Prostitution: WANT OUT of the Life? Help, Rescue and Assistance Resources

International Christian Alliance on Prostitution

The International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP) unites,  equips and empowers practitioners and advocates who compassionately  challenge injustice and offer freedom to people exploited by  prostitution, including sex trafficking.

(ICAP) is a partnership   devoted to offering freedom and change to people   involved in prostitution and those who have been   trafficked for sexual exploitation. Made up of   regions representing Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin   America and North America, it was formed at the   2006 International Christian Conference on   Prostitution.

Vision:  A global network of practitioners journeying together to   strengthen their capacities to help women and men in prostitution and be a   united voice against injustice.

Mission:  ICAP seeks to unite, equip, and empower   practitioners who compassionately challenge injustice and offer freedom to those   being sexually exploited through prostitution including human   trafficking.

Prostitution Ministries

Zoe International

ZOE International  Ministries is an

international Christian  organization dedicated

 to reaching people  in Third World countries

with the life-changing love and the message of

the gospel of Jesus  Christ!

We  focus much of our ministry on children, with

 one of our primary ministries being ZOE

Children’s Homes in  Thailand; homes that give

refuge and shelter to  children who would otherwise

 end up in horrible  circumstances (being

kidnapped or sold into  prostitution, living on

the street or other  heartbreaking realities for

these young innocents.)

Emmaus Ministries

An Evangelical  Ministry of Roman Catholic and

Protestant Christians  reaching out to men

involved in  Prostitution.

Daniel  Trust Ministries

 (For  the Love of Children)

Jesus said “I have  not come to call the righteous

 but sinners to repentance”.  He cares about  all 

sinners, even those who deal so wickedly with 

children.  Our mission is  not one of judgment, 

but to exhort repentance and to tell out the truth

of why they can  not change themselves.

 It requires

the power of the blood of Jesus  Christ to deliver 

them out of Satan’s hands, to cleanse them, to

 heal that which  is so perverted in their sexuality, 

and to really love children with God’s pure  love.

 Man has no answer to this problem but God 

has, in Jesus.
In  Addition to this  Outreach

We have Other Ministries:

  To those who are suffering  because of abuse in

their lives

  To help parents and guardians     who are seeking

God’s protection for their little ones

  To parents who wish to     promote real Christian   

values in family life to hurting children

                           To teenagers, covering topical subjects, but                            

    also reaching out to those who realize that

    they have unnatural thoughts about  children

  Child-Online, a prayer and  intercession ministry

for the needs of children

Inter – Outreach Ministries

works with women in Cape Town  who want to 

come out of prostitution.  They provide a live-in 

facility with a programme to  help prostitutes 

deal with their  issues. The safehouse  they run 

is called ‘Beauty for Ashes’  . 


Since starting this  work in 1996, they

 have assisted many women and young girls 

to come out of  prostitution into freedom through

 Christ and through practical programme. Many

 of the women are single parents with young 


Some are on drugs and a  number of 

them are very young girls  who have been 

sexually exploited. One or  two have even 

been trafficked from other Countries.

Coming Soon

The Christian Cultural   Development Foundation

is a non-profit organization incorporated in the   

Philippines (1990) and the U.S.A. (2002).

 CCDF provides   creative alternatives to

prostitutes and street   children in the

Philippines who want to   change their

lifestyles and follow

Jesus Christ.


Internationally, art and   cultural renewal
are the focus of CCDF’s   vision in the church
& society. The Christian Cultural Development
Foundation is an evangelical,   interdenominational
 ministry supported financially and prayerfully by
 various churches and   individuals around 
the world. 
The founders, Mark & Robin Merrill,   are 
artist-missionaries who   live by faith and 
donate the sale of their   artwork entirely 
to the ministry of CCDF.

Radstock Ministries

The Children in Crisis  Project (CiC)

 is one of many projects facilitated by 

Radstock Ministries. 

This project helps local  churches to reach out to 

these children who are faced with  the devastating

conditions of war-torn societies,  the AIDS pandemic,

and street life. Many children  worldwide have no

home or family, are subject to  exploitation, abuse

and neglect. Many suffer from  drug addiction,

malnutrition and disease.

 Others are forced to work  under slave-like 

conditions, or involved in  prostitution, sex 

tourism and pornography. Radstock  ministries 

aims to follow  the  teachings of Jesus in caring 

for children who live  under these conditions; 

to be their voice in  societies where they 

would be otherwise overlooked.

It is our goal and prayer to find  and partner up

with more ministries from around  the world

who are sharing Gods love and  forgiveness and

 making a difference in the lives  of those trapped

 in the life of Prostitution  and wanting to

be set free.

If you are part of such a  ministry, know of one,

 or have been set free of the  lifestyle after

accepting Christ, I’d love to hear from  you.

Love in Christ,

Evangelist Ken Godfrey

Your Cross Outreach Ministry


Christian Resource: Wellspring Living

Serving Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Exploitation since 2001.

Wellspring Living’s mission is to confront the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training, and treatment programs for women and girls.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

SERVANT LEADERSHIP – We desire and are prepared to serve others before ourselves in love with authenticity, humility, and a sacrificial attitude.  We believe our leadership is a result of our servanthood. We will model servant leadership in all that we do.

UNRELENTING COMPASSION – We value each individual as they are.  We desire to be a vessel towards abundant healing and healthy living, always present with open arms.
COMMUNITY – We believe life change best happens in community, engaging people for mutual transformation by building intentional relationships. As our lives are woven together, each member becomes an integral component of accomplishing our mission.
COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE – We provide excellent, comprehensive care, encompassing the whole person — body, mind and spirit.  We believe individuals, families and communities can reach their full potential.
EXCELLENCE IN CARE – Out of our belief in human dignity and hope for an abundant future, we provide excellence in care to accomplish exceptional outcomes.  We do this through qualified staff, evidenced based practices, and personalized care.
SENSITIVE FAITH – Wellspring Living is a faith based organization that seeks to accomplish its mission with a heart of Judeo Christian service.  It is our desire that others will see God’s love through us and desire to explore a relationship with Him for themselves.  However, if this is not their choice, it is our practice to accept and love them.
STEWARDSHIP – We are diligent in protecting and caring for the gifts that have been entrusted to us. We believe integrity, honesty and transparency are the keys to an ethical and safe environment.

Get Help

If you or someone you know has suffered the cruelty of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation and needs help, please contact one of our following programs.

Help for Ages 12–17

Safe environment for survivors of sex trafficking

Call 404-602-0068 (GA Care Connection)

If you or a friend have been caught in the dark world of sex trafficking, Wellspring Living Girls program can help you discover a safer and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Help for ages 17–22

Career and educations support for young women

Call 770-549-5233

If you or a friend have been on the road to healing from your past sexual trauma, but need more support, Wellspring Living’s Empowered Living Program offers just that.

Help for Ages 18+

Guidance for life transformation for women survivors

Call 404-427-3100

If you or a friend has suffered childhood sexual abuse and a continual destructive lifestyle, the Wellspring Living Women’s program can help you get back on your feet.

Redeemed Assessment Center

Safe environment for women in immediate need

Call 678-699-4880

If you or a friend are in a life-threatening situation and need immediate care, Wellspring Living’s Redeemed Assessment Center offers a safe and secure environment.

Lynn Sweet Counseling Center

Comfortable counseling environment for families and individuals

Call 770-866-2395

Unforeseen life situations can cause tremendous emotional and physical stress on individuals, families, and friends.


Secular Resource: Children of the Night

“Children of the Night”
Rescuing People from Coerced Prostitution
24 Hour/7 Day Toll Free Hotline
1-800-551-1300 x 0

Shelter Home for Youth 11-17 Years of Age
Transportation Provided to the Home

On-line GED Assessments
On-Line GED Tutoring
Funding for the GED Test
Help and Support
For All Ages

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