30 Day Next Steps For New Believers Day 4: The Bible: A Word for All Ages 

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Day 4: The Bible: A Word for All Ages

What is the best foundation for my spiritual growth?

Written by John Beckett

Series: 30 Day Next Steps

Tags: Bible

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Colossians 3:16)

I didn’t always view the Bible as the kind of friend it has now become. Before I committed my life to Jesus I found it confusing, even mysterious, partly because I tried to read it from page 1, like any other book. Soon I got bogged down and put it aside.

After I became a believer, the Bible began to come alive. My entry point was reading about Jesus in the New Testament. Often, to my amazement, what I read in the morning would apply directly to events happening that very day.

Learning from the Bible is the best way to build a “rock-solid” spiritual foundation. From the Bible’s inspired pages you will learn who God is, how He wants you to live and how He will guide you. Think of spending time with God’s Word as laying the foundation of a building. Though hidden from view, it is indispensable and no place to cut corners. The soundness and stability of the entire structure depends on a solid foundation. Make the Bible the basis of your spiritual life.

If you don’t have a Bible, you can easily access one at Here, where hundreds of language versions are available. Start with Luke’s gospel. Read a little each day. Let the words speak to you, bringing some fresh insight, some new truth

Day 5: God is Love

What did you read in the Bible today that seemed like God was talking directly to you? Did you have questions about it?

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