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God Repays — VCY America

He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. (Proverbs 19:17)

We are to give to the poor out of pity. Not to be seen and applauded, much less to get influence over them; but out of pure sympathy and compassion we must give them help.

We must not expect to get anything back from the poor, not even gratitude; but we should regard what we have done as a loan to the Lord. He undertakes the obligation, and, if we look to Him in the matter, we must not look to the second party. What an honor the Lord bestows upon us when He condescends to borrow of us! That merchant is greatly favored who has the Lord on his books. It would seem a pity to have such a name down for a paltry pittance; let us make it a heavy amount. The next needy man that comes this way, let us help him.

As for repayment, we can hardly think of it, and yet here is the Lord’s note of hand. Blessed be His name, His promise to pay is better than gold and silver. Are we running a little short through the depression of the times? We may venture humbly to present this bill at the bank of faith, Has any one of our readers [oppressed] the poor? Poor soul. May the Lord forgive him.

God Repays — VCY America

Incorruptible Holiness — Grace to You Blog

God’s holiness has been described as the sum of His infinite perfections. There is nothing for Him to learn, gain, or improve upon. Conversely there is nothing in the universe that can dilute, diminish, or contaminate the holiness of God—not even entering this corrupt, sin-ravaged planet as flesh and blood.


Incorruptible Holiness — Grace to You Blog

Grace, Peace and Mercy — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” Romans 5:1-2 (ESV) Our faith brings peace with God. What a…

Grace, Peace and Mercy — Daily Devotionals by Thoughts about God

17 Mar 2023 News Briefing

Pope Francis denies that Hell is ‘a place,’ says it is ‘a posture towards life’
The pope’s latest scandalous comments contradict the teachings of the Church Fathers on the existence of Hell. Giving a trademark lengthy, convoluted, and somewhat evasive answer, Francis appeared to deny the existence of Hell as an actual place. “Hell is not a place, “Hell is a state, there are people who live in Hell continuously.” Not content with appearing to deny the existence of Hell, however, Francis implied that there was no one actually in Hell

New Record: 3rd Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in Lake Tahoe, CA, and More Coming
the Lake Tahoe area has officially reached the title of third snowiest winter in recorded history as of March 13 with 651″ of snowfall this season so far.

Former VP Mike Pence pulls no punches, tells Joel Rosenberg ‘President Trump was wrong on Jan. 6’
When Rosenberg asked why Pence didn’t accept Trump’s argument that, as vice president, he had the authority to certify the U.S. election, Pence replied that Trump was wrong. He also said that even though voting irregularities were real, there was no legal evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Riots Ensue In Paris After Emmanuel Macron Uses Special Constitutional Powers To Force Through Retirement Age Bill Against The Wishes Of His People
French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a highly unpopular bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 on Thursday by shunning parliament and invoking a special constitutional power. “And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.” Daniel 11:3 (KJB)

The Woke Left Seeks a Perfect Tyranny, Where Silent Prayer Can Land You in Prison
A charity volunteer was arrested after she told police she ‘might’ be praying silently when they asked why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility, according to a report from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Britain’s 1984 Moment
Apparently, the U.K. has decided to shift its loyalties from courageously defying tyranny in the 20th century to embracing it in the 21st. Last week, a “conservative”-led British Parliament made George Orwell’s fictional accounts of “thought crime” a reality. After establishing censorship zones around abortion clinics in England and Wales, the MPs voted 299-116 to continue criminalizing even silent prayer in the vicinity of such clinics.

Ben Gvir says attorney general must be fired, is acting as de facto opposition chief
In a letter to fellow coalition party chiefs urging them to back the move, Ben Gvir claimed Baharav-Miara’s approach since the December 29 establishment of the hardline coalition has been to “automatically reject any decision or bill backed by the government or those related to it.” While members of the ruling coalition have been regularly criticizing Baharav-Miara and have even hinted at a desire to remove her as attorney general, Ben Gvir became the first to openly make such a call.

Poll indicates Democrats’ sympathies lie with Palestinians over Israel for 1st time
For the first time, a poll by Gallup found that Democrats are likelier to sympathize with Palestinians than with Israelis, though a majority of Democrats have a favorable view of Israel.

Magnitude 5 earthquake hits Iraq-Iran border
A magnitude 5 earthquake struck the border area between Iraq and Iran on Thursday, Iraqi state news agency INA reported. The epicenter of the earthquake is 8 miles outside Halabja, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, according to local reports.

UN calls on Yemen to take advantage of Saudi-Iranian deal and choose peace
Grundberg tells Security Council the region is witnessing a ‘step change in scope and depth’ of talks to end Yemen war US envoy expresses hope that Saudi-Iranian agreement will contribute to efforts to ‘secure a durable solution to the conflict’

Another Country Switches Ties From Taiwan to China
In a move that will leave Taiwan with formal diplomatic ties with just 13 nations, Honduras has decided to switch things up. The president of the Central American country, Xiomara Castro, announced Tuesday that she has told her foreign minister to establish diplomatic relations with China,

Poland Will Be First in NATO to Give Ukraine Jets
Poland’s president said Thursday that his country plans to give Ukraine around a dozen MiG-29 fighter jets, which would make it the first NATO member to fulfill the Ukrainian government’s increasingly urgent requests for warplanes. President Andrzej Duda said that Poland would hand over four of the Soviet-made warplanes “within the next few days” and that the rest needed servicing and would be supplied later, Slovakia has said it would send its disused MiGs to Ukraine.

Chinese rocket falls out of sky over Texas, disintegrates
Part of a Chinese rocket that carried three military spy satellites into orbit in June recently fell uncontrolled out of the sky and disintegrated over Texas. U.S. Space Command confirmed that the four-ton rocket component plunged into the atmosphere at 17,000 miles per hour and came apart, possibly creating a debris field over Texas hundreds of miles long,

Biden family got over $1M linked to Chinese energy firm
More than $1 million flowed to multiple family members of President Joe Biden after an associate received a $3 million wire from a Chinese energy company, according to a new House Oversight Committee memo released Thursday.

China warns Philippines not to give US more access to bases
Granting the United States greater access to Philippine military bases will drag the Southeast Asian nation into “geopolitical strife,” China’s embassy here has warned, claiming the move is part of a plot to contain its growing regional influence.

Hezbollah’s wake-up call to Israel
The blast at the Megiddo Junction, caused by a terrorist from Lebanon, should raise concerns within the military about the effectiveness of Israel’s deterrence against Hezbollah

Wagner’s convicts tell of horrors of Ukraine war and loyalty to their leader
In their ranks are murderers, thieves and a self-declared “Satanist.” Several are in hospital recovering from wounds sustained in the fighting. Reuters managed to make contact with 11 of these men. Five agreed to be interviewed by phone and messaging app.

4 Palestinian terrorists killed, 18 wounded in Jenin raid
At least four Palestinian terrorists were killed during a daytime gun battle with Israeli security forces in Jenin on Thursday afternoon.

On Passover, a Temple Mount Convention aims to show Prophecy in action
The event will be hosted by the organization Cry for Zion on April 9 at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. Cry for Zion is a movement of Jews and Christians that support the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over the Temple Mount, guaranteeing Jewish rights and freedoms in their most holy place.

Scientists breed mice with two males, no females through method that could lead to human ‘gaybies’
It’s uncertain whether egg cells can likewise be created from male human skin cells, but scientists are already attempting to achieve this, so that two men could genetically create a child, for instance. Such techniques are already being attempted to conceive human beings. Sam Altman, a homosexual who co-founded OpenAI with Elon Musk, has invested in a company called Conception,

California’s Storm Siege On Pause Now, But Wetter Pattern To Return
More rain and feet of mountain snow are expected beginning early next week. It’s too early to determine the magnitude of impacts from this new round of stormy weather

Christian artist’s new anthem on Trump blows past 1 million in 2 weeks
An award-winning Christian music artist who has performed with the likes of Michael W. Smith and Toby Keith has put a new anthem online – and it’s blown past 1 million views in just two weeks. It also delivers a blunt, no-nonsense message to the nation as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

Pew statistics show Americans view Jews, Protestants, Catholics more favorably than Muslims, Mormons
No matter how Pew has posed the question about attitudes towards U.S. religious groups over the years, “Jews have topped the list or been tied at the top of the list with a few other groups,” such as Catholics and mainline Protestants, “as the most positively viewed overall,”

Very strong and shallow M7.0 earthquake hits Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.0 hit the Kermadec Islands at 00:56 UTC on March 16, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 22 km (13.7 miles). EMSC is reporting the same magnitude and depth.

Rescuers race to pull the helpless out of Turkey floodwaters weeks after deadly quake
Over 50,000 people died in the series of February earthquakes. Now, 5 weeks later, torrential rains claim at least 16 more lives and destroy countless homes and apartments.

Flood deaths in Turkey’s earthquake-stricken area rise to 16
Rescue teams on Thursday retrieved two more bodies after floods struck two Turkish provinces that were already devastated by last month’s powerful earthquake, raising the death toll in the new disaster to 16.

Thunderstorms drop large hail in Texas, Oklahoma as threat moves eastward overnight
Two-time failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is joining an environmental advocacy group that is looking to crack down on gas stoves, according to the group’s website.

LGBT mob strong-arms UK shopping mall into removing ‘ladies only’ sign outside women’s bathroom 
I sometimes wonder what the average person would think of our current headlines in, let’s say, 1990. What would a normal liberal person — let’s say, Senator Joseph R. Biden, for example — have thought of this story from the Daily Mail: “Shopping centre takes down ‘ladies only’ toilet sign after ‘militant’ transgender and non-binary group complains it puts community ‘in danger.’”

Nearly 6,000 public schools hide students’ ‘gender transition’ from parents
A parents rights group has published a list of 168 pro-“transgender” school districts serving more than 3 million students nationwide that have policies purposely hiding students’ “transitioning” status from their parents in the name of “gender affirmation.”

‘Extreme dangers to our freedom’: US poised to surrender sovereignty, impose biomedical surveillance 
A human rights activist is sounding the alarm over pending international World Health Organization (WHO) “treaties” that would sign away U.S. sovereignty and human rights protections, consigning its citizens to a freedom-crushing global health surveillance state.

Woke AI on Wheels: General Motors Plans to Add ChatGPT ‘Virtual Assistant’ to Cars
General Motors is planning to use OpenAI’s notoriously woke ChatGPT AI technology to enable “virtual assistants” in its cars. GM Vice President Scott Miller claims that “ChatGPT is going to be in everything.”

Brits skipping meals to cope with soaring costs
As the cost-of-living crisis impacts British households, many are cutting down on food while living in cold homes, according to the latest findings from the ‘Which?’ consumer insight tracker.

Tens of thousands take to streets of Madrid for Spain’s annual March for Life 
Over 50,000 people thronged the streets of Madrid on March 12 for Spain’s March for Life.

Netflix Cancels Animated Preschooler Show ‘Ridley Jones’ That Features Gender ‘Non-Binary’ Bison
Netflix has canceled the animated preschooler series Ridley Jones, which features a young female bison who identifies as gender “non-binary” in its fifth and final season.

Oregon high school sparks fury after asking students to write x-rated ‘sexual fantasy’ 
A high school in Oregon has sparked outrage after a teacher asked students to write about their ‘sexual fantasy’ including three items like candles, massage oil or feathers.

Riots Ensue In Paris After Emmanuel Macron Uses Special Constitutional Powers To Force Through Retirement Age Bill Against The Wishes Of His People
Maybe Emmanuel Macron is not the biblical man of sin, we think he is, but even if not he sure has a lot of Antichrist-like tendencies like forcing through a bill that, to date, millions of French people have taken to the streets of Paris to protest. The French people absolutely do not want the retirement age to be raised, but Macon used a little-known power granted him by the French constitution to force it through. Now police are arriving to the streets in riot vans, prepared for the worst.

San Francisco Bay Area Bans Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters
Regulators in the San Francisco Bay Area voted Wednesday to eliminate the sale and installation of natural gas-powered furnaces and water heaters over eight years beginning in 2027, ostensibly to limit air pollution.

United States And Russia Move Closer To Open Conflict As Russian Fighter Jet Dramatically Intercepts And Takes Down American Drone Over Black Sea
The longer the proxy war that the United States has chosen to engage in against Russia through Ukraine, the greater the probability of the proxy part going war and finding ourselves at war with Russia directly. Already, nearly $200 billion has been laundered through Ukraine, and where is it going? What’s the end game? No one seems to know or care to know. In the meantime, Russia just downed a US drone with impunity, and that’s likely only the beginning.

US Military Recruitment Flatlines as American ‘Propensity to Serve’ Fades
The United States military is facing recruitment shortfalls with only the Marine Corps and the newly created Space Force meeting 2022 enlistment quotas, an issue that could undermine the Pentagon’s readiness to address the “pacing challenges” posed by the People’s Republic of China and Russia.

HERE WE GO: Fauci Says Americans Will Be ‘Required’ To Get Booster Shots Every Year for Foreseeable Future
Dr. Anthony Fauci is back. And he’s warning Americans that Covid boosters will likely be ‘required’ for the foreseeable future.

Austria: Police Warn of Islamic Attacks by Syrian Muslim Terrorist Cell, Churches on High Alert 
According to police, Syrians who fled to Austria to escape the war and dictator Bashar al-Assad are targeted because they refused to go into battle as holy warriors for jihad.

Croatian MEP: ‘Billions of Doses of Covid Vaccines Are Being Burned Across the World, No One Wants Them’ 
“We are witnessing the burning of billions of doses of the so called-covid vaccines around the world that no one wants anymore,” said Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic at the European Parliament this week.

Historic Upset in Netherlands as Farmer’s Movement Trumps Ruling WEF RINOs
A political earthquake hit the Netherlands Wednesday in the wake of massive farmer’s protests as the upstart Farmer’s Movement party passed the ruling People’s Party in provincial elections. “Nobody can ignore us any longer,” said Farmer’s Movement leader Caroline van der Plas.

China’s New “Smart Religion” App Forces Believers to Register with Communist Regime Before Attending Services
China is using a new app “Smart Religion” to spy on believers who attend church services in China. Applicants must fill in personal information before they attend a church service, including their name, phone number, government ID number, permanent residence, occupation, and date of birth.

Emails in 2020 blow the covid PCR test scam out of the water
In September 2020, Professor Martin Neil received some anonymous emails providing hard evidence that the PCR tests for covid were never accurate or fit for purpose. “Some of the [test] sequences are found in the human genome itself,” the emails noted.

California school forces students to watch sexualized drag show led by their peers
The sexual, pro-LGBT event took place without parental knowledge or consent.

Catholic school board attempts to justify suspension of Josh Alexander as a ‘human right’ issue 
The Renfrew County Catholic District School Board says it’s following Ontario Human Rights Commission guidelines in allowing gender-confused males to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

Source: https://www.raptureready.com/2023/03/17/17-mar-2023/

Headlines – 3/17/2023

New Israel protests as Netanyahu rejects judicial reforms compromise

Protests intensify nationwide amid deadlocked talks on judicial reform

Roads blocked, some protesters attacked, in mass demos against overhaul; 21 arrested

Netanyahu says he is ‘attentive’ to protests, vows ‘responsible’ judicial changes

On Berlin visit, Netanyahu denies he’s working to curtail independence of judiciary

Netanyahu rejects Israeli president’s alternative to judicial overhaul

Netanyahu in Berlin: President’s plan a missed opportunity

Opposition heads back Herzog’s ‘not ideal’ proposal, pan coalition for dismissing it

Israeli Opposition Accepts Herzog’s Judicial Plan, Accuses Netanyahu Government of Telling the President to ‘Go to Hell’

Netanyahu dismisses Herzog’s proposal as ‘completely one-sided’

Olmert calls on world leaders to shun Netanyahu for ‘destroying’ Israel’s democracy

US senators worried about overhaul’s security fallout, IDF vet says after DC visit

Ex-Shin Bet chief fears overhaul could cause agency to ‘disintegrate from within’

Labor chief Michaeli: Coalition pushing Israel toward ‘civil war’ with judicial overhaul

Ra’am leader Abbas: Judiciary the ‘primary protection’ for Arab society

How the removal of Jewish scripture from Turkey marred Israel’s rescue operation

After suspected Hezbollah bombing, Gallant warns those responsible ‘will regret it’

Developing Hezbollah-Hamas axis gives Israel serious cause for concern

4 Palestinians, including terror group members, killed by Israeli troops in Jenin

Hamas, PIJ issue threats after terrorists killed in West Bank raid

Key Senator Wants Biden to Get Tough on Netanyahu, Condition Aid to Israel – Democratic Senator Chris Murphy says the Netanyahu government’s ‘assault’ on the two-state solution should be met with strong measures by the U.S. administration

UAE to donate $3 million to rehabilitate Palestinian town ravaged by settlers

Nine out of 10 people in Syrian camps have been displaced multiple times

Unrest in Senegal as police clash with opposition supporters

U.S. grapples with forces unleashed by Iraq invasion 20 years later

Senate advances bipartisan repeal of military force authorizations used to fight Iraq

Following Tehran-Riyadh rapprochement, Iranian official holds talks in Abu Dhabi

‘Detente’ between Iran and Saudi Arabia raises hopes for steps towards peace in Yemen

Saudi Arabia: We Will Not Sell Oil to Countries that Impose a Price Cap

Japan and South Korea agree to mend ties as leaders meet following years of dispute

White House condemns North Korea missile launch ahead of South Korea, Japan leaders meeting

A radioactive cylinder has gone missing in Thailand. Authorities are now scrambling to find it

More than 2 tons of ‘missing’ uranium found in Libya after sparking nuclear fears

Russian hackers targeted European military and transport organizations in newly discovered spying campaign

NATO urged to respond after Russia performed ‘blatant attack’ on US drone

DOD: Russian Intercept of Drone ‘Intentional’

Biden State Department Says Russia’s Downing of US Drone Was Likely ‘Unintentional’ – Then the Video Was Released

US releases video of Russian jet dumping fuel on American drone

Dramatic footage shows US and Russia clash over the black sea

Russia Has Located U.S. Drone and Will Attempt to Receive Tech and Data, Kremlin Media Claims

Poland breaks up Russian spy ring suspected of planning attack on military supply routes to Ukraine

Poland becomes first to pledge fighter jets to Ukraine

Biden WH: No F-16s to Ukraine Despite Poland’s Pledge

In first, Israel said to authorize sale of defensive military equipment to Ukraine

Chinese companies are shipping rifles, body armor to Russia

Some Russian abuses in Ukraine may be crimes against humanity – UN inquiry finds

With Russia visit, Xi pursues effort to upend U.S.-led global order

Gap in data complicates legislation to keep China off US farms – Some members of Congress say food security could be at risk

Wave of Stealthy China Cyberattacks Hits U.S., Private Networks, Google Says

Honduras says economic factors fuelling pursuit of China ties

Honduras ditching Taiwan raises larger geopolitical concerns

Taiwan Asks Honduras to ‘Carefully Consider’ Decision to Establish China Ties

China Approves Law Changes Amid Possible War Prep

Tucker Carlson: The Media Are Telling You that You’re a Traitor to Your Country if You Don’t Want a Third World War

Trump Says Neocons, Deep State Greater Threat Than Russia

Putin tells Russia’s billionaires to step up in face of ‘sanctions war’

Russia is so cut off from the international financial system that the Kremlin thinks Western sanctions have ‘insured’ the country against the banking crisis

Pentagon Mobilized to Support Tech Startups After Bank Failure

Trust broken, startup heads mull move to ‘stable’ banks in wake of SVB fall – survey

Eleven Banks Deposit $30 Billion in First Republic Bank

Credit Suisse Borrows $53 Billion From Swiss Central Bank After Shares Pummelled

Credit Suisse shares soar after central bank offers lifeline

Bank shares rebound off lows as big banks come to the aid of First Republic

Top Executives at First Republic Bank Sold Millions of Dollars in Company Stock Before Shares Plummeted – And No SEC Filing

Are SVB and Signature Debacles the Canary in the Coal Mine?

Yellen: Banking System Sound After ‘Decisive’ Actions

Yellen Admits SVB’s Collapse Was Due to Liquidity Issues, Inability to Handle Inflation

Banks Borrow $164.8 Billion From Fed in Rush to Backstop Liquidity

Federal Reserve’s Bank Rescue Could Inject $2 Trillion of Liquidity, Raising Inflation Concerns

SVB collapse: Big Fed rate cuts now expected in major reversal over recession fears

Goldman boosts US recession odds after slashing GDP forecast

Goldman Sachs: Likelihood of U.S. Recession Increases to 35% on Bank Stress

Silicon Valley Bank collapse will ‘definitely’ impact real estate, developer warns

The Great Reset: Journalist Discovers Greta Thunberg’s Ties to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum

‘Getting very close to Joe Biden’: Congress probes dozen bank accounts that enriched first family

House Oversight Committee Shows Bidens Received $1 Million after China Wired $3 Million to Biden Associate

James Comer believes ‘6 to 7’ Biden family members involved in overseas dealings

Hallie Biden revealed as ‘new’ Biden family member who got China cash

All In The Family: House Oversight Shows Daughter-in-Law Hallie Biden Got China Cash in 2017 While Sleeping with Her Dead Husband’s Brother Hunter

Feds’ ‘Foreign Corruption’ Double Standard: They Protected Bidens as They Bore Down on Trump

DOJ warned courts to expect a new wave of January 6 prosecutions in ‘next few months’

Ex-editor of Jewish paper arrested for assaulting cop during Jan. 6 Capitol storming

21% of Fox News Viewers Trust Network Less After Texts Revealed in Dominion Lawsuit: Survey

Rasmussen Poll Shows a Majority of All Voters Believe Trump’s 2020 Campaign Was Sabotaged by GOP D.C. Politicians

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Reveals He Had To Take Out $10 Million Loan To Keep His “Employee-Owned” American Company Afloat Because of Lawsuits Against Him Over His Fight For Election Integrity

Wisconsin Republican Senate Initiates Process to Scrub Wisconsin Voter Rolls of 3.8 Million Extra Names and Phantom Voters

Looming Trump charges threaten to inject chaos into 2024 campaign

Dozens of Mar-a-Lago staff, from servers to aides, are subpoenaed in classified documents probe

Special Counsel Jack Smith Expands Witch Hunt, Subpoenas Dozens of Mar-a-Lago Staffers – Including Servers

Mike Pence implies that Trump is a fake Christian during speech to room full of journalists

Canada Appoints Investigator to Probe Alleged China Election Meddling

French President Emmanuel Macron Uses Special Power to Raise Retirement Age without Parliament Vote

Expect Riots: Macron Govt Uses Constitutional Loophole to Avoid Vote and Pass Retirement Age Rise

Fiery Riots Erupt in France After Macron Uses Special Power to Raises Retirement Age without Vote

Montenegro Readies for Cyber Attacks in Presidential Elections

Montenegro’s president dissolves parliament, sets stage for early elections

Campus Talk Disruptions Suggest American Youth Taught to Shout Down Opposing Views Instead of Debate: Jenna Ellis

UK Bans TikTok From Government Phones

Biden admin tells TikTok’s Chinese owners to sell their stakes in the app or face a possible U.S. ban

TikTok in talks with potential buyers as US presses for ban, sources say

Hidden Delay in Biden Plan to “Ban” TikTok Is A Gift For Chinese Government

China says U.S. spreading disinformation, suppressing TikTok

China’s New “Smart Religion” App Forces Believers to Register with Communist Regime Before Attending Services

Amazon sued for not telling New York store customers about facial recognition

Pentagon UFO Chief Intrigued by Possible Alien ‘Dandelion Seeds’ in Our Solar System

Naval Research Lab Launches First In-Space Laser Energy Experiment

An Eruption on The The Far Side of The Sun Was So Powerful Its Shockwave Hit Earth

New Zealand: 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Kermadec Islands

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits Northwestern Iran

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kencong, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Kermadec Islands region

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Halabja, Iraq

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Colonia, Micronesia

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Peace River, Canada

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Ruiz volcano in Colombia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Santa Maria volcano in Guatemala erupts to 14,000ft

Semeru volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 13,000ft

Survivors in shock as Cyclone Freddy toll passes 400 in Malawi, Mozambique

Malawi’s president appeals for immediate aid after Cyclone Freddy

Flood deaths in Turkey’s earthquake-stricken area rise to 16

Flooding rain pounds Peru, leaves at least 6 dead

2 Dead After Canyons Flood Near Utah–Arizona Line

California Hit by Another Storm Causing More Mudslides, Floods

Map: Winter Storms Wipe Out Drought in California’s Central Valley

Only 36% of California remains in drought after series of storms improve conditions statewide

Storms end Southern California water restrictions for millions

A 5,000-mile-wide blob of seaweed is headed for Florida, threatening tourism across the Caribbean

BlackRock CEO Scales Back Emphasis on Climate Investing: Not the Environmental Police

European farmers fed up with climate policies shock political establishment

Farmer’s protest party win shock Dutch vote victory

DeSantis announces 19-state coalition to fight ESG (environmental, social, and governance) agenda

Stacey Abrams Joins Dark Money-Backed Group Looking to Crack Down on Gas Stoves

San Francisco latest Dem city to crack down on gas appliances

Officials Say 21 Workers Killed at Coal Mine in Colombia

Train carrying hazardous materials derails in Northwestern Arizona

Ohio sues Norfolk Southern over devastating and ‘entirely avoidable’ train derailment in East Palestine

Radioactive leak at Monticello nuclear power plant; Xcel Energy cleaning it up

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty University, Alleging He’s Owed $8.5 Million in Retirement

El Salvador President Mocks Globalist NGOs: “Where Were You When The Gangs Were Killing Our Children?”

Oklahoma Man Out on Early Release Commits Triple Homicide – Murders Woman, Cooks Her Heart, Tries to Feed it to Relatives – Including Four-Year-Old Child

‘Family Feud’ Contestant Accused of Killing Wife Joked on Show that Biggest Mistake Was Saying ‘I Do’

Say What? Biden Claims It Is Republicans Who Want To Defund Police

Montana attorney general to sue Biden administration over gun executive order

“Should Secretary Mayorkas Be Impeached?” – Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz Confronted by RAV Correspondent Ben Bergquam After Admitting That We Do Not Have Control Of The Southern Border “Crisis”

Ex-BLM Activist DuRousseau: San Francisco Reparations Plan ‘Gaslighting’ Black People

Michigan High School Principal Apologizes for Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Rant at ‘Diversity Assembly’

‘Apparently, I Am the Wrong Kind of Black’: California Equity Director Fired for Viewpoint Diversity

Glenn Youngkin Administration Demands High School Cut Ties with Chinese Communist Party

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Compares School Board Meetings to the Holocaust

Left-Wing Salon: Republicans Waging ‘Fascist War’ Against Democracy, Freedom Under Guise of ‘Culture Wars’

DeSantis’ anti-woke law remains blocked in Florida colleges

NY lawmakers lash Yeshiva University for demanding private info of LGBTQ club members

Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Bill That Will Allow Parents to Challenge Obscene Books in Schools

Netflix Cancels Animated Preschooler Show ‘Ridley Jones’ That Features Gender ‘Non-Binary’ Bison

Disney Cancels Woke ‘Willow’ After One Season: Series Featured Transgender Actor, Gay Romance

Disney Sponsored Paris Gay Pride Event Featuring Transgender Prostitute, Drag Shows

Sacramento Bee Apologizes for Saying Charlie Kirk Called to ‘Lynch’ Transgenders

Canadian pastor arrested second time for protesting children’s drag queen events: ‘Sick, twisted perversion’

Trans Australian child sex abuser had ‘depraved’ sex abuse content involving babies

Trans activist accused of sexual abuse boasts of plans to illegally distribute hormones to children

Child rapist awarded $2.5 million settlement for trans surgery after Idaho prison withheld ‘care’

Radical MN Lt. Gov. Flanagan Says “Good Parents” Support Trans Intervention of Minors

Democrat Lt. Gov. Says ‘It Is Our Job’ to Accept Child Sex Changes

Florida becomes eighth state to restrict transgender care for minors

Georgia House OKs ban on some gender-affirming care for kids

N. Dakota Supreme Court Blocks Abortion Ban; Says Constitution Protects Procedure

Port: North Dakota’s Supreme Court is close to manufacturing a right to an abortion in the state constitution

Proposal to ban abortions at six weeks advances in Florida

Texas Case Could End Access to ‘Dangerous’ Abortion-Inducing Drug Nationwide

Cases of yet another tick-borne disease are rising in the Northeast, CDC says

A Skin-Eating Fungal Plague Is Silently Tearing Through Wildlife Across Africa, Scientists Warn

A killer fungus has spread in Africa, driving more amphibians to extinction

Mysterious Listeria Outbreak Across US Raising Concerns, No Source Identified Yet, Says CDC

Global cocaine production hits “record high,” U.N. drugs agency says

Pfizer Migraine Drug Recalled for Child Safety Concern

Japanese Officials Urge Government to Tell the Truth About Excess Deaths Following Vaccine Mandates – Reporting Shows 210,000 Excess Deaths, the Highest Number Since World War II

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause ‘Permanent Disabilities,’ Says German Health Minister

“I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine” – Former Pussycat Dolls Member Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story

Rand Paul Storms Out of Meeting After Democrats Play Dirty to Stop His Amendments to Protect Unvaccinated Firefighters

DeSantis on 3-Year Anniversary of ’15 Days to Slow the Spread’ – ‘We Need Accountability’

California church denies working with gov’t officials to surveil lockdown-defying Calvary Chapel

Contracts Released For CDC Purchasing Of Phone Data To Track Americans’ Compliance With COVID Lockdowns

Report: ‘Boom Labs’ Stoke Fears of COVID-Style Pandemic

GOP senators demand answers from Merrick Garland over COVID-19 lab leak investigations

Fauci Claims GOP Attacking Him Because of His Honesty

Source: http://trackingbibleprophecy.org/birthpangs.php

Mid-Day Snapshot · Mar. 17, 2023

“From The Patriot Post (patriotpost.us)”.


“Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.” —James Madison (1787)



Janet Yellin Fails to Instill Confidence

Joe Biden’s treasury secretary took to Capitol Hill yesterday, but her assurances weren’t very reassuring.

Douglas Andrews

St. Patrick may have driven all the snakes out of Ireland, but we’d like to see him perform that miracle in our nation’s capital.

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin took to Capitol Hill, there to soothe the fears of both lawmakers and the rest of us about the recent collapse of two banks: Silicon Valley Bank in the leftist enclave of California, and Signature Bank in the leftist enclave of New York.

If you have three hours to kill, knock yourselves out.

Otherwise, read on.

Yet Yellin’s reassurances that our banking system was sound and that the Biden administration’s “resolute commitment to ensure that depositors’ savings remains strong” didn’t seem to instill confidence in anyone. And why would they?

Remember: This is the same elegantly coiffed Janet Yellin who, back in 2021, told us that the bone-crushing phenomenon known as Bidenflation was “transitory.” It was a claim that turned out to be dead wrong — so much so that she had to concede as much last year.

“I can reassure the members of the [Senate Finance Committee] that our banking system remains sound,” Yellin said, “and that Americans can feel confident that their deposits will be there when they need them.”

Indeed, her performance was, well, downright serpentine. You will not surely die, she seemed to be telling us.

What Yellin failed to disclose about these too-blue-to-fail banks, SVB and Signature, is that they were neck-deep in wokeness initiatives and chock-full of Demo donors in Big Tech and Big Climate. If you understand that, you understand the big picture of what’s happening here. As our Nate Jackson rightly noted earlier this week: “American taxpayers will bear the financial burden of two big banks overextending themselves to Democrat allies. The Wall Street Journal editorial board calls it ‘an income transfer from average Americans to deep-pocketed investors.’ The overextension, in turn, goes back to Democrat regulation of the banking industry.”

So much for the party of the people, the party of everyday Americans. Folks, as Scranton Joey likes to say, there’s been a switcheroo. This ain’t your granddaddy’s Democrat Party.

As for the Democrats’ penchant for picking winners and losers, Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford pressed Yellen on that very issue — about whether the administration’s safety net will apply across the banking industry.

“Will the deposits in every community bank in Oklahoma, regardless of their size, be fully insured now?” asked Lankford. “Will they get the same treatment that SVB just got, or Signature Bank just got?”

Answer: Nope.

Uninsured deposits, she said, would only be covered in the event that a “failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk and significant economic and financial consequences.”

Missouri Republican Josh Hawley saw right through this Yellinspeak: “Let me translate that,” he told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham. “You only get protection if you’re a woke billionaire who gives a lot of money to Democrats.”

What might the future hold? Bad tidings, it seems. As the Washington Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti observes: “Now Biden and the Fed are caught in a stimulus trap: Higher interest rates increase the likelihood of financial instability, while keeping rates pat — or cutting them — will prolong the inflation. Doing nothing will perpetuate the current mix of declining standards of living amidst periodic chaos.”

So we’ve got that going for us.

Incidentally, if you were worried about whether these events will affect the savings of our, er, friends the Chinese, fear not. As The Washington Times reports, “Uninsured Chinese depositors in the failed Silicon Valley Bank likely will be made whole through the special assessment on U.S. banks that is funding the rescue crafted by the Biden administration, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers Thursday.”

Whew. That’s a relief. We wouldn’t want our nation’s foremost geopolitical foe getting stuck instead of everyday Americans.

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The Biden Crime Family’s Chinese Millions

The House Oversight Committee has some receipts for ChiCom money the Bidens received.

Nate Jackson

People smart enough to get their news from The Patriot Post and/or other conservative media have known about Joe Biden’s quid pro quo crime syndicate involving his wastrel son Hunter since October 2020. Unfortunately, millions of Americans were deliberately kept in the dark by the Leftmedia/Big Tech censors, so he won the 2020 election. Now that Republicans control the House, however, they’re digging up the receipts on Biden’s corruption.

First of all, our nation’s intrepid journalists were consumed for years chasing down every shred of a hint of a rumor regarding Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia — even awarding themselves Pulitzers for all the fake news. It shouldn’t have been too much to ask that they spend five minutes looking into Joe Biden’s family. Clearly, however, the Leftmedia works for the Democrat Party and they had a 50-year Swamp dweller to elect as president, so not only didn’t they cover the news, they actively worked to “fact-check” and suppress it.

For example, only 17 months after the fact did The New York Times even get around to quietly admitting that Hunter’s laptop was “authenticated” and not a Russian hoax.

That said, what has the House Oversight Committee uncovered? Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a memo yesterday detailing some large financial transactions involving several Bidens, revealed thanks to subpoenas from the committee, as well as listing some questions to which the committee is seeking answers.

“The Committee recently obtained financial records related to Mr. John Robinson Walker, a Biden family associate, and his company Robinson Walker, LLC,” explains the memo. “Prior to issuing the subpoena, the Committee received information that Mr. Walker used his company to transfer money to Biden family members.”

In fact, $3 million was wired from CEFC China, a now-defunct energy conglomerate that like every other Chinese business is tied to the Chinese Communist Party, to Walker’s company, which then distributed nearly $1.1 million to several Bidens via numerous smaller deposits. “The recipients of the money included Hallie Biden, companies associated with Hunter Biden and James Biden, and an unknown bank account identified as ‘Biden.’” That happened beginning in March 2017, curiously two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency. Other transfers from Walker’s business to him personally and then to Hunter Biden were dated November 2015 — while Joe Biden was vice president.

“The Oversight Committee is concerned about the national security implications resulting from President Biden’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals,” said Comer. “We will continue to follow the money trail and facts to determine if President Biden is compromised by his family’s business schemes and if there is a national security threat.”

Comer also said his committee had uncovered a “decade-long pattern of influence peddling, national security risks and political cover-ups” perpetrated by the Biden family.

The committee is seeking answers to several questions:

The Committee is concerned about the information revealed in these bank records, including: (1) why the Chinese energy company waited less than two months after Vice President Biden left public office to send the $3 million wire; (2) why the Robinson Walker, LLC account received the China company’s payment instead of the Biden family members’ companies; (3) why the payments to the Biden family members were structured in incremental payments to different bank accounts; (4) what services the Biden family members provided to the China company and when those purported services were provided; (5) why Hallie Biden — publicly reported to work as a school counselor — received money from Robinson Walker, LLC; 2 and (6) who the account holder is for the bank account entitled “Biden.”

By the way, Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden who began a romantic relationship with Hunter the year after his brother’s death. Other Biden family members involved in these and other transactions include the “Big Guy’s” brothers Jim and Frank, and it’s possible the grift involves Jim’s wife Sara, Howard Krein (daughter Ashley’s husband), and Joe’s sister Valerie Biden Owens.

When Biden was first asked about these allegations in October 2020, he rejected it categorically as “Russian disinformation.” That was a lie, of course, and he knew it. After three years of the media circling the wagons, his family is resorting to other tried and true Democrat tricks, dismissing it as “old news” that isn’t important anyway.

Hunter’s legal spokesperson called it “something old” and Comer is trying to “make it new by wrapping it in a wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy.”

“Hunter Biden, a private citizen with every right to pursue his own business endeavors, joined several business partners in seeking a joint venture with a privately-owned, legitimate energy company in China,” the spokesperson explained. “As part of that joint venture, Hunter received his portion of good faith seed funds which he shared with his uncle, James Biden, and Hallie Biden, with whom he was involved with at the time, and sharing expenses.”

Hunter may have been a private citizen with every right to sell his (ahem) vast personal experience to Chinese and Ukrainian companies. Or he may have been a crack addict used by his dad to cash in on the Biden name and Joe’s position of power. Or somewhere in the nebulous middle.

The White House instead chose to express phony dismay that Comer “has now decided to go after Beau’s widow,” as if somehow Hunter’s lover is out of bounds regardless of the evidence.

In any case, it’s three years past time the American people learned all the facts about their president and his family.

Comer intends to make that happen. “This just shows how deep the Biden family was involved in this influence-peddling scheme,” he said. “It looks to me like these people, who are closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party, sent $3 million to a shell corporation, then they turned around and split it three ways with a third going to the Biden family — three different family members for no apparent reason. They didn’t invest it in a business. They just, it appears, stuck it in their pocket.”

Why does any of this matter? Doesn’t pretty much everybody who’s anybody in Washington, DC, engage in lucrative foreign business dealings? What makes Biden worse?

Well, consider that China unleashed COVID on the world, killing more than a million Americans and wreaking havoc on our economy. The ChiComs are supplying the fentanyl industry that’s killing tens of thousands more Americans. They’re spying on millions of us through TikTok and balloons and stealing our intellectual property, all while triangulating with our Russian and Iranian adversaries. China represents our number one geopolitical threat.

Yet the current American president has been pretty soft on China conspicuously after his family profited immensely from business dealings there. Is that really a coincidence?

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Executive News Summary

DeSantis leads 19 states against ESG agenda, FAA nominee has ZERO aviation experience, and more.

Thomas Gallatin & Jordan Candler


  • DeSantis leads 19 states against Biden’s ESG agenda: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has created an alliance of 19 states in an effort to counter Joe Biden’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment order. Releasing a joint statement, the states warn that Biden’s “proliferation of ESG throughout America is a direct threat to the American economy, individual economic freedom, and our way of life, putting investment decisions in the hands of the woke mob to bypass the ballot box and inject political ideology into investment decisions, corporate governance, and the everyday economy.” That DeSantis is leading this push against Biden’s woke agenda is yet another indication that he will soon be launching his presidential campaign.
  • Biden’s FAA nominee has ZERO aviation experience: When a commitment to diversity trumps competency, everyone suffers. In one of the most blatantly woke and racist (but we repeat ourselves) decisions made since assuming office, Joe Biden has nominated Phil Washington to head the Federal Aviation Administration. While Washington may be entirely competent to lead men in battle, the one thing he has never done and cannot currently do is fly an aircraft. And that is because Washington is not a certified pilot and has never had flight training. So why did Biden tap such a manifestly unqualified individual to head the FAA? Almost certainly because Washington is black. This seems like a classic diversity hire for the sake of diversity. So egregious is the choice that 14 Republican lawmakers who are themselves licensed pilots sent a letter to Biden calling on him to pull Washington’s nomination precisely because he has “zero aviation experience.” It does seem like he’d be better suited to run the Transportation Department…
  • China and Russia will talk: Next week, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping will be traveling to Russia for a meeting with Vladimir Putin. The visit is obviously intended as a show of support for Russia and is the first for Xi to Moscow since Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine. Strategically, Xi aims to carve out the role of mediator and potential peace broker while setting up China to usurp America’s role as the world’s top diplomatic arbiter. For Putin, having China publicly express support for his nation will be used to further spin an air of legitimacy to his blatant territorial power grab. In short, for both Xi and Putin, all this is global political posturing. Putin could end his war today, and Xi could give up on his greedy ambitions to take over Taiwan, but neither will.
  • Why did Greta delete that tweet? Back in 2018, the world’s arguably most famous radical climate activist, Greta Thunberg, posted a tweet claiming that “climate change will wipe out all of humanity” by 2023 if fossil fuel usage continues. Thunberg’s post included a link to an article that stated, “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.” Well, it’s 2023, and humanity is far from wiped out or even remotely being on the verge of impending climate-caused global annihilation. And conveniently, Thunberg’s tweet has mysteriously disappeared. Is anyone surprised? Climate alarmists repeatedly make predictions of the end being near only to be proven wrong in every single instance. The polar bears are gone… Nope, they’re still there, and their numbers are growing. No more polar ice… Oops, the caps are still iced. And so on. Climate alarmism is little other than Chicken Little grifting, but it has proven lucrative for individuals like Al Gore, who has made millions preaching a message of environmental doom and gloom.


  • Hunter Biden files countersuit against laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, alleging privacy violations (Fox News)
  • Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (Daily Wire)
  • The Biden administration is trying to bail out Moderna, too (Townhall)
  • TikTok under federal criminal investigation for spying on American citizens (Daily Wire)
  • UK bans TikTok from government mobile phones (The Guardian)
  • Media whitewashed Fetterman health issues during election, uncurious about lengthy absence from Capitol (Fox News)
  • Florida heartbeat bill advances through legislature (National Review)
  • Nearly two-thirds of California is now drought-free (The Hill)
  • Chinese companies are routing rifles, body armor to Russia through the Middle East (National Review)
  • Policy: Russia’s reckless downing of a U.S. drone (National Review)
  • Humor: Californians growing concerned as animals seen going two by two toward large wooden boat (Babylon Bee)

For more editors’ choice headlines, click here.

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The Flood of Border Blood on Biden’s Hands

Why Democrats boycotted the border meeting this week.

Mark Alexander

A human trafficker killed a Texan grandmother, Maria Alvarez, 71, and her granddaughter, Emilia Tambunga, this week — just the latest victims of Joe Biden’s deadly open border. They were killed by Rassian Natery Comer, who evaded police while transporting 11 illegal immigrants in his van, two of whom were also killed.

“While I am heartbroken, I am also enraged,” protested Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX). “Enough is enough. Illegal immigration is killing Americans. We need to stop with the rhetoric and deliver solutions.”

But Biden and his leftist congressional cadres are not and never have been interested in solutions because, despite all the Leftmedia echo-chamber fake-news claims they are securing our border, they are not. Fact is, the Demos’ whispered policy is, and has been since Biden arrived, keep our border open, and the result is that an estimated 5.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. There has been no serious effort to close our border since Donald Trump left office.

That is precisely why Demos were AWOL this week when House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) convened his key committee members at the border to investigate (read: “expose”) the Biden administration’s open-border agenda. Among those testifying was Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who, when asked by Chairman Green if we have operational control of our southern border, responded flatly, “No, sir.” Green noted that U.S. Code stipulates that operational control means “the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics and other contraband.”

Hmm … “terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics and other contraband.”

In the first six months of fiscal 2023, law enforcement agents have stopped 69 suspects on the FBI’s foreign terrorist watch list. That is on pace to substantially exceed the 98 interdictions in 2022.

However, in addition to the 5.5 million illegal immigrants Biden has, in effect, invited across our southern border, there have been 1.4 million additional border crossers who entered without being apprehended, those called “gotaways.” Given that actual terrorists are certainly more highly trained and skilled at evasion when entering the U.S., I wonder how many of those were among the 1.4 million who entered on Biden’s watch with their “instruments of terrorism.”

And regarding the flood of blood on Biden’s hands, consider the “narcotics and other contraband” that he has allowed across our border. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently claimed, “Because of the work that this president has done, because of what we’ve done specifically on fentanyl at the border, it’s at historic lows.” Nate Jackson fact-checked that number: “More than 70,000 Americans died from a fentanyl overdose in 2021. … The death toll almost certainly went even higher in 2022.” Most of that fentanyl is being trafficked into the U.S. across our southern border by the Sinaloa and CJNG cartels after being mass-produced in Mexico with chemicals sourced primarily from China. The reports of enormous interdictions almost daily barely put a dent in that trafficking.

Additionally, amid the crime surge Demos provoked and promoted over the last three years, Republicans should demand from DHS and the FBI a national database on violent crimes committed by illegal aliens so there can be some accountability for that toll resulting from Biden’s open-border policy. Of course, the obstacle to reliable data is the same as it is with the FBI’s overall crime data — some Demo-controlled states and urban centers, especially those so-called sanctuary cities, will also conceal crime data committed by illegal immigrants.

As for the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers, Heritage Foundation researcher Erin Dwinell notes, “The crisis now costs California $21.76 billion and Texas $8.88 billion annually in education, health care, law enforcement and criminal justice system costs, welfare expenditures, and more.”

Finally, Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Capitol Police officers who committed suicide after the J6 protests were “killed by the protesters.” Well, in addition to the rising body count of Border Patrol agents murdered by illegal immigrants, there were 17 Border Patrol officer suicides last year. Not a word from Democrats claiming they were “killed by illegal immigrants.”

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The Appalling ‘Morality’ of Democrats

When an American president says it’s sinful to defend children against gender mutilation, we’ve arrived at a very dark place.

Brian Mark Weber

President Joe Biden claims to care about our children. But it’s not what you think.

Biden and the Democrats have twisted the cultural narrative so much that the president recently declared that resisting the “transgender” mutilation of children is “close to sinful.” He also said in reference to the grossly misnamed Respect for Marriage Act that we need to “pass legislation like we passed with same-sex marriage.” He threatened, “You mess with that, you’re breaking the law and you’re going to be held accountable.”

That’s a chilling threat from the president of the United States, a supposed “good” Catholic,“ and it’s directed at the millions of Americans who are standing up to defend our children from these horrific practices. But it’s especially rich coming from Joe Biden, who claims to have changed his mind about same-sex marriage after seeing two men kissing way back in the 1950s. Biden says that was an epiphany in his life. “I’ll never forget it,” he said. “I turned and looked at my dad. He said: ‘Joey, it’s simple. They love each other.’”

Joey, it’s simple. You’re a liar.

Back in 1973, more than a decade after he learned that those fictitious men simply loved each other, Biden opposed homosexuals working in the federal government. In 1993, he voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman. He also supported Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the U.S. military.

As for children, political analyst Robert Spencer wonders whether Biden will ever be held to account for the human cost of his misplaced compassion. “Almost certainly not,” he writes. “He’s more likely to get a Nobel Prize than to face the repudiation and shame that should be coming to him for endorsing this inhuman social contagion.”

Although Biden and others may have thought they were being compassionate and empathetic by opening the doors to celebrating and codifying same-sex marriage, it was entirely predictable that they wouldn’t stop there and that our children would be the groomers’ next target.

Sadly, too many on the side of morality and decency are silent.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t holding back. In response to Biden’s comments about the sinfulness of protecting children, DeSantis said: “It is not ‘sinful’ to prohibit the mutilation of minors. It is not acceptable for the federal government to mandate that procedures like sex change operations be allowed for kids.”

At least there’s one person in power who’s not afraid to stand up for children.

Fortunately, while the establishment uniparty on Capitol Hill is too fearful to stop this horrific attack on the most vulnerable among us, states around the country are taking bold steps. More recently, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed the Help Not Harm bill, making hers the sixth state to restrict or outright ban so-called gender-affirming surgery and even puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors. It’s particularly welcome there given Noem’s previous inconsistency.

What’s problematic for the anti-science Left is the disregard for solid research. As the Manhattan Institute reports: “On the issue of medical treatment for youth gender dysphoria in particular, American medical organizations have demonstrated a preference for ideologically driven conclusions over cautious review of the available research.”

In reality, this movement to mutilate our kids is really a social and cultural one. There’s very little debate, and those who do speak up are condemned in the most aggressive and hateful ways. Think of the attacks on author J.K. Rowling for merely expressing her views on sex and gender.

And we can’t forget about James Shupe, the first “nonbinary” American.

“It wasn’t until I came out against the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children and transgender military service members in 2017 that LGBT organizations stopped helping me,” Shupe writes. “Most of the media retreated with them. Overnight, I went from being a liberal media darling to a conservative pariah.”

The laws now being considered in some states may be a case of too little, too late. Unless we seriously address what one writer calls “the queering of the American frontier,” the country may be irreversibly lost.

In the end, a nation that considers itself both civilized and virtuous and yet won’t defend its children is neither civilized nor virtuous.

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‘Trad Wives’ Are Triggering Feminists

Some women are rediscovering the beauty of being a housewife.

Emmy Griffin

What started out as a BBC joke/skit wherein working women complain about having to work has blossomed into a trend on TikTok called #tradwife. “Trad wife” is slang for traditional wife (i.e., a stay-at-home wife with kids), and the videos are generally of these women going about their day. Many of them are religious. The more theatrical among this set have chosen to go the extra mile (it is TikTok, after all) and actually dress up like 1950s housewives. And it’s making the radical feminists and the wokesters angry.

How dare these women post about being satisfied being wives and mothers? Women fought hard for the right to work and be outside the home. This trend, to feminists, is like a social contagion that needs to be suppressed at all costs.

What happened to women supporting women? Why are they so threatened?

Here are some thoughts.

Trad Wives Are Great!

By this we mean that traditional wives are great, not necessarily the hashtag trend on TikTok (every trend has its wackos). But here in the real world, society needs women who, if they have the means and inclination, are homemakers. We need women who are cooking, cleaning, and raising children. It is dignified good work.

Not all women have this option. It is very hard to survive financially on one income. Some moms are hybrids who stay at home with children but also work. This is also good and necessary.

Not all women have the inclination or desire to marry. Not all wives are called to have children. That is also okay.

What is ridiculous is that instead of respecting the choices these women have made — a good and societally necessary choice — the screaming masses are tearing these women to shreds.

Critiques of the Trend

It is interesting that the mainstream media have been reacting so strongly to this TikTok trend. The usual mudslinging ensued. This trend is racist, sexist, homophobic, and trans/gender-nonconforming-phobic.

It’s racist, you see, because many of the women in these videos are white. It’s also particularly racist because some of these trad wives dress in 1950s clothing — didn’t you know that during the ‘50s there was Jim Crow and segregation?

Honestly, some of these people need to get off their screens and go outside and touch grass. Being traditional doesn’t mean retrograde. These critics are looking for something sinister in something that simply is not.

It also overlooks the fact that there are plenty of women of color who are also traditional wives. We suppose, though, according to the woke, that adhering to and agreeing with an institution such as heteronormative marriage is akin to being a racist, but you’re still going to have to square that circle.

The sexist accusation is baffling. Can women be sexist against themselves? Leftism is so confusing. On the one hand, they tell us if women/girls don’t act girly enough, we must actually be men. Then when women embrace their femininity in a traditional way, they are raked over the coals for not being like men. Honestly, we can’t win. Perhaps that’s the point of this circular illogic.

According to them, trad wives are homophobes, transphobes, and/or nonbinary-phobes because being in a traditional nuclear marriage (one man, one woman) is bad.

Conversely, being in a monogamous traditional marriage is fulfilling a purpose — family and security — and is satisfying to both partners.

The Tell That #Tradwife Is Actually on to Something

The fact that these radical feminists and leftists are reacting so strongly to this TikTok trend is a tell that the trad wives might be on to something.

Perhaps these women looked too happy. Because “traditionalism when it comes to homemaking has a particular magic to it that seems fulfilling,” argues political analyst Brandon Morse. “Men love being breadwinners and having loving, caring wives. Women want to feel safe, provided for, and admired.”

Perhaps these women’s choices threaten the Left because they’re subversive to the woke rhetoric, upholding the institution of marriage and family at the most basic units. Being a wife, mother, and homemaker throws a wrench into the works of this ideological takeover. If a wife is at home carrying out everyday duties, she might notice if something awful comes home from her child’s school (like a pornographic book from the library). She might not be as reliant on convenience items and instead she might garden, bake, create, and sew. She might even be teaching her children to be religious like herself. This, of course, is probably the greatest threat.

Being a religious wife and mother in a committed marriage is now an act of extraordinary courage. Sharing it on TikTok is an act of rebellion to the woke.

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Non Compos Mentis Award

“When our [gender-confused] children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.” —Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan (“No it is not our job as grownups to simply believe whatever our children say. In fact our job very often is to do exactly the opposite.” —Matt Walsh)


“I don’t believe the deficit spending is one of the main causes of inflation.” —Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

The BIG Lies

“There were 550 companies of the Fortune 500 that made $40 billion that didn’t pay a penny … in taxes. … I said they ought to pay a minimum of 15%. … That’s less than you all pay. And guess what? It allowed me to cut the deficit.” —Joe Biden

“[Biden’s] economic agenda is fueling an unprecedented clean energy manufacturing boom that is bringing energy costs down.” —White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

“Everything that we have seen since June, when … Roe v. Wade … was taken away from women, puts women’s lives in danger. And now we’re seeing anti-abortion legislation across the country — again, dangerous to the health of women.” —Karine Jean-Pierre

Veep Thoughts

“It is important to understand what freedom and opportunity means to real people every day, which calls into question whether we’re all on the same page about what freedom means.” —Kamala Harris

“[Biden] is an extraordinary leader and I wish that people could see what I see.” —Kamala Harris

Re: The Left

“Black Lives Matter has taken up the Marxist mantle and is incorporating a Jesse Jackson-style extortion scheme through which BLM threatens to call people racist and damage their reputations or businesses in order to get the funding it desires. The Claremont Institute has been able to track at least $82.9 billion in ‘donations’ or ‘pledges’ by individuals and companies to BLM. … The reasoning [leftist] companies have behind bending to the grift (as if giving money will ultimately protect them, which it won’t) isn’t as scary as the political and cultural ramifications of the riots, bullying, lying, and indoctrination that BLM is bringing about.” —Emmy Griffin

“Blacks now make up less than 6% of [San Francisco’s] population but an estimated 38% of its homeless people. If the do-gooders running the city want to actually do good, they’d clean up the city, make it safe, and free its residents of the draconian one-party tyranny that has plagued it for so long. … For several years now, San Francisco has only exported its residents. We’d say the pain is starting to open some minds except that enacting reparations will likely only accelerate that exodus.” —Nate Jackson

“Calling individuals ‘people of color’ is literally no different than saying ‘colored people,’ but they’ve trained you to be good little sheep who use the first term because they added a preposition to make it sound nicer.” —Joel Abbott

For the Record

“The cost of Joe Biden’s open border is incalculable, and not only in terms of the human and financial costs. Even harder to calculate is the cost to the American fabric, which is irrevocably altered over weeks and months and years and generations as an influx of people unlike any in American history is forcibly distributed across the land, often without notice and in the dead of night. Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states, ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion’ (emphasis ours). Maybe Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats should revisit the oaths they took.” —Douglas Andrews

“As the Reason Foundation reported in 2020, ‘Inflation-adjusted K-12 education spending per student has increased by 280 percent since 1960.’ … But trust us: Our kids haven’t gotten 280% smarter since 1960. Indeed, now we’re learning that they’ve gotten demonstrably dumber. A new study suggests that, for the first time in nearly 100 years, the American people’s average IQ is declining, with the greatest difference in annual IQ scores being in the 18-22 age group. … Trillions of dollars have been pumped into our nation’s public schools and universities for decades, and this is what we’re getting. If ever a moment was ripe for a hostile conservative takeover of Big Education, this is it. —Douglas Andrews

“The reality of abortion is dark and leaves women hurt and ashamed while abortion facilities continue to profit. Abortion is a lucrative industry preying on misinformed or desperate women.” —Scarlen Valderaz

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This is The Briefing, a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.

PART I (8:9 – 8:9) The Extraordinary Madness of Crowds: Did Twitter Drive to the Run on the Bank in Silicon Valley?

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Source: Friday, March 17, 2023

My New Political Litmus Test: Election Fraud, the COVID Panic, and January 6 | The Stream

It used to be easy. Back when being pro-life cost a candidate something, instead of boosting his chances, that was a good enough litmus test for who deserved support. There were still some pro-life Democrats in office — quite a few, when I was a kid, since in big cities that party had been the semi-official political wing of my own Catholic Church. (Can you spell “I-R-I-S-H?”) A serious party in New York was the Right to Life Party, through which I first registered to vote.

Establishment Republicans were mostly pro-choice before Reagan, like George H.W. Bush — whose father, a U.S. senator, helped Margaret Sanger found Planned Parenthood. In private (sometimes in public) such people would talk about “thinning out the welfare rolls.” One way we knew that Reagan was trustworthy was his embrace of the unborn’s cause.

Reagan Converted His Party

Then the pro-life issue conquered, at least among Republicans — and was hunted to extinction among Democratic candidates. There are more wild rhinoceri running free in Africa than pro-life Democrats serving in office today. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the rhinos. Poachers have nothing on pro-choicers, when it comes to ruthlessness and firepower.

That meant that claiming to be pro-life became a net political benefit among Republicans. So while the issue remained first and foremost in my priorities, it no longer served to weed out the opportunists, weaklings, hobbyists, and crooks.

A Country Without Borders Isn’t … a Country

The next crucial issue, in terms of importance, was immigration. As I explained in an Obama-era article, “Amnesty Equals Abortion,” it’s all fine and dandy to advocate pro-life judges. But if you keep importing millions of new, poor voters who follow the breadcrumb trail of government benefits and race-baiting ethnic politics into the Democratic party … you won’t accomplish a thing.

And as we saw, overturning Roe v. Wade changed nothing in deep-blue states, like my native New York. Voters were once 50/50 on that issue. But millions of low-skill immigrants later, it’s a one-party state. Likewise, on other issues, the federal government imported an entire congressional district full of Somalis to elect Ilhan Omar. That wasn’t an accident.

Now Suddenly Everybody’s a Border Hawk

So immigration control was the next reliable test of a politician who actually cared about saving his country, more than he did about boosting the bottom line of companies that relied on very cheap labor. It marked off Pat Buchanan, for instance, from the Chamber of Commerce errand boys who dominated the GOP in the 90s.

And we won on that issue, too, at least inside the GOP. Few conservatives outside the Wall Street Journal’s editorial suite now still claim that wide-open borders are helpful to Americans. The era of John McCain lecturing voters that they are bigots for wanting borders ended at last. Now virtually every Republican candidate at least pretends to want border security — even if like Paul Ryan he quietly works to sabotage it.

Costly, Controversial, and Crucial

So what’s a decent test issue to tell me whether a politician has principles, and a heart filled with passionate love for our great, endangered country? Here are the criteria, the three big “C’s”:

Costly. Taking a stand must cost a candidate something inside GOP circles, repel some high-dollar donors, and win him instant hatred from our Stasi media. Controversial. It can’t be a no-brainer, where taking the correct stand is virtually forced on someone by politics. You won’t see many Republicans openly questioning the Second Amendment, for instance. So that issue, though critical to freedom, won’t shake out the men from the boys. Of course, someone who’s wrong on it is instantly worth opposing. Crucial. The issue must be make-or-break to the survival of freedom in our country. So as much as I care about … the humane treatment of animals, and preserving historical landmarks, neither subject will meet the need.

So are there any issues that meet all these criteria?

Yes, I’d say that there are three, and for each I’ll explain how these stances jump through all three of my hoops.

Election Fraud

Is a candidate willing to admit that Democrats routinely engage in election fraud, and did so in a massive way in 2020, employing the lax voting rules smuggled in during the


panic? Admitting this ugly fact will earn a candidate the earsplitting leftist dog-whistle “Election Denier,” and might even get him sued by a billion-dollar corporation. It will turn off some big money interests, and unite our media in hostility to a forthright, courageous candidate.

This isn’t a no-brainer, sadly. Look at the GOP establishment in states like Georgia, where playing footsie with leftist community organizers like Stacy Abrams somehow became all the fashion in top Republican circles.

Crucial? Could any issue be more crucial? Of what conceivable value is any candidate who adopts every single solid, pro-freedom, conservative and Christian-friendly position in the world, with just one single caveat:

But … I want to let Democrats steal all our elections, and imprison people who demonstrate against that as ‘insurrectionists.’ Apart from that, I’m 100% with you.

That’s like somebody offering you $1 billion for your house, then you read in the sale document’s fine print the payment schedule: $1 per year, for a billion years.

Vaccine Mandates and Lockdowns

Far too many self-styled conservatives were willing to throw out every constitutional principle when our elites waved the panic flag over COVID. They meekly went along as governors shut down churches (but not casinos or abortion mills), bankrupted small businesses, banned political gatherings (except for BLM riots) and forced a dubious, rushed vaccine dependent on aborted babies’ tissue into every American’s arm.

It cost candidates (and pastors) something to push back against that panic. Ron De Santis was accused of “mass murder” for re-opening Florida. Church leaders who gathered for worship were condemned as “superspreaders.” Leftists in the media even sneered when the beloved Herman Cain died of COVID, as if he’d deserved it, for attending an election rally for Trump.

There was far from universal resistance on the Right to the COVID panic attack. Far too many eager to appear “responsible” threw their weight behind the most radical, draconian measures — as if locking down the country and forcing vaccines into their veins brought no costs at all.

And yes, it is absolutely crucial that we refuse and resist the construction of a public health dictatorship, where the Constitution itself can be suspended at the whim of the World Health Organization. Which is run by Communist China. Call me a far-right lunatic, but that rubs me the wrong way.

January 6

When the election integrity rally on January 6, 2021 went sideways, establishment Republicans pounced right alongside the Left. You had the likes of Liz Cheney (and others still in power) colluding with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to purge the GOP of anyone linked to Trump. Hundreds of honest citizens went to jail in inhuman conditions for trivial crimes or non-crimes. Dozens have been imprisoned after highly politicized trials with inadequate counsel before biased judges and juries.

And the authorities have been hiding or destroying evidence, denying it not just to media but to defense counsel. The January 6 hearings were run like Stalinist purge trials, right down to refusing to examine what role our secret police (the FBI) played in goading the chaos and violence.

Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic, and Moral Issues of Our Day.

There is massive pressure inside the GOP to shrug at all this injustice, if only to crush the populist insurgency inside the party. Few conservative media (The Stream is among the exceptions) have even proved willing to question the savagely one-sided narrative put out by Deep State lackeys and lapped up across the spectrum.

It’s not politically popular to ask ugly questions about the FBI, the Capitol Police, or the fairness of our justice system. Digging out the role of FBI infiltrators in instigating violence requires that we look again at how that agency has been doing the same among Muslims, for instance — essentially manufacturing “extremism” and “terrorism” to meet a perceived shortage.

And yes, it’s incredibly crucial that Anarcho-Tyranny not run wild in America unopposed. One political faction cannot be allowed to riot across the country, and escape with a slap on the wrist, while the other half of the country is held to the strictest standards of Prussian decorum — or else imprisoned so cruelly that they plead to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay, where conditions are less abusive.

So those are my three litmus test, deal-killer issues. Take some time and think about yours.


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

Source: My New Political Litmus Test: Election Fraud, the COVID Panic, and January 6

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