30 Day Next Steps For New Believers Day 19: Assembling Together 

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Day 19: Assembling Together

Who has God linked me with?

Written by John Beckett

Series: 30 Day Next Steps

Tags: God, Church And Community

“…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25)

Next to nurturing a close personal relationship with the Lord, make it a priority to join with other believers.

Groups of believers, or “churches,” come in many packages. They range from small clusters who gather secretly in regions where such practices are forbidden, to “mega-churches” of tens of thousands of Christians. Vital churches that are healthy, vibrant and strategic are central to God’s purposes for these days.

Look for a church that reflects patterns and practices followed by New Testament gatherings as described in Acts 2:42. Four components fueled their rapid growth and stunning impact:

  • Teaching kept them rooted in “sound doctrine.”
  • Fellowship kindled friendship, worship, mutual encouragement and boldness.
  • Breaking bread meant having meals together in homes.
  • Prayers reflected their dependence on God for wisdom, guidance and strength.

What is your next step for Christian fellowship? You can ask God to bring you together with His choice of individuals and groups. Size isn’t important, but sound doctrine and teaching are.

Be open to unconventional approaches. For many years our family met in homes with several other families. Our children loved these gatherings, structured around the approach of the early church noted above. Today, throughout the world, many new churches are forming to meet the wide-ranging needs of new believers. One might be just right for you.

Day 20: Worship

Believers and non-believers watch your life. What do they see? How are you reflecting Jesus?

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