and shapes that contaminate urban landscapes everywhere, planted in every passerby’s line of sight, without consent, by anonymous people who choose to use other people’s property, public or private, as their personal canvas.

In recent years, large swaths of graffiti have become commonplace in nearly every European city. Not even Venice — that magical, timeless, once-pristine jewel of a city — is exempt. American cities are overrun with graffiti as well. I can’t quantify the trend, but my sense is that graffiti is expanding everywhere, exponentially and uncontrollably.

Are most people learning to like it (as surely some do)? Or are they just tolerating it? Or perhaps just tuning it out altogether? Regardless, graffiti is becoming a fixture in our landscape.

My point here is not just to be the grumpy old man grumbling about the quality of the public art or the behavior of those who insist on keeping it in our faces. I believe there are more compelling questions to consider. Is there a correlation between the external deterioration of our culture and its deeper internal upheavals? Is ever-present graffiti just one more visible sign of a decaying civilization?

I can think of one major example of civilization attempting to push back. In the 1970s (a time we all remember as ominously chaotic), every one of New York City’s 6,400 subway cars was hideously defaced with graffiti, top to bottom, inside and outside. And at the same time, that entire NYC subway system was in disarray and disrepair, with unreliable operations, diminishing ridership, and skyrocketing crime.

In New York City, mass transit is central to every aspect of urban life. For two decades, successive administrations struggled to arrest its decline. It may not have been clear whether the ubiquitous subway car graffiti was a cause or an effect of the deep-seated problems with the city’s sprawling system, but one thing was known for sure: the defaced cars sent the message that no one was in charge and that anything goes — anarchy in the subway.

Bit by bit, car by car, they eliminated graffiti from the NYC subway system; it was a massive, expensive crusade, and it was not until 1989 that the MTA could announce that the last car had been cleaned. And through that and other simultaneous efforts, the city’s trains started running on time and ridership that had given up on mass transit returned. The city’s subways became not just cleaner but safer.

NYC’s was not a permanent success. Graffiti is creeping back, and subway crime is up (although neither to the levels endured in the ‘70s). But the lesson, applicable to mass transit and every other aspect of modern life, is there for the learning.

Where is this all going? It seems clear enough today that vandalism of public and private property — even if such vandalism offers an opportunity for free expression — is incompatible with civilized life. And it seems clear as well that there is manageable middle ground, as being tried in the UK and elsewhere, of designating certain spaces for public art, with suitable acceptance criteria and controls.

In today’s political climate, that may be a hard sell. But the alternative is much uglier. Like subway cars in the 1970s, will every surface, public or private, become fair game for “free expression”? Your house? Your new car? Your children’s school? Ultimately, that would lead to the tipping point of collective public conviction that enough is enough. Better that we reach that point sooner than later.

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  • Scarlen Valderaz: Adult Desires and IVF — Like surrogacy, in vitro fertilization was not created for the benefit of children.
  • In Brief: Why I Stood Up to Disney — Old-fashioned corporate Republicanism won’t do in a world where the left has hijacked big business.

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For the Record

“Fact is, everyone but Joe ‘Big Guy’ Biden knows the [COVID] virus was either an intentional or accidental release from a ChiCom lab. So why does Biden, other than his corrupt ties to the ChiComs, continue his ‘lying dog-faced pony soldier’ denials? The answer… For Biden to acknowledge that the virus originated in a ChiCom-controlled lab would lead to the next question — did the Chinese intentionally kill a million Americans and shut down the U.S. economy, or was that an ‘accident’? Either way, acknowledging the virus origin creates immediate and significant foreign policy challenges for Biden, and he and his inept administrators are not up to the task.” —Mark Alexander

“President Joe Biden’s diplomats are negotiating a treaty with the World Health Organization to promote so-called global health equity. The premise is that in a pandemic or other worldwide disease emergency, Americans should not get better or faster health care than inhabitants of third-world countries. … The treaty’s defenders claim that nothing would allow WHO to meddle in how the U.S. responds domestically to a pandemic. But the actual wording of Article 4 proves otherwise. It states that each country will manage its own domestic health policies provided these policies ‘do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries.’ You can drive a truck through that exception.” —Betsy McCaughey

“The United States is a beacon of hope to millions, if not billions, across the world. However, the government of this great country has become unrecognizable, a monster with its tentacles wrapped up in global politics that often interfere with the lives of its citizens. So much deceit and obvious graft are present within the government that it is no surprise the average person’s confidence in the system is at rock bottom.” —Anthony Brian Logan


“A huge number of people have decided that there are a cadre of people who are so vile that any opinion they touch is immediately toxified beyond investigation. Claims are not to be evaluated on their own merits; instead, we can simply determine whether a claim ought to be supported based on those who posit it. This helps to explain why political crossover has become nearly impossible: We’re not judging the claims of our opponents; we’re judging each other. And this means that we can discard any argument simply by dint of the fact that we don’t like the person offering it.” —Ben Shapiro

Re: The Left

“Seventy-eight years ago … some 70,000 U.S. Marines were fighting and dying on a tiny Pacific island called Iwo Jima. Imagine the looks on their faces if they’d been told that they’d be storming those sulfurous black sand beaches with a handful of men who claimed to be women. Imagine the look on the face of flamethrower Woody Williams if you ordered him to take out a series of murderous concrete pillboxes while a man who claimed to be a woman provided covering fire. Imagine what hard-charging Sergeant Mike Strank might’ve said if you’d told him that he and the rest of the men who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi would have to allow a man who thinks he’s a woman into their midst to pose for a few photos — you know, for diversity’s sake. Just imagine. Because that’s the reality of today’s military.” —Douglas Andrews

“[Lori] Lightfoot was one of nine candidates running for mayor, and Chicago has spoken. Lori Lightfoot has gone out in the first round with 83% voting against her. The runoff election will be held in April and the candidates are Paul Vallas, who won 33.8% of the vote, and Brandon Johnson, who won 20.3% of the vote. Just remember, Lightfoot wasn’t ousted by a Republican but by a couple of fellow Democrats. The last time Chicago had a Republican mayor was 1931, and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.” —Emmy Griffin


“We’re going to ban assault weapons again come hell or high water and high-capacity magazines.” —Joe Biden

“Let’s not forget the banning [of] assault weapons. That is a key part of this — when we think about crime, when we think about gun crime.” —White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

The BIG Lies

“Folks, families across the country are starting to breathe just a little easier.” —Joe Biden

“I’ve read [Marjorie Taylor Greene] was very specific recently, saying that … a poor mother who lost two kids to fentanyl, that — that I killed her sons. Well, the interesting thing is that fentanyl they took came during the last administration.” —Joe Biden

“We’re trying to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to reverse the work that we have been trying to do over the last two years.” —Karine Jean-Pierre

“House Republicans lack a responsible economic plan. They are focused on cutting Social Security, ending Medicare as we know it and restricting abortion care. We will continue to expose their extreme agenda.” —House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries

Non Compos Mentis

“There’s no good evidence and the research is still going on as to how we need to progress with this [military vaccine mandate]. But as for right now, natural immunity is not something we believe in for this, and so we are still moving forward.” —Gil Cisneros, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness

“We fought the right fights and we put this city on a better path.” —ousted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Hot Air

“The faster we can move away from fuels that burn, in the speediest and most equitable way possible, the less horrible [the climate] gets. That’s the … only way right now.” —CNN’s Bill Weir

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WATCH: Renowned Harvard Professor Of Medicine Trolls Woke “Vaccine Fanatics” During House Roundtable On COVID Policies — The Gateway Pundit

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, a Harvard University professor of medicine, effectively mocked vaccine zealots during a House select subcommittee roundtable which was analyzing COVID-19 policy decisions on Tuesday.

Kulldorff is a renowned biostatistician and epidemiologist who possesses expertise in detecting and monitoring infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations. He also co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), which criticized the harmful impacts of draconian government policies on the public.

He and his two other GBD co-authors, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, instead advocated for protecting the vulnerable and letting healthy individuals live normal lives. By rejecting their common sense measures, politicians around the world ruined billions of lives.

During the subcommittee roundtable, Kulldorff discussed the issues with universal COVID vaccination and the virtues of natural immunity with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA).


Here’s the exchange:

Kuldorff: “By forcing children to have vaccines they don’t need because they’ve already have the disease, that undermines the trust in other vaccines like the measles vaccine or the polio vaccine. That’s very, very serious.

“Over the last several decades we’ve had the “anti-vaccine” people try to undermine trust in vaccines but with rare success. But the vaccine fanatics who want to vaccinate every person in this country, even though there are people who have already had COVID, that has undermined the trust in vaccines and created an enormous vaccine hesitancy.”

Miller-Meeks: “So not allowing their provider or physician to determine the risk and the benefit?”

Kulldorff: “Yeah, and also people themselves, because people know about immunity. We learned that in school. People know that if you’ve had a disease.

Miller-Meeks (mocking vaccine fanatics): “It wasn’t until I came to Congress that I found out infection-acquired immunity was a novel concept.”

Kulldorff: “Yeah, I guess we knew about it since 430 BC, the Athenian plague, until 2020. And we didn’t know about it for three years. And now we know about it again.”

Kulldorff was proven right throughout the COVID pandemic and certainly has earned the opportunity to gloat a bit.

WATCH: Renowned Harvard Professor Of Medicine Trolls Woke “Vaccine Fanatics” During House Roundtable On COVID Policies — The Gateway Pundit

Biden Promises To Ban Assault Weapons ‘Come Hell or High Water’ — Conservative Review

President Joe Biden in a speech Wednesday promised his fellow Democrats he would ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines “come hell or high water. “

The post Biden Promises To Ban Assault Weapons ‘Come Hell or High Water’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Biden Promises To Ban Assault Weapons ‘Come Hell or High Water’ — Conservative Review

Media Bias – Part 1: Technology — Daily Declaration

Welcome to part 1 of this essay on media bias. About five years ago, I woke up to the bias of the ABC, and ever since then I no longer listen to her at home or in the car, unless it’s ‘Classic FM’! In this essay, I would like to explore the impact of media bias on society at large.

This three-part discussion starts with the most concrete — Part 1: technology, a consideration of the various innovations that have created mass media. Then in Part 2, we will explore human psychology, how we as individuals have responded to mass media. Finally, in Part 3, we will explore sociology, how our various communities and societies have been influenced by mass media.

On 16 November 2020, Casey Chalk wrote of Neil Postman’s prophetic writing about media and society:

Thirty-five years ago, New York University professor of communication Neil Postman predicted the political and social implosion we have witnessed in 2020. In “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business” (1985), Postman criticised television as a medium of information that, regardless of its content, caused Americans to understand all of public discourse through the lens of entertainment.

Chalk goes on to say:

Our digital devices undermine social interactions by isolating us, as demonstrated by the remarkable artistic work of Eric Pickersgill. Pickersgill photographs deviceless people pretending to have mobile devices in their hands. He says:

“This phantom limb is used as a way of signalling busyness and unapproachability to strangers, while existing as an addictive force that promotes the splitting of attention between those who are physically with you and those who are not.”

Moreover, Postman worried about who most benefited from this technological revolution. He cautioned:

“Years from now, it will be noticed that the massive collection and speed-of-light retrieval of data have been of great value to large-scale organisations, but have solved very little of importance to most people, and have created at least as many problems for them as they may have solved.”

The Printing Press

It is believed that the first printing press was Johann Gutenberg’s, that produced the first printed Bible in what is now Germany, in 1440. Prior to that, books were hand-copied and consequently were relatively few in number, and read by few as most were illiterate.

But with the advent of the printing press, suddenly society changed. For example, the birth of Protestantism was arguably the result of the Ninety-five Theses, propositions for debate, on the back of the printed Bible and the subsequent growth in literacy, which were believed to have been posted by Martin Luther on the door of the Schlosskirche, Wittenberg, 31 October, 1517.

Imagine the revolution in those days. Individuals, families and communities would have hardly known of anything going on in the world other than what they could have seen and heard or been told by eyewitnesses. And again, consider how far and how fast the eyewitnesses would have been able to travel in those days. Naturally, people would be able to know the eyewitnesses first-hand, so the potential for bias would have been small, though I am sure human nature would have loved to have embellished stories to increase the appetite for their stories!


Then came the printed newspaper. The London Gazette claims to be England’s oldest newspaper. Its first edition was published on 7 November 1665 under the name The Oxford Gazette. Apparently, these early editions were posted to subscribers rather than being sold in newsagents. Imagine the revolution they brought: news could now be transmitted hundreds of miles, over a timeframe of a day or two, or perhaps a couple of weeks.

By the end of the 19th century, newspapers had become the source of large profits for their owners — the first ‘press barons’, for example, William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), who launched his career by taking charge of his father’s struggling newspaper The San Francisco Examiner. The dissemination of news was clearly a commercial endeavour — it had to be to survive.

Right from the start, media bias was built in, as the editor would be responsible for sales, or they would not last long in their employment. What was included in their newsprint and how they reported it would have a profound impact on the reader’s level of engagement and subsequent sales. Therefore, there was no such thing as unbiased media from the very start, except for the Bible, of course!

Radio and Television

In 1893, Serbian-American Nikolai Tesla demonstrated a wireless radio in St. Louis, Missouri. Despite this demonstration, it was the Italian Guglielmo Marconi who is often credited as the father and inventor of the radio, with his transmission over 2000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901.

The invention of the television was seen by some as the Anti-Christ. It began with a Scotsman, John Logie Baird, born in Helensburgh, near Glasgow. His first television picture was transmitted in 1926 from one room to another. Then in 1927, he successfully sent a moving image along telephone wires from London to Glasgow, and the following year he achieved the first trans-Atlantic television broadcast.

There is no doubt that these innovations were remarkable and had a profound impact on both World War I and World War II, arguably spurred on by the demands of the military for more effective and timely communication and intelligence-gathering. Later, the Vietnam War (1955-1975) was arguably ended by television — the American people in their own homes could see the My Lai Massacre in 1968, which mobilised the anti-war movement.

The World Wide Web and the Mobile Phone

In contrast to radio and television, the www and the mobile phone are not new vehicles for mass communication, but rather they were platforms for personal communication, that would perhaps shrink the world more than any other technology had done before.

1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee, from London, England, while a programmer at the physics laboratory of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), is credited with the invention of the www, a system that would allow computers to publish and access linked documents and multimedia over the Internet.

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first handheld mobile phone that allowed people to make calls without the need for a physical cable connection. The first call was made in 1973, by Dr Martin Cooper from Chicago, Illinois.

Both these technologies are intrinsically unbiased; however, we can argue that the geographical delivery of these services has been biased. There is no even distribution of the world-wide-web or mobile coverage across our planet; the haves and have-nots are the results of the operators’ biased, commercial interest.

Digital Technologies

Technological developments from now on can be described as digital without any tangible new object to be held in our hands, but they have definitely added to the mass media menu. For example:

  • 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook
  • YouTube was registered in 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim
  • Instagram was launched on Apple’s mobile operating systems in 2010
  • Rumble was founded in 2013 by Chris Pavlovski
  • Substack for writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers, founded in 2017
  • 2021 video platform Odysee launched, a decentralised, fringe alternatives to YouTube

This has been revolutionary, just as much as the invention of the printing press. These platforms allow the publication and dissemination of information to be in the direct hands of private individuals rather than military, commercial or government corporations. This seems to me to be an example of pushback against media bias.


Media or mass media can be described as any of these entities: newspapers, magazines, television, public broadcasting, commercial radio, music, films, or books. Humanity had no effective media before the invention of the printing press in 1440. But we did have communication; primarily oral, but also body language and the creative arts, visual and musical.

Defining media is very hard. This from Market Business News, for example:

The term media, which is the plural of medium, refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages and other data. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet, fax and billboards.

Or Macmillan Education Limited:

The word media is a plural form of the Latin word ‘medium’ meaning ‘middle ground or intermediate’. Its usage as a word to describe newspapers, radio and other sources of information likely derives from the term ‘mass media‘, which was a technical term used in the advertising industry from the 1920s on.

From these definitions, the following stand out. Media is designed to communicate from platform A to people B, a one-way street. Perhaps mass media imagines itself to be ‘in the middle ground’ and impartial. However, its roots are firmly planted in the advertising industry, as the message is being sold, to support the production of the message, a circular argument.

I suggest that it is in our nature to want to communicate as a species. We are not independent creations, organisms; we are symbiotically connected with our family, our community and our kind. If this is true then, all the innovations of technology we have seen are all expressions of that desire to reach a wider and wider audience. If that is true, then it seems to be inevitable that bias and subjectivity are to be expected, perhaps inevitable, in all our communication.

Technology is always unbiased; operators can’t help their bias

If media bias is inevitable, then we must learn to manage bias. If we don’t know or forget that there is media bias, that’s when we fall into the dangerous territory of the government agenda, the propaganda wars or the advertising webs.

Let me conclude Part 1: Technology with a brief review of some common potential blind spots against media bias:

  1. What topics are reportedand which are ignored. For example, at the time of writing, the rail disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, USA on 3 February 2023 was hardly mentioned in mainstream media, but social media brought it into the spotlight and eventually dragged mainstream media out into the open. Who manages the public narrative, and the daily news cycle?
  2. What language and what emotions are employed. Who decides when a situation or a news item becomes a crisis? What adjectives are applied to the facts — dangerous, escalating, unprecedented, catastrophic, etc.? What sort of voice, tone and timbre, is used to relay the information? I rate John Pilger as my favourite for being as balanced as he could be in his motivation and the intonation of his narration.
  3. Subliminal advertising. I am not focusing on the script of the commercial breaks on television or radio, but rather their subliminal content, that indoctrinates the audience without their awareness or their permission. I am also talking here about the mores and values depicted in drama and films, and the assumptions surrounding individuals’ aspirations for comfort and affluence.
  4. The soundbite: a brief recorded statement (as by a public figure) broadcast, especially on a television news program. We have become so used to soundbites, they intoxicate us and inhibit us from questioning, thinking, and debating.
  5. The news as entertainment: the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. Media corporations, chasing ratings, spin their coverage to make us feel good and want to come back for more — that’s media bias.

Whatever the media employed — print, radio, television, film or social media — I would argue there can be no media without bias. It behoves us all to be alert and critical in our thinking on a moment-by-moment basis.


Photo by Pixabay.

Media Bias – Part 1: Technology — Daily Declaration

10 Myths Told by COVID Experts Debunked: News.com.au — Daily Declaration

For three years, writers at the Daily Declaration and our editorial team have been endlessly demonised for questioning the mainstream narrative on all things COVID-19 — whether lockdowns, natural immunity, vaccines, mandates or the origins of the virus. Our critics have accused us of spreading misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and worse.

As it turns out, our critics were wrong — about everything.

The mainstream narrative is currently in free-fall, as we have been documenting over recent weeks. In only the latest example of said unravelling, News.Com.Au has published a piece entitled 10 myths told by Covid experts — now debunked by Marty Makary MD, MPH, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The article was first published by the New York Post.

That article appears below. Buckle up.

10 myths told by COVID experts – now debunked

In the past few weeks, a series of analyses published by highly respected researchers have exposed a truth about public health officials during Covid:

Much of the time, they were wrong — the New York Post reports.

To be clear, public health officials were not wrong for making recommendations based on what was known at the time. That’s understandable. You go with the data you have.

No, they were wrong because they refused to change their directives in the face of new evidence. When a study did not support their policies, they dismissed them and censored opposing opinions.

At the same time, the Centre for Disease Control weaponised research itself but putting out their own flawed studies in their own non-peer reviewed medical journal, MMWR.

In the final analysis, public health officials actively propagated misinformation that ruined lives and forever damaged public trust in the medical profession. Here are 10 ways they misled us:

Misinformation #1: Natural immunity offers little protection compared to vaccinated immunity

A Lancet study looked at 65 major studies in 19 countries on natural immunity. The researchers concluded that natural immunity was at least as effective as the primary Covid vaccine series.

In fact, the scientific data was there all along — from 160 studies, despite the findings of these studies violating Facebook’s “misinformation” policy.

Since the Athenian plague of 430 B.C., it has been observed that those who recovered after infection were protected against severe disease if reinfected. That was also the observation of nearly every practising physician during the first 18 months of the Covid pandemic.

Most Americans were fired for not having the Covid vaccine already had antibodies that effectively neutralised the virus, but they were antibodies that the government did not recognise.

Misinformation #2: Masks prevent Covid transmission

Cochran Reviews are considered the most authoritative and independent assessment of evidence in medicine. And one published last month by a highly-respected Oxford research team found that masks had no significant impact on Covid transmission.

When asked about this definitive review, CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky downplayed it, arguing that it was flawed because it focused on randomised controlled studies.

But that was the greatest strength of the review! Randomised studies are considered the gold standard of medical evidence. If all the energy used by public health officials to mask toddlers could have channelled to reduce child obesity by encouraging outdoor activities, we would be better off.

Misinformation #3: School closures reduce Covid transmission

The CDC ignored the European experience of keeping schools open, most without mask mandates. Transmission rates were no different, evidenced by studies conducted Spain and Sweden.

Misinformation #4: Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection

Public health officials downplayed concerns about vaccine-induced myocarditis — or inflammation of the heart muscle. They cited poorly designed studies that under-captured complication rates. A flurry of well-designed studies said the opposite. We now know that myocarditis is six to 28-times more common after the Covid vaccine than after the infection among 16- to 24-year-old males. Tens of thousands of children likely got myocarditis, mostly subclinical, from a Covid vaccine they did not need because they were entirely healthy or because they already had Covid.

Misinformation #5: Young people benefit from a vaccine booster

Boosters reduced hospitalisation in older, high-risk Americans. But the evidence was never there that they lower Covid mortality in young healthy people. That’s probably why the CDC chose not to publish their data on hospitalisation rates among boosted Americans under 50, when they published the same rates for those over 50.

Ultimately, White House pressure to recommend boosters for all was so intense, that the FDA’s two top vaccine experts left the agency in protest, writing scathing articles on how the data did not support boosters for young people.

Misinformation #6: Vaccine mandates increased vaccination rates

President Biden and other officials demanded unvaccinated workers, regardless of their risk or natural immunity, be fired. They demanded that soldiers be dishonourably discharged and nurses be laid off in the middle of a staffing crisis. The mandate was based on the theory that vaccination reduced transmission rates — a notion later proven to be false. But after the broad recognition that vaccination does not reduce transmission, the mandates persisted, and still do to this day. A recent study from George Mason University details how vaccine mandates in nine major U.S. cities had no impact on vaccination rates. They also had no impact on Covid transmission rates.

Misinformation #7: Covid originating from the Wuhan Lab is a conspiracy theory

Google admitted to suppressing searches of “lab leak” during the pandemic. Dr Francis Collins, head of the NIH, claimed (and still does) he didn’t believe the virus came from a lab. Ultimately, overwhelming circumstantial evidence points to a lab leak origin — the same origin suggested to Dr Anthony Fauci by two very prominent virologists in a January 2020 meeting he assembled at the beginning of the pandemic. According to documents obtained by Bret Baier of Fox News, they told Drs Fauci and Collins that the virus may have been manipulated and originated in the lab, but then suddenly changed their tune in public comments days after meeting with the NIH officials. The virologists were later awarded nearly $9 million from Fauci’s agency.

Misinformation #8: It was important to get the 2nd vaccine dose 3 or 4 weeks after the 1st dose

Data was clear in the Spring of 2021, just months after the vaccine rollout, that spacing the vaccine out by three months reduces complications rates and increase immunity. Spacing out vaccines would have also saved more lives when Americans were rationing a limited vaccine supply at the height of the epidemic.

Misinformation #9: Data on the bivalent vaccine is “crystal clear”

Dr. Ashish Jha famously said this, despite the bivalent vaccine being approved using data from eight mice. To date, there has never been a randomised controlled trial of the bivalent vaccine. In my opinion, the data are crystal clear that young people should not get the bivalent vaccine. It would have also spared many children myocarditis

Misinformation #10: One in five people get long Covid

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 20% of Covid infections can result in long Covid. But a U.K. study found that only 3% of Covid patients had residual symptoms lasting 12 weeks. What explains the disparity?

It’s often normal to experience mild fatigue or weakness for weeks after being sick and inactive and not eating well. Calling these cases long Covid is the medicalisation of ordinary life.

What’s most amazing about all the misinformation conveyed by CDC and public health officials, is that there has been no apologies for holding on to their recommendations for so long after the data became apparent that they were dead wrong. Public health officials said “you must” when the correct answer should have been “we’re not sure.”

Early on, in the absence of good data, public health officials chose a path of stern paternalism. Today, they are in denial of a mountain of strong studies showing that they were wrong.

At minimum, CDC should come clean and the FDA should add a warning label to Covid vaccines, clearly stating what is now known. A mea culpa by those who led us astray would be a first step to rebuilding trust.

Read the full article at News.Com.Au here or the New York Post here.

10 Myths Told by COVID Experts Debunked: News.com.au — Daily Declaration

Glenn Beck: Trust in the government is the real danger — Conservative Review

Do the American people have short-term memory loss, or are they just too trusting?

Glenn Beck believes that whatever the case is, it is the most dangerous part about the lab-leak theory finally being outed as true.

He makes the point that we have never questioned the narrative. When the government said take off your shoes at the airport, you took off your shoes at the airport. When the government said to strap a mask across your face in order to buy groceries for your family, you strapped a mask across your face.

He states, “George Washington said that the government is like fire. If you are in control of it, it does great things. But if it is in control of you, it will burn down everything. Right now our government is in control of you, not the other way around.”

And boy, is he right.

The government is in complete control. It may look like our geriatric leader is constantly in a state of fumbling words and actions, but he’s not the only one who matters.

Glenn makes another great point when he asks the audience “Did the Iraqis actually have weapons of mass destruction? Did the government not experiment with LSD on black and Hispanic Florida prisoners in the 1960s? Did the U.S. not smuggle hundreds of Nazis into the U.S. after Germany fell? Did the U.S. government not slaughter thousands upon thousands of cattle and pigs to prop up milk, beef, and pork prices during the Great Depression? Did the government mix deadly poisons into whisky to help catch or prevent drinking in the Prohibition era? Did you even know that one? The answer to all these is yes.”

The government has broken the public’s trust too many times to count.

Why do we trust the government now?

Glenn Beck: Trust in the government is the real danger — Conservative Review

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the left’s false prophet — Conservative Review

One of the things the American public can never do is forget the constant gaslighting that’s taken place in the news cycle over the past few years.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was consistently saying — in a tone as smug as possible — that the “lab-leak theory was a theory with zero evidence,” as he looked down at the American public from atop his television throne.

News anchors suddenly became experts in “the science,” somehow privy to a knowledge that us plebeians born of the same educational system could never be.

Joy Reid was one of the worst offenders, repeating lines like, “Just weeks ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci rejected the conspiracy that coronavirus was man-made in a lab in Wuhan, China, and yet this week Donald Trump is still pushing the debunked bunkum [whatever that means] that the virus is not not not man-made.”

These news anchors worshiped Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Because apparently, only one man can know what the truth is. No one was allowed to listen to the scientists actively rejecting Fauci’s line that “everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that [COVID] evolved in nature and then jumped species.”

But now it’s been confirmed by the U.S. Department of Energy (why it’s now their job to confirm this is a mystery to all of us) that he’s likely wrong.

And it turns out that — as many of us lesser than earthly beings already knew — he was a false prophet all along.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the left’s false prophet — Conservative Review

WOW: Rasmussen Poll Results Show Over 60% of Likely Voters Believe Undercover Government Agents Provoked Jan 6 Riots — The Gateway Pundit

Americans want the truth about Jan 6 because the majority of Americans believe that government agents were responsible for the riots on that day.

(See TGP’s American Gulag: Documenting government overreach following the Jan. 6 capitol protest)

Voters overwhelmingly support releasing all videos of the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, and a majority think it’s likely that government agents helped provoke the riot according to the latest polling from Rasmussen reports

Eighty percent (80%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe it is important that the public be able to view all the videos of the Capitol riot, including 58% who think it’s Very Important. Only 17% don’t think it’s important for the public to be able to see all the riot videos.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is reportedly planning to broadcast videos of the Capitol riot that were not previously released by the congressional committee that investigated the riot. Eighty-six percent (86%) of Republicans, 78% of Democrats, and 75% of voters not affiliated with either major party believe it is important that the public be able to view all the videos of the Capitol riot. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is among Republicans who have expressed concern that federal agents “deliberately encouraged illegal and violent conduct on Jan. 6?” when supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of voters believe it is likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot, including 39% who think it’s Very Likely. Thirty percent (30%) don’t think it’s likely undercover agents helped provoke the riot, including 18% who say it is Not At All Likely.

Here are the overall results:

Fact check True

Americans just want the truth.  Something our government is keeping from us to cover up its crimes. 

WOW: Rasmussen Poll Results Show Over 60% of Likely Voters Believe Undercover Government Agents Provoked Jan 6 Riots — The Gateway Pundit

Faced With Their Own Idiocy On The Lab Leak, Media Double Down On Calling You A Racist Rube — Conservative Review

Somehow blaming the CCP for Covid, rather than the Chinese people, is proof of racism and xenophobia in America that must be silenced.

Faced With Their Own Idiocy On The Lab Leak, Media Double Down On Calling You A Racist Rube — Conservative Review