A Message to those who are Seeking Wealth and Prosperity

Thank you for visiting our blog website. If you are asking and praying for wealth and prosperity instead of praying for relief from financial burden. Jesus says to us that He wants us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness first – that frees Him to provide all the things we need – see Matthew 6:33. If we seek another thing first, that becomes our god, and Jesus says we are to have no other gods before Him – Exodus 20:3. Jesus also asked “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul (Matthew 16:26)? I encourage you to go to www.GodLife.com/look-to-Jesus to learn more of what it means to follow Jesus. Are you struggling? Why don’t you read the book of 1 Peter? (You can read or hear the Bible online at https://www.bible.com/).

Please remember God loves you, knows your need, and numbers the very hairs on your head, you are precious to Him!

May God Bless You!

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