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Even More Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women

Michelle Lesley


Where are all the doctrinally sound female Bible teachers?

Can’t you just recommend somebody – anybody – whose Christian book we can walk into a store, pick up off the best-seller shelf, and buy?

Unfortunately, with a few rare exceptions, the answer is no. There are several reasons for that which I won’t go into in this article, but, generally speaking, you’re not going to be able to walk into your local Christian retailer and buy a book authored by a doctrinally sound Christian woman whose name you recognize. Women who rightly handle God’s word? You’ll usually find them out of the spotlight and close to home- serving their husbands, families, and local churches, and impacting them with the gospel- too busy for book tours and autograph sessions.

That’s the kind of Christian women you’ll find below, only they’ve dedicated their moments of spare time to edifying others on line…

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Phariseeism and the Religion of Do

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? 8 Therefore bear fruit in keeping with repentance; 9 and do not suppose that you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham for our father’; for I say to you that from these stones God is able to raise up children to Abraham. 10 The axe is already laid at the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Matthew 3:7-10 (NASB) 

Over the last several months I have encountered many professing Christians on Facebook who claim that to be truly following what the Bible teaches then you must also believe that the Earth is flat. They also insist that their model of…

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25 Scriptures Every Believer Should Know

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


The more we know God’s Word, the better equipped we are as believers to minister, teach and model Christ with our very lives. The whole Word of God is important, and no verse less valuable than any other. As we study and memorize the Bible, we do however find some verses that help us understand key truths. If you aren’t already amassing your own list, these are just some suggestions to get you started. Commit the following 25 scriptures to memory–about one every-other week—and you’ll have them in your head in just one year.

The Human Condition

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
– Romans 6:23

God Provides

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 4:19

God’s Love

For God so loved the world…

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Hillsong Conference – Promoting the NAR 7 Mountain Mandate.

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The false Kenotic Jesus of the NAR – refuted

churchwatch central

What do John Wimber, Peter Wagner, Patricia King, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker all have in common? They all preach a false Jesus – the Kenotic Jesus. Chris Rosebrough exposes the heresy behind the NAR Kenotic Jesus and debunks it with the scriptures.


At the bottom of this article are examples of NAR leaders promoting their false Kenotic Jesus.

Debunking the False Kenotic Christology of the N.A.R.



Debunking the False Kenotic Christology of the N.A.R.

Source: Chris Rosebrough, Debunking the False Kenotic Christology of the N.A.R., PirateChristian,, Published 09/12/2016. (Accessed 18/12/2016.)

NARpostle John Wimber teaches,

“But I want you to know, the same guy that knew Zaccheus’ name didn’t know how long the kid was demonized, had been in that condition. The same one that knew of these things didn’t know everything, every time.  Jesus operated both in his divinity and his humanity. And from time to time, his…

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Hillsong’s Apostolic ties to Wagner and the NAR

churchwatch central

False Apostle Dr David Cartledge has done a good job in exposing the history of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult invading Australia. In his book The Apostolic Revolution, Cartledge links Roman Catholicism, the Apostolic Church, the Latter Rain cult, the birthing of the Charismatic Movement to the birthing of the Australian Christian Churches.


It is important to know that at the time the Assemblies of God birthed Australian Christian Churches (ACC), Brian Houston was the president of the AOG. And it is important to understand that Brian Houston is not only an Apostle of the NAR in Australia at this time, the entire AOG by this time was of the New Apostolic Reformation, which is why Peter Wagner was a guest at the making of the ACC and acknowledged how the AOG “transitioned into an apostolic fellowship as the Assemblies of God in Australia.” This means, under Brian…

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Pragmatism, Postmodernism and Absolute Truth

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

28 For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? (Luke 14:28 NASB)

Postmodernism : A general and wide-ranging term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and cultural and literary criticism, among others. Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or objective, efforts to explain reality. In essence, it stems from a recognition that reality is not simply mirrored in human understanding of it, but rather, is constructed as the mind tries to understand its own particular and personal reality. For this reason, postmodernism is highly skeptical of explanations which claim to be valid for all groups, cultures, traditions, or races, and instead focuses on the relative truths of each person. In the postmodern understanding, interpretation is everything; reality only…

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Furtick & Noble – the unqualified restoring the unqualified.

churchwatch central

Our good friend and fellow polemicist Jeff Maples from Pulpit & Pen addresses the latest development in the sad downgrade of Perry Noble, former founder and pastor of Newspring Church:

Perry Noble’s Ended preaching Career Revived At Elevation Church

Notable former pastor and founder of Newspring church in Anderson, SC gave his tacit approval of alcohol consumption in 2013. Three years later, he was fired by his church for “falling into sin” with alcoholism. The elders of his church made the decision to terminate him from the pastorate. Less than two months later, after a 30-day alcohol rehab program, he claimed to be cured of his disease and vowed to return to ministry.

I spent 30 days in a treatment facility in Arizona from mid-July until mid-August. Being in that place allowed me to come face to face with issues from my past as well as my current struggle, and…

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Leaving the NAR Church: Heather’s Story.

churchwatch central

Our good friend and fellow polemicist Amy Spreeman, contributor to Pirate Christian Radio, presents the 8th article in her series about those who found themselves in this dreadful bondage, and what happened when their eyes were opened.

Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. According to my family, we are “troublemakers,” “harsh,” “divisive,” “ignorant,” and my favorite, “tricky.”

Do you have family members who are deceived? Fortunately and by God’s grace, Heather and her husband were not tricked into believing the counterfeit doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation. But, like many of you, her extended family fell hook, line and sinker for the NAR, and is trapped in the bondage of a movement that contains doctrines of demons.

Heather has allowed me to include her story in this series about a movement called the New Apostolic Reformation, or NAR for short. In this series, I want to take readers…

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Report: NOAA rushed a paper to publication that exaggerated global warming


Satellite-based measurements of global temperature Satellite-based measurements of global temperature


This is a bombshell.

The UK Daily Mail reports:

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

A high-level whistleblower has told this newspaper that America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) breached its own rules on scientific integrity when it published the sensational but flawed report, aimed at making the maximum possible impact on world leaders including Barack Obama and David Cameron at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.

The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists…

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High Level Whistle Blower Exposes Manipulated Data On So-Called Global Warming

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Anyone who knows how to research and vet information on the internet knows that “Global Warming” is a U.N. ruse to control the world’s economies.  It is just another step toward realizing the NWO:  Take control of every nation’s economy – that is the plan.

Now, a high level whistle blower, Dr John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has exposed the manipulated data used to push world leaders to instate “Green policies” worldwide.

From the    (This article is quite long but worth the read)

Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

A high-level whistleblower has…

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President Trump praises Jordan’s King Abdullah & invites him back to D.C. for a summit. The King delivers a powerful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on the unique opportunity we have to work together as allies. Here’s the latest.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

trump-kingofjordan(Washington, D.C.) — Never have the American people needed a solid strategic alliance with friendly Sunni Arab Muslims more than it does right now.

Never has a new American President and his administration had more to gain from carefully listening to — and truly partnering with — a Middle Eastern leader who shares our goals and actually wants to help us.

At a time when the Assad government is destroying Syria, when the Islamic State is slaughtering Muslims and waging genocide against Christians, and when the ayatollahs of Iran are hell-bent on becoming the dominant military power in the Middle East, we urgently need Muslim friends who oppose Radical Islam and Apocalyptic Islam and have the courage to stand against the forces of violent extremism.


At a time when millions of refugees are fleeing from Syria and Iraq, we also need an ally in the region with the compassion and the capacity to take these refugees in and care for them with food…

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