How do I minister to a Muslim? (Updated)

I appreciate your question about how to share Christ with a Muslim. Are you ministering right now to a Muslim friend?


Listed below are some articles that you may find helpful to you:

Lessons for Christian Bible Leaders/Teachers dealing with Muslim seekers and contacts Article of a Muslim converted to Christianity “We want that Muslims come to faith because they become convinced of the truth of the Gospel through the soundness of the material we present, and we want our Christian brothers and sisters to develop their convictions about their own faith and about Islam for the same reasons: Because it is true.” The Christian Witness to the Muslim –  “we must identify the opportunities we have, be instructed in the whole subject of Muslim evangelism and effective methods of reaching Muslims with the Gospel,  and finally know how to handle the usual Muslim objections to the Christian faith, its scripture, doctrines and beliefs.”

What is Islam? An Overview for Christians –

Islam Free Article Index:

Muslim Questions

Do you wonder what Muslims believe? Perhaps you are a Muslim who has questions about Jesus (Isa) or about how to reach paradise. Listed here are questions from or about Muslims that the Bible answer:

Many free resources for Muslim Evangelism are available on these sites:


I’d also like to point you to a great website with interactive lessons that will take you step by step in your walk with Christ. It’s at This site includes subjects such as how to be sure that you are a Christian, how to experience God’s love and forgiveness, how to be controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and how to grow as a Christian. I would recommend that you start with the first study and go through them all in order. This will tremendously help you develop your relationship with Christ! I’d like to hear what you think about the site, or just some things that you were encouraged by.

The following is a brief personal message that you can use to those who are a Muslim:

Hello, It is good that you want to investigate more the claims of Jesus Christ. Spiritual truths are extremely important and we must be sure of what we believe, otherwise our hope can be hopeless. Do you want to be sure of truth, of salvation, of forgiveness? Let us examine these issues. I will express to you what the Bible teaches. We believe in ONE God, the most holy and most merciful. We believe in God who is the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of every thing in the universe. God is Holy. What does Holy mean? Perfectly pure, perfectly clean, without any blame, without any shame or sin, never does wrong, never leads astray.

God created Humans. He created them pure and blameless and gave them paradise, a perfect place, to live in. But Humans disobeyed God’s command and God’s anger came on them. As punishment He banned them from Paradise. Neither the first humans nor any of their descendents up to us today were allowed to go back to paradise. The disobedience of our forefathers has affected all of us. No human is pure and blameless, and because we are all sinful, we are all under Gods anger and punishment. Because God is holy he can not tolerate disobedience, He cannot simply ignore it.

God is merciful and loves his people – he doesn’t want to be angry with them and he doesn’t want to punish them forever. After the first people disobeyed him, God started a rescue plan (plan for our salvation) so that one day humans can be pure and blameless again and can live in paradise again.

  1. God spoke through the prophets to the people and gave them laws to follow. But no matter how hard they tried, they realized they could never fulfill the law perfectly – unless their heart (their inner being) would be made new.

  2. God asked people to bring sacrifices so their sins can be forgiven. Innocent animals shed their blood so that humans could be forgiven. But these sacrifices needed to be repeated again and again, because after each sacrifice the people would disobey again – just like you get dirty again after every time you wash your self. So the system of animal sacrifices was admittedly imperfect and temporary.

  3. God announced through the prophets that HE would provide for the people one perfect sacrifice that would cleanse them once and for all from their sin. And HE promised whoever would participate in this sacrifice would become a new person inside.

  4. And then God sent Jesus.

He was not born like other people. His mother was a virgin.  This means that Jesus had no human sin, he was holy – like God.

He had power – like God: he calmed storms, he healed sick, he raised dead people back to live, he cast out demons, he forgave people’s sins.

Jesus proclaimed: I am the one you have waited for. I will give my live as a perfect sacrifice for you so your sins can be forgiven once and for all. And whoever accepts this sacrifice will become a new being and will be going to paradise in the next life.

Then, as foretold, Jesus was killed on the cross. He became the perfect sacrifice because his life was pure and blameless. But Jesus conquered death. After three days he came back to life and ascended to heaven.

During his life on earth Jesus confronted the people with one question. The question is: Will you accept the mercy that God offers you in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus and receive a changed life?

Or will you reject what Jesus did for you and remain under the anger and punishment of God for eternity? The choice is yours.

Does this message make sense to you? Would you like to discuss these things further? Or would you like to ask another question about Jesus or the Bible?

I started following Jesus many years ago. He has been my faithful Savior, Provider, Healer, Friend, and Teacher ever since. He has never let me down. I have known many people who have received the changed life and forgiveness that Jesus offers. Would you like to experience that too?

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